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Mordians *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:21 PM


Notes: Might be one of the friendlier-sounding units...not sure what that means. Maybe like the pioneers from Company of Heroes? But calmer.
Unit_Complete1: Engineers reporting, sir.
Unit_Complete2: Our wargear is accounted for and we are ready, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Engineers deployed to the battlefield. Orders, sir?
Unit_Complete4: Our tools are calibrated; our mines primed and ready for deployment.
Unit_Complete5: The anointment rituals are finished and we are ready for duty.
Unit_Complete6: Engineers are ready sir; direct us to the front.
Unit_Complete7: Combat engineers, ready to support the war.
Selection1: Stand to, we have orders!
Selection2: Does the front need to be fortified, sir?
Selection3: We’re ready to secure the front.
Selection4: Yes commander, what do you need?
Selection5: We can fill in for a combat squad if necessary.
Selection6: Sir, do you need defenses set up here?
Selection7: Ready and waiting, sir.
Move1: Scattered formation, there could be mines.
Move2: Moving to the objective.
Move3: Get your weapons ready men, we’re moving to a hot zone.
Move4: We’re moving there now, sir.
Move5: Try not to soil your uniform en route.
Attack1: Fire on the enemy!
Attack2: Combat engineers, attack order!
Attack3: Attack order! Shoot the enemy!
Attack4: Yes sir, we’ll hold them off until the others arrive!
Attack5: For the Emperor
Charge1: We cannot let them take this sector!
Charge2: For the Emperor and Mordian!
Charge3: Die! DIE!!!
Ability1: Let them have it!
Ability2: Release and fire!
Ability3: Use them!
Ability4: For the Emperor's protection!
Ability5: Added assurance..
Build1: Building detail, get your tools men.
Build2: Yes sir, these defenses will keep the area secure.
Build3: Hurry men, the others need a place to deploy from.
Build4: Yes sir, the ground here is suitable for building details.
Build5: This area will do.
Build6: Will there be covering fire while we work, sir?
Build7: No enemy will be able to tear down our construction.
Lay_Mines1: Mine density protocol 42, Mordian pattern.
Lay_Mines2: Yes sir, we’ll secure this flank.
Lay_Mines3: Be careful not to step on them after applying the ritual, men.
Load_Transport1: Yes sir, we are boarding now.
Unload_Transport1: Disembark men. We are at the front.
Morale_Break1: Sir, we need to fall back now!
Morale_Break2: The odds are stacked against us sir!
Morale_Restored1: My apologies sir, we should have set up a few more emplacements.
Morale_Restored2: We are ready to return to the front.
Repair1: The techpriests have taught us a few basics; that will do.
Repair2: Repair detail men!
Repair3: A few spare parts are all it needs.
Capture1: Let us secure this point; the guardsmen will cover us.
Capture2: More pressing duties call the guardsmen. It is up to us to take the point.
Capped1: Objective secure, do you need emplacements built around it, sir?
Capped2: Objective taken sir, do you have other orders queried for us?
Damage1: Under fire! Return fire!
Damage2: Sir, hostile presence at our location!
Damage3: Fire back! We need to get to our objective!
Death1: Aaaahhhhhhhh!!
Death2: Poooohhheeeaaaakkkk!
Death3: -choking, vomiting sound-
Death4: Yeerr…errrkkk!!


Notes: I’m assuming they operate in a squad. I’m going to relax a bit on the “blandness..” As scouts were chosen due to greater initiative and rowdiness(?) than the average guardsman. As they are scouts they're a bit quieter than the other units...maybe you can make them whisper loudly?
Unit_Complete1: Scouts deployed to the battlefield.
Unit_Complete2: Sir, do you need some reconnaissance?
Unit_Complete3: (Lieutenant’s voice) Recon element has been deployed to the battlefield.
Unit_Complete4: Jaeger scouts are ready to infiltrate sir.
Unit_Complete5: We are the eyes and ears of the Iron Guard.
Unit_Complete6: Scouts ready to provide information on the locality.
Unit_Complete7: Jaegers reporting in.
Selection1: We mark the area for the iron hammer to strike.
Selection2: Yes sir, we are ready to move out now.
Selection3: We find danger before it finds us.
Selection4: Light foot! Orders coming in!
Selection5: Are we needed for skirmish orders sir?
Selection6: Sir….orders?
Selection7: Need a spotter sir?
Move1: Light Infantry Doctrine. Keep low.
Move2: Eyes peeled, watch for traps!
Move3: Relaying information…Sir, are you receiving?
Move4: Marking the locations as we go…
Move5: Keep quiet, trek along cover.
Attack1: Providing support fire!
Attack2: They won’t see us hitting them.
Attack3: We’ll show the enemy what fear is!
Attack4: There, shoot the leader!
Attack5: Yes sir, initiating flanking protocols.
Under_Fire1: Our position’s been compromised!
Under_Fire2: The enemy has found us! Sir, are you receiving their coordinates!?
Morale_Break1: We’re not equipped for prolonged firefights, we must withdraw!
Morale_Break2: The enemy presence exceeds our abilities! Retreat!
Morale_Restored1: That was an orange sector. It’s too dangerous for recon.
Morale_Restored2: We’ll need more guardsmen for that area.
Capture1: Taking the point from under their noses.
Capture2: No hostiles nearby. Take the point.
Capped1: The point is yours sir, are the engineers on the way?
Capped2: Sir, we have the point.
Charge1: Find cover and keep firing!
Charge2: We strike with the Emperor’s vengeance!
Charge3: Jaegers, attack!
Jump_Teleport1: To the front!
Deepstrike1: (Lieutenant’s voice) Our Jaeger forward recon elements are revealing themselves now.
Load_Transport1: Into the transport!
Unload_Transport1: Exiting…anything suspicious?
Ability1: Lob em!
Ability2: Nade the buggers!
Ability3: Toss what you got!
Ability4: In Emperor we trust!
Ability5: For the victory of Mordian!
Damage1: We need to disengage from this melee!
Damage2: Yargh, suck my muzzle….!
Damage3: Ahh, oww!!
Death1: Ahh… AAHHHH!!!
Death2: For..the Emperor…ugh.
Death3: Gaaaccccckkt!!
Death4: Huu..ahh…aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Iron Guard
Notes: Calm, reminds you of the line infantry of 17th-18th century European warfare… March, fire….lots of sirs…and well…that’s all they say.
Unit_Complete1: Guardsman squad requisitioned to the battlefield.
Unit_Complete2: We fight for Mordian and the Emperor.
Unit_Complete3: Reporting to the battlefield, sir.
Unit_Complete4: Infantry squad reporting in.
Unit_Complete5: Standing infantry here, sir!
Unit_Complete6: We sacrifice for Emperor and Mordian!
Unit_Complete7: Here to serve..
Selection1: Direct us to where we are needed sir.
Selection2: Yes, sir?
Selection3: We are ready to move out, sir.
Selection4: Where are we needed, sir?
Selection5: Sir, your orders?
Selection6: We will do what you ask of us, sir.
Selection7: Receiving you loud and clear, sir.
Move1: Moving out, come on!
Move2: Marching.
Move3: Yes sir, we will get there as quickly as possible.
Move4: Keep a tight grouping.
Move5: Mobilizing, sir.
Attack1: Waaaiiit…fire!
Attack2: The enemy is in range! Fire!
Attack3: Iron guard, we must hold this territory!
Attack4: Death to the enemy, glory to Mordian!
Attack5: For the Emperor! Fiiiirreeee!!!
Under_Fire1: Taking fire! Close formation and fire!
Under_Fire2: Under attack!
Morale_Break1: Sir, we are taking heavy casualties!
Morale_Break2: Sir, we must withdraw!!
Morale_Restored1: We have failed you sir...how should we atone?
Morale_Restored2: Send us back sir, we cannot let our brothers die unavenged.
Capture1: Securing the point.
Capture2: Yes sir, we will take it for you.
Capped1: The point has been secured.
Capped2: Sir, shall we guard this point until the engineers arrive?
Charge1: For Mordian and the Imperium!
Charge2: Charge!
Charge3: Yaaaahhhhh!!!
Jump_Teleport1: Steady up... in for it now.
Deepstrike1: Right back in!
Load_Transport1: We are embarking now sir.
Unload_Transport1: We have arrived and are holding the area sir.
Ability1: Throwing grenade, hold fast!
Ability2: Yes sir, grenading that target now.
Ability3: Remove pin and toss!
Ability4: For your security!
Ability5: For Mordian!
Damage1: Hold the line!
Damage2: We will not falter, HOLD!
Damage3: For the Emperor!
Death1: Arrgghhh!
Death2: Ohhhpphh!
Death3: Bah!!!
Death4: Gaarrhhhh!!

Iron Guard Sergeant
Notes: Firm, commanding, serious…(duh), and of course…with the sirs. Oh, and he yells.
Unit_Complete1: Sir, you requested a sergeant?
Unit_Complete2: Sir, I have arrived to lead my squad.
Unit_Complete3: Stand to!
Unit_Complete4: Yes sir, I will whip them in shape.
Unit_Complete5: Men! Stand to!
Unit_Complete6: Iron Guuuuuaarrrd! Faaall in!
Unit_Complete7: Sergeant reporting in, sir.
Selection1: From your mouth to the ears of my men, sir.
Selection2: Yes sir, what can I do for you?
Selection3: Receiving you loud and clear, sir.
Selection4: All soldiers accounted for, sir.
Selection5: We are ready to do the killing, sir.
Selection6: Ready for battle, sir!
Selection7: Infantry squad reporting, sir!
Move1: Form up! Marching orders, advance!
Move2: Guardsman, on me!
Move3: Yes sir, leading my squad!
Move4: Men…we march!
Move5: Moving out now sir!
Attack1: Yes sir. Men, close the range!
Attack2: Engage the enemy!
Attack3: Show them how the Iron Guard crushes its enemies!
Attack4: Sweep them from the field men!
Under_Fire1: Return fire!
Under_Fire2: About face! FIRE!
Morale_Break1: Sir they broke the lines, what should we do?!
Morale_Break2: Requesting permission to withdraw sir!
Morale_Restored1: That was a disgrace…I apologize sir.
Morale_Restored2: Sir, requesting reinforcements and return permission to battlefield.
Capture1: Men, take that point!
Capture2: Yes sir, that sector will be under our control shortly.
Capped1: Sector secured. Men, defensive protocol!
Capped2: Sir, the sector is secured. Any further orders?
Charge1: Death be thy compass!
Charge2: On me! CHAAARGE!
Charge3: Fire and ADVANCE!
Jump_Teleport1: Steady up men, prepare for combat!
Deepstrike1: Steady up men, prepare for combat!
Load_Transport1: Men, double file… ENTER!
Unload_Transport1: Men! Face outwards…EXIT! (Thin Blue Line….)
Ability1: Front rank, kneel! All ranks, FIRE!!
Ability2: Establishing fire base! Hold…..FIIIIRRREE!
Ability3: I want that area saturated with lasfire!!!
Ability4: Rank firing drill!
Ability5: I want everyone in that cone of fire DEAD!
Damage1: Guuh, that won’t stop me!
Damage2: Pain now, glory in the end!
Damage3: Victory or DEATH!
Death1: AAggggh.
Death2: Ggrrhhhahhah!
Death3: Orrppphhh!
Death4: Gahhhh!

