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Valhallans *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:15 PM


Combat Engineers
Notes: Combat Engineers often foreshadow the first Valhallan advance, constructing Fortifications, supply caches, and even drop sites for more troops. In terms of how they sound, Combat engineers speak with a Russian accent, a gruff, throaty voice, one of hard manual labour, not of high born luxury.
Unit_Complete1: Valhalla’s finest, reporting
Unit_Complete2: need something done?
Unit_Complete3: Time to do some Fixing
Unit_Complete4: Erect, Destroy that is my duty.
Unit_Complete5: Reporting in, sir!
Unit_Complete6: Where’s the Rhazvod [pronounced "Raz - Vod"]
Unit_Complete7: The emperor’s hands reporting
Selection1: Yes, Milord?
Selection2: I live to Build
Selection3: Live, Serve, Die
Selection4: What do you require?
Selection5: build and break
Selection6: Build quickly, durably, economically
Selection7: my actions, your commands
Move1: I go
Move2: As you wish
Move3: moving.
Move4: go! Go! Go!
Move5: by your order
Move6: Walk softly, and carry a big wrench
Move7: *singing*
Attack1: For Valhalla
Attack2: none shall live
Attack3: death comes for the unfaithful
Attack4: this won’t end well
Attack5: Have a taste of my hobnails
Attack6: take revenge a thousand times
Attack7: Destroy that position
Build1: Erecting structure
Build2: defensive position mapped out (Turrets)
Build3: this will facilitate the destruction of our enemies
Build4: I’m going, I’m going
Build5: Expanding
Build6: it will be done
Capture1: Take and Hold!
Capture2: Charge!
Capture3: this won’t end well…
Capped1: Another Position for the emperor!
Capped2: Awaiting orders!
Capped3: defending this position
Lay_Mines1: I’ve got a nasty surprise for them *laugh*
Load_Transport1: Board the Transport
Load_Transport2: is this the 12:45 to Terra?
Unload_Transport1: Disembark
Unload_Transport2: apparently not…
Morale_Break1: Order a tactical retreat!
Morale_Break2: The omnissiah has turned on us!
Morale_Break3: Scatter!
Morale_Restored1: I will stand
Morale_Restored2: The omnissiah smiles upon us
Morale_Restored3: Remember the
Charge1: To the last, kill them all!
Charge2: No mercy, no retreat!
Charge3: Gut them like Pigs!
Repair1: if we are to hold this position, we need it up and running!
Repair2: I will tend to the beasts wounds.
Repair3: It’s falling apart
Combat1: We will persevere!
Combat2: shoot them, they die, stab them, they die.
Combat3: is that all you got?
Under_Fire1: Take cover!
Under_Fire2: The emperor is our shield
Under_Fire3: incoming!
Damage1: Medicae! [pronounced "Meh-di-cay")
Damage2: Emperor’s blood!
Damage3: blast and damnation
Death1: I… tried… my… best…
Death2: Omnissiah… receive me…
Death4: my arm!

Notes: Paranoid, arrogant and dislikes his comrades. Russian voice, spoken through a mask (he wears a respirator IIRC), speaks in a jovial mood, like he's happy, unless otherwise stated.
Gameplay: can empower buildings to generate resources/train/research faster
Unit_Complete1: Adept of the Mechanicus.
Unit_Complete2: By the Treaty of Mars, you called for my assistance.
Unit_Complete3: The power of Mars comes to your aide.
Unit_Complete4: You call me from my work, Imperial commander?
Unit_Complete5: You require my aid, fleshlings?
Unit_Complete6: Priest of the Omnissiah *mechanical whine* [pronounced "Omni-sigh-ah"]
Unit_Complete7: The sacred mysteries of the Omnissiah are mine to know [pronounced “Omni-sigh-ah”]
Unit_Complete8: The mysteries of the Machien God cannot be revealed to the unconsecrated
Unit_Complete9: I’ll pray the Omnissiah for the blessings of ignition and smooth function
Unit_Complete10: You vision, I can enhance with an integrated amplivisor [pronounced “amp-leh-vise-er”]
Unit_Complete11: Do not presume to understand the mysteries of the Machine God
Unit_Complete12: By grace of the Machine, I am synching to your data recorders
Unit_Complete13: Temperature is a key metric for the function of the Machine
Selection1: Praise to the Omnissiah!
Selection2: My pictors are detecting an electronic sheep, a most disturbing glitch.
Selection3: Address me as Tech-Magos. [pronounced "Tek-May-goes"]
Selection4: They’re watching me, my sensors are sure of it. (mumbling to himself)
Selection5: Machine God watch over you.
Selection6: Bionics are forever.
Selection7: How long until I may return to Mars?
Selection8: Orders?
Selection9: Yes, commander?
Selection10: Ready to build
Selection11: What would you ask of me?
Selection12: Sir!
Selection13: Send me where you will.
Selection14: Waiting on you!
Selection15: I am reading you on hololith
Selection16: You have data-divination for me?
Selection17: How very curious
Selection18: How may I assist you
Selection19: You require my sit-rep?
Selection20: You request my assistance?
Selection21: Obey the Magi [pronounced “mah-dgaye”]
Move1: Ever towards knowledge.
Move2: My locomotive units are up to the task, are yours?
Move3: Calculating. The direct course is quickest, how dull.
Move4: Mind and machine! No start, no end of either, but admixed, like an alloy!
Move5: This is no task for an adept.
Move6: Sir, yes sir!
Move7: Moving.
Move8: On my way!
Move9: Of course!
Move10: Yes, sir!
Move11: Sir ("ir" sound is elongated, so like "Siiiiiirr"
Move12: Alright.
Move13: If the Omnissiah wills it
Move14: I’ll analyze the data and see what I can find
Move15: I will make a clear determination
Move16: With all speed
Move17: Perhaps we shall find archeotech [pronounced “arch-eh-o-tech”]
Move18: We must be rational about this
Move19: Perhaps you require soylent viridians for sustenance [pronounced “soy-lent vir-i-dee-ans”]
Attack1: *binary blare* (machine code warcry, somewhat like an angry imperial probe from Star Wars)
Attack2: *loud static*
Attack3: Battle wetware activated.
Attack4: Iron prevails.
Attack5: They will kneel before the machine!
Attack6: (nervous) Uh...okay
Attack7: (nervous) Yes....sir.
Attack8: For the mechanicum!
Attack9: Charge!
Attack10: I will DESTROY the enemies of mankind!
Attack11: Yeaaaaah!
Attack12: Ataaaaack!
Attack13: This violence is not my function
Attack14: Omnissiah protect us
Attack15: You require my assistance once more
Attack16: I am obligated to heed your request
Attack17: The Mechanicus knows well how to deal with enemies
Attack18: The Red Planet is no stranger to war
Attack19: You ask much of the Mechanicus
Build1: Thus do we invoke the Machine God.
Build2: I shall reawaken the construct.
Build3: I will strike the rune of activation and mobilization.
Build4: A monument to Martian glory.
Build5: With each build the Overlord is nearer completion Omnissiah. . Whoops. *giggles nervously*
Build6: Setting up
Build7: Building
Build8: On it!
Build9: By your will
Build10: Constructing
Build11: (quickly) yes sir
Build12: By your command
Build13: These technical matters fall in the purview of the Adeptus Mechanicus [pronounced “Add-ep-tuss Mech-an-i-cus”]
Build14: It is a theological matter for the Priesthood of Mars
Build15: I shall commune with the numinous spirits of the Machine
Build16: Machine God, let this unworthy relay speed the electrons of thy great computation
Build17: I will wire it into the main control shrine
Build18: Only ordained and sanctified personnel can manage such a thing
Build19: I know the rituals of activation and catalyzation
Capture1: Expanding territory
Capture2: Capturing critical location
Capture3: It shall be yours, commander
Capture4: Omnissiah alone can assure us victory
Capture5: I will secure that point as you ask
Capture6: That matter is easy for a priest of Mars
Capped1: Territory expanded!
Capped2: I have claimed it!
Capped3: This location belongs to the Imperium
Capped4: This control shrine may be worked even by the uninitiated
Capped5: I have taken all that you require
Capped6: I have what you request ed
Lay_Mines1: Setting mines
Lay_Mines2: Laying minefield
Lay_Mines3: Minefield going up!
Lay_Mines4: I know well what you require
Lay_Mines5: This mining pattern is sanctioned by Mars
Lay_Mines6: You have no need to comprehend the mechanics
Load_Transport1: A most fitting mount.
Load_Transport2 Let's roll!
Load_Transport3: Let's get goin'!
Load_Transport4: That should be logged for the maintenance crews
Load_Transport5: A marvel of the Machine God
Unload_Transport1: May we meet again, Machine Spirit
Unload_Transport2: Exiting vehicle
Unload_Transport3: Movin' out!
Unload_Transport4: Neglect offends the Machine Spirit
Unload_Transport5: Respect the Machine Spirit, and it will serve you
Morale_Break1: I must retreat to enact repairs!
Morale_Break2: Too many data!
Morale_Break3: I can't take it!
Morale_Break4: Aaaaah!
Morale_Break5: There's too many of them!
Morale_Break6: Chassis integrity compromised
Morale_Break7: Threat rating, imminently dire
Morale_Break8: Assist me
Morale_Restored1: Logic no longer dictates that I flee.
Morale_Restored2: My Quest for Knowledge here will continue.
Morale_Restored3: The machine god protects!
Morale_Restored4: For the mechanicum and the machine god!
Morale_Restored5: For the Emperor!
Morale_Restored6: Losses are within acceptable statistical parameters
Morale_Restored7: Praise the Omnissiah for our deliverance
Morale_Restored8: I have survived the danger
Charge1: Charge!
Charge2: For the mechanicuuuuum!
Charge3: Yeaaaaaaah!
Charge4: By Holy Mars
Charge5: For the Emperor and Omnissiah
Charge6: *binary blare, like a more aggressive version of the probe droid from star wars*
Ability1: [offensive ability] Your resistance is at an end
Ability2: [offensive ability] Your aggression is terminated
Ability3: [offensive ability] You are marked for disassembly
Ability4: [defensive ability] Machine Spirit, aid us in this hour
Ability5: [defensive ability] The Machine heeds the Priesthood of Mars
Repair1: Oh machine! Oh divine engine! Heal thy damage and salve thy mind…
Repair2: Blessed machine, that you have suffered so!
Repair3: The horror! What has been done to you?
Repair4: Fixing it up
Repair5: Moving to repair
Repair6: This'll take but a moment
Repair7: Nothing I cannot fix, praise the Omnissiah
Repair8: I shall recalibrate the interociters [pronounced “inter-o-cite-ers”]
Repair9: Omnissiah protect thy circuits
Combat1: For the emperor!
Combat2: For the mechanicum!
Combat3: Diiiiie!
Combat4: You will not profane the Machine
Combat5: There is no knowledge worth learning for you
Combat6: *binary blare, like a more aggressive version of the probe droid from star wars*
Under_Fire1: Taking enemy fire!
Under_Fire2: Under fire!
Under_Fire3: Taking suppressing fire!
Under_Fire4: Support train is under attack
Under_Fire5: The Mechanicus requires your aid
Under_Fire6: Assist me
Damage1: Imperial guard! I must have support!
Damage2: My organics are failing.
Damage3: Omnissiah protect me, there is so much yet to know!
Damage4: I'm hurt!
Damage5: This smarts!
Damage6: I'm hit!
Damage7: Omnissiah, preserve us from burnout
Damage8: Self repair insufficient
Damage9: Survival probability impaired
Death1: My data, lost...
Death2: *grinding gears*
Death3: Reactor ruptured, power levels critical. Shutting down to prevent explosive session termination.
Death4: *binary murmur, grow weaker, then cease*
Death5: I have served.....
Death6: No...!
Death7: Aaagh!
Death8: Forgive me....sir....
Death9: *scrambled modem sounds*
Death10: *irregular whirring of mechanical joints*
Death11: *ahhhhhhhhh*
Death12: Most troubling…


Notes: Very nervous men. Moderate clean vocal tones which show no battle-weariness whatsoever. Any combat related situations are subject to an element of fear irrespective of the odds (for good or worse) and therefore, a lot of shouting even for the smallest of commands. They are very 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir?' in their communication.
Unit_Complete1: Present, sir!
Unit_Complete2: Volunteer force, reporting for duty, sir! (clearly not volunteers)
Unit_Complete3: First line of Valhalla, reporting for duty, sir!
Unit_Complete4: We have just arrived. Here is our orders, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Awaiting orders, sir
Unit_Complete6: Ready and waiting, sir
Unit_Complete7: Here to defend Valhallan, sir
Selection1: Sir, yes sir?
Selection2: Conscripts, awaiting your orders, sir
Selection3: Yes, sir?
Selection4: You need us, sir?
Selection5: Here sir?
Selection6: Do we have orders, sir? (dread in tone)
Selection7: Are we needed, sir? (dread in tone)
Move1: As you wish, sir
Move2: Moving to location, sir
Move3: On our way, sir
Move4: Sir, yes sir!
Move5: Conscripts, moving out, sir!
Move6: Moving there no, sir!
Move7: We're on it now, sir!
Attack2: We have our orders to attack!
Attack3: FIRE!
Attack4: Hold them! HOLD THEM!
Attack6: THIS IS IT!
Capture1: Quickly seize the position!
Capture2: Orders to capture that objective!
Capture3: Quickly, go! Go!
Capped1: Awaiting further orders, sir?
Capped2: Sir, permission to leave the location, now?
Capped3: Sir, point taken, sir!
Load_Transport1: Into the transport!
Load_Transport2: Occupying transport, sir!
Unload_Transport1: Out! OUT!
Unload_Transport2: Disembarking, SIR!
Morale_Break1: THE LINE IS BROKEN!
Morale_Restored1: All in order now, sir!
Morale_Restored2: We won't let you down again, sir!
Charge1: ARGH!
Charge4: This is NOT a good idea!
Jump_Teleport1: As you wish, sir!
Jump_Teleport2: Doing so now, sir!
Deepstrike1: Sir, yes sir!
Deepstrike2: As you wish, sir!
Ability1: Now!
Ability2: Do it NOW!
Ability3: Initiate NOW!
Ability4: AS YOU WISH, SIR!
Ability5: As you wish, sir!
Under_Fire1: UNDER FIRE!!
Damage1: Taking damage, sir!
Damage2: Retaliate!
Damage3: Hit them back! HIT THEM BACK!
Death1: ARGH!
Death2: URGH!
Death3: EYARGH!
Death4: -choke / gargling-

Infantry Troop
Notes: the Footsloggers. Almost always drafted, these guys only have a few weeks of training before being whisked away to battle. These guys are faithful but weak.They have a good idea of what to expect and, for the moment, they are willing to meet these expectations face to face. Their voice is more confident and grizzly than the lesser conscripts. We are now beginning to see the iron morale that the Valhallan's are known for!
Unit_Complete1: Valahallan Guardsmen, reporting for duty!
Unit_Complete2: Present, sir!
Unit_Complete3: Ready and waiting, sir!
Unit_Complete4: Valahallan will not fall for as long as we stand!
Unit_Complete5: The snow'll freeze them, and we'll break them!
Unit_Complete6: Guardsmen, awaiting orders, sir!
Unit_Complete7: Here, sir!
Selection1: Sir yes, sir?
Selection2: What do you need of us, sir?
Selection3: Our orders, sir?
Selection4: Send us to fight sir!
Selection5: Awaiting orders, sir!
Selection6: Our orders?
Selection7: Sir?
Move1: As you wish!
Move2: We shall see it done!
Move3: YES sir!
Move4: On it now, sir!
Move5: As ordered!
Move6: We'll check it out, SIR!
Move7: Moving that way now, sir! We'll report any enemies sighted.
Attack1: Enemy spotted!
Attack2: Attacking the target!
Attack3: They are compromised, sir!
Attack4: Eliminating the target!!
Attack5: Thought there'd be more! HA!
Attack6: Take them out!
Capture1: Taking objective sir!
Capture2: it will be ours, sir!
Capture3: Taking it!
Capped1: Its ours!
Capped2: Objective seized!
Capped3: Awaiting further orders, sir!
Load_Transport1: Loading transport, SIR!
Load_Transport2: ALL IN!
Unload_Transport1: ALL OUT!
Unload_Transport2: Continuing on FOOT, sir!
Morale_Break1: SCATTER! SCATTER!
Morale_Break2: THEY'RE KILLING US!
Morale_Restored1: NO! NOT ANOTHER STEP!
Morale_Restored2: They'll pay for that!
Charge1: CHARGE!
Charge2: Into the fray!!!
Charge4: AT 'EM!
Jump_Teleport1: Prepare, men!
Jump_Teleport2: Initializing!
Deepstrike1: Deepstriking!
Deepstrike2: Prepare to deepstrike!
Ability1: Now!
Ability2: Just do it!
Ability3: Give it to them!
Ability4: Entrench!
Ability5: Dig in, men!
Combat1: Stick 'em in the eye!
Combat2: Stand men! STAND!
Under_Fire1: UNDER FIRE!
Under_Fire2: HEADS DOWN!!
Under_Fire3: We've been spotted by the enemy!
Damage1: Taking damage!
Damage2: Man down!
Damage3: I'M HIT!!
Death1: ARGH!
Death2: Urgh.....
Death4: Scum...

