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Vostroyans *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:23 PM

Unscripted / Completed (see next messages) / Voicing / Voiced

Proposed List

Techpriest Magos

Firstborn Squad
Firstborn Squad *SPOTTING VOICES*
Firstborn Sergeant
Veterans Sergeant
Sniper Team
Heavy Weapons Team
Rough Riders
Rough Rider Sergeant
Dark Ops Byzantines
Dark Ops Byzantines Sergeant
Visoka Garda

Command Squad - Imperial Commissar
Command Squad - Imperial Priest
Command Squad - Commissar Lord
Command Squad - Banner Bearer
Command Squad - Imperial General
Vox Caster
Primaris Psyker

Salamander Scout Light Tank
Chimera APC
Hellhound Assault Tank
Hydra Flak Tank
Griffon Heavy Mortar Artillery Tank
Ragnarok Light Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Eradicator

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Posted 27 March 2020 - 12:59 AM


Notes: This fellow should sound metallic and machine like, without excess of emotions and completely calculated. His voice should not betray and kind of emotions except surprise and curiosity, fear should only be present when his moral breaks. His voice should be strong and hard. But hey, give him some attitude, he is Mechanic, but with an attitude...
Unit_Complete1: For those that know how to listen, machine will speak.
Unit_Complete2: Engineseer at your disposal sir.
Unit_Complete3: Omnissiah wills it, and I deliver. [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Unit_Complete4: Now, now, what seems to be the problem.
Unit_Complete5: Priesthood of Mars sents me to aid you in your struggle.
Unit_Complete6: My whisper awakens the spirit, my hand awakens the machine.
Unit_Complete7: Fascinating, aren't they, these wondrous gifts of the Omnissiah.
Selection1: Unbelievable, this is the third time today…
Selection2: You require something?
Selection3: Where can I serve the Omnissiah?
Selection4: Once again, you require my expertise.
Selection5: Another task for me, I presume?
Selection6: Trough the machine, Omnissiah speaks to me.
Selection7: Just a moment, there are calculations to be done.
Move1: Hmmmm, are you sure about this?
Move2: Machine will guide me to my objective.
Move3: Understood. I will commence with required procedure.
Move4: Calculations were wrong about this course of action.
Move5: Proceeding as instructed.
Move6: All-present hand of the Omnissiah shows my path trough the darkness.
Move7: Omnissiah-Emperor, only true way we can follow.
Attack1: I strike with the might of Omnissiah.
Attack2: They can not stand against the machine.
Attack3: Machine WILL prevail.
Attack4: Please...no losing of bodily fluids on the sensitive equipment.
Attack5: Target identified, engaging the threat.
Ability1: Well, now, this certainly was unexpected.
Ability2: Such knowledge, and it is within my grasp. [Magos Ex Machina ability]
Ability3: Omnissiah, although I have ascended, your servant forever I am.
Ability4: Hand of Omnissiah has laid blessings upon me on this day.
Ability5: Through knowledge...we endure, through machine...we prevail, through Omnissiah...we ascend.
Build1: Understood lord, I'll get right to it.
Build2: Specifications are correct, commencing with the construction.
Build3: It will be done, by the will of the Machine god.
Build4: I understand what you require.
Build5: Starting with the fabrication of the template construct.
Build6: Proceeding with the structure installation.
Build7: Primary site is within specification parameters.
Lay_Mines1: Deploying Mines.
Lay_Mines2: Laying down death!
Lay_Mines3: Embedding death packages..
Load_Transport1: Ah, this beautiful creation will carry us to our destination.
Unload_Transport1: May the grace of the Omnissiah bless this machine spirit for it's speed and endurance.
Deepstrike1:Omnissiah, bless my descent and machines that serve me so faithfully.
Deepstirke2:Work of the Omnissiah must be done and with haste.
Morale_Break1: By the sand of Mars, this will be our undoing!!!
Morale_Break2: Omnissiah, save my soul!!!
Morale_Restored1: Omnissiah has given me one more chance.
Morale_Restored2: I have survived, just as calculations said I would.
Repair1: The machine aches, and I can stop the pain.
Repair2: When the body suffers, spirit suffers also.
Repair3: Commencing repairs specified by the template.
Damage1: Omnissiah, protect my body from the enemy discharges.
Damage2: Enemies are engaging.
Damage3: Weapon discharges in vicinity.
Death1: But my research...
Death2: My soul is yours, Lord.
Death3: Flesh is weak, but the machine is eternal.
Death4: My body returns to the stars as my soul joins the Omnissiah.

