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The idea for deveolp NPatch

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 06:17 AM

The idea for deveolp NPatch

Mr. VK:

If you believing! Alert RA2 it is good game and modify for development!

I idea as follow:

General modification for development:
a) Add the beginning movie play function, the movie play no sound, the reason may be the nonsupport new voice code format;
b) Add the screen displays the 1280x1024x16 with the 1280x1024x32;
c) Add the Artificial Intelligence battle mode, in the mode, AI can according to situation parties the call on emissary request another one whichever countries to form alliance with it and request to help mutually, the main national color of the alliance group display after form alliance(but the base a top still an own national flag); Any one countries can put on white flag of surrender on the own base and no construct aggression armament in very lengthways a period of time while being defeat(think any further the incapability wins an enemy) and lose war a country from win a country contral, not the base suddenly explode;

d) Modify main program for the sake of the support big map such as size:256x256 or 512x512;
e) Add the airplane cloak invisible function, it is to differ from underwater (dive)invisible function;
f) Modify the fighter plane of airport flying-off and land mode;
g) Add the turn a somersault function(to change the position of so that the underside becomes the upper side) of the fighter plane ;
h) Add PadAircraft= the magnitude arrive 100, PadAircraft=FBC1,J12,J11,THZJ,Q5,H6,F-14s, F-22,F-117A,B-2,B-52,A-10 … now good number is 24, if above 24 while construct magnitude is line up at 24 after will occur abnormality for construct ;
i) Add military tactics pit nuke missile(firing 1 to need cost for each nuke missile launch), this kind nuke missile can be of is intercept by the aerial defence missile sometimes and hit to objective after also will have green remain radiation on the ground;
j) The airplane auto of aeroplane carrier generates but needs cost for each and airplane same can attack air objective;
k) Firing the entitative missile and airplane to air-drop nuclear weapon need cost(can an in the armament set to decide a weapon need how much cost);
l) Firing the aerial defence fly bomb(be differ from aerial defence missile, by and large beeline flight) ti is should right away automatic explode if can not hit to object;

B.display effect:
a) Add the “LineTrailTailX(adjust X position) and LineTrailTailY(adjust X position)” and “LineTrailTailWidth” and “LineTrailMiddlePartWidth” and “LineTrailStartWidth” of the UseLineTrail1 of the and UseLineTrail2 of the UseLineTrail3,(include old function: UseLineTrail=, LineTrailColor=, LineTrailColorDecrement=);
b) The that aerocraft or missile of the combination capable of the and UseLineTrail3 and UseLineTrail2 of the UseLineTrail1 can be use on;
a) Add the AI hit airport function;
b) Add the AI hit super armament function;
c) Add an AI to need to decide if repair bridge, and can step over big bridge to repair yonder bridge according to oneself;

2008.12.17 Jackwan.

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