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Asking Mini-Mod Permission

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#1 gustavowizard

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Posted 19 February 2009 - 09:30 PM

Hello i wanna ask permition to Upload on the BfMe modding session of the forum a Mini-Mod im doin (a addon) for the Rj-Mod version 1.05.06

the mini mod will add these heroes here (plus more im working)
the objetive is just add more heroes for heroes fanatic people :crazed: it can be backup easy when 1.06 version is released :p
i wait for you guys awnser for a "green light" i wont upload nothing without your permission, and i will only upload the files i made and i will put credit for you guys

Durin III



Arnor White Wizard


Wild (goblin):
Young Balrog

Ulfang the Black
Rhuadur Necromancer
Darkelf Archer

Easterling General
Ancalagon the Black

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#2 robnkarla


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Posted 20 February 2009 - 02:52 AM

For right now, I do not want any other modifications of RJ available to the public. What you do on your own computer is completely up to you, just don't upload it for public use just yet. It is just too confusing and will cause out of sync problems as people have different versions. It has always been my intention that once I consider the mod finished or we reach a certain point that the team all aggrees I wanted to open it up for others to produce such add ons, etc. Such add-ons would then be approved by the team. We just are not there yet.

If you'd like, you can have us take a look at what you've done and it may or may not be included in future versions of RJ. Some beta testers and team members started out in a similar situation as you, in developing items for their own versions that they presented to me.

Robert J.

#3 gustavowizard

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Posted 21 February 2009 - 04:10 AM

i agree tottally, sorry my unexperience, im a begginer modder :p dont worry i wont upload the addons then :p
about see what i made would be a imense pleasure, i added a lot of heroes, made a Young Balrog hero, Smaug and Ancalagon Great dragons and much much more, all involving heroes for now, i made also goldberry very powerful ;) for arnor i will send what i made to your e-mail when i finish it, then you might use some of your mod ;) i will gladlly upload all my edit and paint jobs for you (just rememer of speak my name on credits if u like some ;) haha

cool then, what is your e-mail??

by the way all the addons and textyures i made is for your 1.05.06 version by the way ;)

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