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Sci-Fi at War

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 09:03 PM

Im anounching a new contest
its called "My Hero"
Long story short, what i want you to do is make a heros, or name a hero from any of the 4 faction in the mod and the winner will be added, by me, into the mod (balanced in obviously)
All you need to do is either PM me a short story or post it in the Forums under "My Hero" section
No more than 1000 words, based around a hero either from the show and not in the mod OR a character of your own design (must be in a ship in the mod, like a 304 or a pegasus, if i dont have the model it wont go in).

You story can be simple

The "MY_SHIP", an BC304, equiped with asgard beam weapons and drone launchers, exits hypersapce right in the middle of a colonial fleet. It activates its shields and fires its asgard beam weapons while launching a barrage of drones.
She destroys a pegasus and disables a valkyrie
The enemy fleet turns and fires doing some heavy damage to the shields
"MY_SHIP" launches another wave of drones destroying three more colonial ships, but takes heavy damage in the process
"MY_SHIP" looses is hyperdrive and decides to detonare the reactor in the middle of the fleet killing all of the colonial ships in the battle

So keep is simple and short
and the decision will be made by me, Zafrin and Madman4700

Good luck to all

Oh Entries close 1/10/09 (first of October 2009)


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