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Shinigami: God of Death

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This story is based off of the anime Bleach.

This story is about a young boy who grows up in a place called the Soul Society. The Soul Society is a place where after you die, you live here if you have been good all of your life. The large Society is modeled after the Edo Era of Japan. Bleaches story line is mostly about a race called Shinigami or literaly Gods of Death. Their job is to bring souls to the Soul Society after passing away. Another job is to protect the Soul Society and to dispatch evil lost souls called Hollows. They do this by destroying the evil with their swords called Zanpakuto, which are literaly part of their own soul but materialized. Other evil also lerks in the world which you will find out about in the following chapter of this story.

This is Shinigami...

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That is what my character looks like later in the story. (Yes I made that on Paint)
Chapter one will be here in a moment...
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Chapter I: Intro to Yoshiro Mototori

"Yoshiro? Hello?" Oichi called to her son.
"Coming Mother." Yoshiro answered.
The soft tap of his socks came on the stairs down the hallway. From there came a young boy, about 14 years old with deep dark hair. He was wearing an old kimono and had his hair up in a sort of ponytail called a queue. Yoshiro bowed to his mother.
"Good morning Mother, what would you like?" Yoshiro asked happily.
"Good morning, Yoshiro. I would like you to bring a couple of packages to your father at the store in Rukongai district 3." Oichi said while still doing work.
"District 3, ok." Yoshiro said. He was happy to get out of their cramped house and out into the bright day.
Living in District 1 was a fairly safe life for the people. There was less of a crime rate there than in District 79 or 80... and it was less poverty ridden.
Yoshiro ran to the front of his small house and grabbed the packages which lay by the door. The sun was warm in the deep blue sky looking over the Soul Society. It was only 7:00 and yet the majority of the people were out enjoying the splendid day.
As Yoshiro walked through the busy streets, he looked over to a separate city of its own. The large city was separated from Rukongai and was the home to the Shinigami, or Death Gods. They were responsible for many things in the Soul Society. Protection and security, guiding souls through the Human World to the Soul Society, and cleansing the lost souls called Hollows.
The city, mostly called the Seireitei, held the wealthy elite and noble families. During an emergency, large walls which resist spirit energy, called reiatsu, will surround the city. Yoshiro looked over to that city and thought:
"If only I were to live there, then I bet my family wouldn't have to work so hard just to stay in the first district."


When Yoshiro arrived in District 3, he quickly went to his father's shop. Yoshiro's father, Musashi, looked much like Yoshiro except different colored eyes. Five kids about the same age as him walked out with their goods and ran down the street laughing and having fun. The first was a boy with red hair up in a queue, the next was a girl, who happened to be shorter than the other and seemed to lead the group. The others were boys that Yoshiro didn't get a good look at.
They didn't seem to have noticed Yoshiro before they left for a northern district. Therefore before Yoshiro could say anything to them, possibly making new friends, his shyness got the better of him. Yoshiro went into the store and lay the packages onto a nearby table.
"Good morning father." Yoshiro greeted.
"Oh, good morning son.. oh great, you brought the packages. Good, good, good... I forgot those this morning before I left. Are you going to stay here for a while?" Musashi asked.
"Yeah, I guess I could stay for a little." Yoshiro replied.


The Mototori Shop was a well known general store throughout all of Rukongai. It was mostly a food and goods shop, and it was friendly toward all customers. Even people from the toughest district of Rukongai, District 80, Zaraki, came to the store to purchase goods. Therefore, because of their generosity and kindness, the Mototori Family was well respected to the people of Rukongai.
It was tough to live in that place though, so physical strength was very important to the family for work and self defense. There were only a few occasions where someone had tried to steal from the store, and they were usually caught by Musashi, who would use his skills in martial arts to bring them to justice. In that case, Yoshiro was also trained in the martial arts and would be considered a black belt in the Human World.


The next day, Yoshiro woke up and ate breakfast quickly. He wanted the rest of the day to himself after helping out at the store. So after hastily eating, he ran out and grabbed the packages... which his father forgot again. Again as he walked, he gazed over blissfully to the Seireitei and wondered what it was like to be there.
This time as he approached the shop, an odd sensation came on to him.
"I... whoa... what the? I feel heavy.. It is like I can't breath." Yoshiro gasped and let the packages drop onto the ground. He blacked out and fell to the ground.