Techpriest Magos
Notes: The same thing like with ordinary techpriest, cold metallic voice that resonates but this guy should sound more dignified and more aristocratic, a bit arrogant because of all his knowledge on machines and stuff.
Unit_Complete1: I am one with the Machine.
Unit_Complete2: The new power that moves through me...knowledge abundant.
Unit_Complete3: I can hear the Machine and it can hear me...it is one step from perfection.
Unit_Complete4: Omnissiah has laid his blessings upon His most deserving servant. [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Unit_Complete5: Thou great that I am, I'm still a humble servant.
Unit_Complete6: I am ready now Lord for the tasks that lie ahead.
Unit_Complete7: Calculations have been made and there was no error…I have ascended.
Selection1: By the Omnissiah, can this truly be sacred STC technology?
Selection2: My time is precious, Lord...how may I help you
Selection3: There are no secrets that machine can keep from me.
Selection4: Reverent machine, bless us with your service and function.
Selection5: Yes, I am Magos, keeper of knowledge and sacred forms of the Machine.
Selection6: Only machine made by hands of Man is blessed and divine in eyes of the Omnissiah.
Selection7: Xeno technology is interesting, yes, but human creation truly comes from Omnissiah.
Selection8: It will be done Lord, as soon as activation prayers are complete.
Move1: Calculated distance shows this will not be worth the effort.
Move2: Receiving coordinates. I will be there.
Move3: I move with the will of Omnissiah in His Grand Scheme of things.
Move4: Indeed Lord, I understand...I shall be there at once.
Move5: My actions are calculated and flawless.
Move6: Where Omnissiah wills, I act.
Attack1: Omnissiah shall incinerate your flesh and soul.
Attack2: Machine can not be denied!!!
Attack3: Through me, Machine god will strike you down!
Attack4: Target recognized and classified, engaging now.
Attack5: I have target lock and Machine God guides my bolts.
Charge1: Let their souls burn in your Glory my Omnissiah!!!
Charge2: You will face His wrath!!!
Ability1: The God Machine wills this!
Ability2: Feel the wrath of the Blessed machine!
Ability3: You shall be made humble!
Ability4: We are under his protection now!
Ability5: Be renewed once again!
Load_Transport1: Splendid sight, this machine is.
Unload_Transport1: I thank you, beneficent machine for my safe arrival
Morale_Break1: How can this happen, how could I have been wrong?
Morale_Break2: There is only one logical ending...death...death in vain.
Morale_Restored1: Praise the Omnissiah; once more He is by my side.
Morale_Restored2: Data input stabilizing, systems back under control.
Jump_Teleport1: Truly, a unique sensation.
Deepstrike1: I serve the Machine god, in all ways I can.
Deepstrike2: Interesting...didn't feel like this in a long time.
Build1: Program protocols initiated, construction commencing.
Build2: Engaging build drones, servitors online, structure engineering started.
Build3: Specifications are inside parameters, template construction engaged.
Build4: It will be done my Lord.
Build5: Template specification will hasten this construct.
Build6: Tech-specs are approved for structure construction.
Build7: Location approved, commencing construction.
Repair1: The machine aches, and I can stop the pain.
Repair2: When the body suffers, spirit suffers also.
Repair3: Commencing repairs specified by the template.
Capture1: It will serve us well.
Capture2: Yes.. I go to procure it for our needs.
Capped1: Indeed.. now a masterful form of machine may be built there.
Capped2: The great Machine has now sanctified this holy spot.
Under_Fire1: Enemy units identified.
Under_Fire2: I have hostile contacts incoming.
Damage1: Focusing on the enemy advance.
Damage2: Hostiles are marking our position
Damage3: Unidentified targets are engaging.
Death1: System shutting down...
Death2: My work must be done, it must continue...
Death3: Omnissiah, and only He, will be me judge...

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Posted 27 March 2020 - 01:00 AM


