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His Righteous Mod/Cadian *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:07 PM


Adeptus Mechanicus
Notes: I imagine it sounding like the techpriest
Unit_Complete1: I am here to fulfill the obligations of the Mechanicus
Unit_Complete2: By the Treaty of Mars, you called for my assistance
Unit_Complete3: Mars comes to your aide
Unit_Complete4: You call me from my work, Imperial commander?
Unit_Complete5: The Mechanicus will assist your flesh units
Unit_Complete6: You called a priest of Machine God *binary whine*
Selection1: Sing praise to the God of All Machines!
Selection2: The powerful has only to look upon the universe to change it
Selection3: Address me as Magos
Selection4: Rust never sleeps… (talking/mumbling to himself)
Selection5: Machine God watch over you
Selection6: The man of metal endures longer than the flesh of the slave
Selection7: There are no towers as high as the spires of Mars, no worlds greater than the holy orb!
Move1: May your body be guarded against malfunction and your soul against impurity
Move2: We must endure the present that those who follow may continue the endeavor
Move3: Rune of protection be inscribed upon you, litany of protection ward your soul
Move4: Mind and machine! No start, no end of either, but admixed, like an alloy!
Move5: I’ve already cast the proper roboscopes
Attack1: *binary blare* (machine code warcry, somewhat like an angry imperial probe from Star Wars)
Attack2: *different binary blare*
Attack3: The soul-less sentience is the enemy of all!
Attack4: I match any warrior tenfold with the holy infighting protocols
Attack5: They will kneel before me and beg for their lives!
Build1: Thus do we invoke the Machine God
Build2: I make whole that which has slept in disassembly
Build3: I will strike the rune of activation and mobilization
Build4: The engine fills with strength…
Build5: Installing the phased crystal lines and hydroplastics now, my lord
Load_Transport1: Hail, mighty beast
Unload_Transport1: May we meet again, Machine Spirit
Morale_Break1: I am damaged!
Morale_Break2: I must go to commune with the command database!
Morale_Restored1: What needs have you of me, Imperial?
Morale_Restored2: My Quest for Knowledge here will continue
Repair1: Oh machine! Oh divine engine! Heal thy damage and salve thy mind…
Repair2: Blessed machine, that you have suffered so!
Repair3: Presume not to rush my holy work
Damage1: Imperial guard! I must have support!
Damage2: My flesh is fallible, I will suffer damage
Damage3: Omnissiah protect me, that I may strive to honor you with ritual
Death1: I see the data mountains of Mars…
Death2: *mechanical gargle*
Death3: *electronic sequel*
Death4: *binary murmur, grow weaker, then cease*

Tech Servitor
Notes: Support builder unit
Selection1: Input signal
Selection2: Enter command
Selection3: Access denied
Move1: Obey obey obey
Move2: Topography subliminal
Repair1: Repair repair
Repair2: Acknowledge
Repair3: Fix in progress
Build1: Obey obey obey
Build2: Press button
Build3: Assembly. status. in progress

H. Bolter Gun Servitor
Notes: Armed support unit -- can only attack with its h. bolter
Selection1: Input command
Selection2: Enter signals
Selection3: Access denied
Move1: As you wish
Move2: Transverse terrain
Attack1: Firing pattern
Attack2: Target acquired
Attack3: Trajectory optimal

Plasma Cannon Gun Servitor
Notes: Armed support unit -- can only attack with its plasma cannon
Selection1: Plasma capacity optimal
Selection2: Sucrasol levels acceptable
Selection3: Power optimal
Move1: Coordinates acceptable
Move2: Moving
Attack1: Targeting
Attack2: Power surge
Attack3: Locked on

TechPriest Enginseer
Notes: Essentially like vanilla IG builder but only used to repair damaged vehicles/buildings so voice scripts should reflect this.
Selection1: Let me tend to the mighty machine
Selection2: The beast of metal is nobler than simple flesh
Selection3: My duty is to the machine
Move1: Is there a machine in need there?
Move2: Mighty is my duty to the Machine God
Repair1: I will heal the machine spirit
Repair2: Leave me to my holy work
Repair3: Treasure of the Machine God, heal thyself


Soldier (aka Conscripts)
Notes: Like a wimpier version of the infantry
Unit_Complete1: Just arrived from rear echelon, sir
Unit_Complete2: Troopers, 6th class, reporting sir
Unit_Complete3: Grade F trooper formation here, sir
Unit_Complete4: Boy, 'aven't seen this much action since ah was press ganged!
Unit_Complete5: Just come from latrine digging, lord
Unit_Complete6: We not trained, but got plenty of fight, sir
Selection1: Your orders my lord?
Selection2: Signed up for a tour, signed up for a lifetime (grumbling)
Selection3: Once found some surplus grox steak rations I did (happy)
Selection4: Smite the wicked they said… see the galaxy they said… (disgruntled)
Selection5: Come fresh from trench digging duty, sir
Selection6: Emperor, I’m hungry…
Selection7: I hear you…sir
Move1: Yes, my lord
Move2: We’ll go there, sir
Move3: Yes, copy that
Move4: I’ve got a really bad feeling about this…
Move5: Tis better than latrine duty, it is
Attack1: Just shoot at anything that moves!
Attack2: Shoot them all!
Attack3: Emperor, this is serious!
Attack4: Conserve your fire!
Attack5: Shoot them!
Under_Fire1: Feth! They’re shooting at us, they’re shooting at us!
Under_Fire2: Hit! hit!
Morale_Break1: Run! Run, you fools!
Morale_Break2: Feth! we mucked up, we mucked up!
Morale_Restored1: Be proud, that’s what the preachers say
Morale_Restored2: What I’d do for a long dull uninteresting tour
Capture1: This isn’t the first time…
Capture2: Setting up the perimeter, sir
Capped1: We did what we were trained to do
Capped2: We’ve got the strongpoint… sir
Charge1: Duck and cover!
Charge2: Shoot back! Shoot back!
Charge3: We’re pinned down!
Jump_Teleport1: Gives me the willies, cog-head mumbo-jumbo
Deepstrike1: Command done gone to awful lot effort to get us here…
Load_Transport1: Good Emperor, we’re pretty much invincible now (stress on “now”)
Unload_Transport1: He-on-Terra no… on foot again?
Damage1: Taking fire, we have to slow down!
Damage2: Get down!
Damage3: They’re killing us!
Death1: Ahhhhh!
Death2: I’m hit! Emperor, I’m hit!
Death3: Oooff…
Death4: Ah think ah got clipped, ah did…