A man exited the store. He seemed (in appearance) to be about 35 years old. He had a long white hair and a black kimono. In a sash, called an obi, under which he wore a scabbard and katana. He was a Shinigami.
When he saw Yoshiro on the ground, he knew exactly what had happened. He ran over to the young boy and brought him into the store.
Everything started to go blurry, then finally, he could see clearly.
"Hey...Hey, are you ok?" Asked a unfamiliar but friendly voice.
"Son, say something!- Yoshiro!" He recognized it as his fathers voice.
Yoshiro mumbled:
"What was it... that feeling?"
The man looked at his father in a apologetic way and said:
"That was my reiatsu, I am sorry... I should have concealed it better. It isn't uncommon that children experience that. In fact, that happened to me when I first met a Shinigami as a boy." The Shinigami said.
"You are a Shinigami, sir.... huh... what is reiatsu?" Yoshiro said light-headedly.
"Oh, yes... my name is Jushiro Ukitake, I am the Captain of the 13th Division of Gotei 13(Court Guard Squads). And-- Reiatsu is spirit force... you had a bit of an overdose."
Oh..." Yoshiro fully woke up. "Wait... you're a CAPTAIN!?" Yoshiro asked excitedly.
Jushiro laughed and said:
"Yes, I am..." He pointed to the Kanji on the back of his outer coat, called a Haori. The Kanji was the number 13.
"Whoaaa... I can't believe this..." Yoshiro was amazed.
"My son has always wanted to be a Shinigami, Ukitake-Sama(Honorific giving a lot of respect to one person)." Musashi said to Jushiro.
"Well, it is possible for you to be one, that is, if you put your mind to it."
Musashi and Jushiro sat down at the table. They talked for a while like they were old friends who hadn't seen each other for years. Yoshiro sat patiently at the table with them and listened.
"Yoshiro, have you ever felt like that before?" Jushiro asked.
"No... I don't believe so... why?" Yoshiro asked, just a bit confused.
"Right when you blacked out, I sensed a lot of pent up reiatsu that was hidden escape. Do you have any idea why?"
"Really? No... why?" Yoshiro asked interestedly.
"You released it, Yoshiro."
"Me... ME!?" Yoshiro said in surprise.
"That reiatsu is what kept you from fainting, much faster than others would have. This actually theoretically means you CAN become a Shinigami." Jushiro explained.
"REALLY!!!" Yoshiro said excitedly.
"Yoshiro, I would like to teach you how to control your reiatsu, if you're up to it. Then when your turn 15, you can enter the Shinigami Academy." Jushiro explained.
"You will actually teach me!?" Yoshiro asked overjoyed.
"Yes, but of course, it is up to your parents." Jushiro said.
"Well it is fine by me... we know how much this means to Yoshiro, so the answer is probably yes." Musashi answered.
"That's great, but just in case, I'll give you all the rest of the day to discuss this over with each other. I will be back here tomorrow for your answer." Jushiro said.

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Chapter II: Jushiro's Training

After discussing the matter of training with both parents, Yoshiro got a affermation from both. They seemed to be happy and proud for their son. It was not common for the people of Rukongai to become Shinigami. In fact, many people are scared of them and their powers.
That night, Yoshiro couldn't sleep. The excitement of that day and the anticipation of things to come, strayed within his mind.
"I will be... a... Shinigami!" Yoshiro thought over and over. "I can't believe it-- and being taught by a CAPTAIN!"
Soon enough, he did fall asleep.

....In a dream....

"Where am I?" Yoshiro asked himself.

Yoshiro found himself in a large cavern. It was snowing and very cold there. The solid rock walls surrounded him, and the only light came from the moonlit sky above. The crevaces in the rock shimmered brilliantly with crystalized ice. And then another being came to life before Yoshiro's very eyes. quartz like crystals of ice shot up from the ground. Inside the ice, a single, greenish-blue eye blinked open. The ice cracked and split open into many shining fragments, and from it rose a great white wolf. It was animal, yet almost human-like. Its large paws made indenataions in the snow as it moved closer to Yoshiro. Steam from its breath shone from its fanged jaws. And then, the wolf said only one word.


The cavern, the wolf, and the moonlit sky vanished in an instant. Yoshiro sat up in bed ubruptly, and looked to see where he was. He was in his room, as before the dream happened.
"I'm... here!?" he said to himself. "It seemed so real, the wolf! What was that dream... and who is Shiroikami?" Yoshiro, utterly confused, fell asleep.


