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Contra 008-009 Changelog Topic

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 11:04 AM


These are all changes, ranging from 008 Beta to 008 Beta 2.


Bugs fixed:

- Tech buildings block projectiles. Fixed.
- Saturn and Nemesis did not have hero signs on mini-map. Fixed.
- Yan Wang could not attack helicopters. Fixed.
- Music was not playing. Fixed.
- Flame general Artillery Training cameo had wrong coordinates. Fixed.
- China Bunkers had missing cameos. Fixed.
- Tank Hunters fire missiles from their feet. Fixed.
- USA Missile Defender had a visual glitch with feet. Fixed.
- Some maps were not available in multiplayer. Fixed.
- Some GLA units use English voices. Fixed.
- Some GLA voices were missing. Fixed.
- Some GLA voices were delayed after unit action. Fixed.
- Medic Droid was affected by Exoskeletons, but upgrade icon was missing. Fixed.
- Nuclear Battlemaster was affected by Nuclear Tanks, but upgrade icon was missing. Fixed.
- Cyborg uses Ranger voice for building capturing. Fixed.
- Terminator uses Burton voice when planting charges. Fixed.
- Raven uses Comanche voices when destroyed. Fixed.
- Internet Centers use Command Center preview sound. Fixed.
- Omega Cannon could be attacked by light weapons. Fixed.
- GLA Worker had selection glitch. Fixed.



- Power production at game start removed.
All USA:
- Command Centers have more health and are limited to one at a time.
SW general:
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
- Tomahawk Storm has +20% more firepower.
- Web Defense System removed.
- Heavy Construction Dozer requires Strategy Center and rank 3.
- Saturn is now a unit built at War Factory in order to eliminate all bugs.
- Blackout Missile System is built by Dozer only (was Saturn only).
- Garrisoned infantry in Fire Base and SSM Site auto-heal. The point of auto-heal was to give infantry inside those defenses a chance to survive since they get killed by everything in Contra. Don't try to kill infantry with anti-personnel weapons. Focus your fire on the building.
AF general:
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
- Hydra (EMP Artillery) removed.
- Colossus was changed. Sparrowhawk flies around Colossus and fires missiles at enemies around it. There is a designation effect on the targeted unit.
- F16XL firepower increased slightly.
Laser general
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
Cyber general:
- Cyborgs move as fast as other infantry from the start. After Exoskeletons upgrade, they move +50% faster.
- Cyborgs are resistant to toxins and radiation. They take damage very slowly.
- Drone Controllers' drones have 50% less life time.
- Nemesis has less speed, more health and more firepower
- Pegasus is armed with one bomb. Firepower and particle effect from Contra 007 have been returned.
- Cepheus shoots one shell with double firepower and double reload time.
- Cyborg Drop, Missile Cyborg Drop and Medic Drop have been removed.
- Cylon firepower increased, armor decreased.
All China:
- Command Centers have more health and are limited to one at a time.
- Airfield is available at rank 3.
Nuclear general:
- Radioactive Shells and Chain Guns upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- Nuclear Battlemaster health was decreased by 10% and the chance to fire a nuclear shell has been returned (all the same as in 007).
Infantry general:
- Minigun upgrade moved from Internet Center to Barracks.
- Chain Guns upgrade moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- Sniper is now stealth while moving.
- Troop Crawlers move 10% faster.
- Mongoose removed.
- Dragon Tank range is now the same as other Dragon Tanks (was less). It also fires continuously now.
- J-10 costs $1100 (was $1750), but also has 30% less health
Flame general:
- Fire Wall and Thermite Shells upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- J-10 removed.
- MiGs have 2 missiles instead of 4. Missiles don't spread anymore.
- Artillery Barrage has a slight flame effect, not for destruction, but for possible fuel ignition.
Tank general:
- Fire Wall, Black Napalm and Improved Autocannon Shells upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- J-10 costs $1500 (was $1750), but also has 30% less health. A strike of 4 J-10s creates a firestorm (was 6).
All GLA:
- All Bomb Trucks are stealth while standing still and moving.
- All Angry Mobs are as usual. Cost returned, build time reduced, built at Barracks.
Demolition general:
- Efreet is stealth while standing still and moving.
- Airfield holds 3 planes instead of 4.
- Cockroach jump/boost into suicide action was removed.
Stealth general:
- Hazael damage increased by 30%.
Toxin general:
- Bomb Truck removed.
- Default Toxin Rebel's firepower was lowered to match other generals' infantry. Also, he doesn't clear buildings anymore.
- Toxin Rebel gains the ability to clear buildings with Anthrax Gamma (Difosgen) upgrade.
- Toxin Pump upgrade was moved from Black Market to Barracks.
Assault general:
- Katyusha was moved at rank 3.
- Dana was moved at rank 1.
- Sneak Attack general's power was moved at rank 3.



- USA Thor 3D model inserted.
- USA Laser Turret 3D model was changed.
- USA Annihilator 3D model was changed.
- USA Cyborg 3D model was changed.
- USA Super Weapon Burton (Splinter Cell) 3D model inserted.
- USA Air Force Burton (Duke Nukem) 3D model inserted.
- USA Seraphim 3D model inserted.
- USA Nemesis 3D model size increased.
- USA Phobos 3D model inserted.
- USA Cepheus 3D model inserted.
- USA Lancer 3D model inserted.
- USA Female Ranger 3D model inserted (for SW general).
- USA Comanche texture was improved.
- USA Robo Raptor texture was improved.
- USA Drop Pod texture was improved.

- China infantry textures improved.
- China Sniper 3D model was changed.
- China Flamethrower Turret 3D model was changed.
- China Flame Battlemaster 3D model was changed.
- China Nuclear Battlemaster 3D model was changed.
- China Bunker's garrisoned version is easily recognizable now.

- GLA Rebels 3D models inserted.
- GLA Airfield 3D model inserted.

- New trees inserted.
- Bushes enabled.
- Ice objects added.
- Coconut objects added.

- Rocks objects' textures improved.
- Some textures in vanilla Generals have higher resolution than these in Zero Hour. Some of them were added in Contra (DrainPipe, DrainPipeFlowing, CargoLoadingCranes, damaged Chinese Command Center, damaged Chinese War Factory and some others).
- Snow version of supplies fully inserted now.
- Some Contra terrain textures were replaced with better ones.
- Some vanilla Generals and Contra terrain textures improved.

- Many cameos have been improved.
- Inserted Fixed Cameo Pack by n5p29 (thanks for making this public)


Challenge mode:

- Challenge mode enabled.
- Assault and Cybernetic challenge maps added.
- Infantry challenge map removed.
- All Challenge maps were updated. Bug fixes, balance changes, visual enhancements.



- All maps have a new depth of field (fog) effect.
- All maps have new realistic water effects.
- Some unblended tiles (terrain textures) were blended.
- Long Range Radar tech building and new Civilian Bunker were added on some maps.
Notable changes on most played maps:
- Defcon and Tournament Island were completely overhauled visually. New terrain textures used.
- Tournament Island has wider entrances now.
- You couldn't capture USA and China dozers on Europe Raptor map. Fixed.
Hostile Dawn:
- The Artillery Platforms in the middle were removed.
- The Oil Refinery in the middle was replaced with a Long Range Radar.
- There are two Reinforcement Pads now (was one Reinforcement Pad and one Repair Bay).


Other changes:

- Added new select/preview sounds for Cepheus, Azarakhsh, Communications Center, GLA Airfield, Cyborg Factory, Chemical Bunker.
- Added new voices for Saturn, Heavy Construction Dozer and Female Ranger.
- Inserted new sounds for Jihad Warrior's shotgun, Huang Zhong and Aladdin's guns.
- Many text changes. Misspellings, wrong information and conflicting hotkeys fixed.
- Shellmap from Contra 007 was returned with some changes.
- Main menu interface was updated.
- New music plays on shellmap and menus.
- GLA announcer speaks English again.


Download: http://www.moddb.com...ntra-008-beta-2 :)

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 05:08 PM

Excellent work guys!


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Posted 04 January 2014 - 12:16 AM

Thx guys :)



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Posted 04 January 2014 - 08:20 PM

Hello, just a big thanks from a player base in france ! It's a very good job and i'm waiting it from long month ago ^^

I just have a little bug left, the game is full install with 1.04 patch, in a french instal.

I try your tips but i got again purple square at the place of icon of building and unit... I have done the folder "French" in the C&C Heur H directory and put in the unpack file from !Contra008Beta2.big and !Contra008Beta2EN.big but it didn't work... I also type "Scripts1" in Data folder

Any clue ?

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Posted 26 December 2014 - 09:04 AM

Contra 008 FINAL Changelog:


Fixed errors:

- Fixed upgrade cameos for some units (added missing ones, removed wrong ones).

- Super Weapon general’s Particle Cannon uses the wrong Particle Cannon cameo. Fixed.

- USA EMP Mines used ordinary China Land Mine cameos in build queue. Fixed.

- Jihad Warrior and Sentry Droid in “Fire at Will” mode did not automatically target enemies when idle. Fixed. To hold fire, choose “Hold Fire” mode.

- Some heroes automatically engaged enemies while stealth, therefore revealed themselves. Fixed. To make them engage, use Guard Mode on location.

- Azarakhsh (Anti-Radar Missile Launcher) repaired itself. Fixed. GLA buildings do not repair automatically.

- Azarakhsh (Anti-Radar Missile Launcher) did not spawn hole when destroyed. Fixed.

- GLA Airfield had selection problems. Fixed.

- Stealth General’s Worker Biker used Saboteur death effects (saboteur model flied off the bike instead of worker). Fixed.

- Seraph had a bug with his weapons which caused a game mismatch error. Fixed.

- Super Weapon Burton did not reveal himself when marking coordinates for Ion Strike. Fixed.

- Omega Cannon, Drone Controller and Phobos could be sniped by Jarmen Kell and cleared out by neutron weapons. Fixed.

- Laser Turret had a shadow glitch. Fixed (shadows removed).

- Poisoned infantry died like normal infantry (instead of toxin texture and choking animation). Fixed.

- After attacking once, A.M.O.S. turret did not pack up before moving. Fixed.

- Toxin: Player could spam building Contamination On/Off by continuously clicking on the button very fast, which resulted in slightly increased damage. Fixed. Switching Contamination on and off has a 2 second delay.

- Toxin Tunnel Network did not have a “Stop” button. Added.

- There were difficulties when clicking on the two leftmost buttons next to the minimap because of their new positions in the command bar. For example, Power Plant could not be selected if you clicked on the left half of the button. Fixed.

- There were some conflicting hotkeys again. Fixed.

- World Builder gave some errors at startup. Fixed.

- CommandSet changes. Some button locations changed.

- Some Multiplayer Beacons used wrong housecolor. Fixed.

- When loading a Challenge map, “Versus” voice played. Fixed.

- Cybernetic General used China Boss portrait and taunts in Challenge mode (victorious and defeated screen). Fixed.


Balance changes:

- All: Super weapon requirements removed for all super units.

- All: Enable small arms (infantry, machine guns, droids, etc.) to fire at vehicles.

- All: Unit build time and cost similar to 007.

- All: Supply sources have the same amount as in 007.

- All: Economy same as in 007 (removed limits for Black Markets, Hackers, etc.).

- All: Super units rebalanced. Changes to range, firepower and health. Some of them regenerate health slower.

- Super Weapons: Saturn firing range increased by 25%.

- Super Weapons: Burton Ion Cannon firepower increased twice. Reload time decreased by 1/3.

- Air Force: Burton’s A-10 Thunderbolt has more health.

- Air Force: Avenger is available at rank 3.

- Air Force: King Raptor cost decreased to $1200.

- Air Force: Comanches can fire at aircraft as well. Firepower reduced.

- Air Force: Sparrowhawk has 10% more health.

- Air Force: Combat Chinook health reduced.

- Laser: Burton weapon is slightly stronger than other Burtons’ weapons.

- Laser: Microwave general’s power brings damage.

- Cyber: Leech is now stealth when idle. Detection range increased.

- Cyber: Cylon firepower slightly reduced.

- Cyber: Terminator has slightly more health.

- Cyber: Cyborg Commando general’s power does not require 3rd Level Data Upload anymore.

- Cyber: Cyborg Commando firepower increased.

- Cyber: Removed Automatized Production and Advanced AI upgrades.

- All China: Jammer Trooper range increased, ECM disabling time reduced.

- All China: Gattling tank armor is slightly less resistant against aircraft.

- Nuclear: Removed Neutron fire mode for MiG-31 Interceptor, Nuclear Tank Hunter and Yan Wang. Kept for Nuke Cannon.

- Nuclear: Carpet Bombing brings 35% less damage.

- Nuclear: Battlemaster fires nuclear shells at heroic level.

- Nuclear: Black Lotus’ nuke charge is slightly more powerful.

- Nuclear: Nuke Cannon range decreased by 15%.

- Nuclear: Hadron Collider (Apocalypse Device) build time decreased.

- Infantry: Feng Yong rebalanced.

- Infantry: Black Lotus is built slightly faster than other generals’ Black Lotuses (23 < 25 seconds).

- Infantry: Red Arrow is stealth while not moving.

- Infantry: Minigunner’s upgraded weapon is more effective vs. anti-infantry vehicles.

- Infantry: Neutron Cannon range decreased by 15%.

- Infantry: Minigunners are now as fast as Red Guards. They move slower after Minigun upgrade.

- Infantry: Dragon Tank from 007 returned with all its parameters (less firepower, more range – less effective vs. buildings, more effective vs. fast units). Has a fire launcher instead of a flamethrower.

- Flame: Huo Qi Lin (Immolator) firepower increased by 25%, health increased by 15%, cost decreased by 20%.

- Flame: Fuel Truck cost reduced to $500 (was $800) and is always stealth unless taking damage.

- Flame: Dragon Tank cost reduced to $1000 (was $1100).

- Tank: Black Lotus uses ECM power faster.

- Tank: Engineering Crawler now has bigger mine clearing radius.

- Tank: Sniper Cannon cost reduced to $1200 (was $1400). Firepower increased by 10%.

- All GLA: Scorpion tank does not have rocket upgrade by default now.

- All GLA: Scorpion Rocket upgrade is slightly stronger now.

- All GLA: Aladdin health reduced by 25%. It is now equal to Quad Cannon.

- All GLA: Elbrus Storm super weapon firepower slightly increased.

- All GLA: Terrorist Bikers health reduced. They die from one tank or one rocket shot. They are still effective (the player must send a group of bikers at enemy units, just issue move orders at the enemy’s location for more effectiveness).

- Demolition: Rebel Biker costs 50% more (as other generals' Rebel Bikers).

- Demolition: Terrorist Biker and 4x Terrorist Biker are built slower now (15%).

- Demolition: Technical (full of terrorists) now costs $1200, build time is 13.5 seconds.

- Stealth: Bomb Truck costs $1200 (was $900), also built for 12 seconds (was 9).

- Toxin: Brought toxin sprayer weapon back. Removed Toxin Pump upgrade.

- Toxin: Toxin Tractor cost reduced to $750 (was $950).

- Assault: Obstacle armor changed. Tanks and infantry rockets can deal small damage to obstacles.

- Assault: Alshain unit removed and replaced with Rebel Biker. Alshain had bugs such as enemies targeting the area below him.

- Tech: Oil Refinery health increased twice. Discount increased to 30%.


Other changes:

- Text fixes for English and Russian localization.

- Stealth: Added “Hold Fire” and “Fire at Will” weapon modes for RPG Trooper, Toxin Tractor, Rocket Buggy, Mortar Buggy and Anti-Radar Missile Launcher (not added for all units because of bugs with multiple weapons).

- Toxin: Added “Hold Fire” and “Fire at Will” weapon modes for Toxin Tractor and Scolopendra (Acid Tank).

- Flame Dragon Tank model from 007 given to Flame general, new Dragon Tank model given to Tank general.

- Nuclear: Added weapon switch to Nuke Cannon (Nuclear/Neutron Shells).

- Changed Saturn crushing physics. Saturn no longer climbs over tanks when crushing them.

- Omega Cannon now has sounds when going in and out of stealth (like Sentry Droid, Listening Outpost, etc.).

- Lancer now uses the robot move start sounds (same as Crab and Spider Tank) instead of Sentry Droid sounds.



- Assault general’s cartoon portrait was replaced with a normal one.

- New models for burned, poisoned and squashed infantry.

- Inserted radiation effect from 007.

- Some regular infantry cameos appeared different compared to their x4 versions. Fixed.

- Rescaled Cockroach's destroyed model to fit its other model.

- Rescaled Command Truck's destroyed model to fit its other model.

- Sturm-S' destroyed model was larger than normal model. They must be equal. Fixed.


- Male Ranger cameo was changed.

- Chinook cameo was changed.

- Combat Chinook cameo was changed.

- Comanche cameo was changed.

- Comanche Reinforcement general’s powers cameos was changed.

- RQ-9 Dark Star cameo was improved.

- Air Force Burton cameo was improved.

- A.M.O.S. cameo was changed.

- SSM Site cameo was changed.

- Super Weapon Burton’s Ion Cannon Strike cameo was changed.

- Super Weapon Burton’s Cancel Power Disabler cameo was changed.

- Laser Defender cameo was changed.

- Cyborg cameo was changed.

- Red Guard cameo was changed.

- Minigunner cameo was changed.

- Flame Battlemaster cameo was changed.

- Flamethrower infantry cameo was improved.

- Bunker addon cameo was changed.

- Mass Production War Factories’ cameos were changed.

- Mobile Supply Stash cameo was changed.

- RPG Trooper cameo was improved.

- Acid Carpet Bombing general’s power cameo was changed.

- Toxin Technical (anti-air) cameo was changed.

- Demo Technical cameo was changed.

- Dana cameo was changed.


- Cyborg Factory 3D model was inserted.

- Underground Command Post 3D model was changed.

- Mad Mob (Suicide Squad) 3D models were changed.

- USA flying drones 3D models were changed.



- Some GLA units still played English voices. Fixed.

- New voice sets for Thor, Harbinger, Heavy Construction Dozer, Bixi and Fuel Truck (English version).

- New sounds for Thor: ambient, autocannon and missiles.

- New ambient sounds for Bixi.

- GLA Factory now uses Command Center preview sounds (used Barracks).

- Worker Bikers and Demolishers used “out of breath” voices which didn't fit vehicles. Voice kept for workers on feet only.

- Dong Feng (King of Fire) speaks when launching incendiary missile.

- Brought back firing sound for GLA Anti-Tank Defense Site from 007 and added one more similar sound for more variation.

- New sound effect for Efreet explosion.

- New preview sounds for Communications Center (Strategic Bombing).

- New sound effect for Earth Shaker and Rig Launcher digger impact.



- Changes to Observer interface. Uses its own command bar (edited USA command bar). USA faction logo removed. Player statistics coordinates now properly match the interface. Icons now display generals instead of vanilla factions. As an addition, the general's portrait can be seen when a player is selected.

- Changed Cybernetic, Flame, Assault and Demolition Generals’ icons in Challenge mode General selection screen.

- Updated Challenge interface (selection and loading screens).

- Fixes for some buttons and text colors.


Challenge mode:

- China Boss removed from challenge rotation.

- All: Updated old object lists scripts (each unit falls into an Object List group).

- Demolition Challenge: Elbrus Storm now takes some time before going live (time depends on difficulty).

- Demolition Challenge: Added a Neutral Bunker on the bottom side near the Oil Derrick and Artillery Platform.

- Demolition Challenge: Added an Artillery Platform on the upper side near the Oil Derrick (only for Easy difficulty).

- Demolition Challenge: Small visual and balance adjustments.

- Laser Challenge: Fixed win\loss conditions.

- Laser Challenge: Added activation timers for Particle Cannons (time depends on difficulty). Particle Cannons are now delayed.

- Laser Challenge: Added missing soundtracks.

- Laser Challenge: Added General Townes missing taunts.

- Laser Challenge: Replaced “General, our opponent has a stronghold in the middle of the city…” taunt with other taunts and deleted its strings. The reason is that General Townes does not divert his power to one point of defense at a time in Contra.

- Air Force Challenge: Fixed the crash that occurred ten minutes into the game.

- Air Force Challenge: Removed the FPS Control button as it was not functioning.

- Stealth Challenge: Removed “===” strings which appeared when Prince Kassad was laughing.

- Toxin Challenge: Defiler no longer activates when you have aircraft in its area. This prevents Tank Drop from activating Defiler (cargo plane reaches the area).

- Assault Challenge: Ambush general’s power removed.

- Assault Challenge: Temple of Jihad countdown start delayed.

- Assault Challenge: AI attempted to rebuild some Demo Traps in the combat zone unlimited amount of times. Fixed.

- Assault Challenge: Karkadanns were moved away from Demo Traps as they would deal great damage to them if detonated.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Removed the unneeded neutral Particle Cannon countdown timer

- Cybernetic Challenge: Added Leeches on some places. They detect stealth units.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Patriot Missile Systems have scout drones now.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Added various enemy units around the map.

