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Posted 19 December 2009 - 09:59 PM

Before you post anything for the first time, please read through the Forum Guidelines. We don't keep a large emboldened link up there for nothing, you know.

The title at the top says "RA2 and TS Editing". Keep the topics somewhat on-message here. We have The Junkyard if you feel the urge to post some rubbish. Spam will, of course, be deleted. If you've posted a topic in here, and we think it could be dealt with better in another forum, it may be moved.

If you have a question, before posting it, be sure to check through our library of tutorials, or even search this forum using the box at the bottom of the topic list to check that your question hasn't been dealt with before. The games are nearly ten years old at the time of posting, chances are that if you've run in to an issue, it's likely came up before.
If you really are stuck, post a topic, but please keep it clean. Don't expect other members to spoon feed you with your answer. If you're really having trouble, then say so and we can help. Don't feign intelligence when you're really struggling, as it's not the best way to ingratiate yourself to the community.

Keep criticism to constructive levels and flaming to a minimum. We do have a warning system in place on these forums, and staff have been instructed to warn members who step sufficiently outside the board guidelines, regardless of who they are.

Warez is not tolerated here, nor anywhere else on Revora. Topics asking for help with No-CD cracks, serial numbers, illegally downloading the games, or anything else like that will be locked and the poster warned. The forum's server resides within the USA, and thus is subject to US copyright law, so any links to warez or other illlegal downloads will be deleted. There are sites for this sort of thing. Revora is not one of them.

Our Voxel and SHP Discussion subforum contains a topic with a wealth of links to resource sites, and the forum itself contains innumerous resources for download. Additionally, be sure to check out YR Argentina, the Guild's resource site, if you're looking for graphical assets.

That's all. Any other issues, feel free to contact me or any of the Guild staff and we'll try and help you out.

C&C Guild Division Leader.
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Job Openings with the Guild: Division Staff, News Posters.
Job Openings with Ares: Documentation Maintainer, Active Testers.

PM if interested.

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