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DataRun Developments

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Posted 29 January 2009 - 07:51 PM

Firstly, a quick reminder about our weekly Core Development meeting on Sunday - it's at 20:00 GMT on the 1st February. Anyone on the team who would like to attend, may, but is a requirement of all those in the Project and World teams. The meeting is performed via Skype, and is a written post log is not provided, so it is highly beneficial to be there. If you have not done so already, adding Kasper (userID: gnubbert) and being online at the right time will allow you to be there.

As a lot of you know, project development has been pretty slow across the board. For this reason, we'd like to encourage all staff members to put aside scheduled hours every week where they will work on DataRun - preferably on a regular basis.

This might seem like a drag, but I'm hoping you can all see the benefits. This is a very large project, and I'm sure you all want it to see the light of day, so you can show to the world just what we've been doing! Having set hours, whether it be two hours in a couple of evenings, or a spare afternoons will go a long way; and it will also help coordinate and keep track of what is being produced, and when - if we know how much time you have to spare, and when you have that time, then we know exactly what to expect from you, and can plan a broader schedule around it.

Work out when's best for you, and add it to your wiki page. I'll be personally fielding both all day Wednesday and a few unstructured hours on the weekend. Since my schedule is extremely busy with other work, it's also kept up to date on my wiki page;

In other news, we want to begin preparation for some proper media to face the public with. The exact requirements, are as yet not determined, but I will be preparing a complete brief. There will be a deadline for this! Ideally, we're looking at producing a trailer, featuring the entirety of the opening Cinematic, and some scripted sequences demonstrating game play - preferably using assets from two different game locations, and demonstrating the power of some of our game mechanics, likely a section of speed-running player movement, and a demonstration of time-freeze. We can likely finish that off with some quick other scripted sections related to the direct story and flashback sequences, as well as using the Dynamic Evil system to maximum effect. We'll also want a small number of static images, some we can take from the trailer, some we'll generate with scenes in Unreal.

We will talk about this in this weeks meeting.

We're also looking potentially at hooking up with a College, and I'll be talking to local Universities for similar arrangements. The idea is that we can pass off a concept art package, or solid written briefs and have a number of students produce a number of art assets or entire scenes for use in the game. This will hopefully allow us to speed up our already slow-paced development process even further.

Lastly, absentees - has anyone heard from Kinjutsu, or Rashad recently? It would be very useful to know what's going on on this score. Kinjutsu especially, as we could do with those Dead City architectural pieces.

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Posted 29 January 2009 - 08:54 PM

Hey, sorry for being MIA D:

I'm alive, school has been keeping me stuck on campus for the past week. I've been continuing to texture the dead city pieces and they're almost done. I'll upload the .upk with them before the weekend.

As for working hours I can set aside several hours during daytime on Fridays, and a few hours on Monday or Wednesday nights to devote to the project. Also, it's a bit far off but starting in March I'll also be taking my first studio class where we are free to work on anything we want for our portfolios. I was hoping to focus on working on Datarun for it and really ramp up any asset production that we may still need.

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