- Super Weapons Challenge: The player and General Alexander had the same colors. Fixed. Alexander is now yellow.

- Super Weapons Challenge: GLA players could not use Sneak Attack on islands. Fixed.

- Tank Challenge: Guan Yu removed from attack waves (was on Hard difficulty).

- Tank Challenge: Base Guan Yu attacks delayed.



- Freezing Rain and Downpour: Removed lightnings as they could sometimes cause the game to freeze.

- Football Pitch: Details are now visible on minimap (map does not appear plain green anymore, white field markings have been added).

- Flash Effect: Fixed a small impassable area in the middle, flattened terrain near southwest player’s supply docks and updated visuals.

- Cairo Commandos: Sun reflection on water is no longer visible out of map boundaries.

- Fallen Empire: Deleted some parts of the wall because passages were too small.

- Golden Oasis: Fixed terrain showing over bridges and added impassable areas underneath bridges, so that units don’t get stuck under bridges.

- Fixed shores on Seaside Mutiny, Tournament Continent and Bombardment Beach. Amphibious units could not enter water.

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 01:45 AM

Hello Predator. Long time no see.

Thanks for 008 Final.

I Installed Generals Zero hour from The First Decade. (I hope its 1.04 or after).

Then I opened 'Contra008FINAL' folder into C://Program Files (x86)/EA Games/Command & Conquer The First Decade/Command & Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour folder (default).

I Opened 'Contra Launcher' Application and showed the new window with options and picture of Seraphim.

I clicked Launch Button but opened vanilla Zero Hour.

What's the problem?


Still you haven't solved the problem of Infantry General without non-missile anti-tank arsenal just like Stealth General until introducing Scorpion II.

Edited by Treble, 31 December 2014 - 01:47 AM.

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 12:37 PM

Hello Predator. Long time no see.

Thanks for 008 Final.

I Installed Generals Zero hour from The First Decade. (I hope its 1.04 or after).

Then I opened 'Contra008FINAL' folder into C://Program Files (x86)/EA Games/Command & Conquer The First Decade/Command & Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour folder (default).

I Opened 'Contra Launcher' Application and showed the new window with options and picture of Seraphim.

I clicked Launch Button but opened vanilla Zero Hour.

What's the problem?


Still you haven't solved the problem of Infantry General without non-missile anti-tank arsenal just like Stealth General until introducing Scorpion II.

Launcher does not seem to work with The First Decade and Origin version of Zero Hour.


Manual installation instructions for those having problems with launcher:
1. Put all files from Contra008FINAL into your Zero Hour folder.
2. Rename !Contra008.ctr to !Contra008.big.
3. Rename !Contra008EN.ctr to !Contra008EN.big OR rename !Contra008RU.ctr to !Contra008RU.big if you want Russian language.
4. Rename !Contra008VOrig.ctr to !Contra008VOrig.big OR rename !Contra008VLoc.ctr to !Contra008VLoc.big if you want English unit voices.
5. Rename !Contra008MNew.ctr to !Contra008MNew.big OR rename !Contra008MStandard.ctr to !Contra008MStandard.big if you want vanilla soundtracks.
6. Rename Scripts folder to Scripts1 (which is located inside Data folder).
7. Launch the game from generals.exe.


Infantry General's Tank Hunter rockets are not deviated by ECM after Tandem Charge Warhead upgrade.

#748 Gene

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Posted 01 January 2015 - 02:39 AM

Hi Predator, played with you like 4 years ago along with casojin and dce. I missed this game so much i decided I wanted to come back, I have a few general questions such as: do you guys still use hamachi? I tried Tunngle but it had about 8 users. If so I just need Zero hour and then contra 008 or do i need 007 too? Kind of some noobish questions here, thanks again in advance

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Posted 01 January 2015 - 06:36 PM

Hi Predator, played with you like 4 years ago along with casojin and dce. I missed this game so much i decided I wanted to come back, I have a few general questions such as: do you guys still use hamachi? I tried Tunngle but it had about 8 users. If so I just need Zero hour and then contra 008 or do i need 007 too? Kind of some noobish questions here, thanks again in advance

Welcome back, Gene! I remember you. We play with Tunngle right now. You need Zero Hour and Contra 008 Final. Join Contra 008 room in Tunngle. I hope we meet there soon. :D

#750 Treble

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Posted 02 January 2015 - 10:22 PM

Thank you  Predator. I can play Contra 008 final.


When Earth Shaker shoots demotraps (anti-tank, cluster, etc), it files away like other units. Why?

How can I remove Silicon clouds and clouds from defiler with detox units (ambulance, field engineer, etc)?

Tandem Charge Warhead upgrade needs description for not be deviated by ECM.

Is ATGM operator's attack count as missiles or artillery? (can be deviated by ECM or reduced by explosion proof armor)

Can you make planes from General's powers or reinforcement pad cannot be shot down after drop units/payload? I found the shooting those could easily gain levels especially for reinforcement pad planes.

Tank General's Battle master Tank's long range combat has way too much penalty for just a small range bonus. Could you please reduce the penalty or increase the range bonus?

Its unfair for Sniper Tanks for not just they cannot shoot when there's buildings, other units or cliffs, but even a small hills could block their path. (like when in challenge mode Tank vs Toxin after passing the bridge to the right and go north to encounter defenses just before 3 artillery defenses behind, a small hill can block sniper tank to shoot far to attack anti-tank defenses) Could you reduce the penalty of shooting long distances for Sniper tank?

Commander truck and Jarman Kell requires more description about their auras. I'm not fully understand how their auras work.

If Underground Command post can't increase power with multiples of them, why not restricting them to build only once?

When the campaign will be playable?

Is Nuclear General's Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank upgrade is different to the other general's ones? Is other general's ones doesn't emit radiation when shoots or gets destroyed? Also are they are separate upgrades? (like Isotope stability from Nuke and Laser)

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Posted 05 January 2015 - 05:26 PM

When Earth Shaker shoots demotraps (anti-tank, cluster, etc), it files away like other units. Why?

It's not intended. That's a glitch.


How can I remove Silicon clouds and clouds from defiler with detox units (ambulance, field engineer, etc)?

You have to avoid them. Defiler clouds are slow, but they can harm your structures. You need to destroy Defiler. Silicon clouds disappear shortly.


Tandem Charge Warhead upgrade needs description for not be deviated by ECM.



Is ATGM operator's attack count as missiles or artillery? (can be deviated by ECM or reduced by explosion proof armor)



Can you make planes from General's powers or reinforcement pad cannot be shot down after drop units/payload? I found the shooting those could easily gain levels especially for reinforcement pad planes.

Do they give much rank? We will have to check them.


Tank General's Battle master Tank's long range combat has way too much penalty for just a small range bonus. Could you please reduce the penalty or increase the range bonus?

We will discuss this.


Its unfair for Sniper Tanks for not just they cannot shoot when there's buildings, other units or cliffs, but even a small hills could block their path. (like when in challenge mode Tank vs Toxin after passing the bridge to the right and go north to encounter defenses just before 3 artillery defenses behind, a small hill can block sniper tank to shoot far to attack anti-tank defenses) Could you reduce the penalty of shooting long distances for Sniper tank?

Sniper Tank as well as Libra are frontline artillery. They do not shoot over buildings. But uneven ground can be a problem on some maps. And it's unfair. If we have time for this, we will see if we can do something.


Commander truck and Jarman Kell requires more description about their auras. I'm not fully understand how their auras work.

They heal and give firepower bonus to units inside the aura.


If Underground Command post can't increase power with multiples of them, why not restricting them to build only once?

If one Underground Command Post is destroyed and you have many of them, you will not lose bonus. It's personal preferance how many you want to build. You can build more if you have money.


When the campaign will be playable?

Campaign was planned and work had started when we had more people in our team. But now it's just me. There are many unfinished missions packed in archives. I'm afraid I can't complete Campaign missions alone.


Is Nuclear General's Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank upgrade is different to the other general's ones? Is other general's ones doesn't emit radiation when shoots or gets destroyed? Also are they are separate upgrades? (like Isotope stability from Nuke and Laser)

Uranium Shells gives 25% firepower bonus. I think the upgrade which adds a small nuclear explosion when tank is destroyed is Nuclear Tanks upgrade.

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 10:44 PM

so its just you left? well thats a shame since this mod is so damned awesome. I noticed a few funny glitches, like cylons when hit with certain explosives will fly into the air shooting, then come back down still able to fight like nothing happend, Cyborg commandos cant attack certain targets on the ground when you try to give it the attack order with normal click while using drones built while airborn, this doesnt seem to happen with most drones baring the zodiac and hellfire drones when they are built on the ground. Demo general is very.....difficult to beat with nuke general and vice versa for infantry vrs nuke, I think I just suck at it but I cant seem to figure out how to stop that zerg rush with no def buildings, I would love to see a simple bunker given to him, or a mine despenser building/power that renews its self. The hadron should have a function to enable its count down since its pretty damned hard to use unless you are trying just cheese it up in ai or with a friend since everyone everywhere fucks that thing up as soon as they see it, maybe make it have a radar jaming or give it lots of armor while inert but low armor while in count down. super weapon general is annoying to fight in challange because the map but over all I like her, but I noticed that she doesnt seem to replace her anti super cannon things when destroyed. The pnumatic cusion ability for the chinese suuuuuuuuuccckkkkkksssssss, I mean its a neat concept onyl you never ever need to send em across water, like ever, and even then chopers are safer usualy, maybe give em the base defense machine gun the use buildings get, or a mine layer ability or hell make em super armored and it would be better. Gla cant target "tunnel strike" ability anywhere the command vehical cant reach, IE SWG main base island cant be targeted with anyones hole ability, well assaults can but idk if it is a glitch or intended either way it is a nuisence.

I would love to help with your mod if I could, dont know where to start though.

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 12:27 PM

so its just you left? well thats a shame since this mod is so damned awesome. I noticed a few funny glitches, like cylons when hit with certain explosives will fly into the air shooting, then come back down still able to fight like nothing happend, Cyborg commandos cant attack certain targets on the ground when you try to give it the attack order with normal click while using drones built while airborn, this doesnt seem to happen with most drones baring the zodiac and hellfire drones when they are built on the ground. Demo general is very.....difficult to beat with nuke general and vice versa for infantry vrs nuke, I think I just suck at it but I cant seem to figure out how to stop that zerg rush with no def buildings, I would love to see a simple bunker given to him, or a mine despenser building/power that renews its self. The hadron should have a function to enable its count down since its pretty damned hard to use unless you are trying just cheese it up in ai or with a friend since everyone everywhere fucks that thing up as soon as they see it, maybe make it have a radar jaming or give it lots of armor while inert but low armor while in count down. super weapon general is annoying to fight in challange because the map but over all I like her, but I noticed that she doesnt seem to replace her anti super cannon things when destroyed. The pnumatic cusion ability for the chinese suuuuuuuuuccckkkkkksssssss, I mean its a neat concept onyl you never ever need to send em across water, like ever, and even then chopers are safer usualy, maybe give em the base defense machine gun the use buildings get, or a mine layer ability or hell make em super armored and it would be better. Gla cant target "tunnel strike" ability anywhere the command vehical cant reach, IE SWG main base island cant be targeted with anyones hole ability, well assaults can but idk if it is a glitch or intended either way it is a nuisence.

I would love to help with your mod if I could, dont know where to start though.

It's me and dcesarec left. Cylons don't really take fall damage. Cyborg Commando does not attack targets right below him because of his minimum fire range. Pneumocushion can be made to give a little armor bonus. As Nuke, garrison nearby civilian buildings with Nuke Tank Hunters and repair them. Create a few small groups consisting of Battlemasters and Irradiators to defend your base from enemies breaking through defenses. Your tanks are fast enough.


Sneak Attack, launched by Command Truck, is not fixable unless it's deployed from a building. This was fixed for GLA generals in Challenge against SWG by changing map.ini code so that Sneak Attack is not deployed by Command Truck, but from Factory.

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Posted 28 March 2015 - 10:52 AM

Ok, so I have an issue I guess you could say. I've tried looking for a way to fix this and what not, but haven't found one sadly. The game launches fine, but when I get in game I can't scroll around the map unless I hold the right mouse button down. I can click on units and the map to move around but it just won't let me scroll in any direction. Have I missed an easy fix to this somewhere?

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Posted 30 March 2015 - 10:22 PM


- All GLA: Scorpion tank does not have rocket upgrade by default now.

- All GLA: Scorpion Rocket upgrade is slightly stronger now.

I don't understand. This tells me that I can no longer upgrade the rockets for Scorpion tank but its upgrades are improved.

Why you make the stronger while it's no longer available?


Is Nuclear General's Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank upgrade is different to the other general's ones? Is other general's ones doesn't emit radiation when shoots or gets destroyed? Also are they are separate upgrades? (like Isotope stability from Nuke and Laser)

Uranium Shells gives 25% firepower bonus. I think the upgrade which adds a small nuclear explosion when tank is destroyed is Nuclear Tanks upgrade.

I mean not that:

In Vanilla Generals: 'Uranium Shells' applies 25% fire power and emits radiation from the bullets, and 'Nuclear Tanks' makes tanks move faster but it emits radiation when destroyed.

Does in Contra still uses radiations of both upgrades for Generals other than Nuclear General?




ECM disabling time reduced.

What does it mean? Do you mean the ECM can disable vehicles of a short time and must reload to disable again?


Which do you prefer? : Sparrowhawk flying around when idle or landing on the Colossus when idle?




- Infantry: Minigunner’s upgraded weapon is more effective vs. anti-infantry vehicles.

Could you list up the anti-infantry vehicles?




- All China: Gattling tank armor is slightly less resistant against aircraft.

Could you list up the units that are resistance against aircraft and how much damage they can reduce?


Saturn's beam attack looks very powerful although it deals small damage.


Saturn is struggling to build structures. Can you make it able to build from short distances?


Can you list up all the Chinese and Arabian names of units and show the meanings of the names?


Where is the Super Red Arrow from 007? They conflict with upgraded Minigunners. Please bring the 007 Red Arrow Back.


When artillery is deploying and other units try to squeeze though them, the artillery moves while in deployed mode.


When I'm playing challenge mode vs Demolition, they attack so early and in four different directions that I can't protect and got defeated many times, even in easy mode, especially for mortar buggy. I need to move up my slow tanks to deal with it and after that, I need to deal the next wave right after that without repairing or reinforcing my defense. Any advice?


Why you removed mines from Laser General? I can use it to lure super tanks from Tank General Challenge to destroy them easily.

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Posted 08 December 2015 - 06:49 PM

Contra 009 BETA 1 Changelog:


Fixed errors:

- Text fixes for English and Russian localization.

- CommandSet changes. Some button locations changed. Fixed “Evacuate” buttons disappearing when different Troop Crawlers were selected. Removed Security Systems upgrade icon from Blackout Missile System as it was not buildable.

- Music did not replay after all soundtracks have been played. Fixed.

- In multiplayer games, all players heard the music of the host’s faction. Fixed.

- There was a bug with Nuke Cannon and Neutron Cannon deploy ability. After clicking on “Deploy”, the unit would move backwards and fire a shot on the spot it was when “Deploy” was clicked. Fixed.

- USA Super Weapon general’s Thor hulk (debris) did not appear. Fixed.

- You could not target Thors to attack infantry. Fixed.

- You could not target Drone Controller to attack Stinger Sites. Fixed.

- Omega Cannon automatically fired at enemy base buildings. Fixed.

- Terrorist Bikers often got stuck while attacking. Fixed. They are more reliable now.

- When crossing water, Chinese Dozer and Builder Mech went below the surface. Fixed.


Balance changes:

- Global: Ranking up requires less experience.

- All: Changed transport slots requirement for some units. Mobile Barracks can no longer enter transport helicopters. Cybernetic units require less slots. Bomb Truck takes 4 slots.

- All USA: Increased health of Command Centers.

- All USA: Valanx parameters from older versions returned. It’s weaker again.

- All USA: TOW Missile cost increased by $400 ($1600 > $2000).

- All USA: Flash-bangs upgrade is built faster. Increased damage and attack range, decreased damage radius.

- Super Weapons: Patriot damage increased.

- Super Weapons: Saturn build time decreased.

- Super Weapons: Mine and Toxin clearing abilities reload time decreased (2:00 > 1:20).

- Super Weapons: Normal Dozer moves 20% faster by default.

- Air Force: Chinook cost decreased by $200 ($1200 > $1000).

- Air Force: Coyote cost and build time decreased ($900 > $600); (9 sec > 6 sec). Weapon damage slightly increased.

- Air Force: F-18 Hornets have non-retargeting missiles by default (as in 007). They are able to retarget after Frog Missile upgrade.

- Air Force: Combat Chinook removed. Bunker and grenade launcher assigned to Pave Low.

- Air Force: Dark Star available at rank 1. Removed ECM.

- Laser: Avenger damage slightly increased.

- Laser: Annihilator cost decreased by $500.

- Laser: Crusader speed and turn rate increased.

- Laser: Paladin cost increased by $400. Health increased by 25%. Point Defense Laser damage and range increased. Speed and turn rate increased.

- Laser: Laser Defender damage increased. Range slightly increased.

- Laser: MTHEL shoots down other small projectiles.

- Laser: Laser Defense Turret turns faster.

- Cyber: Exoskeletons upgrade costs $1000 less ($3000 > $2000).

- Cyber: Cylon firepower and movement speed increased. Health reduced. When killed, gives more experience to the enemy.

- Cyber: Terminator anti-tank weapon nerfed. Damage and rate of fire decreased, range decreased too, but slightly. Cost increased by $500 ($2000 > $2500).

- Cyber: It will be more difficult to target enemies while Cyborg Commando is in the air. This will make the flying mode preferable only when he needs to escape.

- All China: Increased health of Command Centers.

- All China: Increased health of Listening Outposts.

- All China: Heal rate of super units decreased.

- All China: Ionization is twice stronger.

- Nuclear: Red Arrow no longer requires War Factory.

- Nuclear: Nuke Cannon range decreased with Nuclear Shells equipped. Neutron Shells’ range remains unchanged.

- Nuclear: Hadron Collider (Apocalypse Device) costs $5000 (was $9001). Requires only Power Plant.

- Infantry: J-10s fire incendiary missiles.

- Flame: Starts with Flame Wall upgrade built.

- Flame: Vortex Tank weapon damage decreased. Vortex Cannon defense structure’s damage not changed.

- Flame: Thermite Shells upgrade moved to Propaganda Center.

- Flame: Dragon Tank costs $200 less ($1000 > $800).

- Flame: Immolator has less resistance vs. rockets.

- Tank: Nuclear Tanks and Uranium Shells upgrades moved from Nuclear Missile to Overlord Headquarters.

- Tank: Sniper Cannon damage decreased.

- All GLA: Build speed on everything decreased. To build faster as GLA, you have to capture a Power Plant as before. GLA built ridiculously fast in 008 final.

- All GLA: Tunnel Networks don’t spawn infantry when built and cost less.

- All GLA: Sneak Attack reload time increased by 1 minute (3 min > 4 min).

- Stealth and Assault: Aladdin range decreased.

- Stealth and Assault: Missile Silo Explosive Warhead damage slightly decreased. Reload time increased. Stats of Toxin Warhead unchanged.

- Demolition: Bomb Truck moves slower.

- Demolition: Changed countdown timer of each mine drop special power. AT Mines – 5 minutes; Demo Traps – 6 minutes; Cluster Mines – 7 minutes.

- Demolition: Doplhin (anti-ground kamikaze plane) weapon damage increased.

- Demolition: Technical does not come with Terrorists, costs less and has 3 sitplaces.

- Stealth: Radar Van’s Anti-radar missile range decreased by 20%.

- Toxin: Scolopendra range increased. Damage slightly decreased.

- Toxin: Toxin Tractor does not demoralize infantry.

- Toxin & Assault: Scorpion cannon damage increased.

- Assault: Marauder damage and health increased.

- Assault: Dana Artillery Cannon range decreased (increases with salvage levels). Damage decreased too, but very slightly.

- Assault: Demolisher (Battle Dozer) can be built from Arms Dealer too.


Other changes:

- Laser, Cyber and Super Weapon generals have new bombardment plans for their Strategy Centers – Railgun Turret for Laser, Shark Drone for Cyber and Ion Tower for SW.

- Super Weapons: New defense structure: Grendel. Effective vs. ECM.

- Super Weapons: New defense structure: Ion Defense Tower. Replaces Fire Base.

- Laser: Replaced Burton’s knife with a lightsaber. Effective vs. tanks and buildings.

- Cyber: New general’s power: Mosquito Swarm. The swarm attacks infantry only. Replaces A-10 Thunderbolt Strike.

- Cyber: Nemesis role changed. It’s now a heavy transport. Weapons nerfed. Moving speed increased. Has 16 slots.

- Cyber: Replaced all structures’ drones with a new Security Drone, which is effective vs. all light ground targets.

