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Abilities and other things

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 10:09 PM

I was thinking for all mobile suits they would have the switch weapon ability where they switch from beam rifle,machine gun,ect. to melee weapons.(like from t4-b tanks)

Also some units like the freedom and other units with a lot of guns can have a super attack ability that does massive damage on one or more units(since the freedom can shoot 5 or more enemies, and there can be a samll chance to evade it) like captain piets ability or other people with special attacks.

Those with boomerangs could use lukes lightsaber throw ability.

Most mobie suits and MAs could have a jetpack ability like boba fett that allows them to over the battlefield or like a transport.

Units with shields could have a 25% chance or something to block attacks(super attacks can't be blocked but can be slightly evaded. ( or invincibility like from obi wons ability.

Reconninse units could have yoda's ability to see the whole map or like the rebels artillery probes ability.

MSs or MAs that are like the Blitz that can be invisible could have lukes ability.

I was wondering, are you going to make new maps so boat battleships can travel more distance(cause some places have no water, oceans, or rivers) and there are the surface only battleships?

Sorry if others already posted these.

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