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Uprising XMLs/XSDs and N. Russia art/aud pack now available!

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Posted 07 January 2010 - 05:48 PM

But that's another partial set of the Uprising materials. Thanks to Jonwil, it's now available to download from his website. Go to http://cncmods.net/index.php for details.

The Northern Russia art/audio pack contains the files suitable for RA3 WB. The Uprising xmls/xsds contains most of the source code files from Uprising. Jonwil promised to release the remaining ones soon as said from his website.

Because of the Uprising xml files now available to get, THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE C&C3 KANE'S WRATH FILES THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE PUBLIC TO DOWNLOAD!!! I just wished that Asuka (aka Lauren) has released the KW xml files already, but he's still working on the KW mod sdk.

The good news now is that everyone has a chance to mod the Uprising units (almost completely) such as the Grinder, Mortar Cycle, Steel Ronin and the Archer Maiden. The xmls for these units are already there. Any remaining files missing for these units are to be issued immediately.

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