Infantry Troop Commander (Squad Leader)
Notes: Sergeants are the leaders of Infantry Troops, and experienced soldiers. They have learned their lessons the hard way and their voices are often battle-weary yet determined. They command with authority, often speaking unnecessarily high (or shouting in the middle of combat) in a strict and militaristic tone.
Unit_Complete1: Infantry squad ready and in formation, sir!
Unit_Complete2: In formation, men, on the double!
Unit_Complete3: Guardsmen have arrived, sir!
Unit_Complete4: Get ready for orders, you dogs!
Unit_Complete5: Here to lead the men, sir!
Unit_Complete6: Attention! Guardsmen ready, sir!
Unit_Complete7: The squad has arrived, sir!
Selection1: The men are ready, sir!
Selection2: Stand to, men! Incoming orders!
Selection3: Eager to serve Valhalla and the Emperor, sir!
Selection4: Send us to fight sir!
Selection5: Awaiting orders, sir!
Selection6: Our orders?
Selection7: Sir?
Move1: You heard it, now move out, dogs!
Move2: In formation and move!
Move3: On the double, dammit!
Move4: On it now, sir!
Move5: As ordered!
Move6: We'll check it out, SIR!
Move7: Moving that way now, sir! We'll report any enemies sighted.
Attack1: First rank, fire! Second rank, fire!
Attack2: On my mark, fire!
Attack3: Don't stop firing til I say so!
Attack4: Eliminating the target!!
Attack5: Thought there'd be more! HA!
Attack6: Take them out!
Capture1: Taking objective sir!
Capture2: it will be ours, sir!
Capture3: Taking it!
Capped1: Its ours!
Capped2: Objective seized!
Capped3: Awaiting further orders, sir!
Load_Transport1: Loading transport, SIR!
Load_Transport2: ALL IN!
Unload_Transport1: ALL OUT!
Unload_Transport2: Continuing on FOOT, sir!
Morale_Break1: SCATTER! SCATTER!
Morale_Break2: THEY'RE KILLING US!
Morale_Restored1: NO! NOT ANOTHER STEP!
Morale_Restored2: They'll pay for that!
Charge1: CHARGE!
Charge2: Into the fray!!!
Charge4: AT 'EM!
Jump_Teleport1: Prepare, men!
Jump_Teleport2: Initializing!
Deepstrike1: Deepstriking!
Deepstrike2: Prepare to deepstrike!
Ability1: Now!
Ability2: Just do it!
Ability3: Give it to them!
Ability4: Entrench!
Ability5: Dig in, men!
Combat1: Stick 'em in the eye!
Combat2: Stand men! STAND!
Under_Fire1: UNDER FIRE!
Under_Fire2: HEADS DOWN!!
Under_Fire3: We've been spotted by the enemy!
Damage1: Taking damage!
Damage2: Man down!
Dam age3: I'M HIT!!
Death1: AIIEE!
Death2: I'm- I'm bleeding... out... [Panicked voice fading to a hoarse whisper]
Death3: I'll show you ho- ARRGH! [Order cut short by death cry]

Heavy Weapon Team
Notes: Your average Guardsman with a bigger gun in his hands. Faithful and finds some amount of confidence in the fact that they're toting some of the bigger guns of the battlefield. They'd rather stay back and use them than charge into the fray, as such they respond with skepticism at best and panic at worst in such situations.
Unit_Complete1: Big guns in the field, sir.
Unit_Complete2: Heavy weapons ready to deploy, sir.
Unit_Complete3: You in need of some fire support, comrade? [Cocky voice]
Unit_Complete4: Heavy weapon team deployed and ready, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Valhalla's heaviest guns on the field.
Unit_Complete6: We're here, where do we set up?
Unit_Complete7: Gun's cocked and locked, sir.
Selection1: Yes, sir?
Selection2: We're here.
Selection3: Put that out before you set the ammo on fire! [Angry voice, as if scolding someone]
Selection4: Need a tank busted, eh? [Cocky voice]
Selection5: Hope the machine spirit won't protest this cold.
Selection6: Valhalla's soldiers at the ready.
Selection7: Your orders, sir?
Move1: Grab the ammo, we're moving out.
Move2: Redeploying now, sir.
Move3: This gun's heavy, can't we get a transport?
Move4: Packing up and moving out.
Move5: On the move, sir.
Move6: Moving to better firing position, sir.
Move7: Got it, moving there now.
Attack1: There they are! FIRE!
Attack2: Cut 'em to ribbons!
Attack3: Fire! Fire! FIRE!
Attack4: Enemy spotted, opening fire!
Attack5: Hose 'em!
Attack6: Keep those triggers pressed!
Attack7: Fire, by the Emperor, fire!
Capture1: Moving to secure now.
Capture2: We'll take it for the Emperor and Valhalla.
Capture3: Take and hold, now!
Capped1: Target secure, setting up defensive positions.
Capped2: It's ours, what now?
Capped3: This belongs to the Emperor and Valhalla now.
Load_Transport1: Boarding transport now, sir.
Load_Transport2: Us and the guns in there? If the Emperor wills it... [Sceptical voice]
Unload_Transport1: Unload the guns, men.
Unload_Transport2: Get out and set up, now!
Morale_Break1: They're gonna overrun us, fall back dammit!
Morale_Break2: Retreat before we're all dead!
Morale_Break3: They're too close! Fall back!
Morale_Restored1: I swear by the Emperor himself, Commissar Sir, it won't happen again.
Morale_Restored2: We're safe now, I think...
Morale_Restored3: Get back into it, men!
Charge1: If you're certain, sir.
Charge2: Smash them with the guns if you have to!
Charge3: Use everything you have, men! Charge!
Charge4: You sure this is a good idea?
Jump_Teleport1: You sure this thing works, comrade?
Jump_Teleport2: As you wish, sir.
Deepstrike1: We'll do as you command, comrade.
Deepstrike2: Now this will be a new experience.
Ability1: Now dammit, now!
Ability2: Let them have it, boys!
Ability3: The Emperor sends his regards, unfaithful scum!
Ability4: That will do, I hope...
Ability5: Said and done, sir!
Combat1: Kick 'em in the groin, lads!
Combat2: Come here you ugly bastard!
Combat3: I'm not done with you!
Under_Fire1: Big guns under fire!
Under_Fire2: Keep low and keep firing!
Under_Fire3: That one almost hit the ammo. [Slightly frightened]
Damage1: Heavy guns taking heavy fire!
Damage2: Keep your heads down, dammit!
Damage3: Under heavy fire, need support!
Death1: The ammo's on- ARRGH! [Statement cut short by death cry]
Death2: AIIEEE!
Death3: [Gurgling, choking sounds]
Death4: I'm hit! I'm hi- AH! [Call for help cut short by death cry]

Rough Riders (Bear Cavalry)
Notes: Young aristocrats, should sound posh and cocky (add bear sounds in the background)
-Model: a Valhallan trooper with a shock lance, riding a bear with some light armor and augments. It attacks by the bear biting and the lance zapping a small arc of electricity at target when the rider jabs it forward
-Gameplay: Attacks only in melee
Unit_Complete1: Never fear, cavalry’s here.
Unit_Complete2: Cavalry have arrived.
Unit_Complete3: Heavy cavalry, pride of Valhalla. [pronounced "Val-hal-ah"]
Unit_Complete4: These quarters are ... lacking.
Unit_Complete5: Imperial Lancers here.
Unit_Complete6: Where is the enemy?
Unit_Complete7: A good day to ride.
Unit_Complete8: Finally, some fresh air
Unit_Complete9: Looks like we get to stretch our legs after all
Unit_Complete10: No need for supply lines, we’ve got our own provisions
Unit_Complete11: We’ll watch your back
Unit_Complete12: Tanks can’t go everywhere
Unit_Complete13: Shock cavalry here
Unit_Complete14: Let’s go hunting
Selection1: Woah Aleksandra, steady.
Selection2: Ready to bring ruin.
Selection3: Sir?
Selection4: A chance for trophies?
Selection5: Send us out.
Selection6: The horses are getting restless.
Selection7: We’ll inspire the men.
Selection8: Better than the best.
Selection9: Bear cavalry
Selection10: Ursadons [pronounced “Er-sah-dons”]
Selection11: In position
Selection12: Getting restless, sir
Selection13: How about some elbow room
Selection14: Chill enough for you, sir?
Selection15: Emperor be with you, sir
Move1: We ride!
Move2: We will be there.
Move3: Ride out.
Move4: A nice hack.
Move5: Understood sir,
Move6: On our way sir.
Move7: Better and better
Move8: You can count on us, sir
Move9: Let’s see what they’re playing at
Move10: Move out
Move11: Makes the kloms fly by [pronounced “kloms" with a hard ‘k’”]
Move12: Covering your advance
Move13: Taking lead position
Attack1: Death and glory!
Attack2: Forward Kiska, forward!
Attack3: Valhalla!
Attack4: Die with your swords in hand!
Attack5: We’ll draw ’em in
Attack6: First blood goes to us, sir
Attack7: We’ll sweep the area
Attack8: Easy as a good ambull steak
Attack9: We’re ready for them
Attack10: Valhallan anger is swift and terrible [pronounced “Val-hal-an”]
Attack11: Let’s finish them off
Attack12: Break them!
Capture1: Take it!
Capture2: It shall be ours.
Capture3: Securing forward position
Capture4: We’ll get the job done
Capture5: Better do it fast
Capped1: Who do you think we are? Infantry? (Contemptuous on “infantry”)
Capped2: Territory expanded!
Capped3: Well done, it’s ours
Capped4: Consolidation complete
Capped5: Reconnaissance station set up
Load_Transport1: Riders, out of the saddle.
Load_Transport2: Sasha’s not going to like that, sir [pronounced “sah-shah”]
Load_Transport3: It’s going to be a tight fit, sir
Unload_Transport1: Back where we belong.
Unload_Transport2: Halt and dismount
Unload_Transport3: Valhallans, ride out
Morale_Break1: Hit and run cavalry! HIT AND RUN, sir! (Hard angry voice)
Morale_Break2: What is this? (Panicked voice of a man who is fighting a losing battle)
Morale_Break3: Emperor’s bones! We’re broken!
Morale_Break4: Pull back! Consolidate!
Morale_Break5: Come on, we have to get out of here!
Morale_Restored1: Ready to redeploy.
Morale_Restored2: Contact broken, sir.
Morale_Restored3: Rough riders requesting new orders
Morale_Restored4: Cavalry requesting command guidance
Morale_Restored5: Bear squadron requesting orders
Charge1: Nil desperandum!
Charge2: Fame eternal!
Charge3: Run them down!
Charge4: Get in close!
Charge5: *bear roaring*
Charge6: *different bear roaring*
Jump_Teleport1: Even faster than normal.
Jump_Teleport2: Time is of the essence
Jump_Teleport3: Hold for pickup
Deepstrike1: Shock and awe!
Deepstrike2: Hold for reinforcement
Deepstrike3: Outriders coming in
Ability1: Form ranks, ready lances, forwards!
Ability2: Through the valley of the shadow of death for Valhalla!
Ability3: The land sings to the thunder of our hooves!
Ability4: Ride forth to ruin! (Glorious Charge ability)
Ability5: You are the Emperor’s own lance, none can stand before you!
Ability6: We are invincible
Ability7: For the regiment
Ability8: Oh Emperor protect us with the shield of thy will
Ability9: Down girl, that’s a good bear
Combat1: Zap ‘em!
Combat2: Frakkers! [pronounced “Frak-ers”]
Combat3: For Valhalla!
Under_Fire1: Engaging hostiles, sir
Under_Fire2: Emperor! There’s a whole nest of them
Under_Fire3: Contact
Under_Fire4: Under fire!
Under_Fire5: Cowardly scum are shooting at us.
Damage1: Incoming!
Damage2: Taking injuries!
Damage3: Sir! We need to move!
Damage4: We’re in a bad way, sir!
Damage5: Outriders taking heavy casualties!
Damage6: We’re heavily pressed, sir!
Death1: Where is the horse and the rider?
Death2: One last glorious charge.
Death3: Velika ... no ... (crying)
Death4: *woeful bear roar*
Death5: *slightly different woeful bear roar*
Death6: *simultaneous bear roar and Valhallan yell in dismay*
Death7: *bear whine*

Rough Rider Sergeant (Squadron Leader)
Notes: Older rough rider who has survived many charges; very aristocratic voice, fearless and arrogant.
Unit_Complete1: Rider Sergeant reporting for duty sir.
Unit_Complete2: I'm ready sir, what are your orders?
Unit_Complete3: You shall call me sergeant or lord.
Unit_Complete4: With me here you will make some progress.
Unit_Complete5: Follow me and you will know glory one way or the other.
Unit_Complete6: We shall never be forgotten.
Unit_Complete7: I ride out again.
Unit_Complete8: Valhallans, you are my command now.
Unit_Completed9: It is too long since I last made a kill.
Unit_Complete10: We’re not sitting around for sweetbriar pasties and tanna, that’s for sure
Unit_Complete11: Most amazing thing I ever saw, liquid snow on Hesperus
Unit_Complete12: Let’s zap some enemies, sir
Unit_Complete13: We’re on watch for movement
Unit_Complete14: We’re sure to find some enemies out here
Unit_Complete15: Take bears over horses any day
Unit_Complete16: Ursadons can eat frak near anything [pronounced “Ur-sa-dons”]
Selection1: I ride for the Emperor.
Selection2: The finest cavalry is from the snowfields.
Selection3: A strong foe and a stronger horse, it’s good to be cavalry.
Selection4: Valhalla’s finest.
Selection5: What do you need me to do?.
Selection6: I am here, sir.
Selection7: We shall bring you victory.
Selection8: Yes?
Selection9: How’d it get so warm?
Selection10: Have a recon mission?
Selection11: Serving the Imperium!
Move1: Ride to glory.
Move2: Ideal.
Move3: Moving out.
Move4: Cavalry, we ride.
Move5: Sir.
Move6: Good idea, sir
Move7: We ride on
Move8: Better get moving
Attack1: Ride them down, kill for Valhalla!
Attack2: In a blaze of glory!
Attack3: Cut them down!
Attack4: To death!
Attack5: We will do our duty.
Attack6: Now would be a good time
Attack7: Let’s fry some infantry
Attack8: How about a bit of excitement?
Capture1: Indeed.
Capture2: We will take it.
Capped1: There is little glory in this.
Capped2: Well, that was a nice rest, return us to battle.
Load_Transport1: Into the transport men.
Load_Transport2: It’s going to be a tight fit, sir
Unload_Transport1: Good, the horses did not like that.
Unload_Transport2: Back where we belong.
Unload_Transport3: Halt and dismount
Unload_Transport4: Valhallans, ride out
Morale_Break1: Fall back!
Morale_Break2: You misuse us, sir.
Morale_Restored1: Knights, you disgrace yourselves.
Morale_Restored2: We will be absolved in battle.
Charge1: Lances fore!
Charge2: Be-done with thine!
Jump_Teleport1: Faster that the wind.
Jump_Teleport2: Even faster than normal.
Jump_Teleport3: Time is of the essence
Jump_Teleport4: Hold for pickup
Deepstrike1: Deepstriking.
Deepstrike2: Shock and awe!
Deepstrike3: Hold for reinforcement
Deepstrike4: Outriders coming in
Ability1: Form ranks!
Ability2: Form up riders!
Ability3: Riders.. to me!
Ability4: Close the ranks!
Ability5: Follow the standard!
Combat1: Zap ‘em!
Combat2: Frakkers! [pronounced “Frak-ers”]
Combat3: For Valhalla!
Under_Fire1: Shooters.
Under_Fire2: Come over here and shoot that at me!
Damage1: Taking damage.
Damage2: Casualties mounting, sir.
Damage3: We will not survive this.
Death1: Nil desperandum.
Death2: A good death...
Death3: Into the jaws of death...
Death4: Carry on... I must leave you...
Death5: *woeful bear roar*
Death6: *slightly different woeful bear roar*
Death7: *simultaneous bear roar and Valhallan yell in dismay*
Death8: *bear whine*

Veteran Squad (Planetary Assault Troopers)
Notes: Slightly rougher voice than the standard Valhallan infantry squad, like smokers. Cocky and fervent.
-Gameplay: should have access to special weapons that are medium/short range but area of effect, like Flamers or Melta. Have melta grenades.
Unit_Complete1: The best Valhalla has to offer.
Unit_Complete2: Veteran squad here, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Veterans, fresh for the fight.
Unit_Complete4: I’m getting to old for this.
Unit_Complete5: Best of the best.
Unit_Complete6: Like the Astartes, but better in bed. [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]
Unit_Complete7: Planetary Assault squad, thought you could use the extra punch
Unit_Complete8: Planetary Assault squad, as you requested sir
Unit_Complete9: Planetary Assault squad, thought you could do with reinforcements
Unit_Complete10: Planetary Assault squad, thought you could use some veterans in this mess
Unit_Complete11: Planetary Assault squad, ready to take the fight to the enemy
Unit_Complete12: Planetary Assault squad, ready for the final push
Unit_Complete13: Planetary Assault squad, thought you could use the firepower
Selection1: Mission template?
Selection2: You orders?
Selection3: Special advance elements, sir.
Selection4: Elite squads at your disposal.
Selection5: Operational orders, sir?
Selection6: To victory, sir.
Selection7: Our fame shall never die.
Selection8: Shock troopers
Selection9: Assault squad
Selection10: Things can always get worse
Selection11: Sir?
Selection12: Friendlies
Selection13: Who goes there?
Selection14: Sealed orders?
Move1: Jog it in!
Move2: Double-time!
Move3: The Emperor wills it.
Move4: Forward!
Move5: Advance
Move6: Very sensible, sir
Move7: We have our orders
Move8: Move out
Move9: Understood
Move10: It’s all a little too neat
Move11: It’s a good plan, sir
Move12: You won’t regret it
Attack1: Easy as!
Attack2: Weapons free.
Attack3: Smash through!
Attack4: They’re as good as dead, sir.
Attack5: Shoot the scum!
Attack6: Might as well be a Traki shoot [pronounced “track-eye”]
Attack7: String them up
Attack8: It’ll be good shooting
Attack9: Giving them a bloody nose
Attack10: Dirty amateurs
Attack11: We’ll put the fear of the Emperor into them
Attack12: The Emperor will sort them out, sir
Capture1: Take it for the Emperor.
Capture2: Securing the position.
Capture3: Like taking food from an ork
Capture4: That is easily done
Capture5: Backwater dirtball
Capped1: Position is ours.
Capped2: We have gained ground.
Capped3: That was easy enough, what’s next?
Capped4: Got it, what next?
Capped5: Valhallans can take worlds on a heel of bread and a recaf [pronounced “Val-hal-ans”]
Load_Transport1: Riding into battle.
Load_Transport2: Just point us in the right direction, sir
Load_Transport3: Everybody in
Unload_Transport1: We’re here! Go! Go!
Unload_Transport2: We’re not sitting around for tanna and biscuits, move! [pronounced “tan-ah”
Unload_Transport3: Was getting too hot in there anyways
Morale_Break1: It’s a killing field!
Morale_Break2: Break contact!
Morale_Break3: Squad, disperse!
Morale_Break4: Sir, we need immediate extraction!
Morale_Break5: It’s frakking suicide, retreat! [pronounced “frakk-ing”]
Morale_Restored1: Best laid plans, sir.
Morale_Restored2: Hammer of the Emperor, sir.
Morale_Restored3: Casualties minimal, let’s carry on
Morale_Restored4: Fire team regrouped, my lord
Morale_Restored5: We’re at combat readiness, my lord
Charge1: For the Imperium!
Charge2: No mercy!
Charge3: For the Emperor!
Charge4: Pick your targets!
Charge5: Over there, straight ahead!
Charge6: Golden throne!
Charge7: Get them!
Jump_Teleport1: Better than ‘slaught!
Jump_Teleport2: Brace yourselves, it’s going to get fuzzy
Jump_Teleport3: Hold position, we’re being recalled
Deepstrike1: Deep strike assault force on location, sir.
Deepstrike2: Planetary Assault Shock Troopers incoming
Deepstrike3: Planetary Assault Shock Troopers landing
Ability1: [offensive ability] Grenade
Ability2: [offensive ability] Brace yourselves
Ability3: [offensive ability] Frag ‘em
Ability4: [defensive ability] Keep yours head down
Ability5: [defensive ability] Heads down now
Combat1: To the warp with them!
Combat2: Keep low! Shoot for the heads!
Combat3: Where are the follow-up squads?!
Under_Fire1: Taking fire.
Under_Fire2: Injuries mounting.
Under_Fire3: Encountering resistance
Under_Fire4: We have visual on the enemy
Under_Fire5: Nothing to worry about, just small arms fire
Damage1: We’ll need medics standing by.
Damage2: Leave the wounded behind!
Damage3: Position won’t hold much longer!
Damage4: Man down, flash burns!
Damage5: Trooper down!
Damage6: We need reinforcements!
Death1: Terra will prevail!
Death2: I go to the Throne.
Death3: *gasp* *ahh…*
Death4: *grunt*
Death5: Gak!
Death6: *choking*
Death7: *ooph*
Death8: *coughing

