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Tallarn *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:23 PM

Unscripted / Completed (see next messages) / Voicing / Voiced

Proposed List

Sentinel PowerLifter

Desert Raiders
Desert Raiders *SPOTTING VOICES*
Desert Raiders Sergeant
Hash'inn Squad
Rough Riders
Sniper Team
Veteran Squad
Veteran Squad Sergeant
Heavy Weapons Team

Primary Hero/Commander
Sanctioned Psycher
Standard Bearer
Vox Operator

Command Salamander
Chimera (Ghost Patten)
Chimera (Armoured)
Thudd Gun
Fire Drake
Leman Russ

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 02:28 PM


Sentinel Power Lifter Walker
Notes: middle eastern, slightly cautious, soft talking
Unit_Complete1: Here sir!
Unit_Complete2: ready for orders
Unit_Complete3: powerlifter ready!
Unit_Complete4: awaiting orders
Unit_Complete5: let me get this bird in gear
Unit_Complete6: Tallarn engineers here
Unit_Complete7: ready to go,sir!
Selection1: Here sir!
Selection2: ready for orders
Selection3: powerlifter ready!
Selection4: awaiting orders
Selection5: let me get this bird in gear
Selection6: Tallarn engineers here
Selection7: ready to go,sir!
Move1: I'm on it sir
Move2: over there? right...right..
Move3: I can build it wherever you want
Move4: gearing up and ready to go
Move5: powerlifter, moving as ordered
Move6: yes sir, I'll check it out
Move7: mind your heads...comin through!
Attack1: I'm going rip your bloody head off!
Attack2: Eat this, shorty!
Attack3: Burn! Burn! Burn!
Build1: I got it
Build2: Affirmative
Build3: One second sir
Build4: roger that
Build5: This isn't the right parrrtt…mumble mumble
Build6: no problem
Build7: let's get to work!
Lay_Mines1: Heh, Heh, surprise package for ya
Lay_Mines2: Perimeter defence..aye sir
Lay_Mines3: Mind yer step..heh heh
Morale_Break1: Engineer taking fire!!!!
Morale_Break2: I'm out of here!!
Morale_Restored1: Whew!! That was close
Morale_Restored2: Back, sir
Repair1: Ohhh..there's your problem
Repair2: okay, but I'm not paying for that
Repair3: I just got done fixing this thing!
Damage1: Sentinel taking damage
Damage2: Requesting immediate support!
Damage3: get in here! We're under attack!!
Death1: oh bloody hell!!
Death2: Achhh!!!!
Death3: emperor protect me!!

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 02:29 PM


Desert Raiders
Notes: deep-voiced, assured of themselves, determined.
Unit_Complete1: Raiders reporting
Unit_Complete2: Yes sir
Unit_Complete3: Raider here
Unit_Complete4: here sir!
Unit_Complete5: Let's go
Unit_Complete6: Desert Raider in the fight
Unit_Complete7: Let's get them..
Selection1: Awaiting orders sir
Selection2: All here
Selection3: ready for orders sir
Selection4: Desert Raiders here!
Selection5: Aye sir
Selection6: Lions awaiting orders.
Selection7: all ready
Move1: In there, low and slow
Move2: take up firing position
Move3: You heard him
Move4: set the ambush here sir?
Move5: Fall in
Attack1: Get them!
Attack2: Return fire! Return fire!
Attack3: Strike Lions!!
Attack4: Alalalalalalalala!
Under_Fire1: Contact!
Under_Fire2: Take Cover
Morale_Break1: We're done for...Run!
Morale_Break2: They'll kill us all
Morale_Restored1: We're back!
Morale_Restored2: Back into it lads!!
Capture1: We're on it sir
Capture2: Raider taking position
Capped1: another one for the Emperor
Capped2: We got it, don't let it fall
Charge1: For Terra ! For Tallarn!
Charge2: For the Great ABA! For Terra!
Load_Transport1: Pile in
Unload_Transport1: At em lads!!
Ability1: dig in here!
Ability2: wait till they get close
Ability3: when they get close hit them hard!
Ability4: quiet now lads
Ability5: get them…!!!!!
Damage1: Taking hits
Damage2: Contact 12 high
Damage3: Incoming
Death1: Medic!!
Death2: He's down!!!
Death3: Help..us..(fading off dying)

Desert Raiders Sergeant
Notes: Commanding voice, throaty, arrogant. Compared to standard Desert Raider, please voice this one VERY
Unit_Complete1: Raider sergeant reporting
Unit_Complete2: Yes sir
Unit_Complete3: Sergeant here
Unit_Complete4: here sir!
Unit_Complete5: Let's go
Unit_Complete6: Squad Leader in the fight
Unit_Complete7: Let's get them..
Selection1: Awaiting orders sir
Selection2: All here
Selection3: ready for orders sir
Selection4: Sir yes sir
Move1: Let's go
Move2: Fall in
Attack1: Get them!
Attack2: Kill! Kill!
Attack3: Return fire! Return fire!
Attack4: Charge!
Attack5: Alalalalalalalala!
Under_Fire1: Contact!
Under_Fire2: Take Cover
Morale_Break1: We're done for...Run!
Morale_Break2: They'll kill us all
Morale_Restored1: Get back here!!!
Morale_Restored2: Fight! Ya bloody cowards!!
Capture1: We're on it sir
Capture2: It's the Emperor's now.
Capped1: point captured, what next?
Capped2: It's the Emperor's now..
Charge1: For Terra ! For Tallarn!
Charge2: Give them Hell!
Load_Transport1: Pile in
Unload_Transport1: At em lads!!
Damage1: Taking hits
Damage2: Contact 12 high
Damage3: Incoming
Death1: Medic!!
Death2: Agghhhhh!!
Death3: Oooffhhh..

Hash'inn Squad
Notes: middle eastern, quiet soft spoken except for battle cry and ability
Unit_Complete1: WE are here
Unit_Complete2: My life for the Empire
Unit_Complete3: The desert wing arrives
Unit_Complete4: today is a good day to day
Unit_Complete5: Through martyrdom do we pray
Unit_Complete6: My death for the life of the imperium
Unit_Complete7: we com..ready to die
Selection1: I await the Golden Throne
Selection2: We are the striking fist
Selection3: we await glory
Selection4: tonight we dine in the Emperor's halls
Selection5: we shed the blood of infidels
Selection6: I will shed his light with my blood
Selection7: hash'inn awaiting the emperor's orders.
Move1: sir!
Move2: aye sir
Move3: we are needed there
Move4: does his will await us there?
Move5: our death awaits us
Attack1: Death comes for you
Attack2: taste our fury!!!
Attack3: I give you the peace of the Emperor!, be grateful
Attack4: They shall die this day
Attack5: Prove your worth to Him!!
Under_Fire1: We are taking damage destroy them!
Under_Fire2: At them! Kill the Infidels!
Charge1: Death to the Infidel!!
Charge2: The Emperor Awaits us!!
Load_Transport1: come brothers
Unload_Transport1: death awaits them
Ability1: For the Emperor!!!
Ability2: MY Life for you!!!
Ability3: Now is the time!
Ability4: With our deaths, we bring a new era!
Ability5: none of you will escape!!
Damage1: They dare shoot!? Kill them all
Damage2: take them!! We die at our own choosing
Damage3: the infidels dare?
Death1: I have failed you lord
Death2: arughh
Death3: Forgive me father

Rough Riders
Notes: fanatical, surfer, hot-head
Unit_Complete1: riders ready
Unit_Complete2: scouts ready
Unit_Complete3: here sir
Unit_Complete4: mount up
Unit_Complete5: Recon patrol ready to go
Unit_Complete6: awaiting commands
Unit_Complete7: Don't worry boys…it’s the cavalry
Selection1: let's ride
Selection2: yes sire
Selection3: here sir
Selection4: we're your eyes sir
Selection5: yeah yeah we got it
Selection6: orders?
Selection7: Copy
Move1: Move em out!
Move2: Yes sir
Move3: Let's ride
Move4: Forwarrrddd Ho!
Move5: head em up…move em out
Attack1: Charge!
Attack2: At them lads
Attack3: Ride them down!
Attack4: trample them
Attack5: run them over!!
Under_Fire1: contact!
Under_Fire2: Find some cover!
Morale_Break1: Ride! They're coming!
Morale_Break2: gun it, there's too many of them!
Morale_Restored1: Back to it men!
Morale_Restored2: fall back in and don't let it happen again
Charge1: For Terra ! For Tallarn!
Charge2: Give them Hell!
Damage1: Taking hits
Damage2: incurring enemy fire
Death1: aahhhhh..
Death2: uugghhhhhh..

