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Harad Heroes

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#1 isledebananas

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Posted 13 February 2010 - 09:33 PM

This is the section for anyone and everyone to post their suggestions for Harad Heroes. From the number, to powers, to names, and anything else you can think of.

Arphaek - Captain of Karna Guard - he should look like this , but sans the bow. Powers:
Guard lvl1 gives him additional armor while standing still; gives stealth detection
Slash lvl3 - attacks an enemy hero at melee range; does good damage(2-4x regular attack) but also gives dps on the hero for a duration; additionally affected hero loses .75 attack rate, move speed, and attack damage for every 1% hp they have missing for the duration
Parrying lvl4 - gives him bonus armor; enemy archer fire directed at him only has 35% chance of hitting him, the 65% that don't hit their damage(half) will be inflicted on random enemy units within a short radius of him; all this for a duration
Agility lvl6 - permanently increases his speed and allows him to run on top of units(if that is possible), walls, and buildings(though don't see the point in this one); he can't stand on them though;just like units with Climb Wall when clicking over a wall they just walk over it, similarly it works for units with him; passive
Shackle lvl7 - cast at range on a unit/horde/hero; it ties them to Arphaek for duration but at the cost of move speed for him; the ability allows movement for the enemy within a certain radius of him through the duration they can't go beyond this and must move with him if he decides to move

Farhaas - Great Assassin of Harad - he should have a bow/scimitar toggle and look somewhat ninja-like but with armor; Powers
Toggle lvl1 - scimitar/bow toggle
Poison Weapons lvl2 - every one of his attacks reduce move speed and give dps for 6-10secs; affect doesn't stack; passive
Bleeding Wounds lvl5 - increases his attack damage and causes his attacks to give dps damage to enemy units he hits for a duration; the dps of the Bleeding Wounds effect does stack and its duration only begins when the duration of this move ends; so say dps is 50 per hit each hit increases the dps plus 50, ten hits would then be 500 dps; the duration where he can inflict these wounds is really small; if he is in scimitar mode the dps he inflicts is significantly more than with bow
Smoke Bomb lvl7 - he throws a smoke bomb on the ground and causes smoke cloud to form in the area; if possible the AoE should start small and get bigger to a cap; all enemy units inside have no vision(includes detectors), lower armor, nor can they escape; your enemy can't see inside it either even if they have units nearby outside the smoke
Neuro-Toxin Arrow lvl9 - cast on enemy hero does decent damage, around the weakest arrow ability attack or less, but also adds dps damage which is considerable for a duration; the clincher is if the hero dies while the abilities poison duration is in effect when it dies it can't be revive-able for several minutes(at least 4); the poison dps shouldn't be a threat if the hero is above 50% and taking no damage from other units but less than 35% its probably gonna get affected
*This ability is not on the palantir slots
Climb Walls lvl1 - he can climb over walls

Captain Jackson - Leader of the Corsair Raid Parties same as usual; Powers:
Toggle lvl1 - whatever his melee weapon is/firebomb
Outlaw lvl2 - basically outlaw leadership
Incendiary Pouch lvl4 - launches a small bomb to an area after a few seconds it will blow; there should be an fx on the spot it lands; this attack is stronger against buildings; this isn't outlandish Isengard had bombs, just imagine a smaller one with a fuse
Quick-Fire Water lvl6 - splashes water on an area(should be able from long range) that debuffs units/buildings; any affected units/buildings take additional flame damage and have higher chance of catching on fire(in fact buildings do from the first hit)

Dalamyr - Commander of the Corsair Fleet should look like the Games Workshop guy buy has scimitar/crossbow toggle; Powers:
Toggle lvl1 - toggle scimitar/crossbow
Lord of Umbar lvl3 - aura increases sight and archer range for nearby units; boosts experience
Impaler Bolts lvl4 - hope this can be an on/off spell; it decreases his attack rate(significant) and increases attack damage(a bit), also when he fires arrows it keeps going past the target unit and damage units behind
Jam lvl5 - cast on an area; if there are siege in that area he will shoot a bolt at all of them; the affected siege when they go to fire don't release the missile and instead take some damage

Naarey - Hunter of Harad - he has toggle and should be a cloaked fellow; Powers:
Toggle lvl1 - same as usual
Tracker lvl3 - he gets vision of enemy units that aren't at full hp in a wide radius; radius should be massive but not map wide; the vision he gets is small not enough to tell surrounding terrain, perhaps just enough to see units standing directly next to the low hp unit; passive
Trap lvl5 - he sets a trap on an area that when triggered causes units to be knocked down and take some damage; its cast over an AoE and when a unit enters a few seconds after-wards it triggers; it takes time to set so it can't be done well during battle especially since there should be an fx on the area he is setting up the trap; once set though there will be no indication for enemies; there can be a cap on how many he can cast or traps fade over time
Camouflage lvl6 - this is on/off spell; this decreases his speed significantly but allows him to be invisible when not attacking; this can't be cast when your in sight range of enemy units; when he goes to attack this stops functioning, but he gets an attack damage boost for a duration; perhaps there can be some kind of skin change when he uses this or an fx
Maim lvl8 - shoots an arrow at a hero/single unit that causes some good initial damage but also gives dps damage for a duration; the dps damage is slight but if the affected unit starts moving then the dps is significantly greater
*The following abilities are not on the palantir slots
Stealth lvl1 - he is stealthed in trees and while standing still; he can also detect stealth units

