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Imperia: Rise of the Time Empire

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Posted 26 October 2009 - 04:35 AM

Here is the mod info .

It will add a few units to the Empire, rebels and the zann consortium
but the main faction in this mod is the Imperia Empire a empire that
is made up from different moments in time lead by the Lord of time
Emperor Imperion who travaled time building a empire


Imperia Empire
Sith Destroyer------------------Battleship
Hammerhead Frigate--------------Frigate
Foray Corvette------------------Corvette
Paladin Cruiser-----------------Frigate
Sabertooth Frigate--------------Frigate
Sha-Shore Frigate---------------Frigate
Dagger Starfighter--------------Fighter
Shadow Droid--------------------Heavy Fighter-Bomber

Clone Trooper ----------------------------Primary anti-infantry
Super Battle Droid -----------------------multi task infantry
Clone Shocktrooper -----------------------Primary anti-armour
Sith Assassin ----------------------------Dark Side Field Commander
Jedi Guardian ----------------------------Light Side Field Commander
Force Lord -------------------------------Light\Dark Side Field General
AT-LW - smaller and weeker AT-AT ---------primary walker
AT-SST - Bigger and more powerful AT-ST --advanced Walker
Juggernuaght medium Tank -----------------Smaller primary tank
LAAT -------------------------------------primary airship

Emperor Imperion-Hand of Time - Sith Super Destroyer-------Lord of Time
Lord Galvatronis-X-Calibur - Model to be named later----------Force Lord Grand Master
Darth Revan-Ebon Hawk--------------------------------------------------Dark Lord of the Sith
Ahsoka Tano-Resalute2 - Venator-------------------------------------Jedi Grand Master
Jango Fett-Slave-X---------------------------------------------------------Bounty Hunter

Galactic Empire
Tie Advanced Squadron
Interdictor Heavy Frigate - attack Variant
TartanII Cruiser
Venator Destroyer
Prototype Executor - smaller with less hardpoints
Victory Heavy Destroyer - InHands add hardpoints model VictorySD

Sith Warrior
Shock Trooper
Clone Darktrooper
Imperial Sharpshooter

Grand Moff Tarkin-Death's Door - Interdictor Heavy Star Destroyer
Emperor Palpatine-Emperor - Victory Heavy Destroyer
Darth Vader-Vader's Fist - Star Destroyer
Admiral Daala-Gorgon - Star Destroyer

Rebel Alliance
Republic Star Destroyer
Executor SSD Light Variant
Aclamator Battleship- replace hardpoints with ion cannons and turbolasers
BattleFrigate - InHands add hardpoints model Assult frigate mk2

Jedi Knights
Wookie Bowcasters
Plex Wookies
Mon Calimari Fleet Admirals

Princess Leia-Alderaan's Light - Light RepublicSD
Mon Mothma-Sha-Shore-X3 - Sha-Shore

Zann Consortium
Kyramud Battlecruiser
Providence BattleCarrier
Vengence DBM Cruiser - Diamond Baron Missile ship
Krayt class Frigate - lighter, replace mega cannons with mass drivers

Gigas Rancor Rider - 2x sized Rancor slow but hard to kill
Rancor Youngelings - 1/2 sized Rancor fast but weak
Elite Mandalorians

Admiral Grievous-Providence Battleship - brain in the ship
Tyber Zann-Mandalore - Modified Kadelbi
Urai Fen-Merciless - Zann's Ship
Silri-Rancor's Claw - Vengence Heavy Frigate
Tiny - Alpha Gigas Rancor - AT-AT sized Rancor

these are only a base plan i will add more as ballacing is vary important.

All factions have tech levels and buildings.

No more corruption, it was a bad idea to start with.

all Consortium unit have there abilitys.

Force lords are user of no one force they are trained by sith and jedi masters
and keep the balance of power even for both sides.

Lots of variants of ship to ballance the game a bit.

Imperia will have a the Armadia SSD by Lord X as a star base.

new ISD by Codeuser

new VSD and Assult Ship by InvisibleHand

LAAT and MAAT by Nomida firefox

go here to see the many ships Warp Null has made for EAW

this mods name has nothing to do with anything. i just made it up
Imperial-Imperia thats how i came up with it

Here is the last news post.

The Mod is running good just setup some hardpoints but im having problems with the factions.xml if anyone can send me a link to a tutorial it will be helpful if not i may remove the Consortium and use them as a template for the Imperia faction

as for the rest of the factions i will add more unit to the list soon but i need to make projectiles and new hardpoints for all of the light and heavy varinats of the units

also the armadia SSD is a bit hard to code because of all the hardpoint on it so thats going to take a while

Revan and Imperion are coded and work working on ahsoka and jango now

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