Grenadier Squad
Notes: Grenadiers (historically with Europe) are the largest, toughest, most aggressive men in the regiment. They’re also very disciplined and elite, but with the Mordians there’s probably no arrogance…?
Unit_Complete1: (Lieutenant’s voice) The elite of the iron guard have deployed to the battlefield.
Unit_Complete2: We have finished our humble supplications and are ready for battle, sir.
Unit_Complete3: The iron guard’s elite have arrived.
Unit_Complete4: Our wargear has been blessed and are ready for war.
Unit_Complete5: Infantry elite reporting in, sir.
Unit_Complete6: Infantry shock troops ready for orders.
Unit_Complete7: Elite shock troops deployed.
Selection1: Let us form the base of the assault, sir.
Selection2: Sir, your command?
Selection3: Our daily drills prepare us for this day.
Selection4: Ready to battle the enemies of the Imperium.
Selection5: Praise the Emperor.
Selection6: Do you have orders sir?
Selection7: Standing at attention, sir.
Move1: Advancing, sir.
Move2: Moving, sir.
Move3: Standard formation.
Move4: Heading out, sir.
Move5: Following your orders.
Attack1: Engaging, sir!
Attack2: To battle!
Attack3: Assaulting the position, sir!
Attack4: Yes sir, we will accomplish our task.
Attack5: For Mordian!
Under_Fire1: Return fire!
Under_Fire2: Return the volley!
Morale_Break1: The squad has broken! Orders, sir!?
Morale_Break2: Take as many of them as we can!! AAAHH!!
Morale_Restored1: Squad morale restored sir.
Morale_Restored2: Regrouping.
Capture1: Securing the objective.
Capture2: Sir, the objective has been marked.
Capped1: Objective secured.
Capped2: Securing a foothold.
Charge1: Close ranks and charge!
Charge2: We are the hammer of the Imperium!
Charge3: Discipline leads to victory!
Jump_Teleport1: Initiate Shock doctrine!
Deepstrike1: Shock doctrine! Attack!
Load_Transport1: Boarding transport sir.
Unload_Transport1: Exiting transport sir.
Ability1: Initiate assault tactics!
Ability2: Grenading that position, sir!
Ability3: Clear that position with a grenade!
Ability4: Prepare to advance after the explosion!
Ability5: Yes sir!
Damage1: Guuuh!
Damage2: We are the elite…!
Damage3: Hoooold!
Death1: AAggggh!!
Death2: Ggrrhhhahhah!
Death3: Orrppphhh!
Death4: Gahhhh!

Grenadier Sergeant
Notes: Firm, commanding, serious…(sound familiar?) maybe has a little more personality than the regular sergeant…?
Unit_Complete1: Grenadier sergeant, reporting in!
Unit_Complete2: It is an honor to serve you, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Squad, it is an honor to lead you.
Unit_Complete4: Grenaddddiiieeeeeers….FALL IN!
Unit_Complete5: (Grenadier’s voice) AH-teeeeenn-TION!
Unit_Complete6: At ease men, now let us bring forth the wrath of the Emperor.
Unit_Complete7: You follow me NOW!
Selection1: The toughest men of the regiment are at your service, sir.
Selection2: Grenadier squad with officer reporting sir!
Selection3: We will bring honor to you sir.
Selection4: No enemy will get past us, I swear by it.
Selection5: Make ready! Orders incoming!
Selection6: The elite of the Iron Guard stand ready, sir.
Selection7: Whenever you are ready sir, give the word, and we will advance our frontlines.
Move1: HALT. Left, left, LEFT RIGHT LEFT!
Move2: Marching orders, to the front!
Move3: Yes sir, mobilizing!
Move4: Close order drill! Weapons forward….MARCH!
Move5: Advancing, sir!
Attack1: Look at their eyes, they fear us! FORWARD!
Attack2: Indoctrinate them on the discipline of the Iron Guard.
Attack4: Clear that position!
Attack5: Grenadiers, you heard the commander! ATTACK!
Under_Fire1: The enemy has chosen the wrong unit to attack. RETURN FIRE!
Under_Fire2: (very calmly) Under fire, sir.
Morale_Break1: We are Mordians! We die fighting!
Morale_Break2: Who told you to die!? KEEP FIRING!
Morale_Restored1: Any more doubts and we will be demoted to guardsmen!
Morale_Restored2: My leadership is incompetent, sir. How may I repent?
Capture1: Taking that point, sir!
Capture2: The Iron Guard will secure that foothold!
Capped1: The enemy will never take this point, sir.
Capped2: We hold this point, or we die in His service!
Charge1: Their disorganization is a weakness!
Charge2: Through discipline, VICTORY!
Charge3: Brush that rabble aside!
Jump_Teleport1: Grenadiers! Prepare to secure a foothold!
Deepstrike1: Men.. forward!
Load_Transport1: Grenadiers, board the transport!
Unload_Transport1: Grenadiers, make ready, and exit!
Ability1: Equip grenades, prime, THROW!
Ability2: Grenade doctrine! Aquila pattern! Cover their means of escape!
Ability3: Grenade doctrine! Mordian pattern! Form a hole in their lines and PUSH!
Ability4: Form a weakness in their lines! GRENADES!
Ability5: GRENADES! Then spearhead the assault!
Damage1: Drive them back!
Damage2: Yaaaaaaaahhhh!!
Damage3: Do not be deterred!
Death1: I cannot…fall!
Death2: (more screaming)
Death3: Aggrhhhhh!
Death4: Orrrhhhppphhh!

Heavy Weapons Team
Notes: Calm, reminds you of the line infantry of 17th-18th century European warfare… March, fire….lots of sirs…and well…that’s all they say.
Unit_Complete1: Heavy weapons team reporting, sir.
Unit_Complete2: The ammunition quota has been accounted for, and we have arrived, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Sir, you requisitioned a heavy weapons team?
Unit_Complete4: Heavy weapons team fully equipped and battle-ready, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Heavy weapons team on the field, sir.
Unit_Complete6: Heavy weapons team deploying to the battlefield, sir.
Unit_Complete7: (Lieutenant’s voice) A heavy weapons team has arrived to bolster the front, sir.
Selection1: We are the iron guard’s heavy weapons.
Selection2: We are ready to support the firing line, sir.
Selection3: Ready to deploy at the front, sir.
Selection4: The heavy guns are ready for battle, sir.
Selection5: Discipline and cold steel are the keys to victory.
Selection6: Like iron, we will weather any attack, sir.
Selection7: Rangefinders calibrated, sir.
Move1: We will hold that position, sir.
Move2: Marching with due haste, sir.
Move3: Steady, one, two, one, two…
Move4: Proceeding with caution, sir.
Move5: Moving to a better base of fire, sir.
Attack1: Every shot will count, sir.
Attack2: Fire at that position!
Attack3: Delivering death by iron, sir!
Attack4: Saturating area with heavy weapons fire!
Attack5: Suppressive fire!
Under_Fire1: Counter-fire!
Under_Fire2: We will hold!
Morale_Break1: The machinery has been damaged, sir!
Morale_Break2: The line cannot hold, sir! Requesting orders!
Morale_Restored1: That was an embarrassment to Mordian.
Morale_Restored2: We have shamed the regiment.
Capture1: Taking the position, sir!
Capture2: Capturing the position, sir.
Capped1: Position taken, providing firebase here.
Capped2: Fortifying the position, sir!
Charge1: Sir, yes, sir!
Charge2: We need to deploy now!
Charge3: Pushing the lines forward!
Load_Transport1: Boarding transport, sir!
Unload_Transport1: Exiting transport, sir!
Ability1: Deploying heavy weapons, sir.
Ability2: No enemy shall get past us, sir.
Ability3: Setting up heavy weapons, sir.
Ability4: Yes sir, deploying now.
Ability5: Forming a base of fire, sir.
Damage1: Guh!
Damage2: Gah!
Damage3: Geh!
Death1: For Mord... arrgghhh!
Death2: Orrpphh!!!
Death3: Gaatrrrhhppph!
Death4: *explosion* flinging the guys around

Towed Heavy Mortar
Notes: Maybe they can be as dour as the Mordian Guardsmen...perhaps slightly more explosive.
Unit_Complete1: Mortar battery requisitioned, your orders, sir?
Unit_Complete2: Mortar battery has finished supplying. Orders, sir?
Unit_Complete3: Artillery unit deployed. Where do you need us, sir?
Unit_Complete4: Sir, you requisitioned a heavy mortar?
Unit_Complete5: Mortar crew and artillery battery reporting for duty sir.
Unit_Complete6: Heavy weapons crew reporting to the front, sir!
Unit_Complete7: Indirect fire-unit ready for battle, sir!
Selection1: Ready to receive deployment coordinates, sir.
Selection2: Towed mortar ready to deploy, sir!
Selection3: Towed mortar standing to! Send your orders, sir!
Selection4: Overwatching area. Send your orders, sir!
Selection5: Sir? We are scanning the area.
Selection6: Ready for battle, be it offence or defence, sir.
Selection7: Mortar battery ready, sir!
Move1: Forming firebase at specified location, sir.
Move2: Redeploying at that location, sir.
Move3: Limber up and mobilize!
Move4: Yes sir, limbering now.
Move5: Battery crew, MOVE OUT!
Attack1: Every shell will count, sir.
Attack2: Coordinates received! Prime! FIRE!
Attack3: Saturation spread! Fire! Scatter their lines!
Attack4: Delivering ordnance! Mordian pattern!
Attack5: Affirmative! Commence shelling!
Attack6: (Some bugle plays) FIRE!
Under_Fire1: Counter-fire!
Under_Fire2: We will hold!
Capture1: Taking the position, sir!
Capture2: Capturing the position, sir.
Capped1: Position taken, providing firebase here.
Capped2: Fortifying the position, sir!
Charge1: Sir, yes, sir!
Charge2: We need to deploy now!
Charge3: Pushing the lines forward!
Load_Transport1: Boarding transport, sir!
Unload_Transport1: Exiting transport, sir!
Morale_Break1: The machinery has been damaged, sir!
Morale_Break2: The line cannot hold, sir! Requesting orders!
Morale_Restored1: That was an embarrassment to Mordian.
Morale_Restored2: We have shamed the regiment.
Join1: Hooking up, sir!
Join2: Ready to be towed!
Join3: Connecting lines..
Detach1: Unattached.. manning weapon..
Detach2: Un-tethering.. setting up guns..
Ability1: Setting up, sir!
Ability2: Yes sir, unlimbering at this location!
Ability3: Deploy and calibrate the range finders!
Ability4: Battery crew, deploy!
Ability5: Deploying now sir!
Damage1: Guh!
Damage2: Gah!
Damage3: Geh!
Death1: For Mord... arrgghhh!
Death2: Orrpphh!!!
Death3: Gaatrrrhhppph!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Attilan Rough Riders
Notes: These guys should sound savage, rough, and barbaric to the max. And they should sound a bit Asian.
Unit_Complete1: Attilan shock troops, ready for the slaughter!
Unit_Complete2: KHAN! We are READY!
Unit_Complete3: (Lieutenant's Voice) Our auxiliary riders are ready to cut down our enemies, sir.
Unit_Complete4: All saddled up and ready for the hunt!
Unit_Complete5: The warbeasts are ready, Khan!
Unit_Complete6: Lancers ready for the gutting, KHAN!
Unit_Complete7: Cavalry, ready to charge!
Selection1: What do you wish of us, my Khan?
Selection2: The warbeasts are eager to rend the enemy.
Selection3: (horse snorts)
Selection4: We are eager to join the battle!
Selection5: My khan! When do we get to charge?
Selection6: No battle line can withstand our assault!
Selection7: We can catch ANY FOE!
Move1: Gallop forth!
Move2: Hyaah! HYAAAH!
Move3: We will be there in a moment!
Move4: Yes Khan!
Move5: Jer! (Mongolian for "Yes Lord!") [Actually it can also be pronounced as "Zha" or "Tza", but that's more like Manchurian-dominated China]
Attack2: Spear those pigs!
Attack3: Let's crack some skulls!
Attack4: Use their heads as drinking cups!
Attack5: (Horn is blown) CHAAARRRRRGGGEEEE!!!!
Under_Fire1: Get moving or we're dead!
Morale_Break1: They broke our charge!
Morale_Break2: We cannot linger here!
Morale_Restored1: We have dishonored our clan....
Morale_Restored2: The only way to redeem ourselves is by bathing in their BLOOD!
Capture1: Take it for the Khan!
Capture2: We will take it for you!
Capped1: The prize is yours, Khan!
Capped2: Drink later, there is more to be done!
Charge1: Hyaaah! FORWARD!
Charge2: Pierce their hearts!
Charge3: Trample them into the ground!
Combat1: Heee--yahh!!
Combat2: Take em!
Combat3: Hyaaah!
Jump_Teleport1: For Mordian!
Deepstrike1: For the Emperor!
Load_Transport1: Moving to garrison..
Unload_Transport1: Out into it, riders!
Ability1: Ace them!
Ability2: We shall smash you!
Ability3: Riders... now!
Ability4: For Emperor!
Ability5: We are vigilant!
Damage1: Horses taking a beating..
Damage2: Com'n you beast of burden!
Damage3: Take it.. TAKE IT!!
Death1: Gaahhhrrhrhh!
Death2: Aggrrhhhh..
Death3: Orrrpphhh!
Death4: *horse dying FX*

