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Divisions of the East

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Posted 11 March 2010 - 02:57 AM

Hello everyone. I have been looking over some lore and lore adaptions and discovered that Harad and Umbar are one East-men group, then there's Rhun, and lastly there's Khand. I would recommend making the Corsairs and "Captain Jackson" (which is very clever) into Harad characters and then make Rhun have the Balchoth as their supporting "same-nationality-different-ethnicity" unit. Then, have Khand be able to access a small set of characters and a one building that both Harad and Rhun share. Like this (Units with stars next to them are indicated as already established the way there displayed before I even discovered this mod):

newly-add Harad Hero:
Captain Jackson

newly-add Harad units:
Corsairs of Umbar
Corsair Ballista

newly-add Rhun Hero:
Balchoth Chieftain (my name suggestion would have to be "Brodda"

newly-add Rhun unit:
Balchoth Troopers (light siege like Harad's Mahud)

Khand Tree:

Buildings: Khand Palace*

Hero: Uldor the Variag*

Khand Horsemen
Khand Swordsmen* (or maybe axemen, we don't know what kind of soldiers they had)
Khand Archers
Khand Spearmen
Khand Catapult (or Trebuchet, we already have Rhun Catapult)

Just some advice of mine, keep up the awesome work. ;)

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