Sniper Team
Notes: middle eastern, deep, assured of themselves but cautious as they are lightly armoured.
Unit_Complete1: sniper team ready
Unit_Complete2: say the word sir, and we'll bag them
Unit_Complete3: here and gone..like the wind
Unit_Complete4: you want something dead sir?
Unit_Complete5: snipers on the field
Unit_Complete6: the emperor guides my hand
Unit_Complete7: name your target
Selection1: Who dies?
Selection2: we are like the desert wind
Selection3: Aye Sire?
Selection4: Yes Sir?
Selection5: your orders sir?
Selection6: we're here
Selection7: ready willing and able sir
Move1: make haste
Move2: Yes sir!
Move3: new firing position, over here
Move4: oh yeah…good vantage point
Move5: bring those other barrels…and that new scope
Attack1: One shot, One Kill
Attack2: Emperor guide my aim
Attack3: Lining up….
Attack4: 10 credits says it's in the head…
Attack5: They will die..
Under_Fire1: Requesting withdrawal...taking fire
Under_Fire2: Incoming fire..requesting new position
Morale_Break1: It's getting too hot!!
Morale_Break2: We are not meant for this!
Morale_Restored1: Back to business
Morale_Restored2: Sorry sir, won't happen again
Charge1: I bring his light!!
Charge2: eat this Frakker
Ability1: much clearer
Damage1: I'm Hit!!!
Damage2: requesting reinforcement! Taking damage
Damage3: permission to withdrawal sir, we're compromised!
Death1: agghhh..
Death2: gaaahhhh..

Veteran Squad
Notes: light-voiced, throaty, battle-hardened, feel invincible.
Unit_Complete1: veteran squad ready
Unit_Complete2: we'll show you the way
Unit_Complete3: you point we kill
Unit_Complete4: ready and willing sir!
Unit_Complete5: we know how this is done
Unit_Complete6: follow us lads we'll show you how
Selection1: Orders sir?
Selection2: Veterans
Selection3: ready for orders sir
Selection4: awaiting commands
Selection5: yes sir, veterans ready
Selection6: the emperor guides us
Selection7: squad awaiting orders colonel
Move1: Move, move move
Move2: moving sir
Move3: Changing positions sir!
Move4: everyone, on the bounce
Move5: He wants us there, double time!
Attack1: Get them, open fire!
Attack2: pick your targets, make them fall
Attack3: Show the new boots how to do it lads..
Attack4: Look here, newbie…that's how ya do it.
Attack5: Fire on mark six zero niner
Under_Fire1: Engaging Threat, under fire!
Under_Fire2: Incoming fire, let them have it!
Morale_Break1: We need a new position! This one is comprised
Morale_Break2: Withdrawal…don't run dammit!
Morale_Restored1: Recovering sir, we're good
Morale_Restored2: Shaken but not rattled
Capture1: Aye sir, beginning position security
Capture2: Securing position now
Capped1: position secured sir
Capped2: All yours sir
Charge1: For the Emperor!!! For Tallarn!!!
Charge2: Kill everyone of them!!!
Load_Transport1: Load up
Unload_Transport1: Disperse..you know what to do!
Damage1: Taking Damage sir!
Damage2: Someone get a damn medic over here!
Damage3: someone patch that before I bleed over everything
Death1: Trooper down!!!
Death2: Auuughhh!!!!

Veteran Squad Sergeant
Notes: deeper voiced (compared to Veteran Squad), throaty, battle-hardened, feel invincible, absolutely commanding!
Unit_Complete1: sergeant in command
Unit_Complete2: I'll show the way
Unit_Complete3: you point, my squad shall kill
Unit_Complete4: ready and willing sir!
Unit_Complete5: I know how this is done
Unit_Complete6: follow me lads we'll show you how
Unit_Complete7: my orders will be followed
Selection1: Orders sir?
Selection2: Veterans
Selection3: ready for orders sir
Selection4: awaiting commands
Selection5: yes sir, veterans ready
Selection6: the emperor guides us
Selection7: squad awaiting orders colonel
Move1: Move, move move
Move2: moving sir
Move3: Changing positions sir!
Move4: everyone, on the bounce
Move5: He wants us there, double time!
Attack1: Get them, open fire!
Attack2: pick your targets, make them fall
Attack3: Show the new boots how to do it lads..
Attack4: Look here, newbie…that's how ya do it.
Attack5: Fire on mark six zero niner
Under_Fire1: Engaging Threat, under fire!
Under_Fire2: Incoming fire, let them have it!
Morale_Break1: We need a new position! This one is comprised
Morale_Break2: Withdrawal…don't run dammit!
Morale_Restored1: Recovering sir, we're good
Morale_Restored2: Shaken but not rattled
Capture1: Aye sir, beginning position security
Capture2: Securing position now
Capped1: position secured sir
Capped2: All yours sir
Charge1: For the Emperor!!! For Tallarn!!!
Charge2: Kill everyone of them!!!
Load_Transport1: Load up
Unload_Transport2: Disperse..you know what to do!
Damage1: Taking Damage sir!
Damage2: Someone get a damn medic over here!
Damage3: someone patch that before I bleed over everything
Death1: Trooper down!!!
Death2: Auuughhh!!!!

Heavy Weapons Team
Notes: middle eastern, throaty, over-ambitious, determined.
Unit_Complete1: Heavy weapon team ready
Unit_Complete2: support on the field
Unit_Complete3: Someone want something dead?
Unit_Complete4: heavy weapons awaiting commands,sir!
Unit_Complete5: they'll wish they never saw us
Unit_Complete6: Pride of Tallarn, reporting
Unit_Complete7: Tote the rest of the ammo up here, Akmir!
Selection1: Sir?
Selection2: your orders sir?
Selection3: setting up suppressive fire
Selection4: Targeting sir
Selection5: let them come our way…hehe
Selection6: ready to mow them down sir!
Selection7: They'll never know what hit them.
Move1: pack it up he wants us over there.
Move2: Lug it, moving to new position
Move3: aye sir..we're moving
Move4: You heard him,,,bounce it
Move5: get the rest of it, we need that ammo!!
Attack1: Support fire delta
Attack2: support pattern Bravo
Attack3: Gamma pattern fire now
Attack4: Fire!!
Attack5: Target the armour!!!
Under_Fire1: Taking fire,sir
Under_Fire2: Enemy contact
Morale_Break1: Abandon position!
Morale_Break2: Run, or we're all dead
Morale_Restored1: Resume position
Morale_Restored2: back into it lads
Charge1: burn those barrels lads
Charge2: you keep me loaded and I'll keep killing!
Damage1: we're taking hits!
Damage2: Medic!
Damage3: incoming fire, taking damage!
Death1: Auurgghhh
Death2: Avenge….mee….

