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Unique Buildings

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#1 isledebananas

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Posted 08 February 2010 - 01:19 PM

My ideas I guess will take a lot of work for some especially coding wise. However, I thought the unique building should you know be really, really unique. I know in the spell books section the mod-team complained that they didn't want too many similar spells so I thought it should be similar for Unique buildings too.

For Moria in the Suggestions for Resource Gathering it was suggested that the main way for Moria to collect resources should be from scavenging so I thought that any of their other resource structures should yield significantly less. Instead they would get a building that would give the scavenge ability to all units.

Trove Hoard - it will look similar to the treasure trove but not dragon looking thing, and instead of jewels it will have what look like pieces of armor and weapons. Also maybe some goblins or a troll adding or taking piles of scavenged things into the building. It can't level on its own so it needs upgrades. Also it similar to the Treasure Trove will offer the various weapon upgrades including a new arrow damage upgrade(not poison). There is no cap to the amount of these you can have but the bonuses don't stack the more of these you have.

Lvl 1 : Scavenge ability
Lvl 2 : offers Heavy Armor upgrade, Forged Blades Upgrade, and some Arrow upgrade; note poison arrows and BC should be at Goblin Cave
Scavenge ability improved
Lvl 3 : Scavenge ability further improved
Salvage ability - now anytime your units die they will also give back a bit of resource
Upgrading weapons is now cheaper
Quick Arming(change name?) - an on/off ability it will constantly drain resources but it will pump out goblins that come with full upgrades(this is good to use when you know your gonna be making lots at a time). If you have multiple Trove Hoards when you use this ability it gets darkened in the other buildings.

Goblin Drum - this functions basically as the heroic monument, and a goblin or two stands there drumming it. However, it also possesses a weaker Call the Horde ability I heard, perhaps it will only affect buildings in a certain range? Also I think the drum shouldn't heal they should have a well like structure maybe a ruined looking Hearth but it functions the same.

I know the Mod-Team wanted Rhun to have a dragon theme, but lore experts wanted the tie to Morgoth/Sauron. I stated in the Spellbook Thread that their unique building will have more "Dragon Themed" Spells.

Altar of Shadow - this building will have no levels. It has its own spells, but the spells don't auto-recharge and in fact come unavailable. It's design looks like a shrine with a huge black hand in the center with kind of a preacher/priest guys around it that look like they preach. The ability timers charge by getting villagers to worship at the building. These villagers will either be the spam villagers or special villagers produced from the building. The more villagers you have worshiping the faster the abilities recharge. Stronger spells of course have a longer recharge. There should be a cap to the amount of this building you can have.

Plague Carriers - cast on your units drains their hp for a duration, but if they get close to enemy units they infect them with a stronger version of the same spell, which can also spread; Gives them a poison cloud fx
Shadow Lore - map wide cast, increases the recharge of unit special abilities for a duration
Dragon Fire - cast on units gives them additional flame damage(stronger than fire arrows) which includes melee units for a duration and their weapons have fire fx
Dragon Strength - cast on units gives them additional siege damage and gives them knockback for every attack(includes archers) for a duration
Dragon Scales - cast on units gives them an ability which blocks a set amount of damage(not armor percent increase); basically it will block say 45 damage incoming at it; this for a duration
Will of Sauron - cast on single building it will increase its production capabilities for a duration; resources, research speed, and unit production
Crushing Terror - cast on enemy buildings prevents them doing all functions for a duration

I like how Harad is a very diverse faction with peoples from a wide region of areas. Naturally this made me think that the combat abilities of said individuals are varied, but when they come together they can teach each other. In addition since they have poorer technology they would rely on their natural skills more.

Training Grounds - this building will be where Harad units gain permanent upgrades. Similar to the spell book powers they require fighting to get. Once you have enough xp so to speak there will be enough for the upgrade to auto-purchase. You can build multiple of these, and its necessary since units won't get the bonus if one of these buildings aren't around even if you have gotten the upgrade. The building requires Harad's secondary resource building the Trade Outpost. The arcuballista only get the South Harad Training and only half strength at that; Mumakil don't get any of the upgrades.

Far Harad Training - gives a permanent 10% boost to hp; there are 3 levels to this; only when Mahud units kill enemy units does xp for this ability build up
Near Harad Training - gives a permanent 12% boost to armor per level; there are 3 levels to this; only when Haradrim swords, pikes, hashiarii kill units does xp for this ability build up
South Harad Training - gives a permanent 15-20% boost to attack rate per level; there are 3 levels to this; only when Haradrim raiders, archers and Serpent Guard kill units does xp for this ability build up
Corsair Training - gives permanent 10-15% boost to attack damage per level; there are 3 levels to this; only when Corsair units kill enemy units does xp for this ability build up
Endurance Training - gives permanent 5% boost to speed per level; there are 3 levels to this; any unit killing enemies will build up xp for this; Haradrim Raiders/ Mahud Camel Riders aren't affected by this

Trade Outpost - this is Harad's secondary resource building. It requires camel/horse caravans that move between two Trade Outposts. Caravans should auto-move between the two Outposts. The longer the distance between the outpost the caravan last went to and the current one determines the amount of money it will generate. Kind of wanted this to emulate AoE series caravans. The outpost looks like a place with tents and some people with camels/horses around. The outposts build the caravans.