Veteran Squad Commander (Squad Leader)
Notes: Having fought in brutal CQB for most of their lives, the veteran sergeants are often violence addicts, and sometimes even corrupted by Khorne. Lines are at times professional, crazed and apathetic.
Unit_Complete1: It’s safe to say we know one end of a lasgun from another
Unit_Complete2: When the black bell tolls, know you did your regiment proud
Unit_Complete3: Sometimes, you need veterans to do the job
Unit_Complete4: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
Unit_Complete5: Good luck is for amateurs and glory boy storm troopers
Unit_Complete6: A war in the snow, that’s when the men at their best
Unit_Complete7: Here for conquest and for the Emperor
Selection1: With me here, you might actually see some progress.
Selection2: Another run through this hell-hole?
Selection3: Need to take this patch of dirt again, do I?
Selection4: As you see fit.
Selection5: Operational details?
Selection6: Victory, always victory.
Selection7: Hello?
Selection8: Time to do the Valhallan’s duty [pronounced “Val-hal-an’s“]
Selection9: Front line Guard unit
Selection10: Master Sergeant here
Move1: Footslogging. Great.
Move2: Sir!
Move3: Onwards!
Move4: Never fear, sergeant’s here!
Move5: My men won’t let you down
Move6: Take point, keep low
Move7: Close up, prepare for contact
Attack1: Once more into the breach!
Attack2: Kill! Kill them all! *almost hysteric*
Attack3: Can’t we get closer sir? Please?
Attack4: Let me see those guns blazing!
Attack5: Yeah, flashlights! *sarcastic* WHO STOLE MY BOLT PISTOL? *angry, very angry*
Attack6: Our chance has come, men
Attack7: Kill them all
Attack8: Might as well be a snowball fight
Capture1: Aye sir.
Capture2: Securing it.
Capped1: Great scenery and stuff, but let’s not stand here forever.
Capped2: Can we go now?
Load_Transport1: Too much walking, give us a ride. *whining*
Load_Transport2: Riding into battle.
Load_Transport3: Just point us in the right direction, sir
Load_Transport4: Everybody in
Unload_Transport1: Well, looks like we’re walking again.
Unload_Transport2: We’re here! Go! Go!
Unload_Transport3: We’re not sitting around for tanna and biscuits, move! [pronounced “tan-ah”
Unload_Transport4: Was getting too hot in there anyways
Morale_Break1: That’s not what the plan was!
Morale_Break2: Pulling back!
Morale_Restored1: That was fun! *laughing*
Morale_Restored2: The men have got their acts together again, sir.
Charge1: *crazed laughter*
Charge2: Come at me, scum!
Charge3: Yeah, this should be fun. How much pain can you take? *contemptuous*
Jump_Teleport1: Boo!
Jump_Teleport2: Better than ‘slaught!
Jump_Teleport3: Brace yourselves, it’s going to get fuzzy
Jump_Teleport4: Hold position, we’re being recalled
Deepstrike1: Hard and fast.
Deepstrike2: Deep strike assault force on location, sir.
Deepstrike3: Planetary Assault Shock Troopers incoming
Deepstrike4: Planetary Assault Shock Troopers landing
Ability1: Frontal Attack!
Ability2: Brace yourselves
Ability3: Frag ‘em
Ability4: The Emperor saves!
Ability5: Vigilance, men!
Combat1: To the warp with them!
Combat2: Keep low! Shoot for the heads!
Combat3: Where are the follow-up squads?!
Under_Fire1: Enemy fire.
Under_Fire2: They’ve seen us.
Damage1: Leave the wounded behind!
Damage2: Gotta love the smell of gunfire!
Damage3: Build a bunker with the dead!
Death1: *grunt* Worth it. *death rattle*
Death2: It hurts so much! I love it!
Death3: Didn’t see that coming. *deadpan*
Death4: That’s mine, give it ba... *choking*
Death5: Go on…!
Death6: Leave me…!
Death7: Get em…!

Storm Troopers
Notes: The best of the best. these guys get the best guns, the best armour, and the best pay. Usually cocky, they are resented by the normal guardsmen because the Storm troopers are better. They speak with a deep tone, as militirstic as possible, and they speak very confidently and sure-of-themselves.
Unit_Complete1: Valahallan Stormtroopers, ready and waiting.
Unit_Complete2: We are here. Where would you have us?
Unit_Complete3: Stormtroopers present and waiting.
Unit_Complete4: Valhalla's finest, on the field!
Unit_Complete5: We are here comrades!
Unit_Complete6: Ready to... disappoint... the enemy, sir!
Unit_Complete7: Ready to get into the thicket of it, sir!
Selection1: Stormtroopers, reporting?
Selection2: What would you have us do, comrade?
Selection3: Comrade?
Selection4: Give us hell, sir!
Selection5: We've seen it all before!
Selection6: Here for Valhalla!
Selection7: Ready to break the unfix-able, sir!
Move1: As you wish!
Move2: Yes sir!
Move3: Watching for enemy targets!
Move4: On our way there now!
Move5: Stormtroopers, on the move!
Move6: Approaching destination!
Move7: Right away, comrade!
Attack1: Enemy sighted! Attacking!
Attack2: LET 'EM HAVE IT!
Attack3: Give 'em hell!
Attack4: Move to and open fire!
Attack7: Breaking them, sir!
Capture1: Doing it now sir!
Capture2: Ah... that old trick!
Capture3: It will soon belong to Valhalla once more!
Capped1: The objective is Valhalla's once more!
Capped2: It is occupied, sir!
Capped3: All done! Where to next?
Load_Transport1: About time we got a ride!
Load_Transport2: Not worked with one of these for a while!
Unload_Transport1: OUT! MOVE!
Unload_Transport2: Disembarking transport!
Morale_Break1: THAT IS NOT GOOD!
Morale_Restored1: Get it together men! They'll be back and we need to be ready!
Morale_Restored2: Fear is acceptable! Cowardice is not!
Charge2: RARGH!
Jump_Teleport1: This one's new to me!
Jump_Teleport2: I will see you boys in the middle!
Deepstrike1: Haven't done this one in a while!
Deepstrike2: See you down there comrades!
Ability1: Frag their position!
Ability2: Hit them where it hurts, comrades!
Ability3: STAY LOW!
Ability5: This all they got?
Combat1: Die, scum!
Combat2: Cut into them!
Combat3: You're ours now!
Under_Fire1: We are compromised!
Under_Fire2: Under attack! Let us at them, sir!
Under_Fire3: They are all bark and no bite!
Damage1: I'm hit, but I'm not out!
Damage2: Under considerable pressure, sir!
Death1: ARGH!
Death2: Sir, we've failed...
Death3: The rest is up to the boys...
Death4: Stay strong, Valahalla...

Storm Trooper Commander (Squad Leader)
Notes: Veteran stormtroopers who have seen it all, and probably killed much of it. These men are highly confident in their abilities and their men, and their voice shows this. They take a strict and militaristic tone but refrain from the loud manner of infantry sergeants, and don't look down upon their men in the same manner, knowing full well the capabilities of the “boys” under their command.
Unit_Complete1: Me and the boys are ready, sir.
Unit_Complete2: We're packed up and ready for battle, sir.
Unit_Complete3: The best of Valhalla, ready for your orders, sir.
Unit_Complete4: Alright boys, we're here.
Unit_Complete5: Me and the men have arrived, sir. Your orders?
Unit_Complete6: Here to save the day, sir.
Unit_Complete7: So, this is the next hellhole?
Selection1: Ready and able, sir.
Selection2: Listen up boys, incoming orders.
Selection3: Me and the boys are listening, sir.
Selection4: Give us hell, sir!
Selection5: We've seen it all before!
Selection6: Here for Valhalla!
Selection7: Ready to break the unfix-able, sir!
Move1: In formation, eyes peeled.
Move2: On the move, boys. Keep sharp.
Move3: We're moving out, boys.
Move4: On our way there now!
Move5: Stormtroopers, on the move!
Move6: Approaching destination!
Move7: Right away, comrade!
Attack1: Let 'em have it, boys!
Attack2: Kill 'em all, the Emperor will know his own!
Attack3: You know the drill, boys, gun 'em down!
Attack4: Move to and open fire!
Attack7: Breaking them, sir!
Capture1: Doing it now sir!
Capture2: Ah... that old trick!
Capture3: It will soon belong to Valhalla once more!
Capped1: The objective is Valhalla's once more!
Capped2: It is occupied, sir!
Capped3: All done! Where to next?
Load_Transport1: About time we got a ride!
Load_Transport2: Not worked with one of these for a while!
Unload_Transport1: OUT! MOVE!
Unload_Transport2: Disembarking transport!
Morale_Break1: THAT IS NOT GOOD!
Morale_Restored1: Get it together men! They'll be back and we need to be ready!
Morale_Restored2: Fear is acceptable! Cowardice is not!
Charge2: RARGH!
Jump_Teleport1: This one's new to me!
Jump_Teleport2: I will see you boys in the middle!
Deepstrike1: Haven't done this one in a while!
Deepstrike2: See you down there comrades!
Ability1: Frag their position!
Ability2: Hit them where it hurts, comrades!
Ability3: STAY LOW!
Ability5: This all they got?
Combat1: Die, scum!
Combat2: Cut into them!
Combat3: You're ours now!
Under_Fire1: We are compromised!
Under_Fire2: Under attack! Let us at them, sir!
Under_Fire3: They are all bark and no bite!
Damage1: I'm hit, but I'm not out!
Damage2: Under considerable pressure, sir!
Death1: So this... is... it... [Calm, hoarse voice]
Death2: Kolya! You're in command... now... [Sharp voice fading into a hoarse whisper]
Death3: AIIIEE!
Death4: Stay strong, Valahalla...


Comms/Vox Operator (Voxcaster)
Notes: Valhallan vox operator: radio trooper, he should sound clear, authoritative and calm. Should display a technological knowledge as well.
Unit_Complete1: Comms online sir.
Unit_Complete2: Vox caster ready sir.
Unit_Complete3: Network connected sir.
Unit_Complete4: Vox ready sir.
Unit_Complete5: Communications here sir!
Unit_Complete6: Signaller on the field sir.
Unit_Complete7: Your vox’s here sir.
Unit_Complete8: I’m copying some propaganda from central
Unit_Complete9: Regimental vox net is up and functioning
Unit_Complete10: Relaying our position on Command vox frequency
Unit_Complete11: If lord general send orders, you’ll know immediately
Unit_Complete12: All vox beads on channel D !
Unit_Complete13: Putting the regimental comm net on full alert
Unit_Complete14: All units reporting in on vox
Selection1: Vox here!
Selection2: I’ll keep you in the loop sir.
Selection3: Your command, sir?
Selection4: Signal’s working sir.
Selection5: Who do you want, sir?
Selection6: Affirmative
Selection7: Up ‘n’ running sir.
Selection8: Say again?
Selection9: Getting some feedback off your frequency
Selection10: Comms check
Selection11: Vox pulse confirms signal
Selection12: Updating intelligence reports
Selection13: Voxing our position
Selection14: Field link online
Move1: Yes sir!
Move2: Vox caster moving.
Move3: I’ll make sure they get the message.
Move4: On my way sir.
Move5: Roger.
Move6: Going now sir.
Move7: Be advised, vox is Oscar-Mike!
Move8: So far so good
Move9: That’s just standard operating procedure
Move10: Confirm that
Move11: Kit stowed away, sir
Move12: You can’t block the signal, sir
Move13: Works for me
Move14: Copy contingency orders
Attack1: Targeting...
Attack2: On my tracer!
Attack3: Light ‘em up! Light ‘em up!
Attack4: Target confirmed!
Attack5: Orders received sir!
Attack6: Give ‘em hell!
Attack7: For Valhalla!
Attack8: It’s a free fire zone, sir
Attack9: Going in hot
Attack10: We’ll hold the front line
Attack11: Picking up heat sources
Attack12: Clearing a lane
Attack13: Advancing by fire and movement
Attack14: Blast ‘em
Capture1: Taking it now sir.
Capture2: Take the position!
Capture3: Sir yes sir!
Capture4: I’ll consult the maps
Capture5: Designating priority objective
Capture6: Glad to hear it
Capped1: Establishing L-O-S sir
Capped2: We’ve taken it sir!
Capped3: Objective secured.
Capped4: Data-feeds set up
Capped5: Established a perimeter
Capped6: We secured the position, sir
Join1: I’ve got a message here for the CO.
Join2: Yessir.
Join3: Signal’s good sir.
Join4: Right away sir
Join5: Keeping vox discipline
Join6: Keep me covered
Detach1: Follow those orders to the letter! (said angrily/ bitterly almost)
Detach2: Moving out sir.
Detach3: I’ll have you on vox channel
Detach4: Highest priority first sir
Load_Transport1: Loading up sir!
Load_Transport2: This set’s too heavy.
Load_Transport3: In here
Load_Transport4: I’ll hook up to the vox receiver
Unload_Transport1: This is my stop, thanks.
Unload_Transport2: Poor bloody infantry.
Unload_Transport3: Moving on to the next mark
Unload_Transport4: Sounds good to me, sir
Morale_Break1: Fall back!
Morale_Break2: We can’t lose the vox!
Morale_Break3: Cover me!
Morale_Break4: We must evacuate position
Morale_Break5: Prepare to pull back
Morale_Break6: Primed to disengaged
Morale_Restored1: No commissar, it won’t happen again.
Morale_Restored2: Could you er... could you repeat that sir?
Morale_Restored3: Stand and fight, aye.
Morale_Restored4: Section regrouped
Morale_Restored5: Section ready to advance
Morale_Restored6: The men are regrouped, sir
Charge1: Charge!
Charge2: Fix bayonets!
Charge3: Slaughter ‘em!
Charge4: At ’em!
Charge5: Emperor’s blood!
Charge6: Hwaaaa!
Jump_Teleport1: Yessir!
Jump_Teleport2: Jumping now sir.
Jump_Teleport3: Acknowledged
Jump_Teleport4: Transmitting coordinates
Deepstrike1: Deepstriking sir!
Deepstrike2: Deepstriking...now.
Deepstrike3: Sending voxcaster in
Deepstrike4: Voxcaster deploying to front lines
Ability1: Bravo two zero, do you have that, over?
Ability2: Target the big ones, roger sir!
Ability3: Fire for effect, fire for effect!
Ability4: Charlie seven, do you copy? This is command...
Ability5: Transmitting your orders
Ability6: Calling it in
Ability7: Not a problem, sir
Ability8: Keeping low, just in case
Ability9: Reporting our position, hold tight
Ability10: Two one, come in two one!
Combat1: Protect the vox!
Combat2: Keep at ‘em!
Combat3: Don’t let up!
Combat4: Huzzah!
Combat5: Hold steady!
Combat6: Hold the line!
Under_Fire1: Command, unit is taking fire.
Under_Fire2: Taking fire sir!
Under_Fire3: Contact!
Under_Fire4: Reporting enemy contact
Under_Fire5: Heavy resistance
Under_Fire6: We’re in a firefight
Damage1: Ugh!
Damage2: Aaah, taking hits!
Damage3: Medicae!
Damage4: Medic! Oh Emperor, medic!
Damage5: Emperor, they won’t stop coming!
Damage6: Taking heavy casualties!
Death1: Take..the *cough/ splutter*Radio...
Death2: Destroy the ... comms codes ...
Death3: Aiyeee!
Death4: Bleurghhhh!
Death5: *sparking pop of the portable voxcaster blowing*
Death6: *different sparking pop of the portable voxcaster blowing*
Death7: *electric sound of the portable voxcaster shorting*
Death8: *different electric sound of the portable voxcaster shorting*

Company/Regimental Standard Bearer (Color Guard)
Notes: Proud and confident Russian trooper-like unit. Should sound booming and electric!
Unit_Complete1: Regimental standard, arrived from real-echelon
Unit_Complete2: Standard bearer eager to get in the fight, sir
Unit_Complete3: Standard bearer, I won’t take the responsibility lightly
Unit_Complete4: Standard bearer, we won’t let you down sir
Unit_Complete5: Got the standard right here sir
Unit_Complete6: Time to fold the colors, sir
Unit_Complete7: The standard has arrived, thank the Emperor
Selection1: Emperor on Earth
Selection2: Be on guard
Selection3: Corporal here
Selection4: How much further, sir?
Selection5: Duty never sleeps, sir
Selection6: Let’s get this gone
Selection7: What do we do, sir?
Move1: For the Imperial cause
Move2: It’s your call
Move3: The mission comes first
Move4: This way
Move5: On the double
Move6: We’re on our way
Move7: It’ll be more interesting than HQ security detail
Attack1: It’ll be like shooting rats in a box
Attack2: Valhallans stand to the last [pronounced “Val-hal-ans”]
Attack3: Engaging those enemy, sir
Attack4: For Valhalla and the Emperor!
Attack5: Action drills
Attack6: No one’s getting past us
Attack7: We know the drill
Capture1: In the Emperor’s name
Capture2: We’ll take the ground
Capture3: Should be worth a campaign honor for the regiment
Capped1: Looks like that business is concluded
Capped2: Like planting a flag in permafrost, it sticks
Capped3: Squad has secured the position
Join1: A good fight and a ration of rotgut is all a soldier needs
Join2: We’ll move in force
Join3: Stay alert, and stay focused
Detach1: Everyone misses the snowfields of home, that’s the truth
Detach2: Just wait until we get some fresh faced reinforcements from home
Load_Transport1: Embarking now, sir
Load_Transport2: Stowing our gear, sir
Unload_Transport1: We’ll go in on foot
Unload_Transport2: Onward to victory, sir
Morale_Break1: It’s bad business, run for cover
Morale_Break2: Fall back for reinforcements
Morale_Break3: We’re falling back
Morale_Restored1: Troopers are troopers, they’ll want another crack at it sir
Morale_Restored2: We’re out imminent danger, requesting orders
Morale_Restored3: It was tight, but we pulled through
Charge1: Come on, men!
Charge2: Get ‘em!
Charge3: Ahhhhhhhh!
Jump_Teleport1: Hold for pickup
Jump_Teleport2: Get down, we’re getting picked up
Deepstrike1: Color guard coming to the front
Deepstrike2: Regimental standard coming from rear echelon
Ability1: [offensive ability] Fight for all you’re worth!
Ability2: [offensive ability] For Terra and Valhalla!
Ability3: [offensive ability] Stand your ground, ice warriors!
Ability4: [defensive ability] Leave it to me!
Ability5: [defensive ability] Keeping it covered!
Combat1: For justice! For vengeance! For the Emperor!
Combat2: Adjust your fire!
Combat3: Drive them back!
Under_Fire1: We’ve got company!
Under_Fire2: Contact! Contact!
Under_Fire3: Here comes the fight!
Damage1: Threat’s much greater than we feared, sir!
Damage2: Medic!
Damage3: We would use some backup here!
Death1: *sound of banner rippling onto the ground*
Death2: *argh!* *sound of banner rippling onto the ground*
Death3: Forward, for Valhal- *sound of banner rippling onto the ground*
Death4: *gasp* Emperor…!

