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Thousand Sons *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:02 PM


Thrall Wizards
Notes: Although they're the faction's "slaves", these guys are assholes in the making. Picture someone who's always overworked but one day will achieve great status. They have the "I'll show you!!!" attitude towards life. Wicked on the inside, sycophantic on the outside.
Unit_Complete1: Through Tzeench we shall gain immortality!
Unit_Complete2: loyalty is rewarded with power
Unit_Complete3: I serve my dark masters...
Unit_Complete4: what is your design, Lord?
Unit_Complete5: how may I serve the Architect of Fate?
Unit_Complete6: what shall transpire here, Lord?
Unit_Complete7: so many voices...
Unit_Complete8: you bring revelations once more, Lord?
Selection1: I am merely a more immediate tool of the architect of fate!
Selection2: It is my duty to be a tool to Tzeenchs will
Selection3: What is the will of the Engineer?
Selection4: Yes… yess! What is my masters will!
Selection5: I am but a lowly slave lord…
Selection6: We walk the path of fate!
Selection7: The wheels of time turn eternally
Selection8: We shall gladly sacrifice our lives for Tzeench’s designs!
Move1: I see...
Move2: So it shall be
Move3: I pledge it shall be so
Move4: so wills the Engineer!
Move5: i work on the material plane
Move6: We shall move!
Move7: Our place is there!
Move8: The changer of ways guides us
Move9: A thralls place is where his master needs him
Attack1: They shall die upon the alter of the Engineer!
Attack2 Yeeeeeessssssss…
Attack3 Charge!
Attack4 As the engineer commands!
Attack5 For the Changer of ways!
Attack6: snuff out the savages!
Attack7: and now, they will die!
Attack8: we'll pierce their little minds
Attack9: in death they'll see the truth
Attack10: burn!
Build1: As ever, I bow to your will
Build2: If that is the shape of your design
Build3: I do your bidding, Lord
Build4: My only wish is to serve
Build5: Yes, mighty Lord
Build6: Your will be done
Build7: I will gladly obey
Build8: We shall erect this tribute to Tzeench’s greatness!
Build9: At last we act
Repair1: I shall mend the magic
Repair2: With but my mind I can meld metal, twist iron and shape life itself.
Repair3: I will shape our fate
Morale_Break1:Forgive us Tzeench!
Morale_Break2: oh we are lost!
Morale_Break3: *sob* we have failed!
Morale_Restored1: behold the light of Tzeentch!
Morale_Restored2: no, we shall not die here!
Capture1: It shall belong to us!
Capture2: Change has come!
Capture3: so beautiful the coming of the warp...
Capped1: new lines of power...
Capped2: so it came to pass after all...
Capped3: For Tzeench we have captured the position!
Load_Transport1: Perhaps now we shall move faster
Load_Transport2: Thank you lord of Change for this chariot
Unload_Transport1: We depart
Unload_Transport2: I foresee, we have arrived
Charge1: *roar, yell, etc*
Charge2: unlimited... POWER!
Charge3: for the Changer of Ways!
Charge4: feeble minded fools!
Deepstrike1: we are here!
Death1: aahhhhhhhhhhhh
Death2: No, my work is not complete
Death3: All is dust in the end
Death4: My body returns to the wind


Rubric Marine
Notes: Some voice acting has already been done on these guys, I'd suggest following those. Whisper, mostly emotionless.....unintelligent. Like the wind.
Unit_Complete1: We are the thousand sons
Unit_Complete2: We are the sons of Tzeentch
Unit_Complete3: Our bodies are dust, our minds are strong
Unit_Complete4: For Ahriman [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Unit_Complete5: Let us make our Primarch proud
Unit_Complete6: The winds of chaos our strong today
Unit_Complete7: Thousand Sons, at your service
Selection1: You require our eternal servitude
Selection2: What do you want
Selection3: You seek knowledge?
Selection4: What do you seek
Selection5: What do you want to learn
Selection6: Do you require our intellect
Selection7: My lord
Selection8: All is dust
Selection9: What do you need?
Move1: For Magnus the Red
Move2: For the Red Primarch
Move3: For the Thousand Sons
Move4: Move ever slowly
Move5: March forth
Move6: For all knowing Tzeentch
Move7: We are all knowing,.. where is the enemy
Move8: As you command
Move9: Orders Received
Move10: Yes Master
Attack1: You may have strength but we have knowledge
Attack2: In the name of Ahriman, ATTACK [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Attack3: Destroy the traitors
Attack4: Destroy those who betrayed us
Attack5: We will cast your souls to the wind
Attack6: You will be dust
Attack7: Destroy them all
Capture1: No matter what
Capture2: We will achieve our goal
Capture3: Move Silently, take the point
Capture4: Strategic point identified
Capped1: Victory in the name of Tzeentch
Capped2: We have achieved our goal
Capped3: Fate is on our side today
Load_Transport1: Perhaps now we shall move faster
Load_Transport2: Thank you lord of Change for this chariot
Unload_Transport1: We depart
Unload_Transport2: I foresee, we have arrived
Morale_Break1: I did not foresee this
Morale_Break2: This was not part of the plan
Morale_Restored1: Back on schedule
Morale_Restored2: My mind is focused
Charge1: We will snap your minds
Charge2: Soon you will be dust in the wind
Charge3: I foresaw your demise
Charge4: Our scheme cannot succeed if you still draw breathe
Jump_Teleport1: Through the warp
Jump_Teleport2: All part of the plan
Deepstrike1: Right on time
Deepstrike2: The Thousand Sons have arrived
Combat1: How can you kill that which has no body
Combat2: Your mind will snap and your body will die.
Combat3: You will join our fate
Under_Fire1: We feel no pain
Under_Fire2: We are invincible
Under_Fire3: We are eternal
Damage1: My armour falters
Damage2: A lapse in concentration
Damage3: Perhaps I do feel pain
Death1: No, the plan must succeed
Death2: If lord Tzeentch wishes it, it must be so
Death3: All part of the plan
Death4: Rargh
Rubric Marine (alternate)
Notes: Rubric marines are essentially souls trapped in armor, I figured they would have whisper/hoarse voices with a mechanical ring or an echo, as if the soul is speaking directly through the vox-mouthpiece of the armor.
Unit_Complete1: Our power is yours.
Unit_Complete2: For Tzeentch! [pronounced “Zeen-ch”]
Unit_Complete3: Ready to change this world.
Unit_Complete3b: Rubric Marines ready to change this world.
Unit_Complete4: Change has arrived.
Unit_Complete5: We are as unstoppable as change itself.
Unit_Complete6: The Changer of Ways has sent us.
Unit_Complete7: As it was prophesied, we are here.
Selection1: Yes, Lord, we know.
Selection2: We knew you would need us.
Selection3: Just as expected.
Selection4: Right on time, My Lord.
Selection5: We already know what you want...
Selection6: Direct us to our destinies.
Selection7: We are not afraid. Task us, my Lord.
Move1: As the Changer has seen it.
Move1b: As the Changer of Ways has seen it.
Move2: It shall be done, Master.
Move3: We are already going, Lord.
Move4: The destination was already known to us.
Move5: We already knew it.
Move6: Tzeentch will guide us.
Move7: We go where the Winds of Chaos take us.
Attack1: Their future is grim, I have seen it.
Attack2: Their part is to die!
Attack3: This is where we find glory!
Attack4: Change cannot be stopped!
Attack5: *chuckle* As if it could be any other way.
Attack6: Just as expected, Combat!
Attack7: Our path leads to victory!
Capture1: It shall be yours, Lord.
Capture2: It was already ours.
Capture3: Exactly as planned, we shall take it.
Capped1: We have brought change to this place.
Capped2: As it was predicted, it is ours.
Capped3: Foreseen. This land is rightfully yours.
Load_Transport1: Accelerate our plans.
Load_Transport2: We will only succeed faster now.
Unload_Transport1: We are here...as if there was a doubt.
Unload_Transport2: We have arrived to spread your will, Lord.
Morale_Break1: Most unforeseeable!
Morale_Break2: Plans have changed, my Lord.
Morale_Restored1: We are back on path.
Morale_Restored2: Merely testing our faith, Master?
Charge1: We bring change!
Charge2: You will die here! I have seen it!
Charge3: They know not what will transpire!
Jump_Teleport1: Change comes swiftly!
Jump_Teleport2: Our path is there now.
Deepstrike1: They won't see it coming...
Deepstrike2: Just where we need to be...
Ability1: Tzeetnch! We beseech thee!
Ability2: Change is unstoppable!
Ability3: Rrrraagh!
Ability4: Taste the Power of Tzeentch!
Ability5: This...is...CHANGE! (hurr durr 300 reference)
Combat1: We will engage them as planned.
Combat2: Come! We are your fate!
Combat3: To their doom!
Under_Fire1: We are under fire, my Lord.
Under_Fire2: Right on schedule.
Under_Fire3: We knew they would be here.
Damage1: They are stronger than anticipated, my Lord.
Damage2: Something is not right, Master.
Damage3: We must fight harder, it cannot end now!
Death1: It...cannot...be...*hissing noise and a muffled wail*
Death2: We...we're...wrong? *hissing noise and a muffled wail*
Death3: *drawn out gasp, Hissing sound*
Death4: Forsaken? But...how? *hissing noise and a muffled wail*
Rubric Marine Sorcerer
Notes: Imagine those pretentious villainous voices...now, mix that with snobbish elitism. Add a dash of cruelty. Yes, from an outsider's view, it seems like the Rubric guys aren't as insanely evil as the other races...just very very arrogant and well....snobbish.
Unit_Complete1: Knowledge begets Curiosity, Curiosity begets Knowledge
Unit_Complete2: I am all power and all knowing
Unit_Complete3: Thousand Sons, power fills our minds
Unit_Complete4: Sorcerer of Chaos, in person
Unit_Complete5: I am power incarnate
Unit_Complete6: Tzeentch empower me
Unit_Complete7: My mind is infinite, my power eternal
Selection1: The powers of Tzeench course through my blood!
Selection2: The enemies of the Changer of ways shall feel our wrath!
Selection3: Those who fight change will be exterminated Charge
Selection4: For the Architect of fate!
Selection5: And they thought me weak, hah!
Selection6: I am hope, misery, ambition, and nightmares
Selection7: Change is inevitable
Selection8: I have looked long into the Sea of Souls
Move1: I had been expecting that
Move2: It would be pointless for them to resist me
Move3: Yes, your thoughts told me as much
Move4: long had I seen that place in my dreams
Move5: naturally
Move6: March forth in search of answers
Move7: I knew you would say that
Attack1: They are of no concern
Attack2: They cannot hide from the truth
Attack3: They are nothing! Nothing!
Attack4: I’ll handle those fools
Attack5: Dust and flame
Attack6: Your demise, is part of great Tzeentchs plan
Attack7: Follow the plan, complete the scheme
Capture1: Claim that point, in the name of Ahriman [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Capture2: I foresee our victory
Capture3: I have already seen it
Capped1: Just as I said
Capped2: Another piece of the puzzle completed
Capped3: Victory for the Thousand Sons
Load_Transport1: Take us with haste
Load_Transport2: You carry a sorcerer of Tzeentch, I see your anxiety
Unload_Transport1: Depart sons of Magnus
Unload_Transport2: All part of the plan
Morale_Break1: How can the warp forsake me thus?
Morale_Break2: My position is untenable here!
Morale_Restored1: My vision sharpens once more
Morale_Restored2: I foresee victory, my mind gains clarity
Charge1: Accept your death, weaklings!
Charge2: First your bodies, then your souls!
Charge3: This is but a hint of the end of time!
Jump_Teleport1: Focus the mind
Jump_Teleport2: The warp will take us
Deepstrike1: Fear our power, our Immortality
Deepstrike2: Complete the plan, crush the enemy
Combat1: Your minds are but string, my magic a deadly blade
Combat2: Mortals, do you fear our undead
Combat3: You face the cursed ones, look upon us and know your fate
Under_Fire1: Great changer, guide us through this violence
Under_Fire2: Fate is on our side
Under_Fire3: How can you hit those who control their fate
Damage1: Pah, I was not concentrating
Damage2: A lapse in the mind
Damage3: I was not prepared for that
Death1: I’ll be back!
Death2: No, the plan is not complete
Death3: Why would Tzeentch want my demise
Death4: We are but pawns in the plans of Tzeentch

