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Idea Posting Rules and Regulations

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 01:49 PM

When posting an idea, please take in consideration:

1. Do not post multiple ideas in one thread, post each idea invidiually.

2. Give each thread a fitting title (ex: "Hover Sentry Drone for SWGen" instead of just "I have an idea for SWGen)

3. Always do a quick search to see whether your idea has been suggested already or not.

4. Think about your idea at least for 5 minutes before posting it, where does it fit? why does it fit? is it balanced? and such things.

5. If you see an idea that you like but we disagreed, please do not open a new topic just to beg.

6. See our mod progress before posting anything, for example, GLA will have aircrafts, as stated in our storyline. So it is redundant that you post a new topic just to ask us to give GLA aircrafts beacuse they DO have aircrafts. However you can make suggestions fornew types of aircraft.

Posting comments at ideas:

1. Do not post simple "I agree" or "Signed" post.

2. Respect the other person and don't flame them for ideas (unless the other person does neglect the above rules)

3. Be constructive, if possible, argument the idea.

4. If you think an idea is not suitable, give good reasons for it, not just "I don't like it".

5. Do not be pissed off just because we do not like your idea, you can give that valuable idea of your to some other mod.

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