Notes: Russian-like battlefield medical officer. Serious tone.
Unit_Complete1: Stick in some augmetics and we’ll be as good as new
Unit_Complete2: Got enough panimmune to sterilize a grox here [pronounced “pan-immune” and “groks”]
Unit_Complete3: A warm bowl of tanna leaf tea always does a person good
Unit_Complete4: A good cybernetic is a cure for most life threatening injuries
Unit_Complete5: A strong recaff can be just as good as duty stimulant
Unit_Complete6: It’s good to see you in fine health, sir
Unit_Complete7: The troopers always exaggerate their injuries
Selection1: Med kit ready
Selection2: Casualties?
Selection3: Ready to go
Selection4: Everything alright, sir?
Selection5: Fit for duty
Selection6: Medic here
Selection7: Staying by
Move1: Better safe than sorry
Move2: I could use a few more pressure pads
Move3: Don’t mention it, sir
Move4: Just a few cuts and bruises
Move5: Surefooted as a catachan climbing a tree [pronounced “Cat-a-can”]
Move6: No need for an infirmary, sir
Move7: Sounds urgent, sir
Attack1: With luck, no funerals today
Attack2: I’ll keep a watch on the casualties
Attack3: Moving in
Attack4: It’s going to get ugly
Attack5: Moving to assault
Attack6: Things are about to get a little hectic, sir
Attack7: Prepare for casualties
Capture1: Already taken care of
Capture2: No doubt about it
Capture3: I’ll get right on it
Capped1: Mission completed, requesting orders
Capped2: Not a bad position, under the circumstances
Capped3: The courageous men of Valhalla deserve nothing less than victory
Join1: Keep low, head wounds bleed a lot
Join2: If anyone’s cut, I’ll take a look
Join3: Stay close
Detach1: The wounded will recover well
Detach2: Avoid head wounds, might leave you as barmy as a jokero [pronounced “ jock-air-o”]
Load_Transport1: There’s a spare med kit in there
Load_Transport2: It’ll be more interesting than a supply run
Unload_Transport1: Getting off the transport
Unload_Transport2: We’re outside
Morale_Break1: We’ve got no choice, retreat!
Morale_Break2: Get me out of here!
Morale_Break3: Command, we have to pull back!
Morale_Restored1: Until the Emperor rises from his Throne, we keep fighting
Morale_Restored2: Hear someone as sick as an ice weasel, just give me a direction
Morale_Restored3: Ready to go again
Charge1: Charge it!
Charge2: Stay low!
Charge3: Cover me!
Jump_Teleport1: Already on it
Jump_Teleport2: Getting there
Deepstrike1: Medic here, go ahead
Deepstrike2: Medical reinforcement has arrived
Ability1: [offensive ability] Push the stimms
Ability2: [offensive ability] Take your stimms
Ability3: [offensive ability] Administering stimulants
Ability4: [defensive ability] A wise precaution, sir
Ability5: [defensive ability] Just in case
Combat1: They won’t take us without a fight!
Combat2: Keep shooting at it!
Combat3: For the Emperor!
Under_Fire1: We’re seeing some action!
Under_Fire2: Take cover!
Under_Fire3: Looks like enemy, sir!
Damage1: Squad taking heavy fire!
Damage2: Medic pinned down!
Damage3: Assistance required!
Death1: *oooph* *whimper*
Death2: *wet choking, on blood from a lung wound*
Death3: My kit… get my kit!
Death4: *whimper* My liver…

Master of Ordnance (Ordnance Master)
Notes: Gruff Russian-accented voice, from years of yelling over the sound of crashing artillery
-Model: a tweaked Valhallan sergeant, maybe with a big metal Brodie helmet and a long telescope that had a laser range finder beam coming out
-Gameplay: Expert on coordinating artillery strikes. Equipped with auspex identity-arrays, range-finding bionics, and modified rangefinder Servo-skulls in order to more accurately direct artillery fire during combat. He communicates directly with his counterparts in artillery companies, relaying the location of enemy forces and calling down a deadly bombardment with accuracy not otherwise possible.
Unit_Complete1: I have heavy artillery on the comm
Unit_Complete2: Field artillery company has ordnance primed
Unit_Complete3: Nothing like a giga-ton of artillery shells to settle
Unit_Complete4: Some artillery will level the ice-field
Unit_Complete5: Let’s settle the score with some heavy guns
Unit_Complete6: Give the word and the heavy guns will turn the tide
Unit_Complete7: You’ll be impressed by the bang, I assure you
Selection1: Be on your guard
Selection2: Artillery command
Selection3: Forward observer
Selection4: Spotter here
Selection5: I have a clear view
Selection6: Prepare to engage
Selection7: Finding range
Move1: I love the smell of promethium in the morning
Move2: Good artillery is like fine clockwork
Move3: We’ll have ordnance incoming before long
Move4: Glad to hear it
Move5: Things are about to get interesting
Move6: Looks like we need the big guns after all
Move7: Just show me the enemy lines
Attack1: With pleasure, sir
Attack2: How about I break the standoff
Attack3: The situation cries out for artillery
Attack4: Fire at will
Attack5: A wise decision, sir
Attack6: As they say, incoming fire has right of way
Attack7: I’ll pick off a few
Capture1: That’ll put us close
Capture2: Of course, sir
Capture3: Thought you’d be interested in that, sir
Capped1: It’s ours, what do you intend to do about it?
Capped2: Lookout position secured
Capped3: We’re in a position to break through
Join1: Stay close, I’ll bring the artillery down on this place
Join2: It’s about to get messy
Join3: Follow me, we’ve got work to do
Detach1: Confirm that
Detach2: Detaching from section
Load_Transport1: Copy order, immediate effect
Load_Transport2: Mounting up, keeping a lookout
Unload_Transport1: We’ll we using up some ammo dumps today
Unload_Transport2: Scanning the horizon
Morale_Break1: Get me back to my company!
Morale_Break2: Fire’s too heavy, pull back!
Morale_Break3: We can’t hold this position, fall back!
Morale_Restored1: Looks like we’re still in one piece
Morale_Restored2: Well done, we’re back together
Morale_Restored3: Morale is good enough; let’s get back in the fight
Charge1: Finish them off!
Charge2: Go forward, advance!
Charge3: Take them head on!
Jump_Teleport1: Hold for pickup
Jump_Teleport2: Hold position, we’re getting picked up
Deepstrike1: Ordnance support arriving
Deepstrike2: Artillery commander on location
Ability1: [offensive ability] All artillery target this sector
Ability2: [offensive ability] Artillery units commerce firing
Ability3: [offensive ability] Field artillery open fire
Ability4: [defensive ability] Artillery company, smoke on my position
Ability5: [defensive ability] Lay down some smoke, pattern Vosstania [pronounced “voss-than-ee-ah”]
Combat1: Clear them out!
Combat2: Smells like victory!
Combat3: In Terra’s holy name!
Under_Fire1: We’re under attack!
Under_Fire2: What’s that? Enemy forces!
Under_Fire3: Danger close, request clearance for full barrage!
Damage1: Medevac!
Damage2: Where’s the smoke cover?!
Damage3: Heavy losses!
Death1: *a very gruff manly yell*
Death2: *oooph* Gak!
Death3: *argh*
Death4: Just a… flesh wound

Officer of the Fleet (Fleet Officer)
Notes: Aristocratic British accent, completely at odds with the gruff Russians that are the rest of the Valhallans
-Model: http://2.bp.blogspot...ers_MarcLee.png. also, something like the guy on the far right here, http://sarcophagi.bl...mand-squad.html
-Gameplay: coordinate the use of Valhallan close air support and orbital bombardment with ground forces. So according to one of the Cain novels, the Imperium uses fuel air explosives: bombs release cloud of incendiaries which ignite catastrophically
Unit_Complete1: Fleet holding at low anchor, conquest pattern
Unit_Complete2: Fleet officer deploying on surface at chart mark seven
Unit_Complete3: Fleet liaison report safe landing and deployment
Unit_Complete4: Fleet holding orbit above your position, commander
Unit_Complete5: Fleet liaison, serving as forward observer for ground forces
Unit_Complete6: Fleet element Saint Olios, standing by at echo station [pronounced “Oh-lee-ohs”]
Unit_Complete7: Fleet representative arrived, seconded to ground forces
Selection1: I commend you, Guard Officer
Selection2: Fleet is at station keeping
Selection3: Flight deck receiving us loud and clear
Selection4: Naval liaison here
Selection5: Fleet command on vox line
Selection6: Naval support here
Selection7: Fleet overhead
Move1: Imperial Intelligence has done its work well
Move2: Much obliged
Move3: Very good
Move4: By all means
Move5: If there is no alternative
Move6: A rather interesting approach
Move7: Fleet is tracking our position
Attack1: I’ll have you know I’ve trained with naval security
Attack2: Naval task force always gets its man
Attack3: I’ve fought in landing parties before
Attack4: I hope your arms-men are good
Attack5: Capital ships in orbit and we’re fighting with sidearms?
Attack6: I’ll deal the matter myself
Attack7: I’ve seen enough boarding actions in my time
Capture1: The fleet tacticians are certain of success
Capture2: A fleet security battalion could do the job just as well
Capture3: Proceeding to ground objective
Capped1: Comm-net relay installed
Capped2: That’s how we do it in the Navy
Capped3: For guardsmen, you show great competence
Join1: I’ll whip some manners into you lot
Join2: Ground soldiers, form security detail
Join3: Lead on, then, guardsman
Detach1: Gah, you Munitorium types are all the same
Detach2: You’ll be fine, so long as you keep your cool
Load_Transport1: I don’t know how you stand all this solid ground under your feet
Load_Transport2: If a shuttle isn’t available, that will have to do
Unload_Transport1: By all means, let’s go
Unload_Transport2: It was good to have a deck underfoot
Morale_Break1: We must retreat back to the staging area!
Morale_Break2: Frakking ground pounder, you’ve gotten us killed! [pronounced “Frak-king”]
Morale_Break3: It’s a trap! Run dirt sloggers!
Morale_Restored1: These are trying circumstances, but naval officers do not quit
Morale_Restored2: In a crisis, a fleet officer keeps his calm and does his duty
Morale_Restored3: If there are no objections, we’ll carry on
Charge1: Security, engage!
Charge2: Forward, security team!
Charge3: Chase them down!
Jump_Teleport1: Barely enough targets out here for a orbital run
Jump_Teleport2: Be right with you shortly
Deepstrike1: Surface liaison arriving at front
Deepstrike2: Fleet officer arriving in combat zone
Ability1: [offensive ability] Airstrike approaching our position
Ability2: [offensive ability] Strobe planted, fleet dropping on position
Ability3: [offensive ability] Strike wing one called in
Ability4: [defensive ability] Orbital lance batteries are targeting
Ability5: [defensive ability] Brace for impact, orbital bombardment commencing
Combat1: Desist at once!
Combat2: All hands on deck!
Combat3: Hold them!
Under_Fire1: Hostile contact!
Under_Fire2: Returning fire!
Under_Fire3: We have engaged the enemy!
Damage1: Oh by the Golden Throne no!
Damage2: Stay close, damn you!
Damage3: Getting shot up here!
Death1: Oh, bugger…
Death2: Wounded…
Death3: *wet cough* No…
Death4: *wet cough*

Ministorum Priest
Notes: Sounds like a battlefield Priest with a Russian accent.
-Model: an IG priest with a fuzzy Valhallan hat, big bushy beard, and an golden icon
Unit_Complete1: The Valhallan people are faithful in the Emperor [pronounced “Val-hal-an”]
Unit_Complete2: Faith is the strongest weapon in our arsenal
Unit_Complete3: Peace and stability are gifts of the Emperor
Unit_Complete4: One must keep up standards in the name of the Emperor
Unit_Complete5: Without the Ecclesiarchy, Valhalla would be lost
Unit_Complete6: Keep his divine majesty in your thoughts and prayers
Unit_Complete7: Only the Emperor can keep up the men’s fighting spirit
Selection1: Holy Valhalla is blessed
Selection2: Emperor be with you
Selection3: The Divine One marks us all
Selection4: So where are we going?
Selection5: Standing by, in the Emperor’s name
Selection6: *HE* is watching
Selection7: Serve Him, and he will save you
Move1: A man with nothing can still have faith
Move2: The Order of the Imperial Light is wise
Move3: Let Terra be your guiding light
Move4: Pay your respects to the Holy One
Move5: He will watch over you
Move6: Doing the Emperor’s work is its own reward
Move7: A holy duty, for the Emperor
Attack1: Preserve the Emperor’s blessed domains
Attack2: The Emperor puts each man in the right place at the right time
Attack3: Let the purgation begin, in His name
Attack4: Only the Emperor raises high the worthy
Attack5: Failure is blasphemy in the eyes of the Temple
Attack6: The enemies of mankind are everywhere
Attack7: Let the Emperor’s word go forth
Capture1: That is for me to do
Capture2: I am without a doubt
Capture3: In the name of the Emperor, deploy and secure
Capped1: Well done, it belongs to the Emperor now
Capped2: Thank the Emperor for granting us victory
Capped3: Men may die , but this victory is forever
Join1: Do not be disturbed by the hardships of this life
Join2: The pure of heart have nothing to fear
Join3: We march under the eagle of mankind
Detach1: It was the will of the Emperor
Detach2: Ask only what you can do for the Emperor
Load_Transport1: We’ll take the vehicles
Load_Transport2: His war machines protect us
Unload_Transport1: Place your souls in service to the Emperor
Unload_Transport2: For the sake of the Emperor, we will not fail
Morale_Break1: Retreat towards the staging area!
Morale_Break2: Such disgrace!
Morale_Break3: We must repent for this failure!
Morale_Restored1: Do not mind the casualty figures, the Emperor protects
Morale_Restored2: There will be time for burial detail later
Morale_Restored3: Gather your faith in the Emperor, you will fight on
Charge1: Over here! Charge!
Charge2: The Emperor is with us!
Charge3: Forward units with me!
Jump_Teleport1: If that is the Emperor’s will
Jump_Teleport2: Obedience… is the first tenant of the church
Deepstrike1: I will bring the word of the Emperor to the warriors
Deepstrike2: The devout of Valhalla are destined for glory
Ability1: [offensive ability] Suppress all resistance, for the Emperor
Ability2: [offensive ability] We have the Emperor’s blessing
Ability3: [offensive ability] Your deeds will be counted at the Emperor’s side
Ability4: [defensive ability] The Emperor knows his own
Ability5: [defensive ability] In the Emperor, we are invincible
Combat1: His Imperial Guard will strike you down!
Combat2: Sweep them from this world!
Combat3: The armies of the Emperor cannot be stopped!
Under_Fire1: We are beset by danger, but the Emperor protects!
Under_Fire2: We have met the enemies of the Emperor!
Under_Fire3: The unfaithful have come!
Damage1: Faith and courage!
Damage2: My spiritual armor protects me!
Damage3: Death for duty!
Death1: For Terra…
Death2: No…
Death3: My faith…
Death4: Emperor…

Notes: Speaks with a very heavy Russian accent. The tone is low and very grizzled. This man has seen many fights and has a very good grasp of the mechanics of war - this will be reflected in the militaristic nature of his voice. Though respectful of his men, he hold’s back few lies and tells his men exactly how it is all the time. Though these words are sometimes doubting in nature, he offers them perfect logic that can fortify their courage. He gives credit where it is due.
Unit_Complete1: It is within my jurisdiction to purge our weakest links, but I know you Ice Warriors will not let it come to that
Unit_Complete2: Here for the emperor
Unit_Complete3: Imperial Valhallan Commissar – reporting for duty!
Unit_Complete4: As Ice Warriors – you’re courage in the face of adversity is second only to those who would dare face you!
Unit_Complete5: The beautiful snow of Valhalla hides beneath it a frozen sheet of blood
Unit_Complete6: My duty shall be done ‘till my dying breath!
Unit_Complete7: I will remember the dead man who stood his ground – I will kill the coward who didn’t
Selection1: What little we have on Valhalla, we deprive from our enemies (line needs fluffing – I don’t know what is / isn’t on Valhalla! I assume its just frozen wasteland, but then why would they defend it?)
Selection2: Fierce war weans out all but fierce warriors!
Selection3: Victory is built on corpses!
Selection4: I am proud to serve Valhalla’s finest
Selection5: I know these, men – their spirit can never truly be broken
Selection6: A moment’s falter welcomes an eternity’s defeat!
Selection7: Let them come!
Move1: Purging the weakness of Valhalla is far greater a task than purging the enemy
Move2: For the Emperor!
Move3: I shall see it done!
Move4: ‘Why’ is the heretics’ word!
Move5: As you wish!
Move6: There is hope yet for Valhalla!
Move7: The icy hand of merciless righteousness will tear out their black hearts!
Attack1: Stand strong guardsmen! We can avail this dark hour!
Attack2: The blood of the fallen will wash away the enemies of the emperor!
Attack3: Attack!
Attack4: Follow my lead!
Attack5: Into the fray!
Attack6: Stand strong, subjects of the emperor!
Attack7: Valhallan’s, NOW IS YOUR TIME!
Capture1: Deny the enemy at every turn!
Capture2: Seize it NOW!
Capture3: Acquire the objective – no matter the cost!
Capped1: A small victory is useless – a small defeat is unforgivable!
Capped2: As insignificant as the objective is to us, we deny our foes once again!
Capped3: Good work men – awaiting our further orders! Do not let your guard down – now or EVER!
Join1: I am with you sons of Valhalla!
Join2: Together we shall turn the tides!
Join3: Valhalla needs us – we shall NOT forsaken her!
Detach1: There is no cowardice here! I will purge it elsewhere!
Detach2: Continue your defiance Ice Warriors. Deny them ground without me!
Load_Transport1: INTO THE TRANSPORT!
Load_Transport2: You have earned this, men!
Unload_Transport1: DON’T THINK MEN!
Unload_Transport2: DEPLOY! (Screamed at length!)
Morale_Break1: Do not fail the Emperor!!!
Morale_Break2: HOW DARE YOU FAIL?!?!?
Charge3: Now is the deciding moment – CHARGE!
Jump_Teleport1: Initializing!
Jump_Teleport2: Preparing!
Deepstrike1: Mercy is for the innocent alone! There is no such thing amongst our foes!
Deepstrike2: From the heaven’s above I will descend to conquer hell!
Ability1: Only now do you realize the futility of fear – for now you are ‘truly’ doomed! (BANG!)
Ability4: You should not have come here!
Ability5: Hear me, men. We are as an iron wall of defiance - AND NONE SHALL BREAK IT!
Combat1: FOR MAN KIND!
Combat3: Deliver them the emperor’s wrath!
Under_Fire1: Enemy identified!
Under_Fire2: The enemy is attacking our position!
Under_Fire3: Under fire – we will stand until death or victory!
Damage1: umph! RARGH!
Damage3: PATHETIC!
Death1: ARGH! FIGHT ON... That’s an ord…. er…
Death2: Faith… in the emperor… men…
Death3: My duty is done…