Notes: What happens when a group of egoists get together? Well....these guys are practically seeing the world revolving around them. Kinda like celebrities...they believe Tzeentch favors ONLY them, that ONLY they can win the battle, that ONLY they can cast the most powerful spells....need I say more?
Unit_Complete1: We are the chosen of great Tzeentch, his greatest servants
Unit_Complete2: We are his most valuable pawns
Unit_Complete3: Chosen, what do you need of us
Unit_Complete4: We are the Chosen
Unit_Complete5: His finest warriors at your service
Unit_Complete6: The legions finest
Unit_Complete7: Champions of the Thousand Sons
Selection1: We are the chosen of the Architect of Fate!
Selection2: Our blades are as keen as our minds!
Selection3: What is your will my lord.
Selection4: Do not underestimate our skills
Selection5: We shall have vengeance upon the those who have betrayed us.
Selection6: This is a waste of our time and prowess
Selection7: will we not sit here until the end of time?
Move1: We move!
Move2: We Shall forge a path for the Changer of the Ways
Move3: My every step echoes with the essence of change
Move4: what I do, echoes in infinity
Move5: something less mundane next, we hope
Move6: All part of the plan
Move7: March forth, sons of Magnus, champions of chaos
Attack1: It is our destiny to emerge victorious
Attack2: The Pathetic fools will feel our wrath
Attack3: They shall feel the unbridled fury of the warp unleashed
Attack4: Prepare your blades brothers, we go to war
Attack5: These playthings are not worth our time...
Attack6: These Pathetic mortals known not the powers they deal with!
Morale_Break1: Fate is not with us!
Morale_Break2: We are too precious to die! Fall back!
Morale_Restored1: This was a result of your inefficient leadership! Do not allow it to happen again!
Morale_Restored2: We see new purpose
Capture1: An easy ritual
Capture2: This is the least of what we can do
Capped1: another day, another success for the plan
Capped2: it is better this way
Load_Transport1: Take us to battle, the lord of change demands it
Load_Transport2: We must reach the battle if the plan is to succeed
Unload_Transport1: Curse your sluggishness
Unload_Transport2: The cursed ones have arrived
Charge1: your souls will feed the immaterium!
Charge2: die! feeble minded fools, die!
Charge3: pathetic dilettantes at war!
Jump_Teleport1: May the warp carry us
Jump_Teleport2: Deliver us to vengeance
Deepstrike1: His chosen few have arrived
Deepstrike2: 'We serve mighty Tzeentch, Architect of Fate, Lord of Change, the Great Schemer.
Combat1: Your soul is mine
Combat2: Crush those who would hinder our plan
Combat3: The plan must succeed
Under_Fire1: Hahahahah, you cannot harm the Chosen
Under_Fire2: We are his favored servants, fools
Under_Fire3: We will not die yet
Damage1: Argh, no, they have penetrated the armour
Damage2: Pain, so long since I have felt its burning sting
Damage3: We are cursed of body, we do not feel pain
Death1: All is dust in the end
Death2: No, this is not supposed to happen
Death3: Great Tzeentch, why have you forsaken me
Death4: If it must be, so be it

Discs of Tzeentch
Notes: Powerful sorcerers of Tzeentch, they are filled with knowledge and they are arrogant. To ride a disc is a symbol of power and prestige..."followers of tzeentch are usually paranoid and insecure so such things hold alot of power amongst followers".
Unit_Complete1: We have come to bring the word of Mutation.
Unit_Complete2: Champions of Tzeench, at your command.
Unit_Complete3: You summoned us?
Unit_Complete4: Hah, you wish to order us?
Unit_Complete5: Disc's of Tzeentch, here to serve the Great Mutator.
Unit_Complete6: We are all knowing and all powerful.
Unit_Complete7: We are here to fulfill his plan.
Selection1: You desire wisdom?
Selection2: What would you like us to do?
Selection3: Mmmm, yes ignorant fool?
Selection4: You cannot imagine what knowledge we hold.
Selection5: Of course we will help, but it comes at a price.
Selection6: If Tzeentch wishes it...we wil obey.
Selection7: We will play our part.
Move1: All part of the plan.
Move2: We go to spread the word of Tzeentch.
Move3: First we were here now we are there.
Move4: We will move ahead..much faster then the rest of the army.
Move5: Forward discs of Tzeentch...the future beckons.
Move6: If that is what lord Tzeentch desires.
Move7: Yes, yes we are going!
Attack1: Aah, perfect test subjects for the gifts of Tzeentch.
Attack2: Your transition from life to death will be unplesant I assure you.
Attack3: Slay them all, I see potential...we must wipe it out.
Attack4: If our scheme is to succeed..they must be slaughtered.
Attack5: You cannot withstand the wrath of tzeentch.
Attack6: We will come at you from all sides and reduce you to burning sludge.
Attack7: Kill them all for Great Tzeentch.
Capture1: We will succeed.
Capture2: I see importance here..we must take this location.
Capture3: This land is important.
Capped1: We have triumphed in the name of the mutator.
Capped2: This land belongs to the Great Sorceror now.
Capped3: This land is ours fools.
Load_Transport1: If you demand it!
Load_Transport2: Outrageous..our discs will carry us much faster!
Unload_Transport1: Far too slow!
Unload_Transport2: Lord Tzeentch will hear of this!
Morale_Break1: No, this is not how it is supposed to be.
Morale_Break2: I did not foresee this!
Morale_Break3: The plan is undone, retreat RETREAT!
Morale_Restored1: Trickery my foe..simple trickery.
Morale_Restored2: Good now they are overconfident, we will deliver the killing strike.
Morale_Restored3: I do hope Lord Tzeentch did not see that.
Charge1: For chaos..FOR GREAT TZEENTCH!
Charge2: Feel the power of a god!
Charge3: We move as swiftly as we are deadly.
Charge4: We will have them gibbering in a moment.
Jump_Teleport1: One is always refreshed by a visit through the warp.
Jump_Teleport2: Thank thee Tzeentch for safe passage.
Deepstrike1: We have arrived.
Deepstrike2: Well..this is it.
Ability1: Hear the voice of Tzeentch, let him fill your head with madness.
Ability2: Feel the power of change.
Ability3: Daeth to the stagnant, the solid and the symetrical.
Ability4: One can not defeat something which is guarded by the Lord of Change.
Ability5: Tzeentch protects his most useful pawns.
Combat1: Fools, you cannot see your own demise!
Combat2: Hahahah, kill them all.for each one we slay we rid the galaxy of another fool.
Combat3: None can stand in the way of Tzeentch!
Under_Fire1: Take cover, the fools have spotted us!
Under_Fire2: Tzeentch protect us!
Under_Fire3: They will never catch us!
Damage1: Argh..what is this!
Damage2: Im sure it was part of the plan "nervous laughter"
Damage3: Curses..my mind is unclear!
Death1: No...I can still serve you lord Tzeetnch..just allow me the chance!
Death2: I am not ready for death..No No NOOOO!
Death3: Please Lord..NOOOOOOOO!
Death4: It cannot be!

