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Secret Weapons of the Empire - Space Add-on 4.0

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Posted 03 April 2009 - 12:05 PM

April 2nd 2009

Last time I've told that we are working on sub menus to get more space on the commandbar.
Now the time has finally come that we finished the sub menus for the Empire.
In the game the player has now the possibility to switch between a menu for research, corvettes, frigates and capital ships. For that purpose we have expanded the GUI of Empire at War and added 4 new buttons on the lefthand side of the screen.
Here is a little demonstration video of this new feature:

Space Addon 4.0 - Secret Weapons of the Empire Mod for Star Wars: Empire At War Sub Menu and Upgrade System Preview video - Mod DB

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Posted 29 September 2009 - 11:29 PM


Welcome to the 12th news of our Mod!
After a quite long time without updates we can finally present some new ships you are going to see in Space Addon 4.

Our first achievement: The imperial Corvette or short: CRV
Model: Frankie/Drako
Skin: Frankie


The next ones are nice enhancements of the corellian fleet:
The corellian fighter:


And the corellian bomber:


And finally a large ship to serve the empire:
The Implacable
Original Model: EvilleJedi, Rigging: Frankie


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Posted 29 July 2010 - 08:33 PM

July 27, 2010

Welcome to our long awaited 14th News for Space Addon 4.0!

It's been a long time since our last update and I apologize for making you wait so long.

However, now that I've graduated and spent enough time on parties I've finally started to continue working on the project.

Our unit list has been reworked several times during the last months and hopefully I can present you a complete version soon.

For now all I can show you are some new units you'll be able to build for your armies:

1. The Mon Remonda:

Original Model: Eville JediModel

Modifications: Frankie

You have already seen this model in Space Addon 3.11, however this one is modified version with more details and a new texture.
Posted Image

2. The Nebulon B Variants:

Nebulon B Model: Eville Jedi

Nebulon B2 Model: Based on Eville Jedi's Nebulon B model, modified by Frankie

Nebulon B4 Model: Based on Eville Jedi's Nebulon B model, modified by Frankie

You know the Nebulon B and the Nebulon B2 from our previous releases, but sometimes you just need even more fire power...
Posted Image

3. The Imperial Star Destroyer Mk III "Viceroy"

Based on parts of Eville Jedi's Star Destroyer, modified by Frankie

This is the Empire's most powerful mass produced ship in Space Addon.
Posted Image

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Posted 24 October 2010 - 01:28 PM

SmallPox brings us more news today on Starbases as well as a new Diplomacy/influence system.

From 10/22/10

Welcome everybody to our 15th News!
Today we are going to show you our new and/or reworked Star Base models as well as a WIP feature which has never made it into an Empire at War mod before.

Star Bases

Since Star Bases in the original game never posed a real threat, we decided to give them a lot more firepower as well as increased shield strength and armor. This makes them capable of withstanding the attacks of large fleets which you're going to command in Space Addon.

This is a reworked version of the standard Empire at War imperial Star Base.

Posted Image

The following image shows a modified version of Warb_Null's Family Star Base, which is based on the Home Base from the game X-Wing Alliance. In Space Addon it will serve as a replacement for the original Rebel Star Base.

Posted Image

As you may have noticed there are ships docked at both Star Bases. We are currently discussing whether we want this in-game as well. If we attached these ships to the bases they would provide additional firepower for the Star Base, however they would be stationary and not controllable for the player. As I said we are currently unsure whether we want to implement that or not, so maybe leave us comment with your thoughts.

Diplomacy/Influence System

At this point I would like to introduce our new game play feature, which is currently still WIP:
The Diplomacy and Influence System

So how is this going to work in-game?

We will divide the Galactic Conquest map into Sectors. Each sector will contain at least 4 and at max 7 planets. All the planets have an Influence Value that represents the influence of the current owner on a planet. If a player loses a planet to his enemy it will decrease his influence on all other planets controlled by him in the same sector. This works of course also the other way around: if you conquer planets you will gain more influence on your planets.

If the influence value of a planet drops to 0 its owner will change to neutral. All structures on the planet at this time will be destroyed, however all units and heroes will be transported to another planet controlled by the player.

This system also offers a new possibility to take over a planet. Each faction has a Diplomat unit which is able to decrease the influence on enemy planets and eventually take them over. However the player needs to occupy at least one other planet in the same sector to use a diplomat.
The sad news is that we can't guarantee that this system will run when it is finished. The game has to handle a lot of information at once, so we cannot be sure until the system is completed.

That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Leader of the "Demise of the Empire," a mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

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Posted 05 December 2010 - 07:49 PM

Another update from Smallpox and the team. This update covers the new diplomacy/influence system, the new GUI bar, and a "new" ability that they've created.

From 11/28/10

EaW Space Addon News No. 16

Welcome to our 16th News!
Today's subjects are the new GUI, some new details about the diplomacy system and a new ability for carriers in space.

Let's start with the GUI: As most of you probably know, Space Addon uses a Sub Menu System to switch between different ship classes on Empire at War's command bar, which allows us to add a lot more units to the mod, since Empire at War itself could only handle 26 units on one planet at once. We were not too happy with the alignment of the new GUI buttons, so we have re-positioned them to make them look like they were actually a part of the original command bar:

Posted Image

Let me explain the function of the buttons from left to right:

You will recognize the first two as standard Empire at War buttons(droid helper and objectives window), nothing special about those two.

The next four buttons are part of our Sub Menu System. The first one will open the Corvettes/Frigates menu, the second the Capital Ship menu, the third one the Super Star Destroyers menu and finally the fourth will open the research menu.

And now the last button, which is the most exciting one, belongs to our diplomacy system, which leads me to the next point:

Influence Table and Low Influence Notifications

As I said, the last button belongs to the diplomacy system and will display the Influence Table, which allows you to keep an overview over all the influence values of your planets.
Although the table is still a work in progress, let me show you a picture of how it could look like when it's finished:

Posted Image

As you can see, the table first displays the planet name followed by its influence value.

You have probably noticed that I have a rather low influence on Coruscant.
And since we know that you cannot always keep an eye on the influence table we have decided to implement Low Influence Notifications.
These notifications are important! Of course their main purpose is to tell the player that his influence on a planet is decreasing, but moreover it could mean that an enemy diplomat is hiding on the planet, ready to take over the planet without a single fight.
In game these notifications will appear as a pop up from the droid helper and look like this:

Posted Image

And now the last point for today:

The Fighter Garrison Ability for Carriers
This ability allows you to garrison fighter squadrons in carriers.
Now you might wonder why we are recreating an ability we already have in ground battles.
The reason is simple: the original ability just doesn't work in space battles.
Modders have tried for years to find a solution and now we can finally present you a working method(although it is still a work in progress).

Here is a short preview of this new ability:

Figher Garrison Ability

Basically the carrier unit gets two dummy abilities. The first one to garrison fighters, which will despawn any fighter within a certain range. The second ability launches the fighters again.

This ability gives you the chance to make a lot more use of your fighters by garrisoning in the carriers and taking them as near to their target as possible without the risk of being shot down by anti fighter corvettes.

That is all I got for today.
I hope you enjoyed the little insight about our new game play features!

Leader of the "Demise of the Empire," a mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

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