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version 4.1 change log

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Posted 23 December 2008 - 12:42 PM

Here is the current change long, im sure ive missed plenty off it, and it will more then likely change several times before bogs released ;)

Southern Fiefdoms
Wall hubs can no longer be built from fortress (too buggy)
New walls

Rohirrim archers buffed
Peasants trainbutton text updated
Elven warriors fire arrows fixed
Haldir nolonger appears at fortress when killed
Bregos guard button shaped fixed
yeomen archers buffed
Summon ranger power now summons a couple of ranger hordes aswell as scouts
Bregos and eorls guard have new models
Rohan spearmen renamed to Peasant milita and moved to village
New unit Westfold spearmen
New model for warriors of the westfold
grimbold removed fornow

Elves (Since rotwk)
New unit elven healer
Elven healers no longer run away from enemys
Elven healers now self heal
Ents now stronger
New unit Lothlorien guard
Thanduil removed
Mirkwood woodsmen renamed
Mithlond sentry renamed and reskinned
Noldor warriors reskinned
buildings renamed, command sets changed
Legolas removed
inn units changed

Sauron Can now capture buildings
Mordor now have walls

For now Saruman cant be revived, this is a temp solution to the one ring bug.

Harads unit upgrades now work
Harad stables description updated
halftrolls swords build description updated
A harad labourer now repairs buildings
Muhad now has more health when mounted
market now costs 1250
Stables now cost 400
Harad riders description updated
Warhall description updated
Forged blades text updated
lancers now can capture buildings
Morgul blade description updated
Suladans fire bomb fixed

Rhun now have walls
kathracts cp fixed

General changes
Good ships upgrade strings changed
Gimli now has less health
Galadriel powers updated
Dunedain rangers cost increased
Halbarad Button fixed
New team colours removed for now, as they make online play go out of synch
Spelling of colour correctedfrom "color".
ai updated
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Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:36 AM

I finally got this mod work and there few things that IMO should be changed:
1.For some reason it hard to select "new" units and heroes.
2. I think rescource buildings "effective" area should be smaller
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