Legendary Commissar
Notes: Legendary Commissars are among the most skilled human warriors in the galaxy, leading by example and charging headlong into the fray without fear. Commissars speak in a strict and superior tone with authority and zeal. They have a deep belief in the Imperial Faith and have little to no regard for the lives of the men they lead, as long as victory is secured.
Unit_Complete1: I'm here to ensure discipline and loyalty.
Unit_Complete2: Ah, another victory in the making.
Unit_Complete3: Who needs to be disciplined?
Unit_Complete4: Another battle. I am eager to join it.
Unit_Complete5: Ready to join battle and lead the men.
Unit_Complete6: Where are my orders?
Unit_Complete7: Ah, to walk upon the battlefield yet again.
Selection1: Yes?
Selection2: Where am I needed?
Selection3: Don't test my patience... commander. [Last word said with disdain]
Selection4: The Commissariat stands ready to ensure victory.
Selection5: Only in death does duty end.
Selection6: Never laid eyes on a more undisciplined lot. [Almost mumbling, as if talking to himself]
Selection7: So these are the Valhallans? I am... unimpressed. [Said with superior disdain]
Move1: I am on my way.
Move2: Very well, as you wish.
Move3: Is the battle this way?
Move4: Towards the front, then!
Move5: To victory!
Move6: By His will it will be done.
Move7: I didn't come here to walk.
Attack1: Smite them!
Attack2: To the last round and drop of blood!
Attack3: Fire, you dogs, fire!
Attack4: Fight like true Guardsmen!
Attack5: Victory at all costs!
Attack6: Burn them all!
Attack7: To die in battle is the highest honor!
Capture1: Take it in the name of the Emperor!
Capture2: The prize is ours for the taking.
Capture3: For Emperor, Imperium and the Golden Throne!
Capped1: We push the unfaithful back yet further.
Capped2: The prize is ours.
Capped3: His light shines here now.
Join1: I'll get them in shape.
Join2: I will lead by example.
Join3: Follow me to battle!
Detach1: Continue the assault without me!
Detach2: I am needed elsewhere.
Load_Transport1: I am commandeering this transport in the name of the Emperor.
Load_Transport2: You! Take me to the front lines!
Unload_Transport1: I will walk from here on.
Unload_Transport2: This transport has served its purpose.
Morale_Break1: Where are you going?! Stand and fight!
Morale_Break2: Tactical withdrawal, you dogs!
Morale_Break3: Get me out of here!
Morale_Restored1: Not one step backwards!
Morale_Restored2: I'll shoot the next one to retreat myself!
Morale_Restored3: Stand and fight, dammit!
Charge1: Forward! To death or victory!
Charge2: Onwards you dogs, into the breach!
Charge3: Follow me to victory!
Jump_Teleport1: May my faith carry me.
Jump_Teleport2: I don't fear the warp.
Deepstrike1: We will strike at their heart.
Deepstrike2: To the heat of battle then.
Ability1: Burn their unworthy hides!
Ability2: The Emperor will smite them from existence!
Ability3: Be purged by the righteous!
Ability4: A smart move.
Ability5: It will be done.
Combat1: They cannot stand against the fury of the righteous!
Combat2: The faithful will stand victorious!
Combat3: Grind their bones to dust!
Under_Fire1: Ah, they bring the battle to us.
Under_Fire2: Battle is upon us, men!
Under_Fire3: They come willing to their doom.
Damage1: Return the fire, you dogs!
Damage2: Only the weak will die!
Damage3: Ah, a true challenge.
Death1: My duty is done...
Death2: To be laid low by such...
Death3: AURGH!
Death4: AHH!

Company Commander
Notes: A man who has lead several campaigns in the name of the Imperium. Stalwart and implacable in the face of the enemy, sometimes to the chagrin of his own men. Sacrifices are acceptable for the commander, as he has seen the worst of what the universe has to offer for the guard. Harsh and unrelenting, his men both fear and respect the commander, for though he uses harsh words, they know that it is better to follow than disobey.
Unit_Complete1: Send me to the front!
Unit_Complete2: I am ready to lead, whatever may come.
Unit_Complete3: In the name of Valhalla, I am here.
Unit_Complete4: Prepared and ready to lead.
Unit_Complete5: I have arrived. Now where is the foe?
Unit_Complete6: I arrive to yet another field of death.
Unit_Complete7: For the Imperium, I come to fight this day.
Selection1: What is the tactical directive?
Selection2: Standing by to recieve from high command.
Selection3: What death shall I condemn the men to now?
Selection4: What are the Warmaster's orders?
Selection5: What sacrifice can I make for the Imperium?
Selection6: How many men should die this day?
Selection7: What has the Emperor demanded I do?
Move1: Move to the coordinates, await further instruction.
Move2: Sons of Valhalla, move out!
Move3: Follow me, and we shall see the end of this day!
Move4: The orders are in. Move to this position!
Move5: We shall arrive as soon as possible.
Move6: Get moving you worthless bastards!
Move7: Let's reposition over there.
Attack1: For the Emperor of Man, ATTACK!
Attack2: No enemy has bested me yet!
Attack3: First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE!
Attack4: Bring them down men!
Attack5: Enfillading fire, NOW!
Attack6: Open up, and envelop the enemy in death!
Attack7: By the grace of Valhalla, FIRE!
Capture1: This indeed has strategic value.
Capture2: I shall instruct the men to take the point.
Capture3: A wise move, we shall take it.
Capped1: This strategic asset is secure.
Capped2: The banner of Valhalla flies high!
Capped3: Another small victory for Valhalla, and the Imperium.
Join1: With my leadership, you men will do Valhalla proud.
Join2: These men shall do well.
Join3: Follow me men, and know only glory!
Detach1: The situation has changed, I am needed elsewhere.
Detach2: I must be off to another front.
Load_Transport1: A bit stuffy, but it shall do.
Load_Transport2: I prefer the open biting air...
Unload_Transport1: Everyone out, we've got a battle to fight.
Unload_Transport2: Fall out!
Morale_Break1: A tactical retreat is in order!
Morale_Break2: Sacrifices must be made, but only if wise!
Morale_Break3: We are falling back, provide covering fire!
Morale_Restored1: Back into it men!
Morale_Restored2: Battlefield crisis averted, order restored.
Morale_Restored3: I have the situation under control.
Charge1: Into the gaping maw of the warp itself!
Charge3: Your sacrifices will be remembered! Give them no ground!
Jump_Teleport1: Prep for tactical jump!
Jump_Teleport2: We're going up men!
Deepstrike1: Deepstrike order received.
Deepstrike2: Down in 3...2...1...
Ability1: Die in the name of the Imperium, curr!
Ability2: The enemy shall fall before Valhalla's finest!
Ability3: The Emperor orders you to die!
Ability4: Listen up men, and we shall live this day!
Ability5: Orders confirmed, dig in!
Combat1: Stand firm men, and glory shall be yours!
Combat2: I shall not fall!
Combat3: Feel the icy death only Valhallans can offer!
Under_Fire1: High Command, We need tactical support!
Under_Fire2: The enemy has found us, but not found us wanting.
Under_Fire3: Shift fire, shift fire!
Damage1: I have lived through a hundred deaths, and shall a hundred more!
Damage2: This is all my foes can offer! Ha!
Damage3: Every sacrifice is worth the cost!
Death1: It can not end like this! "AGGGHHH!!!"
Death2: Valhalla....remember...me....
Death3: FIGHT AND DIE MEN! FIGHT AND "AGGGHHH!!!" *static cut out*
Death4: I can fight no more...

Notes:Though he's seen a few more battles than the basic footsloggers, he still clings on to some of the youthful idealism of a glory hound. He understands his place in the Imperial war machine, but his concern for his men smacks of naive hope in the eyes of other, more experienced officers.
Unit_Complete1: Lieutenant reporting for duty!
Unit_Complete2: I shall win the day for us!
Unit_Complete3: Ready to serve, for Valhalla!
Unit_Complete4: Ready to take a crack at em, sir!
Unit_Complete5: Where are the men I am to lead?
Unit_Complete6: I'm ready to get in the thick of it!
Unit_Complete7: Another battlefield promotion for your's truly.
Selection1: Yes?
Selection2: Receiving orders command.
Selection3: Lieutenant here.
Selection4: Glory is but a battle away.
Selection5: Ever faithful to the Imperium, and Valhalla.
Selection6: Can't wait to get into the fight!
Selection7: Show me where the fight is at!
Move1: Heading there now sir!
Move2: Relaying orders.
Move3: Alright, I'm moving there now.
Move4: Will do high command.
Move5: Roger the move order.
Move6: Can do, moving to the position.
Move7: I will get there as fast as possible sir.
Attack1: Engage!
Attack2: Prepare for combat men!
Attack3: For Valhalla, into the fight!
Attack4: Heading to the fight sir!
Attack5: Understood, pressing the attack.
Attack6: Up and at 'em boys!
Attack7: Let's go, warfooting now!
Capture1: We shall take that position men.
Capture2: Orders are in men, take that point!
Capture3: Move forward, consolidate this position.
Capped1: Location secured command.
Capped2: You've done the Imperium proud men.
Capped3: Valhalla smiles on us this day. Point taken.
Join1: Trust in me, and we'll get through this.
Join2: Have faith, and we shall win this day.
Join3: Follow me, and we shall not fail.
Detach1: Orders received, splitting off.
Detach2: Glory must be had elsewhere.
Load_Transport1: Into the transport!
Load_Transport2: A quicker way to the front, yes?
Unload_Transport1: Deploy!
Unload_Transport2: take up positions outside the transport!
Morale_Break1: Emperor damn them!
Morale_Break2: By Valhalla's glory, we've been overrun!
Morale_Break3: Tactical retreat! Move move!
Morale_Restored1: The men are in ready to fight again.
Morale_Restored2: Reorged, and ready again command.
Morale_Restored3: That was a close one. Rally up!
Charge1: Bayonets ready!
Charge2: CHARGE!
Charge3: Assault their position!
Jump_Teleport1: Jumping.
Jump_Teleport2: Get ready!
Deepstrike1: Ready to deepstrike.
Deepstrike2: deepstriking.
Ability1: Feel the fury of Valhalla's Finest!
Ability2: Let 'em have it!
Ability3: Take em down, NOW!
Ability4: Emperor protect me.
Ability5: Stick with me, and we'll get through this.
Combat1: Light em up boys!
Combat2: Aim for the head!
Combat3: Gun 'em all down!
Under_Fire1: We're taking fire, support requested!
Under_Fire2: Heads down boys!
Under_Fire3: Shots fired, I repeat shots fired!
Damage1: Call the medic!
Damage2: MEDIC!
Damage3: In need of fire support, taking hits here damn it!
Death1: AAARRRGHH!...emperor...save...me...
Death2: I return to Valhalla....
Death3: Losing...lots of...blood... *gasping breath*
Death4: My leg! My... *shot fired* ARRGHH! *static*


Armoured Sentinel
Notes: An armoured walker, the Sentinel is designed to provide mobile, armoured support to infantry. Often chosen from those with initiative, their voice is crisp, confident, and slightly subordinate. Roll most r's.
Unit_Complete1: Mobile light Armour ready sir!
Unit_Complete2: Ready to stalk ze enemy.
Unit_Complete3: Sentinel Deployed.
Unit_Complete4: Power packs charged and waiting.
Unit_Complete5: Ready to support the troops.
Unit_Complete6: Valker ready for orders.
Unit_Complete7: I serve the Emperor!
Selection1: da?
Selection2: Putting away the Rhazvod [pronounced "Raz - Vod"]
Selection3: Something else for me to do? (slightly annoyed)
Selection4: I’m needed? Again? (Annoyed)
Selection5: Something you need?
Selection6: Yes sir?
Selection7: You have something for me sir?
Move1: Rough terrain mode activated.
Move2: The ice will be crushed under my feet!
Move3: Looking for the enemy.
Move4: On my way Sir!
Move5: Moving to support.
Move6: Warming myself up sir!
Move7: If that’s really needed.. (Unsure of orders)
Attack1: Veapons are charging.
Attack2: They shall know fear!
Attack3: They shall die!
Attack4: Moving to engage.
Attack5: I’m firing, I’m firing! (Excited/nervous)
Attack6: For The Emperor!
Attack7: Can’t you handle the heat?!
Charge1:Fall beneath my feet! (Battle cry)
Charge2: For Emperor and Valhalla
Charge3: They shall not get past me!
Ability1: Taking down the enemy!
Ability2: Pushing the enemy back!
Ability3: Now they feel the bite of Valhalla! (Harsh, and cold)
Ability4: Supporting the troops sir!
Ability5: I will help to hold the line!
Combat1: The heat of battle! (Excited)
Combat2: The enemy fails to fight back Sir!
Combat3: Valhalla will not be beaten!
Death1: The fuel tanks! No!
Death2: It’s soo warm (Dying out)
Death3: Fire! Fire! No!
Death4: I’m hit! I’m hit!

Notes: The Workhorse transport of the Imperial Guard, the crew of these vehicles are generally hardy, who drive into the teeth of hell if need be to get the men in and out of battle ASAP. This brazen style of slamming into combat situations has bred the crew to be both serious about their work, but at the same time wise-cracking, as being both a savior of men as well as driving them to their doom requires an open-mind to stay sane.
Unit_Complete1: Chimera reporting.
Unit_Complete2: The transport is ready.
Unit_Complete3: Engine checks out, let's roll.
Unit_Complete4: APC ready for embarkation.
Unit_Complete5: Chimera ready for the front.
Unit_Complete6: Ready to ship the men out.
Unit_Complete7: Transportation ready for battle.
Selection1: Ice hard on the inside, hot lead on the outside.
Selection2: The Emperor's taxi service.
Selection3: Valhalla's best transportation.
Selection4: What's the destination?
Selection5: Passengers, this is your captain speaking...*background laughter*
Selection6: The engine's rumbling, where are we needed?
Selection7: Receiving command, what's the order?
Move1: Fasten your seat belts boys.
Move2: A bumpy ride, but we'll get there.
Move3: Rolling out to the destination
Move4: We'll get the boys there safe.
Move5: Kick the throttle, FORWARDS!
Move6: Treads are rolling command.
Move7: Delivering Valhalla's best to the front.
Attack1: Here we go boys. OPEN FIRE!
Attack2: Prep the guns and fire!
Attack3: Let's make a path! FIRE!
Attack4: Gunners pick your targets.
Attack5: Laying down support fire.
Attack6: Let's give the boys some cover!
Attack7: We'll show them some Valhallan hospitality.
Charge1: Ram 'em!
Charge2: Slam into them now!
Charge3: Run 'em down!
Ability1: Let's clear the way!
Ability2: Let none walk away from this one.
Ability3: Eliminating enemy as ordered.
Ability4: Show some hustle men, we've got a fight to win.
Ability5: Providing support now.
Combat1: *background fire* Enemy 3'O Clock *background fire* Nailed him!
Combat2: *background fire* We are experiencing some turbulence... *laughter* *background fire*
Combat3: *Loud bang* Damn...That was close *Nervous laugh*
Death1: *loud explosion* *alarms* Engine failure! BAIL, BAIL!
Death2: *alarms* Damn steering is out! BRACE! *heavy slam sound*
Death3: COMMAND! WE'RE TAKING FI *Loud explosion* *static*

Notes: Chimeras are transports used to carry Infantry to objectives. Gives more protection to the men. Confident, sometimes bored, and arrogant about their more important role than those they carry.
Unit_Complete1: Ready to transport our men!
Unit_Complete2: Valhallan transport ready sir!
Unit_Complete3: Engines warmed, drinks chilled, and ve are ready!
Unit_Complete4: Chimera deployed.
Unit_Complete5: Here to serve!
Unit_Complete6: Transport here!
Unit_Complete7: Ready for battle!
Selection1: Quick, put it away! (Whisper) Ah, yes sir?
Selection2: In the case of an emergency, exits are to the rear. (aeroplane intercom)
Selection3: Chimera reporting? (Bored)
Selection4: Anything to do before ve open the drinks?
Selection5: Go ahead command.
Selection6: Er... yes sir? You want something? (Tired, sleepily)
Selection7: Wake me up when you need me.
Move1: Our men will get there, but possibly drunk.
Move2: Relocating.
Move3: On the move sir!
Move4: The Machine Spirit cooperates!
Move5: Care to elaborate? (Sceptic)
Move6: Engines online, command, we are on the move.
Move7: Yes, yes, ve are moving! (annoyed)
Attack1: They shall be crushed under our Treads!
Attack2: For Emperor And Valhalla! (Battle Cry)
Attack3: Nothing shall pierce our hide!
Attack4: Attacking the enemy Sir!
Attack5: Into battle!
Attack6: Weapons are firing!
Attack7: The enemy lays before us... Attack!
Charge1: Run ze enemy down!
Charge2: We shall destroy them sir!
Charge3: For the Emperor!
Ability1: Bringing the enemy down sir!
Ability2: Valhalla! (Battle cry)
Ability3: Weapons are locked on!
Ability4: The Emperor needs us to protect them!
Ability5: Protecting the men Sir!
Combat1: All seatbelts must be buckled, due to some unexpected turbulence. (Think Aeroplane intercom)
Combat2: They cannot face the wrath of Valhalla!
Combat3: The Emperor is with us!
Death1: We are down, I repeat, we are down!
Death2: We fall for Valhalla!
Death3: Losing power, engines dying, I think we’re done for!
Death4: Not the Engines! *EXPLODE!*

Notes: Being one of the most dangerous postings in a guard force, Hellhound crew members are unstable individuals who take great pride in their work. Many are former arsonists and other such destructive individuals in their lives previous to joining the guard, and as such are perfectly suited to the line of work.
Unit_Complete1: The Hellhound is here.
Unit_Complete2: Ready to spread the Imperial Flame.
Unit_Complete3: Here to heat things up.
Unit_Complete4: Valhalla's finest arsonists, reporting.
Unit_Complete5: Gallons of fiery death, here to serve.
Unit_Complete6: Just in time for the party, where are we needed.
Unit_Complete7: Command said you needed a light, so here we are.
Selection1: What needs to be barbecued sir?
Selection2: Show us who's a little chilly out there.
Selection3: From in here, they all look like little tinder boxes.
Selection4: You give the order, I'll bring the fun.
Selection5: Where there's smoke, there's us.
Selection6: Drums are full, where can we empty them for you?
Selection7: *frustrated sigh* Can we fry something yet sir?
Move1: Party wagon moving!
Move2: Faster. FASTER!
Move3: *sarcastic* I promise not to start ANY fires along the way.
Move4: Nothing safer than a rolling metal box filled with flammable liquids.
Move5: Let's burn some fuel! Save some for the enemy of course.
Move6: Go, go, GO!
Move7: Let's make her move boys!
Attack1: This is my favorite part!
Attack2: Watch it burn!
Attack3: Open the valves!
Attack4: Fire on my comma...who am I kidding, BURN EVERYTHING!
Attack5: Don't worry I brought matches. *chuckle*
Attack6: I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll BURN YOU DOWN!
Attack7: They look cold, let's start a fire for 'em!
Charge1: Gun the engine!
Charge2: Kick the throttle!
Charge3: Roll over their ashes!
Ability1: Light em up!
Ability2: They won't walk away from this!
Ability3: Campfire time boys!
Ability4: Gotta protect the men!
Ability5: Rally up crew, we've got work to do.
Combat1: *maniacal laughter, burning sound* MORE GAS! MORE GAS! BURN IT ALL!!
Combat2: We're taking fire! Let's return the favor! *maniacal laughter, burning sound*
Combat3: Don't run! The fun is just getting started! *maniacal laughter, burning sound*
Death1: Do you smell gas? No big deal I supp... *loud explosion, static*
Death2: Uh...isn't the fire suppose to be on the outside...*loud explosion, static*
Death3: The engine's on fire! Bail! EVERYONE BAIL! *loud explosion, static*
Death4: *Loud creaking* What was that sound? *loud burning woosh, crew screaming ensues*

Notes: Hellhounds are fast, and dangerous vehicles of the Imperial Guard. Armed with an inferno cannon, capable of launching large gouts of flames, the crew of a Hellhound are often pyromaniacs, and usually considered a little mad.
Unit_Complete1: Hellhound here!
Unit_Complete2: Ready to light the way!
Unit_Complete3: Promethium (Pro – meth – ium) tanks full!
Unit_Complete4: The fire burns!
Unit_Complete5: Here to light up the enemy!
Unit_Complete6: We are ready to move!
Unit_Complete7: The Emperor’s light!
Selection1: Looking for a light?
Selection2: We’re here. (bored)
Selection3: Show us the enemy!
Selection4: You want something on fire?
Selection5: Something on your mind?
Selection6: Hellhound reporting in.
Selection7: Shall we burn it?
Move1: It will be done!
Move2: We shall light the way!
Move3: Quick, before the ice melts!
Move4: Can we get rid of some trees on the way?
Move5: Hellhound on the move!
Move6: Tell the men to keep out of the way.
Move7: The fires are moving!
Attack1: They shall not handle the fires of Valhalla!
Attack2: Let’s burn!
Attack3: Let’s open up the inferno!
Attack4: Opening promethium valves.
Attack5: Cleanse in flame!
Attack6: The Emperor will burn the enemy!
Attack7: You ordered crispy?
Charge1: A fireball of doom!
Charge2: Finally! Something to burn!
Charge3: Feel the flames! (Battlecry)
Ability1: Let’s turn up the heat!
Ability2: Face the fires of war!
Ability3: Purge the enemy!
Ability4: Assisting the troops.
Ability5: We shall lead the way!
Combat1: The enemy burns before us!
Combat2: The flames of war run amok!
Combat3: All succumbs to the heat of battle!
Death1: The tanks are overloaded! *EXPLODE*
Death2: The flames have turned against us!
Death3: By the Emperor’s holy light!
Death4: Valhalla’s fires of war, are dimmed.

