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Secondary resource structures - for Good

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Posted 15 December 2009 - 09:15 AM

having first started this thread, and then changing my mind about it, i have now changed my mind again and will agree with everyone (and nazgul) that all factions should get a secondary resource building.

think this should be hunter's lodges for gondor, rohan, lorien, rhun, and harad (all reskinned of course), because hunting fits all of those factions. (these would produce hunters that shoot animals that wander across the map). lumber mills would be for mordor and isengard, so no changes for them. the dwarves would get the stoneworker (using the current mithril mine model, will also be used for dwarven structure upgrades - see unique faction structures thread), which produces "prospectors" that go to nearby mountains and get jewels. moria would have something similar - the treasure trove would be able to make "scavengers" that have the same function as dwarven prospectors.

this makes sense, because the factions that have the most emphasis on economy (erebor, moria, mordor, and isengard) have the most readily available secondary resources: mountains and trees. the other factions compete for the limited animals that stroll across the map.

as for discounts, since the hunter's lodge provides food, there would be discounts for units, based on how many hunter's lodges there are. lumber mills and stoneworkers would provide structural discounts, and treasure troves would provide upgrade discounts.

these buildings would start with no labourers, so you actually have to create them (they're dirt cheap and really fast to build anyway)

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