Notes: No Tallarn accent for these chaps -- Hot shots, throaty, arrogant.
Unit_Complete1: ready for orders sir.
Unit_Complete2: Imperium's best, reporting as ordered
Unit_Complete3: He is our Light..We are his Sword.
Unit_Complete4: Imperial Stormtroopers, HERE!
Unit_Complete5: HERE,Sir!
Unit_Complete6: Reporting Colonel,sir
Unit_Complete7: It's all right lads…we're here now.
Selection1: Imperial Stormtroopers ready
Selection2: ready when you are sir!
Selection3: you wanted the best..you got them
Selection4: Awaiting your commands, Sir
Selection5: put us in the thick of it
Selection6: we do his will
Selection7: no one can hide from us sir.
Move1: On me..move, move!
Move2: check your pattern..new position
Move3: assuming new position
Move4: Roger that
Move5: new position..on the bounce!
Attack1: Get them!!!
Attack2: Fire! Fire!
Attack3: Destroy target
Attack4: leave nothing but ash!
Attack5: Kill every las one of them!
Under_Fire1: Under fire, returning..
Under_Fire2: enemy contact!
Morale_Break1: withdrawal!!
Morale_Break2: Let's get out of here! Run!
Morale_Restored1: Let's get back to it
Morale_Restored2: Resuming sir
Capture1: Stormtroopers, securing position
Capture2: Roger that,, position will be yours sir
Capped1: One position secured sir
Capped2: All clear here sir.
Charge1: For the Golden Throne!
Charge2: The Emperor watches us!!!
Load_Transport1: everyone in, we got orders!!
Unload_Transport1: come back in an hour pilot..everything will be gone.. (laughs)
Damage1: we're taking hits!
Damage2: Medic!
Damage3: we're getting chewed up here sir!!!
Death1: man down!!!
Death2: Aurhgghh!!

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 02:29 PM


Notes: Imagine Nazi Interrogator, cold, dark, devious
Unit_Complete1: You will do your duty, or I will do mine.
Unit_Complete2: Think of me as….Motivation
Unit_Complete3: I don't want to kill any of you…but I will, if necessary
Unit_Complete4: I have a duty to perform…I take it seriously
Unit_Complete5: I hope I don't find you lacking
Unit_Complete6: commissar on the field
Unit_Complete7: That's right…the whip is here
Selection1: You're orders?
Selection2: Sir
Selection3: I serve his will
Selection4: I am watching you
Selection5: Yes?
Selection6: what will you have of me?
Selection7: we are both his servants
Move1: Follow me now!
Move2: The enemy is this way
Move3: Our duty lies there!
Move4: undying faith…that is what is needed
Move5: We serve him on Terra
Attack1: For The Emperor!!
Attack2: Kill them!
Attack3: at them dogs!! Kill them all!!
Attack4: Death! Death, to our enemies..
Attack5: Return fire!! Let not one survive
Charge1: For the Emperor of Mankind!!
Charge2: Destroy his enemies!!
Charge3: The Emperor demands their death..give it to him!!!
Ability1: You leave me no choice, Craven!
Ability2: Let this be an example to you all!
Ability3: This man dies because you were all weak!
Join1: You WILL serve
Detach1: I have other duties
Load_Transport1: Quickly inside!
Unload_Transport1: GO GO GO!
Morale_Break1: I have failed all of us
Morale_Break2: I must atone for my failure
Morale_Restored1: back into it, go go!
Morale_Restored2: The tides turn! His faith empowers us…HE is watching!!
Damage1: Incoming enemy fire…
Damage2: wrap that wound , pick up that lasgun and use it!!
Damage3: Taking damage sir,…Orders?
Death1: Carry on brave men….
Death2: do his will…I know you can….
Death3: tonight I dine with him….
Death4: keep fighting …I'll still be watching.

Sanctioned Psyker
Notes: Almost totally mad, a bit Igor sounding
Unit_Complete1: I sense you need me
Unit_Complete2: I see your needs
Unit_Complete3: the warp is turbulent today
Unit_Complete4: I am fully under…control
Unit_Complete5: psyker my brave commander, reporting.
Unit_Complete6: The things I've seen….
Unit_Complete7: I am here. To destroy my saviours enemies.
Selection1: You call , I obey
Selection2: my head is…..I'm better now.
Selection3: It's so dark…dark..
Selection4: Have you ever seen eternity???
Selection5: Gahh!! You scared me
Selection6: The warp hungers…but I resist
Selection7: I see everything
Move1: Are you sure..? Alright then
Move2: This way
Move3: He said here fools…I'm not sure why though.
Move4: this way..I will lead
Move5 I have seen our deaths there…but..you are in charge.
Attack1: At them!!!
Attack2: get me behind me..you might get caught up in this!
Attack3: I see their deaths..they cannot win
Attack4: we have won already..I know this!
Attack5: They beg for death..give it to them
Charge1: He is my light, I will show you the darkness
Charge2: Feel the Pain!!!!
Charge3: I have come to kill you all!
Ability1: I will destroy you!!!
Ability2: I will rip your soul out!!
Ability3: Your mind will melt!…and probably your head too.
Join1: Follow me, but don't get too close
Detach1: I leave you,
Load_Transport1: in here, with me
Unload_Transport1: out..into the light
Morale_Break1: Flee I have seen our deaths
Morale_Break2: only death will come from this
Morale_Restored1: Oh I guess not
Morale_Restored2: The tide changes…back at them
Damage1: Taking hits!!
Damage2: We will die if we stay here much longer
Damage3: We require reinforcements.
Death1: It is dark…cold… Oh emperor..they come for me..
Death2: Nooooooooooooooo...
Death3: I.. drift…
Death4: No! you won’t have me!
Death5: *agggh*

Vox Operator
: A normal Tallarn trooper who communicates with Command/relays orders/ and relays airstrikes Has the light middleeastern accent of the Tallarn.
Unit_Complete1: Communications on field sir!
Unit_Complete2: Vox line is open, my commander.
Unit_Complete3: Here to relay your orders chief!
Unit_Complete4: Voxcaster present,sir!
Unit_Complete5: I'm here sir, what are your orders?
Unit_Complete6: here sir!, standing by.
Unit_Complete7: I'm here, Vox unit is ready!
Selection1: You have orders to relay?
Selection2: All frequencies are open,sir.
Selection3: Yes sir, tuning in now
Selection4: No word yet, sir.
Selection5: Can't hear a thing through the static commander.
Selection6: Yes the vox is ready now.
Selection7: You need the horn sir?
Move1: alright then, you heard the man, move it!
Move2: Follow me lads, I know where we're going.
Move3: Over here! I'm getting the orders now.
Move4: C'mon lads I'm not getting a signal here.
Move5: This thing is acting up again, let's go
Move6: over there? Yes sir, moving now.
Move7: Got the orders..let's move.
Attack1: Kill them all!!
Attack2: Fire at will!
Attack3: Keep at them!
Attack4: Don't stop! The Emperor is with us!!!
Attack5: They're breaking! Keep going
Attack6: At them! Destroy them
Attack7: fire, fire, fire!
Load_Transport1: Get in the Salamander lads!
Load_Transport2: Load up, we're moving out.
Unload_Transport1: We're here, deploy pattern delta 10
Unload_Transport2: Let's go, spread out and keep your eyes open.
Morale_Break1: All hope is lost! Run for your lives!
Morale_Break2: They'll kill us all!
Morale_Break3: Run! Everyone for themselves!
Morale_Restored1: Rally on me!
Morale_Restored2: Stop running, regroup here!
Morale_Restored3: Get back in the fight!!
Join1: Intercepting team, command.
Join2: Associating comm links with this squad.
Join3: Opening vox channels with this platoon.
Detach1: Decoupling..
Detach2: Vox going elsewhere..
Charge1: For Tallarn! For the Emperor!
Charge2: Let's spill some blood!
Charge3: Orders are in! Take that position!
Combat1: we're taking fire!
Combat2: enemy contact at our position!
Combat3: enemy here!
Under_Fire1: taking fire, let's give it back!
Under_Fire2: High command, enemy spotted. Awaiting orders
Under_Fire3: Hot contact! Give them hell!
Damage1: Taking hits!
Damage2: Man down! Get a medic over here!
Damage3: Troopers are dying! We need support now!
Death1: Ughhh….Gah…
Death2: It's sooo dark…
Death3: Help me….
Death4: I'm….cold…..

