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Harlequins *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:13 PM

Unscripted / Completed (see next messages) / Voice Assigned / Voiced
Proposed List




Master Mime (Mime Leader)
Choreographer (Troupe Leader)
Death Jester
Library Guardians



Great Harlequin



Mocking Bird
Wraith Lord
Spirit Walker

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 02:42 AM


Chorus (Builder)
Notes: All lines in a quick lilting singy-songy voice
Chorus (builder) (all lines in a quick lilting singy-songy voice)
Unit_Complete1: *singing*
Unit_Complete2: *singing*
Unit_Complete3: *singing*
Unit_Complete4: *singing*
Selection1: Gorash tranglam (“laughing chaos theory”)
Selection2: Uigebealach vyal (“part of the theory of the webway”)
Selection3: Bhi se chomh dorcha gur cheapamair (“it was so dark”)
Selection4: Raibh an oichie tagtha (“we thought night had come”)
Selection5: Nil ann ach cleasai (“trickster”)
Selection6: Da gceilfi an fhirinne… (“if the truth were hidden…”)
Selection7: B’flieidir go neosfal breag (“a lie would be told”)
Move1: Fhaisorr’ko (“a shadow point” point past which precognition/prophecy/fortune telling cannot see”)
Move2: Mear kilithikadya (the speedy near-future-to-come)
Move3: Agus tá an iomad measa aige air féin (“think too much of him/herself”)
Move4: Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat (“May the blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination”)
Move5: Agaith garoth lir(“false face lamenting/moaning heart”)
Attack1: Ceiba-ny-shak! (eldar curse, meaning unknown)
Attack2: Eshair-shelwe ! (“song of the outcast”, highly insulting term for outcast)
Attack3: Sha’eiloa -shelwe (“song of hells/unspecified number of hells greater than one”)
Attack4: Solerantshlaereen (“silent death about to happen”)
Attack5: Atherakhia (“destruction”)
Build1: Suda subarn (“something constructed”)
Build2: Bionnenan subeliast subast (“a potent artificial contribution”)
Build3: Suith-tann, thareith (“the spirit of dance, here/being in this place”)
Capture1: Ashfar (“Looking”)
Capture2: Kahli ashfares (“Presaging seeking”)
Capped1: Bionn an fear ciallmar ina thost muai ná bîonn pioc le rá aige (meaning unknown)
Capped2: Bonnibionerath (“Think/wonder about potency held in check”)
Load_Transport1: (sung) A new path, steps fall still. Carried there, calling to me...
Load_Transport2: (sung) In standing still, the going, came...
Unload_Transport1: (sung) It came time, to bid farewell. sing more songs, tales gone by...
Unload_Transport2: (sung) At journey's end, shores uncharted, beckoned me...
Morale_Break1: Mael dannan! (“total and merciless extermination!”)
Morale_Break2: Marathag! (“the face of death!”)
Morale_Restored1: Agamure (“A false waning” false/lying)
Morale_Restored2: Athag are anguar, asturi-kel (“the face of honored destiny, respect it”)
Charge1: I’ve seen the moon, and first sunrise (sung, seemingly ethereal voice)
Charge2: I’ve tasted poison, when I drank wine of fate (sung, seemingly ethereal voice)
Charge3: But the fear was in my heart, realized too late (sung, seemingly ethereal voice)
Jump_Teleport1: (sung) Between distant worlds I've plunged, unmoving...
Jump_Teleport2: (sung) A filigree of woven fissures, opened all around.
Deepstrike1: Xios, destra xamath (“truthfully, an entrance remembered”)
Deepstrike2: Urgebelach ("Philosophy of the Webway")
Combat1: Iem solerant mure uol! ("We will kill you soon!")
Combat2: Fiallathandirel! ("Wall against evil!")
Combat3: Suithimarith! ("The Dance of Skulls!")
Under_Fire1: Haranshemash ("The world of blood and tears")
Under_Fire2: Iem dekar illthara ("We should leave")
Under_Fire3: Haras-Shelwe ("Song of Blood")
Damage1: Chorus... disrupted! (ethereal, halting)
Damage2: Discord! (ethereal, halting)
Damage3: Iem marg! ("We are dying!")
Death1: Iem sistaman... ("I am dead...")
Death2: *lilting sighs and gasps*
Death3: *lilting sighs and gasps*
Death4: *lilting sighs and gasps*

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 02:43 AM


Notes: Rather than be totally silent, they could murmur and quietly hum in acknowledgement. So the voice actor should go for a murmured, melodic delivery. (Below is just a guideline, and could be toned up or down depending on how quiet you want the Mimes to be.)
Unit_Complete1: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Unit_Complete2: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Unit_Complete3: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Unit_Complete4: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Unit_Complete5: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Unit_Complete6: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Unit_Complete7: *sundry private mutterings and whisperings*
Selection1: Hm?
Selection2: *clears throat*
Selection3: Mmm?
Selection4: Aha.
Selection5: Eh?
Selection6: Aye?
Selection7: *whistful sigh*
Move1: Mn-hm.
Move2: Ah.
Move3: Mmn.
Move4: Uh-huh.
Move5: Ah-hah.
Move6: Hrm.
Move7: Oh.
Attack1: *hums the last part of the Death March (*poh-poh-poh pom!*)
Attack2: *chuckles*
Attack3: Ha!
Attack4: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Attack5: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Attack6: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Attack7: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Build1: The faithful of Cegorach have arrived
Build2: Let your enemies fear, for a Harlequin of Cegorach dances at your side
Build3: I come to dance the dance of death
Capture1: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Capture2: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Capture3: *sundry acknowledgements drawn from the Move/Select list*
Capped1: *quiet applause*
Capped2: Ta-daaaa!
Capped3: Hooray!
Load_Transport1: Allez oop.
Load_Transport2: Oop-la.
Unload_Transport1: *wearied sigh*
Unload_Transport2: *grunt of exertion*
Morale_Break1: Augh!
Morale_Break2: Aieee!
Morale_Restored1: *clears throat, embarrassed*
Morale_Restored2: Tsk.
Charge1: Argh!
Charge2: *determined chuckle*
Charge3: *stoic grunt*
Charge4: *grumbes*
Jump_Teleport1: Ooh!
Jump_Teleport2: Ba-bing!
Deepstrike1: Ta da!
Deepstrike2: *whispered 'whooshing' sound*
Combat1: Aha!
Combat2: *grunts*
Combat3: Hmph!
Under_Fire1: Oops.
Under_Fire2: Eep.
Under_Fire3: Oi.
Damage1: Ack!
Damage2: Ugh!
Damage3: Oof!
Death1: *Sundry stifled gasps, sighs, and groans*
Death2: *Sundry stifled gasps, sighs, and groans*
Death3: *Sundry stifled gasps, sighs, and groans*
Death4: *Sundry stifled gasps, sighs, and groans*

Master Mime
Notes: Use the Mime script as a guide. Some of the more flamboyant sounds (Cooie, Ta-daaa! etc.) could be moved to the Master Mime, with the basic Mimes drawing on a shorter list of whispered acknowledgments such as the ones in the Move/Selected list.
Build1: The faithful of Cegorach have arrived [pronounced "seh-gore-ash"]
Build2: Let your enemies fear, for a Harlequin of Cegorach dances at your side
Build3: I come to dance the dance of death

