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The Hobbit Campaign

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Posted 27 December 2009 - 05:00 AM

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The Hobbit - Campaign (BFME2: RotWK)

Now that they are making the movies, I'd really like to see The Hobbit single player campaign in BFME2: The Rise of The Witch King. It definately needs some heavy work, but there shouldn't be anything impossible to do. The campaign actually would resemble good campaign of BFME2 quite much.

Main Heroes:
Gandalf (without Shadowfax or White)
Bilbo (Frodo without Phial)
Thorin Oakenshield (CAH hero)
Thorin's Company (3xDwarven Zealot = 12)

Other Heroes:
Bard the Bowman (Prince Brand)
Dain Ironfoot

Three Trolls (Tom, Bert and William)
Great Goblin (Gorkil)
Attercop the Great Spider (Shelob)
Smaug the Golden (Drogoth)
Bolg (Azog)
Bolg's Bodyguards (fully upgraded Half Troll Swordsmen)

New Powers:
Swords of Gondolin (+50% dam to heroes)
Summon Beorn (Hwaldar likeness)

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1. The Map (Dol Guldur)
- Gandalf with elves to rescue Thrain II, father of Thorin
- Dol Guldur is infested with goblins
- One Black Rider as boss

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2. Roast Mutton (Trollshaws)
- Troll infested forest with lot of troll lairs
- Starts with Gandalf to free Bilbo, Thorin and dwarves from a big cave
- Recruit Hobbits from Inn
- Three giant trolls (like the one in BFME1 Moria) as boss monsters

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3. Over Hill (High Pass)
- Basically BFME High Pass map with dwarves
- Hill Giants and some goblin camps as enemy
- OR Hill Giants might be part of Misty Mountains mission

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4. Under Hill (Misty Mountains)
- Large dungeon system (like Cirith Ungol or Moria) with few caverns for building resource buildings
- Dwarven camp (without Men of Dale) vs goblins camp (no spiders/-riders)
- Great Goblin (Goblin King) as boss monster

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5. Riddles in the Dark (Gollum's Cave)
- Bilbo only. Like BFME1 Shelob's Lair with Sam.
- Starts with Bilbo escaping from Gollum.
- Must use stealth (and ring) to survive.
- Goblins as enemy.

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6. Out of the Frying-pan Into the Fire (Carrock)
- Survive mission with only heroes and small group of dwarves.
- Dire wolves and Wolf Riders (from Angmar faction) as enemy
- Unlimited amount of enemies, that keep spawning again and again
- Eagles comes to help after time perioid. And wolves stop re-spawning.

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7. Flies and Spiders (Mirkwood)
- BFME2 evil campaign's Mirkwood map
- Start with Bilbo only to rescue dwarves
- All 13 dwarves are in web cocoons (like soldiers in BFME1's Shelob's Lair)
- Contact elves to drive the spiders (and goblins) from Mirkwood
- Elven camp with Thranduil. No Lothlorien or Rivendell elves.
- Goblin camp with some goblins and lot of Spiders and Spider-Riders as enemy
- Attercop the Great Spider as boss monster

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8. Fire and Water (Esgaroth)
- Fire drake lairs as nest of Smaug and Fire Drakes
- Smaug with fire drakes attacks the town.
- Defend the Lake-town with Men of Dale and Bard
- Destroy the fire drake nests and kill Smaug

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9. The Clouds Burst (Erebor)
- Battle of Five Armies
- Player is playing with Dwarves with all heroes
- Two enemy camps; Goblin and Angmar (dire wolves+wolf riders+Gundabad orcs) factions as enemy.
- Bolg is boss monster with his bodyguards (Half Troll Swordsmen)
- Thranduil and Elves arrive to help after short time delay
- Gandalf and eagles arrive after long time period (at the end)

What say you? Did I miss something?

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