Platoon HQ
Unit_Complete1: Platoon HQ set up
Unit_Complete2: Platoon command deployed
Unit_Complete3: Platoon HQ is up and running
Unit_Complete4: Platoon command here
Unit_Complete5: Platoon HQ calling all squads
Unit_Complete6: This is the platoon HQ
Selection1: Vox link stable
Selection2: Front line rules of engagement
Selection3: Be careful
Selection4: Check the vox again
Selection5: HQ Report!
Selection6: Honor to the command hierarchy
Selection7: Hail victory
Move1: Never underestimate the Emperor’s foe
Move2: Relocating
Move3: Praise He-on-Earth and press on!
Move4: With me!
Move5: All for the empire of Humanity
Attack1: Target positions marked
Attack2: Hack them down!
Attack3: Remember the Tyrok Fields! Remember Terra!
Attack4: Rule, Imperium!
Attack5: For another ten thousand years!
Under_Fire1: Platoon HQ taking fire
Under_Fire2: Command element is under fire!
Morale_Break1: We just lost the initiative!
Morale_Break2: Withdrawing tactical command to safety
Morale_Restored1: Direct us closer to the front
Morale_Restored2: We’re clear
Capture1: Raise the banner there
Capture2: That’s within our capability
Capped1: Mission accomplished
Capped2: Position is held
Charge1: Hold, brave soldiers of the Imperium!
Charge2: For homeworld! For pride!
Charge3: For Terra!
Jump_Teleport1: Teleport successful!
Deepstrike1: Command squad in position
Load_Transport1: Designating as platoon command post, where’s the vox?
Unload_Transport1: Carry on, we’ll go on foot
Damage1: Platoon command is taking casualties
Damage2: Damnation! Shattered an auspex
Damage3: The enemy mean nothing! Nothing!
Death1: *ahhh….*
Death2: Not now…
Death3: *ooph*
Death4: *arrr*

Platoon HQ leader
Notes: Has a Lieutenant as leader. More important squad leader if not a minor field commander.
Selection1: Get the vox link on
Selection2: Yes?
Selection3: Caution
Selection4: Always with that vox unit...
Selection5: This is the lieutenant
Selection6: Do I look like a High Lord to you?
Selection7: I'll pass on the order
Move1: Proceed cautiously
Move2: On the move
Move3: Don't tell me about hardship!
Move4: Form on your commander!
Move5: Sacrifice... everything!
Attack1: The enemy is marked
Attack2: Terra expects every man to do his duty!
Attack3: Swear I'll make major for this
Attack4: For the Imperium!
Attack5: For the Eternal Emperor!
Under_Fire1: Yo taking fire
Under_Fire2: Command element is under fire!
Morale_Break1: We just lost the initiative!
Morale_Break2: Withdrawing tactical command to safety
Morale_Restored1: Direct us closer to the front
Morale_Restored2: We’re clear
Capture1: Raise the good banner
Capture2: I can do that
Capped1: Accomplished!
Capped2: Holding position
Charge1: You will hold, brave soldiers of the Imperium!
Charge2: For everything you know!
Charge3: For Terra!
Jump_Teleport1: Teleport successful!
Deepstrike1: Command squad in position
Load_Transport1: Designate as mobile platoon command post, give me the vox
Unload_Transport1: We’ll go on foot
Damage1: Platoon command is taking casualties
Damage2: Damnation! Shattered an auspex
Damage3: The enemy mean nothing! Nothing!
Death1: *ahhh….*
Death2: Not now…
Death3: *ooph*
Death4: *arrr*