Unit_Complete1: Harlequin ready for Dress Rehearsal
Unit_Complete2: Troupers ready to perform.
Unit_Complete3: The stage beckons us.
Unit_Complete4: We join the Dance.
Unit_Complete5: We are eager to join the performance.
Unit_Complete6: We dance anon.
Unit_Complete7: Practice has made us perfect.
Selection1: The stage is set. The troupe is ready.
Selection2: Lileath foretold this day long ago [pronounced "lil-e-ath"]
Selection3: War and destiny take center stage
Selection4: Fierce hearts, recalling the Phoenix King
Selection5: As in the prophecy of Ulthanesh [pronounced "ul-tha-nesh"]
Selection6: We act with the finality of Asuryan
Selection7: Boldly as in the War in Heaven
Move1: The troupe goes where the fates will
Move2: A new stage awaits
Move3: This step comes from the Druchii [pronounced "dru-kai"]
Move4: We are Kurnous’s hounds sent to the hunt [pronounced "kur-noos"]
Move5: Swift as Falcon and faithful as Indraugnir [pronounced "in-drowg-neer"]
Move6: Direct me to my performance area
Move7: Get on stage harlequins!
Attack1: Strike true as the ninety-nine blades against Yngir! [pronounced "ynn-gir"]
Attack2: Isha would cry no tears for them
Attack3: The harlequin dances their doom
Attack4: I see your death in my mind’s eye, savage
Attack5: In war, there is poetry; in death, release
Attack6: Allow us to direct you to your graves
Attack7: and... CUT!
Attack8: Let us open their trap door
Capture1: Let's set the stage
Capture2: Hold it to us as the Everqueen did her daughter
Capture3: A prelude to the Dance of Ynnead [pronounced "ynn-ead"]
Capped1: The stage is set!
Capped2: Scenery set
Capped3: The stage is marked for the Rilletann [pronounced "rill-e-tann"}
Capped4: It flies here, what will never again fly on the Crone worlds
Load_Transport1: Offstage quick!
Load_Transport2: Serve us well, creation of Vaul
Load_Transport3: Swift as Falcon and faithful as Indraugnir
Unload_Transport1: We fly onto the stage!
Unload_Transport2: Out of the wings!
Morale_Break1: My lines slip my mind!
Morale_Break2: Our Choreography is disjointed!
Morale_Break3: As Cegorach sped into the webway!
Morale_Break4: Morai-Heg knew of this sorrow [pronounced "mor-ai heg"]
Morale_Restored1: ah yes now i remember
Morale_Restored2: Back in step, Harlequins!
Morale_Restored3: Be heartened as Gia was
Morale_Restored4: Adathair reassures us [pronounced "ad-ath-eir"]
Charge1: The Laughing God names the dance!
Charge2: Zhai-shelwe! (“blade dance”) [pronounced "sai-shelve"]
Charge3: The Laughing God protects us!
Jump_Teleport1: We dance the jig of Two Worlds!
Jump_Teleport2: In and instant
Deepstrike1: Out of the thin air.
Deepstrike2: Our path lies through the Webway.
Combat1: They die, we dance.
Combat2: They make poor dancing partners.
Combat3: We never tire!
Under_Fire1: 'Tis a passing strange applause!
Under_Fire2: The show must go on!
Under_Fire3: They seek to chase us from the stage!
Damage1: Ahhh, the crowd is watching.
Damage2: The audience disapproves!
Damage3: We must find cover!
Death1: ahhhhh
Death2: We'll go no more a-roving.
Death3: *gasps and cries*
Death4: Our role in this is at an end...

Choreographer (Troupe Leader)
Notes: Like a more intense version of the troupe, maybe some sort of minor distortion
Unit_Complete1: I am a paragon of virtuosity.
Unit_Complete2: You dance to my tune now.
Unit_Complete3: And the dance goes on.
Unit_Complete4: This troupe is mine to direct.
Unit_Complete5: Troupers, ready yourselves.
Unit_Complete6: Lithe, limber, and longing for the dance.
Unit_Complete7: Flip belts at the ready.
Selection1: Merry and tragical; tedious and brief
Selection2: Always beauty in the warrior's eye
Selection3: See! Tricks of a strong imagination
Selection4: Look not with the eyes, but with the mind
Selection5: Sing with dulcet and harmonious breath
Selection6: I much wonder...
Selection7: haha! goes the laughing god
Move1: There the forms of things unknown
Move2: The shape of a single act
Move3: Cite the place and we will go
Move4: See the music of our dance
Move5: No impediments, wrong or fine
Move6: March the two-step, side by side.
Move7: Never a misstep, never a fall.
Attack1: This is the true beginning of their end
Attack2: Agony brought with words and more
Attack3: A fine frenzy among them
Attack4: Silence is the perfect herald of doom
Attack5: In death is winged evil painted blind
Attack6: Keep your balance, take theirs away.
Attack7: Stir their hearts with form and blade.
Capture1: Conceive in this place, the dance of triumph
Capture2: Be there, artful forms
Capped1: Beautiful
Capped2: Dedicated; we, again into motion
Load_Transport1: The Rillietann fly to the dance
Load_Transport2: We'll wait in the wings.
Unload_Transport1: An unexpected entrance
Unload_Transport2: Take your positions.
Morale_Break1: The course of fate never did run smooth
Morale_Break2: Shallow follies...
Morale_Restored1: And now I am return'd
Morale_Restored2: Devise again, I, the role of the impossible knife
Charge1: The intemperate dance...
Charge2: They are as the raven fallen in a pit of ink
Charge3: The gift of fortune!
Deepstrike1: Another unexpected entrance.
Deepstrike2: With stuttering-step, we roam wild.
Combat1: With blurring blades.
Combat2: Trip and tarry!
Combat3: Out, out, brief candle!
Under_Fire1: They seek to chase us from the stage!
Under_Fire2: Are we being heckled?
Under_Fire3: We are taking... stern criticism.
Death1: Not a rhyming planet, this.
Death2: The show is over...
Death3: The dance must... go on.
Death4: *gasps*

Notes: V for Vendetta Eldar
Unit_Complete1: Fresh from our Webway wanderings we come.
Unit_Complete2: We'll brighten this maudlin masquerade.
Unit_Complete3: The Troubadour's arrived.
Unit_Complete4: Montage!
Unit_Complete5: Such mise en scène! [pronounced "mez-an-sen"]
Unit_Complete6: I take my place.
Unit_Complete7: The narrator is ready.
Selection1: We tell the story...
Selection2: The composers and performers are here
Selection3: What is the desired theme?
Selection4: We compose such deadly ballets
Selection5: Few are prepared for our manner of art
Selection6: We have prepared such witty verses
Selection7: We sing the song that never ends
Move1: Another turn in the dance
Move2: With graceful rhythm we go there
Move3: Travel is in our nature
Move4: No sojourn in the dance of war
Move5: We are the minstrels of war
Move6: Is there much more blood to be shed?
Move7: Abroad once more.
Attack1: Lyrical death comes to them
Attack2: The oblique approach
Attack3: We are well practiced in this
Attack4: Thus do we shape their song of sorrows
Attack5: Their destruction takes center stage
Attack6: I prefer a sword to be my partner. May I have this dance?
Attack7: Death, the finest artform.
Capture1: We go to show our simple skills
Capture2: We raise bright and macabre colors there
Capture3: We'll dress this point appropriately.
Capped1: A graceful prop for a graceful stage
Capped2: The climax comes after the stillness
Capped3: Decked in ribbons fine and fair.
Load_Transport1: A welcome respite.
Load_Transport2: Quickly, inside.
Unload_Transport1: Verily voyaged.
Unload_Transport2: We roam once more.
Morale_Break1: Despair enters into the dance!
Morale_Break2: Oh my eyes!
Morale_Restored1: The performance must go on
Morale_Restored2: Our denouement is not yet upon us
Charge1: Whereat with bloody blameful blade...
Charge2: Now the dancers roar
Charge3: Thus bravely broached, the boiling bloody breast
Charge4: With boisterous blow! Broken the brash battled brawnful beast!
Jump_Teleport1: A new vantage point.
Jump_Teleport2: Surprise!
Deepstrike1: Centre-stage, we fly.
Deepstrike2: On Cegorach's coattails.
Combat1: I'm just getting started.
Combat2: Out, out, brief candle!
Combat3: Sinister! Dexter! Parry, reposte!
Under_Fire1: Such coruscating devilment!
Under_Fire2: We have their attention!
Under_Fire3: They bid us begin the ballet!
Damage1: 'Tis swift becoming a tragi-comedy.
Damage2: Is this the final cut?
Damage3: Gadzooks!
Death1: Exit, I, the stage.
Death2: And the rest is silence.
Death3: Such tragedy...
Death4: *gasp* Everyone's *choke* a critic!

