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LIVING world

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Posted 29 January 2010 - 08:00 PM

A request(sorry if it sounds N00Bie but My english s´nt to good, I´m 12)

It would be a more realistic fortress:

Houses, Rising cp with 50, makes you able to build first 3 Hordes. Then you upgrade to get 2 more, House for factions:
Tent (mordor)

Cave (Goblins)

Cave house that they used in isengard in the books... (Isengard)

The same for angmar


Tree house (elves)

? (Dwarwes)

Farm (Rohan)

Farm (Gondor)

House, Re skinned farm (arnor)


How the house will work..

It will replace resource buildings and will give vry low resources, but to compense that all factions fields. A little bit more expensive but better.

All houses gives you standard infantary. A kind of elite house will give you better units...


Maybe you will have civilians walking in your Fortress... :)


Greatnoff :blink:
As far it is life its still hope

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