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Fantasy Falls

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Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:20 AM

I started writing this a while back. I was deep in my own world at the time :p I hope yo enjoy it =]
And before you think of Copying an pasting, my work is copyrighted.
FantasyFalls ©2008 Bowens

Chapter-I-The foreigner-

Deep within the far reaches of space lies the fall of hope, pain was about to ensue….

In Thalamus, the capital city of Amboalla the treacheries of a thousand years had coincided with the assassination of King Dom V. Mercenary vessels of Nefarous littered the pinks sky. Both moons could be seen from the Kings citadel. The king ordered his men to arms. This wasn’t going to be easy. The A-ADS was activated, and the city bells blared a vehement cry. The Ships pressed their attacks; they aimed for the A-ADS turrets. With a huge explosion the entire system went haywire. The entire city was in disarray; Citizens screamed from below, but the king himself stood in the highest tower of the citadel. He starred out the window as he watched the destruction of Thalamus, the capital and most enormous city of Amboalla.

“Father, what should we do?” Amelia asked her father Dom.
“We wait…” “Wait for what?” “Help of course. The red fleet is returning to Thalamus.” Dom explained to his daughter. Justin and five men in silver-plated armor entered through the sliding doors with a fast pace.
“Father! They have breached the citadel gates! We are currently holding a hefty position on the second floor.” Justin said. Justin and Amelia were twins, brother and sister.
“Do not let them ascend the stairs on either side. The elevators are easily guarded.” King Dom commanded his son. About 15 armored men enter the room. It appeared to be Captain Cassio of the first division militia.
“My lord. My men are all at arm, sword and gun alike.” Cassio informed.
“Also, I think they came to kill you.” He said.
“What, we haven’t defiled any of the Lords!” Amelia pleaded.
The lords were the founding fathers of Amboalla. They were said to have become deities, the five lords. They each contained a power, each of which could be studied and learned by those of high stature.
“We cannot save ourselves from evil. The Lords do not control all, we must behold in awe.” Dom said.
“Behold in awe? My lord, you speak the tongue of a coward!” his son said.
“No my son, I speak the truth.” Dom argued.
“Back to your stations! Prepare for War!” Dom announced.
All of the soldiers exited the room in cheer. Only Justin and his sister Amelia remained with the King.
“My children, the Nefaroths are a vile man. They seek to destroy, never to build. They think they are imperialized. I beg to differ. They seek war as if they are facing famine. They seek our land only to desolate it.” The King whispered to his children. He grabbed a sword, and latched on his helmet. Justin handed him his nilon rifle.
“Amelia, stay here. We shall have no need of you.” Justin suggested to his sister.
“Yes Justin. I will hope to see you two back soon.” Amelia answered.
The King and his only son walked out through the sliding door. They were on the 90th floor. They could faintly see the fighting 87 floors below as they looked over the stairs railings. The stairs start at the base as two spirals, and they continue all the way up along the wall. The rugs were red and the rails were golden laden. The two men ran to an elevator, and they descended down to the 5th floor where they exited.

“Mi’ lord! We were waiting for you two to arrive!” an armored man said. The black suited enemies could be seen advancing the 4th floor flight of stairs. Justin took aim with his nilon rifle, which had scoping capabilities and fired upon his foes. The Nefaroths were armed with spears and ion burst rifles. While the forces of the Amboallians were sufficed with they’re nilon assault rifles and battle-staffs. As the enemy made it’s way to the 5th floor Justin forced his father to attend to Amelia above. He would be safer there.
“Cassio! Nectar! Hold the lines! The Stairs are narrow, fire from above!” Justin commanded.