: The basic trooper, part of the command squad slight middle eastern accent
Unit_Complete1: medic here sir, what are your needs?
Unit_Complete2: I'm here, medkit is full
Unit_Complete3: Combat medic, point me to the wounded
Unit_Complete4: I am here to cure your ails.
Unit_Complete5: Medicae, on the field
Unit_Complete6: Medic here, Where are the wounded?
Unit_Complete7: Combat Medic, are you wounded?
Selection1: Let me have a look at that.
Selection2: This might sting a bit.
Selection3: I'll stop the bleeding
Selection4: you're in good hands now
Selection5: have faith old son, I'll take care of it.
Selection6: Hold still, I can't do anything with you squirming about
Selection7: Here, bite on this stick, it's not as bad as it looks
Move1: Follow me I know where we're going.
Move2: Is there wounded over there?
Move3: We move! Keep your heads down.
Move4: Grab the stretchers, and follow me.
Move5: yes sir, I'm ready to perform my duties.
Move6: move out! Keep me covered.
Move7: I only have so much time, let's go!
Attack1: Get them! I have you covered.
Attack2: The emperor protects us!, kill them!
Attack3: Kill them all!!
Attack4: Fire, Fire, Fire!
Attack5: Don't let up!
Attack6: keep firing! Hit them hard!
Attack7: Take that you bastards!!
Load_Transport1: Jump in lads, we are moving.
Load_Transport2: Places to go, people to heal.
Unload_Transport1: Everyone out, spread pattern!
Unload_Transport2: Cover me, I'm going first.
Morale_Break1: Run! They are coming!
Morale_Break2: All is lost!
Morale_Break3: We are going to die!
Morale_Restored1: Form up! We're back in it.
Morale_Restored2: It's fine now, let's go!
Morale_Restored3: We're back, now give them hell.
Join1: The Emperor shall protect you through my skills.
Join2: I am truly needed there.
Join3: I shall examine what ills you.
Detach1: I am not needed here anymore.
Detach2: My healing skills are required in another place.
Charge1: For the Abu Abu Mashira!!! pron. AH-boo AH-boo ma-SHE-ra
Charge2: Tallarns!! Forward!!!
Charge3: (Beduoin Ulallating Yell)
Combat1: Get them! Don't let up!
Combat2: Smash into them!
Combat3: Give them everything you got!
Under_Fire1: Enemy contact at our position!
Under_Fire2: We are under enemy fire!
Under_Fire3: Taking enemy fire commander!
Damage1: We got wounded here!
Damage2: They are chewing us apart!
Damage3: Taking hits! We need support!
Death1: Aughhh!!!
Death2: Emperor…protect…me. (fading)
Death3: (Gurgle)
Death4: Carry…on…(fading)

Standard Bearer
Notes: The Standard Bearer is a Common Trooper that is chosen for an act of bravery to carry the regimental standard one time into battle, I think the basic Tallarn trooper, will work better here without being redundant.
Unit_Complete1: Raising the banner high for honor and FOR TALLARN
Unit_Complete2: I earned the right to carry this standard into battle and i will do it with pride (pompous)
Unit_Complete3: This battle is my chance to prove I'm worthy of carrying the standard to battle
Unit_Complete4: This is my duty none shall stop me from doing it this day
Unit_Complete5: Ready for battle keeping this standard from sinking in the sand
Unit_Complete6: They only give the duty of carrying the banner the the best of the best
Unit_Complete7: I'm on this field of battle as i showed i have the rocks for the duty
Selection1: Keeping the standard high and ready for my duty
Selection2: Were you want me sir I'm just waiting for your order
Selection3: What is it this duty is an honor and a duty not for messing around
Selection4: Ready to do my duty for Tallarn and for the emperor
Selection5: Ready to go where I'm needed just give me the order
Selection6: Sir what is my order the emperor waits for know one
Selection7: I only take orders from you and the emperor himself
Move1: Right then better get the sand out of my boots and on the move
Move2: Ok sir I'm ready to wear out my boot leather for your orders
Move3: My boots are on the line for you add my soul is there for the emperor now were to
Move4: On my way sir in his name
Move5: Praise the emperor as we march
Move6: Moving out sir may his light guide your hand
Move7: Command wants us here so lets move as fast as we can
Attack1: Onwards kill them in his name and show him we believe
Attack2: Our faith is strong now show the enemy it
Attack3: Follow this banner of faith and furry and we shall win
Attack4: Come on then try and kill me as my faith shall kill you
Attack5: On ward to battle comrades
Attack6: We will win this day that i promise
Attack7: Nothing will kill us as in his light we don't die (ARRRRRR)
Load_Transport1: Right get in to the salamander
Load_Transport2: On bored now so we can get a better place to show the troops the banner
Unload_Transport1: Here we are flying the standard for Tallarn and the emperor
Unload_Transport2: Were here now all shall see the standard of Tallarn
Morale_Break1: Fall back i said fall back dam it in his name fall back
Morale_Break2: Back now before the banner falls in the mud and is disgraced
Morale_Break3: This is a tactical retreat now move back to the rally point
Morale_Restored1: The sand is out of my boots so now back to the fight
Morale_Restored2: One day the standard will fall but not on my tour of duty with it
Morale_Restored3: I carry this in his name and it has shown me the path back to the fight
Join1: Lend yourselves to the Flag!
Join2: Rally to my side!
Join3: Form up and protect the Standard!
Detach1:I go now..
Detach2: The Flag inspires elsewhere..
Charge1: Follow me into the breach my comrades follow this standard of his glory
Charge2: Charge with me this day my brothers in arms
Charge3: This is the day we go into hells jaws and come back alive
Combat1: Onto the battle with the symbol of his faith and the glory of Tallarn
Combat2: His light and glory shall shield us NOW ONTO BATTLE
Combat3: All who see this standard know the emperor fights with him
Under_Fire1: This banner has seen worse then what there firing at us
Under_Fire2: You can not harm me as this standard shields me in his light
Under_Fire3: Under fire command the standard must not fall
Damage1: This standard has been repaired before and can be again
Damage2: I may gain scars from this fight but you wont take me down
Damage3: His light shall shield me from death's embrace this day
Death1: I failed my duty to the emperor and to Tallarn may he forgive me
Death2: It was my hour to of carried the banner in this fight
Death3: I did the emperor proud and kept my duty this day
Death4: For my duty may i of earn his favour in death

: The confessor is a deeply religious fanatic and a die hard zealot. Confessors wouldn't be Tallarn as they are high placed in the Imperium. His voice should sound a bit crazed, full of fire and brimstone. Also a bit on edge when yelling. He is educated, his accent and speech should reflect that. His accent should also be distinguishable from the Middle Eastern accented Tallarn.
Unit_Complete1: I have arrived to hear your sins.
Unit_Complete2: I am here! Sinners beware.
Unit_Complete3: I am here only to do HIS work.
Unit_Complete4: I have arrived, your soul is safe.
Unit_Complete5: All praise Him on Terra!!
Unit_Complete6: The Emperor of Mankind has sent me to save you
Unit_Complete7: Kneel and be saved!
Selection1: You have sins to confess?
Selection2: I do his will.
Selection3: Oh! Glory to Him!!
Selection4: You're Sins are your burden
Selection5: Tell me your Heresies.
Selection6: Suffer not, the mutant, heretic or witch.
Selection7: I can save you, my son.
Move1: I will go, as is His will.
Move2: I am needed there?
Move3: Yes, yes, I feel the sins there.
Move4: I go, to bring the light to darkness
Move5: I am coming! Heretic Beware!
Move6: With cleansing fire I come!
Move7: Do Not Impede Me, Sinner!
Attack1: Die Heretic!
Attack2: You will die today!!
Attack3: No Mercy, kill the Sinners!
Attack4: The Emperor is Watching! Kill the unbelievers
Attack5: Destroy the Darkness!
Attack6: Purge the Unclean!!
Attack7: Do Not let the Darkness Win!!
Join1: I am here to guide you.
Join2: I am watching you, do not disappoint me.
Join3: I am here to cleanse your souls
Detach1: I leave you now, but I am still watching.
Detach2: There are other sins to purge.
Load_Transport1: The Transport awaits, hurry now.
Load_Transport2: We go! Sins await.
Unload_Transport1: Out now! We do His work!
Unload_Transport2: Follow me, Our work his Holy!
Charge1: Follow me! We Kill For HIM!!!!
Charge2: For The EMPEROR of MANKIND!!!!
Charge3: Purify the Unclean!!
Ability1: This is now a HOLY WAR!!!
Ability2: The Emperor Wants the Sinner Purged!!!
Ability3: Leave No one Alive, Burn Everything!!!!
Combat1: Kill the Enemy, and sing His praises!
Combat2: Slaughter the unclean, it is His favourite Hymn!
Combat3: They are Blasphemies in the Emperor's eyes!
Under_Fire1: The Enemy dares to fire upon us!
Under_Fire2: They know not what they do, their death approaches!
Under_Fire3: The Enemy is here! Kill Them!
Damage1: They cannot kill my Faith!
Damage2: They damage the body, but not the Soul
Damage3: We are taking damage, bring troops!
Death1: my work..is not done. (wounded fading)
Death2: I go to Him now..(fading)
Death3: The emperor awaits me..(fading)
Death4: Carry on his work..my sons..(fading)