Unit_Complete1: Reporting for duty, sir!
Unit_Complete2: We're here, sir!
Unit_Complete3: Squad has arrived, sir!
Unit_Complete4: Reporting for combat, sir!
Unit_Complete5: Squad deployed, sir!
Unit_Complete6: Reporting, sir!
Selection1: Ready to kick some scum, my lord
Selection2: With respect, sir
Selection3: Trained to fight, trained to die, sir
Selection4: Prepared for the worst, my lord
Selection5: Let us at ’em, sir
Selection6: On knife, sir
Selection7: His blessings with us, sir
Move1: A good soldier obeys without doubt
Move2: Moving out, sir
Move3: Roger that, my lord
Move4: Copy that, my lord
Move5: I obey, sir
Attack1: Joining the fight, sir!
Attack2: We’ll die standing, my lord
Attack3: The moment of truth
Attack4: Charge!
Attack5: We’ll brain ’em!
Under_Fire1: Taking heavy enemy fire!
Under_Fire2: We need armor support!
Morale_Break1: HQ come in, we’re combat ineffective!
Morale_Break2: We have too many wounded!
Morale_Restored1: Still in the fight, sir
Morale_Restored2: We’ll give them two in the chest, one in the head
Capture1: We will have it
Capture2: It’s gonna be nothing
Capped1: Secured it to Imperial control
Capped2: Position ready for follow-up elements, sir
Charge1: Hold fast!
Charge2: Stand fast!
Charge3: Stand your ground!
Jump_Teleport1: In position, my lord
Deepstrike1: In position, my lord
Load_Transport1: Get aboard, quick!
Unload_Transport1: Joining the fight, sir
Damage1: We need support!
Damage2: We have wounded!
Damage3: Where’s the air support?!
Death1: *grunt*
Death2: medic!
Death3: *arrrrgh*
Death4: *oomph*

Infantry Squad Leader
Notes: Forceful, authoritative loke normal IG squad leader.
Selection1: Ready for some orders, my lord
Selection2: Hail, sir
Selection3: Drilled to perfection, sir
Selection4: We're prepared, lord
Selection5: Let 'em face my boys, sir
Selection6: On knife
Selection7: Fighters of the Emperor, sir
Move1: No doubt in this outfit, sir
Move2: We'll get there, sir
Move3: Acknowledged, my lord
Move4: Copied, my lord
Move5: We obey, sir
Attack1: Into the fight!
Attack2: Die standing!
Attack3: Now! Now! Now!
Attack4: Charge!
Attack5: Take 'em by storm!
Under_Fire1: Taking heavy fire!
Under_Fire2: Sergeant calling armor support!
Morale_Break1: HQ come in, we have heavy losses!
Morale_Break2: Damnation, they have the jump on us!
Morale_Restored1: Still in the fight
Morale_Restored2: Remeber! two in the chest, one in the head!
Capture1: It'll be ours
Capture2: Piece of pie, sir
Capped1: It's in Imperial hands now, sir
Capped2: Ready to receive fortification, sir
Charge1: Don't you run on me!
Charge2: Courage, you whoresons!
Charge3: Stand and fight!
Jump_Teleport1: Good position, lord
Deepstrike1: Good position, lord
Load_Transport1: All aboard, go go go!
Unload_Transport1: Get out there!
Damage1: Calling support!
Damage2: Calling for reinforcements!
Damage3: Calling air support!
Death1: *grunt*
Death2: medic!
Death3: *arrrrgh*
Death4: *oomph*

Heavy Weapons
Unit_Complete1: The reinforcements are here
Unit_Complete2: Heavy weapons are primed for combat
Unit_Complete3: Heavy weapon reinforcements are here
Unit_Complete4: Reinforcements have arrived
Unit_Complete5: Heavy weapons have arrived
Unit_Complete6: You called for reinforcements?
Selection1: Perimeter security needed, sir?
Selection2: Additional security, my lord?
Selection3: Backup here
Selection4: What do you need, my lord?
Selection5: What is your emergency, sir?
Selection6: Position, sir
Selection7: Hear you loud and clear
Move1: Clear the way
Move2: Heavy weapons, coming through
Move3: Heavy equipment coming through
Move4: Copy that, my lord
Move5: I hear and obey, sir
Attack1: Taking aim
Attack2: Suppressing hostiles
Attack3: Stabilizing a dangerous situation
Attack4: Holding the line, sir
Attack5: Lighting up their world, lord
Under_Fire1: I’m in the fire zone!
Under_Fire2: Enemy contact!
Morale_Break1: Sweet emperor! Get me out of here!
Morale_Break2: Holy sweat, I’m falling back!
Morale_Restored1: Ready for reposition
Morale_Restored2: Sir? What are your orders?
Capture1: Getting the position, my lord
Capture2: Occupying that position, sir
Capped1: The position is ours
Capped2: The position is taken
Charge1: Tracking!
Charge2: Suppression fire!
Charge3: Firing!
Jump_Teleport1: Heavy weapons are here, sir
Deepstrike1: Heavy weapons are here, sir
Load_Transport1: Going aboard
Unload_Transport1: On foot, sir
Damage1: Heavy weapons under fire!
Damage2: Need support!
Damage3: Equipment took some damage, sir
Death1: *small explosion*
Death2: *ahhh…*
Death3: *gasp*
Death4: *agh*

Special Weapons
Unit_Complete1: Special weapons team is here
Unit_Complete2: We have arrived to suppress all who dare oppose!
Unit_Complete3: Special weapons in the field.
Unit_Complete4: Commencing insertion.
Unit_Complete5: Ready to cleanse with imperial fire.
Unit_Complete6: Prepared for a response.
Selection1: We are here
Selection2: Specialist-troopers, reporting my lord
Selection3: Special weapons and tactics, sir
Selection4: Special weapons assault team
Selection5: Tactical situation, my lord?
Selection6: Superior assault firepower, sir
Selection7: Trained for high risk situations, sir
Move1: Very good, sir
Move2: Good idea, my lord
Move3: Rapid response, sir
Move4: Going in standard assault formation
Move5: Tactical operations, my lord
Attack1: Weapons hot!
Attack2: Have at them!
Attack3: Sweep them away
Attack4: Bringing firepower to bear
Attack5: Taking it down!
Under_Fire1: We have active-shooter situation, sir
Under_Fire2: We’re under fire!
Morale_Break1: We’ve lost squad cohesion!
Morale_Break2: Fall back and call for new orders!
Morale_Restored1: Ready for another run, my lord
Morale_Restored2: Equipped for another take-down, sir
Capture1: Specialists on point!
Capture2: Task copied sir
Capped1: The standard is up
Capped2: Follow-team teams, sir?
Charge1: Open fire!
Charge2: Get it!
Charge3: Take it down!
Jump_Teleport1: Teleported to ground position
Deepstrike1: On position, lord
Load_Transport1: Take us to position
Unload_Transport1: Disembarking
Damage1: I got clipped!
Damage2: Command, requesting support
Damage3: Special weapons squad under fire
Death1: I’m shot!
Death2: Specialist down!
Death3: *arrgh*
Death4: *groan*