Notes: Like a cross of vanilla Vyper and the troupe
Unit_Complete1: We ride into battle.
Unit_Complete2: Prepped and ready.
Unit_Complete3: Let's ride.
Unit_Complete4: Faster than Chaos.
Unit_Complete5: Haywire grenades primed.
Unit_Complete6: The Dance just got a little faster.
Unit_Complete7: Ready to amaze and astonish.
Selection1: Ready for the fight.
Selection2: Engines running.
Selection3: Where shall I go?
Selection4: Speed and grace.
Selection5: Quick as you like.
Selection6: Faster than light.
Selection7: Like laughter on the breeze.
Move1: We soar through the skies
Move2: They may hide from us, but they can't outrun us.
Move3: In an instant.
Move4: In the wink of an eye.
Move5: No time to tarry.
Move6: We surge on.
Move7: As Cergorach wills.
Attack1: We will disrupt their ranks!
Attack2: There they are! Dive!
Attack3: Jetbike under me and Cegorach with me: they have no chance.
Attack4: Strike fast, strike hard!
Attack5: Nothing can escape my shurikens!
Attack6: Bring the wrath of the Laughing God swiftly upon them!
Attack7: We ride to ruin!
Capture1: We will take it for our master
Capture2: Let's take it.
Capture3: Claim that point.
Capped1: We have taken it
Capped2: Hurry, take this position.
Capped3: Another point is ours.
Morale_Break1: Take us from this fight!
Morale_Break2: We are being routed!
Morale_Restored1: We will strike back at them!
Morale_Restored2: Regroup, fire at will!
Charge1: Full speed! Shatter their ranks!
Charge2: With furious speed!
Charge3: Light and laughter.
Jump_Teleport1: Jumping...now!
Jump_Teleport2: Traversing Webway!
Deepstrike1: Like lightning we come!
Deepstrike2: Fast strike in.
Combat1: There, the enemy!
Combat2: Fire! FIRE!
Combat3: Chase them down!
Under_Fire1: Hostile projectiles on impact course!
Under_Fire2: Shields holding!
Under_Fire3: Evasive maneuvers!
Damage1: They attempt to dismount us!
Damage2: Jetbike is taking damage!
Damage3: That's scuffed the paintwork!
Death1: The engines are failing!
Death2: *scream*
Death3: It's gonna...*boom*
Death4: The end comes too soon!

Death Jester
Notes: faster moving, faster thinking, faster talking Dark Reaper, maybe with something like a bass rumble as they speak.
Unit_Complete1: Death is come.
Unit_Complete2: Yon Jesters join the Masque of Death.
Unit_Complete3: We knaves of motley massacre.
Unit_Complete4: A home from home, this theatre of death.
Unit_Complete5: With lance and cannon, we come to kill.
Unit_Complete6: The Laughing Reapers comes to play.
Unit_Complete7: These dark clowns wouldst dance with you.
Unit_Complete8: We will bring death to them!
Selection1: *hums the death march*
Selection2: Is that our cue?
Selection3: We see the brighter side of death.
Selection4: Death is life's greatest joke.
Selection5: We're brim with morbid mirth.
Selection6: Dark humour, bright death.
Selection7: Poised and ready.
Move1: Aye, gladly and with glee!
Move2: We revel in the Danse Macabre.
Move3: Cloaked in a deathly shroud, we move.
Move4: Graves yawn wide where'ere we step.
Move5: We take our position gladly.
Move6: No time to waste, our sands run out.
Move7: Merrily we move.
Move8: Let us find the enemy!
Attack1: We'll reap their lives, and they our laughter!
Attack2: We'll dance upon their graves!
Attack3: Memento mori!
Attack4: We'll light their way to dusty death!
Attack5: Sound and fury!
Attack6: The joke's on them!
Attack7: This will be their final act!
Attack8: Let's see how they like a Shrieker Cannon!
Capture1: Who says death shall have no dominion?
Capture2: Raise a shrine in our lord's honor!
Capture3: Time for a change of scenery.
Capped1: Another marker for our jolly boneyard!
Capped2: Cergorach will surely smile on us.
Capped3: All rigged and ready.
Load_Transport1: Take us to a better firing position.
Load_Transport2: Embarking.
UnloadLoad_Transport1: Taking up firing position!
UnloadLoad_Transport2: Disembarking.
Morale_Break1: This... isn't funny.
Morale_Break2: 'Tis a Catastrophe Ballet!
Morale_Break3: Our cannons are not enough!
Morale_Restored1: We laugh once more.
Morale_Restored2: We get it now. Good jibe.
Morale_Restored3: We will bring further destruction to our foe.
Charge1: Such delight to strip flesh from bone!
Charge2: Time for merry murder!
Charge3: With shrieking cannon and joyful noise!
Charge4: And here's the punchline!
Jump_Teleport1: Shroudwalking.
Jump_Teleport2: On wings of death we fly.
Deepstrike1: From beyond the veil we strike.
Deepstrike2: Into the fray!
Combat1: Such slaughter makes us smile.
Combat2: The Danse Macabre beckons.
Combat3: Such colourful calamity.
Under_Fire1: Oh, the thrill of mortality!
Under_Fire2: They seek to usurp my role!
Under_Fire3: They shake our fragile frames!
Damage1: The bright death is upon us!
Damage2: Have they not read the script? We deal the death, not them.
Damage3: Our lifesblood runs out!
Damage4: Who will take our place?
Death1: Dead... as a doornail.
Death2: Ouch.
Death3: *coughs* How... unexpected.
Death4: On his own strange altar, death... lies... dead.

