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Braid Modding Community: Request

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Posted 14 May 2009 - 02:48 AM

Well I've been involved in a Braid modding community recently, and we're growing pretty fast. Our site is being worked on, so not much advertising to other sites at the moment. We've already got a lot of active members for a site about a month old and starting out with like 3 people. But we're all buddies here, so on behalf of the Braid community, I would like to request a spot for Braid in Revora.

Obviously we're new since we don't even have an official name yet. But I convinced our main admin to allow me to request Revora to host Braid as a brother-cell so we can interest gammers and modders. We mainly get Braid modders, not gamers, so we find it hard to get a good spot to post our finished mods and updates since most other sites don't have progress posting sections really. None I like anyway. We're just as skilled as IP is to BFME mapping, so its not like we're amateurs wanting a play zone. If we can get mods off in sites like Revora, we feel that we can get the game more popular in in the modding world.

I already have a good supply of modders willing to come into Revora, so we'll be gettin' more guaranteed members here in the first place. It's best to get a partnership off early while the game is fairly young. The only thing either of our sites can loose is... well... err... it seems like a win-win situation to me, so its up to you guys. Also one of our members at the site would be best for a global moderator of the Braid section. The only downside we figured would Revora sucking out all the Braid modders, but if one of our Braid guys was the main administrator for the section, it would benefit both of our interests if a Braid modder familiar with the ticks of a braid community from the site represented the Braid modding section. Would only seem logical anyway.

Won't hurt our feelings if ya' say no. :p Just wanted a good partnership between us early on just like IP in the good old days.


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