Storm Troopers
Unit_Complete1: The best the Adeptus Terra has to offer
Unit_Complete2: All hail sacred Terra
Unit_Complete3: Stormtroopers, first in war among the holy institutions
Unit_Complete4: No homeworld. Only the Imperium
Unit_Complete5: Let's take revenge a thousand times against the Imperium's enemies!
Unit_Complete6: There can be no galaxy without the Imperial Stormtroopers
Selection1: Mission template?
Selection2: Elite strike force here
Selection3: Armed reconnaissance, sir
Selection4: Elite squads at your disposal
Selection5: Operational orders, sir?
Selection6: To victory, sir
Selection7: We shall have our day
Move1: Infiltrate
Move2: Double-time
Move3: Emperor wills it
Move4: Forward!
Move5: No fear
Attack1: We’ll not falter sir!
Attack2: Weapons free
Attack3: Smash through!
Attack4: With guns blazing, sir!
Attack5: No fancy stuff, attack!
Under_Fire1: Encountering resistance
Under_Fire2: Taking fire
Morale_Break1: Exfiltrate out of the fire zone!
Morale_Break2: Change position!
Morale_Restored1: So war’s imperfect
Morale_Restored2: Ready to sow some panic, sir
Capture1: Take it for the Imperium
Capture2: Securing the position
Capped1: Taken
Capped2: It is ours now
Charge1: For the Imperium!
Charge2: No mercy!
Charge3: For the Emperor!
Jump_Teleport1: We’re here!
Deepstrike1: Deep strike assault force on location, sir
Load_Transport1: Riding to assault
Unload_Transport1: We’re here! Go! Go!
Damage1: Leave the wounded behind!
Damage2: We’ll need medics standing by
Damage3: Pride of the Progena!
Death1: Long live sacred Terra!
Death2: *ahh*
Death3: *gasp* *ahh…*
Death4: *grunt*

Stormtroopers Leader
Notes: Has a standard squad leader. Squad leader part of this important Tier3 squad so needs a lot of ego.
Selection1: Mission?
Selection2: The best of the best here
Selection3: Elite reconnaissance, sir
Selection4: As you see fit
Selection5: Operational details?
Selection6: Victory, always victory
Selection7: This is our day
Move1: Infiltration
Move2: Quickly
Move3: For Emperor
Move4: Onwards!
Move5: No fear
Attack1: I don't falter!
Attack2: Engage
Attack3: Smash them!
Attack4: Let me see those guns blazing!
Attack5: Attack!
Under_Fire1: Some resistance
Under_Fire2: They return fire
Morale_Break1: Exfiltrating!
Morale_Break2: Pulling back!
Morale_Restored1: Put us in the fight
Morale_Restored2: They won't know what hit them
Capture1: Take the position for the Emperor
Capture2: Securing it for the Emperor
Capped1: Got it
Capped2: It's ours now
Charge1: For the Imperium of Man!
Charge2: No mercy!
Charge3: For Terra!
Jump_Teleport1: We’re here!
Deepstrike1: Deep strike assault force on location, sir
Load_Transport1: Riding to assault
Unload_Transport1: We’re here! Go! Go!
Damage1: Leave the wounded behind!
Damage2: We’ll need medics standing by
Damage3: Pride of the Progena!
Death1: Long live sacred Terra!
Death2: *ahh*
Death3: *gasp* *ahh…*
Death4: *grunt*


Unit_Complete1: Reporting from the commissariat
Unit_Complete2: Field commissar is here to secure troop morale
Unit_Complete3: Commissar officer reporting to your command, sir
Unit_Complete4: A commissar ensures the rank and file will be invincible in every fight
Unit_Complete5: Routed from the office of the commissariat, sir
Unit_Complete6: The commissariat will put some steel in their backbones
Selection1: Blessed is the mind too small for doubt
Selection2: Honor is forever
Selection3: Field discipline is the start of victory
Selection4: I have total judgment authority
Selection5: Service, unto death!
Selection6: Only in death does duty end
Selection7: Loyalty
Move1: With haste, sir
Move2: In the name of the emperor
Move3: I obey
Move4: Thus. I. Serve.
Move5: I copy that
Attack1: Yes! Forward for the Emperor!
Attack2: Cry victory and have at them!
Attack3: Glory to the first man to die!
Attack4: First blood to the Imperium!
Attack5: One push is all we need, forward!
Charge1: Faith is bottomless!
Charge2: For your homes! For all that you love!
Charge3: Fight on!
Capture1: This will be our position
Capture2: Men, capture this point!
Capped1: We have it now.
Capped2: It is secured.
Join1: Fair warning! The weak, the incompetent, the treasonous I shoot!
Detach1: Carry on without me
Load_Transport1: It is only fitting, we ride into battle
Unload_Transport1: Everyone off!
Morale_Break1: What are you doing?! No panic!
Morale_Break2: Stand first, damn you!
Morale_Restored1: No cowards allowed in this outfit
Morale_Restored2: No mercy for cowards and traitors
Damage1: Ha! I’ve taken worse at drill!
Damage2: Best practice is with live fire!
Damage3: More!
Death1: Carry on… without me!
Death2: *argh*
Death3: *ahhh…*
Death4: *ahhhgg*

