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Suggestions and idea thread

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#81 Yurisarmy


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Posted 20 December 2010 - 01:37 PM

and yeah Yurisarmy's mod yuris new terror, tons of game modes but soo much redundancy since so small change modes, modes like 25% more unit armor etc are meaningless suggestions in mod like mine and main factor i havent started on gamemodes is simple... main mod features are not finished and if i did start them, it would double my workload to keep them up to date with the main mode balance etc changes.

Lol, the "small changes" and redundancy are getting fixed. :dry: I can't wait to go back on night shift again and boost my own mod productivity.
Having a rediculous amount of game modes is fun to an extent, but I wouldn't try to have as many in RS, tbh. Maybe 10 or so, not including the basic three.
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#82 Cloaked Decimator

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 08:55 PM

well i have to say your dimension X was fun to play.
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#83 Malekron

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 01:42 AM

How about this idea for some infantry for Osiris...

Name: Blut und Ölparasit
Cost: 350
Class: Light Battle Infantry
Weapon: Leech gun
Story: Osiris' basic infantry fuses man and machine together from unwilling and strangely willing surviving humans and scrap metal of NEXUS' destroyed units resulting in the Blut und Ölparasi. Armed with the Leech gun a specially designed to convert both human and machines healthpoints if any of the Blut's health is lost with the focus on winning a battle of attrition.
Notes: Leech Gun does not take and convert health from vehicle units due to it having thicker armour than the leech warheads can penetrate.

Name: Brainiac
Cost: 900
Class: Anti-Tank,Ship and Infantry Controller
Weapons: Mind control and Magnetic Crush
Story: Some of the relics of a dying empire, Yuri's clones and other psychic masters were a dying breed in a dying world that adapted to their abilities long ago. Until Osiris' en-slaver squads found them and molded them in to a bizarre xen-like being, advancing their psychic potential to once again (lesser) masters over the minds of human infantry (only temporary which after 30 seconds revert to previous team) and crush metallic units (terminators, tanks, etc) with it's cybernetic mind. With control over magnetism it can levitate over the water becoming a threat to seaborne units.
Notes: 30 second cooldown for mind control.

Name: Hive Being
Cost: $625
Class: Anti Air and Infantry
Weapon: Hive gun
Story: With Osiris' focus on a Re Genesis (TS reference) of the world, Humans weren't the only beings to be enslaved to Osiris' war machine. Small bees found in the FL's supplies base were transfigured in to cyborg insects designed to sting to death infantry and rip apart air units with the Hive Being commanding their movements to defend it's "queen".
Notes: Does little damage to tanks.

Name: Donator
Cost: $475
Weapon: Nanite Suicide Bomb
Class: Anti-Surface and Alternative Resource Gathering
Story: One of Osiris' insidious use of past suicidal tactics, Osiris perfects off of a loss of a loss with a nanite bomb. What this nanite bomb does is kill the the welder and victim (infantry, critically damaged tanks and building) and profits from the death of the enemy uni which turn to credits that are giving to the Osiris Commander.

Along with some cybernetic combination with other units (just some examples)

Name: Cyborg Dog
Needs: Assimilation Factory (unlike Barracks)
Cost: N/A needs FL Attack Dog and NEXUS Terror Drone
Class: Anti Infantry
Story: Once Osiris captures an Attack Dog from FL and a Terror Done from NEXUS and is sent in to the factory it turns in to a cyborg dog similar to Chitzkoi from Red Alert with the same abilities except can attack NEXUS' infantry with lethal efficiency.
Notes: Can jump over cliffs.

Name: Stealth Guardian
Needs: Assimilation Factory
Class: Ambush Anti Infantry
Cost: N/A needs original AL Guardian and AL Illusion Tank
Story: Once Osiris captures both an AL Guardian and Illusion Tank, then is sent in to the the factory it becomes the Stealth Guardian an infantry unit designed to ambush infantry with deadly precision.

#84 Apollo


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 06:29 AM

Well, somebody has done their research instead of plain mindless proposals, I'm slightly impressed. Osi infantry line up has basic form but few ideas do have merit like leech infantry however such for basic infantry would be balancing issue thus flame thrower troopers act as basic and actual leech tank (presently in mod) is unable to drain health from organic infantry so might be viable fit there as advance infantry as bio leech.

Regrettably no mind control units for Osiris due to turning the logic strictly for Nexus hacking and to avoid area of effect chaos affecting infantry, full immunity had to be given to mind control, in any case ideas such as hostage taker units or beam zap turners to a warped suicidal creation may suffice.

Cyborg dog is presently the current idea for League and Legion dogs as else justifying their potential use vs armor is hard at best with basic dog when Nexus and Osiris equivalents are more than capable of dealing with armor.

The Hive creature aspects (like bugs/critters and such) were to play a bigger role than just simply part of Osiris line up but game limitations have kinda undermined my diverse idea and it seems aimless at present.
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