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Captain Beremir's Evil Men Faction suggestions

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#1 Captain Beremir

Captain Beremir
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Posted 10 October 2009 - 01:52 AM

Hey guys. I've noticed that Nazgul is finally back, and saw that he hasn't read all of the posts since he left. So, as the old topic title said "Obsolete", I am just transferring my ideas that I posted a few months back so that they are fresh in everyone (espcially Naz's) mind:


Mahûd - the Mûmakil Captain of Far Harad
Cost: 1500
Appearance: as in ROTK
Weapon: Club
Level 3- Mirthless Laugh- Mahûd and nearby units gain 50% damage
Level 6- Horn of Harad- stuns nearby enemies
Level 10- Mount Mûmak- mounts a Mûmakil

Malmek - the guard of the palaces of Rhûn
Cost: 1800
Appearance: a Soldier of Rhûn (the pikemen) with a larger shield and perhaps different helmet
Weapon: Spear & Shield
Level 2- Spear Thrust- hits a selected enemy with his spear
Level 5- Loyal Servants- Malmek and nearby Soldiers of Rhûn gain 50% damage and 25% speed
Level 7- Shields Up- nearby Rhûn units become invincible to arrows and trample

Renordin - Sauron's messenger to Rhûn
Cost: 2500
Appearance: Cloaked, like the MoS, with either a hood OR a helmet
Weapon: Sword
Level 1- Mount- mounts a horse (similar to the Mouth of Sauron's)
Level 3- Dark Teachings- gives selected units experience
Level 4- Proven Warrior- Renordin gains 150% damage
Level 8- Treasures of Sauron- selected resource structure temporarily triples its output

Shurkta - the chieftain of the Variags of Khand
Cost: 3000
Appearance: largely build man with reddish leather armor, almost like Hwaldar from RotWK but without the huge beard
Weapon: Two-sided Axe
Level 1- Mount- mounts a horse
Level 1- Chieftain- nearby Khand units gain 50% damage and attack speed
Level 3- Crippling Strike- cripples a selected enemy
Level 5- Heavy Axe- a powerful axe strike that hits multiple units
Level 8- Troll Guard- summons 2 Half-Trolls to the battlefield

Suladan - the "Serpent Lord" ("Black Serpent") of Harad
Cost: 3000
Appearance: golden and red armor, a golden crown
Weapon: Sword
Level 1- Mount- mounts a horse
Level 1- King of Harad- nearby Harad units gain 50% damage and earn experience 2x as fast
Level 3- Black Serpent- enemies flee in fear
Level 5- Poison Dart- ranged attack that poisons a selected enemy
Level 10- Royal Charge- Harad cavalry gain invincibility and double damage

Ataldor - the King of Rhûn
Cost: 3500
Appearance: square shield, large sword, crown, maroon and golden armor
Weapon: Sword & Shield
Level 1- King of the East- nearby Rhûn units gain 50% damage and armor
Level 4- Shield Bash- Ataldor can trample enemy units
Level 6- Slave Driver- turns selected enemy battalion into Rhovanion Slaves
Level 8- Glory of Rhûn- nearby Rhûn units gain 300% damage
Level 10- Sword of Doom- a powerful attack against a single target that deals 500% damage

Khamûl - the Shadow of the East and 2nd of the Nazgûl
Cost: 4000
Appearance: Khamûl the Easterling , but horse should be black
Weapon: Morgul Blade
Level 1- Mount- mounts an undead horse
Level 4- Morgul Knife- a ranged version of Morgul Blade that does less damage
Level 6- Screech- causes enemy units to flee in terror
Level 7- Shadow of the East- nearby enemies lose 25% damage, armor, speed, and vision
Level 10- Ulairi Frenzy- Khamûl gains 300% damage and armor


Basic Swordsmen

Haradrim Archers
Basic Archers

Haradrim Lancers
Basic Spearmen

Haradrim Raiders
Basic Cavalry

Harad Temple Guards
Elite Infantry
Battalion Size: 3
Appearance: like the guy in the ROTK EE who attacks Merry right after he crawls out from beneath the Mûmakil, with the polearm