Sanctioned Psyker
Notes: sounds suitably unstable and tormented, like the vanilla psyker
Unit_Complete1: You called for my presence?!
Unit_Complete2: I've seen my death here!
Unit_Complete3: What can a psyker do here?
Unit_Complete4: You wanted a psyker, my lord?!
Unit_Complete5: Psykana command assigns me to you?!
Unit_Complete6: You requested a psyker?!
Selection1: You call me witch… and you torture me…
Selection2: I know your thoughts…
Selection3: Dim blunts… (mumbled)
Selection4: I was born this way…
Selection5: Sometimes… they claw at my mind…
Selection6: Do you hear… music?
Selection7: What do you know of the Psykana?!
Move1: What choice do I have…
Move2: Yes, I see…
Move3: Yeess…
Move4: Very well!
Move5: I see clearly now…
Attack1: My thoughts will rip them apart!
Attack2: To glory!
Attack3: For the Father of All Mankind!
Attack4: They’ll feel the power of my mind!
Attack5: *mad laugh*
Charge1: You shall not pass!
Charge2: Foul creature!
Charge3: The dark soulfire will not avail you! flame of corruption!
Capture1: I forsee this being ours
Capture2: There is great value in this point.
Capped1: As I fortold, it is under our ownership.
Capped2: Ours!
Join1: Follow me and I’ll give you victory
Detach1: I have new assignments, away from here
Load_Transport1: I’m used to small spaces…
Unload_Transport1: We have duties to fulfill
Morale_Break1: No! I cannot lose!
Morale_Break2: They are too powerful…
Morale_Restored1: I will prove my loyalty again
Morale_Restored2: You trust me? Don't you?!
Damage1: Nonbelievers!
Damage2: They can’t touch my mind!
Damage3: What is pain of the body next to pain of the soul?
Death1: I’m difting…
Death2: No! you won’t have me! (screaming at warp things)
Death3: *agggh*
Death4: The Emperor shines bring in the Empyrean….

Unit_Complete1: I only leave the chapel to go about the Ministorum’s good work
Unit_Complete2: Only blood drenched hatred for traitors and heretics is fitting
Unit_Complete3: The faithful pure will sit at the Emperor's table
Unit_Complete4: The Emperor is the center of the galaxy, the light of our lives
Unit_Complete5: You call me from the chapel?
Unit_Complete6: I will preach of the Holy Guard, and the Holy Fleet, and the Holy Church
Selection1: A matter of faith, commander?
Selection2: Faith makes one powerful, my lord
Selection3: We are all His flock
Selection4: Faith is essential to warfare, commander
Selection5: He rules the stars
Selection6: What do you desire of me?
Selection7: Trust in Him
Move1: Walk boldly, He walks with us
Move2: Praise the good Emperor
Move3: Go by faith, and not by sight
Move4: With Him, noting is impossible
Move5: The Emperor helps the brave
Attack1: Shout! For He hears you!
Attack2: Fight the good fight, and eternal life thereafter!
Attack3: Faith enflames the wavering!
Attack4: Better a slave to faith than master of corruption!
Attack5: Faith! Always, faith!
Charge1: Honor the Emperor with service!
Charge2: Faith is unshakable!
Charge3: We will sit at His table!
Capture1: We shall have it
Capture2: Mark it to fall under our protection.
Capped1: We have it now.
Capped2: Now it ours to do as we so please.
Join1: We’ll fight the Emperor’s battles together
Detach1: Be good men to the Emperor now
Load_Transport1: Sanctita, the Emperor is graceful to let us ride
Unload_Transport1: Good, we’re here!
Morale_Break1: No! Don’t run!
Morale_Break2: No! Come back!
Morale_Restored1: Right makes might, wherever the Emperor goes
Morale_Restored2: Renew your faith, it makes one close to the Emperor
Damage1: The faithful feel no pain!
Damage2: Oh my Emperor…
Damage3: Praise the Emperor!
Death1: *dramatic arrrgh*
Death2: *dramatic ahhh*
Death3: *dramatic grunt*
Death4: *dramatic ooophf*

