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Isengard Heroes

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#1 isledebananas

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Posted 27 January 2010 - 11:35 AM

Since the Isengard hero roster is complete I thought I would give some of my ideas(anyone else is still free to post their ideas though :p ). I don't have any ideas for Grishnakh though, I didn't like him much from the movies and he didn't do much. Though I do like seeing him skewered with a spear :) .

Wormtongue - Spy of Saruman(Don't really know his official title). I think his main purpose should be just making enemy heroes worthless, but he has little attack and hitpoints.
Escape lvl1 - same as usual
Crippling Influence lvl4 - similar to Witch King's Hour but way less damage but has faster recharge
Aging Lethargy lvl6 - passive aura slows heroes slightly, can be cast on enemy heroes decreasing attack damage and rate, and decreases ability timer recharge speed
Venomous Words lvl8 - aura that cancels out all types of enemy hero auras around Wormtongue

Wulf - Leader of the Wildmen of Dunland
Toggle lvl1 - similar to the Corsairs he can switch to firebombs but his are stronger
Pillage lvl1 - similar to the regular Wildmen ability
Plunder lvl4 - like Outlaw leadership works on both units and buildings but it increases the yield the higher he becomes in level
Blood Oath lvl6 - one of two possibilities 1) he casts this on an area all units lose some percent of hp but gain a boost to attack damage and armor, or 2)he loses hp himself and surrounding units gain a boost to attack damage and armor; both for a duration

Mauhur - 3rd Commander of the Uruk Scout Party He should get an armor reskin(passive armor boost) at level6 since if he was going into more of a real battle he should be decked out.
Scout Leader lvl1 - Stealth Detection and *
Toggle lvl1 - toggle between range and melee; I just think its weird for a hero not to have melee(especially helpful to take out annoying siege
Orc Draught lvl4 - heals surrounding allies(not as much as good side healing), but also increases their attack damage for a duration
Keen Smell lvl6 - this one may not be codable but when he casts this enemy units within a huge radius are illuminated(just the units if thats possible) for a set duration, or it could jut be similar to casting Palantir Vision with him as the cast center, or when enemy break a certain radius they are illuminated for short time(this would be passive)
* at higher levels he should also give a sight range boost and experience gain to allies, also his sight range/detect range increases slightly with each level

Ugluk - 2nd Commander of the Uruk Scout Party He should also get an armor reskin(passive armor boost) at a higher lvl(lvl6 perhaps?)since he would be later put into more active battle. Powers:
Fury lvl2 - temporary increases his attack damage and attack rate
Taskmaster lvl4 - aura increases allied unit move speed and boosts experience gain
Meats on the Menu lvl6 - two possibilities 1)kills of a single unit in a battalion increasing that battalion's attack damage and rate for short time but with a shorter ability recharge, or 2)same as #1 except it effects all units in a radius but the recharge is longer; stat bonus is for set duration
Cannibalize lvl8 - many possibilities all auras; the main split is when the life replenish should happen should it be like the Pillage ability but with hp(hp per attack) or Outlaw Leadership with hp(hp after killing); also if it should give a set amount of hp or be a percentage; finally if its percentage how it should be done; whichever is easiest to code is probably the way to go

Sharku - Leader of the Warg Riders Powers:
Blood Hunt lvl2 - gives a boost to attack damage and move speed to surrounding units for a short time
Wild Charge lvl4 - increases his own armor, speed, and trample for a short time
Devour lvl6 - eats unit gains hp and attack damage(short duration)
Jaw Trap lvl8 - warg grabs enemy hero in jaw and the hero stays in jaws for a short duration, doesn't stop Sharku from moving though

Lurtz - Commander of the Uruk Scout Party Also should get an armor reskin(passive armor boost) at lvl6 to suit his new more battle orientated role. Powers:
Toggle lvl1 - same as usual
Blood Rage lv3 - increases his attack damage, armor, and move speed for a duration
Stun Blow lvl6 - similar to Cripple Shot but can be cast while melee and the projectile is an Uruk Shield
Fighting Uruk-Hai lvl7 - aura gives huge damage to allies and experience boost

Saruman - Former Istari and Former Head of the White Council I don't want him to have such powerful visible magics his should be mostly about his manipulative power. Powers:
Wizard Blast lvl1 - slightly stronger than Gandalf the Grey's version, but significantly inferior to Gandalf the White
Fireball lvl3 - projectile speed needs a big increase(was very fast in the movies) also no arcing or knockback just uber chance to set on fire; reduced damage against Gandalf the White
Silver Tongue lvl5 - castable(huge radius) increases armor and damage of allies
Pervasive Tongue lvl7 - castable(huge radius) decreases enemy armor, attack damage, and move speed(slightly)
Enthralling Words lvl9 - this on/off channel spell; cast on area affects enemy units effectively freezing them in place; they lose some armor as well; if this is spell is interrupted by Saruman dieing, moving or turning the spell of they unfreeze; doesn't work on heroes
* Saruman will have some abilities not seen on the Palantir slots since he has no more room.
Speech Craft lvl2 - aura gives fear resistance, also increases allied attack rate, but also decreases enemy attack rate.
War Machine lvl5 - aura boosts buildings resource output, research rate and unit production rates, and experience boost to buildings
Discernment lvl1 - gives Saruman the ability to detect stealthed units

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 02:21 AM

Isengard also has an Orc called Lagdush and a Wildman called Freca. Look them up on http://www.glyphweb.com/arda and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Just giving some info... ;-)

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 04:55 PM

isle, Wormtongue's real name is Grima, that's his front name.
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Posted 19 March 2010 - 06:38 PM

Isengard also has an Orc called Lagdush ...
Just giving some info... ;-)

... must be a typo, the correct name is Lugdush, as Encyclopedia of Arda also has it ...

As far as I remember, it's only mentioned in History of Middle-earth, and not very many know the name of that orc ... so good find, Emperor. ^_^

Freca was the father of Wulf, living about 250-300 years before the War of the Ring, at the time when Helm Hammerhand was King of Rohan.

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Posted 30 January 2015 - 01:15 PM





3 possible heroes for isengard... 

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