Discs of Tzeentch Head Sorcerer
Notes: Powerful sorcerers of Tzeentch, they are filled with knowledge and they are arrogant. To ride a disc is a symbol of power and prestige..."followers of tzeentch are usually paranoid and insecure so such things hold alot of power amongst followers".
Unit_Complete1: Im here to lead us to victory.
Unit_Complete2: Here to make sure the plan goes smoothly.
Unit_Complete3: By Tzeentch..I have arrived.
Unit_Complete4: Im here to serve the great Chnager of Ways.
Unit_Complete5: I am here to lead us brethren.
Unit_Complete6: Though we are great...I am Greatest.
Unit_Complete7: I am the chosen of Tzeentch.
Selection1: What fool!
Selection2: Speak quickly..we havnt much time!
Selection3: Mmmm, yes ignorant fool?
Selection4: You cannot imagine what knowledge we hold.
Selection5: Of course we will help, but it comes at a price.
Selection6: If Tzeentch wishes it...we wil obey.
Selection7: We will play our part.
Move1; "sigh" If you wish.
Move2: Are sure about that?
Move3: First we were here now we are there.
Move4: We will move ahead..much faster then the rest of the army.
Move5: Forward discs of Tzeentch...the future beckons.
Move6: If that is what lord Tzeentch desires.
Move7: Yes, yes we are going!
Attack1: Death to those who would seek to destroy the shcemes of Tzeentch.
Attack2: Tzeentch wishes you dead..I must abide.
Attack3: Slay them all, I see potential...we must wipe it out.
Attack4: If our scheme is to succeed..they must be slaughtered.
Attack5: You cannot withstand the wrath of tzeentch.
Attack6: We will come at you from all sides and reduce you to burning sludge.
Attack7: Kill them all for Great Tzeentch.
Capture1: We will succeed.
Capture2: I see importance here..we must take this location.
Capture3: This land is important.
Capped1: We have triumphed in the name of the mutator.
Capped2: This land belongs to the Great Sorceror now.
Capped3: This land is ours fools.
Load_Transport1: If you demand it!
Load_Transport2: Outrageous..our discs will carry us much faster!
Unload_Transport1: Far too slow!
Unload_Transport2: Lord Tzeentch will hear of this!
Morale_Break1: No, this is not how it is supposed to be.
Morale_Break2: I did not foresee this!
Morale_Break3: The plan is undone, retreat RETREAT!
Morale_Restored1: Trickery my foe..simple trickery.
Morale_Restored2: Good now they are overconfident, we will deliver the killing strike.
Morale_Restored3: I do hope Lord Tzeentch did not see that.
Charge1: For chaos..FOR GREAT TZEENTCH!
Charge2: Feel the power of a god!
Charge3: We move as swiftly as we are deadly.
Charge4: We will have them gibbering in a moment.
Jump_Teleport1: One is always refreshed by a visit through the warp.
Jump_Teleport2: Thank thee Tzeentch for safe passage.
Deepstrike1: We have arrived.
Deepstrike2: Well..this is it.
Ability1: Hear the voice of Tzeentch, let him fill your head with madness.
Ability2: Feel the power of change.
Ability3: Daeth to the stagnant, the solid and the symetrical.
Ability4: One can not defeat something which is guarded by the Lord of Change.
Ability5: Tzeentch protects his most useful pawns.
Combat1: Fools, you cannot see your own demise!
Combat2: Hahahah, kill them all.for each one we slay we rid the galaxy of another fool.
Combat3: None can stand in the way of Tzeentch!
Under_Fire1: Take cover, the fools have spotted us!
Under_Fire2: Tzeentch protect us!
Under_Fire3: They will never catch us!
Damage1: Argh..what is this!
Damage2: Im sure it was part of the plan "nervous laughter"
Damage3: Curses..my mind is unclear!
Death3: Please Lord..NOOOOOOOO!
Death4: It cannot be!

Notes: Like the rubric marines...except even less clear. Still slow, whispering...and...unintelligent.
Unit_Complete1: Dust and Iron, at your service
Unit_Complete2: Champions of the Thousand Sons
Unit_Complete3: We serve the great sorcerer
Unit_Complete4: We the armoured fists of Tzeentch
Unit_Complete5: Thousand Sons, the greatest legion
Unit_Complete6: How may we serve the lords divine plan
Unit_Complete7: We were betrayed of honor, then of body, now you will feel our hatred
Unit_Complete8: Terminators ready
Selection1: My lord
Selection2: Yes my master
Selection3: I will crush your foes
Selection4: What plans have you to unfold
Selection5: We must destroy those who have wronged us
Selection6: We are ancient servants of a god of change, give us a new objective
Selection7: For Ahriman [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Move1: Onward legion
Move2: We are legion
Move3: The legion moves forth as our master wishes
Move4: I enjoyed the rest
Move5: Move ever slowly, brood your hate and unleash it upon the foe
Move6: Thousand Sons, march forth
Move7: All part of the plan
Move8: Fear us
Attack1: Fear our armoured might
Attack2: Fear us for we are cursed
Attack3: We are the undead, the cursed
Attack4: Kill in the name of Tzeentch
Attack5: Our weapons spew forth the flame of tzeentch
Attack6: Your demise will please the lord of fates
Attack7: Your time is up
Capture1: I have foreseen this
Capture2: We will be victorious
Capture3: Glory to the Red Primarch and his Thousand Sons
Capped1: In the name of Ahriman, we have succeeded [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Capped2: I told you so
Capped3: Did you ever doubt us
Load_Transport1: With haste
Load_Transport2: Time moves so slowly, but this accursed vehicle moves slower
Unload_Transport1: May Tzeentch bless you, for you have tempered my rage
Unload_Transport2: If you were not of use I would have turned you to dust, oh wait, hahahaahhaha
Unload_Transport3: Exit quickly brothers
Morale_Break1: No we are the finest of chaos
Morale_Break2: We shall not falter, WE SHALL NOT FALTER.
Morale_Restored1: Mind Games fool, mind games
Morale_Restored2: Our minds are focused once more
Morale_Restored3: We stand firm to rock
Charge1: Rargh, for Ahriman [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Charge2: For the lord of sorcery
Charge3: For the Red Primarch
Charge4: Avenge the betrayed, slay the traitors
Charge5: Why throw away your lives so recklessly?
Jump_Teleport1: Take us through the warp
Jump_Teleport2: Deliver us to evil
Deepstrike1: We have arrived
Deepstrike2: Aaah the joy of warp travel
Combat1: We control your fates mortals
Combat2: We are destined for victory
Combat3: We foresaw your defeat
Under_Fire1: I see you
Under_Fire2: They cannot penetrate our armour
Under_Fire3: We control our fate
Under_Fire4: Our enemies mock us with puny threats
Damage1: No, they have broken through the armour
Damage2: Pah, a lapse in concentration
Damage3: Focus your minds my warriors
Death1: No, All is Dust
Death2: Wind, fire, smoke and dust cast into the air
Death3: In the end, everything turns to dust
Death4: Our time has come, but we will see you soon.
Death5: I.. will be... avenged..
Terminator (Chosen)
Notes: Their voices are deep, dry, drawn out, and airy/whispery. They would be calm and lord like.)
Unit_Complete1: Change is upon us...
Unit_Complete2: We have come to spread his vision.
Unit_Complete3: Aaaaaaahhhhhh...... (Like an acknowledgement)
Unit_Complete4: This world is ours! (followed by laughter)
Unit_Complete5: We shall have our vengeance!
Unit_Complete6: The Changer of Ways is in your favor.
Unit_Complete7: These lands shall bow to his Great Purpose!
Selection1: Our loyalty is unfaltering.
Selection2: We are his chosen.
Selection3: Nothing is everlasting...
Selection4: What is it? (Aggravated)
Selection5: We long to bring about their demise.
Selection6: Thy bidding?
Selection7: Your armoured champions await.
Selection8: Command our wrath!
Selection9: Yessss!? (slightly aggravated)
Move1: His vision guides us.
Move2: The path is clear.
Move3: Lead us in glory!
Move4: For the Changer of Ways!
Move5: Agreed...
Move6: Just as planned.
Move7: Destiny awaits..
Move8: We go.
Move9: As the Master of Fate dictates.
Move10: Our march cannot be halted!
Attack1: We shall mold them into his visage!
Attack2: The hour is upon them.
Attack3: They are nothing to us!
Attack4: Kill them! (said quickly)
Attack5: Hahahaaaaa!
Attack6: The End Time is at hand!
Attack7: Your life.. it is.. meaningless..
Attack8: Fate is not on your side, mortal!
Attack9: *ROAR* (will be fx'ed to become a mechanical roar)
Capture1: It will soon be ours.
Capture2: The change spreads.
Capture3: This will deny us not.
Capped1: It is.. accomplished!
Capped2: His grand vision expands.
Capped3: To the satisfaction of the Great Architect.
Load_Transport1: Take us, so that we may spread his vision.
Load_Transport2: Send us to the enemy.
Unload_Transport1: They cannot stop us!
Unload_Transport2: Ah, a new place to corrupt.
Morale_Break1: There are too many!
Morale_Break2: This cannot be his will!
Morale_Break3: Our might is undone!
Morale_Restored1: They cannot deny change forever.
Morale_Restored2: We will not be denied!
Morale_Restored3: The battlefield shifts in OUR favour!
Charge1: Abolish them!
Charge2: Make them suffer!
Charge3: Vanquish the Weak!
Charge4: For the Crimson King!
Jump_Teleport1: Strike at their weakness!
Jump_Teleport2: They cannot foresee our actions.
Deepstrike1: Break them!
Deepstrike2: Down from blackening skies!
Ability1: For the Changer of Ways!
Ability2: Behold the Power of the Red Cyclops!
Ability3: Sweep the cursed ones aside!
Ability4: In Magnus we trust.
Ability5: Our bodies shall come not to harm.
Combat1: Show them to the warp!
Combat2: Haaaahaahaaa!
Combat3: Do not deny your fate…
Combat4: Weaklings!
Combat5: Pathetic mortal!
Combat6: Witness your Fell of Days!
Combat7: Beg for mercy!
Combat8: (Screeching of metal)
Under_Fire1: The fools think they can stand in our way?
Under_Fire2: They march to their destruction.
Under_Fire3: His will cannot be questioned!
Damage1: Aaghh!
Damage2: Their weapons are too powerful!
Damage3: We cannot continue this way!
Death1: This wasn't foreseen!
Death2: You cannot stop what is coming..
Death3: No!
Death4: We shall return...
Death5: GGAarrrgghhhh!
Death6: Aarrgghhhh!
Death7: *ROAR* (Metallic screech or roar)
Terminator Sorcerer
Notes: Imagine those pretentious villainous voices...now, mix that with snobbish elitism. Add a dash of cruelty. Yes, from an outsider's view, it seems like the Terminators aren't as insanely evil as the other races...just very very arrogant and well.... badass.
Unit_Complete1: I am the armoured Sage
Unit_Complete2: Dust and Armour
Unit_Complete3: We are Legion
Unit_Complete4: I am Tzeentch's pupil
Unit_Complete5: I follow the Red Primarch
Unit_Complete6: At your service
Unit_Complete7: Chaos at your disposal
Selection1: Tzeentch has decreed that this day be a glorious one.
Selection2: Which way...is the enemy? (accent on enemy)
Selection3: I am the mind who runs the body!
Selection4: He who makes the most calculations....wins the war.
Selection5: My brothers yearn for the sting of battle!
Selection6: Where may I...test my powers? (sadistic tone on test my powers)
Selection7: Grr...this standing wastes my time!!
Move1: This way!
Move2: The enemy should meet US instead!
Move3: The Architect directs us to this way!
Move4: The great arrow in the sky has clicked THERE! [this is meant as a slight joke]
Move5: All is dust....
Move6: Move forth Legion of a Thousand Sons
Move7: For the lord of fate
Attack1: (Evil cackle heard in the TS mod trailer)
Attack2: Leave no man, pillar, or wall standing!
Attack3: Let us sow the thunder and reap the whirlwind!
Attack4: We LIVE!
Attack5: It is decided that your time be up!
Attack6: I shall flay your soul with my mind
Attack7: I control the thread of fate
Morale_Break1: No my warriors this was not part of the plan
Morale_Break2: Follow the plan, FOLLOW THE PLAN
Morale_Restored1: My mind is clear once more, praise Tzeench
Morale_Restored2: Praise the Red Primarch our minds our focused
Capture1: An offering for Tzeentch...
Capture2: MINE!
Capped1: I should build my own throne here....
Capped2: Our lord will be pleased...!
Load_Transport1: Move with haste
Load_Transport2: May the winds of chaos carry us to our destination
Unload_Transport1: Thank you driver, may your fate be to your liking'
Unload_Transport2: All part of the Plan
Charge1: Why do you ruuuun? (Almost teasing tone on ruuuun)
Charge2: You do not know that you're already DEAD!
Charge3: Wind, dust and fire quench the foe before us
Jump_Teleport1: Chaos magic carries us away
Jump_Teleport2: We come like prophets of the unspeakable truth
Deepstrike1: Damnation incarnate
Deepstrike2: We are the cursed, fear us
Combat1: We are damned, what could you possibly do to us
Combat2: Ten thousand years of suffering, we will share our fate with you
Combat3: In the name of Magnus slaughter these ignorant fools
Under_Fire1: You cannot stop our schemes
Under_Fire2: The plan will go ahead
Under_Fire3: I know my fate and this is not it
Damage1: All is dust in the end
Damage2: I let the darkness take me
Damage3: I am no longer useful
Death1: Nooaauuuuggh!!!
Death2: At last, rest
Death3: My soul will power our god and he will grow stronger
Death4: No, I am still worthy of use