Command HQ
Notes: Nobleman, sounds like Colonel Brom
Unit_Complete1: Command headquarter on the field
Unit_Complete2: I am the command headquarters here
Unit_Complete3: I am the will of the Emperor in this action
Unit_Complete4: Command headquarter deployed to the field
Unit_Complete5: Command headquarter is mobile
Unit_Complete6: Command headquarter at the front line
Selection1: Emperor and my right
Selection2: Faith, Loyalty, and Autocracy
Selection3: Victory or death
Selection4: How dare you presume...?!
Selection5: Your orders, give them to me
Selection6: Senior officer here
Selection7: I haven’t had a civilized meal in days
Move1: Let it be so
Move2: On to glory
Move3: I consider it appropriate
Move4: On my way
Move5: That is my prerogative
Attack1: To the foremost glory!
Attack2: Time to meet destiny
Attack3: At them!
Attack4: Follow my advance!
Attack5: They can’t kill my pride, but my pride can kill them
Charge1: Meet your betters!
Charge2: Emperor’s embrace!
Charge3: Legends are born this way!
Capture1: Claim it in the name of the Emperor!
Capture2: Reward the one who claims it first.
Capped1: A new dawn rises on Empire building.
Capped2: This will be one of many.
Join1: Forming Command security detail
Detach1: Security detachment is reassigned
Load_Transport1: Designating command vehicle
Unload_Transport1: Going on foot
Morale_Break1: No! I will not be defeated!
Morale_Break2: This is injured majesty…
Morale_Restored1: Obligation of nobility, I will stand my ground
Morale_Restored2: I have a legacy to consider
Damage1: Appears the enemy has sought me out
Damage2: Things are not good here!
Damage3: Command HQ is under attack!
Death1: No… this can’t be the end…
Death2: *aghh*
Death3: No…
Death4: Why…


Unit_Complete1: Sentinel has arrived, sir
Unit_Complete2: Sentinel here, sir
Unit_Complete3: Sentinel assembled, sir
Unit_Complete4: Sentinel ready to move, sir
Unit_Complete5: Sentinel walker has arrived, sir
Unit_Complete6: Sentinel at your disposal,sir
Selection1: Scanning the field
Selection2: Where should I go?
Selection3: Keeping ready
Selection4: Checked the map, sir
Selection5: Weapons held high
Selection6: The Emperor would be proud
Selection7: Armed reconnaissance walker, sir
Move1: Turning up the speed
Move2: Hunting for the Emperor’s enemies, sir
Move3: Adjusting for terrain
Move4: Plotting course
Move5: Forming the salient
Attack1: Taking them down!
Attack2: We have them now
Attack3: Hitting them hard
Attack4: They will not escape
Attack5: Bringing them down
Death1: *explosion*

Unit_Complete1: Chimera is here
Unit_Complete2: Chimera reporting
Unit_Complete3: Chimera requests mission
Unit_Complete4: Chimera is ready to go
Unit_Complete5: Chimera is arrived
Unit_Complete6: Chimera transport here
Selection1: Armoured fist carrier here
Selection2: Infantry carrier, sir
Selection3: Transport here
Selection4: Running quiet
Selection5: Where’s a techpriest when you need one?
Selection6: Target, lord?
Selection7: What will you have of me, sir?
Move1: On our way, sir
Move2: On the go, lord
Move3: Engines running smooth
Move4: For the crusade, sir!
Move5: Getting in closer
Attack1: Fire zone confirmed
Attack2: Commencing assault
Attack3: Rushing in
Attack4: We’ll hold them there!
Attack5: Joining the fight
Death1: *explosion*

Unit_Complete1: Mortar carrier arrived, my lord
Unit_Complete2: Griffon here, sir
Unit_Complete3: Mobile mortar position here, lord
Unit_Complete4: Griffon deployed, my lord
Unit_Complete5: Mortar carrier here, my lord
Unit_Complete6: Mortar support here, sir
Selection1: Close support for the men, sir
Selection2: Infantry support here
Selection3: What needs to be done?
Selection4: What should we shell?
Selection5: Shall we move to support?
Selection6: We can support our comrades
Selection7: What orders, sir?
Move1: Course planned
Move2: Position copied
Move3: Will occupy that position
Move4: Yes, commander
Move5: I copy you, commander
Attack1: Compensating for drift…
Attack2: Estimating range…
Attack3: Copy the positional target
Attack4: Targeting coordinates
Attack5: Target verified
Death1: *explosion*

Unit_Complete1: Hellhound arrived, sir
Unit_Complete2: Hellhound at full capacity, sir
Unit_Complete3: Hellhound ready to move forward, sir
Unit_Complete4: Hellhound arrived, sir
Unit_Complete5: Hellhound ready, sir
Unit_Complete6: Hellhound awaiting orders, sir
Selection1: Tank pressure is good
Selection2: Valve pressure stabilized
Selection3: Promethium-mix is optimal
Selection4: The Emperor is our pilot-light
Selection5: Where is the enemy?
Selection6: Directions?
Selection7: Orders, lord?
Move1: Going there
Move2: Are there enemy infantry nearby?
Move3: The Emperor’s cleansing touch is what we are
Move4: Copy that, lord
Move5: Obedience to your will, sir
Attack1: Getting in close!
Attack2: Eat flaming death!
Attack3: Burn it down!
Attack4: Flames cleanses corruption!
Attack5: They’ll be shocked and awed!
Death1: *explosion*

Lemun Russ
Unit_Complete1: Armor support is here
Unit_Complete2: Heavy armor is here
Unit_Complete3: Imperial armor is ready
Unit_Complete4: Regimental armor element on location
Unit_Complete5: Armor support has arrived
Unit_Complete6: Armor support is arrived from the rear
Selection1: Yes, lord?
Selection2: Prepared for battle, sir
Selection3: Awaiting orders
Selection4: Ready, sir
Selection5: Tank captain here
Selection6: Aye, command?
Selection7: At battle stations
Move1: Position confirmed
Move2: Very good, sir
Move3: Moving as quickly as possible, sir
Move4: Navigation copies
Move5: Speed to full
Attack1: We’ll crush them!
Attack2: Sweeping the enemy before us
Attack3: This a day of judgment!
Attack4: Let them face the instruments of His will!
Attack5: Imperator Potens supreme!
Death1: *explosion*

