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Kings Of Skies

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Posted 23 July 2009 - 04:41 PM

Chapter 1

3 Pilots named Jack,Tom,and Jeremy start off as privates in flight school. They all want to the same thing,to be the best pilots that ever flew an aircraft. Jack the oldest one is in a more advanced class for fighter Jets, Tom the middle one, wants to be a helicopter pilot. Jeremy the youngest wants to be a specialized pilot for offering support against tanks and such. Each of the pilots have very different schedules and dont hang out much except when they have a little down time on the weekends. Jack being the oldest has harder classes due to his advanced classes early on,they involve him learning advanced manuevers and even some of the simple ones to get him back in the motions of flying. Tom is the above average pilot who isnt advanced as Jack but is still advanced enough to get him into learning about some of the more difficult maneuvers and strategies. Jeremy however is right at the average pilot who know the basics and some advanced stuff but wouldn't do very well when the classes got harder.

Chapter 2

After a year has passed and the men are along in their classes,when suddenly one day the siren goes off for immediate action.
Jeremy reports to his A-10 warthog,Tom gets in his Apache Longbow,and Jack reports to his F-16. The three pilots take off and are sent to different areas of the conflict. Jeremy is sent unknowingly to one of the more intense hotspots. Jeremy's area is crawling with tons of ground troops and tanks,along with reports of AA in the area. Tom is sent to one of the more average areas that his allies just needed a bit of air support to those pinned down. Jack's area of combat is mostly dogfighting.

Jack's area is immediately filled with enemy fighters. Jack has no idea that his F-16 will be up against some of the more advanced fighters in the world. He and his squad are up against multiple F-22s,Migs,and F-15s. His F-16 is outmatched by the F22,F15. The migs are just back up thankfully. His squad shoots down 2 out of the 4 migs easily with his R-77s.

Jeremy has trouble with the combination of AA,and tanks. Some allies arrive later on to help lower the number of ground troops. Eventually,the number of tanks decreases,but few are left and Jeremy is out of ammunition. On his way back to base for more,he doesn't see an incoming AA missile and is shot down behind enemy lines.

Tom's mission is quick,after he arrives he quickly decimates the opposition with his guns,Hell-Fire missiles and barrage of rockets. After his mission,he returns to base to refuel and relax,or so it seems...

Chapter 3

Jack continues to face off with the F22s/F15s, using every evasive air maneuver that He can think of to avoid the missiles and machine gun fire. The enemy fires a missile forcing Jack to use "The Immelmann", He comes out of the maneuver heading straight for the enemy. Jack fires his M61A1 20mm cannon and one AIM-9M Sidewinder.The missile hits the engine as Jack flies past him overhead,the cannon fire rips apart the wings and middle of the enemy jet. The enemy jets begins to turn downward and then explodes on impact of the missile.Jack watches for a chute and then regroups to take on the rest of the squad with his wing men.

Jeremy deploys his chute and lands softly in the forest below. His chute is caught on the limbs,so He cuts the lines with a knife from his pocket. He falls to ground and rolls to keep from injuring himself.He hears scouts in the forest nearby and decides to take cover behind the huge oak tree. He waits patiently for the scouts to pass by and then takes our his knife and decides to take them out. Sneaking up behind the scouts he takes his knife and stabs one of them in the neck,and as the other one turns around he puts him in a headlock. He then stabs the other soldier in the chest,taking their clothes as a disguise and moves on through the forest.

Tom returns home from his quick mission and decides to head to the debriefing. He is on his way there when is stopped by a fellow soldier. "Just got a new mission, Commander wants us to leave ASAP. Grab you gear and meet me at the chopper." Tom agrees and proceeds to get his gear when suddenly the base erupts in explosions and gun fire. Tom quickly turns around and see that the soldier he was just talking to is now dead. "Noooooo!" Tom yells, He runs to the commander's location. "Commander! I need a gun now!" Tom yells. "There is no time Tom,just get to a chopper and take out those bombers!" the commander screams above the explosions nearby. "Yes Sir!" Tom agrees and runs to the one of the few remaining choppers.

Chapter 4

As Jack begins to regroup with squad He notices that there are no contacts on his radar.John radios his wing man "Did the contacts retreat?",his wing man replies "I don't know, I'm not sure they kinda just went off the radar after you left." John thinks of what could have happened to contacts,"Maybe the have some kind of jamming device nearby." John and his squad fly into the clouds for cover. Suddenly out of no where, John's wing man explodes into flames as a SAM hits him.John screams terror,"Nooooo!" He looks for a chute,doesn't find one then spots one on the distance.John gets on radio to squad "Squad,evasive maneuvers now! Fly high and retreat at once." John and his squad proceed to retreat.


Jeremy puts on the disguise and continues through the forest. He eventually walks upon an enemy outpost with surrounding scouts and armor positions. Jeremy thinks to himself about what to do,"I wonder if I can flank them and slowly take out the outpost with some of that armor." Jeremy decides to go back and pick up the weapons from the fallen scouts in the forest. He then walks around the base through the forest and sneaks in the back door. He walks into the ammo room and stock up on ammo and weapons. He leaves the ammo room and walks towards the front of the outpost.He waits till coast is clear and then takes out the guard walking in the hallway disposing of his body in a closet.


Toms gets into the chopper and starts it up. He takes off just another bomb blows up the nearby hangar with ammo and planes on standby. Tom flies towards the circling bombers firing his cannon and rockets. He manages to shoot one of the many bombers down. "I need some back-up here",Tom yells on the radio."We don't have many fighters left Tom,your gonna have to do the best you can",his commander replies. Tom slams his fist on side of the chair, "Time to take these guys down." He flies faster towards the bomber fixing to drop another payload head on,He fires his rockets again and they hit the wings along with the engines. The bomber flies out of control towards the ground and explodes. Tom see that he is running low on rockets,He switches to the cannon until he needs them.

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Posted 27 July 2009 - 07:35 PM

I'm confused, is this either a terribly written story or a plan for something that you may at some stage actually write? If the latter, I suggest you include not only American aircraft. I'm just a little disappointed that you talked about the best planes in the world without mentioning the Eurofighter Typhoon.
I hope I am a good enough writer that some day dwarves kill me and drink my blood for wisdom.

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