Icon Bearer
Notes: I actually imagine this guy to have a voice like regular CSM, but with more inspiration and "holiness." Also remember the resonance from his helmet.
Unit_Complete1: Standard bearer awaiting orders
Unit_Complete2: I bear the symbol of his might
Unit_Complete3: Bearer of the symbol
Unit_Complete4: I march to war with a holy relic
Unit_Complete5: For Ahriman almighty [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Unit_Complete6: For the Red Primarch
Unit_Complete7: For the Thousand Sons
Selection1: I am blessed to carry his most (un?)holy standard
Selection2: I stand ready and willing to give my life to further his cause!
Selection3: Lord?
Selection4: This is no mere trinket
Selection5: Their eyes will bleed to look upon me
Selection6: This once stood atop Prospero’s silver towers
Selection7: The icon sees you just as you see it
Move1: they will see my coming… and tremble
Move2: I bring change wherever I go
Move3: Time itself fears your choice
Move4: The icon foresaw this
Move5: Just as I hoped
Move6: I shall inspire our warriors and cast a shadow of fear over our enemy'
Move7: Onwards, WE ARE LEGION
Attack1: They shall feel Tzeench's wrath!
Attack2: Die!
Attack3: The enemies of the Great Sorcerer WILL fall!
Attack4: They stand no hope against the machinations of Tzeench!
Attack5: and their minds will be undone!
Attack6: Fear me for I am blessed
Attack7: Only a great warrior would march forth with the icon of Tzeentch and I assure you I am
Capture1: All part of the Plan
Capture2: We must capture that point, our scheme depends upon it.
Capture3: For Tzeentch
Capped1: Fate is with us today
Capped2: He must be watching over us
Capped3: Change, we have changed this planet into a holy land
Load_Transport1: Take us forth
Load_Transport2: You carry an Icon Bearer you are blessed
Unload_Transport1: I depart
Unload_Transport2: Withdraw from the transport and strike fear into the enemy
Join1: Do I inspire you with my presence
Join2: We are legion, let us march as one
Join3: Warriors you march with Tzeentch himself
Detach1: You are not worthy
Detach2: I am not safe in your incapable hands
Morale_Break1: Forgive me Tzeench! I have betrayed you!
Morale_Break2: I am undone!
Morale_Restored1: I have shamed both myself and you lord... I am not fit to bear his standard....
Morale_Restored2: let me atone!
Charge1: yes! power! it flows through me!
Charge2: Energy, power, magic all flow through my armour
Charge3: Unleash the warp upon them
Jump_Teleport1: Fate shall carry me there
Jump_Teleport2: Through the winds of the warp
Deepstrike1: Icon Bearer at your service
Deepstrike2: I have arrived
Combat1: We are damned, does that not frighten you
Combat2: Traitors, betrayers, usurpers, scum
Combat3: We are the innocent, you are nothing more then scum
Under_Fire1: Our lord watches over us
Under_Fire2: Fate guide me
Under_Fire3: I know my fate
Damage1: No, lord Tzeentch protects me
Damage2: My master would not allow me to come to harm.
Damage3: HhAHAHAHAHHA, i am dust, you cannot harm dust
Death1: recover… the icon…
Death2: No, I have been tricked.
Death3: Damn you lord of fates, you have betrayed me
Death4: Curse the lord of change, curse the legion I AM DUST.

Notes: Imagine those pretentious villainous voices...now, mix that with snobbish elitism. Add a dash of cruelty. Yes, from an outsider's view, it seems like the Terminators aren't as insanely evil as the other races...just very very arrogant and well.... arrogant...still dashy....still somewhat insane.
Unit_Complete1: All the battle's a stage but we are the better actors.
Unit_Complete2: The winds of magic blow strong today
Unit_Complete3: I am his champion, a lord of magic
Unit_Complete4: I am the miracle worker
Unit_Complete5: A sorcerer at your command
Unit_Complete6: Yes my lord, what do you wish
Unit_Complete7: Of course my lord
Selection1: At Last!
Selection2: What would the architect of fate wish of me!?!
Selection3: My talents are being wasted!
Selection4: All power demands sacrifice, thank you for yours.
Selection5: Yeeeeeeesssssss, mwhahahahahaha
Selection6: How can I be of service oh great lord
Selection7: You are not worthy to order me
Move1: Of course
Move2: I go
Move3: I am Legion, I march forth
Move4: Onwards the plan must go ahead
Move5: Mortal, you humor me
Move6: Don't make me laugh
Move7: Very well
Attack1: Die Worms!!!
Attack2: I shall use your bodies to fuel my abilities!
Attack3: Ah you shall know torture
Attack4: Just as Ahriman has cursed us, so shall I curse you [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Attack5: My teachings will be the proof of my strength
Attack6: I can tear you apart with but a flick of a finger
Attack7: Fear the damned
Capture1: Yes my lord
Capture2: If i must, Go forth
Capture3: If lord Tzeentch wishes it
Capped1: It is done
Capped2: Are you pleased
Capped3: All part of the plan
Join1: My legion, we march forth
Join2: Praise Tzeentch my warriors a sorcerer walks amongst you
Join3: I will lead us to victory, I have seen it
Detach1: Pah, pathetic
Detach2: Their will is not strong enough
Morale_Break1: How Dare You!
Morale_Break2: What is this madness!
Morale_Break3: I cannot proceed with the plan!
Morale_Restored1: They Shall Pay!
Morale_Restored2: They thought me dead, They will pay for there stupidity!
Morale_Restored3: It will take more than that to stop me!
Load_Transport1: Onwards
Load_Transport2: You carry a sorcerer, reach our destination or your fate belongs to me
Unload_Transport1: Another piece of the puzzle
Unload_Transport2: At last, back to the plan
Charge1: Fools, you battle with the best of the Thousand Sons
Charge2: We are Legion, without number and without mercy
Charge3: We are the dead, fear our curse
Charge4: I have seen your doom
Jump_Teleport1: I see victory
Jump_Teleport2: I know what happen now
Deepstrike1: Just as I foretold it
Deepstrike2: Excellent, I have arrived
Combat1: Hell fire, warp lightning.. no..what spells to use
Combat2: So many spells too many cowering souls
Combat3: You will be engulfed in living flame
Under_Fire1: Ah, ah ah, not my time
Under_Fire2: Fools, such insolence
Under_Fire3: Such arrogance
Damage1: A lucky shot, but I had foreseen it
Damage2: I knew that would happen, nervous laughter
Damage3: Fools I have been dust for over a thousand years, I have long ago lost all feeling.
Death1: *Screams* *Daemonic laughter*
Death2: Not yet! Not Yet!
Death3: Fools! *Insane laughter*