Outside of the citadel was a war-zone. Outside the citadel was my zone. I am Cassius, leader of the Red Flight. I had earned my wings three years back in the battle of Kleth, the desert region 50 miles east of Thalamus. I have flown for Amboalla since. I am the Red Fleet Leader. Red Fleet was the most known Amboallian fleet on Sempter IV for they’re feats. Fleets usually consisted of about 500 ships along with a flagship.
Red Fleet poured out into the pink sky. It didn’t look pretty; the mercenary fleet was bombing Thalamus.
“This is Red Leader to Red Fleet, target that cruiser.” I commanded. Vessels sprang out of the cruiser’s belly in defense. I targeted three fighters with my Terminal Screen Targeting Interface-TSTI. I fired antimatter torpedoes hitting them all in a flash. The torpedoes ate through the ships and left nothing but scrap metal to fall. Two more vessels flew in close to me as they began to ram my Tiber-Class II fighter. As they trapped me I couldn’t move my ship, at least not until they went to ram again. It seemed to happen about every three seconds. I notice twin towers below and steered in close. The mercenaries must not have noticed because as soon as I neared the towers, they tried to ram me and flew into the buildings with a bang.
“Red leader, enemy cruiser down. This is Red Talon. Red Talon was the fleet’s flagship.
“That’s good news. Red II squadron, follow me to the citadel. Red Fleet, commence fire!” I ordered. Red II squadron consisted of about 60 ships after confrontation with the cruiser. The citadel was about three miles ahead and closing in. A small band of mercenary vessels flew through our formation.
“Red IV Squadron! Come and take care of these guys will you!” I shouted.
“This is Red Captain IV, on route.” The intercom said. The small band was eliminated within minutes.
“Red Leader, it looks pretty dangerous there at the base of the citadel. Requesting permission to land in the citadel hanger up above. It doesn’t look as dangerous, but those men might pose a small threat.”
“Access granted Red II unit V.” I complied. We increased in altitude to land on the top of the tower, the hanger; the enemy was holding it.
“Open fire and land pronto!” I commanded Red II squadron. The Nefaroths fired at the incoming ships. There was only room for about 20 fighters inside of the hanger.
“Red II, swivel up and around the citadel tower, looks like we’re going to have to glide in.” I announced.
“You are probably right, complying now.” I strapped my glider straps onto my boots. I then hit the eject/autopilot button. The 57 remaining men glided down on they’re glide boards. Glide boards can fly almost anywhere in the atmosphere manipulating gravity allowing for a smooth air surf. I swooped down lower and lower, I pressed my right toes firmly against the board’s base. It allowed me to fire nilon rifle bolts semi-automatically. It looked like a cloud of birds swooping in. As we got closer, we increased our fire. The Nefaroths fired at my men sending a few of them spiraling to a long hard death.
I clicked on my speeder and zoomed into the hanger. Most everyone else did the same. As I neared the end of the hall, I jumped of my Glide board softly as it flew into the wall and exploded. Simultaneously I withdrew my dual automatic nilon blasters and held my hands left and right, parallel opening fire. I finally controlled the hanger when I heard news of the king being two floors below.
“Men, don’t let them get to the king!” I yelled.

“Father, I hear them up above!” Amelia panicked.
“Do not worry daughter, let your mind tread down another path.” Dom answered. It didn’t look good. There were at least 90 soldiers from this floor to the hangar bay. They might just be able to protect the king before those below or above made it to him.
“Amelia…” Dom started.
“Yes father?” Amelia answered in an innocent voice.
“If I do not get out of here alive, I want you and your brother to go into hiding somewhere in Thalamus.” Dom finished. This is the last thing he would ever ask of his children to do. For his fate was locked. As for Amelia and Just, they may have a chance to live.
“Yes father. I will do anything you ask of me.” She confessed.
“I know Amelia…” Dom answered.
The sliding door opened, and a hover mechanical ball entered.
“Greetings my lordship, the enemy has closed in on the 58th floor. If my calculations serve me right, you have 45 minutes before they enter here.” The robot said.
“2332, thank you.” Amelia said sincerely.
“There also appears to be an ion cannon 89% of charge aiming for our hangar.”
“This day is grave…” Dom said.
“Indeed grave.” A mysterious voice said.