Library Guardians
Notes: monotone, emotionless, grim even
Unit_Complete1: We are the Guardians of forbidden knowledge!
Unit_Complete2: The shadow lore of Cegorach is ours alone to protect.
Unit_Complete3: We are guided by the trickster's teachings.
Unit_Complete4: His delightful doctrine is our solace.
Unit_Complete5: Who has bid us come?
Unit_Complete6: Our laughter is reserved, but no less sincere.
Unit_Complete7: From dark halls, to dance again.
Selection1: Recall the Black Library of Chaos
Selection2: We are come from the dark craftworld
Selection3: The dark tomes will remain untouched
Selection4: We are guardian-scribes of the Black Library
Selection5: We yearn to return to the books
Selection6: We are counted among the guardian-scribes
Selection7: We are not here to collate or transcribe
Selection8: We are vigilant.
Selection9: What do you require of us?
Selection10: We serve the Laughing God.
Move1: So be it.
Move2: We do what we must.
Move3: If the Laughing God wills it.
Move4: We go
Move5: As ever in the interest of the Library
Move6: Like a shadow among the shelves
Move7: Swiftly
Move8: Our appointed task takes us there
Attack1: We will enlighten them.
Attack2: They will not get past us.
Attack3: We fight for Cegorach!
Attack4: The weak and corruptible need die here
Attack5: Defend the Library
Attack6: Perils, promises and horrors have no hold over us!
Attack7: This serves the Library
Attack8: Safeguard the library by our actions here
Capture1: We will take it for their own good.
Capture2: It must be secured.
Capture3: This is too dangerous to leave unclaimed.
Capture4: That shall belong to the Eldar
Capture5: That shall be our mission
Capped1: We have gained valuable knowledge here, let us put it to use.
Capped2: The Laughing God claims this place.
Capped3: We will pass this to our brethren
Capped4: This is a temporary stewardship
Load_Transport1: There is much ground to cover.
Unload_Transport1: We have arrived.
Morale_Break1: This is not our accustomed place!
Morale_Break2: Rather we die in the Library!
Morale_Break3: No! We cannot fail!
Morale_Restored1: Our appointed task here has not ended
Morale_Restored2: Our duty falls to us alone
Morale_Restored3: Back on guard.
Charge1: Swift death from the Library!
Charge2: Your death was already written!
Charge3: Face now the Library Guardians!
Jump_Teleport1: Instantly.
Jump_Teleport2: We know the way.
Deepstrike1: Swiftly we have come from the Black Library
Deepstrike2: In His eternal footsteps we follow.
Combat1: We are unimpressed.
Combat2: Artless foes.
Combat3: Flat-footed fools.
Under_Fire1: Such cacophonous discordance.
Under_Fire2: More noise and haste to bother us.
Under_Fire3: An ugly display indeed.
Damage1: Is that it?
Damage2: We endure.
Damage3: Inconsequential.
Death1: All for the Black Library...
Death2: We return to Him...
Death3: *death rattle*
Death4: *groan*

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 02:43 AM

Great Harlequin
Notes: Artful and theatrical. dramatic
Unit_Complete1: I will lead the forces of the Laughing God into battle.
Unit_Complete2: Enter Harlequin, stage right!
Unit_Complete3: Stand aside you rabble, for Harlequin is here!
Unit_Complete4: With slapstick, Riverblade and Kiss, I'll chase our foes to the abyss!
Unit_Complete5: I arrive at last; if late, 'tis fashionably so.
Unit_Complete6: Now Harlequin's upon the stage, our foes shall know the Eldar's rage!
Unit_Complete7: The lights are low, the stage is set: we tell our tale lest we forget.
Selection1: We're actors! We're opposite of people.
Selection2: Leave Sotto Voce to the Mimes. I, Harlequin, sing proud! [pronounced "sotto wose"]
Selection3: I am eager to join the Dance.
Selection4: Pray, direct me.
Selection5: You're in awe, I can tell.
Selection6: How much of Eldar life is lost in waiting...
Move1: Come, warriors of the Laughing God!
Move2: Let's get this show on the road.
Move3: The mark is set.
Move4: With the footfalls of fate to guide me.
Move5: Quick, but not too quick.
Move6: Just like in the script.
Move7: Onward!
Attack1: I'll bring the house down!
Attack2: Time to break a leg... or two.
Attack3: Tell me if you've heard this one before...
Attack4: Shall we dance?
Attack5: It takes two to Tango...
Attack6: The Kiss of the Harlequin is the last you'll ever know.
Attack7: Cry havoc!
Capture1: Let's take it for the Laughing God's possession.
Capture2: Let us dedicate it to Cegorach.
Capture3: He who laughs last, laughs best.
Capped1: For the glory of the Laughing God!
Capped2: It's nice, but is it art?
Capped3: Another beacon of cheer upon this dreary world. Good show!
Join1: I'll guide this motley lot.
Join2: 'Tis a role I'm glad to play.
Join3: Follow my lead.
Detach1: Sorry, no autographs.
Detach2: Time for a soliloquy.
Load_Transport1: Quickly, inside!
Load_Transport2: My public awaits.
Unload_Transport1: Fan out, prepare to continue the slaughter!
Unload_Transport2: Ah, to tread the boards again.
Morale_Break1: They are too many! Fall back to a better position!
Morale_Break2: Am I to take my final curtain?
Morale_Restored1: The Laughing God watches over us!
Morale_Restored2: Ahem. Once more, with feeling.
Charge1: My Riverblade will flow right to your heart!
Charge2: This shall by my finest scene!
Charge3: And now to paint a picture in your blood!
Jump_Teleport1: Through the Webway we weave!
Jump_Teleport2: Hoop-la!
Deepstrike1: Time for an impromptu performance.
Deepstrike2: The show is about to begin.
Combat1: How quaint: they dance like pregnant Gyrinx. [pronounced "gyr-inx"]
Combat2: An audience!
Combat3: More savages to school.
Under_Fire1: The crowd's grown unruly.
Under_Fire2: These Philistines know naught of war.
Under_Fire3: The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!
Damage1: Augh! That wasn't in the script!
Damage2: Such attention! How... flattering.
Damage3: This is not my death scene, amateurs!
Death1: Not my... best... performance.
Death2: Trickster, take me!
Death3: Death, where is thy sting?

Unit_Complete1: I am the enigma of the Webway given form.
Unit_Complete2: Fresh from the Shadow Keep I fly.
Unit_Complete3: The intellect is always fooled by the heart.
Unit_Complete4: From the shadows, I arrive.
Unit_Complete5: A Shade of Shadow would join your Masque.
Unit_Complete6: A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths.
Unit_Complete7: A ShadowShade is come.
Selection1: Pick a card, any card.
Selection2: Nothing up my sleeves.
Selection3: And for my next trick...
Selection4: War is based on deception.
Selection5: Trick or treat?
Selection6: Show me to the stage of war.
Selection7: Smoke and mirrors.
Move1: Misdirecting...
Move2: The shadows beckon.
Move3: Positioning.
Move4: Swift as a shadow.
Move5: I tread softly.
Move6: Catch me if you can.
Move7: Confusion reins where I tread.
Attack1: Trickster take them!
Attack2: They won't know what hit them!
Attack3: Time to deliver some stinging lines!
Attack4: They will dance to our tune!
Attack5: Look behind you!
Attack6: Taste my neural disruptor!
Attack7: I'll make them disappear!
Capture1: Preparation is the key.
Capture2: Consecrating.
Capture3: Bind it to the webway.
Capped1: The point is ours.
Capped2: We have dedicated it to our lord.
Capped3: Webway node established.
Join1: Come, assist me in my deceptions.
Join2: Together we shall work great mischief.
Join3: Who's for a game of Charades?
Detach1: I no longer require your assistance.
Detach2: My next trick I alone perform.
Load_Transport1: Trickster speed you, good construct.
Load_Transport2: Convey me to the staging ground.
Unload_Transport1: Here at last.
Unload_Transport2: Disembarking.
Morale_Break1: 'Tis a Comedy of Errors!
Morale_Break2: We are become Fortune's fools!
Morale_Restored1: I see humour in't once again.
Morale_Restored2: To the whims of Cergorach, I dance on.
Charge1: And now, the Prestige!
Charge2: Weak-minded fools!
Charge3: Your minds will shatter!
Jump_Teleport1: On threads of shadow, through hidden space.
Jump_Teleport2: He's behind you!
Deepstrike1: Into the Webway!
Deepstrike2: No waystones necessary.
Ability1: Here, catch!
Ability2: I weave the very shadows.
Ability3: Now you see me, now you don't.
Combat1: Your minds are no match for my trickery.
Combat2: Lord, what fools these mortals be!
Combat3: Confuse and abuse!
Under_Fire1: They jump at shadows.
Under_Fire2: I am discovered!
Under_Fire3: More minds to deceive.
Damage1: Domino field weakening! ***Do they have domino fields? If not, holo-field.
Damage2: They see through me!
Damage3: This is not the effect I intended...
Death1: *assorted wailing*
Death2: I am... undone.
Death3: No! How can this... be?
Death4: *gasps*