Notes: middle eastern, religious zealot, loud
Unit_Complete1: I bring the Gift of faith
Unit_Complete2: The Aba Aba Mushira Protects
Unit_Complete3: I bring his light to quench the darkness
Unit_Complete4: All Glory to him on earth
Unit_Complete5: His love shields me
Unit_Complete6: Kill the Infidels
Unit_Complete7: I do his will
Selection1: I bring the Gift of faith
Selection2: The Aba Aba Mushira Protects
Selection3: I am his light
Selection4: All Glory to him on earth
Selection5: His love shields me
Selection6: Kill the Infidels
Move1: He gives me strength
Move2: He watches over us
Move3: This way lies redemption
Move4: Praise his Name
Move5: I do his will
Attack1: Leave none of the taint
Attack2: These infidels will die!!
Attack3: They are unredeemable!!
Attack4: Kill them all
Attack5: Strike my Desert Lions!
Charge1: The Emperor watches us!!! Kill them all!!
Charge2: He is my Light!!! I am his Sword!!!
Charge3: Will you be ashamed when you stand before him!!???
Ability1: Repent! Heretic!
Ability2: He is our shield!
Ability3: death to his enemies
Join1: Brave Warriors I have come
Detach1: I must leave, but faith will not
Load_Transport1: This way
Unload_Transport1: we have arrived
Morale_Break1: The light! ...it dims!
Morale_Break2: I..don't understand.. (confused)
Morale_Restored1: I feel the light returning!!!
Morale_Restored2: All praise the Aba Aba Mushira!!
Damage1: They dare attack?!!
Damage2: Suffer not these infidels
Damage3: Destroy them!!
Death1: He calls me home
Death2: I served my best
Death3: tonight I stand before the throne
Death4: Praise him…I..am..undone.

Primary Hero/Commander
Notes: Commanding.. Confident..
Unit_Complete1: I am here!
Unit_Complete2: Let our enemies dismay
Unit_Complete3: Lion of the Desert, ready
Unit_Complete4: For the Aba Aba Mushira!!
Unit_Complete5: This world will soon find it's faith
Unit_Complete6: I am the Emperor's Hand
Unit_Complete7: Bring forth the light of the Emperor
Selection1: Yes?
Selection2: You have a need?
Selection3: your suggestions are getting tiresome
Selection4: I know what needs done, show me the way
Selection5: I am the Aba's light
Selection6: yes..yes.. I am ready
Selection7: A good plan..let's get to it.
Move1: Follow me !
Move2: Move out!
Move3: We go
Move4: Onward brothers
Move5: Let's go
Attack1: Destroy them!
Attack2: Make them pay!
Attack3: Kill the Infidel!
Attack4: Hit them Fast and Hard!
Attack5: For Him on Terra!!!
Charge1: All glory to the Emporer!!
Charge2: For Terra!! For Tallarn!!
Charge3: We are unstoppable!!
Ability1: To me sons of Tallarn!
Ability2: Fire and Smoke! Vector 534!
Ability3: Airstrike on my mark
Join1: To the battle.. you shall follow me
Detach1: Reassigning the squad..
Load_Transport1: Quickly Driver, glory awaits
Unload_Transport1: Out, now, follow me!
Morale_Break1: My…faith..it wasn't strong enough.
Morale_Break2: We have failed, Run!
Morale_Restored1: No! fight! We can beat them!
Morale_Restored2: I will never fail again!
Damage1: Taking fire!
Damage2: Urghhh!
Damage3: Get them back!!
Death1: paradise awaits me
Death2: forgive me father…
Death3: my work is undone..
Death4: go forward..don't..quit

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Notes: Futuristic Tow Truck and Repair Utility vehicle. Pensive, hard raspy voice, sounds like an old battle-hardened mechanic
Unit_Complete1: Repair vehicle ready
Unit_Complete2: where do you need us sir
Unit_Complete3: trojan!
Unit_Complete4: What requires our service sir
Unit_Complete5: Trojan ready for duty
Unit_Complete6: You break it we fix it.
Unit_Complete7: We are here sir.
Selection1: Trojan repair vehicle
Selection2: here sire
Selection3: awaiting orders
Selection4: we read you sir
Selection5: trojan sir
Selection6: repair vshicle ready
Selection7: what needs fixing now???
Move1: yes sir
Move2: moving sir
Move3: copy that
Move4: roger
Move5: on it sir
Attack1: your kidding right? Okay…give em the heavy bolter!
Attack2: heavy bolter…yeah that will get them (sarcastic)
Attack3: Do we even have ammo for this thing?
Attack4: couldn't have gave us a bigger gun or anything could they? (sarcastic)
Ability1: We got it, just a sec
Ability2: No problem
Ability3: You know I'm going to have to put this in my report
Ability4: yeah I'll get it.
Ability5: do we even have parts for that? (exasperated)
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: Scout Walker unit. Moves fast, gets into fire fight, exits quickly. Hot-head, surfer, adventurous.
Unit_Complete1: Birds are here sir!
Unit_Complete2: birds ready to ride
Unit_Complete3: your orders sir?
Unit_Complete4: Squadron ready
Unit_Complete5: troop support on the field
Unit_Complete6: you ordered some birds sir?
Unit_Complete7: ready whenever you are sir
Selection1: awaiting orders sir!
Selection2: birds ready!
Selection3: here sir!
Selection4: ready to do some killing sir
Selection5: Some arse needs kicking sir?
Selection6: at your command
Selection7: loud and clear sir
Move1: Let's see what's over here.
Move2: On me, let's move
Move3: Yes, sir!
Move4: Changing positions
Move5: keep it tight lads, move out
Attack1: Get them!
Attack2: Light them up!
Attack3: Engaging!
Attack4: burn em all!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: Troop Transporter. Very Lightly armored but makes up for it with speed. Fanatical, surfer, hot-heat, wants things done 2 weeks ago.
Unit_Complete1: Cheetah, mobile troop support
Unit_Complete2: just like the desert cat..
Unit_Complete3: You called sir, we're here.
Unit_Complete4: faster is better
Unit_Complete5: Cheetah reporting
Unit_Complete6: Mobile support, here
Unit_Complete7: Noone can catch a cheetah
Selection1: Cheetah ready to roll.
Selection2: we copy
Selection3: sir?
Selection4: hearing you loud and clear sir
Selection5: Your needs?
Selection6: awaiting your commands
Selection7: Yes, sir?
Move1: as fast as we can sir.
Move2: we hear you sir!
Move3: Hit it!.
Move4: he said over there !
Move5: changing positions sir
Attack1: Light them up!
Attack2: Engaging enemy sir
Attack3: Mow them down!!
Attack4: Cover those raiders!!
Ability1: Gun it!!!
Ability2: kick in the burners!
Ability3: faster, faster
Ability4: don't hold back…gun this thing
Ability5: floor it!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Chimera (Ghost Pattern)
Notes: Infantry Transport with light offensive capabilities. Soft, cautious, fragile contents made for stealth operations so they are slightly more tense.
Unit_Complete1: Ghost stalker here !
Unit_Complete2: the faster the better
Unit_Complete3: lightning fast, rock hard
Unit_Complete4: the Ghost has arrived
Unit_Complete5: transport ready to go
Unit_Complete6: fueled up and ready for war
Unit_Complete7: we'll get them there safe sir.
Selection1: Aye, sit?
Selection2: Ghost Stalker here sir
Selection3: You need us sir?
Selection4: Tell us where sir
Selection5: all ready to go sir
Selection6: get that blood out of there…Oh..Yes sir?
Selection7: your orders sir?
Move1: yes sir!
Move2: speed is our armour!
Move3: get them in there!
Move4: put it right down there throats lads.
Move5: in and out before they know it.
Attack1: cover the troops!
Attack2: light up that main gun!
Attack3: Fire!
Attack4: Give them hell!
Ability1: Step on it!!
Ability2: faster!!
Ability3: hit the boost!
Ability4: Hold on to something!
Ability5: (laughs) Watch this!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Chimera (Armoured)
Notes: Infantry Transport with heavier offensive capabilities. Soft-spoken, but slightly more rough compared to Chimera (Ghost Pattern).
Unit_Complete1: Chimera ready to load!
Unit_Complete2: jump in lads
Unit_Complete3: Chimera coming to the fight
Unit_Complete4: nothing is going to get through this
Unit_Complete5: reporting sir!
Unit_Complete6: Chimera here
Unit_Complete7: tell them to get in here!!!
Selection1: Your orders sit?
Selection2: ready sir
Selection3: aye my prince
Selection4: what will you have of us sir?
Selection5: ready when you are
Selection6: we're ready
Selection7: ready to roll
Move1: Got you sir!
Move2: Let's roll!
Move3: bringing them to the fight
Move4: Roll on!
Move5: (laughs singsong) I'm bringing you a present
Attack1: Cover them!
Attack2: covering fire!
Attack3: get that main gun going!
Attack4: man all guns!!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