Sorcerer Lord
Notes: Voice acting for this guy is done...it's best to follow those examples....they fit the character.
Unit_Complete1: I am his greatest servant
Unit_Complete2: His will within me
Unit_Complete3: I serve Lord Tzeentch, his plan is my life
Unit_Complete4: Sorcerer at your command
Unit_Complete5: I serve the lord of change, as you will serve me
Unit_Complete6: Winds of fate, blow in my favor
Unit_Complete7: I have arrived and so too has your fate
Unit_Complete8: It is my destiny to lead!
Unit_Complete9: The dark powers.. are mine to command!
Selection1: How may I help
Selection2: What does your plan require
Selection3: How do the winds blow
Selection4: I am but dust but my will is strong
Selection5: His will incarnate
Selection6: On with the plan
Selection7: I did not sacrifice my soul and body for you to be undecided
Selection8: <short chuckle>
Selection9: Tell me what to do?!
Selection10: What is it now?
Selection11: Yes?!?!
Move1: We are legion
Move2: I am Legion
Move3: The Chaos winds carry me forth
Move4: His will drives my frail body
Move5: His will holds me together
Move6: For Ahriman, my lord [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Move7: For Magnus the Red, greatest of the Primarchs
Move8: But of course..
Move9: heheheheh HAHAH! <mad laughter>
Move10: Nothing can stop me!
Move11: Your wish... is my command!!
Attack1: Burn in wind and flame
Attack2: I will reduce you to dust
Attack3: Do you fear my power, understandable
Attack4: Death to those who have cursed us
Attack5: No longer, will you exist
Attack6: Your existence is a mockery to our greatness
Attack7: I will extinguish your soul
Attack8: All enemies must be terminated!
Attack9: I will easily stop them in their tracks! Muhahahahahah! <maniacal laughter>
Attack10: No one equals my superior abilities!
Capture1: If lord Tzeentch wishes it
Capture2: Does the lord wish it
Capture3: Whatever you wish
Capture4: Consider it done!
Capped1: Happy
Capped2: Did you ever doubt my abilities?
Capped3: I foresaw it, so it was going to happen
Join1: I see promise in these warriors, I foresaw their glory, their victory and their death.
Join2: You walk among a sorcerer feel great Tzeentch's power surround you
Join3: My warriors, fear not for I am the eye of Tzeentch.
Detach1: Pah, pathetic
Detach2: My visions were unclear, you are nothing more then petty fools
Load_Transport1: Drive Fool
Load_Transport2: Mortal take us to battle
Unload_Transport1: I depart now
Unload_Transport2: Legion,s march forth
Morale_Break1: Too many visions, only so much sanity
Morale_Break2: Rargh, my vision is foggy
Morale_Break3: Get me out of here! <panicked!>
Morale_Break4: Retreat... RETREAT!!!!!!!!
Morale_Restored1: My mind is clear once more, praise Tzeentch
Morale_Restored2: A momentary lapse of concentration
Charge1: For the Red Primarch, revenge for past betrayals
Charge2: I am the lord of fate, time and eternity
Charge3: Death in Dust, Dust in Death
Charge4: Do not spare the lives of these inferior creatures!
Charge5: I will end their pathetic lives!
Jump_Teleport1: Carry me to battle, winds of chaos
Jump_Teleport2: Where once I stood, now there I stand
Deepstrike2: A thousand sons, a thousand immortal souls
Combat1: We are legion, we will crush you beneath our iron armour
Combat2: We are the Thousand Sons, we are loyal, you call us traitors, we are immortal, you call us cursed, we are great and you are fools.
Combat3: Death is your fate
Combat4: If it weren't soooo easy to kill them, I would feel satisfaction by now.
Combat5: <another kind of evil maniacal laughter>
Under_Fire1: How can you hit someone who can control the string of time
Under_Fire2: Your weapons move so slowly in the thread of time
Under_Fire3: Hahahhahaha, foolish mortals
Damage1: Pah, our armour may be weak, but our minds are eternal
Damage2: I do not fear pain
Damage3: I saw this coming
Death1: No, I am too useful Lord Tzeentch, you would not cast away such an important servant....
Death2: If this is part of your master plan, lord, I accept
Death4: My body may blow away in the wind, but my mind will rise again

Notes: I'm not sure if I want to go the pissy route for Ahriman or the "I am God" attitude. Your choice.
Unit_Complete1: My journey on the twisting path has brought me to this land.
Unit_Complete2: Through the storm and the currents I emerge to do battle.
Unit_Complete3: I am the true savior of our brothers! All else…traitors.
Unit_Complete4: I have arrived on yet another uncertain phase of my journey…
Unit_Complete5: What would you have of me, you useless fool?
Unit_Complete6: My talents are wasted here.
Unit_Complete7: You cast me away, and now you want me back. (mockingly)
Selection1: I shall unravel the true nature of Chaos!
Selection2: You understand all, yet you understand nothing.
Selection3: Yet another unending task for me?
Selection4: What used to be an age of heroes and giants is now an age of fools and charlatans.
Selection5: My intellect exceeds all!
Selection6: I have forgotten nothing.
Selection7: One day, even Tzeentch will be under ME.
Move1: Wherever I may go, in the end, I find myself at the beginning.
Move2: The perpetual search continues…
Move3: Perhaps you mistake the part for the whole?
Move4: Why do I even bother…
Move5: This is my path!
Move6: I have trodden the most enchanting places in the galaxy, I think I can manage this.
Move7: Aaaah, you saw it too
Attack1: NONE shall remain on the field.
Attack2: YOU are a mere stepping stone in my search!
Attack3: Do not even run, you are dead men walking.
Attack4: Your fate has been sealed before the beginning of time!
Attack5: You’re in hell, and there is no escape.
Attack6: I know the secrets of your demise and the time of your death, do I frighten you
Attack7: Legion, crush those who have wronged us, show them the suffering we have endured for thousands of years
Charge1: Give up now! Your resistance is futile!
Charge2: I may consider mercy if I deem you worthy of my cause!
Charge3: You are dust, and all WILL be dust!
Ability1: Hahaaa! Fear what you do not understand!
Ability2: Are you amazed? I have more up my sleeve!
Ability3: Let the world burn!
Ability4: There will be nothing left of you for the carrion!
Ability5: Your bodies are mere prisoners to my powers!
Capture1: Yes my lord
Capture2: If i must, Go forth
Capture3: If lord Tzeentch wishes it
Capped1: It is done
Capped2: Are you pleased
Capped3: All part of the plan
Join1: …….Brothers, follow me. LET US WREATH THIS WORLD IN FIRE!
Join2: You walk amongst Ahriman, we will not die this day [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Join3: My warriors remember one thing WE ARE LEGION
Detach1: I leave you now.
Detach2: Your warriors were shall we say too frail for my liking
Detach3: I must leave if the master plan is to succeed
Load_Transport1: Driver, quickly!
Load_Transport2: I will guide you to our destination
Unload_Transport1: Even a dreadnought strolls faster than you!
Unload_Transport2: Pah, pathetically slow
Morale_Break1: I will not forget this…!
Morale_Break2: What!?
Morale_Restored1: Luck was on their side…they will not be so fortunate this time.
Morale_Restored2: I am not a plaything, Tzeentch!
Damage1: Are you mad? Do you KNOW who I am?!
Damage2: Step aside. Never mind that, I’ll blow you aside!
Damage3: Fighting me is SUICIDE!
Death1: This is just…a temporary setback.
Death2: (maniacal laughter and shout)
Death3: (more shouting)
Death4: (Maybe he can die silently)

Magnus The Red
Notes: Confident, powerful..
Unit_Complete1: I have come.
Unit_Complete2: I have changed Prospero, I will change this world.
Unit_Complete3: Great tasks lay before us, great knowledge comes with their completion.
Unit_Complete4: I will see this worlds Compliance.
Unit_Complete5: Much is to happen here, nothing can be changed.
Unit_Complete6: Even I cannot prevent what is about to happen.
Unit_Complete7: By my will our enemies will fall!
Selection1: No need to speak.
Selection2: One day I will Know all.
Selection3: I will unravel the secrets of this world.
Selection4: I hear the voice of the ocean.
Selection5: No, you do not disturb.
Selection6: I know, but still, speak your mind.
Selection7: Voice your opinion?
Move1: This is the optimal path.
Move2: I have foreseen the movements of the enemy.
Move3: This is the road we must take.
Move4: The promise of Knowledge lies just ahead.
Move5: Let us see what can be learned here.
Move6: Flow with the currents my sons
Move7: Every step changes the matter of the universe
Attack1: Illuminate these blind.
Attack2: Ones such as they never learn.
Attack3: Their fates hold no future.
Attack4: I will end their ignorance now!
Attack5: Make their deaths swift.
Attack6: Bring those fools down.
Attack7: End them, then see what can be learned.
Capture1: We will need this position.
Capture2: This place…secure it at once!
Capture3: We must control this region.
Capped1: This place will play its part in my device.
Capped2: Fortify and move on.
Capped3: Excellent, to the next target.
Join1: My sons, I will guide you.
Join2: Come my sons, many lessons lay ahead.
Join3: Form up and advance.
Detach1: The lesson is over, make use of it.
Detach2: Do not break your concentration.
Load_Transport1: This will speed our advance.
Load_Transport2: Hasten, I know I am needed.
Unload_Transport1: It will happen here.
Unload_Transport2: Yes, this is the place…
Morale_Break1: The Ocean is in turmoil.
Morale_Break2: How could this escape my vision?
Morale_Break3: My sons, retreat.
Morale_Restored1: A worthy lesson.
Morale_Restored2: Balance your minds and shut out your emotions.
Morale_Restored3: We can learn from this.
Charge1: A cold mind is an efficient killer, charge!
Charge2: Bring them down!
Charge3: Teach them to fear us.
Jump_Teleport1: This position holds more promise.
Jump_Teleport2: I am in time.
Deepstrike1: Take advantage over the enemy!
Deepstrike2: From here, attack.
Ability1: There are no rivals to my power.
Ability2: The Great Ocean will drown you.
Ability3: Their minds are the most vulnerable
Ability4: My mind guards my body
Ability5: Nothing can penetrate my power
Combat1: Their hopes are their illusions.
Combat2: End them swiftly.
Combat3: Too late for them.
Under_Fire1: It begins, no need to worry.
Under_Fire2: Clear your minds, they approach.
Under_Fire3: The outcome is no secret to me.
Damage1: I am invincible!
Damage2: A pathetic mind, a pathetic weapon.
Damage3: I am Magnus! This cannot harm me!
Death1: Impossible, I should have Known!
Death2: No, Father, How…?
Death3: The ocean calls my name….
Death4: My sons, avenge my defeat.