Notes: The voice of doom, sounds absolutely deathly and ?evil? even when they break their usual laconic silence
Unit_Complete1: The Great Enemy shall not have my soul without a fight.
Unit_Complete2: A Solitaire walks among you.
Unit_Complete3: I perform the role that would destroy all others.
Unit_Complete4: I am on the rack, strung out between damnation and artistry.
Unit_Complete5: My mind knows the depths of Hell and the airy heights of Art.
Unit_Complete6: I am damned... Condemned to slay the spawn of darkness.
Unit_Complete7: And so the final act begins.
Selection1: Are there demons nearby?
Selection2: We shall cleanse this world.
Selection3: Damned, aye, but not despairing.
Selection4: I stand alone.
Selection5: All these moments will be lost... in time.
Selection6: I can hardly wait.
Selection7: I suffer for my Art.
Move1: I shall find more warriors for the Ritual.
Move2: I dance a solitary jig.
Move3: Take me to the enemy.
Move4: With Chaos at my heels.
Move5: 'Tis a lonely path I walk.
Move6: Damned, I dance an ending for us all.
Move7: Into the jaws of Hell.
Attack1: The Laughing God disrupts even the greatest of the Enemy's schemes.
Attack2: My soul may be condemned, but my fighting skill is second to none.
Attack3: They shall perish!
Attack4: Now feel my wrath!
Attack5: Cry for mercy!
Attack6: You'll regret ever entering this plane!
Attack7: Vengeance is mine!
Capture1: I lay claim to it.
Capture2: I dance a dedication.
Capture3: A tribute to Cegorach.
Capped1: The point is claimed.
Capped2: 'Tis dedicated.
Capped3: It is done.
Join1: Join me. Let's make this their last dance...
Join2: Together, brothers and sisters.
Join3: I shall guide your blades to the enemy's heart.
Detach1: I shall go alone.
Detach2: I leave now... This task is mine alone.
Load_Transport1: Carry me to the fight!
Load_Transport2: Do not keep me waiting.
Unload_Transport1: The Enemy awaits our arrival.
Unload_Transport2: Finally here.
Morale_Break1: We underestimated the enemy *grunts* we must withdraw
Morale_Break2: Lost... focus. Must retreat!
Morale_Restored1: We can match the daemons again.
Morale_Restored2: Back to spill blood.
Charge1: No guts, no glory! // Alt: The pleasure is all mine.
Charge2: *Dry, mocking laughter*
Charge3: Their world will fill with weeping!
Jump_Teleport1: One step closer.
Jump_Teleport2: Repositioned.
Deepstrike1: Into the thick of it.
Deepstrike2: My solo begins.
Ability1: My fury is unleashed!
Combat1: Die fool!
Combat2: I am your doom!
Combat3: I caught a glimpse of hell once, and you shall know it too.
Under_Fire1: Like... tears... in rain.
Under_Fire2: They cannot touch me.
Under_Fire3: Run while you can, fools.
Damage1: I sense the Great Enemy reaching for my soul.
Damage2: The Great Enemy approaches.
Damage3: The end is upon me.
Death1: Oblivion awaits...
Death2: Alone... I meet my end.
Death3: *A death cry morphing into a demonic wail*
Death4: Time... to die.

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 02:43 AM


Notes: like the Falcon, but more passionate
Unit_Complete1: We take our warriors to the enemy
Unit_Complete2: Within, our impassioned hearts beat safely.
Unit_Complete3: We are morning's minion, daylight's dauphin.
Unit_Complete4: The laughing lord at our backs, and his prayers on our lips.
Unit_Complete5: Troupe transportation ready and waiting.
Unit_Complete6: We'll speed you to the venue.
Unit_Complete7: Venom transport has arrived.
Selection1: Bring counsel and speak wisdom
Selection2: War thoughts come to mind
Selection3: For there was ever deadly grace
Selection4: We dare
Selection5: The floating dance of cunning
Selection6: Sigh no more
Selection7: Bringing solace and the troupe
Move1: Transporting our troupes to dance with the enemy!
Move2: The swiftest way for the Rillietann [pronounced "rill-e-tann"]
Move3: Swift as the day is long
Move4: There sits the wind in our wings
Move5: Rider and ridden darting fast
Move6: Passage on a convoluted path
Move7: Smooth on a bow-bend!
Move8: For air, pride, and plume.
Attack1: We will strike swiftly!
Attack2: They are done to death
Attack3: Smash the crown of his head
Attack4: Cripple the sole of his foot
Attack5: Dance now, the shards of wraithbone
Attack6: Dance and swirl, the artistry of fire
Attack7: Delighted to.
Attack8: No regrets.
Charge1: Passionately!
Charge2: Crack them like a smile!
Charge3: Break their hearts!
Combat1: The Harlequins are not safe here!
Combat2: A lively playground.
Combat3: Unfriendly fire.
Death1: Down... and still further down, undone.
Death2: This play is over.
Death3: Unfortunate!
Death4: Too late the cry!



Notes: Skyweavers are heavily armed jetbikes piloted by a two man crew that form the vanguard of a Harlequin force.

Unit_Complete1: Skyweavers, upon the field of battle.

Unit_Complete2: The Great Falcon and Skyborne Prince have arrived.

Unit_Complete3: Skyweavers, here to serve.

Unit_Complete4: The Skyweaver, enters stage right.

Unit_Complete5: Enter the Skyweaver.

Unit_Complete6: By the will of the Laughing God, the Skyweaver is here.

Unit_Complete7: The Skyweaver is here by Cegorach's will. [pronounced “Seh-gore-ash’s”]

Selection1: Yes Master?

Selection2: As the Skyweaver served Cegorach. We serve you. [pronounced “Seh-gore-ash”]

Selection3: We shall lead the charge.

Selection4: For Cegorach.

Selection5: We serve the Laughing God.

Selection6: We shall play our part.

Selection7: We grow restless here.

Selection8: What will be our role?

Selection9: We all have our parts to play.

Move1: We shall be there in moments.

Move2: We are already there.

Move3: Forward Sky borne Prince!

Move4: The Sky borne Prince shall lead us there.

Move5: We shall lead our kin.

Move6: Such is our part of the dance.

Move7: We shall be but a blur on the wind.

Move8: We know the movements of this dance.

Move9: With speed and grace.

Attack1: They shall not know what has hit them.

Attack2: Our weapons shall tear them to shreds.

Attack3: With cannon and blade.

Attack4: The serpent kills with a thousand bites.

Attack5: We shall unleash the Skyweaver's bite.

Attack6: The Sky borne Prince shall end them.

Attack7: None shall escape.

Attack8: We will let the shuriken dance their own.

Attack9: They shall not even have time to scream.

Charge1: We shall tear them asunder.

Charge2: Lead me Prince, so I may strike them down.

Charge3: We shall lace the skies with death.

Charge4: Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!

Charge5: Our blades shall strike them down.

Jump_Teleport1: Quickly! Bound Skyward!

Jump_Teleport2: We surge!

Jump_Teleport3: Hear our engines roar!

Jump_Teleport4: Over and away!

Jump_Teleport5: Exit the Skyweaver, stage top.
Jump_Teleport6: We can strike at any time, from anywhere.
Jump_Teleport7: Sky borne Prince, let us show them a trick.
Jump_Teleport8: We shall sow confusion among their ranks.