: The Thunderbolt pilots are Imperial Navy rather than Imperial Guard. The act of slogging through mud and dying is beneath them. The are show offs and braggarts, full of bravado, The will also not have the same accent as the Tallarn. Virtually any accent will work, as they are taken from all over. Think "Maverick" in TOPGUN.
Unit_Complete1: Thunderbolt fighter ready for sorties, commander
Unit_Complete2: Thunderbolt ready for the mission sir!
Unit_Complete3: Someone called for the Imperial Navy?
Unit_Complete4: Thunderbolt, ready to give them hell.
Unit_Complete5: Thunderbolt covering the skies sir.
Unit_Complete6: You needed air support?
Unit_Complete7: Imperial Thunderbolt..at your service
Selection1: You need air support?
Selection2: ready to rain down destruction.
Selection3: The skies are mine, let me know where to go.
Selection4: Thunderbolt, king of skies..(chuckling)
Selection5: I’m here to save you ground pounders.
Selection6: Thunderbolt, getting bored up here sir.
Selection7: Echo leader, give me something to shoot.
Move1: Now we're talking..ACTION!
Move2: Throttle gunned sir, moving to new position.
Move3: Turn em and Burn em, going there now.
Move4: Gotcha, coming out of the clouds.
Move5: Low and fast, death's a coming boys!!
Move6: Flying in now sir.
Move7: Kicking in the afterburners, full speed ahead!
Attack1: All they'll hear is the sonic boom.
Attack2: Death from the skies!
Attack3: Whoooo-hoooooo!!!!!
Attack4: Echo leader, tearing up the bogies!
Attack5: Letting loose death!
Attack6: Out of the sun, death comes for you!!!
Attack7: I deliver his wrath!!
Charge1: Echo leader, starting strafing run!
Charge2: Cover my wing, I'm going in!
Charge3: For The Emperor!!!
Ability1: Eat this Dirt Slogger!!!
Ability2: Here's a gift from Terra!!
Ability3: Come here and take your medicine (Chuckling)
Combat1: Under fire, rolling out.
Combat2: Swinging around for another run.
Combat3: Back at them fast and hard
Death1: I'm hit, I’m hit!!!
Death2: Going down!!
Death3: Can't…pull….out…
Death4: Ahhhh Shit.

: Cautious Tallarn sentinel watching the skies for enemy aircraft. When attacking should shout out proclaiming loudly!
Unit_Complete1: Hydra anti-aircraft vehicle on the field.
Unit_Complete2: Hydra Flak guns ready for Combat sir.
Unit_Complete3: Hydra guns ready to go sir.
Unit_Complete4: Hydra loaded and ready commander.
Unit_Complete5: All ready to roll sir.
Unit_Complete6: Hydra here sir
Unit_Complete7: Hydra ready for the fight sir.
Selection1: Your orders commander?
Selection2: Four autocannons…no waiting (chuckling)
Selection3: The guns are primed sir.
Selection4: You want something dead Commander?
Selection5: Ready to blast them out of the sky sir.
Selection6: Ready whenever you are sir.
Selection7: Hydra ready to fire.
Move1: Moving to a new position sir.
Move2: Rolling now sir,
Move3: Roger that, moving out.
Move4: You want us there sir?
Move5: Yes, Commander we're moving
Move6: The man said Roll, we roll
Move7: Taking up new position, commander.
Attack1: swing the barrels, let them loose!
Attack2: Melt the barrels if you have to! Kill them all!!
Attack3: Destroy them!!!
Attack4: Give them everything you got!!!!
Attack5: Kill them! Don't let up
Attack6: Light up all barrels!!!
Attack7: Fire steady on all guns!
Combat1: taking hits, giving them hell in return sir
Combat2: Under fire, armour holding for now!
Combat3: Destroy the infidel!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Thudd Gun
Notes: Light-to-Medium Quad-Barreled Mobile Artillery platform. Hot shots, throaty, arrogant.
Unit_Complete1: Thudd gun ready to bring the boom!
Unit_Complete2: light artillery here sir
Unit_Complete3: 4 barrells of doom
Unit_Complete4: where do you want us to set this up sir?
Unit_Complete5: litanies said, all anointed..and ready to kill
Unit_Complete6: Thudd gun ready to bring pain
Unit_Complete7: ready to hook up sir
Selection1: Thudd gun ready
Selection2: Orders sir?
Selection3: that last one was dead on…wasn't it sir?
Selection4: Say the word, we'll light it up
Selection5: new firing position sir?
Selection6: awaiting your commands
Selection7: ready to go sir.
Move1: Hook it up lets go!
Move2: You heard the commander let's go!
Move3: move! To that firing position!
Move4: Let's go ladies we don't have all day
Move5: let's get it over there and set up a Beta sweep
Attack1: laying down fire!
Attack2: smoke and fire on my mark!
Attack3: Bring the Pain!!!
Attack4: Oh you're going to love this.
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

: There could be two separate voices for this, or one would be fine, as there is a senior gunner, who probably do the talking. The Rapier is a tracked cannon with two Tallarns walking alongside controlling it, They both have the Middle eastern accents of the Tallarn.
Unit_Complete1: Rapier Heavy weapons team on the field sir.
Unit_Complete2: Heavy support is here sir.
Unit_Complete3: Rapier primed and ready commander
Unit_Complete4: The litanies are finished. We are here.
Unit_Complete5: The Machine Spirit is ready to kill Commander
Unit_Complete6: Rapier ready commander
Unit_Complete7: Ready to go sir.
Selection1: Rapier, all primed
Selection2: Your orders commander?
Selection3: We are the weapon of purification.
Selection4: The Emperor guides our aim
Selection5: They don't stand a chance against us.
Selection6: No armour can hold against the Rapier
Selection7: Here sir, what are your orders.
Move1: Rapier moving out.
Move2: We'll get there sir.
Move3: Taking up new firing position.
Move4: We're moving.
Move5: Come, we move
Move6: Moving to give support sir.
Move7: We're moving now Commander.
Attack1: Fire all barrels!!
Attack2: Their armour will not last!
Attack3: Destroy the armour, Destroy the Heretic!
Attack4: Lightbringer!
Attack5: Punch a hole through them!
Attack6: Don't let any of them survive!
Attack7: Burn Infidel!
Combat1: Taking fire, and giving it back Commander!
Combat2: Hunker down and fire back!
Combat3: Burn them!
Death1: Aughh_ughhh
Death2: (gurgle)
Death3: Nooooo (fading)
Death4: Achhh!!!!!

