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Halo: First Offensive

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#1 Longleaf

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Posted 19 October 2009 - 11:27 PM

I am trying out a new thing here HTML insert.

Hey people,

Abyssinian here. What is this, you might ask? A new modleader? Oh no, Ds is still the proud owner of that job. He is, however, currently unable to write you all this update so he asked me to do it. And so here I am.

Today we bring you new toys to admire. First up, we have the CV Class Jericho Carrier. The model is a remake of H:FF’s Aeolus Carrier given to us very graciously by OverlordJebus. Remodeled and textured by yours truly. The Jericho will be the UNSC’s main Carrier around the time of the UNSC-Covenant war and will carry several squadrons of Longswords. It also carries several weapons to defend itself against smaller attacks.

Posted Image

Second we have the Covenant Refinery. Two updates ago we showed you the UNSC refinery and today we show you this version. Because of certain events a movie couldn’t be made on time to show you all a bit more about the way the refineries and harvesters will work in the game however we promise you that this will be shown very, very soon.

Posted Image

And third we have another Covenant model for you. The Covenant Frigate. Armed with a plasma torpedo and pulse lasers, the Frigate is 1000 meters long and can withstand two MAC rounds. It’s ideal for an early attack.

Posted Image

Due to before mentioned events this is all that we have to show you for now. However, the Covenant Harvester and the Covenant Research Station are almost done so we will probably have another update really soon. Also, we are currently working on a website of our own which will also be done really soon.

One final thing, we know that Blamtroid released his Halcyon as a demo not too long ago, all I personally can say about that is this: “We are currently at 95% done with our demo, and it’s not just a Halcyon.”

Again, if you have a talent, any kind of talent, and are interested in joining our mod please let us know over at the forums.

Until some other time,

Abyssinian signing off.

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Posted 02 September 2010 - 03:24 AM

News for this mod hasn't been seen for quite a while in this thread.

However, there is good news. The mod, whose living status was in question, has now been declared alive by a team of highly trained mod examiners. Let's hope the mod can keep a pulse long enough that we may see the demo released in the near future. :p

We have some very good news for those people who still linger here; we have found someone willing to help out. Noble6, who has done some work for us before, has agreed to put all the assets we had planned for the demo in-game so we can release it. We don't have an ETA on the demo, but once we know more, either Ds or me will post another update.

I, personally, hope that this release will encourage people to come and join this mod so we can finish it all the way. Remember, though we are on hold, WE ARE NOT DEAD!!!

Posted Image Posted Image

(From Left to Right: Assault Carrier, UNSC Harvester)

Until next time,

Abyssinian signing off.

Leader of the "Demise of the Empire," a mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

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