Hades Breaching Drill
Notes: A large drill, designed to drill underground, and force through enemy fortifications. The crew are generally well trained, although still touched by the fire of normal Valhallans.
Unit_Complete1: Valhallan Drill online!
Unit_Complete2: They shall not hold against us!
Unit_Complete3: Ready to break through!
Unit_Complete4: Hades on the field!
Unit_Complete5: Tests complete, ready to serve!
Unit_Complete6: Ready to slice ‘n’ dice!
Unit_Complete7: Valhallan Breaching Drill, here!
Selection1: Ready to move!
Selection2: Warming up the drill!
Selection3: We be diggin’ a hole?
Selection4: So, what needs to be destroyed?
Selection5: Getting ready to open a breach.
Selection6: Sorry sir, we don’t get much signal coverage underground, can you speak up?
Selection7: Drill reporting!
Move1: Drill is moving!
Move2: Tell the men to get out the way!
Move3: Moving through the ground.
Move4: Orders acknowledged.
Move5: Of course sir! That’s will be no problem at all!
Move6: Hades Drill on the move!
Move7: Moving beneath the ice!
Attack1: The very ground shall betray them!
Attack2: They shall die!
Attack3: We will break the line!
Attack4: We promise that they shall fall!
Attack5: Systems in combat stance!
Attack6: Attacking the enemy!
Attack7: Attack vector, 45 degrees.
Charge1: Hades Drill, moving into Combat!
Charge2: Valhallan Drill, breaking the line!
Charge3: Cutting through!
Ability1: Breaching procedures activated!
Ability2: Power redirected!
Ability3: Hades Drill, breaking the enemy!
Ability4: Brace for impact!
Ability5: Protection protocols.
Combat1: Hades drill, we’ve reached the front line.
Combat2: Command, we are under attack. (Calm)
Combat3: The enemy tries to stop us! (Arrogant)
Death1: Hull compromised, we’re gone...
Death2: We die for Valhalla!
Death3: We have failed to breach the lines!
Death4: Losing power in all sectors!

Hades Breaching Drill -- ALTERNATE LINES #1
Notes: The Hades is a standard pattern breaching device, a tool used for excavation and assaulting fortified positions which using its rotating power cutters and melta can bore through rock, earth and steel with equal ease. The crew members are generally very cocky, feeling that no matter how strong the enemy's fortifications, they can bring it down without issue.
Unit_Complete1: Breaching Drill reporting
Unit_Complete2: Breaching drill ready for duty
Unit_Complete3: All systems check, drill ready
Unit_Complete4: Here to remodel the battlefield.
Unit_Complete5: Siege platform reporting sir.
Unit_Complete6: Ready to receive orders command.
Unit_Complete7: Reporting to lay siege sir.
Selection1: Hades here sir.
Selection2: Ready to tear things up.
Selection3: No walls can best us.
Selection4: From the humblest hut, to the mightiest fortress.
Selection5: Whatever they've got, we can bring down.
Selection6: Show us what needs to be ruined sir.
Selection7: Show us their strong point, we'll show you their weakest.
Move1: We'll clear a path.
Move2: Bringing the drill to a new heading.
Move3: Let's move this thing men!
Move4: The earth will move before us.
Move5: Coordinates received command.
Move6: We'll get moving sir.
Move7: Drill rolling.
Attack1: We'll bring it down around them!
Attack2: Leave nothing standing!
Attack3: Tear the foundation out from underneath them!
Attack4: Demolition is what we do best sir!
Attack5: Spin up the drills!
Attack6: Grind 'em all!
Attack7: Breach that line!
Charge1: Punch the engine!
Charge2: Engage drill and ram 'em!
Charge3: Push straight through 'em!
Ability1: They can run, but they can't hide!
Ability2: You think that's gonna protect you!?!
Ability3: Leave no cover for them!
Ability4: Engage support weapons!
Ability5: Emergency defense measures!
Combat1: Bury them!
Combat2: *loud gory crunch* That's gonna chip the paint! *laugh*
Combat3: She's coming down!
Death1: *alarms sounding* Drill jammed, fire in the engine, everyone out!
Death2: *loud explosion* *gasping breathing*Sir...the drill...isn't suppose to be...in me, is it?
Death3: We've lost control of the drill! We've lost con *loud grating, scream, static*
Death4:*static* taking heavy fire! Enemy AT's got us loc..*loud explosion, cutout static*

Hades Breaching Drill -- ALTERNATE LINES #2
Notes: Due to the comparatively low risks involved with operating a Breaching Drill (as opposed to, say, being a Guardsmen or tanker), it is likely that the pilot(s) of the Drill would be more seasoned and bitter than the overall newer soldiers performing other duties. The voice should still be Russian-esque with rolled r's and the like, but should also have an added tone of gruffness to it.
Unit_Complete1: Unit 6-A, reporting for duty.
Unit_Complete2: Hades Breaching Drill, fueled and ready to go.
Unit_Complete3: This is Unit 6-A, all systems are fully operational.
Unit_Complete4: And I thought Valhalla was a mudhole... Ready to go, sir!
Unit_Complete5: Bunker-breaker, looking forward to the action.
Unit_Complete6: Ready to break stuff.
Unit_Complete7: >throaty laughter< No vall is safe!
Selection1: This is Unit 6-A. What can we do for you?
Selection2: Point us at the target.
Selection3: Can't a soldier enjoy a glass of amasec in peace? [pronounced "AM-uh-sec"]
Selection4: You vant something broken?
Selection5: I'm here.
Selection6: We're here.
Selection7: >agitated sigh<
Move1: Just keep the footsloggers out of our way.
Move2: Coordinates received, en route now.
Move3: Copy that.
Move4: Bringing the good stuff.
Move5: Going to investigate... (cautious; not in a timid way, but rather, wary)
Move6: We're demolitions, not scouts! Point us at the enemy! (agitated)
Move7: Can't you get someone else to do that? (curt)
Attack1: >enthusiastic, nearly crazed, laughter<
Attack2: All pistons, powering up!
Attack3: Go, go, go!
Attack4: Carve a hole straight through them!
Attack5: My favourite part is the crunching sound they make under the treads.
Attack6: Rip them a new one! (zealous)
Attack7: Somebody's day is about to get ruined.
Charge1: >enthusiastic, nearly crazed, laughter<
Charge2: Charge! (dragging out the “r” as long as possible)
Charge3: Smashing through the ranks!
Ability1: When we're done, there won't be enough left to make a snowman out of.
Ability2: The drill is hungry. Feed it!
Ability3: I haven't had this much fun since the Hyrion Uprisings! [pronounced "Heer-EE-on"]
Ability4: Bring all defensive weapons to bear! Keep them off our backs!
Ability5: Scattering the enemy, copy that. They owe us.
Combat1: Engaging the enemy!
Combat2: Enemies, everywhere!
Combat3: >roar of anger; imagine the incoherent warcry of a crazy person before charging into combat<
Death1: We die like we lived! Gloriously!
Death2: Bail out, it's going to blow!
Death3: Dammit all. (exceptionally gruff, almost matter-of-fact, certainly annoyed)
Death4: Engine 2 has overloaded, compensate on all- (terrified, panicked, fast)

Termite Drilling Vehicle
Notes: Designed to transport squads around the battlefield, the Termite has one advantage over other, conventional methods of transport. The Termite is able to transport their charges under ground, often into break points, and sometimes into buildings and bunkers. The Crew are professional, but realise their job is to transport the men.
Unit_Complete1: Valhallan underground Transport online!
Unit_Complete2: Ready to move the men.
Unit_Complete3: Termite here.
Unit_Complete4: Underground transport on the field!
Unit_Complete5: Everything in order sir!
Unit_Complete6: Hull integrity comes back fine sir!
Unit_Complete7: Valhallan Transport Drill, here!
Selection1: Ready to move!
Selection2: All engines warmed, and ready to go!
Selection3: The men ready for a ride?
Selection4: So, who is going where?
Selection5: Getting ready to move our men!
Selection6: Sir, we need a new supply of paper bags.
Selection7: Underground transport reporting!
Move1: Engines engaged.
Move2: The men are secure sir!
Move3: Nothing will get in the way of us!
Move4: Orders acknowledged.
Move5: The men shall get there, regardless of what’s in between!
Move6: Termite on the move!
Move7: Out! Out of the way!
Attack1: Surprise!
Attack2: Time to support the men!
Attack3: Death from below!
Attack4: Crew, prepare all armaments.
Attack5: Sir, Attack the enemy, sir!
Attack6: They can’t see us coming!
Attack7: Attacking for Valhalla!
Charge1: Termite Drill, Ramming Speed!
Charge2: Valhallan transport, moving into combat!
Charge3: Drill into combat!
Ability1: We come from below!
Ability2: Their death shall drag them down!
Ability3: Termite, breaching the surface!
Ability4: Protecting the men sir!
Ability5: Defending the lines!
Combat1: Termite drill here, it appears we are in combat.
Combat2: The enemy, sir, they’re here!
Combat3: They shall fall under the might of Valhalla!
Death1: Hull integrity failing!
Death2: The men! Our duty! Nooo!
Death3: Time to meet the Emperor...
Death4: The drill, malfunctioning, Sir, please- *static*

Notes: The artillery workhorse of the Imperial Guard. Outside of being certain death for anyone on the opposing end of the barrel, it is almost certain deafness for the crew members. As such, the crew members tend to yell alot.
Unit_Complete1: Ready to rain death from afar!
Unit_Complete2: Valhallan artillery reporting!
Unit_Complete3: Here to bring doom from the skies!
Unit_Complete4: Ready to receive orders!
Unit_Complete5: You called for some heavy support!?!
Unit_Complete6: Basilisk ready to bring on the hurt!
Unit_Complete7: We heard you might need some artillery!
Selection1: What are your orders!?!
Selection2: Did you say something command!?!
Selection3: You need to speak up command!
Selection4: I think there's interference here! Can barely hear you!
Selection5: Do you have an order!?!
Selection6: Do you need someone to be flattened!?!
Selection7: Did you need something command!?!
Move1: What?! Oh! Move!?! Will do!
Move2: Let's turn the engine on! Wait...It's already on!?!
Move3: Could you repeat the coordinates!?!
Move4: Groove our ordnance!?! Oh...Move to those coordinates! On it!
Move5: We'll get there as fast as we can!
Move6: Artillery moving command!
Move7: I think they said move! We'll try it I guess!
Attack1: Load the breach boys!
Attack2: Prep the barrel!
Attack3: Fire for effect!
Attack4: The shell goes in the other way damn it!
Attack5: Tire!?! Wait, do you mean Fire!?! Oh!... FIRE THE GUN!
Attack6: It's gonna get loud over there! *laughter*
Attack7: Bringing on the thunder command!
Charge1: Push the engine boys!
Charge2: Smash forwards!
Charge3: I think they said charge! So charge!
Ability1: Bring them down!
Ability2: Crush them!
Ability3: Leave nothing but craters!
Ability4: Button up boys!
Ability5: Stand by for defensive maneuvers!
Combat1: We're in the thick of it!
Combat2: Boom go the enemies of the Imperium!
Combat3: Man it's loud out here!
Death1: The magazine's on fire! BAIL! *explosion*
Death2: Gunner, load another round! Gunner!?! What the...*loud explosion*
Death3: LOOK OUT! INCOMING FI... *loud explosion, static*
Death4: *loud explosion* *static filled screams* EMPEROR PROTECT US! *more static*

Notes: The basilisk is a fearsome piece of equipment for the Imperial Guard. Based off a Chimera Chassis, the Basilisk sports a large earth shaker cannon, used for long distance artillery. The crew are often partially deaf, wary of close combat, yet confident in their comfortable, out of action role.
Unit_Complete1: Basilisk here!
Unit_Complete2: Artillery piece on the field.
Unit_Complete3: Big guns, ready to fire!
Unit_Complete4: All shells on board, sir!
Unit_Complete5: What do you want from the Valhallan Artillery?
Unit_Complete6: We shall destroy the enemy from here sir!
Unit_Complete7: Valhallan Artillery here sir!
Selection1: Can you repeat that sir?
Selection2: Can you speak up sir?
Selection3: Artillery piece reporting.
Selection4: Go ahead command.
Selection5: Shall we open fire? (eager)
Selection6: Got coordinates for us yet? (eager)
Selection7: Artillery ready to fire!
Move1: Moving to new position
Move2: Artillery on the move.
Move3: Relocating.
Move4: Attacking from the other side now, eh?
Move5: Moving into range!
Move6: If we have to move there...
Move7: Engines working sir!
Attack1: Firing Salutation parted!
Attack2: The sky shall fall on their heads!
Attack3: Adjusting angles... (concentrating)
Attack4: Put us down for another 20 kills, sir!
Attack5: The enemies of the Emperor shall fear his righteous shells!
Attack6: Hands over ears men.
Attack7: We kill for Valhalla!
Charge1: What? Us, in there?
Charge2: Okay men! Into battle! (Trying to be confident, but not quite)
Charge3: It is down to us! FOR VALHALLA!
Ability1: Loading the cannon now!
Ability2: Their blood will run!
Ability4: We shall protect the men!
Ability5: You want US, to help them?
Combat1: I think the enemy are trying to say something, sir... (Uncertain)
Combat2: Ah, sir, why are we fighting? We are the artillery! (indignant)
Combat3: They cannot stop the artillery sir!
Death1: Come in command! Come in! We’re going down!
Death2: I think I’ve finally lost all hearing... (slowly drone off, dying)
Death3: No! NO! Not the Shells! *EXPLODE*
Death4: Our duty for Valhalla is done.

Griffon Heavy Mortar
Notes: Based off a Chimera chassis, a Griffon Heavy Mortar replaces the transport capacity of a Chimera, with the suppression ability of a Heavy Mortar. Designed to support infantry, the Griffon role is to force the enemy to keep their heads down, making it easier for the infantry to defeat them.
Unit_Complete1: Griffon Heavy Mortar on the field.
Unit_Complete2: Heavy Mortar ready to kill the enemy!
Unit_Complete3: Valhallan artillery ready to serve!
Unit_Complete4: Griffon here.
Unit_Complete5: Finally, we have arrived!
Unit_Complete6: Everything in order sir!
Unit_Complete7: Griffon ready for battle
Selection1: Griffon.
Selection2: Loading in the shells.
Selection3: You want us for something?
Selection4: Shall we fire on the enemy?
Selection5: Valhallan Heavy Mortar.
Selection6: Got the Drinks? Oh, command, sorry, go ahead.
Selection7: Command, where is the action? (Bored)
Move1: Griffon moving to coordinates.
Move2: We shall move there.
Move3: Of course, sir!
Move4: Griffon, moving to strategic location.
Move5: Yes sir! Moving at speed sir!
Move6: The enemy, they are there?
Move7: Heavy Mortar, relocating to front lines.
Attack1: Suppressing the enemy now.
Attack2: Ha! Try to get up now!
Attack3: Heavy Mortar loading.
Attack4: The Shells of Valhalla fall on their heads!
Attack5: The enemy won’t get up sir!
Attack6: Another 20 kills, and you buy the drinks sir!
Attack7: Pinning the enemy down, sir!
Charge1: Griffon moving into combat.
Charge2: It’s down to us! Charge!
Charge3: Can you repeat that Sir? Charge into combat sir? Yes sir...
Ability1: They won’t get up sir!
Ability2: We’ll force them down!
Ability3: For Valhalla!
Ability4: Assisting the men!
Ability5: We stand together for Valhalla!
Combat1: Ah sir? Why are we in combat?
Combat2: Griffon, fighting back!
Combat3: The enemy are trying to breach the hull!
Death1: Griffon, signing off. *Explode*
Death2: The Emperor protects ...*Cough* me!
Death3: They’re attacking the gunners sir!
Death4: Fire! Fire! Report in gunner, you there?

Notes: The Medusa is a large piece of siege equipment, basically a siege gun on wheels. The crew are well trained, and are able to reduce fortifications in a matter of seconds.
Unit_Complete1: Medusa online!
Unit_Complete2: Siege Equipment here.
Unit_Complete3: Siege gun, ready to fire!
Unit_Complete4: Siege shells ready!
Unit_Complete5: Valhallan Siege here.
Unit_Complete6: We are ready to serve Valhalla!
Unit_Complete7: Medusa Siege Gun, on the field!
Selection1: You want something gone?
Selection2: Sir, whispering over the vox doesn’t help.
Selection3: Siege gun here.
Selection4: Medusa acknowledges.
Selection5: Where’s the bunker?
Selection6: When you want a big gun, come to us!
Selection7: Siege piece ready to fire!
Move1: Medusa moving to the front lines.
Move2: Siege equipment on the move.
Move3: Understand sir!
Move4: Moving over the ice sir!
Move5: Moving into range!
Move6: Relocating the siege equipment sir.
Move7: Engines working sir!
Attack1: Clear! All out of the way!
Attack2: Siege unit firing!
Attack3: This gun has taken down fortresses, they think they can stand up to it?
Attack4: What enemy? Oh, you mean that large crater?
Attack5: The lives of Valhallan warriors shall be avenged!
Attack6: Wait, wait, and gone!
Attack7: We kill for Valhalla!
Charge1: Time to break their walls!
Charge2: The Siege? In there?
Charge3: The Emperor wills it!
Ability1: Loading the cannon now!
Ability2: No defence will stand before us!
Ability3: Each death is a death for the Emperor!
Ability4: Understood sir, assist the men.
Ability5: We must hold the siege!
Combat1: The enemy have sallied forth!
Combat2: They cannot break the siege!
Combat3: Sir! Enemy in close!
Death1: They are lifting the siege sir...
Death2: Medusa is going down sir.
Death3: Ah, that’s a negative.
Death4: We see the Emperor today men!