- Laser: Carbon Lasers upgrade attaches a blue laser turret to Paladin.

- Tank: New building: Overlord Headquarters. Reduces the cost of all heavy tanks by 15% and auto-repairs them. With one exception - Guan Yu does not auto-repair.

- Tank: Mass Production War Factories removed.

- Tank: Guan Yu Immortality ability removed.

- Infantry: New Troop Crawlers. They replace the wheeled ECM Tank, Feng Yong artillery, Assault Transport and Gattling Assault Transport. Introducing two new crawlers - Grenade Troop Crawler and Anti-Tank Troop Crawler. All Troop Crawlers are garrisonable by infantry who can shoot from inside.

- Flame: New addon for Huo Qi Lin (Immolator) – Dragon Tail. Effective vs. tanks.

- Stealth: New general’s powers: Hijacker Ambush and Jamming Field. Panic power removed.

- GLA holes are not stealth anymore.

- Rebels get “Hold Fire” and “Fire at Will” buttons after Camouflage upgrade.

- Saboteur’s special disabling ability no longer destroys Nemesis.

- Propaganda Centers and Palaces are now always limited to 1 (independent of Tournament Mode).

- GLA Command Truck weapon upgrade removed.

- TOW Missiles no longer fire at infantry.

- Added reload indicator to Drone Controller. It allows the player to see reloading process and select targets to attack.

- Hedges don’t block units from firing over them anymore. They were very annoying in challenge vs. Laser and Cyber.

- You can now click through a SoccerStadiumField object. It was very inconvenient when you clicked on it when moving your units, because this selected the field instead.

- Seraph has different weapons.

- Added missing weapon recoil to many units (visual effect).



- New scorch marks.

- New water texture for tropical maps.

- Animals inserted in Contra. Added on popular maps.

- New textures for GLA buildings (in progress).


- Marauder 3D model and cameo were changed.

- Bomb Truck 3D model and cameo were changed.

- Scorpion and Scorpion II 3D models and cameos were changed.

- Zhu Rong 3D model and cameo were changed.

- Cyborg Commando 3D model and cameo were changed.

- Old Flamethrower cameo brought back with small changes.

- Scorpion Rockets upgrade cameo was changed.

- Stealth Angry Mob cameo was changed.

- Flame Battlemaster cameo was changed.

- Drone Controller cameo was changed.

- Laser ARV cameo was changed (made by Damfoos).

- Tank Hunter cameo was changed.

- Red Guard and Minigunner cameos edited.

- Fafnir used Seraph’s cameo. Fixed.

- Some cameos had incorrect coordinates. Fixed.



- New voice set for Medic Droid.

- New explosion sounds for Bomb Trucks.

- New firing sounds for Huang Zhong (Manticore).

- New preview sounds for Colossus, Blackout Missile System and Grendel.

- New turning sounds for GLA Boss Canister Cannon and GLA Stealth ARML (Azarakhsh).

- Laser Defender: Replaced “Got my missile launcher right here!” voice with “Laser systems online.” and removed “Let me launch one, huh?” voice.

- Added one unused China soundtrack (part of our “New” music).

- All units and buildings with speaker towers play ambient sounds.

- Added ambient sounds for some animals.

- Adjusted the volume of some sounds.


Particle effects:

- New particle effects for Bomb Truck explosion.

- New particle effects for Oil Derrick explosion.

- Replaced Supply Drop Zone’s beacon effect with a better looking one.

- Testing new smoke effects. They can be seen mostly on Power Plants.

- Other WIP effects can be seen on big vehicles’ destruction and Juhziz’s Demo Bikers explosion.



- Built-in localization fix. Users with non-English version of Generals should no longer have missing strings, images and voices. (Native voices conversion is still in progress. It is recommended to use Standard (English) voices in this version.)


Challenge mode:

- Brand new Challenge map: Infantry general.

- All: New music rotations.

- All: Super weapons and super units limited to 1 at a time. This prevents the player from spamming lots of SW and super units to win easily.

- Assault Challenge: Workers didn’t collect money with Mobile Supply Stashes. Fixed.

- Assault Challenge: AI did not build Scorpion Rockets upgrade. Fixed.

- Assault Challenge: AI did not garrison Palace. Fixed.

- Assault Challenge: Added Obstacles and more Tunnel Networks.

- Assault Challenge: Possible fix for Hijacker Bikers getting stuck.

- Assault Challenge: Added speech scripts to the AI. General Huchum will now speak.

- Demolition Challenge: Time between attacks delayed with 1 minute on Easy difficulty. Also, the AI attacks will consist of less units on Easy.

- Demolition Challenge: Command Center structure replaced with a Factory (making a total of 2 Factories). They will produce 2 Command Trucks.

- Stealth Challenge: Attacks consist of more enemies.

- Toxin Challenge: Defiler will activate if you have aircraft in its vicinity again, but this time it will ignore only Cargo Planes.

- Air Force Challenge: Added Communications Center. The AI will start Strategic Bombardment countdown as you gain higher ranks.

- Air Force Challenge: New Global Lightning settings.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Added speech scripts to the AI. General Ironhand will now speak.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Fixes to passable and impassable areas.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Some cybernetic units around the map were sleeping and never fought back. Fixed.

- Cybernetic Challenge: Changes to attack waves.

- Cybernetic Challenge: AI will now use Cylon Drop general’s power.

- Super Weapons Challenge: Replaced Web Defense Systems with Ion Defense Towers.

- Tank Challenge: Fixed strings, saying that Kwai is sending his Guan Yus on you, which appeared even after Guan Yus were destroyed.

- Tank Challenge: Added Overlord Headquarters building in his base.

- Nuke Challenge: Fixed challenge getting stuck on intro.

- Nuke Challenge: Yan Wang should now go aggressive.


AI (CPU bots):

- AI did not build War Factories in some occasions (very common with GLA Toxin and GLA Demo AIs). Fixed.

- Laser AI could sometimes run out of power when producing many units, but did not build more Power Plants. Fixed.

- Nuke AI will send units around buildings in order to compensate for the lack of defense structures.

- Flame AI built two airfields which were clipping with each other. Fixed. AI will no longer build more than one airfield.

- AI used interceptors to guard enemy inner perimeter even if there was no enemy aircraft, which usually resulted in sacrifice. Fixed.

- AI did not build some new units and buildings. Fixed.

- AI did not build some upgrades. Fixed.


World Builder content for mapmakers:

- Added Tech Obstacles (Tech > STRUCTURE > TechObstacle). Used to block paths. Hard to destroy. Uncapturable.

- Added Sequoia trees (Civilian > STRUCTURE > Sequoia). When they take enough damage, they fall like towers and destroy anything below them.



- Tournament Desert: Fixed pathfinding issues when entering bunkers on flanks. Inspired by the famous mapper ReLaX.

- Freezing Rain (a remake of Tournament Desert): Fixed pathfinding, added Sequoia trees and Tech Field Bunkers. Made some visual improvements.

- Winter Wolf: Inserted Winter Wolf Balanced by ReLaX. Terrain is more flat, so it’s easier to construct buildings.

- Fallen Empire: Units could not pass through the far right entrance. Fixed.

- Fixed shores on North America. Amphibious units could not enter water.


Contra Launcher:

- New launcher design.

- Launcher was not compatible with Windows XP. Fixed.

- Launcher now saves and loads your preferences. For example, if you used Russian language setting last time, it will be selected automatically.

- Launcher is more compact. No batch files used. The nasty console window does not appear.

- Added minimize and exit buttons on the top right.

- You can drag the launcher window from anywhere.

- Multiplayer Info button added.

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Posted 26 December 2016 - 03:23 PM

Contra 009 BETA 2 Changelog:

Fixed errors:
- Text fixes for English and Russian localization.
- Special powers such as Barracks Deployment and War Factory Deployment displayed “Cost:” yet they cost nothing. Fixed (cost string removed).
- CommandSet changes and fixes. Rearranged some buttons.
- Drop powers such as Comanche Drop, Stinger Drop, etc. caused mismatch when dropped on water. Fixed.
- Possible fix for Seraph mismatch.
- Some GLA units were speaking English when they should be speaking their native language (bug since 009 Beta). Fixed.
- Artillery units would sometimes get stuck while shooting and would not obey orders. Fixed.
- Cyber General’s Dominator missiles destroyed each other on ground impact when two or more Dominators fired on the same spot, resulting in less damage dealt to the target. Fixed.
- Assault General's Temple displayed “Elbrus Storm” countdown in the top right corner of the screen. Fixed. It now says “Hatf-III Missile”.
- GLA AI Supply Beacon damaged nearby allies. Fixed.
- There was leftover code of removed maps which caused crash when attempting to load them. Fixed.
- Guardian Droid TOW, Valanx TOW and Hazael AT cannon weapons dealt less damage to anti-air vehicles. Fixed.
- Tank General’s Huang Zhong (Manticore) had increased weapon range when force-fired. Fixed.
- Cyber General’s Builder Mech did not trigger Demo Traps and Nuclear Defense Sites. Fixed.
- Mosquitoes spawned from the ground. Fixed.
- Reinforcement general’s powers (Comanche Drop, Zipper Call, etc.) triggered land mines when used. Fixed.
- Infantry General’s Troop Crawlers did not use the proper death behaviour when they got destroyed by poison (wheels went flying). Fixed.
- Ion Defense Tower took longer to fire a shot in some cases (old Fire Base turret turn and pitch rate settings were left over). Fixed.
- Cyclone and SSM Site did not require Supply Center. Player could get in a case where he can’t build Ion Defense Towers, but build Cyclones and SSM Sites. Fixed.
- Flame General’s Thermite Shells upgrade button disappeared when Propaganda Center was upgraded with land mines. Fixed.
- Mobile Barracks (Artillery Caller): Artillery Barrage ability got reset by propaganda. Fixed.
- Demo Command Truck had a Demo Trap attached to its back after HE Bomb upgrade. Fixed.
- Demo Trap Group was stealth while being constructed unlike single Demo Trap. Fixed.
- Cockroach’s destroyed model did not appear when player used Suicide Now ability. Fixed.
- Karakourt did not have sounds when going in and out of stealth. Fixed.
- Players could target Palace for capture. Fixed.
- Improved Spy Satellite did not detect camouflaged infantry. Fixed.
- Drone Controller’s drones disappeared when sent directly toward a tall structure. Fixed.
- Group of Terrorist Bikers’ cost was not reduced by Oil Refinery. Fixed.
- GLA Airfield scaffolding used wrong texture. Fixed.
- Incendiary weapons automatically fired at fuel pools. Fixed.
- Nuke General’s White Dragon plane automatically returned to airfield and kept a parking space when airborne. It was very inconvenient because White Dragon rearms in the air. Fixed.
- Thors and Angry Mob could target units they couldn’t attack (for ex. Demo Traps). Fixed.
- Battle Bunker was still available for purchase after upgrading Immolator with Dragon Tail. Fixed.
- Tuna fish, Butterflies and Fireflies blocked units’ way. Fixed.
- Suan Ni Gattling Cannons did not benefit from Chain Guns upgrade. Fixed.
- Raven anti-air missiles did not benefit from Laser Guidance upgrade. Fixed.
- Sparrowhawk was not affected by Countermeasures upgrade. Fixed.
- Game crashed when a Fake Command Truck was built. Fixed. There was leftover code from Command Truck weapon.
- Demo General’s Saboteur and Saboteur Biker disabler ability was available the other way around (Biker had it, but Saboteur on foot didn’t). Fixed. 
- Jarmen Kell had problems with targeting infantry. You had to manually target each soldier. Fixed.
- Nuke Carpet Bomb decal got downsized after confirming target. Fixed.
- Infantry General’s Artillery Training did not affect Artillery Troop Crawler. Fixed.
- Security Systems did not trigger a blood effect on the infantry attacked by them. Fixed.
- Katyusha, Luna, Spider Tank, Dominator and USA Boss Tomahawk did not spawn salvage crates. Fixed.
- Troop Crawlers, Militia Tank, UN Soldier and UN Humvee could shoot through buildings without line of sight. Fixed.
- Civilian PT Boat gunner did not use correct bone. It appeared at the object origin instead. Fixed.
- Battle Fortress and Zhu Rong geometries did not match their physical size. Fixed.
- GLA Cargo Train’s wagons got destroyed as soon as the train started moving. Fixed.
- Selfdestruct could not be used by China Boss Supply Center. Fixed.
- Walking bears used wrong animation. Fixed.
Balance changes:
- Air Force: Coyote cost and build time increased.
- Air Force: Pave Low damage type changed. Less effective vs. units, even less effective vs. AA units.
- Air Force: Valanx comes with TOW by default.
- Super Weapons: Ion Defense Tower now has a 1-second pre-attack delay and slower recharge.
- Super Weapons: Grendel damage decreased.
- Super Weapons: Saturn moving speed increased.
- Super Weapons: Thor missile damage increased.
- Super Weapons: Valanx comes with TOW by default.
- Laser: Paladin damage increased, health decreased.
- Laser: Valanx comes with Blue Lasers by default.
- Cyber: Nemesis armor resistance to AA decreased.
- Cyber: Raven cost and build time decreased.
- Cyber: Mosquito Paradrop spawns one less mosquito at each level. Mosquitoes have less health.
- Cyber: Terminator health increased.
- Cyber: Cylon health decreased.
- Tank: ECM Tank does not disable vehicles by default. Ability comes with upgrade at rank 3.
- Infantry: Some Troop Crawlers have less transport slots.
- Infantry: AT and MG Troop Crawlers cost slightly less.
- Infantry: Artillery Troop Crawler armor slightly decreased.
- Infantry: Minigunners have more range against aircraft.
- Infantry: Dragon Tank damage increased.
- All GLA: Command Trucks limited to 1 at a time.
- All GLA: Toxin Tractor damage and range increased.
- All GLA: Rebel Ambush spawns less soldiers.
- All GLA Tunnels hold more units, but no longer have weapons. They are built faster, cost less and have more vision range.
- Stealth: Elbrus Launcher countdown decreased to 1 minute (was 3).
- Stealth: Hijacker Ambush spawns 3 Hijackers (was 2).
- Assault: Marauder cost increased.
- Toxin: Pollution powers’ countdowns decreased.
- Toxin: Silicon Clouds weakened.
And many other adjustments…
General's powers changes:
- Air Force: Removed Pilot Training, Helicopter Training and Shockwave Bomb powers.
- Air Force: Fighter Training affects Comanche as well.
- Air Force: Bomber Training affects Chimera and Pave Low as well.
- Air Force: New power: SEAL Drop. Three Black Hawks deliver nine SEALs at a target area. SEALs are armed with grenade launchers. Effective vs. all ground targets. Stealth when standing still.
- Laser: New power: Lasers Training. All laser units are built as veterans.
- Super Weapons: Zone Capture power separated into 4 powers. R1: 1 Patriot; R2: 1 Patriot and 1 Grendel; R3: 2 Patriots and 2 Grendels; R4: 2 Patriots, 2 Grendels and 1 Ion Defense System.
- Super Weapons: Removed A-10 Thunderbolt Missile Strike powers.
- Nuke: Emergency Repair 1 available at rank 1.
- Flame: Artillery Training removed.
- Flame: New power: Flame Mixtures Training at rank 1. Affects flame firing units.
- Infantry: Hacker Training removed.
- Infantry: Infantry Training affects Hackers and Lotus too.
- Demo: Demo Trap Deployment and Cluster Mine Deployment both split into 3 powers.
- Demo: New power: AA Mine Deployment. Requires AT Mine Deployment.
Other changes:
- Players can now rank up to rank 6. In case players play for hours and game gets boring, they get a good opportunity to make the game less boring and possibly end the game. 6th rank grants 3 science points, but requires a lot of experience to reach.
- China Field Engineers, Earth Shakers, GLA Katyushas and USA Drone Controllers now have a “Hold Fire” option.
- Added “Fire at Will” and “Hold Fire” to terrorists so that the player can stop them from attacking aggressively (they auto-acquire targets).
- Added reload indicators to Artillery and Grenade Troop Crawlers.
- Aircraft missiles (F-18 Hornet, Thor, Comanche) can now damage Obstacles.
- Cyber General’s Lancers have their guns pointed up by default.
- Laser units gain more powerful lasers as they rank up.
- Blue laser turret removed from Paladin.
- Zhu Rong has a new weapon replacing the old one.
- Stealth and Assault have been given the Quad, AT and Artillery Defense Sites. Stinger Sites removed.
- Assault: Demolisher (Attack Dozer) cannot attack moving units anymore.
- Toxin Tractor added to Demo General.
- Gun Buggy passengers can no longer fire from inside.
- Changed how Burton lightsaber works. You can’t switch between rifle and lightsaber. Instead, you only have a button for lightsaber. Player needs to click on it and select an enemy target to attack (like the way Knife worked in ZH). This prevents Burton from attacking enemies from long distance once he gets to swing once (when targets had a lot of health and didn’t die from one swing like Overlords and super units). He now has to move next to the enemy target each time he swings.
- Infantry cannot fire from inside Valanx now.
- Saturn can now fire over buildings.
- Flame: Fuel Truck moved from Command Center to War Factory.
- Demo: Mad Mob (Suicide Squad) removed.
- Tank General’s Black Lotus can now use Vehicle Hack (disabling ability).
- Colonel Burtons can now swim.
- Terminator can crush infantry. Physical size increased.
- Returned experience given when a player destroys a worker/dozer or a supply collector. However, they don’t give much experience.
- Radar Van Disintegrator ability removed (destroyed fake units around).
- Scorpion rockets do not attack infantry anymore.
- Returned Death Hand with its original stats. Changes to it may come in the future.
- Returned default Strategy Center cannon for all generals.
- GLA Spies upgrade changed. It now appears as a shortcut icon on the screen. Each time it is activated, Supply Centers on the map get revealed for a short amount of time. Players have to wait for the countdown until they can use it again. This change fixes the problem where Supply Centers constructed after the upgrade research did not get revealed.
- Command Centers can now use “Selfdestruct” ability. Helps players fix a glitch in-game where players could not use general’s powers caused by having multiple Command Centers or change the location of the Command Center without having to manually destroy it with units.
- F-35 armament revised. Fires 5 high-explosive missiles which have a large spread. Effective vs. all ground targets.
- White Dragon armament revised. Fires nuclear bullets and nuclear missiles now. Still reloads in the air.
New units, buildings, upgrades and abilities:
- New trap for Toxin General: Chemical Pump. Spills toxins and acids. Gains self-protection (from acids) after Neutralizers upgrade. Replaces Demo Traps.
- New defense structures for Cyber: Gatling Defense System and Missile Defense System. They replace Pop-up Patriots.
- New unit for Cyber: Cybernetic Dog. Strong but pricey early game unit. Kills infantry with one bite. Resistant vs. infantry fire, but very vulnerable to anti-tank weapons.
- Cyber Spider-class units replaced with Angel-class units – Uriel, Remiel and Hadriel.
- Laser Avenger is a brand new AA unit. It has better armor by default, and also benefits from Composite Armor upgrade. New 3D model.
- New power plant for Super Weapons: Ion Plant. Supplies less power, but takes less time to build.
- New unit for Super Weapons: Centurion tank. Moves on ground and water. Receives damage bonus from nearby Ion Plants. Available at rank 1. Unlockable via the general’s powers menu.
- New unit for Demolition: Ratel. Available at rank 3. Can suicide. Can transport 6 infantry.
- New unit for Stealth: Ratel II. Available at rank 3. Can transport 4 infantry.
- New upgrade for Tank: Tank Armor. Available at rank 3. Affects tier 1 tanks.
- New upgrade for Super Weapons: Advanced Energy Capacitors. Increases Centurion’s damage, but consumes energy.
- New ability for Jarmen Kell: Sandstorm.
- New ability for Black Lotus: Hologram.
- Some scorch marks were edited.
- Seismic explosions now leave cracked ground scorch marks only, not random ones which included craters too.
- Area jamming effect was made more transparent.
- Tropical water texture reverted back to previous one.
- Laser Crusader texture improved.
- Flame Tower snow and damaged snow textures improved.
- New textures for vanilla GLA buildings completed.
- Temple 3D model edited, new cameo and new textures.
- Nemesis lost texture quality in the distance. Fixed.
- New decal for Comanche Drop.
- New decal for Satellite Hack 3 and Data Upload.
- Battle Mechanic drone cameo was changed.
- Robo Raptor cameo was changed.
- Improved some unit training cameos.
- New cameo for Inflammable Acids upgrade.
- Jamming Field special power now uses proper initiate sound.
- GLA_11 music track (from the new music pack) removed. It was insulting to some people’s religion.
- Burning infantry sounds limited to 3 at a time on screen and volume slightly decreased.
- Propaganda ambient sounds removed from propaganda buildings, units and unit addons.
- Bears now have death sounds.
- Wyvern no longer plays Raptor death voices. Wyvern death voices added.
- New ambient sounds for hovering units.
Particle Effects:
- Adjusted blue fire ring color.
- Flamethrower fire ring size decreased to match the actual damage radius.
- A-100 MLRS missiles didn’t have a flame exhaust. Added.
- Some units upgraded with Black Napalm left yellow fire rings instead of blue ones. Fixed.
- Optimized some particles.
Challenge mode:
- Players can now change the game speed using a shortcut button on the right side of the screen.
- Brand new Challenge maps: Flame and Demolition.
- Some AI opponents did not build super units. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: Potential crash fix.
- Air Force Challenge: Fixed units going under bridge.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added a bridge to her base.
- Nuke Challenge: Fixed challenge getting stuck on intro. This time for real.
- Infantry: Added rocky terrain to water areas.
AI (CPU bots):
- AI players often didn’t capture Tech buildings inside base perimeter. Fixed.
- Tank General does not have a Carpet Bomb special power, but AI used it. Fixed.
- AI did not use some powers. Fixed.
- Laser AI almost never attacks. Units were stuck in base. Fixed.
- Changed the placement angle of some buildings.
- Updated AI to use new units, buildings, upgrades and special powers.
- New map: Sequoia Forest (2v2) - Huge destructible trees in the center of the map.
- New map: Operation Dry Storm (2v2) - Neutral units around the map.
- New map: Operation Hot Oasis (2v2) - Neutral units around the map.
- New map: Iron Fist (2v2) - Two small neutral USA Boss bases and a hostile USA Boss base in the middle. Some neutral units as well.
- New map: Railed Woods (2v2) - Three capturable trains on the map.
- New map: Tournament Island Storm (2v2) - Visual remake of Tournament Island.
- New map: Lagoon (1v1).
- New map: Melting Snow (1v1).
- Oak Valley: Added more supplies and fixed impassable areas on random places.
- Winter Wolf: Added two Sequoia trees in the middle area.
- A Tale of Two Generals map removed. It was badly designed.
Contra Launcher:
- Fixed some unhandled exceptions preventing the launcher from starting Contra.
- Error message box will now display the exact error reason.
- Added a button which leads to Contra’s official Discord chat.

