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A new begining

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Posted 14 September 2009 - 06:39 AM

Im Spinobreaker, the head of this mod. My plan, simply make an all out space slug'em'up between stargate, star wars, star trek, and Battlestar Galactica.
In order to do this i got in contact with a few friends i have in mods ive either worked on a played. In the end in got Stargate Empire At War ( http://www.moddb.com...e-empire-at-war ), Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars ( http://unitedstudios.co.uk/ ) and Star Trek - Federation At War ( http://www.moddb.com...deration-at-war ) on board and got an agreement. I get to use there models as the back bone for this mod.

So please visit there sites, play there mods, enjoy thank them, because without them i would not have anything to work with

From there i stitched together a rough mod with just 4 playable factions skirmish ready, with crude or no sounds. With a long list of ships in each side, and a tech tree to go with it, all you needed to do was go to skirmish, select the show and play. I then expaned the skirmish out giving SG and BSG tech trees to see how people reacted to the idea. They loved it. So im expanding ST and SW to have a similar tech system.

At this point Zafrin (from moddb) joined my team as my team "Trekie" and he set ot work sorting out the ST faction in general. I worked a little on SW but in the end a rushed finished version was released. (available here http://www.moddb.com...s-sci-fi-at-war scrool down to the downloads section look for Version 0.28 ). At the same time as this release i also released a ST speech pack also available there.

I then started tinkering in the Map editor, seeing what i could do, this is when Madman4700 joined the team as our mapper.

Soon after this i got wind of the fact the icons were bugging out, for unknown reasons. So i made a patch to fix it, and so far its working (see update - 10/9/09 ) and at the same time i released the SG speech pack.

Thats whats happened, this is whats happening

Im currently running a contest,
its called "My Hero"
Long story short, what i want you to do is make a heroes, or name a hero from any of the 4 faction in the mod and the winner will be added, by me, into the mod (balanced in obviously)
All you need to do is post a short story with the character in it, in the Forums under "My Hero" section
No more than 1000 words, based around a hero either from the show and not in the mod OR a character of your own design (must be in a ship in the mod, like a 304 or a pegasus from BSG, if i dont have the model it wont go in).

You story can be simple

The "MY_SHIP", an BC304, equiped with asgard beam weapons and drone launchers, exits hypersapce right in the middle of a colonial fleet. It activates its shields and fires its asgard beam weapons while launching a barrage of drones.
She destroys a pegasus and disables a valkyrie
The enemy fleet turns and fires doing some heavy damage to the shields
"MY_SHIP" launches another wave of drones destroying three more colonial ships, but takes heavy damage in the process
"MY_SHIP" looses is hyperdrive and decides to detonare the reactor in the middle of the fleet killing all of the colonial ships in the battle

So keep is simple and short
and the decision will be made by me, Zafrin and Madman4700

Good luck to all

Oh Entries close 1/10/09 (first of October 2009)

Im also making a few things, like maps, new sounds for BSG, and most importantly working on balancing in ST and SW better. i think SG v BSG is relatively ok, but i need to expand the BSG projectiles so they d oshield damage as well as hull damage. Other then that i still have a long list of thoer things to do

Looking ahead...

There will be changes, ive been aproached by Starship Troopers: 1st Intersteller War ( http://www.moddb.com...nterstellar-war ) and they are interesting in joining the party
Im more than happy to let them in, but i want to get the 4 factions ive got in and ready to play properly before adding another.

Personally i would also love to have Babylon 5 and Halo in here as well as any other mods, from the scifi genre, that are for EAW or FOC, that want in. I will balance them in as i go, one at a time...

Anyway thats the news


#2 Longleaf

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Posted 14 September 2009 - 07:56 AM

Yay i do not have to post news updates for your mod anymore(Newsposter my job) :sad2:

Edited by haylay, 14 September 2009 - 07:57 AM.

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Posted 14 September 2009 - 06:05 PM

lol, well... i got to post stuff on moddb so ill copy paste it hee anyway lol

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