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Things I didn't like about EAs Helms Deep map

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Posted 16 August 2009 - 08:22 PM

1. I didn't like how only like 4 battalions of Elves came when it the movie a lot came. Those Elves pretty much saved Helms Deep from a total wipe.
2. I didn't like how EA thought it was a good idea not to add Haldir. He was a key character in the movies(never read the books)and his death should also be added sometime in your mod. :p
3. Few resources/cp to work with. I had like 5 archers on the wall and some peasents at the gate that was pretty much all EA would allow. I'm guessing the reason is they didn't wont the player to lag or didn't want the player to have such a army that the AI couldn't blow the wall, or smash the gate, or anything such as.
4. I don't like how the walls of the Hornburg and Keep are so small. I mean in the movie they WERE HUGE. I'm not sure if you can change the size of the walls but that would be a nice feature in your mod if you could. :p
5. You couldn't make the Archers stay on the walls, they would lock onto a target and if the target moved out of range they would move along the wall or even some times leave the wall altogether. This was annoying because I'd wasted more time putting the units into certain stances and making sure they weren't moving up and down the walls.
6. It was boring and too easy. I went into the map thinking, "Oh yeah! Finally a chance to see a big army vs a even bigger army with plenty of action and difficulty"...I got into it...and it was very disappointing.
7. The scripting just didn't seem enough, I don't know a thing about modding but I'm sure scripting is difficult but I mean EA made this game I'm sure scripting wasn't the hardest part. They could have added a few more scripting parts to it.
8. Finally, the fact that Isengard could build camps...a little annoying because if I remember correctly don't you have to go out of Helms Deep and destroy the camps to win? ..I'd perfer it to be "Last Orc standing looses" ...kill all the orcs and you win. I've not playing the campaign in some time but this is what I remember that didn't satisfy what I expected was going to be in this map. I think EA just said, "Lets get this over with and move on" instead of taking their time.

But they did make a awesome series of games and I love both and the expansion. I did for the most part enjoy what they did with Moria. The part with the Balrog was weird, Gandalf shouldn't have lived but came back with the mission of The Eaves of Fangorn. Boromir should've died at Amon Hen as well. But EA did a great job nonetheless...can't make it perfect. :thumbsupsmiley

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