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American Armored Commander

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Posted 31 August 2009 - 02:28 AM

Build Calliope Sherman: Can build devastating Calliope version of M4 Sherman.
Build M26 Pershing: Can build M26 Pershing heavy tank.
Fast Deployment: Makes vehicles build faster and cheaper.

M26 Pershing:
Cost: 3000$
Strength: High
Armor: Heavy
Damage: High
Pershing tank is American's response for Panther tanks.
Heavy and devastating, but slow.

Calliope Sherman:
Cost: 2800$
Strength: High
Armor: Medium
Damage: Extreme
Calliope Sherman haves same main gun and armor as normal M4 Sherman, but lacks machine gun, however, it can fire barrage of rockets, but it must be deployed to do so. However, there can be only two calliope shermans on battlefield at the same time.

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