Notes: The Bombard is a large piece of siege equipment, basically a siege gun on wheels. The crew are well trained, and are able to reduce fortifications in a matter of seconds.
Unit_Complete1: Bombard ready for war!
Unit_Complete2: Siege Equipment here.
Unit_Complete3: Cannon ready to fire!
Unit_Complete4: Shells loaded!
Unit_Complete5: Valhallan Siege here.
Unit_Complete6: We are ready to serve Valhalla!
Unit_Complete7: Bombard Cannon here!
Selection1: What do you want?
Selection2: Ah, sir, you there? I can’t hear you sir...
Selection3: Bombard here.
Selection4: Siege gun acknowledges.
Selection5: Where’s the bunker?
Selection6: When you want a big gun, come to us!
Selection7: Siege piece ready to fire!
Move1: Siege unit moving to the front lines.
Move2: Bombard on the move.
Move3: Understand sir!
Move4: Treads are moving sir!
Move5: Almost in range!
Move6: Relocating the siege equipment sir.
Move7: Engines working sir!
Attack2: 3,2,1, FIRE!
Attack3: Feel the fury of the bombard!
Attack4: They won’t be there for much longer.
Attack5: Prepare for death!
Attack6: Yes, sir, they’ve just gone!
Attack7: We kill for Valhalla!
Charge1: We will break them!
Charge2: Time for the siege to charge!
Charge3: If Emperor wills it!
Ability1: Loading the cannon now!
Ability2: No Fortification too hard!
Ability3: Fear our shells!
Ability4: Understood sir, assist the men.
Ability5: Protect the men? Sir?
Combat1: The enemy have sallied forth!
Combat2: They cannot break the siege!
Combat3: No one can break a Valhallan!
Death1: They are lifting the siege sir...
Death2: Bombard, lost to the enemy sir...
Death3: Ah, that’s a negative.
Death4: We die with His praises on our lips!

Leman Russ Demolisher
Notes: The Demolisher is a specially designed, close-ranged Leman Russ. It is more heavily armoured than most other counterparts, and is utilized mostly in a role of bunker busting. The Demolisher is the most heavily armoured of all Leman Russ variants, and as such the crew should act and sound fully confident at all times – they have nothing to fear. In fact, the speaker might come across as cocky, eager.
Unit_Complete1: Demolisher, here. Ready to flatten our enemies.
Unit_Complete2: Sir, Leman Russ Demolisher online!
Unit_Complete3: Send us to our foe!
Unit_Complete4: Our paint is fresh, our amasec aged. It is a good day to kill.
Unit_Complete5: The wrath of the Emperor is contained in our hull.
Unit_Complete6: Bunker-breaker, ready to smash.
Unit_Complete7: The field of battle awaits.
Selection1: Total annihilation is at your command.
Selection2: Don't squander our might.
Selection3: (bored) Yes?
Selection4: Point us at the target.
Selection5: Vun 'undred and vivty millimeters of cold steel await to crush the enemy.
Selection6: The weather outside may be frightful, but the ice shall melt before the coming fire. Send us to destroy!
Selection7: Da?
Move1: Pushing through the enemy blockades.
Move2: Nothing can stand before us.
Move3: Moving to firing range.
Move4: Redeploying.
Move5: (disappointed) For a moment, I thought there was something for us to kill.
Move6: Moving to coordinates Gee-One/Oh-Eight-Two-Nine. Watch our flank.
Move7: Bringing the fireworks to the enemy. Copy.
Attack1: Join an armoured company, they said. See the galaxy, they said. It's a great job, they said. >bitter laugter< They were right! Ha!
Attack2: Boom.
Attack3: We're he-ere! (dragging out the “here”)
Attack4: Lay down the firepower.
Attack5: Break it.
Attack6: Target practise? Give us a real challenge!
Attack7: Boom!
Charge1: What cannot be conquered with words will be conquered beneath the treads of the Imperial Guard's mighty tanks!
Charge2: Steamroll through it!
Charge3: Move to ramming speed.
Ability1: Watch the sparks fly.
Ability2: Siege cannon firing.
Ability3: Demolish this!
Ability4: Bring it around!
Ability5: Don't vorry. You can hide behind us.
Combat1: Under fire. Requesting permission to respond with due prejudice.
Combat2: They scratched the paintjob!
Combat3: Our faith is impenetrable, but our armour is indestructible!
Death1: >scream<
Death2: I-impossible!
Death3: Hull damage taken. Nothing serious, just several minor- >static<
Death4: The Emperor protects!

Leman Russ Demolisher -- ALTERNATE LINES #2
Notes: A more popular variant of the Leman Russ Battle tank, the demolisher replaces the battle cannon with a short ranged, powerful demolisher cannon. Often used to break fortifications, or heavily manned outposts, the crew of a demolisher are generally well-trained experts, and aren’t afraid to get in close.
Unit_Complete1: Shall we demolish something?
Unit_Complete2: You want something gone?
Unit_Complete3: Leman Russ Demolisher ready.
Unit_Complete4: Valhallan armour here, sir!
Unit_Complete5: We’re here, we’re here.
Unit_Complete6: The Emperor’s hammer is here!
Unit_Complete7: Crew reports ready sir!
Selection1: Demolisher here.
Selection2: Can we attack yet?
Selection3: Ready to move!
Selection4: Leman Russ Demolisher reporting.
Selection5: Command, when we going to see some action? (Slightly annoyed, they want to fight)
Selection6: Heavy Armour acknowledges, over.
Selection7: We serve Valhalla!
Move1: Demolisher on the move.
Move2: Following orders.
Move3: You want us close to the action?
Move4: We’ll be there.
Move5: If the Emperor wills it!
Move6: Terrain’s better than Valhalla at least...
Move7: Demolisher, moving to the enemy.
Attack1: We will flatten them.
Attack2: Demolisher cannon, firing.
Attack3: We shall demolish them!
Attack4: All weapons, fire!
Attack5: Gunner, command wants sector four gone.
Attack6: They die at the hands of Valhalla!
Attack7: Engaging!
Charge1: We will tear down the enemy!
Charge2: Demolisher moving into combat!
Charge3: We shall show them Valhalla!
Ability1: For Valhalla!
Ability2: Razing them to the ground sir!
Ability3: We shall destroy the enemy!
Ability4: The men require assistance?
Ability5: Crew, incoming!
Combat1: They try to stall their doom.
Combat2: Once more, shall we tear them down!
Combat3: The enemy have engaged.
Death1: We have failed to break the line sir.
Death2: Requiring backup!
Death3: The enemy are too well supported sir!
Death4: We’re going down! Crew, abandon the vehicle!

Leman Russ Demolisher -- ALTERNATE LINES #3
Notes: No matter how tough the enemy’s line is, the Demolisher can break it. Designed specifically for close range mass destruction, the Demolisher is the perfect variant to destroy even the most steel hearted opponent’s morale and siegeworks.
Unit_Complete1: Leman Russ Demolisher, Reporting.
Unit_Complete2: Siege Tank Ready sir!
Unit_Complete3: Line breaker on the field.
Unit_Complete4: Here to smash and dash.
Unit_Complete5: The Demolisher is here!
Unit_Complete6: Siege Cannon cleared, sir!
Unit_Complete7: Show us their line, we’re ready sir!
Selection1: Demolisher on the vox.
Selection2: Go ahead sir.
Selection3: Reading you command, what’s the directive.
Selection4: We read you command.
Selection5: What can we smash open for you sir?
Selection6: You have orders sir?
Selection7: Demolisher receiving you sir.
Move1: Crate on the move!
Move2: Order received, let’s move.
Move3: Full ahead!
Move4: Get her engine rumbling!
Move5: Move order confirmed!
Move6: Let's go!
Move7: Heading their now sir.
Attack1: Ready the gun!
Attack2: On the twelve, let’s give em hell.
Attack3: Break em!
Attack4: Let’s open them up boys!
Attack5: Let’s show em what this girl’s got!
Attack6: All guns be ready to open up.
Attack7: FIRE!
Charge1: Into their line!
Charge2: Grind them down!
Charge3: Let's roll over their corpses!
Ability1: Load up the special rounds!
Ability2: Aim for the weakpoints!
Ability3: Let's get us a kill!
Ability4: Button up!
Ability5: Floor it!
Combat1: We were made for this!
Combat2: Keep her steady!
Combat3: Drawing fire, let’s give some back!
Death1: She's brewing up boys, bail!
Death2: Engine's on fire! Everyone out!
Death3: We're under fi...*boom, static cut out*
Death4: The treads are shredded! Crew bailing! Repeat, crew bai... *boom, static cut out*

Leman Russ Exterminator
Notes: The Exterminator does exactly as the name suggests. It has four autocannons, and is extraordinarily adept as obliterating light armour as well as most infantry. Any Exterminator pilot has thus no doubt destroyed many enemy targets before, and is confident in the killing capabilities of his machine. He will most likely be compliant with all orders, knowing well what his vehicle can and cannot do, and trusting in his commander to also know this. Like all Valhallans, it should bear a distinctly Russian-esque accent.
Unit_Complete1: Ready and willing, sir.
Unit_Complete2: Exterminator here.
Unit_Complete3: Where's the party?
Unit_Complete4: We're here. Now send us on our way.
Unit_Complete5: Leman Russ Exterminator, ready to kill.
Unit_Complete6: Valhallan tankers, ready at the helm.
Unit_Complete7: Exterminator Cannon, warming up.
Selection1: Yessir.
Selection2: Tank here.
Selection3: Yes?
Selection4: (pleased) What can I do for you?
Selection5: Point us at the target.
Selection6: What needs to be exterminated?
Selection7: Treadhead here.
Move1: Copy. Coordinates received.
Move2: Moving.
Move3: Relocating.
Move4: Advancing.
Move5: Going.
Move6: Take us to a better spot.
Move7: Copy.
Attack1: Light 'em up!
Attack2: Bang bang bang bang! I love this job!
Attack3: Target locked.
Attack4: Open fire!
Attack5: Exterminating the enemy.
Attack6: Moving to engage.
Attack7: We'll wipe them out.
Charge1: Forward!
Charge2: For the Emperor!
Charge3: Tank shock the enemy!
Ability1: Exterminator cannons firing now.
Ability2: Punching through the foe.
Ability3: We'll reduce it to holes.
Ability4: Bring all defensive weapons to bear!
Ability5: Show them no fear.
Combat1: Taking hits!
Combat2: Enemy forces have engaged.
Combat3: Exterminator under fire!
Death1: It's too much!
Death2: All systems are offline!
Death3: (thick accent) Tell them our story!
Death4: (shrill) Aaaaagh!

Leman Russ Exterminator -- ALTERNATE LINES #2
Notes: The Leman Russ Exterminator is a somewhat lesser seen variant of the Leman Russ Battle Tank, swapping the Battle cannon with twin linked Autocannons. Often used against light armour and infantry, the crew of such a vehicle are confident, well trained, and often enjoy “exterminating” the enemy.
Unit_Complete1: Someone call for an exterminator? (Copied off Starcraft, so depending on legal issues, might want to change)
Unit_Complete2: You want some pest control?
Unit_Complete3: Leman Russ Exterminator on the field.
Unit_Complete4: Valhallan Tank here, sir!
Unit_Complete5: Tell the men not to worry, we’re here.
Unit_Complete6: The Emperor’s fist is here!
Unit_Complete7: Crew reports ready sir!
Selection1: Exterminator here.
Selection2: Shall we attack now?
Selection3: Ready to roll out with the men!
Selection4: Leman Russ Exterminator reporting.
Selection5: Command, where are the enemy? (Slightly annoyed, they want to fight)
Selection6: Heavy Armour acknowledges, over.
Selection7: Where are they?
Move1: Exterminator on the move.
Move2: Rolling out.
Move3: I assume that’s the front line?
Move4: Give us time, we’ll get there.
Move5: If the Emperor wills it!
Move6: All terrain mode, activated.
Move7: All power to the engines!
Attack1: Time to exterminate.
Attack2: All weapons at sector four!
Attack3: The vermin shall fall under our fire.
Attack4: Kill them! Kill them now!
Attack5: Gunner, suppress sector three.
Attack6: They die at the hands of Valhalla!
Attack7: Engaging the worthless cowards!
Charge1: Fall beneath my treads, pests!
Charge2: Exterminator into combat!
Charge3: We shall show them Valhalla!
Ability1: For Valhalla!
Ability2: Time to exterminate!
Ability3: You are but pests to the Emperor!
Ability4: If we must assist the men...
Ability5: Men, prepare for incoming fire!
Combat1: The enemy try to attack sir!
Combat2: They have not yet fallen under the hammer!
Combat3: Pests! Nothing but vermin!
Death1: Even we can be overwhelmed...
Death2: No! They are not yet dead!
Death3: I see the lights of Valhalla...
Death4: *Cough* I think we’ve been eliminated..

Leman Russ Exterminator -- ALTERNATE LINES #3
Notes: The primary AP weapons system on the Leman Russ chassis. Bristling with Autocannons, Heavy Bolters, and other AP weapons, the Exterminator brings an absolute hailstorm of high-caliber and hi-ex shells to the field.
Unit_Complete1: The Exterminator is here.
Unit_Complete2: Anti-infantry platform on station.
Unit_Complete3: Leman Russ Exterminator, reporting.
Unit_Complete4: Someone call for an Exterminator?
Unit_Complete5: Exterminator, weapons checked and ready.
Unit_Complete6: Here to exterminate the enemies of the Imperium.
Unit_Complete7: Exterminator reporting to the front sir.
Selection1: Exterminator reads command. What’s the order?
Selection2: Armor here.
Selection3: Reading you loud and clear.
Selection4: Ready to unleash on their infantry sir.
Selection5: Autocannons loaded, just give us a target.
Selection6: Ready to exterminate sir.
Selection7: Exterminator receiving you sir.
Move1: Come on old girl, let’s get rolling.
Move2: Kick the engine boys!
Move3: Let’s get this old girl mobile.
Move4: Get her engine rumbling!
Move5: We’ve got a battle to get to!
Move6: The war’s over there! Get her rolling!
Move7: Hope there’s some soft targets over there sir.
Attack1: Let’s churn them up!
Attack2: Target 50 meters out! Light him up!
Attack3: Unleash the exterminator!
Attack4: Unloading high caliber rounds now!
Attack5: Let none walk away!
Attack6: All guns open up!
Attack7: Fire the primary! Secondary systems engage closer threats!
Charge1: Slam their line!
Charge2: Looks like we’re laying out the red carpet! *laughter*
Charge3: Command says to give them a view of the treads boys!
Ability1: Load up the special rounds!
Ability2: Aim for the softer parts!
Ability3: Pour it on them!
Ability4: Button up!
Ability5: Let’s get this old girl home safe!
Combat1: They’re everywhere! Perfect situation! *laughter*
Combat2: Traverse the gun to the right! Hit it! *gunfire*
Combat3: It’ll take more than that to stop our girl!
Death1: Emperor damn them! Looks like our crate’s brewing boys!
Death2: The old girl’s given her last. Let’s get the hell out of here!
Death3: Exterminator to command! We nee *loud metal clang, scream, static cut out*
Death4: The magazine is lighting! Let’s get the frak ou *loud explosion*

Leman Russ Executioner
Notes: The Leman Russ Executioner is a dying breed. Built from technology no longer available to the Imperium, each vehicle is a relic in its own right. Equipped with a special cannon that allows it to shoot super heated blasts of plasma at a rapid rate, the Executioner spells doom for anything it sets its sights on, but is best suited to a role of anti heavy-infantry. The crew should be proud and honoured to be crewing such a valuable and rare asset, and are probably chosen from the best of the best already. Such a prize as the Executioner is not something to be squandered on those less capable.
Unit_Complete1: Leman Russ Executioner is on the field.
Unit_Complete2: Reporting for duty, sir!
Unit_Complete3: For more than a thousand years, this tank has served the Emperor. And now it shall go a thousand more.
Unit_Complete4: Crew at the ready. Awaiting orders.
Unit_Complete5: Warming up the cannon.
Unit_Complete6: Like the tundra of Valhalla, we shall envelope the enemy.
Unit_Complete7: Ready to warm things up.
Selection1: Da, kommander.
Selection2: Sir.
Selection3: Executioner, ready to do our duty.
Selection4: All reactors at peak capacity. No leaks detected. Combat effective and ready to go, sir.
Selection5: Whatever you need, it will get done.
Selection6: The Emperor protects.
Selection7: Yes?
Move1: En route.
Move2: We've gone through worse.
Move3: Our treads are twice as old as this dirt.
Move4: We go.
Move5: Understood.
Move6: Yes, sir.
Move7: Aye aye.
Attack1: Leave nothing behind.
Attack2: Incinerate them.
Attack3: Turn it into cinders.
Attack4: This tank has killed more of the likes of them than entire regiments combined.
Attack5: More than proud to do my duty.
Attack6: Moving to engage.
Attack7: His will be done.
Charge1: Crush them.
Charge2: Danger close, revert to ramming speed.
Charge3: Death to the xenos, the heretic, and the mutant!
Ability1: Plasma cannons warming...
Ability2: Full power!
Ability3: The Executioner will destroy them.
Ability4: Bring defensive weapons to mount!
Ability5: Faith is our shield!
Combat1: Requesting fire support!
Combat2: That one was close! Return fire!
Combat3: (distracted) We've found the enemy!
Death1: Such a shame... Such a waste!
Death2: No, no!
Death3: (with whirring fan in the background) Avenge us. (static)
Death4: The Emperor protects, the Emperor protects, the Emperor-