Adjutants (Body Guards…for Mordian).
Notes: I think the guy’s addressing the Lieutenant more than he is addressing the actual commander aka the player.
Unit_Complete1: Honor guard reporting for duty, sir Lieutenant!
Unit_Complete2: (Lieutenant’s voice or Commander’s voice..whoever leads the Command Squad) Sir, an adjutant has been added to my squad.
Unit_Complete3: It is an honor to be assigned to you, sir.
Unit_Complete4: Honor guard has been requisitioned.
Unit_Complete5: Honor guard, ready for duty.
Unit_Complete6: Adjutant reporting in, sir!
Unit_Complete7: Body guard reporting for duty, sir!
Selection1: I will keep you safe, sir.
Selection2: Sir, let me take point.
Selection3: I am ready to move out with you sir.
Selection4: Do you need anything, sir?
Selection5: I am here to serve you, sir.
Selection6: Defending you is my duty and my cause.
Selection7: My life is at your disposal, sir!
Move1: Following you, sir.
Move2: I will watch our flanks as we make our way, sir.
Move3: On watch, sir!
Move4: Yes sir, watching our rear.
Move5: Forming defensive perimeter, sir.
Attack1: I’ll deal with the threat, sir!
Attack2: They won’t get close to you, sir!
Attack3: Attaaaaacccckkkk!!!
Attack4: I’ll draw their fire sir!
Attack5: Glory to Mordian and Emperor!
Under_Fire1: Stay back sir, there is danger up ahead!
Under_Fire2: You’ll have to get through me first!
Morale_Break1: Sir, we must withdraw for your sake!
Morale_Break2: I cannot handle all of them, sir!
Morale_Restored1: Sir, are you wounded?
Morale_Restored2: I have failed you sir…
Capture1: Yes sir, transferring point to your command.
Capture2: That point will be Mordian’s soon.
Capped1: The point belongs to Mordian, sir!
Capped2: The enemy no longer owns this point sir!
Charge1: You chose the wrong squad to assail!
Charge2: My life for Moooorrrdddiiiiaaaannnn!!!
Charge3: YAAAAAHHHH!!!
Combat1: Heee--yahh!!
Combat2: Take em!
Combat3: Hyaaah!
Jump_Teleport1: I’ll drop in first, sir!
Deepstrike1: I’ll clear the way for you sir!
Load_Transport1: You enter first, sir.
Unload_Transport1: I’ll go out first, sir.
Ability1: Give em hell!
Ability2: Witness his mighty hand!
Ability3: Crush em!
Ability4: They shall be withstood!
Ability5: We know no fear!
Damage1: Gaaahh!
Damage2: You will not... approach!!
Damage3: Stand fast against all adversity!
Death1: Run sir, ruunn --AAGAGGHH
Death2: Arrgghhhh!
Death3: Gahahhhhh!
Death4: Orrrppphhhhh!


Junior Officer
Notes: The junior officer should sound young, enthusiastic, and quite eager (for a Mordian). Historically, during the 17th-19th centuries the Forlorn Hope was a usually mostly-volunteer battle group whose job was to make a breach in the enemy lines. Anyone who survived the ordeal was guaranteed a hefty promotion.
Unit_Complete1: Junior officer deployed, sir!
Unit_Complete2: Finally sir, I am to be tested today?
Unit_Complete3: Junior officer reporting in, sir.
Unit_Complete4: I have trained long for this day, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Sir, let me lead the charge!
Unit_Complete6: Junior officer ready.
Unit_Complete7: Junior officer prepared to lead, sir.
Selection1: Yes sir?!
Selection2: The will to win and faith in the Emperor is all I need, sir.
Selection3: I am ready for orders, sir.
Selection4: I am ready to obey!
Selection5: Pistol’s loaded, sir!
Selection6: I know the drills well, sir.
Selection7: Loud and clear, sir!
Move1: I am already marching there, SIR!
Move2: Heading to the locale, sir!
Move3: Yes sir, moooving out!
Move4: In motion, sir.
Move5: Making an advance, sir!
Move6: Going there.
Move7: Move, move, move!
Attack1: My aim shall be true!
Attack2: If I fall let me be forever remembered!
Attack3: I hear you sir, ATTACK!
Attack4: Make a hole in their lines! CHAARGE!
Attack5: Closing the range!
Attack6: Enemies of the Imperium, FALL by my hand!
Attack7: Beginning the offensive!
Capture1: Yes sir, I will take that point.
Capture2: Taking point, sir.
Capture3: Taking strategic point.
Capped1: Updating the grid, sir.
Capped2: We have the objective.
Capped3: Objective secured, sir!
Join1: Follow me, men!
Join2: Allow me to lead you into battle!
Join3: Together we shall triumph!
Detach1: Yes sir, leaving squad.
Detach2: I have objectives elsewhere.
Load_Transport1: This will facilitate transport.
Load_Transport2: Thank you, sir.
Unload_Transport1: Exiting.
Unload_Transport2: Leaving transport!
Morale_Break1: They are too much, sir!
Morale_Break2: My faith is wavering, sir!
Morale_Restored1: I must return to the front now!
Morale_Restored2: Damn them…
Charge1: For the glory of the Imperium!
Charge2: The Iron Guard will crush you!
Charge3: You will all be crushed!
Jump_Teleport1: Into the fraaaay!
Jump_Teleport2: Like an angel, I shall smite you!
Deepstrike1: Initiating shock tactics!
Deepstrike2: Ambush tactics!
Ability1: I’ll have a death sentence for you if you rout!
Ability2: Routers will be shot and dishonored!
Ability3: I am a soldier, and I will kill you!
Ability4: You cannot stand against one of the Iron Guard!
Ability5: Yes, break yourself trying to hit us!
Combat1: I have my training!
Combat2: Focus your fire men!
Combat3: Hyaaah!
Under_Fire1: Returning fire!
Under_Fire2: Under fire!
Under_Fire3: Sir, I am reporting an attack!
Damage1: Just a flesh wound!
Damage2: This will not stop me!
Damage3: Aggh!
Death1: Glory to the… Emperor!
Death2: I die with glory!
Death3: Unnh….I cannot move.
Death4: That’s…fatal?

Standard Bearer
Notes: This guy should sound both inspired (by the standard) and inspiring (to his comrades). How that is done is interpreted by the voice actor.
Unit_Complete1: Yes sir, I am ready to bear the standard of the Iron Guard.
Unit_Complete2: (Lieutenant’s voice) Through the smoke and dust of battle, the regiment’s colors will lead us to glory.
Unit_Complete3: Sir, I will not let the standard fall.
Unit_Complete4: Thank you Emperor for this honor.
Unit_Complete5: Sir, I will not fail with my sacred task.
Unit_Complete6: I will ensure the regimental standard remains standing.
Unit_Complete7: Sir, you may count on me.
Selection1: It is an honor to bear the regimental colors, sir.
Selection2: I am ready to guide my comrades to battle.
Selection3: Standard bearer at attention!
Selection4: The colors are flying, sir.
Selection5: Morale is high, sir.
Selection6: The standard drives us to fight harder.
Selection7: The carry the spirit of the regiment.
Move1: Moving out sir!
Move2: Comrades, follow the standard!
Move3: We march as one!
Move4: Marching detail. As one, comrades!
Move5: Advancing sir!
Attack1: Let this standard be the focal point of our rage! TO ARMS!
Attack2: Iron guard, ADVANCE AND ENGAGE!
Attack3: Nobody shall stop us! FORWARD!
Attack4: The enemy shall fall to our repeated drills!
Under_Fire1: I WILL NOT FALL!
Under_Fire2: The standard will fly despite all your efforts!
Morale_Break1: I must protect the standard and relocate!!
Morale_Break2: Sir, we must shift positions!
Morale_Restored1: The standard shall lead us anew!
Morale_Restored2: We advance once more!
Capture1: Planting the standard, sir!
Capture2: Yes sir, I will claim it for the regiment!
Capped1: VICTORY!
Capped2: As long as the standard holds, the iron guard will hold.
Join1: Form up to the Standard!
Join2: Rally to the Flag!
Join3: We march together!
Detach1: Disengaging..
Detach2: The flag goes to serve elsewhere..
Jump_Teleport1: GLORY to MORDIAN!
Deepstrike1: Brace yourselves!
Load_Transport1: The standard will fly on this vehicle!
Unload_Transport1: Follow me men!
Ability2: COME BACK! The standard needs to be protected!
Ability3: Comrades, RALLY!
Ability4: Tactical rally! Around me!
Ability5: Men.. lend to the Standard!
Damage1: Protect the Standard!
Damage2: The Standard is under attack!
Damage3: Gwaaaahh!!
Death1: The Standard!! Arrgghhh!
Death2: For Mordian!
Death3: Arrghhhhh!
Death4: Orrrppphhh!