Ability1: This dance shall see your demise.

Ability2: We shall weave death amongst them!

Ability3: They will die such beautiful deaths.

Ability4: All they shall see is the terror in their hearts.

Ability5: No more children of Cegorach shall fall this day.

Combat1: You cannot hurt what you cannot touch.

Combat2: I am the Great Falcon! You are nought before me!

Combat3: Behold the fell victim!

Combat4: Ha! Is that as fast as you can move?

Combat5: Your skills are pathetic.

Combat6: We have not danced like this in a lifetime!

Combat7: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]

Combat8: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]

Combat9: Woooooooo!  [even another battle cry]

Death1: We return to Cegorach's side.

Death2: Though we fall, the Skyweaver can never die.

Death3: It seems our part is over.

Death4: We have danced our last.

Death5: We will be scattered amongst the heavens.

Death6: Arrgghhhh!

Death7: Garrrgghhh!

Death8: *various other death sounds*



Notes: Starweavers are heavily armed transports piloted by a two man crew that form the vanguard of a Harlequin force. The Starweaver is named for the first and greatest son of the Cosmic Serpent. The Cosmic Serpent is a significant totem to the Harlequins, for he is said to have existed in both the material and psychic universes at the same time, and his strange and capricious young acted as occasional allies to Cegorach. Starweaver was the most noble and courageous of his serpentine brood, and swiftly made common cause with the Laughing God. The serpent freely gave his aid to Cegorach and, in tales such as the Humbling of Eldanesh or the Flight from the Grave of Stars, even suffered the Harlequins' deity to ride through danger upon his back. So do the Harlequins mount their Starweaver transports with reverence, for their actions echo those of Cegorach himself. The Starweaver is a small, fast moving transport used by the Harlequins. It swiftly delivers their troops where they are needed at which point the Harlequins leap gracefully from the platform and directly into the fray.

Unit_Complete1: Star Weaver, entering from the webway now.
Unit_Complete2: We come from the Black Library, and there we shall return.
Unit_Complete3: We have the speed to make a joke of these Mon-keigh [pronounced “mon-kay”].
Unit_Complete4: The Laughing God guides our way.
Unit_Complete5: Taking the Troupes forward to dance the Victory steps!
Unit_Complete6: Need something fast enough to make she who thirsts blink?
Unit_Complete7: Ready to transport the guardians of the black library!

Unit_Complete8: Starweaver has arrived.
Unit_Complete9: Starweaver here. Ready to bear our warriors into battle.
Unit_Complete10: The Cosmic Serpent's mightiest Son is here.
Unit_Complete11: So, this is where the Webway leads us.
Unit_Complete12: There is evil in the air. This must be the place.
Unit_Complete13: It seems the time for battle is upon us.
Unit_Complete14: We are here by the Laughing God's will.
Selection1: As Starweaver bore Cegorash. We shall bear our warriors into battle. [pronounced “Seh-gore-ash”]
Selection2: The Cosmic Serpent send his regards.

Selection3: Step aboard warriors, we shall take you where you need to go.
Selection4: Whatever Cegorach requires.
Selection5: I can feel the corruption in the air.
Selection6: We are the final hope for our people.
Selection7: We do whatever is needed of us.
Selection8: Send your warriors to us.
Selection9: We know our part to play.
Move1: We shall carry our warriors to the fore.
Move2: No weapon shall touch us.
Move3: Cegorash's children shall not be harmed on our watch.
Move4: They shall never see us coming.
Move5: They shall be blind to our approach.

Move6: If that is where his warriors are required.
Move7: We go where the Laughing God sends us.
Move8: If that is where the Troupe must be.
Move9: Enter the Starweaver, stage right.

Attack1: We shall strike them down.
Attack2: We shall pierce their evil hearts.
Attack3: Our weapons will fill the air with death.
Attack4: The enemies of the Laughing God will fall before us.
Attack5: None of them shall leave here alive.
Attack6: With pleasure.
Attack7: They will be gone in the blink of an eye.
Attack8: The curtain falls for them.
Attack9: What we begin, our Wards shall end.
Charge1: Now Children! Into the fray.
Charge2: Cut them down Children of Cegorach!
Charge3: May your blades strike true my Wards.
Charge4: This is your time Children. Do not fail him!
Charge5: It time for you to dance Children.
Jump_Teleport1: Nowhere is beyond our reach.

Jump_Teleport2: There is nowhere we cannot carry you.
Jump_Teleport3: Fear not. The Starweaver shall get you there.
Jump_Teleport4: Tis but a step to the Starweaver.

Ability1: This is the Starweaver's most beautiful dance.
Ability2: It is time to end this dance.
Ability3: They shall pose no further threat to his designs.
Ability4: We shall be invisible to their eyes.
Ability5: May She Who Thirsts never claim you.

Combat1: (gleeful hollering)
Combat2: Is that the best you do?
Combat3: We shall cut your evil from this world.
Combat4: (mocking laughter) Such primitive ability.
Combat5: Such disappointing dance partners.
Combat6: You are unworthy to share our stage.

Combat7: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]

Combat8: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]

Combat9: Woooooooo!  [even another battle cry]

Death1: You shall have to go on without us Children.
Death2: We can bear you no longer. You must go on alone.
Death3: We shall continue our fight in the next life.
Death4: We shall return to Cegorach and fight by his side in the Heavens.

Death6: Arrgghhhh!

Death7: Garrrgghhh!

Death8: *various other death sounds*



Notes: Built on the same design as the Starweaver. The Voidweaver forgoes its transport capacity to allow for a greater array of armaments. In this way the Voidweaver functions as a swift moving gunship, able to keep pace with the rest of the Troupe while lending heavy fire power to the battle.
Unit_Complete1: The Voidweaver has arrived.
Unit_Complete2: Voidweaver, ready for battle.
Unit_Complete3: Now we are here, the battle may commence.
Unit_Complete4: Voidweaver, here to hunt.
Unit_Complete5: The Voidweaver has arrived. We will support Cegorach's Children. [pronounced “Seh-gore-ash’s”]
Unit_Complete6: We are the Voidweaver.
Unit_Complete7: We are here and we hunger for the fight.
Selection1: Who provokes us?
Selection2: Show us where the fight is.
Selection3: We watch over his Children.
Selection4: Let us hunt.
Selection5: We have waited long enough.
Selection6: We are eager to join the battle.
Selection7: We tire of this. Show us the fight.
Selection8: Why do we tarry here?
Selection9: Hmph.
Move1: If that is where we are needed.
Move2: Yes, closer to the battle
Move3: Taking our weapons into range.
Move4: Closing on the prey.
Move5: Advancing on the enemy.
Move6: There is none swifter than us.
Move7: Let us lead the attack.
Move8: Where his Children go, we follow.
Move9: Show where we must be.
Attack1: We shall cut them down.
Attack2: There is no escape for them.
Attack3: Yes, now we are upon them.
Attack4: This is how they die.
Attack5: Those who threaten his Children will perish.
Attack6: Let us destroy them.
Attack7: This is how the hunt ends.
Attack8: There will be nowhere they can run.
Attack9: Yes, this is our calling.
Charge1: We shall chase them down.
Charge2: They cannot out run us.
Charge3: We will not be denied our kill.
Charge4: We will look them in the eye as they perish.
Charge5: (Grim laughter)
Jump_Teleport1: There is nowhere the enemy can hide.
Jump_Teleport2: We will fall upon them.
Jump_Teleport3: We cannot fall behind.
Jump_Teleport4: Watch us soar.
Ability1: There is no armour they can hide behind.
Ability2: No-one can surprise the Voidweaver.
Ability3: This is the killing blow.
Ability4: You may not slay us. We will not allow it.
Ability5: It is our sworn duty to watch over you.
Combat1: You cannot touch us primitive fools.
Combat2: You are naught but prey.
Combat3: You have slain your last.
Combat4: Your fate is to fall here, by my hand.
Combat5: None shall mourn your passing.
Combat6: I am done toying with you.