Lemun Russ Exterminator
Unit_Complete1: Exterminator, on the field
Unit_Complete2: Exterminator tank
Unit_Complete3: Exterminator is here
Unit_Complete4: Exterminator ready for action
Unit_Complete5: Exterminator has arrived
Unit_Complete6: Exterminator reporting for deployment
Selection1: Maintaining position
Selection2: Engines primed
Selection3: What is the hot-spot?
Selection4: We can seal a breach
Selection5: Ready to lay some firepower, lord
Selection6: Your command?
Selection7: What can we do?
Move1: Course set
Move2: Navigating
Move3: Engines engaged
Move4: Tank captain confirming
Move5: No mercy
Attack1: Giving fire!
Attack2: We have targets
Attack3: Targets on scope
Attack4: Close and fire
Attack5: Fire at will
Death1: *explosion*

Leman Russ Demolisher
Unit_Complete1: Demolisher on the field
Unit_Complete2: Demolisher tank
Unit_Complete3: Demolisher is here
Unit_Complete4: Demolisher ready for action
Unit_Complete5: Demolisher has arrived
Unit_Complete6: Demolisher reporting for deployment
Selection1: Big gun here
Selection2: Deployment, sir?
Selection3: Main gun operational
Selection4: Bombardment tank, sir
Selection5: What is target, lord?
Selection6: Hear you loud and clear
Selection7: Orders?
Move1: Moving there
Move2: Bringing demolisher gun to bear
Move3: Moving with all speed
Move4: Coordinates confirmed
Move5: Anything for the war effort
Attack1: Bombarding the area
Attack2: Target
Attack3: Unleashing our fire!
Attack4: Loading main gun
Attack5: Giving them some thunder
Death1: *explosion*

Earthshaker Platform
Unit_Complete1: Earthshaker platform deployed
Unit_Complete2: Earthshaker package is ready
Unit_Complete3: Earthshaker platform ready for drop
Unit_Complete4: Earthshaker package ready for drop
Unit_Complete5: Earthshaker platform ready
Unit_Complete6: Earthshaker package is overhead
Selection1: Ready to give a dose of hell, sir
Selection2: Ready sir
Selection3: Earthshaker position, sir
Selection4: Biggest gun on the field
Selection5: What may we do for you, my lord?
Selection6: Tanks win battles. Artillery wins wars.
Selection7: Pride of the artillery corps
Attack1: Tracking!
Attack2: Directing fire!
Attack3: Earthshaker rounds primed
Attack4: Bombarding
Attack5: Hold the target
Death1: *explosion*

Unit_Complete1: Naval support here
Unit_Complete2: Naval fire support
Unit_Complete3: Naval flight here
Unit_Complete4: Naval support
Unit_Complete5: Naval fire support here
Unit_Complete6: Naval wing here
Selection1: Vox channel clear
Selection2: Destination?
Selection3: Pilot here
Selection4: Need a lift?
Selection5: What is your request, lord?
Selection6: Trajectory?
Selection7: Acknowledge
Move1: Pursuing vector
Move2: On auspex
Move3: Maneuvers
Move4: Good visibility
Move5: Bearings
Attack1: Strafing pattern
Attack2: Aerial targeting
Attack3: Airstrike!
Attack4: Locked on target
Attack5: Going in!
Death1: Bail! Bail!
Death2: Going down!
Death3: *explosion*

Unit_Complete1: Naval firepower here
Unit_Complete2: Naval gunship arrived
Unit_Complete3: Naval gunship flight here
Unit_Complete4: Naval air support here
Unit_Complete5: Naval heavy gunship here
Unit_Complete6: The Holy Fleet supports you
Selection1: Vox channel is open
Selection2: What to destroy?
Selection3: This is the pilot
Selection4: Need an airstrike?
Selection5: What do you ask, lord?
Selection6: Attack trajectory?
Selection7: Acknowledged, lord
Move1: Pursuit vector
Move2: Auspex scanning
Move3: Maneuvering into position
Move4: Visibility is good
Move5: Getting my bearings
Attack1: Strafing them
Attack2: Targeted from the air!
Attack3: Saturation pattern!
Attack4: Target lock
Attack5: I'm going in!
Death1: Turbine offline!
Death2: Hull breach!
Death3: *explosion*


Chapel: *georgian chanting*

HQ: This is HQ Central

Barracks: Tunnel control, sir

Outpost: Lookout reporting, sir

Turret: Sentry position reporting, my lord

Starport: Control tower here

Vehicle building: Assembly plant control here


Wha-What? Who are those things? (frightened, stuttering)
Oh He-On-Earth bless me… Bless my soul…It’s them (practically sobbing)

Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar xeno plunderers!!
Eldar slavers... Don’t let them take you alive!

We’ll show ’em, skinny eldar
They don’t move like humans, they ain’t humans. They’re eldar

Imperial Guard
Rebel scum!
Unholy traitors! Lost and damned ones!

Metal demons!
It’s the tomb aliens! Just like in the Primer!

Greenskins be damned
Those don't look like stone clubs to me...

Sisters of Battle
Rogue sisters spotted
Forward elements of the mad sisters

Space Marines
Emperor’s angels… (awed)
And the Emperor saw that the people were wicked; and sent his angels of Terra to exact reprobation (recited)

Filthy blue aliens…
Tau xenos! Careful, they’ll warp your brains…

Black Templars
But…fighting the Holy Ones moves us further from the Emperor…
Emperor forgive me… let there be a good reason to fight the angels…

Blood Angels
Emperor bless me, they’re not fables after all… vampyres
And to think I thought them fairy tales at last Sanguinalia…

Blood Ravens
A Librarian leads them.. surely they are also on our side?
Numerous marine psykers spotted.. thats something you don't see every day.