Magnus the Daemon Prince
Notes: Sound like a very educated Daemon Prince with an arrogant yet not as hostile, at times confidently calm tempered voice that reflects a lot of power.
Unit_Complete1: Ah, yes…I know this realm.
Unit_Complete2: Not the most interesting of places.
Unit_Complete3: I have returned to this realm.
Unit_Complete4: I…am the maelstrom of Creation.
Unit_Complete5: This world is MINE!
Unit_Complete6: No laws are able to hold me, I have changed them all.
Unit_Complete7: This world screams for a new form, I will shape it.
Selection1: What you call a mind has no need to be spoken.
Selection2: You are a useful tool.
Selection3: I hear the voices of my master.
Selection4: What I can teach you cannot fathom.
Selection5: All of this has already happened…countless times.
Selection6: I KNOW, so be silent.
Selection7: Yes, we move out.
Move1: I have seen this path.
Move2: There are countless other roads to take.
Move3: Follow me.
Move4: I go the paths less traveled.
Move5: The warp guides us that way.
Move6: Yes, this is the way.
Move7: I have gone paths the gods not know of.
Attack1: I will see to their destruction.
Attack2: They will succumb to my power.
Attack3: Their destruction is no longer a potential.
Attack4: They will learn the fury of my Legion!
Attack5: What will happen to them now is beyond their understanding.
Attack6: Nothing will save them from my design.
Attack7: They are dust already.
Capture1: This position reeks with energy
Capture2: I want this place.
Capture3: I want the change to spread from here.
Capped1: The point is mine!
Capped2: Hold this position firm my sons.
Capped3: Send a Thrall to fortify.
Join1: Make yourselves worthy instruments.
Join2: Come my students, let us rid this world of Its treasures.
Join3: Follow in my wake.
Detach1: I leave you to your studies.
Detach2: The changer spoke me elsewhere.
Load_Transport1: The journey never really begins.
Load_Transport2: I will traverse this plain .
Unload_Transport1: I walk alone now.
Unload_Transport2: You have played your part.
Morale_Break1: The warp is in agony!
Morale_Break2: It is best to evade this force…for now.
Morale_Break3: AARRRHHH!!!!…YOU DARE!!!
Morale_Restored1: I see everything!
Morale_Restored2: The warp is growing stronger.
Morale_Restored3: The warp refills my power.
Charge1: Destroy their bodies…and claim their souls.
Charge2: The changer spoke your fates!
Charge3: You are dust!
Jump_Teleport1: The barriers are so weak…so irrelevant.
Jump_Teleport2: There are no walls able to stop us.
Deepstrike1: I wound reality.
Deepstrike2: The currents brought me here.
Ability1: I will tear the skin from reality
Ability2: I have a gift for you
Ability3: Taste the power of the warp
Ability4: The changer protects my body
Ability5: You are not destined to harm me
Combat1: I have heard your screams long ago!
Combat2: Your fates are sealed within MY grasp.
Combat3: I will see to your souls.
Under_Fire1: To resist me is your madness.
Under_Fire2: Pointless dynamics!
Under_Fire3: We would find them here.
Damage1: How laughable!
Damage2: I am impervious you fools!
Damage3: Mortal worms, you think you can harm me?
Death1: What have you planned Master?
Death2: You have achieved nothing!
Death3: My return is imminent!
Death4: You are too late…


Notes: See Chaos Rhino voice acting, except calmer....and with a dash of Tzeentch.
Unit_Complete1: Rhino at the ready
Unit_Complete2: Transport for the Legion
Unit_Complete3: I will deliver the Legion to its destination
Unit_Complete4: I foresee our glory
Unit_Complete5: Rhino Transport ready to serve the Lord of Change
Unit_Complete6: To battle Legion, I will deliver you
Unit_Complete7: Onwards Legion
Selection1: APC at your service Lord
Selection2: The engineer of Time will guide my path!
Selection3: APC gassed up and at your command.
Selection4: Aye?
Selection5: Comm link established. Orders?
Selection6: Chariot reporting my lord.
Selection7: Even the smallest daemon-machine hold the seeds for utter domination
Selection8: Armored Personnel Chariot
Selection9: Obedient to your agenda, Lord
Move1: The Wheels of change are forever turning!
Move2: We shall be a chariot for his Chosen warriors!
Move3: Puttin her into gear sir.
Move4: Chariot on the go.
Move5: Hitten the gas.
Move6: Proceding to marked location
Move7: Attack-move!
Attack1: Crush them with our iron tracks
Attack2: Eliminate the infidels
Attack3: Crush and destroy, cast their bodies to the wind
Attack4: 'Dust, flame and wind
Attack5: Destroy the traitors, for the Red Primarch
Attack6: Vengeance for Magnus
Attack7: Destroy the ones who have caused our suffering
Death1: *Explosion*

Notes: Rubric Marine in a dreadnought....just as monotonous....whispering voice augmented with machinery. (Like SM Dread)
Unit_Complete1: What is Tzeentchs will?
Unit_Complete2: I will defend the honour of Ahriman [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Unit_Complete3: I am his armoured champion
Unit_Complete4: My body may be gone, but my will is strong
Unit_Complete5: For mighty Tzeentch, where he is my mind, I am his fist
Unit_Complete6: I am his oldest servant
Unit_Complete7: For our Primarch, the betrayed
Selection1: For ten thousand years I have served but one purpose- To bring the foes of Tzeentch to their knees
Selection2: For so long I have served the will of the Engineer of time.
Selection3: I am but a humble servant of the changer of ways.
Selection4: I stand ready my Lord.
Selection5: What would you want of me
Selection6: It is good to be unchained
Selection7: I *ragged mechanical breath* remember…so faintly now…
Selection8: I grow restless...
Selection9: your... will...
Selection10: For the... long... war
Selection11: serve Tzeentch...
Selection12: ready...
Selection13: humble servant...
Selection14: Commander...
Selection15: good to be unchained...
Selection16: memories*ragged mechanical breath* …so faint...
Move1: Advancing.
Move2: As the great sorcerer wills it.
Move3: Preparing to take up position Commander.
Move4: Moving
Move5: Maneuvering
Move6: Change guide me
Move7: As...He.... Commands...
Move8: Advancing....
Move9: destiny...
Move10: taking position... .
Move11: Moving...
Move12: Maneuvering...
Attack1: I shall tear them asunder!
Attack2: FORWARD!
Attack3: Into the Fray!
Attack4: I will leave only tattered scraps of flesh and metal in my wake!
Attack5: The target WILL be eliminated!
Attack6: Behold my fury...
Attack7: I see your death...
Attack8: I control there fate...
Attack9: they...shall....die...
Attack10: forward...
Attack11: into the fray...
Attack12: twisted flesh, metal in my wake...
Attack13: eliminate...
Attack14: tear at them...
Attack15: lapdogs...
Charge1: I’ll break you like I broke your lapdog comrades!
Charge2: I have fought a million ways on a million worlds!
Charge3: Death is a mercy for the ignorant likes of you!
Charge4: break them..
Charge5: ignorant ones...
Charge6: death is a mercy...
Death1: You will face me again…
Death2: Im...possible... (as in impossible, but he stutters)
Death3: Curse this vessel
Death4: you know not what you have done!
Death5: ahhhhhhhhh…

Sorcerer Dreadnought
Notes: Okay...the script makes the guy sound like a pissed off disabled person in a wheelchair. That fits this guy's attitude pretty well. He channels his frustration into snide comments and powerful spells.
Unit_Complete1: About damn time.
Unit_Complete2: Sorcery and Armour, how can I be stopped
Unit_Complete3: It will be good to burn more souls
Unit_Complete4: I am the eternal sorcerer, his favored armoured servant
Unit_Complete5: I have seen this in my dreams
Unit_Complete6: My visions, they tell of glory, victory and knowledge
Unit_Complete7: For the greatest Primarch
Selection1: Don't presume you can order me around Worm...
Selection2: Get on with it
Selection3: Tell me what you want or stop wasting my time!
Selection4: As powerful as I may be I can't read your bloody mind, out with it.
Selection5: I quickly tire of your vacillations
Selection6: who do you think you are?
Selection7: my plans were always better…
Move1: Yes Yes I'm going....
Move2: Of course. Obviously I have nothing better to do than canter about for your amusement....
Move3: Oh Joy. Marching Orders. Fantastic
Move4: As if this damn tin can wasn't dirty enough...
Move5: I don’t approve
Move6: Very well, but you are making a mistake
Move7: I would not do that if I were you
Attack1: Is that the best target you can provide me with? Very well...
Attack2: Right right, maul, tear, kill I know the bit
Attack3: Must I?
Attack4: I’ll eliminate the enemy… again. I’ll crush their bones… again
Attack5: As if I haven’t done enough for you…
Attack6: Dust, flame and the winds of destruction
Attack7: I will crush your body with my armoured fist and snap your mind with my knowledge
Charge1: so tiresome…
Charge2: so repetitive…
Charge3: oh, well, this again…
Death1: this again
Death2: No, not again
Death3: My time has come
Death4: I welcome death, end this agony

Notes: See Chaos Predator...except with a Tzeentchian flavour....and probably not as pissed off.
Unit_Complete1: Predator here, fist of Tzeentch
Unit_Complete2: We will deliver his rage across the battlefield
Unit_Complete3: I have arrived, so too have my weapons
Unit_Complete4: I will crush his foes
Unit_Complete5: Destruction, reduce them to molten slag
Unit_Complete6: Our rage will meet them from a distance, just as the way of Tzeentch
Unit_Complete7: We will make our lord proud
Selection1: We run on warp power… and hate!
Selection2: This chariot is so much more than what it was…
Selection3: The demon is listening
Selection4: *electronic sounds* roar! (demon)
Selection5: the scrap code makes us stronger
Selection6: Yes, my master?
Selection7: What is your bidding?
Move1: The demon in the circuits approve
Move2: We already knew you wanted that
Move3: The machine demon agrees
Move4: I cast the cant of acceleration
Move5: with haste!
Move6: Onward armoured legion
Move7: For the Thousand Sons
Attack1: roar! (demon)
Attack2: we’re unstoppable!
Attack3: our triumph was preordained!
Attack4: we will grind them into Dust!
Attack5: Through flame shell oil and smoke they shall perish!
Attack6: Destruction, cast them to the wind
Attack7: Destroy the foe and engulf them in magic flame
Death1: *explosion*
Notes: Standard mean Chaos Driver, except calmer....and with a dash of Tzeentch (smooth and slightly arrogant)
Unit_Complete1: The Hammer of Tzeentch.. ready to smash! [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Unit_Complete2: Daemon Artillery.. ready!
Unit_Complete3: Vindicator comes to serve the Thousand Sons!
Unit_Complete4: By word and ritual, this Vindicator lives again
Unit_Complete5: What one does not understand, is magic
Unit_Complete6: None will mistake us for mere conjurers
Unit_Complete7: The weak submit, that they may learn from the strong
Unit_Complete8: Many thralls burned to bring life to this engine
Unit_Complete9: The uninitiated fall easy to the whispers in the warp
Unit_Complete10: He who knows all can command the universe
Selection1: Their fortifications.. are.. meaningless..
Selection2: Buildings will be cast.. to dust!
Selection3: All topple before his Vindicator!
Selection4: The machine awaits you..
Selection5: Your enemies are everywhere
Selection6: The warp burns bright
Selection7: Have a care what you ask for
Selection8: Fools cling to hope
Selection9: There is no atonement
Selection10 Expand your mind
Selection11: We bow to your wisdom
Move1: The Architect of Victory marches forth!
Move2: Thrust forward.. it is demanded!
Move3: Your order.. we drive!
Move4: The mind will prevail when matter has failed
Move5: The vital hour nears
Move6: Knowledge is all
Move7: We defer to your design
Move8: The warp echoes to your design
Move9: He that gives the power, can take it away
Move10: The cosmos swim with possibility
Attack1: Death to those that betrayed us, Emperor and Primarch alike.
Attack2: Bring it down!
Attack3: The Winds of the Thousand Sons demand it be laid low..
Attack4: Bombard!
Attack5: You summon our wrath
Attack6: At last
Attack7: Nothing is invincible
Attack8: Knowledge conquers all
Attack9: The mortal mind is limited
Attack10: Such is the power of a great mind
Attack11: Let it be changed
Charge1: All is dust!  
Charge2: For Vengeance!
Charge3: Death to the False Ones!
Charge4: At last, our enemies shall flee
Charge5: This is just the beginning
Charge6: All things must end
Ability1: You had but to ask
Ability2: You ask little enough
Ability3: Now we will have our revenge
Ability4: This war is a distraction
Ability5: We endure
Combat1: Fate has turned against you!
Combat1: Total destruction
Combat2: It shall fall
Death1: Bah! This is not our last!
Death2: For Chaos! For the Thousand Sons!!
Death3: We.. die....
Death4: Seigebreaker.. destroyed!

