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Does your game lag?

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Posted 04 December 2009 - 09:11 AM

Check following thread: http://forums.revora...showtopic=68307 for good mention of the VideoBackBuffer=no which alone even without dll is a must try thing.

as for modders, I suggest you replace all Translucent=yes with Translucency= (25,50,75) for most anims 25 is sufficient in RA2 and some bigger ones can use 50 (TS better use 50 for most) and potentially you can add TranslucencyDetailLevel=2 to each anim to have translucency drawn when game has high gfx mode selected allowing players to pick low mode for truly low gfx without any translucency if you do it for all anims.

Put in particle caps in those various particle systems and you can also put Translucency value in to the ones that use shp artwork such as Smoke/Gas/Fire/SHP Railgun systems and it is unconfirmed but Translucency=0 seems to work most smooth (disables translucency use in particle shp) or use the standard 25,50,75. Game uses the slow translucent=yes system as default so may try Translucency=0 etc to try reduce the lag problem and ideally you want the duration time of particle low as the longer it sticks...more it can be lagging with its presence.

Debris systems, now i've had the stacking up lag behaviour i believe due to them in past but now that I've changed the infinite loop count in them to set number (LoopCount=-1 to like 10 etc), I haven't been able to stack up the lag by blowing up stuff with debris but again, questionable if it is a true fix.

Also a note on trailering anims, if they use translucency, they can cause more lag than ordinary anims that stay in place to what i have observed.
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