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 01:46 AM

Contra 009 FINAL Changelog:
Fixed errors:
- Text fixes for English and Russian localization. Returned English names of units (Huo Qi Lin -> Immolator, Dizhen -> Earth Shaker, etc.) except super units.
- Fixed small text in the “Extra Options” and removed “Anti-Aliasing” as it had no effect. Removed “Reset FPS” button from Skirmish menu as it had no effect.
- Removed limit of displayed maps in-game.
- CommandSet changes and fixes. Rearranged some buttons.
- Conflicting hotkeys fixed.
- Rank 5 general’s powers 4th button from left to right was misaligned. Fixed.
- Observer interface text was misaligned on laptop resolutions. Fixed.
- Game crashed when a Squid Drone was built. Fixed.
- Game crashed when a garrisoned Laser Defender or Colonel Burton (upgraded with Carbon Lasers) fired very close to the building they were in. Fixed.
- Game crashed when you applied a second Strategy Center Battle Plan and your Karakourt, Leonidas, Fafnir, Zhu Rong (with addons) or Guan Yu (with addons) was on screen. Fixed.
- Game crashed when a snow, night or snow+night Gattling Cannon, Gattling Defense System or Gauss Cannon attacked aircraft (in some occasions). Fixed.
- Tanks with low minimum attack range sometimes didn’t fire a shell when attacking very close targets, which triggered a mismatch error. Fixed.
- Leonidas triggered a mismatch error. Fixed.
- Playing online with AI would often trigger a mismatch error when an AI player builds something which requires higher rank. Fixed.
- Playing online after playing the Iron Fist or Operation Dry Storm maps when the other players haven’t in the same game session triggered a mismatch error at game start. Fixed.
- Nuclear Storm triggered a mismatch error when launched on night+snow maps. Fixed.
- Air drop general's powers (such as Comanche Drop) triggered a mismatch error when called on water. Fixed.
- Infantry: Infantry Training did not work. Fixed.
- Super Weapons Burton had no animation when firing beacon. Fixed.
- Comanche rotor blades were glitchy. Fixed.
- Comanche auto-attacked enemies after stealth upgrade. Fixed.
- Stealth: Ratel II was not affected by GLA Training. Fixed.
- Super Weapons: ICBM did not auto-repair. Fixed.
- Super Weapons: Blackout Missile System (now Weather Device) had a bug which prevents it from launching (caused by manually force firing anywhere while in launching process). Fixed.
- Super Weapons: Heavy Dozer did not grant experience when killed by an enemy. Fixed.
- Toxin Rebel, Laser Defender, Jammer Trooper and upgraded Minigunner had model stretching glitches when flailing in the air. Fixed.
- Supply Drop Zone crates sometimes landed next to the building, requiring players to pick them up manually. This also contributed to a glitch: Crates which landed between multiple structures increased the money given. Fixed.
- Supply Drop Zone countdown started as soon as the scaffolding was set. Fixed.
- Disabling a Supply Drop Zone under construction, then letting it go back online after completion instantly delivered money crates. Fixed.
- Disabled Hadron Collider scaffolding made it explode instantly after construction completion. Fixed.
- Disabling a Power Plant while in construction resulted in negative power (bug remains after built too). Fixed.
- Airfield scaffoldings repaired nearby aircraft. Fixed.
- Some helicopters falling to their death spawned ejecting pilots and rubble far away from themselves. Fixed.
- Anti-air units got additional range when ordered to fire at a distant air unit because they switched to anti-air weapon and used it against ground targets. Fixed.
- Fake Hazael, Aladdin and Ratel II could not fake attack. Fixed.
- Fake Bomb Truck was not stealth. Fixed.
- Fake Gun Buggy could gather Salvage Crates unlike other fake vehicles. Fixed.
- Some fake units had visual and weapon problems. Fixed.
- Stealth Scorpion II was stealth while firing and moving at the same time. Fixed.
- Some USA Drones used incorrect destroyed state models. Fixed.
- Comanche and Raven AA missiles had friendly fire issues. Fixed.
- Comanche did not launch its drone where ordered sometimes. Instead, it got launched at nearby enemies. Fixed.
- Scout drones were not targetable by snipers. Fixed.
- Nuke Cannon’s neutron shells were too sensitive to geometry, thus often collided with nearby structures and made Nuke Cannon decrew itself. Fixed.
- Tech Oil Refinery did not reduce cost after respawning. Fixed.
- Helicopters were falling forever when there was a demo trap/fuel tube/chemical pump below. Fixed.
- Demolitions upgrade was not available to some Demo general units. Fixed.
- Command Centers and Chinese Bunkers could not be disabled. Fixed.
- Command Centers could be set to force attack ground, but that made them self-destruct. Fixed.
- Ambulance did not always clean nearby hazards automatically. Fixed.
- Mogadishu Wells and Stadium Goal Gates blocked units from firing through them. Fixed.
- GLA defense structure holes kept player alive. Fixed.
- Spider Tank and Uriel did not crush trees. Fixed.
- Some units gained invulnerability to ECM after getting veterancy. Fixed.
- Propaganda bonus remained in place when Propaganda Crawlers entered Helix or tunnel networks. Fixed.
- Supply gatherers stopped collecting when “Stop” button was pressed, so self-destruction method was changed for Supply Centers. It is now a button with on/off toggle.
- Hazard cleaning units did not auto-attack fuel. Fixed.
- Purchasing Neutron Mines on Infantry general’s Barracks while on the bonus (x4 infantry training) commandset would disable commandset switch button. Fixed.
- Demolisher could not be built from Arms Dealer if the player had no Barracks. Fixed.
- Fixed Annihilator, Seraph, cyber defenses, Ion Tower, Ion Plant and Angel-class robots geometry. Cyber defenses used to obstruct each other’s sight when built in a line. Fixed.
- Damaged Guan Yu Propaganda Tower addon was invisible. Fixed.
- Chinese Red Guards had incorrect firing animations. Fixed.
- Damaged GLA anti-air wagon was not visible. Fixed.
- Cyber Security Drone had one missing destroyed model. Fixed.
- Efreet had missing death effects and destroyed model when killed (not when self-destructed). Fixed.
- Dolphins, Zippers and Sparrowhawks had bad death animation. Fixed.
- Listening Outpost’s damaged condition smoke was visible when the unit was stealth and gave away the unit’s position. Fixed.
- Black Hawk had a weird death animation. Fixed.
- Infantry had small pick boxes making them hard to select. Fixed.
- Worker Bikers, Hijacker Bikers and Saboteur Bikers turned the bike’s handlebar to one side when they were moving straight forward. Fixed.
- GLA Jammer effect stayed in tilted position if called on uneven terrain. Fixed.
- White Dragon was built with its wings open. Fixed.
- Group of Terrorist Bikers, Zippers from Assault general’s power and Drone Controller’s Insectoid drones triggered “unit lost” voice announcement. Fixed.
- Most Stealth general structures had camo netting model initially shown on night snow maps. Fixed.
- Troop Crawlers were faster when damaged over water. Fixed.
- Some Chinese heavy tank addons were not affected by the red color effect of Frenzy (visual issue). Fixed.
- Cyber Gattling Defense turret did not pitch down when attacking low targets. Fixed.
- Laser Paladin’s model was not smoothened. Fixed.
- USA Security Turrets damaged their parent structure when attacking an enemy unit standing too close. Fixed.
- USA Security Turrets were shaking up and down. Fixed.
- Zippers did not auto-acquire nearby enemies. Fixed.
- Sturm-S could get stuck on the battlefield and inside tunnels. Fixed.
- Respawned tech buildings had no collision. Units could shoot and move through them. Fixed.
- Reactive Shells upgrade was purchasable when Propaganda Center was low on power unlike the other upgrades. Fixed.
- Switching to Laser Bolt mode caused Omega Cannon and Annihilator particle beam firing sound to loop forever. Fixed.
- Many weapons had low or no minimum attack range defined, which contributed to a glitch – units did not fire projectiles when attacking close targets. Fixed.
- Spider Tanks required the player to be Cybernetic general in order to be built. Fixed.
- Chinese Field Engineers did not decontaminate areas automatically when garrisoned. They had to be manually ordered to force-fire. Fixed.
- Medic Droids lost buttons for manual switch between weapon and decontaminator after being upgraded with Drone Uplink Chip. Fixed.
- Yan Wang automatically attacked the nearest enemy target even after receiving a different attack order from the player, if it was out of reach at that time. Fixed.
- China Howitzers and Nuke Launchers did not auto-attack. Fixed.
- Chinese Supply Trucks did not have equal health stats. Fixed.
- GLA Dana Artillery’s destroyed model was slightly bigger than the normal model. Fixed.
- USA Chinook’s destroyed model was smaller than the normal model. Fixed.
- Jarmen Kell’s “Kill Driver” shot sometimes hit the ground and failed hitting its target because he fired it from his feet. Same goes for “Snipe Power Link” ability. Fixed.
- Avengers used to drive close to enemy aircraft even though they were in range. Fixed.
- Eye Designators and Super Weapon Avengers automatically acquired nearby targets with their laser target designators and moved to attack ground enemies with them, moving away from desired location and getting themselves killed. Fixed.
- Patriots fired below parachuting infantry. Fixed.
- Ratel II and Gun Buggy lost stealth forever after being hit by a weapon with a shockwave effect (such as Earth Shaker, Nuke Cannon, etc.). Fixed.
- Assault: Temple super weapon was not capturable, but infantry could try to capture it. Fixed.
- Vortex Cannon ignored reload time and fired instantly when switching between ground and air targets. Fixed.
- Atmospheric Lens (damage object) could be disabled by EMP blasts and tilted by shockwaves. Fixed.
- Aurora and Wyvern were stuck in pre-attack state when given “attack move” orders. Fixed (attack move button removed).
- Guan Yu and Zhu Rong bunker addons did not disappear when the unit was destroyed. Fixed.
- Crop Dusters would not become stealth when landing in some occasions. Fixed.
- Tank Armor, Tank Camouflage and Mine Sweeper triggered model upgrades, which used to disappear after a veterancy power was purchased (Tank Squadrons Training, Chemic Training and GLA Training). Fixed.
- Demo Jarmen Kell had 2.5 times more health than other Jarmen Kells. Fixed.
- Damaged Trackhound Droid model had the flash-bang parts of the model visible before the upgrade. Fixed.
- Hadriel could not fire over buildings. Fixed.
- Some AI-controlled artillery units could fire while moving. Fixed.
- F-35 refused to fire in some cases because of a coding error. Fixed.
- Air Force Spartan Drop Plane had its payload reset after receiving veterancy. Fixed (veterancy does not change payload anymore).
- Chemical Pump was invisible on night and snow maps. Fixed.
- Ion Defense Tower played charging up animation (faster spinning) forever after firing once. Fixed.
- GLA could get bounty by killing holographic Black Lotus. Fixed.
- SEALs took fall damage when dropped by Black Hawks. Fixed.
- Aurora, Chimera and Wyvern automatically bombed enemies around the air fields, dealing damage to their own base and C-27 Spartan automatically dropped soldiers. Fixed.
- USA Pilots got stuck on the move when given orders to increase veterancy of a plane. Fixed.
- Dead USA Pilot corpses were sinking down faster than other infantry. Fixed.
- Demo Rebel and USA Pilot were smaller than intended. Fixed.
- Super Weapon’s Patriot displayed the basic Patriot model while under construction or being disassembled. Fixed.
- Cyclone fired at GLA traps which are unattackable. Fixed.
- Air Force Comanche tried to attack GLA traps even though it can’t. Fixed.
- Floating objects appeared on SW Strategy Center’s scaffolding. Fixed.
- Centurions were overlapping each other when ordered to move to the same position. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Shaitan Cannon and GLA Assault Temple used Scud Storm scaffoldings which didn’t fit. Fixed.
- GLA Temple had incorrect scaffolding code while in construction on night and snow conditions (the building was shown at max height). Fixed.
- GLA Assassins used the anti-vehicle rounds against Cylons after High Precision Sniper Rifle upgrade which dealt less damage to them than the regular rounds. Fixed.
- Infantry poisoned by medium poison field died with anthrax beta field pool death effect. Fixed. 
- Hijacker Bikers did not guard area when ordered. Fixed.
- Air Force Illusion power slowed the game performance down. Fixed.
- Super Weapons: Patriot, Grendel and Cyclone could not build drones after they have lost a Battle Drone. Fixed.
- Super Weapon: Ion Defense Towers maintain animation frames across normal and damaged conditions.
- Combat Chinook’s propellers got stuck when attacking. Fixed.
- Listening Outpost animation got stuck when passengers were attacking. Fixed.
- Hero infantry had too dark shadows. Fixed.
- Some weapons dealt small damage when they are not supposed to (dummy weapons, mostly seen on fake GLA units). Fixed.
- Stealth jet bombs did not destroy trees. Fixed.
- While wounded infantry is selected and pointed at AMOS and Phobos, the “get in” cursor appears. Fixed.
- Chinese Supply Trucks were too light, so they often went flying too high when hit by shockwaves. Fixed.
- Chinese super units took too long to recover from ECM weapons by mistake. Fixed.
- Toxin Tunnel Network gave twice more experience than other tunnels. Fixed.
- GLA Artillery Defense Sites had too weak weapon stats by mistake. Fixed.
- Some Radar Vans had unintentionally different stats from each other. Fixed.
- Terrorist Bikers had incorrect stats. Fixed.
- Unintentional difference between armor set stats fixed.
- Safe poison and safe acid weapons (after Neutralizers upgrade) dealt less damage than the not upgraded ones. Fixed.
- Levitation and Special Levitation Pad’s scaffoldings were hard to select. Special Levitation Pad had a problematic scaffolding on snow maps. Fixed.
- Infantry had small pickboxes, meaning they were hard to select. Fixed.
- Demo Group of Minefields construction could not be cancelled. Fixed.
- Cyber Security Drone could not be added to the build queue if something else was being built from that structure. Fixed.
- Jarmen Kell could snipe multiple vehicle crewmen with one shot if vehicles were too close to each other. Fixed.
- Potential fix for Helix ECM addon attacking while falling to death.
- Tech structures’ rubble was sometimes invisible in the fog of war or you could see both rubble and respawned structure. Fixed.
- Immolator had slightly less resistance to flame after Explosion-Proof Armor upgrade. Fixed.
- After using jammer on security turret, it can be controlled manually. Fixed.
- Aircraft Carrier planes used a bad missile death effect. Fixed.
- ChemicalFactory and PharmaceuticalFactory civilian buildings spilled anthrax beta toxins when damaged, but exploded in normal anthrax (green) when destroyed. Fixed.
- Some textures had unnecessarily large file size. Fixed.
- Credits, Lobby and Shellmap music were present in both the main .big and the new music .big files. Reduced mod size with 8MB+.
- Compressed new soundtracks with minimal loss in quality. Reduced mod size with 100MB+.
Balance changes:
NOTE #1: Stats are compared to 009 Beta 2.
NOTE #2: Only the biggest changes are listed.
- Changed unit count dropped at Reinforcement Pad for some generals.
- Tech Oil Derricks supply $50 less.
- Tech Oil Derricks don’t give $1000 after once destroyed and recaptured again - they give $500.
- Tech Artillery Platforms have slightly less health and more reload time.
- Tech Oil Refinery cost reduction changed to -15% (was -30%).
- Tech Oil Refinery respawn time increased from 5 to 10 minutes.
- Tech Hospital auto-heals more points.
- Tech Radar no longer has the upgrade to detect stealth units.
- Global: All infantry have more resistance to acid weapons.
- Global: Super units and Lunas cannot enter tunnels anymore. Luna health and movement speed increased to compensate.
- Global: Dozers are more resistant to explosion damage type, meaning a dozer must be hit by 2 Terrorists to die.
- All USA: Security turrets no longer attack traps.
- All USA: Valanx has 2 sitplaces, but firing ports were returned. Speed increased.
- All USA: Dozers can no longer enter Chinooks. Prevents from defense rush early game which was too beneficial and slowed the enemy down too much.
- Air Force: SEAL health decreased.
- Air Force: Pave Low range decreased, Eye Designator bonus increased (reverted stats from older versions).
- Air Force: Pave Low no longer requires War Factory.
- Air Force: Combat Puma (previously Combat Chinook) requires War Factory.
- Air Force: Pave Low gives more experience when destroyed.
- Air Force: Coyote weapon changed. Burst fire removed, damage increased.
- Air Force: F-18 gives more experience when destroyed.
- Air Force: F-35 gives more experience when destroyed.
- Air Force: F-35 weapon changed. Fires 5 anti-tank missiles now.
- Air Force: Decreased Avenger range.
- Air Force: Added SLID to War Factory. Shoots down incoming missiles.
- Super Weapons: Ion Plants produce 1 more power point and are built 1 second faster, but cost $50 more.
- Super Weapons: Strategy Center produces 15 power (was 60).
- Super Weapons: Avenger health increased.
- Super Weapons: Centurion default and upgraded damage decreased.
- Super Weapons: Normal Dozer moving speed reduced by 20% and no longer auto-repairs.
- Super Weapons: SSM Site (Atlas) range decreased, but projectiles are longer jammed by ECM.
- Super Weapons: Saturn can no longer shoot down ballistic missiles.
- Super Weapons: Antares (energy shield generator) removed.
- Super Weapons: Zone Capture (defense structure drop) has 15-second deploy time.
- Super Weapons: Cyclone weapon range decreased. Projectiles can retarget.
- Super Weapons: Thor costs $100 less, has more health, but is slower.
- Cyber: Cylon health slightly decreased.
- Cyber: Cyborgs have less resistance to toxins, acids and radiation, but they are still more resistant than normal infantry.
- Cyber: Cyber infantry cannot gain experience anymore.
- Cyber: Mosquitoes have a lifetime of 3 minutes.
- Cyber: Terminator is no longer stealth while attacking infantry.
- Cyber: Cyborg Commando cannot attack while in the air and is not stealthed anymore.
- Laser: Electricity Net Connection (emergency power general’s power) duration decreased to 1 minute.
- Laser: Valanx anti-tank laser damage, rate of fire and range decreased.
- Laser: Microwave Tank has Toxin Tractor armor. Armor vs. armor-piercing weapons increased by 20%.
- Laser: Burton lightsaber deals slightly more damage.
- Laser: Avenger has point-defense laser.
- Laser: MTHEL removed. It was overpowered versus GLA Toxin general as the latter had no effective counter units. Laser still has Paladins, Avengers and Zodiac drones as PDL defense.
- Laser: Thor costs $100 less, has more health, but is slower.
- Laser: Avenger range increased, health decreased. Has a PDL, but weaker than Paladin’s.
- Laser: Crusader health increased.
- Laser: Composite Armor upgrade requires rank 3.
- All China: Black Napalm costs $2000 (was $2500) and is researched 10 seconds faster.
- All China: Dragon Firewall upgrade removed. Firewall is available by default, but deals less damage.
- All China: Black Lotus captures buildings a bit slower.
- All China: Propaganda healing rate decreased.
- All China: Bunkers have twice as much resistance vs. building disabling weapons.
- All China: Supply Trucks can crush infantry again. However, their armor is less resistant to missile-armed infantry.
- All China: ECM Tank anti-missile field turns off when disabler is in use.
- All China: Field Engineer is not stealth anymore.
- All China: Helixes have less speed.
- All China: Dragon Tanks have more flame resistance.
- Infantry: Artillery and Grenade Troop Crawlers have less vision range.
- Infantry: Troop Crawler health decreased.
- Infantry: Minigunner no longer receives extra health from minigun upgrade.
- Infantry: Chain Guns upgrade moved to Propaganda Center. Equips minigunners with miniguns (Minigun upgrade removed).
- Infantry: Bunkers hold 6 soldiers (was 8).
- Infantry: Bunker Drop general’s power has 20-second deploy time.
- Infantry: Helix Minefield Drop removed.
- Infantry: Shandian requires rank 3.
- Infantry: Tandem Warheads upgrade is weaker and no longer makes Tank Hunter projectiles unaffected by PDL and ECM.
- Infantry: ATGM Operator projectiles are not affected by PDL and ECM.
- Infantry: ATGM Operator is now available at rank 3.
- Tank: Tank Armor upgrade cost increased to 2000, build time increased twice.
- Tank: ECM Tank disabler returned by default.
- Tank: ZTZ-104 health reduced.
- Tank: ZTZ-104 long range fire mode weapon range decreased.
- Tank: ECM Tank deviation weapon field size decreased. Disabler available by default again.
- Tank: Manticore (Huang Zhong) detects stealth aircraft.
- Tank: Overlord Headquarters no longer auto-repairs Overlord-class tanks.
- Tank: Bunkers hold 4 soldiers (was 5).
- Tank: Tank Hunter costs $50 less.
- Nuke: Isotope Stability costs $500 more, but is built faster.
- Nuke: Nuclear Carpet Bombing secondary damage and damage radius slightly decreased.
- Flame: Turbulence requires 1 less vortex shot in the air to be triggered, but on the other hand, the bonus weapon waits 1 less second for more vortex shots to accumulate.
- Flame: ECM Tank deviation weapon field size decreased.
- Flame: Zhu Rong experience required to rank up increased.
- Flame: Troop Crawler requires rank 3, like the one of Nuke general.
- Flame: Bunkers hold 4 soldiers (was 5).
- All GLA: Tunnel Network hole health reduced.
- All GLA: Toxin Tractor armor vs. missiles reduced.
- All GLA: Scorpion Rocket range increased.
- All GLA: Camouflage upgrade build time and cost decreased.
- All GLA: Toxin Shells upgrade build time and cost decreased.
- All GLA: Worker Shoes build time decreased.
- All GLA: Radar Van can now detect stealth aircraft, but cannot deploy AA mines.
- All GLA: Jarmen Kell Sandstorm stays active for less time (10 seconds).
- All GLA: Arms Dealer is built slower.
- All GLA: Battle Buses are not stealth anymore.
- Assault: Attack Dozer 
- Assault: Marauder health decreased. Damage increased.
- Assault: Rig Launcher build time and cost decreased.
- Assault: Katyusha health reduced. Cost and build time increased.
- Assault: Scorpion Rocket build time decreased.
- Demo: Dolphin damage radius decreased.
- Demo: Ratel damage decreased.
- Demo: Suicide Scorpion (previously Cockroach) upgraded with Turbodiesel now has less speed when damaged (was equal to non damaged speed).
- Toxin: Chemical Pump armor changed. Flame brings less damage to them, also meaning that Inflammable Acids are less harmful. Multiple pumps can be selected. Added some resistance to acids which makes pump survive one acid spill.
- Toxin: Air pollution general’s power countdown decreased.
- Toxin: Toxin and acid pollution general’s powers countdown increased.
- Toxin: Scolopendra health, damage and range decreased.
- Toxin: Scorpion Rocket build time decreased.
- Toxin: Silicon clouds bring less damage and stay less time.
- Toxin: Sturm-S projectiles are not affected by PDL and ECM.
- Stealth: Ratel II weapon changed and nerfed.
- Stealth: Scorpion II deals less damage but has faster reload.
- Stealth: Elbrus Launcher countdown increased by 30 seconds. It is 1:30 now.
- Stealth: Anti-Radar Missiles upgrade build time decreased.
- Stealth: Gun Buggy can no longer detect stealth aircraft and jam enemy aircraft.
- Stealth: Assassins are no longer buildable. They are only obtainable from general’s powers, but their decrewing weapon was changed. Each shot has a 10% chance to kill a vehicle driver.
- Stealth: Hazael has less health and deals less damage, but has higher rate of fire.
- GLA Boss: Rocket Truck damage type changed. Less damage to vehicles and buildings.
- China Boss: Retaliator damage type changed. Less damage to vehicles and buildings.
- And more…
Other changes:
- Chat boxes can now show Cyrillic letters.
- Rank 6 removed.
- Small Supply Piles no longer prevent units from firing through them.
- Emergency Repair level 1 is now available to all generals, but requires rank 2.
- Hazard cleaning units can now clean through buildings, making them much less clunky.
- Sequoia health reduced.
- Added lifetime indicators to selectable units with lifetime.
- Air Force: Rocket Pods upgrade changed. It is now Advanced Comanche Missiles, which grants 2 more missiles, increases damage and decreases reload time.
- Super Weapons: Added Bobcat engineering vehicle.
- Cyber: Player has the choice to select between Spider or Angel class robots at Strategy Center. Spider production line unlocks Spider Tank, Crab, Dominator and Widow. Angel production line unlocks Uriel, Remiel, Hadriel and Seraph.
- Cyber: Terminator got his BFG-9000 back. YAY!
- Cyber: Leech can no longer steal money from enemy Supply Centers. It got a short-ranged vehicle disabler.
- Cyber: Seraph shield removed. Guardian drones added. They protect Seraph with PDLs, shoot lasers and repair him.
- Cyber: Repair Droid does not repair structures anymore, only vehicles.
- Cyber: Added reload indicator to Missile Defense System.
- Cyber: Spider Mines removed from Repair Droid. They are unique to Widow now.
- Laser: Paradropped infantry no longer fall on a tiny spot.
- Laser: ARV does not repair structures anymore, only vehicles.
- Infantry: Removed Suan Ni Gattling turrets. Suan Ni no longer detects infantry, vehicles and structures. Has 2 more transport slots.
- Nuke: Default Tank Hunters available at the start. Nuclear Tank Hunters require upgrade.
- Nuke: Nuclear Bullets upgrade revised and now called Nuclear Ammo. Costs $2000, available at War Factory. Upgrades Red Guard with nuclear bullets, Gattling Tank gains increased damage and swaps Tank Hunters with Nuclear Tank Hunters in Barracks.
- Flame: Zhu Rong requires more experience to rank up.
- Flame: Fuel Truck moved back to Command Center.
- All GLA: Command Trucks do not repair nearby units anymore. They give rate of fire bonus.
- GLA: Removed Saboteur suicide disabler ability.
- GLA: Removed decontaminate from Factory. Added the ability to the new BTR-50 Engineer.
- GLA: Salvage Drop general’s power spawns crates with larger initial scatter, so that crates are not picked mostly by the unit in the middle.
- Tank: Ionization power removed.
- Tank: Red Guard Automatic Rifles upgrade removed.
- Tank: Tank Armor upgrade affects ECM Tank too.
- Tank: Sniper Cannon can no longer target infantry.
- Infantry: Ionization power removed, Cash Steal returned.
- Infantry: ECM Troop Crawler removed. Wheeled ECM Tank returned.
- Assault: Recycling moved to Palace.
- Assault: Removed Missile Silos.
- Assault: Aladdin replaced with S-60 Flak Gun.
- Toxin: Chemical Bunker and Defiler removed. Chemical Lab added. Lab contaminates areas with toxins and acids and researches five upgrades.
- Toxin: Replaced toxin Tunnel Network model with the normal one.
- Assault: Removed Missile Silos.
- Stealth: Removed Assassins and Sniper Sites.
- Stealth: Jammer Stations are now always limited to 1 (independent of Tournament Mode).
- Stealth: BTR-50 can now create a fake version of itself.
- Stealth: Aladdin replaced with S-60 Flak Gun.
- Stealth: Sneak Attack is now stealth by default.
New units, buildings, upgrades and abilities:
- New USA unit: Amphibious Transport. The intention to add this unit was to allow players to transport Dozers across water since Dozers can no longer be transported by Chinooks.
- New SW building: Atlas. Replaces SSM Site.
- New SW building: Weather Manipulation Device. Replaces Blackout Missile System.
- New SW units: Patriot, Grendel and Ion Defense Cores.
- New AF unit: Combat Puma. Replaces Combat Chinook.
- New AF Burton ability: “B Fighter” Strike. Replaces A-10 Strike.
- New Cyber unit: Nemesis N2. Replaces Nemesis. Unlocked by general’s power.
- New Cyber unit: Vorta. Light and cheap supply gatherer.
- New Cyber super unit: Widow. Unlocked with the Spider Production Line.
- New Cyber building: Spider Nest.