“Cassio! Retreat to the 59th floor!” Justin yelled in the midst of fighting. Hundreds of Nefaroths could be seen over the edge of the railings climbing up the stairs. It was a blight of black rats, and they were fighting against they’re exterminators.
“Yes Justin!” Cassio confirmed. Cassio commanded his troops to retreat. As they climbed to the 59th floor they appeared from the right side while just re-emerged from the left. The stairs are only 3 people wide; it was leading for some rough fighting. Justin shot a man through the skull; his shot then flew into another’s skull.
“Nice one commander!” a soldier yelled. Just then, some of the stainless glass up above shattered and out emerged glider warriors.
“This is Red V, itchin’ for a fight.” Red V captain proclaimed. Almost 80 gliders poured through the broken glass in spirals. They followed the spiral cases of stairs. Red V’s captain flew fast down to the enemy’s current position pushing up to the 59th floor and glided with his sword decapitating about five men before being shot. As the bullet connected with his pilot plate armor he flew into a constant backward twirl. Two other glides flew down and grabbed him giving him control over his glider.
“Are yea okay captain?” one asked.
“I’m as okay as ever, yah!” he screamed as he went back into battle.

30 minutes passed over the citadel. The enemy had advanced to the 86th floor; only 4 more from reaching the king. Still below, tons of men climbed from the base of the stairs to earn their share of glory. Justin retreated to his father and sister only to find an unhappy surprise, no not death… but one who does sew it. It could almost appear all was lost. The Ion cannon was on 97% charge, and they were still in the hangar fighting their way down. The Nefaroths were a valiant foe, for they we holding the flight from two ends.

As I descended the stairs from the hangar, I saw that the Nefaroths had a well-defended staircase. We would have to fight harder to advance to the king. The capital city’s alarm could be heard faintly above the screams. I was ready to save the king, so I pressed harder down the stairs with my automatic nilon blasters. A foe shot me in the shoulder, but it reflected off of my right shoulder guard hitting a Nefaroth in the leg. Appearing sudden, the huge ion blast exploded the entire hangar. Smoke billowed down below causing us to lose breath. I fell down the stairs, injuring my neck slightly.
“Arrg!” I screamed. It appeared the tip of a spear had just barley pierced my neck.

“Cassio! To the king! Retreat to the king!” Justin yelled. He began to panic as he flew up to the 90th floor. He then ran down a corridor straight-forward and burst through the double doors. Men in black weren’t far behind him as they ran down the hallway in pursuit.

Before I knew what was happening in the gloom of grey the tip was yanked out of my neck. I screamed even louder this time. Before I knew it I was yanked to my feet.
“Come on Cassius, we came to far to give up now!” a familiar voice said.
As he stood me up I regained my awareness. Five to ten minutes had passed. I looked up and I saw nothing but the now crimson sky.
“To the king!” I yelled running down the last flight of stairs. As the rest of Red II squadron followed up close behind, we turned right down the corridor only to see Nefaroths get blown out of the huge double doors by an unseen force.
“Cassius! How nice to see you!” a voice, which appeared to be Justin’s blared.
“It’s nice to see you alive also!” I yelled back. As I made my way down the hall with the rest of the squadron we quickly entered and blocked of the doors with a couch.
“How long do we have?” I asked Justin. Before I heard his reply I noticed Amelia. I have always held a sacred love for Amelia, though I don’t think she ever noticed. She eyed me though; she had this look on her face. She looked happy to see me for once.
“We don’t have much time. We need to find a way out of here!” Justin replied.
“Red Flag, send a rescue ship to the citadel 90th floor, the viewing room.” I said into my watch.
“Affirmative sir, rescue ship on route.” They replied.
“Looks like we have a way out, now to keep them out!” Cassio yelled. The time for rescue was less than 3 minutes. That was a long time for the others and me. The men in black continued to ram the doors.
“Cassius! Come and help us!” one of my men yelled.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
The door sounded every time they hit the door. I ran over to the door and stood against it. Still they forced us back. They broke a hole in the door with an enormous crack.
“I can see the rescue ship!” Amelia yelled. Then they burst through the door sending me aside behind some old furniture. I couldn’t get up, and I didn’t know what was happening.
I heard glass shatter, and Amelia scream. Then I heard him, Xavier the killer.
“So Dom, it doesn’t look like your going to get out of this one.” He said.
“No, not at all.” Dom answered as he smiled grimly. Nefaroths aligned the entire way to the king. But Xavier stood in the middle, in front of King Dom himself.
Dom took up one of his guard’s spears and lunged it into the king. Blood spew to the ground as Xavier kicked him over. It seemed as though everyone had escaped except for Dom and I. I passed out unconscious.
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