Combat7: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]

Combat8: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]

Combat9: Woooooooo!  [even another battle cry]
Death1: Our guns fall silent now.
Death2: So, this is how it ends.
Death3: We will assist Cegorach in eternity.
Death4: So it seems we have reached our destiny.

Death5: You have yet to see.. *pause* 'our final performance.'
Death6: So was this his plan?

Death7: At least our souls are safe.
Death8: Our part is played.
Death9: Cegorach awaits.
Death10: We fall, as our mighty empire once did.
Death11: This end is fitting.

Death12: Arrgghhhh!

Death13: Garrrgghhh!

Death14: *various other death sounds*


Mocking Bird
Notes: magical, singy songy as the hum of energy is heard in the background, emanating from the powerful vehicle
Unit_Complete1: We fly with the laughing god
Unit_Complete2: The Mockingbird soars o'er this masque.
Unit_Complete3: Sonic cannons charged and ready.
Unit_Complete4: Mockingbird ready to join the dance.
Unit_Complete5: Sweet melody is at your beck and call.
Unit_Complete6: We are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams.
Unit_Complete7: Cegorach's winged chariot flies high. [pronounced "seh-gore-ash"]
Selection1: Sing of the eye of Isha...
Selection2: A close dance
Selection3: We venomous phantoms of light and colors...
Selection4: We arrowheads of the laughing god
Selection5: Light and colors dance and sing
Selection6: We, who having fought the shades of She Who Thirsts...
Selection7: Spectacular displays at your call
Move1: Take us closer to the enemy
Move2: Bright and fast
Move3: As did the cosmic serpent
Move4: Speedy within the webway and without
Move5: Over golden fields and plains of performance
Move6: The flash of brilliance
Move7: On laughing wings of light
Attack1: The Warriors of the Laughing God need our help!
Attack2: We turn them to shapes and airy nothingness
Attack3: Death comes to them like hot ice, cold fire
Attack4: The dance of lost Kurnous [pronounced "kur-noos"]
Attack5: Poetic justice
Attack6: We are the lethal gadfly
Attack7: Our melody resounds on flesh and bone!
Charge1: Coruscation and calamity!
Charge2: Strike discord in their ranks!
Charge3: Our chimes ring out destruction!
Combat1: The Great Enemy strikes against us!
Combat2: They bid us play our tune.
Combat3: To kill a Mockingbird's no easy task.
Death1: Our death knell sounds.
Death2: Pull up! Pull up!
Death3: Holo-field breached!
Death4: Catastrophe!


Wraith Lord
Notes: Ghostly whispered, very similar to the soul sounds of the vanilla wraith lords
Unit_Complete1: sojourn; rising.
Unit_Complete2: prepared; eager.
Unit_Complete3: horizons; longing.
Unit_Complete4: impasse; carnival.
Unit_Complete5: masque; calling.
Unit_Complete6: hour; appointed.
Unit_Complete7: theatre; obsession.
Selection1: Melancholy; disposition... (whisper)
Selection2: Condemned; joy... (whisper)
Selection3: Bettered; expectation... (whisper)
Selection4: living... (whisper)
Selection5: Endure; patiently... (whisper)
Selection6: forever... (whisper)
Selection7: casque... (whisper)
Move1: slow; dance (whisper)
Move2: prance; symmetry... (whisper)
Move3: roads; divergent... (whisper)
Move4: trodden; often... (whisper)
Move5: far; not... (whisper)
Move6: direction; purpose.
Move7: breath; soring.
Attack1: drama... (whisper)
Attack2: blows; fiery... (whisper)
Attack3: black; blue... (whisper)
Attack4: beast... (whisper)
Attack5: pelt; battle... (whisper)
Attack6: flesh; temporal.
Attack7: flowing; crimson.
Charge1: brightest; fire... (whisper)
Charge2: modest; war... (whisper)
Charge3: survive... (whisper)
Combat1: grasping; cruel.
Combat2: unease; tension.
Combat3: thunder; mountain.
Death1: Grow; live; die.
Death2: Unmade; unmoving.
Death3: Shattered; stillness.
Death4: Ending; finality.

Spirit Walker
Notes: Can you make it have a dry, whisper-like voice?
Unit_Complete1: My service to the Laughing God did not end with death.
Unit_Complete2: I am once more.
Unit_Complete3: The spirits cry out for vengeance.
Unit_Complete4: Eternal, I.
Unit_Complete5: A tide of countless performances has carried me here.
Unit_Complete6: I am a testament to the Dance Without End.
Unit_Complete7: Once more, once more, once more...
Selection1: The Great Harlequin saved me from the Great Enemy and i shall once again dance death to our enemies.
Selection2: The spirit is willing, the wraithbone ready.
Selection3: Would I the lungs to laugh.
Selection4: Through this pallid mask, I still see joy.
Selection5: Mine is a pale laugh, but 'tis laughter all the same.
Selection6: I... remember.
Selection7: I will dance.
Move1: I shall seek out the minions of the Great Enemy
Move2: Slow and steady as the drums of fate.
Move3: Still I dance; determined.
Move4: As it was in life.
Move5: I know this role well.
Move6: With all my soul.
Move7: Ever onward.
Attack1: I shall teach them the experience of death!
Attack2: Our enemies shall feel His wrath.
Attack3: He shall direct my hand.
Attack4: My brightlance laughs for me.
Attack5: Misfortune is theirs.
Attack6: *whispering laughter*
Attack7: Fee, fi, fo, fum.
Charge1: Only I shall remain.
Charge2: They shall perish.
Charge3: They cannot stand.
Ability1: They too shall feel the might of Cegorach. [pronounced "seh-gore-ash"]
Ability2: The blood shall flow.
Combat1: They attempt my destruction once again.
Combat2: This land shall be freed from our tormentors.
Combat3: Even in this form they cannot match my dance.
Death1: Hell is where i came from and hell is where i belong.
Death2: *long sigh*
Death3: They got me...at last... // Alt: At last, I bow down.
Death4: I am gone.

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 02:45 AM

SPOTTING voice scripts -- use voice of Troupes for this as Tier1 main infantry usually are first to find enemy.

Alpha Legion
Alpha Legion, watch them my kin, their spies are everywhere.
Keep close my kin, Alpha Legion roam the area, check for spies.

Black Legion
Aah, the Black Legion, how long we sand songs of your demise and danced of your inevitable defeat.
Black Legion, at last we shall have our revenge, in the name of Cegorach. [pronounced "seh-gore-ash"]

Black Templars
The zealot-children of the Emperor seek to destroy what they do not understand.
Astartes! The tricks of the Laughing God aid us this day [pronounced "As-tar-tehs"]

Blood Angels
Enter the bloody minded humans
Farseer Eldrad was right to see their vampyric nature

Blood Ravens
Aah, the lost ones, we know more about you then you do yourselfs, an excellent tactical advantage is it not!
Sons of the Raven, hear us now we will cut you down for your trespasses.

Catachans,what good is muscle when it is reduced to searing filth, a mere kiss of our weapons will demonstrate.
Grrrr, Catachan's, this will be harder then we originally planned my kin.
Fear us Catachans, we are more deadly then some Catachan Devil.

