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Petrolution latest news!

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Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:17 AM

Hello everyone! I hope you didn't think we gave up of this place yet. In the last months, Petroglyph announced two games: Mytheon and another game with the name not revealed. As someone who ran mod development communities for such a long time, it is quite disappointing to see the marketing behind these games. If we announce a mod in these communities without a name and screenshots, we'll not be taken seriously at all. Of course Petroglyph has a story behind and a top selling game like Empire at War, but announcing games without providing any kind of media or even name is worse than almost any amateur mod that I've seen for many games. With the high amount of talented game developpers at that company, such marketing strategy is seen as an insult for their skills. Anyway, they've fixed this problem with Mytheon, providing screenshots and even a trailer at the game site. The other game is a MMORTS and that's all we know about it. Both games are multiplayer based games, so do not expect any mod content or fan made maps for it. At best, Petrolution will provide basic information or few articles about them, unless we figure out something else that could be done for them.

You can also read an interview with Delphi-PG about Mytheon at FreeMMOGamer.com.

During these months, Petroglyph has not provided any other news than yet another community manager. The current victim is known as Berek and you'll be able to know more about him by checking this topic.

In the last two months, Petrolution received the FX Mod that improve the particles, projectiles, and the fun factor for Forces of Corruption while keeping most of the original game intact, published by Dr. Nick, who also posted a tutorial about SFX Map Generation.

Petrolution also has some quick articles on Mytheon and a new bb code was added: the youtube one. Once you write an article, check the bb codes to know how to use it.

I hope you enjoy it!
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