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#41 Excuse_me_princess

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Posted 19 September 2009 - 04:25 PM

Oh, wait... just found some on BOL.com... but I went as far as Amsterdam and there were non of em...
Any way, I'm not really into American comics anyway, they're too simple in my opinion... just look at Marvel and DC all characters are either wearing bodysuits or are half-naked... some of them are dressed properly, but in the long run you spent most of you're time drawing muscled bodies... once you know how to do that, you can draw the whole lot (recently got the infinity war omnibus. just a bunch of man in tight bodysuits... WTF!?)
And then there's the prices 5 bucks for ten pages 17X26... soft cover!?
I pay about the same for triple the amount of pages with a medium cover and 30X20 (A4) paper.
(and then I'm not even mentioning the colloring... so simple)
And what is that with doing the whole story over and over again... how many times have they been revamping Spiderman and the X-men??
No offense, tell me if I'm wrong, but don't you guys feel ripped of or something?

I mean there are good artist (Cam Kennedy and Richard Corben for instance) but I'm not really impressed with what's being offered... so far.
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Posted 20 September 2009 - 04:54 AM

The comic based movies were very well done, for the most part, but I'm not much of a comic reader anyway. Very expensive for what you get, and they have nearly no use. Much better use of money to buy actual books, imo. I can keep myself busy there for $15 a year.
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#43 Annullus The Grey

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Posted 21 September 2009 - 02:53 AM

and if you read those 19 books you will find at least mention of lowbacca in everyone of them...... the eu books are cannon, unless they directly contradict the movies or have been corrected by an authoritive statement. that is more or less the cannon policy of lucasarts
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