Notes: Unlike the grenadier sergeant, this guy is more reserved and less..err…pompous…?
Unit_Complete1: Sir, you requested a junior officer?
Unit_Complete2: Yes sir, I have received the combat assignment and am reporting to the front.
Unit_Complete3: Sir, you requested a lieutenant?
Unit_Complete4: Commander, you requisitioned me?
Unit_Complete5: Reporting for leadership detail, sir.
Unit_Complete6: Junior officer reporting for duty.
Unit_Complete7: Junior officer has arrived to the battlefield, sir.
Selection1: Sir, which sector shall I oversee?
Selection2: I am ready to coordinate the squads, sir.
Selection3: Ready to command the line and foot. (Line and foot = guardsmen….that’s what 18th-19th century soldiers were referred to)
Selection4: Lieutenant reporting in, sir.
Selection5: Junior officer at attention.
Selection6: Sir, requesting relocation to the front.
Selection7: Sir, do you have orders?
Move1: Yes sir, I’m moving out now.
Move2: Right away sir.
Move3: I serve with honor and pride, sir.
Move4: Like gears in a machine, we function with perfect efficiency.
Move5: The music of synchronized marches is a herald of doom to the enemy.
Attack1: Show them the steel fury of Mordian!
Attack2: On my command, FIRE!
Attack3: Alternate your volleys men!
Attack4: Yes sir, we will engage!
Attack5: Crush them in an orderly fashion!
Charge1: The Emperor watches us! Make sure He is not ashamed!
Charge2: Discipline and cold steel will lead us to victory!
Charge3: Demonstrate the ruthlessness of Mordian!
Ability1: Men, we hold here or we shame our regiment!
Ability3: Strengthen your resolve!
Ability4: We cannot fail here, or the battle will be lost!
Join1: Guardsmen! You are my retinue now!
Join2: Line it up!
Join3: With me, soldiers of Mordia!
Detach1: At ease!
Detach2: Squad dismissed..
Load_Transport1: (Driver’s voice) Destination, sir?
Unload_Transport1: (Driver’s voice) We have arrived, sir.
Morale_Break1: The battle line is faltering! I cannot rally the men!
Morale_Break2: Sir, the men are shattered! I cannot rally them!
Morale_Restored1: We are going back, sir.
Morale_Restored2: We will regain the ground we lost!
Damage1: Guh! Success is measured by blood!
Damage2: This…pain…is NOTHING!
Damage3: -gasp-
Death1: I have…failed.
Death2: Arrgghhh!
Death3: Gahhrraahhh!
Death4: Orrpphhhh!

Comm Operator
Notes: Give this guy a staticky voice….or something
Unit_Complete1: Communications specialist requisitioned!
Unit_Complete2: Sir, you needed a signaller?
Unit_Complete3: (Lieutenant’s voice) Orders can now be efficiently carried out with a communications operator.
Unit_Complete4: Vox specialist reporting sir!
Unit_Complete5: The prayers of clarity have been chanted, sir. Orders?
Unit_Complete6: Sir, you requisitioned a communications operator?
Unit_Complete7: Vox operator reporting for duty sir!
Selection1: Yes sir, do you need to relay orders?
Selection2: Sir, the vox channels are online and secure.
Selection3: Receiving you sir. Send.
Selection4: Vox is broadcasting successfully, sir.
Selection5: Tuning into your channel, sir.
Selection6: The vox network is secure, sir.
Selection7: Channel is good sir. Send.
Move1: Moving out, extending broadcast range.
Move2: Changing frequency sir.
Move3: Yes sir, initiating frequency change protocols.
Move4: Following the squad sir.
Move5: Yes sir, taking positions.
Attack1: Yes sir, firing on the enemy!
Attack2: Attacking, sir!
Attack3: Enemy coordinates relayed!
Attack4: Engaging the enemy, sir!
Attack5: Marking targets sir!
Charge1: For the Imperium of man!
Charge2: Doing my part sir!
Charge3: Joining the fray sir!
Ability1: Setting up false channels, they will not see us, sir.
Ability2: Battery! Fire doctrine danger-close! Coordinates SENT!
Ability3: Jamming their frequency; we have the advantage, sir.
Ability4: (Artillery voice on radio) Fire coordinates received! Delivering ordnance!
Ability5: Long range bombardment on the way!
Join1: Yes sir, attaching to squad.
Join2: Sir.. coordinating with the men.
Join3: Yes.. supporting the team.
Detach1: Yes sir, detaching.
Detach2: Sir.. ready for more assignments..
Load_Transport1: Boarding sir.
Unload_Transport1: Moving on foot now, sir.
Morale_Break1: Sir! Are you receiving!?
Morale_Break2: SitRep sir, situation critical!
Morale_Restored1: Sit Rep sir, situation stabilizing.
Morale_Restored2: Sir, the battle is turning in our favor.
Damage1: Guh, not the vox!
Damage2: Secure the operator!
Damage3: Comms taking damage..
Death1: -static- (Someone else’s voice) Come in! Come iiiinnn!!!
Death2: Vox down...
Death3: Argghhhh!
Death4: Orrrphhh!

Notes: The guy should sound like the regular Mordian guardsmen. He isn't too emotional to his troops; his "caring phrases" sound more like reading off a piece of paper.
Unit_Complete1: Medic reporting to the battlefield, sir.
Unit_Complete2: Sir, I have arrived to attend to the wounded.
Unit_Complete3: Sir, you requested a medic?
Unit_Complete4: The healing supplies have been packed and are ready for distribution, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Sir, I have finished briefing and I am ready to tend to the wounded.
Unit_Complete6: Sir, orderly reporting for duty.
Unit_Complete7: Field medic deployed.
Selection1: I have enough salves for everyone.
Selection2: Yes sir, the rites of healing are on my lips.
Selection3: The Emperor watches us as we tend to the ruins of battle.
Selection4: I administer to the servants of the Emperor.
Selection5: Medicine cures doubt as well as wounds.
Selection6: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.
Selection7: All who fall today will be remembered as the heroes of Mordian.
Move1: Moving to the specified coordinates, sir.
Move2: Medic moving out, sir.
Move3: Yes sir, I will heal the troops in that area.
Move4: Setting up an aid perimeter at that location.
Move5: That sector will receive medical supplies.
Attack1: We are soldiers, one and all! Attack!
Attack2: If you can still use a lasrifle, fire!
Attack3: Hold the line!
Attack4: Combat medic engaging, sir!
Attack5: Yes sir, engaging!
Charge1: Redirect death to the enemy!
Charge2: Fight now, I will tend to you later!
Charge3: To arms!
Ability1: You there.. meet pain!
Ability2: These are your last days!
Ability3: Recover not from this!
Ability4: Hold tight.. I offer release.
Ability5: Comfort from your burdens..
Join1: Find comfort in the Emperor.
Join2: You will need my skills.
Join3: Teamwork will benefit us all.
Detach1: I go with the Emperor’s blessings.
Detach2: I will tend to you in future.
Load_Transport1: Yes sir, this vehicle will be carrying medical supplies.
Unload_Transport1: The vehicle could transport the wounded, perhaps.
Morale_Break1: Sir! Falling back is the only option!
Morale_Break2: HQ! The wounded are being slaughtered!
Morale_Restored1: I must avenge the fallen…
Morale_Restored2: Sir…do you have orders?
Damage1: Gaah!
Damage2: Just a flesh wound…my dressings can fix that.
Damage3: Ha! Missed there..
Death1: This wound…is unbearable…
Death2: I... die...
Death3: Agrggghhhh!
Death4: Gaarhjrrhjk!

Notes: Probably NOT a native-born Mordian, so he’s not so dour…and dull…and monotonous…. I don't mean for him to sound pompous like the Cadian IG Commissar from Relic. I'm looking for something more along the lines of the Steel Legion Commissar's voice.
Unit_Complete1: The Commissariat has assigned me to this regiment; how may I serve you, sir?
Unit_Complete2: Sir, you requisitioned a commissar?
Unit_Complete3: Commissar reporting to the front, ready to instill discipline.
Unit_Complete4: I am honored to be given the duty of over-watching the Iron Guard.
Unit_Complete5: By the Emperor, I have arrived!
Unit_Complete6: Sir, Commissar reporting.
Unit_Complete7: On the field.. where am I need?!?
Selection1: Sir, which section should I oversee?
Selection2: There is no suitable reply to the enemy except by lasfire and ordnance.
Selection3: Drill is a necessary sin in the lives of men.
Selection4: The only good mind, is the obedient mind.
Selection5: Battle distinguishes the noble from the cowardly.
Selection6: Discipline is the chief element of courage.
Selection7: Few men are born brave; many become so through training and force of discipline, which I provide.
Move1: An ambush, if discovered and promptly surrounded, will repay the intended mischief with interest.
Move2: Discipline and morale are the keys to victory.
Move3: Mobilizing!
Move4: The Emperor favors the bold!
Move5: A wise man prepares for war in times of peace.
Attack1: A glorious death to him for falling for the Emperor!
Attack2: And so we go to the bloody business of the day! ATTACK!
Attack4: And so the enemy shall weep bitterly to see their comrades massacred!
Attack5: Take up your weapon! We go to war for the EMPEROR!
Charge1: I will kill thee a hundred and fifty ways!
Charge2: I'll fight, till from my bones my flesh be hacked.
Charge3: Fight to the last gasp.
Ability1: Better to die by my hand than to live life as a deserter! (BLAM!)
Ability2: Deserters WILL BE SHOT! (BLAM!)
Ability3: Your body will be used to close up the breach! (BLAM!)
Ability4: You AND your family will not receive the Emperor’s blessings! (BLAM!)
Ability5: To disobey is to throw the scales of war into imbalance! (BLAM!)
Join1: To those who flee there will be no glory, power, and no end of death.
Join2: I shall assist in coordinating your efforts, with just execution!
Join3: Men, I shall form the frontal spearhead of your duties.
Detach1: Yes sir, I am detaching. Is there another section needing my presence?
Detach2: Where am I now needed? A distinct lack of discipline still exists!
Load_Transport1: (Driver’s voice) Welcome aboard, sir.
Unload_Transport1: (Driver’s voice) The perimeter is safe, sir. You may exit.
Morale_Break1: Even if it means I fight alone, so be it!
Morale_Break2: When I return I will see to it that this squad is PURGED!
Morale_Restored1: For the sake of priority I will grant temporary amnesty.
Morale_Restored2: Do not rejoice yet! You will all be placed in court martial after the battle.
Damage1: Hrrmmphhh..
Damage2: Petty..
Damage3: This is blasphemy!
Death1: -gasp-
Death2: Emperor...
Death3: No....
Death4: This is not.. the last...