- New Cyber general’s power: Nano Swarm. Repairs and heals allied units, boosts their firepower and deals small damage to enemies.
- New Laser unit: “F6 Fighter”.
- New Laser general’s power: Lasers Training 2. All laser units are built as elites. Requires Lasers Training 1 and costs 3 unlock points. Available at rank 5.
- New GLA unit: BTR-50 Engineer. Cleans toxins, radiation and fuel. Detects and disarms mines and traps.
- New GLA unit: Alshain. Early scout. Has a lifetime of 1 minute.
- New Toxin building: Toxin Pump Group.
- New Toxin building: Chemical Lab. Replaces and combines the functions of Defiler and Chemical Bunker.
- New Demo unit: Suicide Scorpion. Replaces Cockroach.
- New Assault building: Salvage Factory. Researches the “Recycling” upgrade and drops salvage crates every few seconds.
Graphics and overall visuals:
- New user interface graphics.
- New indicator icons for Hero units.
- Blurry cameos made sharper.
- Added snow condition textures for Nuclear Storm, Scientific Laboratory, Cepheus, Laser Turret, Vortex Cannon.
- Added snow condition textures for Annihilator.
- Added snow condition textures for sandbags.
- Added missing snow on Tech Field Bunker’s sandbags.
- Added more housecolor parts to Earth Shaker and Heavy ECM.
- New housecolor to Air Force Burton.
- New textures and cameos for Chinese Overlord addons.
- Added missing headlights to Marauder, Battlemasters Heavy ECM, Irradiator Tank, Laser Crusader, Libra, Laser Paladin, Rig Launcher, Mortar Buggy and Yan Wang.
- Fixed problematic headlights on Bomb Truck, Suan Ni (Battle Fortress), Zhu Rong and Guan Yu. Chinese Supply Truck . Deleted Fuel Truck headlights (makes more sense for a stealth unit to have headlights turned off).
- Fixed Karkadann crate upgraded top armor plates on one of the sides being positioned incorrectly and adjusted tread marks.
- Fixed GLA Mobile Supply Stash switching between normal and damaged model conditions while collecting supplies.
- Fixed little or too dark housecolor on some infantry.
- Fixed Nuke Cannon and Artillery Caller having white shiny texture after scrambled by GPS.
- Fixed Seraph and Phobos having black texture after scrambled by GPS.
- Fixed black texture on Annihilator, Cepheus and Ion Plant when selected for construction.
- Fixed flickering model and black texture on Laser Turret when selected for construction and added back 3D shadows (they were removed because of a glitch before).
- Fixed misaligned Patriot/Grendel scaffoldings.
- Fixed the dark spot on GLA tunnels.
- Fixed incorrect track marks on GLA Mobile Supply Stash and improved its textures.
- Fixed cyber defenses smokes (on normal condition) and scaffoldings.
- Fixed Bixi from Emperor Drop general’s power showing vanilla Emperor model.
- Fixed Tank general’s Dragon Tank having a weird fire stream glitch while using fire wall.
- Removed blue light underneath Centurion.
- Scaled down Bomb Truck and Ratel II 3D model sizes.
- Scaled down Black Hawk 3D model size and added housecolors.
- Ratel and Ratel II blank housecolor parts now have texture applied.
- Improvements to Thors. Applied cockpit window reflections, fixed propellers animation, fixed housecolor being too dark. Fixed SW Thor missile firing positions.
- Many improvements to Colossus. Applied window reflections, smoothened model, added blinking red lights and animated radar dishes.
- Medic Droid animation speed adjusted to fit movement before and after Improved Hydraulics upgrade.
- New Seraph death animation.
- Tunnel Network fixes: Removed small shadow on top which was a leftover from its weapon, which was removed. Removed turret housecolor leftover on snow model. Removed red box on really damaged model.
- Fixed China Bunker displaying incorrect textures and improved garrisoned model.
- Fixed lighting spot position on new GLA blue dome texture.
- Fixes to the Stinger Drone, Zodiac Drone, Hellfire Drone, Irradiator Tank and Demo Rebel cameos.
- Improved Suan Ni, King of Fire, Explosion-Proof Armor, Zhu Rong (damaged and destroyed), Mammoth, Battlemaster, Troop Crawler, Bixi and Karkadann textures.
- Modelled and added Nuclear Missile MIRV objects.
- Improved SW Strategy Center power generator objects.
- Greatly improved Overlord HQ model and textures.
- New 3D general logos to all Command Centers.
- Enabled hidden Worker animations when picking up and dropping supply crates.
- New textures for USA buildings.
- New textures for Quad Defense Site.
- New cameos for all GLA Defense Sites.
- The entire map turns dark when Weather Manipulation Device fires. 
- Painted shadows on GLA building textures.
- Area jamming effect was made even more transparent.
- Bomb Truck has new cameo, new housecolors and camo netting covering the explosive payload.
- Unique model for destroyed Fuel Truck.
- Infantry general’s Troop Crawlers received texture and cameo updates.
- New 3D model – Atlas Site. Replaces SSM Site.
- USA Security Turret 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA SDI Cannon 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA Cyborg Factory 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA Communications Center skin improved.
- USA Microwave Tank 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA Spider Tank and Dominator 3D model and animations were changed.
- USA Uriel, Remiel and Hadriel 3D models and cameos were changed.
- SW Patriot 3D model and texture improved. Missing shadows fixed.
- China Gauss Tank 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China ECM Tank 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China Zhu Rong 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China Nuke Cannon skin was changed.
- China Flame Dragon Tank skin was changed.
- Flamethrower addon 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China Boss Retaliator 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Katyusha 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Quad Cannon 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Battle Bus 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Boss Rocket Truck 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Technical 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Cockroach (now Suicide Scorpion) 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Brand new Chemical Lab model and cameo.
- New animation for Phobos.
- New cameos for Suicide Scorpion weapon switching.
- New cameos for Chemical Pumping and Defiling.
- New cameo for Scientific Laboratory.
- New cameo for Dana Artillery Cannon.
- New cameo for Earth Shaker.
- New cameo for Demo Trap.
- New cameo for Advanced Demo Trap.
- New cameo for EMP Patriot Missile System.
- Updated Hazael cameo.
- Removed gattling turrets from Suan Ni cameo.
- New decals. 
- New snow, desert and magma textured rocks. Added on maps.
- Fixed glitchy trees and some missing shrubbery.
- Enabled hidden Snowman object.
- Burning infantry had wrong control settings which allowed sounds to spam. Fixed. 
- Returned vanilla ZH burning death voices of USA infantry.
- Female Rangers didn’t use female toxin death voice. Fixed.
- Navy SEALs used Ranger death voice. Fixed.
- B-4 Chimera used raptor death voices. Fixed (voices removed).
- Upgrading Straight-flow Engines upgrade did not play “Upgrade complete” voice. Instead, it played Spy Drone launch sound. Fixed.
- Upgraded Control Rods will play an unused unique upgrade voice.
- Vortex Tank used voice lines such as “Gun barrels spinning” and “Need a bullet barrage?”. Fixed.
- King Raptor used “Our laser shall keep them off” and “Laser defenses ready” voice lines. Fixed.
- Cyber Builder Mech (Dozer) construction complete voice did not play sometimes. Fixed.
- SW energy shield ambient sound began looping from the start when there were many sounds on screen because it had low priority. Fixed.
- Heavy tank moving sounds were too loud. Fixed.
- Communications Center preview sound was too loud. Fixed.
- F16XL/Hadriel projectile detonation sounds were too loud and had no limit. Fixed.
- Seismic explosions had a very high limit and many sounds played at once. Fixed.
- Ratel II used Rocket Buggy powerslide sounds. Fixed.
- Heavy tank turret and illusion initiation sounds had a click sound at the end. Fixed.
- Some units did not speak when ordered to attack air targets. Fixed.
- Rebel Biker played the English “Ready for war” voice when created while using Native voices. Fixed.
- New voices for all super units.
- New voices for Uriel, Remiel and Hadriel.
- New voices for Spider, Crab and Dominator.
- New voices for Terminator.
- New voices for Demolisher (Attack Dozer).
- New diving sound for GLA Kamikaze plane.
- New USA Weather Storm Device select/preview sound.
- New Centurion firing sounds.
- New artillery shell detonation sound.
- Added missing enter and exit sounds for Nemesis.
- Added new GLA and China music tracks.
Particle effects:
- Optimized some particles for better performance.
- New detonation effect for Vortex weapons.
- New detonation effect for thermobaric weapons.
- New detonation effect for Zhu Rong weapon.
- New detonation effect for Centurion weapon.
- New detonation effect for Terminator Charges.
- New detonation effect for artillery shells.
- New missile trail texture.
- Added trails to all artillery shells which didn’t have them as well as flash-bangs.
- New effect for Anthrax Bomb aftermath – mist.
- New water displacement effect added to all helicopters.
- Added bubbles to acid fields.
- Reduced F-16XL bomb detonation effect size as well as screen shake.
- Shells were falling from Cylon’s weapon when shooting. Fixed. 
- GLA Katyusha and USA Battleship weapon detonation effect changed. Fixes the visual glitch of light pulses not disappearing.
- Jarmen Kell Sandstorm no longer displays dusty clouds on snow maps, only snow mist.
- Added water ripple effects for swimming infantry.
Challenge mode:
- The local player color is now Cyan instead of Purple.
- New missions order.
- Three new challengers: USA, China and GLA Boss.
- All: Burton and BTR-50s were unable to move across water after playing Flame Challenge. Fixed.
- All: Added missing speech.
- Defense teams should no longer get triggered by cargo planes on Assault and Demolition Challenge missions.
- Air Force Challenge: Crash fixed!
- Air Force Challenge: Removed Shockwave Bomb power since Air Force no longer has it.
- Air Force Challenge: Added Comanche Drop and Seal Drop general’s powers.
- Air Force Challenge: The Special Levitation Pad at the top right was neutral. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: AI will now call for Dark Star anti-stealth reinforcements
- Air Force Challenge: AI will now protect his super weapon with Comanches.
- Air Force Challenge: River can now be crossed from the left side of player base – added a ramp.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added more Leeches around the map.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Removed the Fafnir near docks.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Fixed team building conditions. AI will attack more.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Terminator will attack less frequently.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Replaced Patriots with Gattling Defense Systems.
- Cybernetic Challenge: AI will now enable Particle Cannon on Easy.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Units could not get across the middle bridge. Fixed.
- Super Weapons Challenge: A-10 Strike was still available to SW Challenge even though SW no longer has A-10 Strike. Fixed.
- Super Weapons Challenge: She will use Zone Capture general’s power.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added ICBM. Particle Cannon replaced with Tomahawk Storm.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added Centurion and Burton attacks.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added a ramp to the square hill in her base so the Saturn can walk off.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Delayed Thor and AMOS attacks.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Removed Weather Storm on Easy difficulty.
- Super Weapons Challenge: The additional Sentry Drones she had, previously available only on Hard, are now available on Normal as well.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Shockwave Bomb was only present on Easy difficulty. It’s also on Normal and Hard now.
- Laser Challenge: Added Sentry Droids to attack teams.
- Laser Challenge: Lose condition did not work. Fixed.
- Laser Challenge: Lightning effects sometimes caused the game to freeze. Removed.
- Laser Challenge: AI now uses Search & Destroy Battle Plan after some time.
- Laser Challenge: AI did not build rank 3 and rank 5 teams (except Burton). Fixed.
- Laser Challenge: AI captures tech buildings around the map.
- Flame Challenge: Bao used Kwai’s victory and defeat quotes. Fixed.
- Flame Challenge: Unique new speech lines for Bao.
- Flame Challenge: New intro cinematic.
- Flame Challenge: Scientific Laboratory removed on Easy since it’s not being used by the AI.
- Flame Challenge: Added peace time after local player reaches rank 3 and slightly decreased amount of units on Hard.
- Flame Challenge: Added Fuel Tubes.
- Flame Challenge: Added more anti-air defenses to prevent players from abusing Comanches/Thors early game as well as MiG-31 interceptors.
- Flame Challenge: AI did not use units from Reinforcement Pad. Fixed.
- Flame Challenge: Visual improvements.
- Flame Challenge: Lava deals damage (aircraft takes damage from its heat too).
- Nuke Challenge: Lowered the amount of garrisoned Nuke Hunters in the middle area.
- Nuke Challenge: A small part of water reflection was showing from underneath the ground near the Oil Refinery. Fixed.
- Tank Challenge: Delayed heavy attacks.
- Tank Challenge: AI used Carpet Bombing which should not be available to Kwai. Fixed.
- Tank Challenge: Changed water texture.
- Infantry Challenge: Removed the Artillery Platform closest to Fai’s base.
- Infantry Challenge: Stadium Goal Gates no longer block units from firing through them.
- Infantry Challenge: Potential fix for MiGs getting stuck in the upper left corner of the map.
- Infantry Challenge: Added peace time after local player reaches rank 3.
- Infantry Challenge: AI did not use units from Reinforcement Pad. Fixed.
- Infantry Challenge: Rebel Ambush, Demo Trap Drop and other such powers did not spawn where chosen when dropped inside Fai’s base. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: Delayed attacks and Elbrus Storm on all difficulties. Added an Artillery Platform near the player base on Easy.
- Demolition Challenge: Added some Demo Traps and a Tunnel Network to the south path to his base.
- Demolition Challenge: New intro cinematics.
- Demolition Challenge: Added demolitions storage facility scripted event and some Booby Traps.
- Assault Challenge: Removed the Obstacle in the upper-left corner. Garrisoned the nearby outpost structure.
- Assault Challenge: Replaced Stinger Sites and Missile Silos with Defense Sites and added some more defenses.
- Assault Challenge: AI will now rebuild Temple.
- Stealth Challenge: Replaced Command Centers with Factories + Command Trucks.
- Stealth Challenge: Replaced Stinger Sites with Defense Sites.
- Stealth Challenge: Added Flak Guns on some places.
- Stealth Challenge: AI will now build and use the mobile Elbrus Launcher.
- Stealth Challenge: AI will now use Panic and Jammer powers.
- Toxin Challenge: Replaced Cluster Mines with Chemical Pumps. Removed Demo Traps.
- Toxin Challenge: Reworked the Defiler area.
- Toxin Challenge: AI will build Rebel Camouflage upgrade after rank 3.
- Toxin Challenge: Wasps fired their rockets at the ground when attacking aircraft. Fixed.
- Toxin Challenge: There were too many impassable areas because of rocks. Smaller rocks made passable for a less annoying experience.
Skirmish AI:
- Added Easy difficulty choice. Very Hard is now called Hard.
- Reduced the experience gain rate multiplier for AI difficulties.
- AIs recognize new units and buildings.
- GLA AI did not distantly guard from inside tunnels. They evacuated units from tunnels only when tunnels were attacked. Fixed.
- Some generals were notably stronger than other generals. Fixed.
- All generals will now send a small rush team on Hard and Insane.
- In some occasions AI units would just sit around in base forever. Fixed.
- Rearranged building placement to reduce units getting cluttered inside their base and free some space for them to move.
- Deployable AI artillery units would shoot while moving when trying to crush infantry. Fixed.
- Air Force AI did not attack on unofficial maps without trigger areas defined. Fixed.
- Air Force AI used the removed Shockwave Bomb power. Fixed. He’ll use Illusion instead.
- Infantry AI often got his units stuck in base while trying to move because of Barracks’ positioning. Fixed.
- Artillery Callers did not attack (since 009 Beta 2 because of propaganda fix). Fixed.
- Stealth and Assault did not build defense sites (sometimes Arms Dealers too). Fixed.
- AI tried to capture destroyed assault vehicles (recycle crates). Fixed.
- Fixed Super Weapons general AI building placement and orders.
- USA AI built 3 Chinooks per supply center (instead of 2) and China AI built 4 Supply Trucks (instead of 2). Fixed.
- China AI will now drop their Cluster Mines on enemy units instead of inside their own base.
- GLA did not build Palace sometimes. Fixed.
- Air Force AI stopped building structures on maps with many supplies after starting expansion to supply sources. Fixed.
- China AI built interceptors even if the enemy did not have any aircraft. Fixed.
- When China AI had both rank 1 and rank 3 units, it used Frenzy twice at the same time – one on rank 1 units and one on rank 3 units. Fixed.
- Demo AI Saboteurs got stuck when trying to sabotage buildings. Fixed.
- GLA Supply Stashes often stopped partway to the Supply Docks. Fixed.
- Stealth AI did not build Hazael unless it had Elbrus Storm already built. Fixed.
- Jarmen Kell could snipe Karkadann’s driver. Fixed.
- AI will no longer try to capture tech buildings non-stop.
- AI will no longer train the neutral vehicle capture team if there are no neutral vehicles on the map.
- GLA AI will now build forward Tunnel Networks.
- Flame AI will now build Flame Towers + Fuel Tubes around his base.
- Assault and Stealth AI will now use the GPS Scrambler.
- Assault AI will now use Recycling ability.
- Assault AI will now build Rig Launcher and create tunnels with it.
- Stealth AI will now use the jamming field ability of Jammer Station.
- GLA AI moved its secondary supply stash near the primary supply source. Fixed.
- Cyber AI did not always build Flashbangs upgrade. Fixed.
- Insane Nuclear AI will build Hadron Colliders on suitable official 2-player maps.
- Insane AI will perform special build orders on suitable official 2-player maps.
- AI will use water paths to attack on official maps.
- AI capture teams will retaliate if attacked by infantry.
- AI will no longer call paradrop powers at enemy bases which usually means suicide. Instead, they will be called near attack teams or at their own base.
- AI will use more general’s powers, and use them more wisely. It will call anti-air powers on enemy aircraft, recycling on dead units, etc.
- AI will use mine clearers to clear enemy mines.
- Cyborg Commando, Cylons and SEALs will no longer get stuck once they have cleared the area of enemies. They will hunt for enemies at all times.
- Improved attack priorities. Also fixed some teams using wrong attack priority.
- Laser AI will use Electricity Net Connection when out of power.
- Nuke AI no longer builds Nuclear Storm on top of Command Center.
- Demo Ratel will now switch between cannon and suicide mode, like Scorpion.
- Demolition and Toxin AI did not build Turbodiesel upgrade. Fixed.
- Demolition AI built Demolitions and Mines upgrades at rank 1, but they require rank 3. Fixed.
- Laser and Super Weapons AI built Countermeasures upgrade at rank 1, but they require rank 3. Fixed.
- USA AI built drones while ignoring rank requirements. Fixed.
- Flame AI did not build Thermobaric Mixtures and Nuclear Tanks upgrades. Fixed.
- Infantry AI did not build Improved ECM Technology upgrade. Fixed.
- AI can now use Burton and Lotus.
- AI sometimes moved through enemy bases without stopping to attack, which means they easily got killed by defending teams, mines and security systems, and deployable artillery didn’t even shoot. Fixed.
- Air Force AI tried to garrison Colossus. Fixed.
- AI could garrison Fortress Wall buildings. Fixed.
- In case of spy invasion, Laser and Super Weapon AI built Valanxes instead of Sentry Drones. Fixed.
- Super Weapon AI tried to garrison Ion Towers. Fixed. They will go to Atlases (SSM Sites) instead.
- Other minor fixes.
- Added useful tags after some map names.
- More detailed map previews for all maps (by triatomic).
- Manic Aggression had too much fog. Fixed.
- Lone Eagle: River made passable by amphibious units.
- Dark Mountain: Shores made passable by amphibious units.
- The Frontline: Terrain scorches and vehicle tracks were blue. Fixed.
- Fallen Empire: Fixed bad terrain for the top right player not allowing good USA Supply Center placement (mid area).
- Forgotten Forest: Fixed incorrectly set Flank AI path for one of the players. Fixed bad terrain for China Supply Center placement for the top right player.
- Desert Fury: Small rocks object near bottom right player made passable. Bottom left ramp impassable area fixed. There is one Oil Derrick per side now.
- Flooded Plains: Repositioned Supply Docks. Widened paths crossing the river. Added new vegetation.
- Three Ways: Fixed some AI attack waypoint paths.
- Lights Out: Balanced supply and Oil Derrick locations (right side players had unfair advantage). Widened middle area. Added ramps leading to Oil Derricks. Right mountain made symmetric to the left one. Other small fixes.
- Rocky Rampage: Repositioned Supply Docks.
- Rogue Agent: Added hills to empty map edges. Fixed water color.
- Dust Devil: Tech building areas now have ramps on both sides. Tech buildings changed – one Reinforcement Pad per side. Impassable hill slopes made passable. Secondary Supply Docks moved closer to player bases. Added Artillery Platforms at the original secondary Supply Dock positions. Added more buildings on the map. Middle Oil Derricks location balanced.
- Sequoia Forest: Removed small hills in order to get wider entrances. Balanced location of supplies and tech structures. Reworked middle area.
- Tournament A: Reworked middle and hill areas. Flattened terrain and removed annoying obstacles.
- Tournament B: Added missing civilian highrise structures.
- Tournament Lake: Fixed steep terrain in the middle preventing players from building Supply Centers near supply piles.
- Flash Effect: Bridges replaced with wide ramps.
- Tournament Island: Wider entrance paths between bases.
- Frosty Battle: Balanced supply and tech positions, improved visuals, more spacious middle.
- Winter Wolf: Sequoia trees were too close to supply docks, which made building supply centers hard. Instead, there is only one sequoia in the center now. Upper supply dock area fixed to allow better USA Supply Center placement. Small rocks made passable. Some visual fixes.
- The Grand Canyon: Some areas and waypoints with wrong names were not recognizable by the AI. Fixed.
- Tournament Continent: Changed position of supply piles in player bases.
- Operation Hot Oasis: Revised by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Fortress: Full revision by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Railed Woods: Full revision by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Iron Fist: Middle area and scripts revised by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Green Pastures: Fixed imbalanced player starting positions and supply docks.
- Toxin Mountains: Decreased object count and applied some scripts to increase performance.
- Twilight Flame: Fixed AI pathfinding. Greatly improved performance. Fixed Combat Zone area. Fixed player 5 outer perimeter having incorrect name. Added ramps between mid players. Each player has 2 Supply Docks in base. Adjusted top right supply dock position.
- Iron Dragon: Decreased object count and applied some scripts to increase performance.
- Fortress Avalanche: Decreased object count, improved AI waypoint paths and applied some scripts to increase performance. Fixed small issue with terrain between bottom left and bottom mid players. Rebalanced player starting positions and supply docks.
- Removed the following bad maps: Thirsty Snake, Campsites, Z, Cold Trouble, Scorched City, TC-5, Country, Tournament Island Storm, Nuclear World, Freezing Rain, Football Pitch, Dry Terrain, Mountain Rush, Hometown, Downpour, Direct Attack, Warm Field, Towers, Tropical Tournament, Moon 2050, Forest Wars, Omaha Beach.
- Melting Snow and Lagoon updated. Included a Lagoon day version (separate map) too.
- Some vanilla maps have been balanced, inspired by ReLaX.
- New map: Mideast Railroad (2v2). Has a neutral GLA train available for capture in the middle. By PredatoR.
- New map: Armored Fury (6 players). Unused ZH map.
- New map: Natural Threats. By ReLaX and Agent21.
- New map: Embattled Land. By ReLaX and Voodoo Benshee.
- New maps: Defcon Desert (3v3), Defcon Night (3v3), Tournament Island Large (3v3), Fallen Empire No Wall (2v2), Tournament Desert Classic (1v1), Tournament Desert Large (1v1).
- New maps: Unity A (2v2) and Unity B (3v3), Hard Winter (1v1). By ReLaX.
- New map: Unity A No Water (2v2). Edited by XAOC-RU.
- New map: Blizzard Badlands (1v1).
- New map: Cold Territory (1v1).
- New map: Nuclear Combat. By XAOC-RU.
- New maps: Turmoil (1v1) and Route N13 (3v3). By Marakar
- New map: Nova Beach (1v1). Based on Marakar’s Turmoil. Remake by AdrianeMapMaker.
- New maps: Lion Heart (2v2), Battle Station (2v2v2), Borderlands Desertion (3v3), Crimson Tides (2v2), Critical Corners (3v3), Danger Close (1v1), Defcon 4 (2v2), Deserted Lands (3v3), Hazardous Environment (1v1v1), Heavy Casualties (3v3), Local Disturbance (1v1), Mountain Cliffs (3v3), Nature’s Ambience (4v4), Night Sky (1v1), Onward Takedown (3v3), Riverside Valley (3v3), Rundown District (3v3), Rundown Arena (4v4), Series 7 (2v2), Straight Defiance (3v3), Supply Crisis (2v2), Territorial Alliances (4v4), Terror Cell (4v4), The Only One Standing (1v5), Tyrant’s Vengeance (2v2), Urban City of Luzon (2v2), Urban City of Luzon Large (3v3). By AdrianeMapMaker.
- New map: Forgotten Forest Snow (1v1) - “[rank] forgotten air battle v2” map used as base.
- New map: Homeland Rocks (1v1). By ReLaX and Agent21.
- New maps: Area J1 (1v1), Hidden Treasures (1v1) and Forgotten Ruins (1v1). By Jundiyy
- New maps: Aftermath (2v2), Maguso (2v2), Middle Fight (2v2), Battle on the River (1v1), Gorge Drought (1v1), Plant Waste (1v1), Summer Arena (1v1), Tournament Arena (1v1) and Tournament City (1v1). By [NMC].
For mapmakers:
- Added back missing speech code from vanilla Generals, unlocking additional speeches which can be used in custom missions.
- New ice reflection objects (found in FX > SYSTEM tab in World Builder).
- New reflective puddle objects – clean and muddy (found in FX > SYSTEM tab in World Builder).
- New military objects – Nuke Barrel, Military Walls (found in Civilian > MISC_MILITARY tab in World Builder).
- New roads – TwoLaneBlack, TwoLaneDarkBlack, FourLaneBlack and FourLaneDarkBlack.
- New trees (too many to mention here).
- Infantry with different skins (found in China > INFANTRY and GLA > INFANTRY).
- Objects and markers for advanced AI (tutorial will be written if there is demand).
Contra Launcher:
- The “_tmpChunk.dat” file is automatically deleted at launcher start and exit. That file is generated by World Builder and may prevent scripts from executing properly.
- Fixed a case where desktop size would cause the launcher’s appearance to get messed up.
- Fixed a case where the launcher would refuse to start Contra if it couldn’t switch between Zero Hour and Contra splash screens on launch.
- Fully integrated ContraVPN.
- New settings: Select between normal and funny general portraits, set resolution, toggle fog effects, toggle heat effects, toggle language filter.
- Launcher has functional auto-update and Message of the Day features.
- Launcher comes in 5 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and German.

