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Battlestar Galactica at War Updates

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Posted 29 September 2009 - 11:27 PM

Well its been a longtime since we've updated you on anything here, and we have a nice update for you today.

The mod has seen some good and steady production over the past couple of months, Betaplayer the main XML Coder for this mod has been busy coding the new colonial Units into the game. So far we have managed to code in some interesting things.

All of the Colonial Ships now use a Flak Shield, this shield is designed to take heavy damage but to re-charge at a faster speed. Aswell as multiple changes to the way the mod has been coded, we have also included some of the old abilities but with a twist.

The Battlestar Galactica is one of the most important Battlestars used, so we thought this Battlestar would require some special abilities. Betaplayer has managed to edit the stock abilities so that Galactica has the ability to launch nukes, observe the ability in use and also the Flak Canon Ability :

We hope to include some better Particle and Explosion Effects and have plans to make them look different, so dont worry about that at the moment ;).

Aswell as this Byron has been tweaking the GUI Design and the Layout of the Galaxy Map in Galactica Conquest mod, the results are seen in the Screenshot area. We have edited the Stock textures to include something a bit more realistic and perhaps more accurate to the BSG Universe in our opinion.

New Galaxy
Posted Image

New GUI Colour
Posted Image

Posted Image

Byron has also been updating the original model textures with some more sharpness and some better quality detail just for that extra bit of spark. He will yes be including some new shaders into those textures to get rid of the shinyness on the models.

Updated Textures
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

This Concludes our Update, we will yes be working very hard to possibly get you a beta by the end of November, which will hopefully include a fully working BSG Universe, and both Factions coded in so that they can work in Space Battles only. Currently we wont be including ground battles until at least version 3.


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