Notes: The Mordian priest is something of an abnormally, as most priests use their inspirational power to work the Emperor’s troops into a blind, killing frenzy. To the Mordian Iron Guard, this goes against their harsh tactics of discipline and organised manoeuvres. Instead, a Mordian Priest is thus expected to assist the men in their unwavering duty, to fortify the already iron will of the Mordian forces, and to empower their drilled firepower. The Mordian priest, therefore, speaks loudly, inspirationally, but not overpoweringly so, and his voice is ‘filled’ with the Emperor’s light
Unit_Complete1: The Emperor has sent me here to serve!
Unit_Complete2: Priest here, and looking for the front lines!
Unit_Complete3: I have come to lead His troops!
Unit_Complete4: I represent the Ecclesiarchy! (pronunciation is disputed, so this one might have to be taken out)
Unit_Complete5: The Glory of the Emperor is here today!
Unit_Complete6: With my arrival, the Emperor blesses our men!
Selection1: Are the Enemies of Mankind nearby?
Selection2: Send me to the Front lines!
Selection3: The Emperor guides me!
Selection4: Where do you want me?
Selection5: Where shall the Emperor’s light be spread?
Selection6: The Word of the Emperor knows no bounds!
Selection7: What business have you with the Emperor’s servant?
Move1: I agree, the Front Lines it is!
Move2: The Emperor shall guide my feet!
Move3: Onwards, towards his Glory!
Move4: I shall start up a marching hymn!
Move5: Let the Emperor lighten my feet!
Move6: The men and I are already moving.
Move7: The Emperor wills it!
Attack1: I will show no Mercy to his Enemies!
Attack2: Let the Emperor steady your resolve men!
Attack3: The Emperor’s strength is within us!
Attack4: Fear his Name!
Attack5: For our most Glorious Emperor!
Attack6: Pray the Emperor shows Mercy to your soul!
Attack7: His Righteous wrath will strike you down!
Capture1: I claim this area in the Holy Name of the Emperor!
Capture2: It shall be His!
Capture3: The Emperor claims this as His own!
Capped1: The Emperor has granted us this victory!
Capped2: Our devotion has not gone unnoticed!
Capped3: This is now under the protection of the Emperor!
Join1: I shall fortify their resolve!
Join2: The Light of the Emperor shall lead you!
Join3: The Iron of Mordian with the Fire of the Emperor!
Detach1: Others must hear the word of the Emperor!
Detach2: I part in the knowledge that the Emperor watches you.
Load_Transport1: The Emperor has provided transport!
Load_Transport2: I shall take the opportunity to preach to the men!
Unload_Transport1: Glory and honour await, men!
Unload_Transport2: We have feet for a reason men! Time to march!
Morale_Break1: Don’t forsake me, oh great one! (Scared)
Morale_Break2: We were not faithful enough!
Morale_Break3: His fury is apparent! (Scared, almost fanatical fear)
Morale_Restored1: The Emperor has blessed us with another chance! Time to use it!
Morale_Restored2: The Emperor’s light fills me once again!
Morale_Restored3: Men, the Emperor requires you once more!
Charge1: In the Emperor’s name, CHARGE!
Charge2: Let His Fury Flow through you!
Charge3: The Enemies of Mankind stand ready to DIE!
Jump_Teleport1: With the Emperor’s blessing!
Jump_Teleport2: Only with My faith can I survive!
Deepstrike1: I spread His Name to the Heart of our Enemies!
Deepstrike2: They shall fear Him!
Ability1: For the Most Holy Emperor of Mankind, DIE!
Ability2: The Faithless burn before me!
Ability3: Enemies of Mankind, Die before our swords!
Ability4: The Faithful are strengthened by his Words!
Ability5: The Emperor protects and blesses us men!
Combat1: They shall meet the Emperor today!
Combat2: I preach His name with each enemy I kill!
Under_Fire1: Stand firm! The Emperor watches us, even under the Enemy’s barrels!
Under_Fire2: These cannot hurt Me! I am the Voice of the Emperor!
Under_Fire3: The enemy seeks to stop the Emperor’s advance!
Damage1: He will not forsake me now!
Damage2: Emperor protect us from harm!
Damage3: The Enemy, they dare defy him?!
Death1: If we must die for the Emperor, I go gladly!
Death2: The Emperor welcomes me home!
Death3: One more time men, For the Empe- (cut short)
Death4: I face death with my Faith!

Notes: Extreme monotone, followed by a hint of internal struggle as the psyker tries to keep the warp at bay. Some of his quotes clearly show he has some trouble distinguishing between reality and the daemons threatening him. However, his training has rectified this...for the most part.
Unit_Complete1: Sanctioned psyker, binded and ready for orders.
Unit_Complete2: I foresaw my mission, and therefore I have prepared.
Unit_Complete3: I am ready for the task at hand, sir.
Unit_Complete4: The difference between me and the mutant....is discipline and the Emperor.
Unit_Complete5: You requisitioned for a psyker, lord?
Unit_Complete6: I am outfitted and ready for combat.
Unit_Complete7: (Lieutenant's Voice): A psyker has been deployed at HQ. Use him wisely.
Selection1: Your bidding, my lord?
Selection2: Only through rigorous training and discipline do I control my powers.
Selection3: Only in death shall I be released from this pain.
Selection4: I am at your disposal, lord.
Selection5: My mind is always in battle.
Selection6: Reality and my own mind? I only see targets.
Selection7: Tell me what to do, lord.
Move1: I am already in motion, lord.
Move2: Displacing....
Move3: A fitting location to do battle.
Move4: Ah...I have seen it in my dreams...
Move5: The Emperor is my torch in this darkness.
Move6: Yes, to the battle line, I hear you, sir.
Move7: An order? Yes, following your orders, sir.
Attack1: No armor can protect from the warp powers....
Attack2: Target....marked.
Attack3: Yes...finally I can release my powers....
Attack4: Yes lord...on the offensive.
Attack5: They will not expect this...
Attack6: I have seen them...I am prepared....
Attack7: Yes...taking part in the Mordian war machine....
Capture1: I will take it for you...sir.
Capture2: Is this on the list of objectives, sir?
Capture3: Extending the front, sir.
Capped1: Objective achieved.
Capped2: This point is now under our control...
Capped3: Captured.
Join1: If I so much as falter, execute me.
Join2: Supervising squad...sir.
Join3: You are my comrades for now.
Detach1: I leave you.
Detach2: I was not that detrimental to your minds, was I?
Load_Transport1: Do not fear me driver, take me to the destination.
Load_Transport2: Yes, you may have a gun trained on my head while I am aboard.
Unload_Transport1: Now that I leave, we are both relieved.
Unload_Transport2: Yes...I leave now...
Morale_Break1: The reality and the warp are merging...I cannot distinguish...argh!
Morale_Break2: I did not foresee this....or did I...? I accept.
Morale_Restored1: The Emperor has restored my vision....
Morale_Restored2: I am still alive...?
Charge1: Suffer my pain in measure to your prowess!!
Charge2: I go forth to do battle with you!
Charge3: You will all bend, kneel and die!
Jump_Teleport1: I cast myself through the warp...for the Emperor!
Jump_Teleport2: The awakening is always so....surprising.
Deepstrike1: Even the enemy cannot have foreseen this...
Deepstrike2: Shall I embark with my powers blazing?
Ability1: Feel the pain of a disciplined mind!
Ability2: I channel my powers through faith!
Ability3: The more you resist, the more your soul dies...
Ability4: Witness the power of a servant to the Emperor!
Ability5: A lifetime of training, a moment on the battlefield....
Combat1: Haaaaa!!!
Combat2: Begone, foe!
Combat3: I banish you in the name of the Emperor!
Under_Fire1: Do they not know they confront a psyker?
Under_Fire2: I already saw this coming...and they have provoked a response.
Under_Fire3: No rest for the weary....
Damage1: Urgh...
Damage2: This pain is naught compared to my daily nightmare....
Damage3: You will receive pain seventy-seven fold...
Death1: The....sweet....release of....deaaaaaattttthhh....
Death2: It seems I have failed you lord..
Death3: Guuuhhh.
Death4: Unfortunately, I cannot disregard death.

Master of Ordnance
Notes: This guy would be like the guy who doesn't look at people when he's talking. he's too busy observing the distance, marking targets and positions for the artillery to deliver death while the Iron Guard grind ahead. So, he'll sound focused, but it's kinda like he's sort of responding to you but you can tell his mind is elsewhere. Not that he's not disciplined, he's just very very focused on his job.
Unit_Complete1: Master of Ordnance reporting for duty, sir.
Unit_Complete2: -computer beeps as he inputs coordinates/boots up whatever he uses for artillery strike-
Unit_Complete3: Connection complete, artillery positions allocated to my command.
Unit_Complete4: Slaving artillery to control panel, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Fire teams, be ready to receive my signal.
Unit_Complete6: Artillery groups, by my command.
Unit_Complete7: Master of Ordnance deployed.
Selection1: Ready to call the barrage, sir.
Selection2: Ask, and you shalt receive generously.
Selection3: I am far from the front, am I?
Selection4: Yes, the scouts are relaying real-time coordinates to me.
Selection5: The mini-map is clear, sir.
Selection6: I am keeping watch, sir.
Selection7: I am watching as the Emperor does, sir.
Move1: Relocating, sir.
Move2: I see the coordinates you have given me, sir.
Move3: I obey and move, sir.
Move4: Perhaps that is the better position, sir?
Move5: I move, sir.
Move6: Is that position safer, sir?
Move7: Of course, sir.
Attack1: This laspistol won't do much, sir!
Attack2: Am I under attack?!
Attack3: This is my stand! AARRGGGHH!!
Attack4: I suppose the artillery is reloading, sir!?
Attack5: Sir! What is happening!?
Attack6: I am not equipped for this, sir!
Attack7: If He wills it, so be it!
Capture1: Yes sir, I see the point on my map.
Capture2: Heading to capture, sir.
Capture3: Moving to capture, sir.
Capped1: I have taken the point sir!
Capped2: Mini-map recalibrated to include captured point.
Capped3: Sir, I have the point.
Join1: You will be my escorts until specified.
Join2: Guardsmen, you will escort me.
Join3: Emperor bless you today, you get to be far from the front with me.
Detach1: I do not need you anymore.
Detach2: Yes sir, detaching.
Load_Transport1: Entering transport.
Load_Transport2: Loading into transport.
Unload_Transport1: Exiting transport, sir.
Unload_Transport2: Back into the fray, it seems.
Morale_Break1: I cannot dally here any longer!
Morale_Break2: Sir! HELP!
Morale_Restored1: I will return them the pain sevenfold!
Morale_Restored2: I will have my revenge....!
Charge1: Getting into the thick of it can't be good!
Charge2: Yes sir I am charging!
Charge3: Emperor protect me!
Jump_Teleport1: A very fast relocation, indeed.
Jump_Teleport2: I think I prefer the stability of a transport.
Deepstrike1: Am I going to be safe, sir?
Deepstrike2: I can call a barrage from anywhere!
Ability1: Artillery teams, fire on inputted coordinates.
Ability2: Annihilate that sector! The Emperor demands it!
Ability3: I want to see a smoking crater on that spot NOW!
Ability4: Fire team, saturate those coordinates.
Ability5: Earthshaker shell to this position!
Combat1: I cannot fall, my task is too important!
Combat2: He is my shield and protector!
Combat3: Begone!!
Under_Fire1: Sir, I have been compromised!
Under_Fire2: They have found me, sir!
Under_Fire3: How can they tell me apart from the others!?
Damage1: Gyaah, I cannot die now!
Damage2: I need to withdraw!
Damage3: Sir! I need medical attention!
Death1: Who will...call the artillery now..?
Death2: I have failed...
Death3: My duty cannot end...noooow.
Death4: Urgh.

