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Familiar Face

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#1 Faze

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Posted 24 December 2008 - 04:42 PM

Some of you may remember me - I had a different account name when I last posted here, over a year ago I believe :) Let's just say I was a goblins fan (I even made a long goblin idea thread to try and get them back in the mod) with a weird name and a toilet avatar.

I'm impressed this mod is still going! I recently got a new computer and was routing through my old games, found Bfme2/Rotwk and figured it would be fun to reinstall them. As I was playing I remembered the name "Istari Mod", googled it and when I saw revora all the memories came back :mad2:

Well I recognise MorrisB, but where did Ithron go?

Anyway I'm sorry to say my days of owning the Rotwk 1v1 ladder as goblins has gone and I seem to suck again :p But no doubt I'll get some fun out of playing this mod; who knows, maybe I'll come back again sometime in the future and download another new version.

Have a super christmas and it's nice to see things are still running here. :grin:

#2 Kyross

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Posted 25 December 2008 - 06:15 AM

Ithron got taken away from us by that nasty, horrible "Real world" but a few of us have been trying to keep it up still. Obviously it takes quite a lot longer without his hubris but we do get something done. Just today I made a few breakthroughs I'm quite excited about.

You know, I liked Goblins too. Just because of the goblins themselves...Something satisfying about having so many little evil buggers storming the enemy, regardless of how weak. So you might like to play Angmar in the current release.

Murr' krismuss.
Posted Image <-- Actually more like coder/mapper/modeller, but there's no bar for that.

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