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Posted 24 February 2019 - 05:43 PM

Contra 009 FINAL PATCH 1 Changelog:


Fixed errors:

- Cyrillic letters were not showing in the chats. Fixed.

- There were some errors in descriptions. Fixed.

- Mismatch error was sometimes triggered when Thor, Comanche, Raven and Helix were engaging paradropping infantry close to them. Fixed.
- Desert Cruiser had low mass, thus flied into the air when hit by shockwaves. Fixed.
- Hatf-III missile decal changes after selecting target. Fixed.
- Infantry Carpet Bombing decal gets smaller after selecting target. Fixed.
- Stinger Drop decal was too large. Fixed.
- Spartan plane's drop decal was using incorrect texture. Fixed.
- Seraph voice was not audible enough. Fixed.
- Hazael and Yan Wang voices were too loud. Fixed.
- Saturn's "ring around the rosies" voice line was too long. Fixed.
- MOAB upgrade buttons were still available. Fixed.
- Phobos and Dominator could gain experience from kills. Fixed.
- Some Cyber units did not receive experience levels from Data Upload. Fixed.
- Satellite Hack I and II used "S" hotkey, which makes Hackers stop hacking, Missile Cyborg used "M" hotkey which was not consistent with other Missile Defenders and some more hotkeys have been fixed.
- Tank general's ECM Tank used incorrect locomotor. Fixed.
- Cyber Nemesis, Harbinger and Vorta had evading pilots. Fixed.
- Ion Plant spawned a moving lightning on death. Fixed.
- GLA Demo Command Truck had High Explosive Payload cameo even though it did not benefit from it. Fixed.
- Data Upload destroyed allied building scaffoldings. Fixed.
- Cyber Gattling Defense System had bullets and muzzle flash appearing from an incorrect spot when attacking aircraft. Fixed.
- Some laser units had Solar Panel upgrade icons even though they were not affected by it. Fixed.
- Passengers did not come out when Technicals were destroyed. Fixed.
- Red square spot was visible near Salvage Plant in some conditions. Fixed.
- Civilian Tech Site structure had some bugs. Fixed.
- F-16XL often refused to fire on close targets because it had a minimum attack range. Fixed.
- The famous Quad Cannon scrap bug from ZH was fixed.
- Demo Scorpion grabbed salvage crate upgrade 4 times instead of 2. Fixed.
- Dolphin suicide planes brought less damage when retargeting. Fixed.
- Amphibious Troop Crawlers had water splash effects while standing still. Fixed.
- USA Amphibious Transport was immune to some weapons like Wyvern bombs and bombardment powers when on land. Fixed.
- Wyvern, Auroras, Dolphin, Pave Low and Luna did not deal damage to units on water. Fixed.
- Dark sky from Weather Device did not appear when enemy used it in the fog of war and did not fully disappear when player used it sometimes. Fixed.
- Cyber Strategy Center had 150% more health than other Strategy Centers. Fixed.
- Demo Palace had 33% more health than other Palaces. Fixed.
- Laser and Cyber Barracks, War Factories and Supply Drop Zones had 25% more health than other Barracks, War Factories and Supply Drop Zones. Fixed.
- Particle Cannons dealt slightly less damage than intended. Fixed.
- GLA AA Radar was capturable. Fixed.
- GLA AA Radar deployed by general's power was undetectable by radars and detectable by engineers. Fixed.
- When a tech structure which has respawned at least once is destroyed in the fog of war, player sees both the live and the debris model. Fixed.
- Karkadann used only one of the turrets when force firing. Fixed.
- CivilianHighrise01 and CivilianHighrise02 were not visible on snow maps. Fixed.
- Other minor fixes.


Balance changes:

- Yan Wang range decreased by 10%. Ability to attack aircraft removed.

- Crop Duster health increased by 30%.
- Strategy Center S&D Battle Plan bonus reduced from 15% to 10%.
- Saturn minimum attack range decreased.
- Dragon Tank turret turns 50% faster (matches chassis turn rate now).
- Cyborg weapon range slightly decreased.
- Toxin Rebel weapon damage slightly decreased.
- Demo Rebel grenade throw rate slightly increased.
- Air Force, Laser and Super Weapon Ranger cost and build time decreased ($300 > $250), (3.0 s > 2.5 s).
- Demo Rebel cost increased ($300 > $350).
- Demo Rebel Biker cost and build time decreased ($450 > $400), (4.5 s > 4 s).
- Toxin Rebel Biker cost and build time decreased ($475 > $400), (4.75 s > 4 s).
- Stealth general's Rebel Biker weapon was too powerful. They use standard Rebel Biker weapon now (same as Assault and Demo).
- Bikers have 20% more resistance to small arms weapons.
- Cyber Dogs have 15% less resistance to small arms weapons.
- Nuke Tank Hunters cost $800 and are trained in 8 seconds (was $700 and 7 s).
- Strategy Center cannon damage decreased by 20%.
- Demo Quad AA mine damage decreased by 20%, range by 10%.
- Demo Scorpion mine damage increased by 15%.
- Aurora Alpha (Air Force general) damage decreased, but damage radius increased.
- Wyvern damage radius decreased, but damage increased.
- Dark Star cost and build time decreased ($900 > $600), (9 s > 6 s). Experience given to enemy decreased as well.
- Removed Terrorists from Demo Ambush and matched Rebel and RPG count with other ambushes.
- Tech Field Tactics Center health decreased (4000 > 2500).
- Laser Burton default and upgraded weapon made stronger. Lightsaber removed, returned knife.


Other changes:

- GLA Boss: Added Luna to command set. It is now buildable in Arms Dealer.

- Thor, Comanche, Raven and Helix can no longer engage paradropping infantry (while in the air). They also cannot attack Alshain anymore.
- Yan Wang's "harder, better, faster, stronger" and "childish engine noises" voices removed as they were too goofy.
- Added locomotor to Panic general's power. The panic areas will slowly move around.
- Removed Rangers spawning from destroyed Ion Plants.
- Nuke Tank Hunters now require Internet Center, but don't require Nuclear Ammo upgrade. The player can train the regular and Nuke Tank Hunters at the same time in Barracks.
- Demo Traps and Chemical Pumps are no longer selectable like units. They cannot be multi-selected, but they are not annoying when selecting Workers next to them.
- Demo scorpion had salvage visuals for both armor and weapon, but only armor upgrade worked. Weapon upgrade removed, now using only armor upgrade.
- New death animations for Thors, Ravens, Harbingers and Vortas.
- Nuclear Storm scaffolding starts off with 10% health.
- Uriel red light pulse effect size reduced.
- Heroic unit state bonuses changed. Rate of fire 130% > 120%. Damage 130% > 140%. Required to fix the Quad scrap bug mentioned.
- Infantry general's Artillery Training GP now affects Grenade Troop Crawlers too.
- Super Weapon general's defense cores are now affected by Defense Training.