Company Command Squad - Captain
Notes: Authority Equals Asskicking. This guy makes sure all your orders get through to the men, and he’s the brightest of the company. Just because he is an officer doesn’t mean he’s shabby in a fight. He is direct, obeying, disciplined, stern, rigid, tough, manly; the embodiment of the military man.
Unit_Complete1: This is the company captain, reporting to the front.
Unit_Complete2: Highest officer of the company, commander.
Unit_Complete3: I am the heart of the Iron Guard, sir.
Unit_Complete4: This is the Captain of the Iron Guard.
Unit_Complete5: Briefing finished, I am ready for battle.
Unit_Complete6: Ready to lead the Imperium’s hammer.
Unit_Complete7: We are the hammer of the Imperium.
Selection1: Company Captain reporting.
Selection2: This is the captain speaking, sir.
Selection3: Your orders are being relayed sir.
Selection4: Victory is withtin grasp, sir.
Selection5: You have all my attention, sir.
Selection6: Company Command Squad, stand to!
Selection7: Is there a matter of importance I need to know?
Move1: Yes sir, I will assess that location.
Move2: Repositioning.
Move3: Getting into position.
Move4: Orders received.
Move5: I shall keep you informed, sir.
Move6: Squad, move out!
Move7: Squad, reposition!
Attack1: Iron Guard, bear upon the enemy!
Attack2: Smash them, shatter their defenses!
Attack3: That is no way to fight. Show them how WE deal death!
Attack4: Bring that target down!
Attack5: All men, concentrate fire!
Attack7: Push forward and don’t step back!
Capture1: Make this a forward position.
Capture2: Yes sir, securing strategic point.
Capture3: That seems to be of strategic value.
Capped1: I will make this a temporary HQ.
Capped2: For the company!
Capped3: Do you have additional orders?
Load_Transport1: Full speed, driver.
Load_Transport2: Run over all obstacles, driver.
Unload_Transport1: Return to your duties, driver.
Unload_Transport2: I leave now, sir.
Morale_Break1: I am in a precarious situation, sir!
Morale_Break2: This is grave.
Morale_Restored1: I am unworthy of my position…
Morale_Restored2: Ready for new orders…
Join1: You are with me, soldiers!
Join2: Form your ranks around me.. now!
Join3: To arms! We take the fight together!
Detach1: Dismissed..
Detach2: At ease..
Charge1: Forward men!
Charge2: With me!
Charge3: Gang up on the big one!
Jump_Teleport1: Orders will be much faster this way…
Jump_Teleport2: A convenience.
Deepstrike1: Joining the ambush.
Deepstrike2: In position to deliver the blow.
Ability1: Bring that monstrosity down!
Ability2: Target the weak points!
Ability3: Fire on my target!
Ability4: BRING. IT. DOWN. NOW!
Ability5: Get back in the fight!
Combat1: You underestimate me.
Combat2: You shalt not find me lacking, though!
Combat3: You think officers are WEAK?
Under_Fire1: They are targeting us.
Under_Fire2: I can hold my own.
Under_Fire3: They just earned my fury.
Damage1: That was just the armor.
Damage2: I am fine…sir.
Damage3: I need a medic.
Death1: M…medic…
Death2: There are more….from the academy.
Death3: Arrgh….it’s up to the juniors..
Death4: I’ve failed..commander.

Company Command Squad - Veteran Officer/Guardsmen
Notes: Like the adjutants with the lieutenant, these guardsmen are veterans who have proven themselves extremely battle-capable. They’re here to keep unpleasant fellows away from the captain.
Unit_Complete1: Reporting for duty, captain!
Unit_Complete2: Here to keep you safe, captain.
Unit_Complete3: Sir, I have been assigned to your retinue.
Unit_Complete4: He directs, we enforce.
Unit_Complete5: Veterans here, sir.
Unit_Complete6: Stay close to me, sir.
Unit_Complete7: Sir, I’ll take point.
Selection1: Veteran guardsmen here.
Selection2: Captain’s bodyguards, what do you need?
Selection3: We are listening commander, please send.
Selection4: It is an honor to be part of the command squad, sir.
Selection5: We will keep the captain out of danger, sir.
Selection6: Shall we make a push, sir?
Selection7: Pride of the Iron Guard.
Move1: We shall root out all hazards.
Move2: Let me move first, captain.
Move3: Heading to the location, sir.
Move4: Sir.
Move5: Maintain a clear view.
Move6: If you wish it, sir.
Move7: As you command, sir.
Attack1: Yes sir, we will join the fray!
Attack2: Sending them to their deaths, sir.
Attack3: Protect the captain!
Attack4: Take out the shooting ones!
Attack5: Suppress and kill!
Attack6: On the offensive!
Attack7: We have them in our sights, sir.
Capture1: Make this a forward position.
Capture2: Yes sir, securing strategic point.
Capture3: That seems to be of strategic value.
Capped1: I will make this a temporary HQ.
Capped2: For the company!
Capped3: Do you have additional orders?
Load_Transport1: Full speed, driver.
Load_Transport2: Run over all obstacles, driver.
Unload_Transport1: Return to your duties, driver.
Unload_Transport2: I leave now, sir.
Morale_Break1: I am in a precarious situation, sir!
Morale_Break2: This is grave.
Morale_Restored1: I am unworthy of my position…
Morale_Restored2: Ready for new orders…
Charge1: Forward men!
Charge2: With me!
Charge3: Gang up on the big one!
Join1: Men, you are with me!
Join2: Form up!
Join3: You are under new leadership now!
Detach1: At ease, men.
Detach2: I must go.. I am needed elsewhere.
Jump_Teleport1: Orders will be much faster this way…
Jump_Teleport2: A convenience.
Deepstrike1: Joining the ambush.
Deepstrike2: In position to deliver the blow.
Ability1: Bring that monstrosity down!
Ability2: Target the weak points!
Ability3: Fire on my target!
Ability4: BRING. IT. DOWN. NOW!
Ability5: Get back in the fight!
Combat1: You underestimate me.
Combat2: You shalt not find me lacking, though!
Combat3: You think officers are WEAK?
Under_Fire1: They are targeting us.
Under_Fire2: I can hold my own.
Under_Fire3: They just earned my fury.
Damage1: That was just the armor.
Damage2: I am fine…sir.
Damage3: I need a medic.
Death1: Sir, look out! ARRGGGH!!
Death2: There’s more where I came from…argh.
Death3: Keep…shooting…
Death4: Get away…from here.

Company Command Squad - Officer of the Fleet
Notes: The Officer of the Fleet is a proud, aloof, and stern man. Not part of the Imperial Guard, he commands bombers and batteries in the navy to provide support.
Unit_Complete1: This is, the officer of the fleet.
Unit_Complete2: The Imperial Navy is at your call…through me, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Their supply lines are already under fire.
Unit_Complete4: Officer of the fleet, on the field.
Unit_Complete5: You requested a fleet’s officer, sir?
Unit_Complete6: I have arrived on the surface.
Unit_Complete7: Hm, fresh air.
Selection1: Your liaison to the Navy.
Selection2: Bomber detachments are reporting in.
Selection3: The lance batteries are charged up.
Selection4: Does the situation call for a precision strike?
Selection5: What shall we send down this time, sir?
Selection6: Oh yes, I am armed.
Selection7: Channel’s open at all times, sir.
Move1: Maintaining signal sir.
Move2: Hope this atmospheric vox works…
Move3: Squadrons, I am relocating.
Move4: Squadrons, change your positions.
Move5: Yes, I hope this is a safe route.
Move6: Following your leads, commander.
Move7: Following the captain, sir.
Attack1: We are being threatened!
Attack2: Foul enemies of the Emperor, wait until you’re smitenn!
Attack3: Yes, I’ll keep them busy.
Attack4: Yes sir, engaging.
Attack5: Holding them in place, sir.
Attack6: Now would be time to give the order…sir.
Attack7: Squadrons on alert! I am under attack!
Capture1: Make this a forward position.
Capture2: Yes sir, securing strategic point.
Capture3: That seems to be of strategic value.
Capped1: I will make this a temporary HQ.
Capped2: For the company!
Capped3: Do you have additional orders?
Load_Transport1: Full speed, driver.
Load_Transport2: Run over all obstacles, driver.
Unload_Transport1: Return to your duties, driver.
Unload_Transport2: I leave now, sir.
Morale_Break1: I am in a precarious situation, sir!
Morale_Break2: This is grave.
Morale_Restored1: I am unworthy of my position…
Morale_Restored2: Ready for new orders…
Join1: You are my escorts until further notice.
Join2: Guardsmen, you have become my security detail.
Join3: Squad.. I require protection!
Detach1: You are not required.
Detach2: I will go.. duty lies elsewhere.
Charge1: Forward men!
Charge2: With me!
Charge3: Gang up on the big one!
Jump_Teleport1: Orders will be much faster this way…
Jump_Teleport2: A convenience.
Deepstrike1: Joining the ambush.
Deepstrike2: In position to deliver the blow.
Ability1: Pilots, descend to my location. Bombadiers, saturate the area.
Ability2: (voice of imperial bombers) Locations received, delivering the payload!
Ability3: (voice of lance battery gunnery officer) Firing orders received, officer, take cover and prepare for orbital bombardment.
Ability4: (voice of gunnery officer) Guns loaded and firing.
Ability5: Death, from, above!
Combat1: You underestimate me.
Combat2: You shalt not find me lacking, though!
Combat3: You think officers are WEAK?
Under_Fire1: They are targeting us.
Under_Fire2: I can hold my own.
Under_Fire3: They just earned my fury.
Damage1: That was just the armor.
Damage2: I am fine…sir.
Damage3: I need a medic.
Death1: Aarrggggghh
Death2: Ugggh…….awgh
Death3: (Bomber): Come in officer? Officer? Damn we lost him!
Death4: Should’ve…stayed up there…urgh.