Land Raider
Notes: Pompous, very arrogant Chaos Driver.. Mean and Powerful voice!
Unit_Complete1: From the demon forge, his LandRaider rises..
Unit_Complete2: The Emperor Ipissimis will pay for his betrayal [pronounced “Ip-eh-seh-miss”]
Unit_Complete3: The Human Imperium will fall, and daemons gnaw on its ashes
Unit_Complete4: The strong do what they wish, the weak what they must
Unit_Complete5: Through sacrifice, we can harass great power from the Warp
Unit_Complete6: For Magnus and vengeance on the Space Marines of the Imperium
Unit_Complete7: Behold, the key of Tzeentch [pronounced “Zeen-ch”]
Unit_Complete8: Through knowledge, master yourself
Selection1: Ten Thousand years ago the Emperor betrayed us. And now at last we will have our revenge!
Selection2: We are the Mighty Anvil of the Chapter.
Selection3: Knowledge eternal
Selection4: I feel your presence
Selection5: Creation through knowledge
Selection6: Much has been forgotten
Selection7: Fate is a cruel master
Selection8: We begin again
Selection9: Reality is a flexible thing
Selection10: Thousand Sons.. Legion.. Forever!
Move1: We will not be stopped!
Move2: The galaxy is in twilight
Move3: One cannot know the will of the Architect of Fate
Move4: The million worlds is in darkness
Move5: He who knows much, suffers much
Move6: Fate conspires with us
Move7: Let not your thoughts be clouded
Move8: May your eyes ever be open
Attack1: A reckoning has come
Attack2: Let us... enlightened them
Attack3: Now the last pieces fall into place
Attack4: You would have us intercede
Attack5: Their fate, to be eternally consumed by the predators of the warp
Attack6: Do not wish, but take what you need
Attack7: Who still lives?
Charge1: For the Enlightenment of Mankind!
Charge2: For Prospero!
Charge3: Behold the Great Mutator and the gifts he will bestow upon you!
Charge4: Our powers multiply
Charge5: The scouring comes
Charge6: They cannot hide
Ability1: Unleash the winds of change
Ability2: Power overwhelms all
Ability3: An easy request
Ability4: The Changer of Ways is fickle
Ability5: Concentrate your mind
Combat1: Look upon the face of your destroyer
Combat2: Such ignorance
Combat3: Your weakness betrays you
Death1: The mighty transport.. wrecked!
Death2: Machine daemon... dies.. [pronounced "day-mon"]
Death3: Bah! You dare think this our end...? Fools! Our return is assured..
Death4: Your efforts are a minor set back.. Fate favours the Thousand Sons!

Silver Tower (Daemon Variant)
Notes: A mighty Daemon powers the core of this floating fortress while various expendable thrall wizards help charge its weapons. Voice is primarily the Daemon itself: firm, mean, arrogant, utterly powerful!
Unit_Complete1: Behold his mightly Silver Tower!
Unit_Complete2: The Tower comes forth!
Unit_Complete3: The hovering fortress of Tzeentch is yours to do with. [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Unit_Complete4: Born from great sorcery, all our enemies will be vanquished!
Unit_Complete5: Crafted from his skilled hands, the Tower ascends!
Unit_Complete6: The End is upon them!
Unit_Complete7: There! The Thousand Sons' greatest magnificience is revealed!
Unit_Complete8: Beware... the Tower approaches..
Selection1: Floating island of Tzeentch grandeur.. and destruction! [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Selection2: Daemon Engine..
Selection3: I hear you my master..
Selection4: I await your order.
Selection5: Guide me.
Selection6: Let it be your will.
Selection7: The thralls look.. restless..
Selection8: Tower Power!
Move1: I drift..
Move2: The Great Architect guides me..
Move3: Over the battlefield..
Move4: The daemon obeys..
Move5: With purpose..
Move6: The Tower moves there as you ask.
Move7: Gaze to the skies.. your doom comes!
Attack1: Submit to your Destiny!
Attack2: Thralls.. attack!!
Attack3: Change is the only constant!
Attack4: Tzeentch be praised! Kill those fools! [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Attack5: The Master of Fate commands it!
Attack6: Reign hell-fire from the sky!
Attack7: In his sight, this shall be glorious!
Attack8: Fate will be on our side now!
Charge1: Look up to the Tower.. it comes forth to beckon your end!
Charge2: His will can not be stopped!
Charge3: Thralls.. prepare yourselves for the attack!
Ability1: Witness the incredible might of this platform!
Ability2: All as one.. the Tower roars!
Ability3: Unleash everything down on them!
Ability4: The Wards shall protect us!
Ability5: Your attempts are futile!
Ability6: The Tower will stand!
Ability7: Behind the energy wall nothing can stop us!
Combat1: The day will not save them. We own the night!
Combat2: You are all.. dust!
Combat3: Surround me.. and die!!!
Combat4: Thralls may die but I will live on!
Death1: NNooo... the Tower...
Death2: I fall from the sky!!
Death3: Mighty engine... burns to the ground!
Death4: Tzeentch.. I have failed you.. [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]

Silver Tower (Sorcerers Variant)
Notes: Voice is a deeper version of the Tsons sorcerers who talk as if arrogant, pompous, wise, and dark. FX added while talking should be sorcerous lightening arcing and striking in the background.
Unit_Complete1: By Tzeentch, we survived the destruction of Prospero [pronounced “Zeen-ch”]
Unit_Complete2: Your call was heard even on the Planet of the Sorcerers
Unit_Complete3: The frail strands of destiny are breaking
Unit_Complete4: So you see? The light of Prospero will never come again
Unit_Complete5: Long for the past, but strive for what remains
Unit_Complete6: Many times, we have felt the cold brush of oblivion
Unit_Complete7: Your mind is strong, but is your patience?
Selection1: Prospero will have... revenge!
Selection2: The Great Ocean pours forth
Selection3: Such lost glory
Selection4: I will not speak of Lord Magnus
Selection5: The lost Silver Towers of Prospero
Selection6: Tzeentch be praised!
Selection7: Your mind is open to our voice
Move1: The possibilities are infinite in the powers of the Warp
Move2: Idle thoughts will be your downfall
Move3: The millennia are as nothing for those who sail the Warp
Move4: Let fate guide my hand
Move5: Through power, we have conquered death
Move6: Souls are the currency of the warp
Move7: We will not be denied
Attack1: They are undone
Attack2: Terrible enlightenment
Attack3: The endgame has come    
Attack4: Revenge of lost Tizca [pronounced “Tiz-ka”]
Attack5: Truth is terrible to the unprepared
Attack6: The past always returns
Attack7: Incalculable power!
Charge1: Let less creatures flee
Charge2: There can be no mercy
Charge3: Their minds will burn
Ability1: I will punish insolence!
Ability2: The fools will have their reward!
Ability3: Let them perish in the light of the warp!
Ability4: Have patience
Ability5: The Great Conspirator loves knowledge in all its forms
Combat1: The weak face obliteration
Combat2: All falls into ruin
Combat3: Only total destruction will deter our enemies
Death1: Great Tzeentch.. forgive me... [pronounced “Zeen-ch”]
Death2: The Tower collapses!
Death3: Burning down.. from the skies...
Death4: I have failed you..

Lord of Change
Notes: A very wise bad ass who thinks he can (and probably can) destroy entire armies.
Unit_Complete1: Am his greatest servant {simultaneously} Am his worst servant
Unit_Complete2: I am infinity, lord of time, controller of destiny and weaver of fate
Unit_Complete3: I have always lived, and forever will
Unit_Complete4: Eternity, behold
Unit_Complete5: I have arrived, now the true plan will come to fruition
Unit_Complete6: I am an agent of change and deception
Unit_Complete7: 'All war is based on Deception
Selection1: (really deep and echoey)
Selection2: ALL....IS....DUST!
Selection5: 'Mortal, fool, what do you demand, what do you want
Selection6: What is it
Selection7: Watch yourself mortal or perhaps your fate will fall short
Move1: Onwards mortals
Move2: Follow me
Move3: I am your true lord, move on
Move4: Onwards for Tzeentch
Move5: Aaaaah, we go
Move6: A Thousand Sons, a thousand mortals
Move7: Yes legion, go forth, fools
Attack1: What attack, are you sure
Attack2: Surely not, we can destroy them later
Attack3: Engulf them in destruction
Attack4: Flame of light, wind of heat and magic of chaos
Attack5: 'Fear me mortals for I am immortal
Attack6: I have seen your death, your life and your fate
Attack7: Torture awaits those who do not follow great Tzeentch, too late Im afraid
Charge1: Destroy the impure, first the enemy, then the others.
Charge3: Madness is your friend, it makes the pain go away
Ability2: Burst forth, magic of chaos
Ability4: I will destroy your soul, mind and body
Ability5: You will be snuffed out
Combat1: I hate mortals, especially you
Combat2: Your souls dance away from your lifeless bodies and sing into the mouth of Tzeentch.
Combat3: Misery awaits those who do not follow my lord
Death1: No, hahahahahah, No please HAHAHAHAH, I wish to stay HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.
Death2: All part of the plan
Death3: I welcome my death, yours will follow, I look forward to seeing you again.
Death4: Such a nice death HAHAHAHAHHAHA
{Simultanesously} NO what a horrible death NO ARGGGGHGHHHHHHHHH.