The next day had finally arrived. Yoshiro got up out of his bed and over to his closet. He tried to find his best kimono to wear to his first reiatsu training with Captain Ukitake. After eating a hasty breakfast, Yoshiro left the house to get to the store. He ran all the way there in his excitment. When he arrived, Captain Ukitake was standing out front with Musashi.
He stopped in front of them and caught his breath.
"Ukitake-Taicho(Means captain in Japanese), I have approval of my mother as well. I can start the training!" Yoshiro said excitedly.
"Very good, then shall we get started?" Jushiro asked.
"Yes, Ukitake-Taicho." Yoshiro responeded with a grin.
All of a sudden, Jushiro grabbed Yoshiro by the collar of his kimono and rapidly, the houses were passing by them at great speeds. Finally, they stopped moments later. The two of them were atop a grassy hill which overlooked the third District of Rukongai. It had to be a least a mile and a half from the store!
"How... the...? How did we get here so fast?" Yoshiro was amazed.
"What should have taken them a half-hour to walk to, only took a couple of seconds.
"That, was called Shunpo(flash steps). It is a high speed stepping movement that only high-level Shinigami are able to use." Explained Jushiro. "Ok, now lets get started on your training."
From a bag that he was carrying, Jushiro took out a large cear ball. He tosed it to Yoshiro.
"This is a cannon ball, I obtained it from Kukkaku Shiba. It is used to direct, materialize, and solidify reiatsu. You must find a way to do this, and in the end you will form a ball of reiatsu around you." Jushiro explained.
Jushiro walked away and sat next to his bag underneath a cherry tree. There he observed and analysed Yoshiro's progression.
"Ok... think... think!" Yoshiro tried to think of how to do it. "Maybe if I concentrate on the ball, my reiatsu will go into it."
Yoshiro stared into the unchanging clear ball until his face turned red. Frustration began to appear every minute he tried to concentrate. Doubts that he would ever become a Shinigami seeped into his thoughts.
Just then, he made his mind go blank. He thought maybe meditating would help. All he saw in the darkness of his mind, was the cannon ball. It seemed it was growing, getting larger. It grew in his mind until nothing else was present. The red Shiba Clan symbol vanished, and from his state woke Yoshiro. He realised he was sitting on the ground with the cannon ball in his lap. He finally saw that he was within a large human-sized ball of solidified reiatsu.
From the tree came a quiet clapping. It was Jushiro.
"Nice work, Yoshiro. You can now focus your reiatsu, don't loose concentration or else the reiatsu around you will shatter and explode. Instead, simply lower your reiatsu level." Jushiro instructed.
Finally, he managed to achieve that goal as well. The reiatsu ball vanished, and so did the cannon ball as Jushiro stuffed it into his bag.
"I can do it... I can actually do it! Just because I am from Rukongai doesn't actually mean I can't be a Shinigami!" Yoshiro thought.
"Good job today. You passed the first test. Its getting late, we should get along. Tommorow, we will continue, your reiatsu is getting low, you have to rest." Jushiro said.
"Yeah, I'm exhuasted!" Yoshiro exclaimed.
"I'll see you tommorow then, grab on, I'll bring you back to The Store." Jushiro said. He put out his hand towards Yoshiro.
Yoshiro reluctantly grabbed it as if it were a snake head. The same experience of wind rushing through his ears occured, but only for a few seconds. Yoshiro had closed his eyes from the wind, when he opened them, he found himself infront of the Mototori Store. As expected, it was closed for the night, and when Yoshiro turned, he saw that Jushiro was gone.
"He must have had to rush back to the Seireitei." Yoshiro thought. "Better get home for dinner."
As he walked home, Yoshiro looked up to the sky. The sunset had just started. The shining red, orange, and yellow of the sky was beautiful over the hills of the Soul Society.
When he arrived home, he recalled everything he had learned or done in the training. Musashi and Oichi were amazed at how far Yoshiro had gotten. After supper, Yoshiro went straight to bed. He had used most of his reiatsu, because he felt exhausted. Before he fell asleep, Yoshiro thanked the heavens that his dream, even if slowly, was coming true.

........1 Week Later........