Atlas Recovery Vehicle
Notes: He talks like the builder unit...except with static.
Unit_Complete1: Atlas Recovery Vehicle deployed, sir.
Unit_Complete2: Atlas Vehicle reporting.
Unit_Complete3: Ready for salvage and repairs, the ritual catalysts are accounted for.
Unit_Complete4: Atlas requisitioned, commander.
Unit_Complete5: Orderlies and Atlas ready for deployment, sir.
Unit_Complete6: All men of the Iron Guard are entrusted to a sacred duty.
Unit_Complete7: Atlas Recovery Vehicle assembled and ready, sir.
Selection1: The medic to the men, the Atlas to the machine spirit.
Selection2: Which section needs our assistance, sir?
Selection3: Sir, where shall our next task be performed?
Selection4: Send us to the vehicle line requiring repairs, sir.
Selection5: We bolster the integrity of the battle line.
Selection6: All apparatus pertaining to repair protocols is functioning, sir.
Selection7: Ready the apparatus, we have orders.
Move1: Mobilizing, sir.
Move2: Yes sir, moving.
Move3: Relocating to that location, sir.
Move4: Heading out, sir.
Move5: Yes sir, tracks moving.
Move6: Careful with the equipment, crew.
Move7: Set up there.
Attack1: Man the heavy bolter!
Attack2: Yes sir, dispatching targets!
Attack3: We will do what we can, sir!
Attack4: We will hold them for as long as we can!
Attack5: Firing on the targets...sir.
Attack6: Targets of opportunity! Fire!
Attack7: Suppress them!
Charge1: Maneuver around them!
Charge2: Don't let them damage the apparatus!
Charge3: Crush them if necessary!
Ability1: Initiating repairs.
Ability2: We will work as fast as possible, sir.
Ability3: Yes sir, improving hull integrity.
Ability4: Performing recovery protocols.
Ability5: We will have it ready for combat, sir.
Combat1: Shake them off!
Combat2: We cannot stay here, sir!
Combat3: Get as many as we can!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: You know the drill (Mordian!), dour, maybe boring, monotonous voice.
Unit_Complete1: Chimera online and ready for transport duty.
Unit_Complete2: Fuelling completed; chimera transport is ready for battle.
Unit_Complete3: Las-batteries are fully stocked, we are ready for orders sir.
Unit_Complete4: Chimera and crew reporting.
Unit_Complete5: Transport chimera ready for battle.
Unit_Complete6: Sir, the chimera is in transport-ready condition.
Unit_Complete7: Chimera, ready to move the Iron Guard to the front.
Selection1: Yes sir, send your message.
Selection2: Infantry-fighting vehicle ready for orders, sir.
Selection3: Do we have transport duties at the front, sir?
Selection4: Chimera here, ready for orders.
Selection5: Ready to take the men to the front, sir.
Selection6: Chimera and crew awaiting orders!
Selection7: Crew, we have orders!
Move1: Driver, take us over there.
Move2: Mobilizing to that location.
Move3: Deploy to that area!
Move4: Orders acknowledged, moving out.
Move5: Move the treads, driver.
Attack1: Providing fire support!
Attack2: Commence firing the multilaser!
Attack3: Fire the multilaser at those targets!
Attack4: Gunner, fire the multilaser!
Attack5: Fire!!!
Ability1: For Mordian!
Ability2: Victory!
Ability3: Send them to ashes!
Ability4: Vigilance, men!
Ability5: Easements from the battle..
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

APDS-6a Defender
Notes: Interesting unit....Chimera's speed and the heavy punch of a laser destroyer. Compare with: <a href="http://www.youtube.c...?v=R7KP-QyRtpk" target="_blank">
They should sound like the Prism Tank voice from the Command and Conquer game Yuri's Revenge. That voice is just outright diabolical and detached, fitting the Mordians perfectly.
Unit_Complete1: APDS Defender assembled.
Unit_Complete2: Iron Defender, ready to deploy.
Unit_Complete3: APDS Defender requisitioned and combat-ready.
Unit_Complete4: Defender, ready for battle.
Unit_Complete5: Defender, at your service, sir.
Unit_Complete6: APDS Chimera, the bringer of light.
Unit_Complete7: APDS Chimera, ready for battle.
Selection1: Defender here, ready to engage armored targets.
Selection2: Pinpoint accuracy will be their demise.
Selection3: We destroy the strongpoints of the enemy.
Selection4: Optics ready, sights clear, energy stablizers online.
Selection5: Send your message sir.
Selection6: Receiving you clear and true.
Selection7: Fast artillery ready to engage.
Move1: Yes sir, moving to the coordinates.
Move2: We will bolster the front, sir.
Move3: Providing firepower at the front, sir.
Move4: Diverting energy to movement.
Move5: Mobilizing now, sir.
Attack1: We will annihilate what offends the Emperor.
Attack2: Set weaponry to full power.
Attack3: Focusing las intensity.
Attack4: Divert all power to the beam.
Attack5: Calculating light trajectory.
Ability1: For the Emperor!
Ability2: Success!
Ability3: We never yield!
Ability4: Vigilance, men!
Ability5: Easements from the battle..
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: The Mordians sound very much alike because they are very robotic. You can pretty much use the same voice as the other vehicles....like the chimera.
Unit_Complete1: Thunderbolt heavy strike aircraft reporting.
Unit_Complete2: Thunderbolt heavy fighter requisitioned.
Unit_Complete3: Finally, a mission.
Unit_Complete4: Air superiority craft deployed.
Unit_Complete5: Iron Guard thunderbolt, at your service sir.
Unit_Complete6: Lift achieved, we are ready for deployment, sir.
Unit_Complete7: Thunderbolt deployed.
Selection1: Optimal speed reached, sir.
Selection2: Ready to deliver payload, sir.
Selection3: Pilot here, receiving you clearly sir.
Selection4: Ready for orders, sir.
Selection5: Aero-space is clear, sir.
Selection6: Go ahead, sir.
Selection7: Command?
Move1: Vectors locked in.
Move2: Course set.
Move3: Plotting path, factoring in cross-wind.
Move4: Velocity at maximum, sir.
Move5: Preparing for a run, sir.
Move6: Traveling to that aerospace.
Move7: Yes sir.
Attack1: Show them the definition of "Steel Rain." (NOT Boreale's Steh Ren)
Attack2: They won't get past me.
Attack3: Yes sir, delivering payload.
Attack4: Pummeling them, sir.
Attack5: Giving air support.
Attack6: All cannons are hot!
Attack7: They can't target me!
Charge1: In-and-out!
Charge2: Salvo after salvo!
Charge3: I've locked on you!
Ability1: Launching hellstrike!
Ability2: Delivering bombing run!
Ability3: Destroying hard tatget!
Ability4: Purification spread initiated!
Ability5: Performing precision strike.
Death1: *aircraft death sounds*

Notes: I just realized that the aircraft are part of the Navy, not the actual Mordian regiments. So...let's make this guy sound fun compared to the Iron Guard Boys. And I believe he's fun because most of the time he's trying to cheer up the guys who are going to be deployed (and slaughtered). If anyone's played CnC Generals, listen around to the voice of the chinook. <a href="http://www.youtube.c...?v=Depv8ME17qQ" target="_blank"> (Quotes start at 6:10)
Unit_Complete1: Navy's transport, ready for the airlift.
Unit_Complete2: Fit and fueled, ready for operations!
Unit_Complete3: Valkyrie deployed, sir!
Unit_Complete4: We're right on schedule, c'mon!
Unit_Complete5: We will be your transporters for today, sir!
Unit_Complete6: This is your Valkyrie captain speaking, sir!
Unit_Complete7: I think we're all accounted for, sir!
Selection1: Receiving high and fine up here!
Selection2: Welcome to the mile high club sir!
Selection3: Who are we supposed to pick up sir?
Selection4: We got plenty of fuel.
Selection5: What's the load, sir?!
Selection6: Here to give us a briefing, sir?
Selection7: Right-o sir, I hear you.
Move1: C'mon pilot move it!
Move2: We'll be there as fast as we can!
Move3: Get the thrust on pilot!
Move4: Move this old bird, c'mon!
Move5: Put that fuel to good use, full speed!
Move6: Let's go, don't tarry!
Move7: Yes sir, blasting ahead!
Attack1: C'mon, c'mon, blow our load! (or use payload if the joke is unacceptable)
Attack2: Someone get on those heavy bolters!
Attack3: We have them now!
Attack4: Clear the landing zone!
Attack5: Make it safe for our boys to land!
Attack6: Kill as many as you can!
Attack7: We're on it, sir!
Charge1: Clear the way!
Charge2: Basting the grox meat...as they say!
Charge3: Take out that one!
Ability1: Droppin' you guys off!
Ability2: Have a good one!
Ability3: Hope to see you soon!
Ability4: Off to battle you go!
Ability5: Emperor bless you, boys!
Combat1: Are we allowed to evac now!?
Combat2: The Emperor protects!
Combat3: Target that one!
Death1: Mayday! Mayday! Aww, fawk.
Death2: She can't take it! AAGGHH--
Death3: It was an honor SIIIIIRRRRR------static-
Death4: Drop 'em before we blo---static-

Vulture Gunship
Notes: These guys are part of the Imperial Navy, and thus separate from the Mordians. Therefore, they’re not very monotonous and quite helpful-sounding.
Unit_Complete1: Vulture Gunship deployed, sir!
Unit_Complete2: You got something needing protection?
Unit_Complete3: Sent in by the Imperial Navy!
Unit_Complete4: You requested a mp-up operation, sir?
Unit_Complete5: Truly yours, the Vulture Gunship.
Unit_Complete6: Vulture, standing by and waiting for orders.
Unit_Complete7: Vulture here, got launch orders?
Selection1: This is the vulture gunship, main pilot speaking.
Selection2: Vulture at your service!
Selection3: Go ahead, command.
Selection4: Yessir, we’re combat ready.
Selection5: Not right now…..Emperor tell this machine spirit to shut it.
Selection6: We’ll escort anything.
Selection7: Vanguard or rearguard, take your pick.
Move1: Keep your eyes on that radar.
Move2: Alright, moving.
Move3: Transmitting coordinates.
Move4: Vector plotted, let’s move out.
Move5: Alright, let’s burn some fuel.
Move6: Forming your vanguard.
Move7: Listen to those engines go!
Attack1: Pick ‘em off.
Attack2: Already on it.
Attack3: Oh they’re asking for it.
Attack4: We’ll give them a distraction.
Attack5: Twirl and whirl, they won’t know where to shoot now.
Attack6: Open up with all those guns!
Attack7: Yes sir, giving support fire.
Charge1: Is he trying to aim at us?
Charge2: Pick off the isolated ones!
Charge3: Fire on that one!
Ability1: Alpha protocol, all hardpoints aim at that one target.
Ability2: If it’s not roasted, it’ll be in pieces.
Ability3: We gotta get out of here!
Ability4: Evasive manuevers dammit!
Ability5: Dump all our ammo on that frakker!
Combat1: A bit too close for comfort!
Combat2: What in the Emperor’s name are they doing?
Combat3: Drawing fire!
Death1: Where’s the parachutes!?
Death3: Critical failure! We’re going down!
Death4: We go down now…but our souls go to His side.