Leman Russ Executioner -- ALTERNATE LINES
Notes: A very rare weapons variant, Executioners tend to be crewed by more experienced crews, due to their high-value nature.
Unit_Complete1: Executioner reporting!
Unit_Complete2: Coolant systems check, Executioner ready.
Unit_Complete3: Capacitors fully-charged, we’re ready.
Unit_Complete4: Executioner cannon loaded and ready.
Unit_Complete5: Ready to light up the field.
Unit_Complete6: Cannon ready to cook them down.
Unit_Complete7: All systems clear, let’s get to it.
Selection1: Ready to send them a gift sir.
Selection2: The old girl’s fuming to bring the pain sir!
Selection3: We’ve made more stars then the galaxy.
Selection4: Executioner reads command come back on that order.
Selection5: The power of a million suns...where is it needed sir?
Selection6: Orders sir!?
Selection7: Executioner receiving you sir.
Move1: Keep her steady.
Move2: We’re needed elsewhere.
Move3: Doom on the move sir.
Move4: Divert all power to engines.
Move5: Confirmed command, heading out.
Move6: Spin the treads, we’ve gotta move!
Move7: They don’t call her a lumbering behemoth for nothing.
Attack1: 40 degree spread and FIRE!
Attack2: We’ll leave nothing but ash!
Attack3: Cover your eyes boys!
Attack4: Close the vision blocks, it’s gonna get sunny!
Attack5: Target sighted, FIRE!
Attack6: Vaporizing target sir.
Attack7: FIRE!
Charge1: Roll into their line!
Charge2: It’s not ideal, but let’s mash em up.
Charge3: Bumpy ride ahead!
Ability1: All power to the gun!
Ability2: Focus your fire on that target!
Ability3: Bring it down!
Ability4: Button up!
Ability5: Push the capacitors boys!
Combat1: We're in the midst of them!
Combat2: Damn it’s getting bright out there! *laughter*
Combat3: She may look old, but she sure can party! *crew laughs*
Death1: Plasma furnace is failing! *building whining sound* Ah frak she’s gonna split! *loud plasma explosion*
Death2: Furnace is going critical! Emergency bail! *explosion*
Death3: *screaminng* THE HATCH IS MELTED SHUT! *more screams* IT’S DRIPPING ON ME! *death scream*
Death4: WE’RE COOKING UP IN HERE! GET US OUT OF....*Loud explosion, screams*

Leman Russ Eradicator
Notes: The Eradicator is a Leman Russ variant that uses specialized chemical shells to eviscerate the foe from a medium distance. From such shots, it is impossible to take cover. The driver of such a vehicle would probably be tearing on the brink of sanity from spending so much time around the chemicals and up close to the enemy. To make him stand out, put on an especially strong Russian accent. It is equally possible that the crew is fresh, new and still has the indoctrinated beliefs of their training ingrained in their mind, as it is likely that no Eradicator crew survives long due to the peril of their job. Either way, the pilot should speak with unprecedented zeal.
Unit_Complete1: Killing time is now!
Unit_Complete2: No Cadian tanker can best the zeal of Valhalla!
Unit_Complete3: Eradicator is here!
Unit_Complete4: Is it time to kill?
Unit_Complete5: Manufactured by Vostroya, delivered by the Munitorum, given glory by Valhalla!
Unit_Complete6: Leman Russ Eradicator, ready to force out the enemy.
Unit_Complete7: We're here!
Selection1: Yeah?
Selection2: What is it?
Selection3: Where's the foe?
Selection4: Unleash us!
Selection5: (hyper) S-sir?
Selection6: Something to kill?
Selection7: Eradicator here.
Move1: Catachans might sneak, but we trample!
Move2: This place couldn't be more dull if it was the parade grounds of Mordia.
Move3: En route!
Move4: Let us beat the Elysians there!
Move5: Every inch brings us further away from Valhalla...
Move6: Forward!
Move7: We'll get there.
Attack1: We shall boil their blood until it is redder than the crimson flags of Reikonscia! [pronounced "Ree-KON-see-uh"]
Attack2: Reminds me of that time back on Haggar...
Attack3: Nova Cannon firing now.
Attack4: They can't hide from this!
Attack5: Eradicate the enemy!
Attack6: Death to the Emperor's foes!
Attack7: Death to Valhalla's foes!
Charge1: Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!
Charge2: Go, go, go!
Charge3: Flatten everything!
Ability1: The Nova Cannon thirsts for blood!
Ability2: Flesh melts from bone, blood boils inside... the Emperor's Will is done!
Ability3: Flush them out!
Ability4: Bring defensive weapons to mount!
Ability5: Watch for sappers!
Combat1: We're hit!
Combat2: (incoherent scream – not of fear, or pain: simply a scream)
Combat3: They're coming, they're coming! They're here!
Death1: Wahoo!
Death2: Aaaaah!
Death3: Ah!
Death4: The lights! The lights!

Leman Russ Vanquisher
Notes: The Vanquisher is a specialized anti-armour Leman Russ variant. It fires a narrow, elongated shell from a long barrel, designed to pierce through the thicket of armour. The driver should sound as precise as his machine, authoritative and calculatory.
Unit_Complete1: Leman Russ Vanquisher, fresh from dispatch.
Unit_Complete2: 17 shells in the back and one in the bay. That makes 18 dead tanks.
Unit_Complete3: Hello.
Unit_Complete4: Sir! We're here!
Unit_Complete5: All systems operational. Standing by.
Unit_Complete6: The ride was a bit bumpy, but we're all glad to be here.
Unit_Complete7: Uplinking with nearest data feed...
Selection1: Da.
Selection2: Aye?
Selection3: Yes?
Selection4: Sir?
Selection5: Mhm?
Selection6: Ready.
Selection7: (with notable enthusiasm) Ready!
Move1: En route.
Move2: Going.
Move3: Moving.
Move4: Proceeding.
Move5: Location marked.
Move6: Just don't bring us too close.
Move7: Adjusting path.
Attack1: Adjusting cannon trajectory by 37 degrees... locking on to target... zeroing in vectors... 93% chance of critical hit... fire!
Attack2: Vanquish this.
Attack3: Punch through their side!
Attack4: Bring it down!
Attack5: Adjusting facing. Firing in 3... 2...
Attack6: Target received. Moving to engage.
Attack7: Bang.
Charge1: Close the gap!
Charge2: Go! Straight through the enemy!
Charge3: Increasing speed by nineteen metres per second, breaking away target lock. Impact imminent.
Ability1: The Vanquisher Battle Cannon is prepped to fire.
Ability2: Sting like the Valhallan winter!
Ability3: Punch through. Punch straight through. (contemptuous)
Ability4: Bring defensive weapons to mount!
Ability5: Understood!
Combat1: Under fire. Enemy located, 57.3 metres away!
Combat2: Taking fire.
Combat3: Where's our support?! (angry)
Death1: Death comes to us all.
Death2: For Valhalla!
Death3: I join the Emperor before his Golden Gates!
Death4: Judgment shall pass, and I shall be immortalized!

Leman Russ Vanquisher -- ALTERNATE LINES #1
Notes: The Vanquisher is the primary AT weapons system built on the Leman Russ Chassis. Like the Executioner, the Vanquisher is becoming increasingly rare and valuable, and as such is crewed by the most veteran members of the regiment.
Unit_Complete1: The prowler is here.
Unit_Complete2: Ready to hunt their armor sir.
Unit_Complete3: Ready to make some steel coffins.
Unit_Complete4: Vanquisher reporting.
Unit_Complete5: Anti-armor reporting sir.
Unit_Complete6: Leman Russ Vanquisher, ready to roll.
Unit_Complete7: AT ready for orders sir.
Selection1: Sir?
Selection2: Go ahead sir.
Selection3: Spear Lead here, go ahead command.
Selection4: Division?
Selection5: What can we do for you today sir?
Selection6: You have orders sir?
Selection7: Receiving you sir.
Move1: Let's get this crate rolling.
Move2: Let's move out.
Move3: Move this thing!
Move4: Get her engine rumbling!
Move5: Move order confirmed!
Move6: Let's go!
Move7: Aye sir, heading there now.
Attack1: I want Hi-ex loaded now!
Attack2: Traverse turret right 10 degrees!
Attack3: Keep her steady at ten when we take the shot!
Attack4: Prepare the main gun.
Attack5: Time for some fun boys.
Attack6: All guns be ready to open up.
Attack7: FIRE!
Charge1: Into their line!
Charge2: Crush them!
Charge3: Let's roll over their corpses!
Ability1: Load up the special rounds!
Ability2: Aim for the weakpoints!
Ability3: Let's get us a kill!
Ability4: Button up!
Ability5: Floor it!
Combat1: We're in the thick of it!
Combat2: Keep her steady!
Combat3: Taking some heat!
Death1: She's brewing up boys, bail!
Death2: Engine's on fire! Everyone out!
Death3: We're under fi...*boom, static cut out*
Death4: Enemy AT has us pinned! Requesting sup.. *boom, static cut out*

Leman Russ Vanquisher -- ALTERNATIVES #2
Notes:Like the other variants of the Leman Russ, the Vanquisher is based off the Main Battle Tank, elongating the cannon, and firing special, anti-armour shells. Designed to counter the enemy’s larger threats, the crew of the Vanquisher often only have eyes for the big ones, and prefer to sit at the back to try and take them out.
Unit_Complete1: The enemy armour already quakes.
Unit_Complete2: You want their tanks gone?
Unit_Complete3: Leman Russ Vanquisher ready.
Unit_Complete4: Valhallan armour here, sir!
Unit_Complete5: We’re here, and soon they won’t be.
Unit_Complete6: The Emperor’s sword is here!
Unit_Complete7: Crew reports ready sir!
Selection1: Vanquisher here.
Selection2: Has the enemy armour been spotted?
Selection3: Standing by for orders.
Selection4: Leman Russ Vanquisher reporting.
Selection5: Command, any news on the front?
Selection6: Heavy Armour acknowledges, over.
Selection7: The Emperor is with us.
Move1: Vanquisher moving out.
Move2: Following orders.
Move3: Vanquisher moving to support the lines.
Move4: Engines are at full sir.
Move5: For Valhalla!
Move6: The terrain shall not hold us back.
Move7: Vanquisher, countering enemy armour.
Attack1: They shall not stand back up!
Attack2: Vanquisher battle cannon, firing.
Attack3: Armour or beast, they shall die!
Attack4: The enemy will be overcome!
Attack5: Gunner, focus on big ones.
Attack6: They die at the hands of Valhalla!
Attack7: Vanquisher in battle sir!
Charge1: Once more, for the Emperor!
Charge2: Crew, brace for impact!
Charge3: We shall show them Valhalla!
Ability1: Anti-armour shells loaded.
Ability2: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Ability3: We shall reveal the might of Valhalla!
Ability4: The men require assistance?
Ability5: Roger that sir!
Combat1: They shall not penetrate our armour!
Combat2: Vanquisher caught in combat sir!
Combat3: The enemy have engaged.
Death1: The hunters *gasp* have become the hunted.
Death2: That’s a negative command, we can’t hold any longer!
Death3: The enemy have us down sir!
Death4: Sir, we can’t keep this up.


It's them... Chaos
Chaos. Emperor be my shield.
Heretics in sight.
The Great Enemy is upon us!

Dark Eldar
Raiders coming in fast!
Eldar slavers. Keep low and stay moving.
Oh, sweet Emperor... not them!
Xenos slavers are here. Prepare to defend the wounded!

Eldar... What are they up to? [First word said with spite]
Didn't expect to see their kind here.
Eldar! Don't let your guard down!
Eldar.. Where they're concerned, danger is never too far away.

Imperial Guard
Traitor guardsmen ahead.
They've strayed from His path, they're no longer our brothers in arms.
Traitor Guardsmen! Let death be their judgement!
There are rogue Guardsmen here. Quickly, kill them before their vile taint spreads!

Necrons. We'll need heavier guns.
Don't stop firing! Not even if they drop dead!
Necrons! Don't let them close!
Emperor have mercy! They're like metallic monsters! (quivering in fear)

That smell... [spits] Greenskins.
Orks, commander. What do we do?
Orks. I think I'm going to enjoy this fight. (deeply contemptuous)
Greenskins! Kill them, for the glory of Valhalla! (zealous)

Sisters of Battle
Sororitas. They're gonna burn.
Sisters of Battle. Well, we're not the traitors.
Battle Sisters? What are they doing here?
Psycho bitches spotted, 12'o clock. It's us or them, men!

Space Marines
Astartes. This is gonna be bloody.
Space Marines. Orders, sir?
Astartes? Here?
Space Marines. We're going to need more firepower.

Tau xenos ahead. Take cover!
Tau... We're gonna need artillery.

Black Templars
Black Templars, what do we do, sir?
No crusade can stand against the righteous, templars!
Errant crusaders or misguided knights? Irrelevant. Nothing stands before the Imperial Guard!
Templars. Kill them before they turn their gaze on us!

Blood Angels
There, look! Blood Angels!
You think it's true they drink the blood of their enemies?
Blood Angels! Troopers, watch the skies for more!
What the-? Blood Angels? Someone ask the commissar if we're cleared to engage!

Blood Ravens
Blood Ravens? What are they doing here?
Time to bloody the Ravens men!

Crimson Fists
Crimson Fists? But there are no orks – ah, they come for us...
Crimson Fists? This time you will be wiped out!

Dark Angels
Dark Angels. This is gonna get messy.
Astartes. Dark Angels by the looks of them. Orders, sir?
The Dark Angels are here. Whoever they're after, it's not going to be us!
Not even the first of the Astartes can hide from the Emperor's blade.

Fallen Angels
Looks like even the Angels of Death can fall, let's make 'em fall a bit further.
Fallen Angels. This will be ugly.
The Dark Angels are working with Chaos! Burn the heretics!
Don't be fooled, men. Those Space Marines are no friends of ours.

Imperial Fists
Finally, we shall see who is the master of siege! Imperial Fists? I think not!
The Imperial Fists sir! The lines are in danger!

Iron Hands
The Iron hands intrude on our Duty!
Iron Hands or not, they cannot stand before Valhalla!

Legion of the Damned
Never seen those before, what are they?
They're as silent as a dead man...
What... what are they?
Ghosts? Ghosts!

Raven Guard
The Raven Guard! Watch your backs men!
All Ice Warriors, on alert, Raven Guard troops spotted.

Red Scorpions
Red Scorpions! We will show them our worthiness!
The Red Scorpions think they can dictate the Emperor’s word to us?

Salamanders! We shall battle their flame with our Ice!
Prepare for battle men, the Salamanders have come!

Space Wolves/13th Company
The Wovles of Russ... By the Emperor.
Space Wolves, stay back.
The Sons of Leman Russ are here. Savages, all of them. Put them down like the dogs they are!
They wear the armour of a Marine, but the pelts of a barbarian. They are not to be trusted!

Why are the Ultramarines fighting us?
Ultramarines. We'll show how how true warriors of the Emperor fight.
By Calgar they rose, but by Valhalla they shall fall! Eliminate the Ultramarines!
Those who would place their own agenda above their service to the Imperium must be destroyed, be they man or Astartes. Such is the fate of all traitors. By Valhalla, destroy the Ultramarines!

White Scars
White Scars moving in fast!
White Scars, keep an eye on those flanks.

Alpha Legion
Sir! We should have known! Cultists from the Alpha legion!
Today, We cut off another head of the Alpha Legion!

Black Legion
The Black Legion has returned, and we stop them here!
Hold the line men! The Black Legion advances!

Death Guard
By the Emperor, did someone die already?
Death Guard. Kill 'em! Again!

Emperors Children
By the Emperor. Look at them!
Emperor's Children... Chaos...

Iron Warriors
Iron Warriors. We're gonna need more men.
If we're gonna crack their defences we'll need more troops.

Night Lords
Sir, Sir! I think I saw something! Night Lords Sir!
Courage Valhallans, the Night Lords’ shadows will not stop us here!

Red Corsairs
Pirates, Sir, Red Corsairs, raiding our supplies.
Raiders! Stand fast men, force the Corsairs back!

Thousand Sons
It's almost if as they're... servitors.
Thousand Sons, we'll show 'em thousands of Guardsmen!

World Eaters
World Eaters. Keep your eyes open for Berzerkers.
Traitors. World Eaters...

Word Bearers
So terrible is the fear, but the men of Vahalla go on
By all that is holy… why them?!
Word Bearers. Stand fast, men!
I've got one word for you to bear; die!

These Jungles Warriors think they can stop us?
Troops from Catachan sir! Hiding in the forests!

Death Korps of Kreig
Korpsmen. We'll crush 'em in their trenches.
Death Korps... They'll die, alright.
Once a heretic, always a heretic. Men, destroy the Death Korps!
It's Kreig. They may be the masters of siege warfare, but how do they fare in guerilla warfare? Strike like the tundra and sting like the wind!

Drop troops. Keep an eye on the skies, men.
Elysians. Don't get surrounded.
Drop troops. They must have come from a dissenting ship in orbit. Send a warning to high command, and then charge!
Elysians! Eliminate them before they can secure a foothold!

Last Chancers/13th Penal Legion
It’s the Penal Legion Sir! The Sinners approach!
Too right this is their Last Chance! Attack!

Mordians? What do they think this is, a victory parade?
Fancy clothing won't save them. Right, boys?
It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? Show the Mordians what we think of their uniforms!
Normally traitors don't look that sharp. Even more reason to be suspicious! Open fire on the Mordians!

Praetorians. What do we do, sir?
Praetorians. Stand fast like true Valhallans, men!

Steel Legions
Steel Legion. Aim for the tanks!
Steel, eh? They'll break like tin!
The warriors of Yarrick are on this world. Why weren't we informed?
The Steel Legion, eh? Bring forward the anti-armour! We're going to need it.

Desert Raiders. Keep your eyes peeled.
Tallarns. Keep an eye out for scouts.
Desert raiders. I knew someone who served in the 597th, once. They say the Tallarn nearly got half the regiment killed. Better watch out.
There is a line between zeal and fanaticism. Let us put the Tallarn back in their place.

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
It’s the Ghosts sir, from Tanith.
The First and Only, soon to be become the First and DEAD!

They're a blight upon Valhalla, strike them down!
They're no longer our brothers! Kill them all!
Those would betray Valhalla have betrayed the Emperor! Brothers, destroy the traitors!
For the Emperor! Death to all heretics! Show no quarter, for they are Valhallan no longer!

Firstborn, eh? We'll make 'em first dead!
Vostroyans spotted, sir. Do we engage?
Vostroya is nearly as icy as Valhalla. But are her children even half as loyal as Valhalla's?
Vostroyans. So that's what we're up against. Bah. They can do whatever they want, but silly hats and fancy lasguns won't protect from the Emperor's judgment.

Dancing xenos. Hah! And here It hought we had cause to be worried.
What manner of Eldar is that?

Inquisition Daemonhunt
Daemonhunters? Pray we won't run into whatever they're truly after.
Daemonhunters? We'll show 'em something far worse...
The Inquisition is here. If they find a leak in our ranks, they'll burn all of us! Eliminate them, quickly! It's us or them!
An Inquisitor? I thought we were being followed...

They won't find no witches among us, only death.
Witchhunters? They're in the wrong place then.

By the Emperor, look at the size of that one.
Tyranids. Stand your ground and keep firing!
Tyranids! Men, aim for the big ones!
The only way to counter a horde without end is with the infinite armies of the Imperial Guard. Overwhelm the foe! Leave none alive!

What.. is.. that?
Men.. there is a demon here!

Secured identification of enemy operations in our area.
Sighted the enemy.
Enemy spotted, sir.. awaiting your command?
We have found the aggressors.
Hostiles identified.. whats the order?
Spotted them, sir.
Looks like some fresh competition for the men.

Spotted some sort of hideous creature in this area.
Reporting an undetermined monster in our forward zone.

Approaching enemy tank manoeuvres.
Enemy Armour investigated.

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