Spotting Voices - Spoken by Tier1 Rubric Marines

Alpha Legion
Trickery is no match for the power of change.
In this Great Game, all your moves lead to checkmate.
Where are they, Dam, here goes, Come out, Come out where ever you are.
They are nothing but secrets and lies. Illuminate them.
The Hydra is a creature of change. We shall be its master.
Join us, for you are true sons of Tzeentch, yet you do not yet realize this truth

Black Legion
Misguided pups of Horus, your eyes will never be opened!
Without the Changer of the Ways, your foolish crusades will always end in defeat.
Pah! How the Sons of Horus have fallen...
Horus failed and here you are chasing his dream, shame that dream is dust.

Black Templars
Foolish marines, you believe your armor will preserve you?
You'll be dead before you're even halfway through your charge.
May you enjoy our chains of torment!
Your headstrong tactics will only lead you to an early grave!

Blood Angels
Bah! You'll all be mad anyways, we'll help you succeed at that!
Look! Armored madmen to be dispatched quickly!
This is madness! Where's a real enemy to fight?!
We'll cure you of your madness...by killing you, hahaha!!!

Blood Ravens
These marines spark memories of times long gone
Their pitiful sorceries are no match to our mastery of the warp.
You call that a library? This is Library. HA!
Indeed.. it is good to see our cousins once again..
Long time no see.. Brothers!
The Corvidae Face us. Show them True Knowledge!
Excellent timing, for I can make use of your Gene Seed
You will be betrayed, as where we.

However battle-hardened they think they are, it is overshadowed by our millenia long buildup of wisdom and power!
Show these fools their guerrilla tactics will only lead them to their demise ! I can see everything!

What is this? A foe from the Eye of Terror?
This place is ours to corrupt!
Gaah... A rival warband.
Yet another contest between brawn and mind...

Crimson Fists
Sons of Dorn, blind ignorant fools. I shall end you!
You once came so close to being annihilated by the Orks, and now you shall be by us!
Young sons of Dorn, always in the shadow of your forbearers, why not join us?
The Emperor's praetorians, your failure amuses me.

Dark Angels
Your speed is only a mere delay before your impending defeat!
Yes yes, speed ahead, TO YOUR DEATH!
We'll knock you out of the skies like mere fowl!
You accelerate towards your own disaster!

Dark Eldar
Puny aliens!
Well. well. Dark Eldar..
Ah, look what Tzeentch threw at our feet.
We'll see who's more vile in combat!

Death Guard
Your empire in the warp will avail you not…
You paid too heavy a price… Death Guard…

Death Korps of Kreig
Your master forsook us as He now forsakes you! Human!
Like a true human, all mindless bigotry and unreasoning hatred.

Puny aliens!
Graceful little things, the Eldar.
Oh, has Slaanesh consumed you yet?
You are a dying race, why do you hasten your destruction?

Fly fly to your death human!
I suppose now we will have to kill you, lapdog.

Emperors Children
Pleasure of the flesh are unknown to us… Slaaneshite.
Emperor’s children indeed…

Fallen Angels
Our master knows your secret; it matters not, you will still die today.
Ah, how does it feel to be a Fallen? Hunted on all sides. You wish you were dead, I can see it in your minds....

Puny aliens.
Graceful little things, the Eldar.
We see through your tricks!
Your wild leaps and acrobatics will only land you in Tzeentch's maw!

Imperial Guard
Small minded humans...
Lackeys of the corpse god.
Mere lapdogs to be swept aside....
Guard: Nuisances!

Imperial Fists
Sons of Dorn... Kill them and be done with it.
Bring Dust to their Dorn!
Weakling pretenders,playing at being Astartes.

Inquisition Daemonhunt
An Inquisitor, so much potential and so much ignorance...
Inquisitors burn what they don't understand...
Foolish human, why come at us when you have much more you should know?
These numskulls are an obstacle in the path to Enlightenment.

Iron Hands
Unchanging, misguided machines!
Iron Hands... clog their machine spirit with our dust.
Flesh is weak, you fear weakness. The machine is not the answer, however I can help with your questions...

Iron Warriors
You are too unchanged Iron Warrior…
You are not so mighty, son of Perturabo

Last Chancers/13th penal Legion
Convict Scum, there will be no salvation of the false god, join us and know the truth!
The dregs of a failing Imperium rises to challenge us? Remove them from my sight.
Is this all the corpse Emperor has left? Convict scum, you shall bow to us!
Your Emperor has condemned you to death, I offer true freedom.

Legion of the Damned
Swallowed in and spat out by the Warp, you're not dead yet?
There are only a few of you, this will be a quick battle.
Still loyal to the Corpse God are you? Well DIE!
You deserve the fate of the Chaos Spawn!

A pity, I would have had you kneel willingly at the altar of Tzeentch, human.
Those humans will not be a problem…

Slaves of the materium, the Necron.
Abominable mechanical things.
Mindless automatons, we'll grind your bodies into dust!
Does our magic 'confound' your god, Necron?

Night Lords
Your role has ended, terrorspawn. Back to the Night whence you came!
Into his web you fly, trapped like helpless flies.
The Fear Mongers Challenge Us?
Night Lords... let their terror break on our Rubric Bulwark.
You hide in th shadows, we shall bring the light you fear so much, the light of eternal change!

Green savages!
Orks... they don't even recognize their betters.
The stench of these beasts....ugh!
Our superior tactics and strategy will overwhelm these failures!

This is the way out of error and into freedom… human..
I will be obliging to kill you, human

Raven Guard
Raven Guard! The Corvidae will have their blood!
Ravens... Cut them from the skies.
I do not fear the shadows Brother, but you fear the light.

Red Corsairs
Naiveté blinds you to the potential of the Warp.
You are but puppets he has tossed aside, use fulfilled. To dust with you!
Prepare to pay from taking the focus from decent chaos Marines
Huron... You call THAT a Familiar?
The Tyrant comes to challenge us?
The Tyrant will be ruled. Forward!
Weaklings, you think you are equals to us?

Red Scorpions
No Primarch. No history. Bastard sons of the Imperium, now Tzeentch will claim you!
You who hold purity so high, face that which is pure in the eyes of Tzeentch.
Your purity is an illusion!

Your Meltas won't save you now!
Ha! These fools believe flame can best our rubric, what flesh is there to burn?!
Men of Nocturn your flames are naught against the fires of Tzeentch
The Emperor is dead, your Vulkan is gone, and now we will snuff your flames!
You can not see beyond your own artifice.

Sisters of Battle
Puny blind little women.
Fanatics and whores of the Corpse-God all in one...
Bolter bitches!
Instead of fighting for your corpse-god, you should "service" him in HELL!

Space Marines
Betrayers and hypocrites...space marines
The marines shall pay for their betrayal!
The treacherous lapdogs have come to pay their debt...
Millennia ago, you took our lives; now, you pay with your souls.

Space Wolves/13th Company
So.. the damned sons of Russ are here? Leave none ALIVE!
YOU are the cause of everything today! DIE!
Our mortal enemy is here...KILL THEM ALL!
You howl, we BURN!

Steel Legion
Small minded humans...
Lackeys of the corpse god.
Not even the combined rush of your metal boxes will deter us!
May your machine God bless your machines with rust and malfunction!
Do you still not understand how the mind is more powerful than armor?
Come then, with your metal boxes, human.

Pray to your Emperor in vain… desert dog…
The more the prayers fail, the more the prayers pray…

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
The Tanith First & Only will soon be the Tanith First & Last!
Why not reclaim your world with the power of Tzeentch? No? Then die, imperial dogs!
The warp knows your name!

Their alien technologies cannot save the Tau from the Architect.
Well, well. aliens..
A young urchin of a race, only to be crushed under our feet.
Your guns are no match for our superior intellect.

Thousand Sons
Their ambitions has turned to misguided treachery against us.
This place is ours to corrupt!
They have gone down the forbidden path!
A rogue has appeared in our ranks!

Well. well. mindless insects... literally..
Alien beasts... you too will serve the impossible fortress!

Do-gooders of the false Emperor..
Your adherence to the books will only be your failure!
We don't fight by the rules, lackeys!
Is there a rule against warp powers? I suppose not!

We came in answer of prayers to the Great Mutator. Yes, there is one among you…
And what has the Emperor ever done for you, human?

You’ll find death a little corrosive to the soul, human *laughs*
Being dead is an interesting experience, you should try at least once, human

White Scars
No use in running when we can manipulate our position at will...
Cowards using a dog's tactics...
Hit and run? Why, we can utilize that tactics better than you can!
Your glancing blows are a mere hindrance to the juggernaut of the Thousand Sons!

Witch Hunters! Oppressors! And tormentors! Curse them!
You can never burn away the ancient truths!

World Eaters
Blood barbarians…
Angron was a fool, that brain damaged lunatic…

Word Bearers
They shall have no other god but Tzeentch!
I sense an apostle…. (airy)
Worshipful fools.
Priesthood is for the blind.

What is this insolence? A demon blocks are way!
Who has dared summon this demonic beast against us!?!

Do not fear the transgressor.. they are of no concern to us.
An enemy is here.. oh woe the intruders who defile these lands.
Fools! Those who seek to plunder will be dealt swiftly!
You are but a trivial speck in the changing sands of time.
Dispatch these insignificant looters from this area!
We see you.. mortals. Muhahahaha! [very engrossing laughter]
Do not interfere.. degenerates!

It would make a great offering on the holy Altar.
This.. foul creature.. Purge it from these sacred lands!

The foe beings lumbering metal.. surely he is a fool?
Such shows of enemy might are a mild consideration.

Building Sounds
Crucible of Sorcery (HQ): single deep voice (sorcerer?) chanting in generally monosyllabic gibberish. something like "Ka... Blik... Ra…Ne...Glam...Moh... "
Warp Gate (Barracks): many distant voices whispering
Silver spire (Listening Post): a hum
Runescribe construct (Standard Generator): crackling crystals
Glyscribe construct (Large Generator): longer sound of crackling crystals
Dark library (Armoury): booming thud, like a heavy tome falling onto a wooden desk
Occult forge (Vehicle Pit): a metallic hammer strike with simultaneous crackle of electricity
Daemon Gate (Sacrificial Circle): distant daemon scream fading in and out
Heavy bolter pillar (Turret): delicate mechanical whirling
Alter of Tzeentch (Greater Sacrificial Circle): “I see you...” (inhuman voice)

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