Chaos Marines
Monkeigh carry the plague of chaos into the material plane
These Monkeigh actors are lost to all that is good and pure in this universe

The shadow of She Who Thirsts brings our wrath to our Craftworld kin
As the Great Hawk did to Falcon, we watch over our Craftworld kin

Crimson Fists
Hhmm the Crimson Fist's, where the greenskin's failed we will succeed.
Hahahah, the lonely ones, let us bring an end to your miserable existence.

Dark Angels
Your so-called secrets are recorded in the Black Library, dark ones
Monkeigh, you crawl from your rock to dance with us?

Dark Eldar
Blind is the soul of the voracious: they wont catch us.
They call themselves hunters when mice are their only prey...

Death Guard
The fallen ones dance with lethargy, we’ll show them to dance with speed
Our steps will cut their diseased tissue from their bones

Death Korps of Krieg
The trench-builders of man seek to marr our designs.
The sons of Krieg are under orders to engage, lord trickster.

To thwart She Who Thirsts, we shed even precious Eldar blood
With violence, we excise the tendrils of chaos from our kin

Look to the skies, the mon-keigh approach! [pronounced "mon-kay"]
More humans. Are we not tired of fighting them yet?

Emperors Children
On stage, the bonded humans of She Who Thirsts!
How blind are the mon-keigh creatures to willingly serve She Who Thirsts?

Fallen Angels
Such potential wasted to the warp...*hem* what a shame... (wasted is emphasized)
Do not fall to despair, they are nothing but barely breathing corpses in mon-keigh´s armors!

We dance against our own flesh to forestall a greater evil
Break, my heart! at what we must do against our own number

His Righteous Mod
Monkeigh fanatics, do you think we have forgotten Bel-Shammon? Dolthe? Vassiera? [pronounced "bel-shammon? dol-theh? vass-eira?"]
Isha curse the human savages, our dance shall stain the stars with their blood

Imperial Fists
Imperial Fist's, by the Laughing god we will have them praying to their Corpse God.
Warriors of Terra, your reign of our universe ends this day.

Imperial Guard
Monkeigh fanatics, do you think we have forgotten Bel-Shammon? Dolthe? Vassiera?
Isha curse the humans, their obtuseness stands as strong as Asuryan’s ferment

Iron Hands
Hahahahah, they will never catch us, your metal frames weaken your pace my foe.
The metal ones, dont worry, you will die soon.

Last Chancers/13th Penal Legion
Hahahahah, turn back fools or this will be your last chance.
It is fortunate your masters have sent you here, at least this way you will face a quick death.

Legion of the Damned
The emissaries of fate stand in our way this day.
Legionnaires! Why must we fight those we could ally with?

Inquisition Daemonhunt
Amusing, such potential in the mind of a Monkeigh savage
They would hunt us, these half blind children of earth?

Iron Warriors
Clumsy fallen creatures, let us dance
The Great Enemy lives within the Monkeigh machines

These Tech-triarch puppets dance with a soulless precision.
Mordians: a challenge indeed to dance amidst such mirthless savages.

The Deathless hunt us.
The soulless legion oppose us again.
Necrontyr! Our immortal foe! [pronounced "Neck-ron-tear"]
The deathless hunt us!

Night Lords
The shadowed ones, keep away from the shadows my kin!
Night Lords, be brave my kin.

As if they have not done enough, the Ork waylay again our dance against Chaos
Of all the blind creatures in this plane’s dance, the ork is the blindest of all
The green brutes are here...they too shall feel the dance of the harlequin.

Praetorians! One can smell their stench a league away.
Ha! Such silly hats these unknowing jesters wear.

Raven Guard
My Kin, begin the hunt, Raven Guard lurk about.
Raven Guard, oh my, this should be fun.

Red Corsairs
Red Corsairs, we are as light footed as they are light fingered.
Corsairs, let us teach these degenerates the meaning of the word pain.

Red Scorpions
There are Venom's stronger then that of the Scorpion my doomed foe.
Scorpions, watch for their sting my Kin.

Move Quickly my kin, Salamanders approach, lest you wish to taste their flame.
The dark ones, lost without their Primarch. [pronounced "Prime-ark"]

Space Marines
Would that the human marines directed their fight against the Great Enemy
The murderers of Idharae, the Monkeigh marines [pronounced "id-harae"]

Steel Legions
Let’s see if their metal boxes can dance
Vulgar and idiotic and graceless, the machines of the Monkeigh

So Biel-tan's pact lies broken. Treacherous desert rats! [pronounced "biel-tann"]
These Tallarns have made mockery of truce, but the joke will be on them.

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
You will be the First and Only no longer, you will be ghost's in the wind.
Tanith First and Only? Were they not myth?

The youngest race, knowing nothing of She Who Thirsts
Without intervention, those Tau would unwittingly assist the Great Enemy
Tau, good by word, vile by deed.

Tau Enclaves/Renegades (Alf's project)
Tau. The young race seek to destroy what they cannot coerce.
The children seek to fight us with misguided intentions.

Space Wolves: 13th Company
Beasts imitating beasts, the monkeigh marines
None who tread so near the Red Moon can remain pure still
Savages of Corpse God approach.

Thousand Sons
The Rillietann emerge from the Webway to avenge the breach of the Black Library
Cegorach laughs even at these warp-ridden humans
Soulless soldiers of Change? For Vintog Phaer! [pronounced "vin-tog fer"]

How strange to dance against creatures who know nothing of evil or decadence or chaos
The Ardathair saw the taint in those creatures’ genes [pronounced "ar-dath-eir"]

Their gene father dead of She Who Thirsts and yet they choose to dance against us?
Ultramarines, how many times would they stand in the way of the dance?

One hopes these fur-clad Mon-Kai don't have fleas.
The Valhallans are mixed-rank, they say. I can never tell the difference.

Ah, Vostroyans: brothers in arms, but mostly 'armless.
Another Mon-Kai audience. Ho-hum.

Witch Hunters
Overweening humans, you would play Kurnous to we who push back the Great Enemy itself [pronounced "kur-noos"]
The humans bring the torch but we bring the knife and song

White Scars
These Human think they are as fast as us?
Speedy as they are, dancers they are not.

World Eaters
The savages of Khorne are too clumsy to dance against us.
The bloodthirsty chosen of chaos. Cegorach answers their mindless rage with mocking laughter.
These fallen mon'keigh lack grace and subtlety. Their end will be swift.
What cruelly twist'd universe, that man looms over eldar and Khorne looms over Khaine
Would that the Biel-Tann finished your bloody progenitor in his infancy, World Eater!
Haras na brylidassian, blood and the opener of the gates of doom, the World Eaters [pronounced "bryl-id-assian"]
Thara sha'eil na sham na dhenestraarith, World Eater fallen marines (Hell and tears and the damnation of skulls in this place) [pronounced "sha-ale na sham den-est-wraith"]
The traitors of the Eye seek to shed our blood.
The butcher has sent his animals to gather our skulls.

Word Bearers
Chaos gives with one hand and takes with all the others
Fight, herald of the Dark Ones

Abominations of the Warp.
Such wretch torment has invaded this place.
Vile servants of the Dark Ones!

The foe is there.
The enemy is discovered.
Foolish puppets.. we shall master them.
These shall be hunted down.
Who has come to bother us in this place?
Enemy spotted.
We shall dance with this enemy.

Such a grand foul presentation!
What matter of beast is this?
Deliver us from this horror.

Large metal boxes found in this area.
Enemy heavy support vehicles discovered.
They bring large metallic containers to the dance.

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