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Posted 02 February 2010 - 02:09 PM

Here you can ask questions about the mod :p and the Staff will answer them as soon as possible :good:

Here some that i got on PPM Site:

Q: So are the russians a new side or more of an arms dealer? (by DaFool)

A: Well, russians will be more like arms dealer. they are providing modernizations for both USA and China, however, we plan to add some kinda of Embassy (if you played AoEIII:AD you'll understand what i mean) where you'll be abble to call in Russian reiforcements. And purchase better upgrades for your units. The Russian Units avaliable will be depending about each faction that you choose. Eg: Chineses will not get the same upgrades as americans do.
But GLA won't have russians at their side, no weapons, nothing, they might have help from big Middle Eastern & Asian Nations, excluding China.

So resuming: Russians won't be a faction of the game. The new faction is a secret yet, since we still discussing what we shall have.

Q: How big a mod is this going to be? Is it going to be almost TC, or will the enhancements be to existing parts of the sides? Are there going to be many new units, as opposed to modifications of existing ones? (by Orac)

A: This mod will be big. This won't be a TC, since we'll still be using some concepts from C&C Generals. And DELTA is placed on the same Generals Universe. Some of the old units will keep existing. the Toxin Reaper is the first unit finished for the mod. It's not a remodel of the Toxin Tractor but an awesome killing machine.

Yes, there'll be new units, new structures, new faction, remodel of the existing units will happen too. We'll also include a lot of new features!


Keep them comming!

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