Yoshiro had progressed steadily through his training with Captain Ukitake. The week of training had been tiring, but Yoshiro was able to complete every task given to him. Now he was able to stabilize and use his reiatsu and also to read other peoples reiatsu levels as well. His quick progression was very much noticed by Jushiro, who praised him after every triumph. Right after though, he would give out an even tougher objective. That didn't stop Yoshiro.
Finally, one fatefull day, Jushiro said something that would change Yoshiro's life forever.
"Yoshiro, you have vastly exheeded my expectations in our training. I have almost nothing left to teach you, but...." Jushiro paused.
Yoshiro stared at Jushiro questioningly.
"...But, I have asked Captain General Yamamoto if I may teach you some zanjutsu(swordsmenship). And the great Yamamoto-Taicho had agreed entirely. I think he sees much potential in you, Yoshiro." Jushiro stated.
"Yamamoto-Taicho... wait... REALLY!?" Yoshiro asked bewildered.
"Yes, I believe he wants to see you become a Shinigami." Jushiro replied.
Yoshiro could hardly believe what he was hearing. He was overjoyed.
"Thank you so much, Ukitake-Taicho!" Yoshiro said as he bowed so low his nose almost slammed into the dirt. Just then, it hit him. "Wait... how can I learn zanjutsu without a katana?"
"Yoshiro, think! You've heard of what us Shinigami use. We don't use ordinary katanas, we use zanpakuto(Soul Slayer)." Jushiro retorted.
"Zan.... oh, I totally forgot. Please forgive my stupidity." Yoshiro apalogised.
Jushiro grew very serious at the moment, and said:
"Now listenn carefully, Yoshiro... a zanpakuto is in essence, a Shinigami's soul. It means more to use than our very lives! But lastly.... you must learn to know each other, for a zanpakuto is a living being... communicate! Or else, you will never become a true Shinigami. A true Shinigami works together with their zanpakuto in battle. Remember these words well, Yoshiro." Jushiro said.
"Ye- yes sir." Yoshiro listened.
"Now stand up Yoshiro!" Jushiro commanded. "You will create your own destiny as a Shinigami in the palm of your hand... HERE AND NOW!"
"Yes!" Yoshiro started to tremble.
"Now do as I say... First, meditate and calm yourself." Jushiro commanded.
Yoshiro began to calm down. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.
"Now, transfer all of your reiatsu into the palm of your hand. Imagine a sword. A sword which cuts through anything. A sword of justice, and protection. Now keep these images in your head... and materialize your reiatsu and solidify it in your hands." Jushiro instructed.
Yoshiro began to open his eyes. A blinding light appeared before him. Snow started to fall. He found himself in the trench again.... but this time, it wasn't his dream. Jushiro stood motionless next to him. He looked somewhat suprised. A frigid cold rolled in, and finally, just as in Yoshiro's dream, the crystals of ice shot out from the ground. And, the great white wolf appeared.
The white Wolf turned towards them, his large paws make indents in the snow as it walked over. Then it spoke.
"You.... are Yoshiro Mototori, now the wielder of me. You are pure of heart, and seem to posses the potential to master me... therefor, I grant you my power, Yoshiro. Will you work with me?" He asked.
"Y-y-y-yes sir." Yoshiro said amamzed.
"Not sir... we are equals Yoshiro. As a gift to you.... I shall tell you my name. My name is Shiroikami(White Wolf)." The wolf said.
Just then, the cold abiss swirled and left. Yoshiro and Jushiro closed their eyes and moments later opened to see that they had reapered back in the Soul Society. They were sitting back on the hill.
"My.... Zanpakuto. Shiroikami." Yoshiro said in shock.
Jushiro looked amazed from Yoshiro to his zanpakuto.
"Yoshiro, that was amazing! Your zanpakuto... has given you an extraordinary gift! He has told you his name. That has never before happened in all the history of the Soul Society!" Jushiro stated.
Yoshiro looked at his zanpakuto. He... for the first time, grabbed the hilt of the sword, then unsheathed. The long blade shimmered brilliantly in the sunlight. A hint of blue could be seen in the blades edge. The hilt, which was a black metal covered in a dark blue hilt-wrap complemented the blade. The guard was ornately crafted, like that of a raindrop. A golden chain was hooked to the pommel, it ringed slightly in a swift breeze.
"Thank you, Shiroikami." Whispered Yoshiro.
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