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Posted 26 March 2009 - 04:09 AM

No need to reply to this one. I'm just leaving this up to make a checklist of my modding attempts on FoC. Feel free to ask for the code sheets if you're curious.

X: means I failed and will not try again until I learn more
$: means I succeeded more or less(99%) and the mod is complete
%: means I haven't finished but am making "OKAY" progress
♥: means I need more motivation to continue the project

% AT-ST Elite: Walkers with enhanced speed, reaction, shields, the HUNT ability and the Shield Flare ability.
$ Boba Fett: Switched out the flamethrower for a powerful plex missile in the form of the swap weapons ability.
♥ Mara Jade: Tried to give Mara an Eta2 craft for space and land battles. Space works but land isn't. :blink: (You should be just as surprised as I am...)
% Skills: Upgrading and adding realism to unit skills. Example. No recharge time for "Deploy Troops" ability, certain vehicles and units have been equiped with the HUNT ability, and more changes continue.
% Scale Factor: Changing unit and structure scales occasionally to be more realistic or canonical. AT-ATs are currently at scale 2.0 which is friggin huge but as accurate as the movies sad to say.
% Planning a total game add-on: ALL Fighters and Bombers will have land versions of themselves available for battle. Very small ships such as Tartan Cruisers and Corellian Corvettes will be able to be used during land battles on CERTAIN planets ONLY. They're too friggin big to be on certain maps and certain terrains. Currently finished ground fighters excluding the ones that I did not personally do:
N1 Starfighter (Naboo Starfighter)
Eta2 Actis Interceptor (Episode Three Jedi Fighter)

The ones that were done in the ACM Mod from which I work are:
X Wing
Tie Fighter
Tie Interceptor
Tie Avenger
Gallofree HTT transport

% New Locations: Once I get comfortable with my SW Universe maps I'll start throwing in more places and such, maybe even my own locations, but first I need to learn the galactic position code and what it means.
$ Thrawn's SD: Worked like a charm and he now flies a regular Star Destroyer. :umad:
% Veer's SD: I gave General Veers an SD that I named Answerer which is noncanonically the SD that was disabled over Hoth by the Ion Cannon attack. The SD works perfectly but there's two icons for some reason, one for Veers and one SD icon :unsure:
% Projectiles: Adding severe realism to lasers, missiles and the like. Laser cause small explosions when they hit the ground just like in the movies. Parameters are changed almost universally too making ALL units more deadly and forcing a bit of stradegy in any attack.
$ Heroes: Health of ALL "On foot" heroes has been dramatically reduced. This makes them very vulnerable to certain attacks. Lightsaber wielders now have a 90% chance to deflect blaster fire but a 0% chance to block meaning that the only viable threat to them is a continued barrage or a weapon of a different type:Missiles, bombs, etc.

More later :p

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