Fire Drake
Notes: Long Range mobile Missile Bombardment platform. Deep, assured of themselves but cautious as their platform is lightly armoured.
Unit_Complete1: Fire drake support, ready
Unit_Complete2: MLRS system ready to go
Unit_Complete3: we sill storm our enemies
Unit_Complete4: the dragon has arrived/
Unit_Complete5: Here sir
Unit_Complete6: Fire drake reporting for duty
Unit_Complete7: We are here sir!
Selection1: fire drake ready for orders
Selection2: orders my prince
Selection3: ready sir
Selection4: awaiting commands sir
Selection5: Your needs my leige?
Selection6: here to serve
Move1: moving firing position
Move2: firing position delta rogue..aye sir
Move3: position vector charlie epsilon…aye
Move4: Moving into position sir
Move5: set up a firing pattern over there!
Attack1: Let them go…!
Attack2: give them hell!!
Attack3: light up the infidel
Attack4: by our fire…we purge the unclean
Ability1: Keep firing !
Ability2: melt the damn system if you have to
Ability3: our flames cleanse
Ability4: fire till she melts
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: Powerful dual-firing Earthshaker mobile artillery platform. Throaty, over-ambitious, determined.
Unit_Complete1: Minotaur here, ready to bring the pain!
Unit_Complete2: both guns ready to make things dead sir!
Unit_Complete3: Imperial Minotaur, ready to go
Unit_Complete4: minotaur on the field
Unit_Complete5: You called sir
Unit_Complete6: ready to light them up sir
Unit_Complete7: wait till you see what this baby does
Selection1: imperial minotaur awaiting orders
Selection2: awaiting your commands
Selection3: primed and ready sir
Selection4: where do you need us?
Selection5: Sir?
Selection6: reading you colonel
Selection7: Your wish my prince?
Move1: Crank the Tracks, he wants us over there
Move2: Move out
Move3: Changing positions.
Move4: On your mark sir
Move5: change firing position sir
Attack1: Light them up lads!
Attack2: Barrel one fire! Barrel two fire!
Attack3: destroy target!
Attack4: fire on my vector
Ability1: Bring the Pain!!!!
Ability2: give them the big stuff!!
Ability3: The emperor wanted you to have this!!
Ability4: I almost feel sorry for them
Ability5: This is going to hurt…a lot
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

: Throaty, over-ambitious, determined.
Unit_Complete1: Griffon light support on the field.
Unit_Complete2: Griffon mobile artillery reporting in sir.
Unit_Complete3: Mobile artillery awaiting your orders, sir.
Unit_Complete4: Mortar ready to go.
Unit_Complete5: Griffon here, what do you need of us, commander?
Unit_Complete6: Tallarn Griffon, ready to kill the infidel.
Unit_Complete7: Griffon bringing the boom.
Selection1: Tallarn Armour, best of the best.
Selection2: Infidel killer, ready to roll
Selection3: Say the word and their dead sir.
Selection4: You need something destroyed?
Selection5: Death from nowhere.
Selection6: All ready to go, sir
Selection7: Let's get this started, Sir.
Move1: Griffon rolling to new position.
Move2: Taking up new firing position.
Move3: Moving to cover the troops.
Move4: Moving out to new coordinates.
Move5: yes sir, position alpha nine pattern
Move6: You got it sir.
Move7: Let's roll, he said over there.
Attack1: Give them the Big gun!
Attack2: Keep pouring in the shells!
Attack3: Fire and Smoke on marked target!
Attack4: Don't let them see it coming!
Attack5: Laying firing pattern Epsilon 22.
Attack6: Make it rain shells!
Attack7: Blacken the skies!!
Charge1: Roll them over!
Charge2: Move in for the Kill!
Charge3: Here comes Clanking Death!
Combat1: Engaging sir!
Combat2: Fire, Fire, Fire.
Combat3: Destroy the Heretic.
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: Long Range Guided-Missile Platform. Deep-voiced, assured of themselves, determined.
Unit_Complete1: Manticore ready!
Unit_Complete2: missiles primed and awaiting orders
Unit_Complete3: Death from nowhere
Unit_Complete4: targeting systems up and ready sir
Unit_Complete5: Manticore to the fight
Unit_Complete6: ready to strike hard
Unit_Complete7: we bring redemption
Selection1: Manticore missiles ready to go sir
Selection2: Missiles ready sir
Selection3: Yes my prince?
Selection4: all ready sir
Selection5: Your needs sir?
Selection6: Your commands sir?
Selection7: Khalid!! If you fart in here one more time, I'm going to….Oh yes…sorry sir!
Move1: let's find a good ovelook point
Move2: moving sir
Move3: over there? Roger that
Move4: copy that sir
Move5: taking new position sir
Attack1: launch all missiles!
Attack2: fire!
Attack3: missiles away!
Attack4: smoke and fire, burn it all
Ability1: lock on target..fire!
Ability2: you heard the man…he wants that dead!..Fire!
Ability3: Fire when target is locked.
Ability4: we don't miss…Fire!!!
Ability5: double check that, then give them hell
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Command Salamander
: The salamander has the same middle eastern accent as the rest of the Tallarn. Very Commanding voice.. bellowing.. assured of self.
Unit_Complete1: Salamander ready to roll sir!
Unit_Complete2: light transport on the field.
Unit_Complete3: Salamander transport vehicle reporting sir.
Unit_Complete4: Your Ride is here, commander.
Unit_Complete5: We are here sir, where do you need to go?
Unit_Complete6: Sir! Salamander reporting in.
Unit_Complete7: We are here Commander.
Selection1: Salamander here sir.
Selection2: yes sir? Where do you need to go.
Selection3: Light transport fuelled and ready.
Selection4: What are your needs, great one?
Selection5: We'll get you there safely.
Selection6: Jump in, we're ready to roll
Selection7:Salamander awaiting orders
Move1: Move out! He wants us over there.
Move2: Let's Roll.
Move3: On our way,commander
Move4: Hang on tight, we're moving out.
Move5: Assuming new position, commander
Move6: we'll take up the position sir.
Move7: Let's move it, he wants us over there.
Attack1: Light up the burner, fry them all!
Attack2: Give them a heavy dose of Promytheum
Attack3: Burn them, clear a path through.
Attack4: I love the smell of Promytheum, it smells like victory
Attack5: Open the Valves, give them both barrels!!
Attack6: Burn them!!
Attack7: Get them, drain the tanks dry!!
Charge1: Run them down!
Charge2: For the Abu Abu Mashira!!!
Charge3: Death to the Infidels!!
Ability1: Auspex reading now sir.
Ability2: The readings are in sir.
Combat1: Armour integrity damaged, but holding sir.
Combat2: We're taking fire!
Combat3: Salamander requesting reinforcements.
Death1: Bail Out!!
Death2: Grab your gear, It's time to go!
Death3: Run! She's going to blow!
Death4: Get out, she's burning.
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Leman Russ
Notes: Imperial Main Battle tank. Deep-voiced, throaty, battle-hardened, feel invincible.
Unit_Complete1: leman russ here, sir!
Unit_Complete2: tell the men not to worry now
Unit_Complete3: armoured support has arrived
Unit_Complete4: Kill everything sir? Or leave some for the others?
Unit_Complete5: you wanted tanks?
Unit_Complete6: ready to roll right over them my prince
Unit_Complete7: ready to support the grunts sir
Selection1: Leman Russ ready
Selection2: Heretic's Bane ready
Selection3: fist of the emperor ready for orders
Selection4: Sir?
Selection5: copy that
Selection6: we read you sir
Selection7: You called sir?
Move1: Let's roll
Move2: We are needed over there.
Move3: You heard the man, move out
Move4: set it up over there
Move5: moving to new location
Attack1: Fire! Fire! Fire!
Attack2: Engaging enemy
Attack3: fire all guns!!
Attack4: destroy everything!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