Crimson Fists
Beloved marines.. they'd be helpful against a horde of those wretched greenskins!
The great defenders of the Emperor's will are here among us!

Dark Angels
Dark angels… merciless persecutors of the disloyal…
Holy Angels… Dark Angels…

Fallen Angels
Enemy contact! Unidentified Marine targets.
Its the Fallen! Damn the Betrayers!

Imperial Fists
Blessed Guardians of Terra.. what brings these siege masters here?
Praetorian marines.. I wonder what duties have brought them to us?

Iron Hands
Loyal and noble cybernetic warriors.. but do they fight with us?
Command.. Bionic marines have been spotted operating in this area.

Legion of the Damned
What are they? Ghosts? Warp visions?
Phantoms! Shades of the holy angels…

Raven Guard
HQ.. Found advanced marine scouts roaming the perimeter. Should we engage them?
Honourable marines.. have you arrived to assist us in battle?

Red Scorpions
The Astartes' purist marines are here!
Commander, are we not great blasphemers if we open fire on those who follow the codex so closely?

Close support marines detected. Should we engage?
Careful, men! Reading higher than normal levels of radiation coming their armour.

Space Wolves/13th Company
Did anyone hear… howling?
Those are no natives… they’re a Space Wolves Great Company!

Forgive me Emperor, forgive me… we’re fighting Your chosen warriors…
Thought I’d see the Shrine of the Primarch someday… guess I won’t now…

White Scars
And His angels of the White Scars descended on streaks of lightning…
The Emperor’s angels are faster, stronger than any mortal man…

Alpha Legion
HQ.. spotted infiltrating Chaos Marines in the area.
What the.. where did all these cultists come from?

Black Legion
It.. cannot.. be! Are they still under Abaddon's command?
Men.. ready yourselves and expect a large organized Chaos force.

Death Guard
Nothing is so vile as a traitor… look how corrupted is their flesh
Throne! how can something like that still be alive...?

Emperors Children
It’s the degenerates… don’t breathe in and don’t look too long…
Hold fast to your faith boys… they’ll seduce you right out of your soul…

Iron Warriors
Traitors! Siege masters of Chaos!
It’s the primary threat! Iron Warrior chaos marines!

Night Lords
Command.. cannot identify these bat-like marines.
Steady.. there seems to be some stealth attackers operating among us.

Red Corsairs
Chaos Pirates! Watch your supply lines, men.
Hmmm.. Best we watch these red fugitive marines closely.

Thousand Sons
Witches! Daemons of the Archenemy!
Command… we’ve spotted sorcerers on the battlefield…

World Eaters
Don’t let the berserkers get close… they’ll tear you asunder!
Emperor… the butchers of Armageddon , it’s the World Eaters

Word Bearers
Don’t listen, the heretic speaks only lies!
Listen not to the daemon, lest your souls burn in hellfire!

Fething aliens... dancing ninnies
It's the dancing xenos, have at them!

Googly-eyed aliens!

Inquisition Daemonhunt
We have tentative position on the rogue Inquisitor
You can’t kill an Inquisitor…
His Holy Inquisition weeds out the wicked… Emperor, this is wrong…

Bloody deathworld operatives are here.. stay vigilant, men!
What? Jungle Fighters? Why are they here?

Death Korps of Krieg
Throne, its those tough buggers
To arms! It's the clones!

We'll show those fly-boys what it means to tangle with the footsloggers
Enemy drop-troops!

Last Chancers/13th Penal Legion
Imperial operatives! I wonder what top secret mission brought them to this place?
Bah! Covert suicide freaks.. wonder who the unlucky target is this time?

Let's show them toy soldiers how we do it professional-like
I'll be thrice damned if we get bested by Mordian toy soldiers

Praetorians eh? Apple never falls far from the tree with those gangers
Let's see how well pretty-boys defend against someone who's not Ork

Steel Legions
Contact! Enemy formation!
We may be outclassed in armor, but not in faith!

Loony sand fanatics...
It's those sandy xeno-lovers from Tallarn

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
Sir.. imperial snipers found covertly operating in our sights.
Reporting chameleon light infantry spotted! What are your orders?

New orders, we push back the vosties (pronounced similar to Russkies and frosty) or i'll know the truth of it
Frosty moustached diehards...

Hungry kakkers, the vahallans
What do you know, old frosty sacks himself
(dunno if ppl will get the reference, frosty because vahalla is cold as all hell and the vahallans are rather fanatic about protecting their supplies, eg, food in sacks)

What are they doing here? No witches in this outfit
Ordo Hereticus…no credentials… must be imposters

By the Emperor, there is a demon in our midst.
Warn command.. we have engaged a demon!

Contact HQ.. we have enemies operating in our forward zone.
Command.. requesting orders on detected enemy movements.
Contact.. we have enemy troops outside our base.
The enemy is in our sights.. engaging!
Enemy spotted.. requesting orders..
Enemy sighted.. consider them all hostile!

We have found some kind of.. monster.
The Emperor will have to hear of this beast.. after we dispatch it.

Enemy heavy armour is approaching.
Columns of enemy tanks detected.
Call in the anti-tank teams!
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