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Fires in the village

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Posted 06 August 2009 - 11:14 PM

Chapter One: The Fires

Cassius stumbled out of the woods, blood dripped down his slashed face, he had done it, he had found his purpose in life, just then two elderly warriors came running up to him

"Ah, we have found you in time Cassius son of Crassius"

"Aye, and not a moment to soon, you must return with us to the village"

"Why, what has happened?" Cassius asked ignoring his wounds

"It's your father, he left to fight the Teshun Rebels and has returned not to long ago"

"He is mortally wounded and your are required to be there when he chooses the new chief"

"What???, why did he do this? when did he return? how is he..."

"Save the questions for later, we must hurry back, but I must ask you this, did you complete your hunt?"

"Yes, I did"

They arrived at the village four minutes later only to find his father was dead

"Chief Crassius died not to long before you got here young Cassius" one of the village elders said

"Who is the new chief then?" Cassius asked

"You are young one"

"What about my brothers? they are older then me"

"Yes, but Crassius has chosen you to be the next chief, anyways one of your brothers was slain in combat"

"Very well then, I accept the position of village chief"

Just then the other villager started to shout

"Fire, it's burning everything in it's path!" one warrior shouted

"Who ever did this will pay with their lives!" another said

At the moment the roof collapsed on top of them.


It was morning by the time Cassius awoke, the village was smoldering ruins and the corpse of his warriors lay every where

"This is a crime against my people" he said as he rolled over the corpse of human "After all my kind have done for them, this is what they repay us with? I swear by the gods above and the demons below that I will avenge the fallen"

OOC: He is currently eight by the way

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Posted 23 August 2009 - 07:10 PM

Chapter Two: An Old Friend

Cassius walked through the ruins, it was nineteen years after his fathers death and the destruction of the village, he was not alone, two men traveled with him through the ruins, what ever lay ahead they were ready, Acher, the younger of the two, prepared a spell and Deran drew his sword

“You ready for this Cas?” Deran asked

“I'm fine thank you” Cassius replied “Be ready yourself, this thing is strong enough to slay a Minotaur by itself”

“Yea yea, well just remember I got your back”

“And I got yours Deran” Acher said

“Enough you two, something is moving ahead”

As the trio looked at the wrecked building a Minotaur stepped out and looked at them

“I know you're hiding there Cassius” it said “You may not remember me, but I am Garrus a warrior from your village”

“Garrus? I thought you died with all the others” Cassius said

“And I thought you had died, but here we stand, both of us alive and well”

“I don't understand, if your alive then how come you didn't alert the village before the fires began?”

“There are somethings you won't understand Cassius, I was ambushed and knocked out”

“No, you are lying Garrus, no one could of knocked you out, what really happened?”

“You won't understand Cassius, trust me”

“Trust you? And why would I do that?”

“Hey, let's just settle down and get some sleep, we can talk about it tomorrow” Deran interrupted

“Fine, but tomorrow Garrus you will have a lot to explain” Cassius said in a angry tone

After a couple minutes they were all asleep, Cassius was awaiting the morning while Deran and Acher were wishing this hadn't happened, Garrus on the other hand had plans going through his head and they weren't very friendly.

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Posted 06 September 2009 - 10:44 PM

Chapter Three: Stories Untold

Cassius awoke the next morning not to long before Garrus, the two of them began to talk, at first Garrus refused to answer Cassius's questions but he soon gave up trying to ignore them

“I swear, I didn't pay them to attack the village, I would never bring such evil upon our village” Garrus said

“Don't try to hide it, I know you were involved with what happened that night, all I want to know is what part you played” Cassius stated

“Listen young one, if you accuse me one more time I swear I will slay you” Garrus said in anger

“Your threatening me?” Cassius asked

“I challenge you to single combat over your honor!” Garrus yelled

“To the death?” Cassius asked quietly

“Yes, to the death you impudent little pup” Garrus said mockingly

“I accept” Cassius replied just as quietly

The two of them got and grabbed their weapons, Cassius looked at the runes carved into his sword

“Your name is Ashard or The Avenger, I ask you for vengeance upon my brothers death, be swift and slay this traitor” his whispered

Cassius turned and faced Garrus who had readied his axe, the two of them faced each other and prepared for combat, Garrus made the first move, swinging his axe in an overhead cleave he narrowly missed Cassius, he pulled his axe back and swung once more, this time Cassius brought Ashard up and parried his blow and then struck back, Cassius's first attack was blocked but his second stab pierced Garrus's side, Garrus called out in pain as his old wound opened up, he soon forgot the pain he was in and struck back, he next blow caught Cassius in the arm and caused a huge gash, Cassius was ready fro the next attack and dodged it, he struck back and slashed Garrus's leg, Garrus made one more attack and leaped into the air with his axe held over his head, as he neared the ground he brought the axe down into Cassius's leg, Cassius was now immobilized, he stabbed upward with Ashard and pierced Garrus's stomach and mortally wounded him

“You... Were... Right...” was all Garrus could say as he died

Cassius was still unable to move, Deran and Acher had left during the fight and did not return, Cassius let out a roar as he lay there dying in the early sun.

OOC: I left this open for your paladin to enter IRS if you want

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Posted 06 September 2009 - 10:47 PM

((My paladin is on a journey of her own. When she comes in, I'll be sure to tell you. :p))

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