Challenge mode:

- Loading screen now plays an ambient sound.

- Yan Wang could be built unlimited amount of times after the Nuclear Ammo upgrade. Fixed.
- Challenge as Air Force general ends after 9th mission (mission against Tank general). Fixed.
- The player now has a $5000 starting cash bonus on all difficulties when playing as any GLA or Nuke in all the missions.
- Air Force Challenge: AI had too many Dark Star (stealth detecting) planes. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: Player had $30k starting cash on all difficulties unlike other missions which made Normal and Hard modes too easy. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: The nearest wood tower to the west will now be garrisoned. The combat zone will be guarded by 4 Comanches.
- Super Weapon Challenge: She will start using Zone Capture (defense drop) power only if she is losing.
- Super Weapon Challenge: Centurions could get stuck near shores. Fixed.
- Laser Challenge: Game sometimes crashed when Particle Cannon was being fired. Fixed.
- Cybernetic Challenge: New speech for Ironhand.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Improved intro cinematics.
- USA Boss Challenge: EMP Towers are now limited to 1.
- USA Boss Challenge: Leonidas got stuck when spawning from the east side. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenge: Added missing water reflections on some water areas.
- USA Boss Challenge: The Battleship tilts slightly from the water and no longer titls from shockwaves.
- USA Boss Challenge: He used Ironhand's portrait. Fixed.
- Nuke Challenge: Yan Wang will now go active after Nuclear Storm is destroyed, and will be rebuilt.
- Infantry Challenge: Increased number of infantry in civilian structures and fixed a bunker team.
- Flame Challenge: Decreased lava damage in some places.
- China Boss Challenge: Cinematic camera removed when special enemy hordes arrive.
- China Boss Challenge: The player couldn't build any of her super weapons if he already had one. Fixed.
- China Boss Challenge: The last base got activated if the player destroyed an Artillery Platform or some of the Gattling Cannons. Fixed.
- China Boss Challenge: One of the TV Station strings was missing. Fixed.
- China Boss Challenge: Slightly decreased units in big attack teams.
- Assault Challenge: AI will now use Recycling power.
- Assault Challenge: AI will now use GPS Scrambler properly and target his own units instead of player's.
- Assault Challenge: AI will no longer try to use Emergency Repair. It didn't work properly.
- Assault Challenge: AI used Anthrax Bomb only once. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: AI used Sneak Attack even if the tunnels were empty. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: Karkadanns will become active if the player becomes a big threat.
- Assault Challenge: Fixed some problems with teams.
- Toxin Challenge: AI did not use Wasps. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: There was extreme performance slowdown at the end which even caused the mission not to end sometimes. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: Intro speech had some problems. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: A Demo Trap Group was visible. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: AI ran out of money. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: Zipper teams did not work. Fixed.
- Stealth Challenge: The two Stinger Soldiers in the north village were unselectable (bug since vanilla ZH). Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: The player could build unlimited amount of Desert Cruisers. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: If player had a Palace built, he could not build GLA Boss Palace and vice versa. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Shaitan Cannon counted towards super weapon limit, thus the player could not build one if he had a super weapon and vice versa. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Added missing garrisons to Palaces.
- GLA Boss Challenge: The last AI base now has a changing amount of super weapons depending on difficulty.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Zipper teams did not work. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Fixed some pathfinding issues.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Added some missing speech.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Nerfed AI general's powers.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Fixed problems with some teams and added radars around the map.


Skirmish AI:

- Initially all AIs start with no XP bonus. Depending on enemy progress, AI bonus will increase if AI falls behind on Hard and Insane. That way the enemy will not be stuck at rank 1 (case when facing 7 Insanes usually ends up in player destroying rank 1 AI bases using rank 5 stuff). It is still cheating, but a controlled one. AI will have less chance to outrank you, but more chance to catch up.

- AI did not research EMP Warheads upgrade. Fixed.
- GLA Assault, Demo and Toxin AI will get more buildings Camo-Netted and do it more often.
- AI will build one more War Factory if player starts with a lot of cash.
- AI Bixies will now return to base if the dropped tanks are destroyed.



- Tournament City map loads slowly or doesn't load at all. Fixed.

- Forgotten Forest had a badly positioned water reflection object on the river. Fixed.
- Natural Threats and Cold Territory had low supplies in supply docks. Fixed.


>>The patch also includes fixed VPN script files and fixed Launcher.

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Posted 17 December 2019 - 11:39 PM

Contra 009 FINAL PATCH 2 Changelog:

Fixed errors:
- More conflicting hotkeys and text fixed.
- BTR-50 Engineers had a weird button above Stop button when multi-selected. Fixed.
- Red Arrow x4 Group had incorrect cost and build time. Fixed.
- China Boss planes had no afterburner particle effects. Fixed.
- Dragon Tank, Immolator and plane particle effects got stuck in the air. Fixed.
- Harbinger and Vorta had no ejecting pilots yet a human scream was heard. Fixed.
- Karkadann turret move sound looped forever. Fixed.
- USA Missile Defender's missiles flied horizontally when firing from high altitude. Fixed.
- MG Troop Crawler had some incorrect model drawing conditions when attacking aircraft. Fixed.
- Demo Luna gained first veterancy super quick because of an error. Fixed.
- ICBM explosion did not leave a scorch mark. Fixed.
- Toxin Terrorist was weaker than other Terrorists and left green toxin puddle instead of blue. Fixed.
- Annihilator solar panels decreased its power consumption by less than 50%. Fixed.
- Demo Zippers did less damage than intended. Fixed.
- Demo Ratel hulk had incorrect settings. Fixed.
- Some hulks were belonging to wrong sides. Fixed.
- Tech Radar could be attacked by anti-radar missiles. Fixed.
- Dominator, Tomahawk Launcher and Pave Low missiles sometimes died by land mines and flashbangs. Fixed.
- Tech Field Tactics Center's powers conflicted with some general's powers, thus making them unusable. Fixed.
- Widow, heroic Humvees and heroic Centurions could not be disabled by ECM weapons. Fixed.
- Super weapons, Ion Power Plant, Laser Power Plant upgraded with Laser Fence, USA Boss Command Center and China Boss Command Center could not be disabled by improved ECM weapons and EMP missiles. Fixed.
- Cyber Droids, Cyber Dog, Spiders and Angels had errors in armor sets. Fixed.
- Demo Zippers sometimes circled around enemy aircraft and could not ram into them. Fixed.
- Alshain, Insectoid Drones and some other units with lifetime did not play death FX sometimes. Fixed.
- Demo Ratel's explosion appeared at the cannon's muzzle. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Radar Van revealed itself when near enemies. Fixed.
- China Boss Flamethrower used Ranger voice when ordered to capture a building. Fixed.
- Seraph Gate Guardian drones had a lot of health, but were not invulnerable. Fixed.
- Yan Wang's missiles could attack aircraft if retargeting. Fixed.
- Combat Puma and Helix could not be ordered to attack aircraft when they had anti-air infantry inside. Fixed.
- GLA received incorrect cash from bounty when destroying US drones. Fixed.
- Salvage Drop initiation sound did not play from its location. Fixed.
- Robo Raptor had no "Guard Air" button. Fixed.
- Jammer Station and Cyber Strategy Center had no "Stop" buttons. Added.
- Cyber Zodiac (point defense) drone was displayed with Battle drone model on death. Fixed.
- A radar dish debris flew off of Suan Ni when destroyed. Fixed.
- Rig Launchers did not get depiloted by Assassins when really damaged. Fixed.
- AI Rig Launcher recovered as normal Rig Launcher from recycle crates. Fixed.
- Demo Emergency Repair appeared on the right side of the screen instead of in the powers menu. Fixed.
- Cyber Supply Drop Zone money drop pods did not spawn sometimes. Fixed.
- Security Turrets could be demoralized and GPS scrambled. Fixed.
- Stealth Elbrus Storm had 12.5% more build time than other Elbrus Storms. Fixed.
- Newly built Artillery and Grenade Troop Crawlers did not have armor plates after Artillery Training. Fixed.
- Demo Traps detonated when there was a hazardous field in proximity (often when hit by toxin or nuclear shells). Fixed.
- Defense Cores took damage from upgraded GLA Assassins and could be unmanned by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Terminator had low mass which made him fly very high in the air when hit by shockwave weapons. Fixed.
- Vortas had $60 supply collection boost with Supply Lines instead of $30. Fixed.
- Water on dynamic water maps damaged aircraft. Fixed.
- Some units had no voice when ordered to attack aircraft. Fixed.
- Safe silicon fields (after Neutralizers upgrade) stayed longer than intended. Fixed.
- Acids could be neutralized by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Battleships could be decrewed. Fixed.
- China Boss Phalanx Drone was vulnerable to poisons and radiation. Fixed.
- BTR-50 Engineer could not be recycled. Fixed.
- Karakourt fired wrong weapon at nearby enemy if already given attack orders on another unit type. Fixed.
- Demo Black Market had 25% more health than the other Black Markets. Fixed.
- Biker shadows were too dark. Fixed.
- Desert Cruiser had less resistance to some weapon types after salvaged armor upgrades. Fixed.
- Tank general's ECM tank used troop crawler locomotor. Fixed.
- Zhu Rong's magma field could be "cleaned" by any weapon. Fixed.
- Holographic Black Lotus had no icon, thus could be told apart from the real one. Fixed.
- Centurion weapon projectile had a weird trajectory when attacking tall structures. Fixed.
- Lancer droid could be depiloted by an AI-controlled Jarmen Kell. Fixed.
- Force-firing with defense cores made them deploy at the target position. Fixed.
- Neutron Bomb decal was smaller than the actual radius of the blast. Fixed.
- Worker Biker said "Can I have some shoes?". Fixed.
- Air Force Power Plant had 25% less health than other power plants. Fixed.
- Warrior (Stealth Rebel) cost $50 less and built 0.5 s faster after Camouflage upgrade. Fixed.
- The "get in" cursor appears on full Troop Crawlers, Listening Outposts and Demo Ratels while wounded infantry is selected. Fixed.
- Helix pilots ejected from incorrect spots. Fixed.
- Units moved around anti-tank obstacles when attempting to shoot through them. Fixed.
- Planes often got stuck mid-air when landing on Levitation Pads. Fixed.
- Afterburner effects were visible when a landed Chimera was really damaged. Fixed.
- Widow Spider Mines blocked units. Fixed.
- Red Arrow and Stinger Soldier could attack mines and traps. Fixed.
- Crates from Salvage Plant could not be picked if they were not on flat terrain. Fixed.
- J-10 and MiGs sometimes stopped above target and did not attack. Fixed.
- Cyborg Commando was invulnerable to suicide Zippers and AA Lasers GP. Fixed.
- Armored Train Wagons and USA Boss Battleship acquired targets out of range which sometimes made them blind to nearby enemies. Fixed.
- Ravens used AA missiles vs. ground targets. Fixed.
- Harbinger and Bixi had too large geometry which made them take damage from some anti-ground weapons. Fixed.
- Infantry general's Propaganda Troop Crawler did not get in range when ordered to attack targets. Fixed.
- Fake Rocket Buggy lost ammo upgraded model after veterancy training. Fixed.
- Sneak Attack general's power was unavailable when player used rank addons. Fixed.
- When Jammer Field wears off, the announcer says "A warrior has fallen". Fixed.
- Jammer Field could be removed by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Military wall rubble state didn't work. Fixed.
- When player was low on power, Zodiac (PDL) drones powered off, but ones built after power loss had power. Fixed by removing power requirement.
- When Camouflage upgrade was purchased, Warriors trained from Command Truck after a fake Command Truck was made would train Warriors without camouflage. Fixed.
- Some anti-air structures and units caused mismatch when firing at air units standing very close. Fixed.
- Lightning Storm from Weather Manipulation Device caused mismatch when lightnings landed on water. Fixed.
- Game crashed when ECM Trooper disabled the unit he was shooting from. Fixed.
- Game crashed when at least two types of units and a beacon were selected, had formation assigned and were ordered to move. Fixed.
Challenge mode:
- Hard difficulty: Reduced AI rate of fire bonus by 10% and increased player health by 10%.
- All Challenges: Infantry general's Snipers did not count as stealth units, thus AI did not react with stealth detection. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenge: EMP Towers cleaned poisons and acids. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenge: Changes to attack teams.
- USA Boss Challenge: Water color is more realistic.
- China Boss Challenge: Sequoia tree in player's base was moved away in order not to block supply drop crates.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Save crash fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Performance fixes.
- GLA Boss Challenge: His Command Centers no longer produce power, thus increasing build time of units and buildings.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Added a ramp shortcut leading to the Stealth base.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Player view was zoomed in at the end of intro. Fixed.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added Spider Nests on various places.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added additional speech for Ironhand.
- Super Weapons Challenge: The map has dynamic water. After set time, the water dries out which opens new paths.
- Flame Challenge: Added additional speech for Bao.
- Nuke Challenge: Nuclear Storm countdown never started. Fixed. It starts when player reaches rank 5.
- Infantry Challenge: Infantry horde moved across water. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: Player view was rotated at the end of intro. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: One of the Palace teams did not garrison Palace. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: Terrain below water was painted blue which looked ugly. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: New speech for Huchum, new scripts, visual improvements.
Skirmish AI:
- Flame AI did not construct Supply Center sometimes. Fixed.
- Super Weapons AI did not construct War Factory sometimes. Fixed.
- Toxin AI stopped constructing buildings after Barracks on some 1 vs 1 maps. Fixed.
- GLA AI did not construct Palace sometimes which made them become passive. Fixed.
- AI gained experience rapidly for longer than intended when they were falling behind in rank. Fixed.
- Carpet Bomb and Shockwave Bomb GPs called by AI appeared above target areas. Fixed.
- Brand new shellmap (by Adriane and Newgate).
- Tags after some map names made more specific.
- Minimap did not update correctly on Dynamic Water maps. Fixed.
- Tournament A had outdated supply and tech icons on preview. Fixed. Replaced Reinforcement Pads with Heavy Reinforcement Pads.
- Twilight Flame ramps between left and right players near the center were too steep which made units there act stupid. Fixed.
- Deleted middle Oil Derricks and widened middle ramps on Three Ways.
- Replaced Tech Field Bunkers with Civilian Bunkers on Nova Beach and Turmoil maps.
- Lagoon and Lagoon Day: Supply Piles on the right side moved the right so Chinooks are safe from anti-aircraft attacking from the middle.
- Oil Derricks start with max health and have barrels around them removed on Lagoon, Lagoon Day and Local Disturbance.
- Local Disturbance: Removed two supply areas from the map and the barrels next to the middle tower as well as increased its initial health from 75% to 100%.
- Removed the 4 middle bunkers on Tournament Continent.
- Blizzard Badlands was too bright. Fixed.
- Danger Close now has dynamic water.
- Oak Valley map removed.
- Critical Corners map removed.
- Removed the string which announces that Oil Refinery has been captured on Lion Heart.
- Inserted a balanced version of Flash Fire.
- Cold Territory: Gas Storage Tanks made destructible. Oil Derricks have 75% health instead of 35%.
- Barren Badlands and Blizzard Badlands: Fixed steep hills preventing units from attacking. There is more space for better USA Supply Center placement on the lower ground near the secondary Supply Docks so that Chinooks don't start collecting from the primary Supply Dock.
- Victory Valley: Fixed badly placed water reflection and reworked middle area.
- Dust Devil: Replaced civilian buildings with hills.
- There were too many trees on Red Rock, Mountain Fox and Death Valley, hence most of them were removed. As a result, the object count on the maps was trimmed by half.
- Red Rock: Fixed slow loading time and bad water texture color.
- Bitter Winter: One of the bottom player's Wood Towers had bad terrain, preventing infantry from going in and out of that tower.
- Flash Effect: One of the water reflection objects was displaced. Fixed.
- Natural Threats: Fixed bad terrain and imbalanced Oil Derrick position for top player.
- Supply Crisis: Rebalanced supply distance and added roads around player starting positions.
- Tournament Island: Added small ramps between players.
- Fortress: Fixed paradrop decals displayed incorrectly and fast game speed.
- Riverside Valley: Rebalanced bottom right player's secondary supply dock. It was too exposed.
- Homeland Alliance: Removed the Repair Bay because it was closer to the bottom team and rebalanced player positions.
- Area J1: Top left area made more spacious, extra base entrance added, other small terrain changes and supply pile changes.
- [NMC] Plant Waste: Gas Storage Facility and Oil Refinery civilian buildings were unreachable, but garrisonable. Fixed.
- Wasteland Warlords rebalanced by Jundiyy.
- Revamped maps: Airport Trouble, Hazardous Environment, Crimson Tides, Rundown District, Rundown Arena, Hostile Dawn, Lone Eagle, Tournament B, Tournament Urban.
- Introducing new map type. [MD] = { Map Domination } = More exploration, less camping, introducing capturing of neutral super weapons. Perfect for free-for-all. The player who captures the super weapon first gets a chance to blow up his worst rival on the map in the matter of only 3.5 minutes. The timer starts once the super weapon gets captured. It can be reclaimed by anyone by capture, but cannot be destroyed. If a player fires the super weapon successfully, the timer resets with a much larger countdown.
- New maps: Desert Storm (1v1), Eagle Eye (1v1), Onza Map (1v1), Winter Arena (1v1), Scaraa (1v1), DeDuSu (1v1), Sand Scorpion (1v1), Micro Map: Mortar Buggy on Death Canyon (1v1), Micro Map: Rocket Buggy on Forgotten Ruins (1v1), Tigers Lair (1v2), Tournament Lagoon (2v2), Tournament Coastline (2v2), Southern Falcon (2v2), Aincrad Naval Base (2v2), Aries Woodland (2v2), Armed Neighbours (2v2), Armed Neighbours MD (2v2), Everglade Island MD (1v1v1v1v1), Country Swing (2v2), Deathcap Conclave (2v2), Ocean Riptides (1v1v1v1/2v2), Tournament Island Christmas Special (2v2), Defcon6 MD (3v3), Rundown District MD (3v3), Siege Island (4v4), Siege Island Small (4v4), Downhill Onslaught (2v2v2v2) Death Zone (1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1).
Map objects:
- New tech structure: Heavy Reinforcement Pad. Drops heavy units and a $500 supply crate.
- New civilian tank traps.
- New props: Christmas Candy canes.
- New trees: Christmas tree and palm trees covered in snow.
- New supplies: Christmas version of Supply Dock and Supply Piles: crates being Christmas presents.
- New object: Santa.
- Snowman prop: Replaced topple sound with a more appropriate one. Fixed texture issues.
- Torch prop: Enabled snow condition and made new night condition.
Balance changes:
- Cyber Nemesis N2 removed.
- Booby Trap cooldown decreased.
- Combat Puma automatic grenade launcher damage and damage radius reduced.
- Warrior health increased, weapon range decreased.
- Flamethrower range increased, rate of fire decreased.
- Toxin Luna experience required to level up decreased 2 times since only direct impact damage grants experience.
- Wasps do not have scatter radius now (they do not miss). They target ground enemies accurately.
- Air Force Avenger requires rank 3, but doesn't require Strategy Center.
- Comanche missiles deal 15% more damage but have 200% more reload time.
- Laser Avenger no longer loses rate of fire while moving. PDL removed.
- USA Dozer has slightly lower movement speed than Chinese Dozer. Equalized.
- China Power Plant build time reduced from 20 s to 16 s for all generals, equalizing it with USA Power Plants.
- GLA Mobile Supply Stash cost and build time increased ($1000 -> $1200), (10 s -> 12 s).
- ECM Tanks can deflect missiles while using disabler again, but disabler gets unlocked with Improved ECM Technology upgrade.
- Terrorists have 20% less resistance vs. small arms.
- Scorpions and Heavy Construction Dozer have more resistance vs. flame, radiation and poison.
- Cyber Droids grant more experience when destroyed.
- Infantry Dragon Tank health reduced by 20%.
- Toxin Tractor armor vs. infantry missiles increased.
- To prevent early rush, China Bunkers require War Factory and Infantry Power Plants cannot be garrisoned. Power Plant cost reduced from $1200 to $1000 and made capturable.
- Super Weapon Avenger cost and build time decreased ($1100 -> $900), (10 s -> 9 s). Weapon damage decreased by 10%.
- Air Force Avenger now has the same stats and looks the same as Super Weapon Avenger.
- Assault general can now build Terrorists and Terrorist Bikers.
- Cyber Droids have 10% more resistance vs. gattling and flame weapons and 20% less resistance to anti-tank weapons.
- Tech Artillery Platform has 20% less health.
- Zhu Rong and Yan Wang health reduced by 15%.
- Zhu Rong damage reduced. Reload time increased by 1.5 s.
- Zhu Rong magma field lifetime and damage radius reduced, but damage increased. The combination of changes make it weaker.
- F-6 fighter cost reduced to $1000. Experience value reduced as well.
- Damage bonus from Thermite Shells upgrade decreased from 25% to 20%.
- Demo Scorpion speed after Turbodiesel upgrade increased by 2%.
- Nuclear Tank Hunter no longer gains immunity to radiation after the upgrade. He gains resistance like other infantry instead.
- Nuclear Tank Hunter requires Nuclear Ammo upgrade again, but the player can train the regular one even after the upgrade.
- Tunnel Network cost reduced ($500 -> $400) for all GLA generals.
- Combat Puma and Helix turn rate decreased by 15% (they turn around slower).
- Guardian and Trackhound Droid turret turn rate increased by 30%.
- Zhu Rong, Omega Cannon and Karkadann have more armor against aurora damage type. It was too low.
- ATGM weapon range reduced by 8%, Sturm-S by 11%.
- Angels, Spiders and Phobos take 3 slots in transport instead of 2.
- Tech Artillery Platform, Oil Derrick, Radar, Reinforcement Pad and Repair Pad (not Repair Bay) grant 50% less experience when destroyed.
- AT and MG Troop Crawler cost increased to $900 (was $800). Artillery Troop Crawler cost increased to $1100 (was $1000).
- TOW Missile build time increased by 5 seconds.
- Remiel weapon range decreased by 10%.
- Cyborg Commando weapon range decreased by 10%.
- Terminator delay between shots increased by 1 second.
- Advanced Energy Capacitors upgrade cost and build time increased ($1500 -> $2500), (45 s -> 80 s).
- Centurion consumes 2 power (was 3). Upgraded Centurion consumes +2 additional power (was +1). Delay between shots increased by 0.3 s.
- Stealth Radar Van no longer has the anti-radar rocket and no longer gains experience.
- Dominator damage radius decreased. 
- Terrorist and Terrorist Biker damage radius decreased. Terrorist Biker experience value increased.
- Demo Battle Bus health decreased by 20%, matching it with Assault Battle Bus. Cost and build time increased.
- Assault Battle Bus passenger slots decreased from 8 to 6, matching them with Demo Battle Bus.
- A-10 Thunderbolt deals less damage with the vulcan cannon, but more with the missiles. Overall damage slightly reduced.
- China Sniper deals less damage, but shoots more often and has slightly more range. Cost and build time decreased ($700 -> $600), (7 s -> 6 s).
- Laser Crusader range increased, health decreased, Composite Armor bonus increased, small changes to locomotor.
- Laser Paladin weapon changed (pros and cons), build time increased (14 s -> 18 s), health increased, Composite Armor bonus slightly increased, small changes to locomotor.
- Microwave Composite Armor bonus increased.
- Stealth general has Technical instead of Gun Buggy. Gun Buggy with fireports available at rank 3.
- Temple and all Elbrus Storms' health increased by 25% so that ICBMs or Elbrus Storms don't destroy them (AKA stunlock).
- Sniper Cannon deals more damage to infantry. Pre-attack delay reduced from 1 s to 0.5 s. Cost and build time increased ($1200 -> $1400), (12 s -> 14 s). Auto Loader upgrade no longer affects them.
- Hazael damage increased by 8.5%, added secondary damage radius, detection range decreased by 37.5%.
- Ratel II damage increased by 15%.
- Laser Thor Carbon Lasers rate of fire decreased by 50%.
- Thor 20mm cannon damage increased by 20%, delay between shots decreased by 6.6%.
- Chimera damage decreased by 25%.
- MG Troop Crawler anti-air range increased by 20%.
- AT Troop Crawler damage decreased by 25%.
- Spider and Dominator health decreased by 14%.
- Marauder initial damage increased by 4%, and by 20% for each salvage.
- RPG Biker cost increased ($400 -> $500).
- Biker armor is less resistant vs. jet missiles.
- Medic Droids removed from Cyber Paradrop.
- Alshain cost increased ($100 -> $200), build time increased (2 s -> 2.5 s).
- Vortex Tank anti-ground weapon damage decreased, rate of fire increased, so that it no longer kills infantry with one shot.
- Concentrates (Poison Longivity) upgrade build time and cost decreased (90 s -> 60 s), ($3000 -> $2000).
- Chemical Pump and Chemical Pump Group are cheaper and built faster (same as Demo Traps).
- Demo Turbodiesel upgrade moved to Palace.
- Demo Quad Cannon AA mine drop on death removed.
- Demo Battle Bus cluster mine drop ability removed.
- Demo BTR-50 Engineer can now deploy Demo Traps, cluster and AA mines in addition to AT mines.
- Super units have slightly less resistance to jet missiles and slightly more resistance to bombers.
- Bobcat cost and build time decreased ($950 -> $650), (9.5 s -> 7 s).
- Mortar Buggy cost and build time decreased ($800 -> $600), (8 s -> 6 s).
- Rocket Buggy removed from Assault general.
- Defense Cores have more armor resistance to gattling and flame type weapons.
- Dark Star plane now detects infantry as well.
- Humvee, Cyborg Commando and Terminator are less resistant to Vortex Tank.
- Battle Mechanic drone now costs $300 but repairs 50% less health per second.
- Humvee health increased by 8%, TOW damage increased by 15%, turret turn rate increased by 50%, movement speed decreased by 15%. Experience value increased by 40%.
- Flame and Nuke MiGs and MiG-31 interceptors do not require Propaganda Center anymore. White Dragon requires Propaganda Center.
- Bunkers removed from Infantry and Flame Helixes. All Helixes are available at rank 3 without Propaganda Center requirement.
- Nuke MiG-31 interceptor cost and build time decreased ($2000 -> $1800), (20 s, 18 s), equalizing stats with Flame MiG-31.
- Infantry J-10 cost increased by $400 ($1100 -> $1500), equalizing it with Tank J-10.
- Tank J-10 build time reduced by 2.5 s (20 s -> 17.5 s), equalizing it with Infantry J-10. Experience value reduced too.
- Super units have 10% less resistance to explosions. This makes Efreet more useful vs. super units.
- Nuclear Tank Hunter and Irradiator leave smaller radiation pools.
- Infantry Troop Crawlers are 12% more resistant to poisons and 10% more resistant to flame, but 10% less resistant to rockets and tank shells.
- Nuke Battlemaster build time decreased (8.5 s -> 8 s).
- Flame Battlemaster build time decreased (8 s -> 7.5 s).
- Infantry inside Flame and Nuke Troop Crawlers no longer die with the vehicle. They survive with 50% health.
- Infantry general's Hackers cost the same amount and have the same experience value as other Hackers now.
- All Hackers hack money faster. Cash delay inside Internet Center 2.1 s -> 1.9 s, outside 2.4 s -> 2.1 s.
- Decreased EMP effect radius on Tech Field Tactics Center death.
- Strategic Bombing (Air Force super weapon) countdown reduced from 8 minutes to 6 minutes.
- Elbrus Storm and Temple super weapons' countdown reduced from 7 minutes to 6 minutes.
- Spider Tank weapon range decreased by 3%.
- Crab health decreased by 16.6%.
- Cost and build time of Spider Tank, Crab and Dominator increased.
- Lancer damage increased by 15%.
- SEAL weapon range increased by 7%.
- Spartan plane cost and build time increased ($2000 -> $3500), (20 s, 35 s). Health reduced by 33%.
- Guardian Droid cannon damage increased by 25%.
- Guardian, Trackhound, Repair and Lancer Droid cost increased ($550 -> $600).
- TOW Missile upgrade build time increased (40 s -> 45 s).
- PELE Ammunition and AP Bullets upgrades build time decreased (60 s -> 45 s).
- Isotope Stability cost and build time increased ($1500 -> $2000), (40 s -> 60 s).
- Cyber Dog cost increased ($550 -> $700). Lifetime added (45 s).
- Banshee health reduced by 40%. It's now equal to Manticore and Earth Shaker.
- Anti-radar missile launcher health increased so that PDL do not easily zap them anymore.
- ATGM Operator and Sturm-S missiles are no longer immune to ECM and PDL, but they have more health.
- Assassins move 50% faster.
- Nationalism is no longer purchased by default for Infantry general. Available in Barracks.
- Troop Crawlers grant less experience, but infantry inside survives destruction with 50% of their current health. This makes the granted experience much more fair.
- Infantry general's Propaganda Troop Crawler is now available at rank 1.
- Shandian is available at rank 1, but comes empty and has less health. Infantry survives destruction with 50% of their current health.
- Shandian cannot traverse water anymore.
- Cyber Dozer cannot traverse cliffs anymore.
- Sparrowhawk experience value reduced by half.
- Irradiator weapon range increased by 13%.
- Red Guard, Minigunners and Flamethrowers move 20% slower, equalizing them with other factions' infantry.
- Flamethrower, Demo Rebel and Toxin Rebel no longer clear garrisoned buildings.
- Coyote speed increased by 14%. This allows them to chase anti-aircraft units.
- Karkadann build time decreased.
- Flak Gun speed increased.
- Cash Hack removed from Infantry general.
- Decreased cost ($3000 -> $2000) and build time (90 s -> 60 s) of Emergency Repair upgrades for Tank general (at Propaganda Center).
- Firestorm reverted back to higher damage.
- Emperor flamethrower addon weapon range increased by 28%.
- Widow railgun damage radius increased, missile damage radius decreased.
- Combat Puma experience value increased.
- Aurora supersonic effect (invulnerability) lasts 0.5 seconds less.
- AA Lasers GP does not harm landed aircraft anymore.
- Hijacker and Saboteur cost and build time decreased ($600 -> $400), (6 s -> 3.5 s). Experience value decreased too.
- Hijacker Biker cost and build time decreased ($600 -> $500), (8 s -> 5 s). Experience value decreased too.
- Saboteur Biker build time decreased (7 s -> 5 s). Experience value decreased too.
- Laser Fence damage increased and range slightly increased.
- ATGM Operator experience required to rank up increased by 45%.
- Flame and Tank Bunker health increased by 40%, Infantry Bunker: by 20%.
- Patriot and Thor missile projectile health increased so that they are more resistant to PDL and SLID.
- Reduced amount of units dropped by Tank general's Tank Paradrop GP.
- China Supply Trucks have more explosive resistance. Two terrorists are needed to kill one truck.
- Demolisher health increased by 77%.
- Bomb Truck health decreased by 43%.
- Scolopendra cost reduced ($1300 -> $1000).
- Super Weapons general Composite Armor does not affect buildings anymore. Only Centurion and Saturn benefit from it.
- Laser, Cyber and Super Weapons' Airfields are built 10 seconds slower, equalizing build time with Levitation Pads.
- Raven is available at rank 1, but anti-aircraft missiles require Missile AI upgrade.
- Drone Uplink Chip is available at Barracks at rank 1.
- Exoskeletons upgrade is available at Strategy Center at rank 3.
- Advanced Demo Trap secondary damage reduced.
- All tanks have more flame resistance.
- China Field Engineer has less flame resistance.
- Comanches no longer have permanent stealth after Stealth Covering upgrade. Instead, temporary stealth ability must be activated.
- Super units are no longer affected by GPS Scrambler.
- The player no longer receives experience from Black Lotus Cash Hack and Magnetic Field abilities.
- Combat Puma seats reduced to 4.
- King Raptor cost, build time and experience value reduced ($1200 -> $1000), (16 s -> 11 s), (grants 25% less experience when destroyed).
- King Raptor has double the amount of missiles but they deal twice less damage. This allows the player to concentrate missiles at multiple targets.
- King Raptor frog missile retargeting count reduced two times (4 retargets -> 2 retargets). Damage dealt with and without Frog Missiles is equal.
- Demo Luna primary damage reduced by 20%.
- Demo and Chemical Luna range reduced by 6%.
- Missile AI upgrade cost reduced ($2000 -> $1500). Missile Cyborgs benefit from them again.
- Reduced reload of Desert Cruiser's (GLA Boss unit) mortar and missiles.
- Auto-heal removed from Infantry general's Black Lotus.
- Centurion health reduced by 22%.
- Katyusha cost and build time reduced ($1500 -> $1400), (15 s -> 14 s). Delay between shots reduced by 33%.
- Other minor changes...
General's powers:
- Special power countdowns changed. Cyber drop pods: 7:00 -> 5:00; Sniper Ambush: 5:45 -> 4:30; Tank Paradrop: 4:30 -> 5:45; Kill Radars: 2:00 -> 1:30; Jammer: 3:30 -> 5:00; Tank Trap Deployment: 4:00 -> 2:00.
- Demoralization general's power does not require targeting enemy unit directly anymore.
- GPS Scrambler cloak radius increased by 50% for Stealth general, countdown decreased by 20 seconds.
- Kill Radars general's power has 50% more damage radius.
- Demo Trap Deployment and Cluster Mines deployment are available in one level, which means the player can drop a maximum of one trap of type at once.
- Flame general's Fuel Drop now has 3 levels.
- Volume Detonation Bomb now ignites fuel.
- Cyber Stinger Drop drops 4 drones instead of 6.
- Cyber general Nano Swarm does not activate instantly. Small drop pods deliver them instead.
- The following GLA general's powers are now delivered by a small GLA cargo plane called Corvus: Demo Trap Deployment, AT Mine Deployment, AA Mine Deployment, Cluster Mine Deployment, Toxin Pollution, Acid Pollution and Sneak Attack. The reason for this change is to allow the enemy player to react to instant drops.
- USA Super Weapon general's Defense Drop general's power now drops defense core drones instead of defenses.
- Nano Swarm changed. Level 1 grants greatest healing and greatest damage bonus to units. Level 2 grants normal healing, normal damage bonus and small damage. Level 3 grants great damage, but damage only.
- Saboteur Ambush general's power removed. Introducing new power: Temporary Blackout. Disables buildings in area for 15 seconds.
- Mine Clearing GP (available from the start for Air Force and Super Weapons) removed.
- Zipper Call general's power removed.
- Fake Units general's power removed.
- Data Upload general's power removed.
- Air Pollution general's power removed.
- Flame Paradrop general's power removed.
Other changes:
- Harbingers removed. Cyber Supply Center comes with 2 Vortas by default. Optimal number of collectors is 3.
- GLA Temple super weapon is now capturable, but not garrisonable.
- All Reinforcement Pad and money transfer cargo planes are now unattackable.
- Infantry can now enter captured Tech Hospital for healing.
- Terrorist "Make Car Bomb" ability removed.
- Snipers had minimum and maximum delay between shots, i.e. random reload time. Randomness removed, average time used.
- Cyber Security Drone replaced with Security Turret.
- Supply Center Security Turret moved to the center of the structure.
- Bomb Truck removed from Stealth general.
- Stealth Elbrus Launcher turned from launcher with limitless range to conventional artillery, similar to Lunas.
- Scorpion rocket projectile trajectory changed. It doesn't fly too high in the air anymore.
- Terrorist and Hijacker Bikers have new locomotor settings, making them more consistent in attacking moving units while keeping the acceleration and braking of other bikers.
- Terrorist Biker can now detonate even while facing the target with his left or right side.
- Cyber Drop Pod no longer brings damage to owner player and allies on ground impact and no longer blocks movement of units.
- The player can now build another GLA general's Palace if he already has his own built.
- Reduced demo trap proximity range by 13% which ensures that Cyber Droids will die to a single Demo Trap.
- SEALs drop spreaded out now.
- Artillery does not automatically attack traps anymore.
- Salvage crates no longer add veterancy to units. Super units can now collect them again.
- Toxin Rebel Biker is now affected by training GP.
- Dozers are not immune to land mines anymore.
- Demo Ratel does not explode when destroyed, but only when manually suicided.
- Removed Command Truck area cleanup ability.
- Removed "ignore infantry" fire mode from Scorpion II. It had an unfair impact on engagements with mixed armies.
- Removed weapon switch from Medic Droid. It was not necessary and made the unit ignore hazardous fields when weapon was selected, and ignore enemies when cleaner was selected.
- Tech Field Tactics' Spy Ping removed.
- Infantry cannot shoot from inside of Listening Outposts anymore.
- Propaganda tower removed from Infantry Listening Outpost.
- F-6 Jet projectile has less damage radius but is now immune to ECM.
- Dirty Bomb upgrade removed.
- Civilian vehicles can no longer crush infantry.
- Tree aflame duration reduced from 25 s to 5 s.
- Walls and obstacles no longer have immunity to some weapon types. They can be damaged by any weapon now.
- Broken Wall Piece objects now have more health and obstruct movement. They are selectable and repairable. The wall arch, however, is passable.
- Thermobaric Mines removed.
- Laser Crusader, Microwave and Libra do not turn off when player is low on power. Paladin and Omega Cannon are the only units in his arsenal that do.
- Yan Wang has a hold fire option and reloads automatically if he has one missile in clip.
- Removed visual recoil of Assault Quad Cannon.
- Assault Artillery Barrage shells now change depending on Toxin Shells and Anthrax Beta.
- MTHEL and Antares added to USA Boss general.
- USA Boss Airborne Laser (ABL) plane works properly now. It can acquire targets.
- Select All Combat Units hotkey (Q) no longer selects scout units, engineers without weapons, GLA Cluster Mines and Dark Star.
- Centurion now has a rotating turret.
- Rig Launcher cannot enter tunnels anymore.
- GPS Scrambler for Stealth general requires Arms Dealer to be built first.
- Booby Trap for Demo general requires Arms Dealer to be built first.
- Assault Scorpion smoke ability requires upgrade. Researched at Arms Dealer.
- GLA bikers require Bike Workshop upgrade to become buildable. Researched at Arms Dealer.
- Patriot Missile Systems' target assist requires Missile AI upgrade. Researched at Strategy Center.
- Flame general's Dragon Tank firewall and Howitzer firestorm require Flame Combustion upgrade. Researched at War Factory.
- Super Weapon War Factory can produce defense cores, but cannot produce dozers now.
- Changes to some heavy particle systems in order to improve performance.
- Hulk lifetime reduced by half in order to improve performance.
Graphics and sounds:
- Fixed ugly damage transition effects on Tech Field Tactics Center.
- Grenade and Propaganda Troop Crawler's small cameos were not very colorful which made it hard to tell apart from being unavailable. Fixed.
- USA Dozer headlights were too dim. Fixed.
- All Dozers now play animation while constructing/repairing.
- Zipper and Dolphin 3D model size downscaled.
- Cyber Droids from Reinforcement Pad will be deployed by small parachutes.
- Removed the pole object from GLA Factory.
- Buildable obstacles: fixed large pickbox and added housecolor.
- Applied housecolor textures to Ratel and Ratel II dead models.
- Applied housecolor textures to Widow.
- Brand new particle effects for GLA Bomb Truck, medium explosion (cyber missile defense and tank helix missiles), poison mists, Shockwave Bomb GP and seismic explosion.
- Tech buildings use vanilla particle effects when destroyed, not Bomb Truck's.
- Atlas projectile detonation effects are all colored blue now.
- Jarmen Kell sandstorm is now a smoke screen.
- Improved Widow railgun particle effects.
- Adjusted volume of some unit voices.
- Shortened long pauses in Karakurt lines and removed silence at start.
- Comanche missiles and ammo pips are now visible.
- Armor plates of Tank Armor upgrade remodelled.
- New models for Humvee, Avenger, Marauder, Seraph, Gattling Cannon.
- New sounds for Widow move start, Widow railgun impact, bomb truck explosion, spider mine create, seismic explosion, trackhound machinegun, menu button fade.
- New voices for Alshain, ATGM Operator, Grenadier, Scolopendra, Heavy Construction Dozer, Mortar Buggy, Manticore, Earth Shaker, Chimera, Libra, Spider Tank, Crab, Dominator, China Sniper, Demo and Toxin Luna, Demo and Stealth Ratel, Rig Launcher, Coyote, Vortex Tank, Dolphin, Irradiator, Mobile Supply Stash, Red Arrow, Challenger, Eye Target Designator, Female Ranger, SLID, F-6 Jet, Pegasus, Leonidas, SEAL, Terminator.
User interface:
- New look and sound for buttons and new backgrounds on various screens.
- Changed network lobby interface. Expanded players listbox in order to prevent the auto-scrolling games problem.
- Network game lobby now has some tips to players, more space for map name text and fixes to badly aligned controls.
- Fixed badly aligned multiplayer beacon controls.
- Fixed cropped text problem with observer strings on Russian language.
- Removed countdown before network game start.
- Brand new VPN for multiplayer.
- Fixes to many technical problems caused by the game's bad compatibility with new hardware and software by handling them automatically.
- Option to customize camera height.
- Option to turn off water reflection effects.

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