Isengard's Fighting Uruk-Hai were a product of Saruman's work. He considers them complete by what he says in books/movies, but I am sure if he tried he could add more capabilities to them. This is what Isengard's unique building would do adding to the Uruk-Hai.

Uruk Experiment Pit - think of in Fellowship with the regular pit in the back and an orc examining newly produced Uruks that's what it should look like. It possesses abilities that gives permanent upgrades to your Uruks(note only Uruk swords,pikes, crossbows, berserkers, elite can get this). Also, when you build one of these the 3 Uruk Heroes will auto get all upgrades. For all Uruks the last palantir slot will be called experimentation and will give what bonuses they have. Similar to the Altar of Shadow the abilities don't recharge on their own, but they start out with them available. The ability timer moves through sacrificing Uruks to the building who are given to experiment on. The building casts the ability on one horde and perma buffs them, but it won't work on units that already have the upgrade. Stronger the perma-buff the more sacrifices it takes to recharge, and already ready buffs don't get any bonus if units are sacrificed. Though you do get some resource for every Uruk you send in. It does gain level and more upgrades are available via level. It levels through purchase or through sacrificing.

Lvl 1 : Improved Strength - gives ability to do small percentage of damage as AoE per attack; the radius is small only units standing next to unit
Enhanced Musculature - gives the ability to trample a little, which is decent but not close to cavalry trample

Lvl 2 : Regeneration - gives the ability to constantly generate a small amount of hp, even during combat; to make up for that bonus it doesn't get any benefit when not in combat
Augmented Resistance - gives the ability that duration of debuffs are less on this horde;

Lvl 3 : Thick Hide - gives the ability to take reduced damage from archer fire, and enemy melee fighters get a reduction to attack rate when attacking horde/unit/hero with this upgrade
Hardy Physique - gives ability to take reduced damage from siege and resist knockback(somewhat) and trample(completely the unit only takes damage when cavalry smash into them?)

For Mordor I thought mostly of a building that will turn an area around it basically into a mini Mordor.

Morgul Tower - now that I think about it I am bit undecided should it be a separate(can only be built close to Fortress) or be the Fortress monument . To be honest I frankly hate the Gorgoroth Spire with that mini eye thing. So perhaps this could be the final upgrade for the Fortress. It would of course no longer have that ugly eye thing. In addition it would be selectable and within it is contained abilities. Naturally it would cost a lot more than what it does now. Secondly this would allow the construction of the watchers which will be more powerful than before. It reform the terrain like terrain transform but it won't do anything till upgraded. Its basically to let the enemy know your entering Mordor lands now.

Watchers(expansion): Terror - scares away enemy units
Grip of Fear - it will cast an ability on units that freezes them for a duration but also makes them untouchable for that duration; it can be interrupted if they are attacked
Sensing - if enemy units are within a certain radius of them their eyes will give a glow fx. This radius will be huge to the point that it should be beyond vision range of the AI base size.

Cursed Eruption(ability) - a green eruption fx similar to Minas Morgul in the movies erupts out knocking over all enemy units within a certain radius; knocked over like they have been trampled(includes heroes not Gandalf and some Elves), but the damage is not much

Forged of Shadow(upgrade) - once purchased it gives the Nazgul a special ability; the ability is passive and activates when the Nazgul die they will respawn at the place they died(if they were on foot/horse not fel) at only about 20% health a few seconds later; it works like an ability in that it recharges(so no immortal Nazgul <3 ), even though it activates on its own; passively decreases the cost of buying Nazgul and rebuying after they die

Darkness - this is a mini version that encompasses a small section, a little bit larger than the AI base, the bonus is a little weaker, but also stacks with regular darkness. This darkness the fx is not so dark as the spell-book one. I don't know if it should be permanent or duration. Also if it is permanent should it be on/off with a cost drain.

Accursed Lands(upgrade or ability) - in the radius around the Fortress randomly smoke clouds will come out of the ground. Any enemy units that get hit with that they will lose slight vision and get dps damage for a duration. If its ability it should last for a duration, but I am more inclined that its an upgrade.

Rain of Fire - it will look similar to the former ability that the Gorgoroth Spire possessed, but it will launch many stones, but they will be smaller though it affects a bigger AoE. Additionally it can only be cast in a certain range from the fortress so it doesn't mimic Isengard's ability. Also these things can light units on fire.

Morgul Knights(passive) - allows the creation of Morgul Knights(2 Hordes max) which are a cavalry elite horde that do anti-hero damage.

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#2 Arveanor

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Posted 08 February 2010 - 11:18 PM

Sounds awesome but there's one serious flaw with mordor's spire. Namely without touching anything related to the MotE Mordor is OP, so giving them this thing wouldn't help one bit, even with the pitiful excuse of balancing by cost.

And if you think I'm whining because mordor destroys me I'm not, in fact I know their OP simply because after destroying my friend a few times with a orc spam I've realized why it works so well.

He uses isen so his uruk-hai start at like 400 and by the time upgrades are applied their over 1k. I can build 9-10 gorgoroth orc hordes for that amount and build them faster if I use multiple pits, where's the balance in that? my orcs will rip through his uruk's like paper, not to mention their primarily a meat shield for the atk trolls and nazgul.

#3 GreatNoff

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 03:58 PM

Wow!! Sounds really, really awesome!!! All .you say is true esp. The "Gorgoroth spire". I think some edain styled sub faction , Something big special faction unit add??

At least everithing sounds great...hope naz see this... :p
As far it is life its still hope

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