Suladan - Grand Warlord of Harad - he should look like the 2nd GW Suladan the one without the extra fancy banner thing on his back; Powers:
Mount lvl1 - same as usual
Glaring Blade lvl3 - when activated his sword starts shining or flashing and he gains a boost to attack rate, and enemies in a radius lose attack rate and armor; this can only be done when the area is not affected by some shadowy affect, that means he can't use it during Darkness/Freezing Rain since the glare should come from the sword reflecting sunlight
Warlord lvl4 - aura enhances attack damage(significant), armor(slightly), and experience gain; gives fear resist
Stab Wound lvl6 - this delivers an attack on enemy heroes who are missing hp; it should subtract a percentage of hp which is a factor of how much they have lost say half, meaning if they have lost 50% hp this attack makes them lose 25%
Warsong lvl8 - allied units within his sight range start singing; each unit(individual unit within horde[if that's possible]) gives off an aura that boosts move speed(very small), attack damage(somewhat), and attack rate(decent); this means the more units that were in the initial cast the more powerful it is since the auras they give off should stack

Hashaed - Leader of Haradrim War Parties - he should look like that horse chieftain in GW; Powers:
Mount lvl1 - same as usual
Warleader lvl3 - aura boosts speed(slight), armor(significant), and experience; gives fear resist
New Tactics lvl5 - cast in an area around him debuffs enemy attack rate, armor, and experience gain(a lot)
Adjust Defense lvl6 - cast on allied units gives them a defense bonus against their counter unit, for example a cavalry horde won't take as much damage from pikes
Infiltrate lvl8 - cast on an allied unit/horde; it allows them to run into an enemy building; the unit/horde is no longer useable but it still fights from within the building; the horde/unit gets bonus damage against the building while inside, and prevents the building from firing and researching upgrades; if the enemy successfully produces a horde/unit then it will start fighting against your infiltrated horde on the inside and stop attacking the building itself; the fighters inside gain no bonuses except the defenders get a slight attack damage bonus; produced units can't come out till the infiltrated units are killed; if the buildings gets destroyed only then do you get the infiltrated horde back

Uvara - Chieftain of the Mahud - he should look like the Mahud King from GW but with a cooler weapon; Powers:
Mount lvl1 - he mounts a camel and gets a bonus damage against enemy horse cavalry
Shout lvl2 - he throws his arms up and yells; enemy units within a radius lose all buffs including getting hero auras for a duration
Stun lvl3 - anytime he attacks he has a chance of stunning his target for a 2-5secs; passive
Throw lvl5 - cast on an area when this is done he picks up a nearby unit and throw it to that location(enemy or allied so be careful); the thrown unit takes damage as do any units/buildings he lands on, though its not very effective against buildings; he can't throw things larger than regular cavalry(one guy on a horse) or siege(except Isengard Mines)
Taunt lvl7 - he yells and bangs his chest a few times; this increases his armor and forces surrounding enemy units to target him for a duration; affected units can't cast spells

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#2 yams in a can

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Posted 14 February 2010 - 04:03 AM

Too many, at least for Harad and Rhun.

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To the professor, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

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-yams in a can

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Posted 14 March 2010 - 03:27 AM

I made a post like this one for Rhûn heroes, using this mod's non-movie source materials (Tolkien's writings and Games-workshop). I shall use those source materials in this list to.

Raziamin, Haradrim chieftain of near Harad
1 - toggle bow and scimitar
4 - heal allied heroes
5 - train haradrim (train allies but for Haradrim only)
7 - cripple strike
10 - rain of arrows (cah power)

Juldan, the leader of the Hasharii
1 - assassin
3 - climb walls
6 - poison weapons (permanently upgrades Juldan with poison weapons)
8 - invisibility cloak - allows Juldan to turn invisible for 5 minutes
10 - summon Hasharii (summons more of Harad's elite)

Castamir, fleetmaster of Umbar
1 - toggle firebombs and dagger
4 - poison weapons
6 - corsair leadership
7 - train corsairs (train allies for corsairs only)

Ûvat, the Mahûd king (named by Nazgûl in the hero roster post)
1 - mount or dismount camel
4 - Mahûd leadership
7 - Mûmakil leadership
10 - summon oliphaunts

Captain Jackson (from beta 4.5)
(Powers are the same)

Berúthiel, Queen in the South
1 - spying cats
3 - mount or dismount morgul knight horse from GW
6 - blight (angmar power)
9 - fear
10 - flood (elven power)

Suladan, the serpent lord
1 - mount or dismount haradrim horse
4 - rally the Southrons (rallying call but only works on Haradrim)
6 - summon serpents
8 - royal charge
10 - summon royal guard

That was all from these forums, the lore, and GW.

As you can see, only two of the seven book-only characters were included, but I wanted to give myself more time for travelling after this post.

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Posted 23 December 2017 - 04:57 PM

Taunt lvl7 - he yells and bangs his chest a few times; this increases his armor and forces surrounding enemy units to target him for a duration; affected units can't cast spells

Hello! Can you help me with this? How can it be done?

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