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Wehrmacht Blitzkrieg Doctrine

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 06:18 PM


Call Stormtroopers: Airdrops Stormtroopers
Call Stuh: Airdrops a Stuh 42
Can build Tiger Tanks.
Blitzkrieg: Makes targeted vehicles indestructible for short amount of time.
Resource Blitz: Receive 400 resources every five minutes.

Unit Specs:

Posted Image
Strength: Medium
Type: Heavy
Damage: Medium
Stormtroopers are camouflaged special infantry, they're able to hold off yankee infantry, tanks and vehicles. 4 Stormtroopers will be paradropped, two are armed with Karabiner 98k rifles and two are armed with Panzerschrecks.
Special Ability: Camouflaged, Throw Satchel Charges.

Stuh 42:
Strength: Medium
Armor: Medium
Damage: High
StuH 42 is modified Stug IV assault cannon that was made for infantry support purposes. Increased damage against vehicles, medium tanks and entrenchments.
Special Ability: None.

Tiger tank:
Strength: High
Armor: Heavy
Damage: High
Build limit: 2
Tiger is heavy tank armed with 88mm KwK L main cannon which is modified from feared 88m Flak Cannon's gun. Tiger is also armed with 2x MG42s to keep those yankee infantry off.
Special Ability: None.

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