Leman Russ Vanquisher
Notes: Often aggressive, eager, and ambitious sounding. This particularly hunter snacks on tanks and other hard targets for breakfast. Make them sound like the Jaeger scouts; not so disciplined, not so robotic, and maybe a bit lively.
Unit_Complete1: Vanquisher of the Iron Guard, deployed.
Unit_Complete2: Sir, the Leman Russ, Vanquisher variant, is at your service.
Unit_Complete3: Leman Russ Vanquisher online and ready for battle, sir.
Unit_Complete4: Vanquisher and crew requisitioned, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Leman Russ Vanquisher deployed.
Unit_Complete6: Anti-tank Leman Russ ready for combat.
Unit_Complete7: Ammo stock is loaded and we are ready for war, sir.
Selection1: Ready to make a breach in their battle line, sir.
Selection2: Anti-vehicle tank ready, sir.
Selection3: Eager to penetrate...sir.
Selection4: Soft or hard, it's the same to us sir.
Selection5: Vanquisher and crew standing to attention, sir!
Selection6: Tank hunter ready for duty, sir.
Selection7: Snipers with a tank...reporting.
Move1: Let's go for some sharpshooting crew.
Move2: Yes sir, heading to the coordinates.
Move3: Get us there, driver.
Move4: Rolling the treads, sir.
Move5: Keep those gun stabilizers online.
Move6: Getting into a firing position.
Move7: That's an optimal position, sir.
Attack1: Firing at critical structural points, sir!
Attack2: No armor can withstand this AP round.
Attack3: We have the range advantage..fire!
Attack4: Swivel the turret and FIRE!
Attack5: Yes sir, we'll destroy that target.
Attack6: That one won't make it to our line, sir.
Attack7: Putting a gap in their line.
Charge1: Crew, we might have to clean the treads later.
Charge2: Crush them in cold, iron treads.
Charge3: Bloody treads, bloody tracks.
Ability1: As if the shells need any more piercing potential, sir.
Ability2: Yes sir, firing ultra-piercing variant.
Ability3: Load Piercing round.. FIRE!!
Ability4: Driver, get into flank speed.
Ability5: Flank speed! Now!
Combat1: For Mordian!
Combat2: For Victory!
Combat3: For Glory of Emperor!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Malcador (Heavy Bolter Version)
Notes: The Malcador is a relatively older tank in the service of the Imperium. It's still effective.. The speaker should sound somewhat elderly...but still very Mordian.
Unit_Complete1: Malcador Defender deployed.
Unit_Complete2: Ready for service once again, we are yours to command, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Malcador siege tank, ready for war.
Unit_Complete4: Heavy suppression tank reporting in.
Unit_Complete5: We have enough ammunition for everyone, sir.
Unit_Complete6: The bolters are oiled and the cannon is cleared, sir.
Unit_Complete7: (Lt's voice) The tested Malcador is ready for war, once more.
Selection1: Tried and true, we have braved many battles.
Selection2: Experience weighs more heavily than technology.
Selection3: Yes sir, what would you wish of us?
Selection4: Malcador responding, send your orders.
Selection5: To serve the Emperor is to be blessed.
Selection6: We will serve the enemy with the Emperor's hospitality. (Note sarcasm)
Selection7: Malcador and crew signing in, sir.
Move1: Crew, to your stations! We mobilize.
Move2: As you command, we tread forth. (Pun not intended.)
Move3: Gunners, scan the locale.
Move4: Acknowledged, sir. Moving.
Move5: Treads in motion, sir.
Move6: We will be there, sir.
Move7: Getting there, sir.
Attack1: Show them a hail of fury that will never be forgotten!
Attack2: When the battle ends all I want to see are bolter cases and corpses.
Attack3: Suppress, pin, then deliver ordnance. Such is the formula of the Malcador.
Attack4: They shall flee before the storm of iron!
Attack5: Those who duck will be blasted, those who stand will be shot. Total...victory.
Attack6: Stand and receive the Emperor's gifts!
Attack7: Commence bolter barrage.
Charge1: Something for everyone!
Charge2: Just like all the other battles! CRUSH THEM!
Charge3: (Play a louder bolter sound.....like a storm of bullets)
Ability1: Mordian honour awaits!
Ability2: Crush them completely!
Ability3: Liquidate!
Ability4: Standard defensive posture...
Ability5: Crew.. secure those hatches!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: Do multiple voices; disciplined voices, as if to symbolize the Mordian's way of battle. Drills and manoeuvres melding together to form the iron guard, an unbreakable advance.... If I don't specify the speaker it's the tank commander speaking. For those who have played Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Unit_Complete1: (Lieutenant's voice) The enemy may as well surrender now. The sacred Stormhammer has been requisitioned.
Unit_Complete2: Stormhammer and staff deployed.
Unit_Complete3: The final rituals have been prepared, and we are ready to move out.
Unit_Complete4: Commander, we have arrived for the final push.
Unit_Complete5: (driver) Engine ready! (gunner) Cannons clear! (Commander) Good. We are ready for battle, commander.
Unit_Complete6: Make way for the Stormhammer!
Unit_Complete7: Stormhammer, the finest of all super heavy battle tanks, is ready for annihilation.
Selection1: (Radio guy) Orders coming in sir. (Commander) What do you wish of us, sir?
Selection2: (Commander) Are the engines ready? We have orders coming in. (Driver) Engines at optimal efficiency.
Selection3: Yes commander? Where shall we crush the enemy line today?
Selection4: The crew and I are ready to serve the Imperium.
Selection5: Battlefield dominance and the Iron Guard go hand-in-hand.
Selection6: Sir, what are your orders?
Selection7: Victory is our greeting, corpses our farewell.
Move1: We will purge that location completely.
Move2: (Commander)Driver, move to those coordinates. (Driver) Engines to full power.
Move3: (Gunner) Compensating accuracy due to motion...
Move4: (Radio guy) We have move orders, sir.
Move5: Every meter we gain is every meter they lose.
Attack1: (Commander) The Emperor demands nothing short of total annihilation. Let us make it so. (Loader) Shells LOADED!
Attack2: (Radio Guy) Receiving target coordinates...(Gunner) Setting range....FIRING!
Attack3: (Commander) Crew, initiate oblivion protocol. I want all resistance crushed. (Crew together) Yes sir!
Attack4: You heard the commander. Attack!
Attack5: (Loader) Battlecannons fully loaded! (Gunner) Firing ALL GUNS!
Ability1: All guns... FIRE!!
Ability2: Reign Hell on them all!
Ability3: Vanquish all who oppose!
Ability4: Men, secure your posts!
Ability5: Defensive posture.. NOW!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*


Command Chimera – Static, radio sounds. Followed by men conversing.
Infantry Barracks – An officer shouts something. A unison of voices respond loudly.
Weapons Locker - Ammo clip clicking sounds, reloading sounds.
Armour Bunker – Engines, lots of them.
Control Tower – Radar blip sounds.
Mechanicus Shrine - Mechanical chanting.
Power Core Generator – Turbine sounds.
Large Core Generator – An even louder turbine humming.
Forward Observation Post - Blip, bleep..whatever.
Defence Turrets – Bullet casing sounds. Jingle jingle.
Anti Personnel Minefield - Beep, beep beep
Anti Vehicle Minefield – Boop, boop boop.


Chaos, Emperor protect us! (Sound worried)
The air reeks of death... Chaos forces must be near by.

Dark Eldar
The Dark Eldar will be pushed back into the dark depths of the webway.
Hm, careful these Dark Eldar types are stealthy watch your back!

Eldar, don't let them get too close!
Eldar, There must be a webway gate nearby.

Imperial Guard
These "novice" guardsmen will meet the true imperial elites.
We will kill the enemy guardsmen to the last.

Necrons, we must be sure to destroy them so they cannot be revived!
Oh Emperor! How can we kill something that cannot be killed?!?

Ugh, Orks.. uncivilized apes..
The Orks arrive on the battlefield in their barbaric hordes!

Sisters of Battle
Sisters of Battle, The battlefield is no place for women!
Years of Training has prepared us to fight such fanatic maidens.

Space Marines
Space Marines have arrived, be alert!
The Space Marines will not beat our strategy and Strength.

Tau forces have been spotted.
The Tau's alien technology will do them no good against the Imperium.

Black Templars
The Black Templar's crusade ends here.
We cannot rest until their forces are vanquished.

Blood Angels
The "Black Rage" has full control over them!
It is time rid the planet of these "vampire" like Space Marines.

Blood Ravens
The space Marines have betrayed us!
A "new" Chapter, this will be interesting.

Crimson Fists
If Orks can defeat the Crimson Fists, we should have no problem.
They were always inferior to the Guard.

Dark Angels
The Dark Angels will never be forgiven if they dare to attack us.
May the Emperor banish their souls.

Fallen Angels
Mordia will deliver the emperor's judgment!
They will pay for such treason!

Imperial Fists
Find the Imperial fists' stronghold and take it over!
The First Founding Chapter, We will earn their respect.

Iron Hands
The Iron Hands of Medusa have been seen.
Their men will perish.

Legion of the Damned
They return from the warp!
The remnants of the Fire Hawks are going to attack, Be ready.

Raven Guard
They have abandoned the emperor.
I suspect an ambush.

Red Scorpions
We never did see eye to eye with them.
The Red Scorpions have surely underestimated us!

Space Marines from Nocturne.

Space Wolves/13th Company
Space Wolves, feril beasts...
13th Company, the Space Wolves' finest.

The Heroes of Terra.
If the Emperor is on our side who's on theirs?

White Scars
Be prepared, the white Scars are known for their fast tactics.
We must strike before they do.

Alpha Legion
Emperor, protect our souls from these heretics!
Do not fear them, the emperor is with us.

Black Legion
We will send these unholy chaos worshippers back to hell!
*gasp* The Black Legion.... (worried)

Death Guard:
The followers of Nurgle must be eliminated at all costs!
Ugh,The plagued forces of the Death Guard are here...

Emperors Children
Do not let the powers of Slaanesh tempt you!
We must purge the corrupted legion that was is Emperors Children!

Iron Warriors
The Iron Warriors of Olympia will suffer for their betrayal!
We'll show them what true Iron is.

Night Lords
We must hold off the blood thirsty forces of the Night!
The Emperor's divine power will allow us to overcome any evil.

Red Corsairs
The Red Corsairs must be defeated!

Thousand Sons
The Thousand Sons of Tzeentch wish to do battle!
We will kill these chaotic Sorcerers in the name of the Emperor!

Word Bearers
Emperor guard our souls!
Fear not, if you die, the Emperor will embrace you to his side.

World Eaters
The savage berzerkers of Khorne are approaching!
Remember the Emperor for he is far more powerful than the Gods of Chaos!

Catachans! These jungle fighting brutes give the imperial guard a bad name.
Their camouflage will do them no good..

Death Korps of Kreig
These heretics deserve another purge.
The Death Korps will soon learn that trenches are useless and outdated.

Elysians, we'll blow their aircraft out of the sky!
Watch the sky!

Last Chancer's/13th Penal Legion
The legendary Last Chancer's...Look alive men!
Last Chancer's on the battlefield!

An undisciplined Mordian regiment that will be punished by the Emperor
Do not hesitate! this is what happens to traitors!

Watch your fire, make sure you don't confuse us with the enemy.

Steel Legions
Steel Legion, we'll melt down their tanks into medals and hand them out to our men.
Were going to need more Anti-Tank weapons.

The tallarns bones will be left in the desert to rot.
Stick together and fire when ordered.

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
Gaunt's Ghosts, be prepared for a fight men!
Watch your surroundings very closely

They will retreat back to the frozen wasteland that is Valhalla!
Valhallans spotted.

Vostroyans, Show them no mercy!
The Vostroyans will see we are the emperor's true followers. [/QUOTE]

Harlequins, let's see how good their acrobatics are against our fire power.
Guns ready, the Harlequins are here.

Inquisition Daemonhunt
Inquisitorial forces in site, they must be stopped!
Our Iron guard will give a crushing defeat to the inquisition.

The enemy obviously doesn't know who their dealing with.
WitchHunters.. they won't make it far.

Tyranids, just over sized insects waiting to be smashed.
We will locate and destroy their wretched hive.

A Daemon! where is the inquisition when you need them?
We will slay that daemon in the name of the emperor!

By the Emperor, What is that thing?!?
Some sort of monstrosity, let's put it out of it's misery!

Call in reinforcements, the enemy has arrived.
Enemy sighted, make each shot count!
Enemy forces drawing nearer, fire when ordered.
Get to your positions, enemy movement detected.
Look alive men, hostile forces coming this way!
Opposing forces in bound.
Awaiting permission to engage the enemy.
The enemy will see the true fury of the emperor!

We need some Anti-Tank guns over here!
Let's put those tanks out of action!
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