Serpent Guard
Elite Cavalry

Wild Mûmakil
Elite Monster/Cavalry/Siege

War Mûmakil
Elite Monster/Cavalry/Siege, with archers on top

Anit-hero assassins
Battalion Size: 1
Always stealthed unless attacking

Rhovanion Slaves
Peasant-type Swordsmen

Rhûn Swordsmen
Basic Swordsmen

Easterling Bowmen
Basic Archer

Soldiers of Rhûn
Basic Spearmen

Elite Chariot Cavalry
Battalion Size: 1
Can toggle between spear and bow

Easterling Kataphracts
Elite Cavalry
Appearance: Easterling Kataphracts

Rhûn Royal Guard
Elite Swordsmen

Battering Ram

Easterling Catapult

Variags of Khand
Elite Axemen

Khand Horsemen
Basic Cavalry

Half-Troll Men
Elite Swordsmen

Khand Standard-Bearers
Elite Infantry
Appearance: Flag upon their back and wield a large axe
Battalion Size: 1

Windmill- resources, Rhovanion Slaves
Haradrim Palace- (1)Southrons, Haradrim Archers (2)Haradrim Lancers (3)Haradrim Raiders
Rhûn Barracks- (1)Rhûn Swordsmen, Soldiers of Rhûn (2)Easterling Bowmen (3)Rhûn Royal Guard
Rhûn Stable- (1)Wain-Riders (2)Kataphracts
Khand War Tent- (1)Variags of Khand, Khand Horsemen (2)Half-Troll Men (3)Khand Standard-Bearers
Haradrim Temple- (1)Harad Temple Guards (2)Hasharin (3)Serpent Guard
Mûmakil Pen- (1)Wild Mûmakil (2)War Mûmakil
Rhûn Forge- (1)Banner Carrier (2)Forged Blades, Heavy Armor (3)Barbed Arrows
Siege Hall- (1)Battering Ram (2)Easterling Catapult
Watering Hole- Healing
Mordor Tribute- Leadership

Desert Sandstorm- provides stealth, lowers enemy armor (creates a tan cloud around the fortress)
Quicksand Bog- reduces melee damage to the fortress (makes a quicksand moat)
Wall Spears- damages attacking melee units (spears appear aroung the base of the fortress)
Head of the Beast- causes fear in enemy units and increases damage and armor in nearby units (a great Mûmakil head or skull above the fortress doors)
Beacons of War- reduces the cost of heroes and units (torches or burning woodpiles appear on the fortress turrets)
Steel of the East- adds armor, prerequisite to monument (adds maroon and gold armor to the fortress)
Serpent Flag- Monument, recruits a Giant Black Serpent to fight

POWERS (in order from left-to-right)
5- Coerce -like the CaH power, takes control of selected battalion
5- Scavengers -gain resources for kills
5- Desert Wind -like Angmar's "Fell Wind"

10- The Blue Istari -summons Alatar and Pallando
10- Arrow Volley
10- Blight
10- Summon Dourhands -summons 3 battalions of Dourhand Dwarves

15- Barrage
15- Heatstroke -a mini-Sunflare
15- Whirlwinds -summons 1 or 2 whirlwinds to control

25- Summon Black Mûmakil -summons a large Black Mûmakil
25- Earthquake

Alatar's Abilities:
Blue Flame- a blue fireball attack
Bolt of the Maiar- a lightning attack that hits a single target
Istari Light

Pallando's Abilities:
Istari Blast- like Wizard Blast
Blue Shock- sends out a small blue shockwave
Staff Slam- creates a mini-earthquake with his staff

-Captain Beremir
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Posted 10 October 2009 - 11:02 AM

I have read them all (that's what *marker* means), I just don't want them to grow any longer.... :good:

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#3 Captain Beremir

Captain Beremir
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Posted 10 October 2009 - 05:29 PM

Sorry I misunderstood.
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