Notes: Elite Super Heavy Tank. Exceptional at literally pureeing enemy infantry. Deep, throaty, absolutely assured they will eradicate the target in first shot.
Unit_Complete1: Tallarn Macharius ready to fight
Unit_Complete2: You called for some excessive guns?
Unit_Complete3: heavy armour at your disposal
Unit_Complete4: Imperial Macharius ready
Unit_Complete5: we bring our enemies death
Unit_Complete6: we have arrived sir
Unit_Complete7: Macharius ready for orders sir
Selection1: Macharius awaiting your commands
Selection2: Aye sir?
Selection3: Awaiting orders my prince
Selection4: sir?
Selection5: reading you sir
Selection6: ready to bring death
Selection7: death bringer ready
Move1: Over there lads, that's a good position
Move2: You heard him…Go
Move3: roll over them
Move4: hurry up, take that position
Move5: moving to new position sir
Attack1: heh heh..unleash the guns
Attack2: make them pay!
Attack3: all guns on that target
Attack4: FIRE!!!!
Death1: *vehicle explosion*

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 02:34 PM


The ancient enemy has reared it's twisted face.
Chaos!!! Avenge Tallarn!!! Kill the Iron Warriors first!!!

Space Marines
Astartes??? What the bloody hell are they doing here? [pronounced "As-tar-tehs"]
Are we supposed to fight the Space Marines?

suffer not the Xeno Eldar!
Eldar, burn the witches!!

The Tau are some odd looking buggers, aren't they?
Tau…I'll give them the greater good.

Dark Eldar
Reavers…beware lads.
The dark ones...on your toes!

Sisters of Battle
A woman's place is not in battle!
The sisters….what are they doing here?

Ork!! Gauchh! The stink of them.
Greenskins here,, make sure you burn all the bodies!!

Imperial Guard
Guardsmen...they have to be traitors..kill them all!
Guardsmen…are they with us though???

Necrons!!! Emperor they are slow…They are getting back up!!!
Necrons!! Make sure they don't get back up.

Black Templars
Black Templars!!, are they on our side?
The Black Crusaders, we fight THEM today!!

Blood Angels
Blood Angels…Kill them all!!
Blood drinkers!!! I always thought there was a taint about them.

Blood Ravens
The Blood Ravens! Are they with us?
The Blood Ravens are here, must they be purged?

Crimson Fists
Crimson Fists, what are they doing here?
Space Marines..Crimson Fists I think.

Dark Angels
Dark Angels! And they are attacking!
The First Legion..Why are THEY attacking??!!

Imperial Fists
Imperial Fists, are they reinforcements.
The Sons of Dorn are here!

Iron Hands
Iron Hands, and they are preparing for war.
Iron Hands spotted commander.

Legion of the Damned
The Damned!! And they've come to fight!
The Damned Legion! Send them back to hell!

Raven Guard
Raven Guard, what are they doing?
The Raven Guard are on the field sir.

Red Scorpions
Red Scorpions and they are fully deployed.
Red Scorpions are here, my chief.

Salamanders! What do they want?
Salamanders are here, your orders sir?

Space Wolves/13th Company
The Sons of Russ…Today they Die!
Space Wolves, Get Them!!

Those are Ultramarines..and I think they're here for us..
Ultramarines!! We're doomed!

White Scars
Sons of the Khan…why are they attacking!!
White Scars, slow and steady now.

Alpha Legion
Alpha Legion, the spawn of the ruinous powers.
Alpha Legion, infidels!

Black Legion
Oh Emperor, The Sons of Horus!
The followers of Abbadon are here, Emperor protect us all! [pronounced "Ab-a-don"]

Death Guard
The servant of the Decayed one!!
The filth spreaders are here.
Nurgle.. Ahhhh that's just disgusting..
Ah plaguebearers...dig out the rebreathers!

Emperors Children
Slaanesh, Kill the traitors!! [pronounced "Slaa-nn-ish"]
Emperor's Children.. Erase this Blasphemy!
Slannesh… Kill the Tainted ones!!
The Lust God has brought his servants.

Iron Warriors
IRON warriors!!! Kill all of them. Avenge Tallarn!!
They destroyed Paradise, slaughter them all!!

Night Lords
Night Lords, emperor preserve us!
The Lords of Terror! Call in more squads!

Red Corsairs
Red Corsairs, Kill the Traitors!
Chaos Marines! Red Corsairs by the look of it.

Thousand Sounds
The Servants of Change…
Thousand Sons..beware the Sorcery!
The servants of the Changer!
The sons of Tzeentch! [pronounced "Zen-e-ch"]

World Eaters
Slaves of the Blood God!
Khorne has sent his lackeys. [pronounced "korn"]
Khorne!! Brace yourselves!
Servants of the Blood God, kill all the Heretics!!

Word Bearers
Faithless angels!
Listen not to the daemon, lest your souls burn in hellfire.

Catachans! Death World Scum.
Catachans! Bloody Jungle fighters.

Death Korps of Kreig
The Death Korps..what are they doing here.
The Death Korps, don't let one live!!

Elysians! Watch the skies..there's bound to be more.
Elysians, why are they here?

Last Chancer's/13th_Penal_Legion
Penal Legion over here sir.
Penal scum! Probably all Heretics, that lot.

The Iron Guard!

Praetorians, they are on our side..right?
Contact...Praetorians, I think.

Steel Legions
The Steel Legion is here.
Armegeddons…why here?

Other Tallarns? They must be tainted.
Tallarns..but not of our tribe.

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
Ghosts! And they are deploying.
Gaunt's Ghosts, are they with us?

Valhallans..watch the artillery!
Valhallans, spread out, we'll take them by surprise.
These are no warriors of Cain anymore. Show them the emperor's justice.
Blood runs thicker than tea. These men just do not know it yet.

The First born, but why are they here?
Vostroyans…quiet now.

The Eldar.. And they bring witches!
Contact Xenos!

Harlequins…what the hell?
Harlequins, bright enough aren't they?

Inquisition Daemonhunt
Daemon Hunters! Spread out.
The Inquisition, who are they here for?
The Inquisition! Are you sure we should fight them?
The Inquisition…tread carefully.

Ordo Hereticus. Stay on your toes.
Witch Hunters, and they come for battle!

Bugs!!! Get the flamers ready.
Tyranids…shoot the big ones first.

By Holy Terra.. look at the size of that thing!
Contact.. large demon has been spotted.

We have located enemy forces..
Position 128.. we have hostiles in this area.
Base command.. identifying enemy combatants near our position.
We just seen the enemy..new orders?
Security alert.. intruders have been found.
Spotted un-friendlies.
Contact! Position 453..
Contact Enemy units!

By the Emperor, that monster is.. huge!
Its an abomination to the Imperium.. it must be killed.

Hold stead-fast.. the enemy brings heavy tanks to the battle.
Tallarns, prepare the anti-armour batteries!
Contact.. heavy support sighted.

Advanced Skirmish AI Team Lead for the coolest Warhammer40k PC RTS out there:

Dawn of War Advanced AI Headquarters

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