Firstborn Squad (basic infantry)
Notes: Firstborn son of every family is recruited into Firstborn regiments and this on Vostroya is considered a great honor, and me see it like that. They see it like honor and they are trained and breed and raised to fight with honor and discipline. Don't forget, these men are grunts, basic fighting unit of Vostroyan regiments, but unlike many other regiments these men are experts in urban and winter warfare, they have excellent armor and weaponry due to the connections of Vostroya with Mechanicum. These men are proud and strong, willing to kill and die in the Emperors name and to go any length to finish their mission. Every soldier of Vostroyan regiments is part of brotherhood of warriors that is more than just comradeship of soldiers, it's like extended family based on proud traditions, honor and common cause.
Unit_Complete1: Sons of Vostroya, here to do His bidding.
Unit_Complete2: Firstborn. We serve with honor and courage.
Unit_Complete3: For the honor of Vostroya and Imperium.
Unit_Complete4: We are here to repay our debt.
Unit_Complete5: Our lives are nothing, for His will is everything (alternative-all).
Unit_Complete6: Warriors of Vostroya, ready for war.
Unit_Complete7: Vostroya Firstborn, once again we fight in His name.
Unit_Complete8: Vostroya sends her sons! [the letter š in vocalization sounds like sh, like for example, sh(š)ack]
Selection1: Attention!
Selection2: We're having a bit of liquor sir. Would you like some?
Selection3: Vostroya...it has bee so long ago. ( voice filled with memories of a distant homeworld)
Selection4: Sector secure sir.
Selection5: Right boys, get ready to move out.
Selection6: We are ready sir
Selection7: Where can we serve the Gray Lady?
Move1: Form up and move out.
Move2: I don't like this place. Stay frosty.
Move3: Watch your footing, stay alert, be ready. (imagine that you are leading your squad trough unknown area, silent serious voice.)
Move4: Squad, spread out and assume firing positions.
Move5: Eyes open Firstborn, don't be fooled by the silence.
Attack1: In combat order now…advance!
Attack2: In His eternal shadow we fight evermore. ( you are one soldier amongst many, in endless waves you advance in walking pace, lasguns blazing, with understanding that no one can stop you)
Attack3: For the Emperor and the Gray Lady!!!
Attack4: For the Honor of Vostroya and Him on Earth!!!
Attack5: Vostroyans, advance to victory!!!
Under_Fire1: Grid-sector 23-81, facing heavy resistance.
Under_Fire2: Man down! Take cover!!!
Morale_Break1 Run damn you, there is no hope!
Morale_Break2 Why has He forsaken us. (lost and cold voice)
Morale_Restored1: Huh, I thought we were goners for sure.
Morale_Restored2: Disgrace of our actions can only be redeemed in the death of His enemies.
Capture1: By my life, it will be yours.
Capture2: Vostroyans, advance and secure.
Capped1: One by one, we spread glory of His Holly domain.
Capped2: Raise the victory banners of Vostroya.
Charge1: Attack Vostroyans, expect no mercy and give none!!!
Charge2: Glorious sons of Vostroya, let your name be written in fire for all eternity!!!
Jump_Teleport1: Uuuuu, I didn't know we can do this..
Deepstirke1: I always thought that Elysians do this kind of stuff.
Deepstrike2: If you wanted Stormtroopers, you should have trained us for Stormtroopers.
Deepstrike3: ...keep guessing...Harakoni Warhawks? No,Elysia Droptroopers? No,Vostroyan Firstborn? Bingo...you jackass. [pronounced ""]
Deepstrike4: Right, who pissed off sarge this time?
Load_Transport1: Get in, quickly.
Unload_Transport1: Ok boys, this is where it gets dirty.
Ability1: Small token of our appreciation.
Ability2: Bomb's away!
Ability3: Wait…now!
Ability4: Fire in the hole!
Ability5: Just something to keep them warm.
Damage1: Contact! Take cover!
Damage2: Hostile fire! Grid-sectors 4 trough 13! (imagine you are a vox-operator trooper, you are in the trench, during big enemy offensive)
Damage3: By the Emperor's chair, they're everywhere!
Death1: We need medic!!!
Death2: Where have the colors disappeared? ( soft, weak voice of a dying man)
Death3: I have never seen an angel before. ( soft voice of a man who completely forgot he is on some battlefield, and is dazed by rare beauty)
Death4: We shall dine at the right side of the Emperor this night. ( happily dying certain that his faith was strong and his place at the Emperors side secure )

Firstborn Sergeant
Notes: Hard, commanding voice, masculine and eager, firm and strong. In moments of moral break, his voice is not that of a frightened man, but the voice of an angry man. Rough voice, almost like a bark of a big dog. His voice should carry over part of the battlefield so he is heard, but only when there is need to shout ( attack or battle cry).
Unit_Complete1: Alright, you sons of grox, let’s see what you can do. [pronounced "gro-ks"]
Unit_Complete2: No worries boys, I've already been through this.
Unit_Complete3: Bloody and grim is the way of war.
Unit_Complete4: The Vostroyan way is the path of Honor.
Unit_Complete5: We, who act with honor, can never fail.
Unit_Complete6: Gray Lady will guide us.
Unit_Complete7: Duty and Honor Vostroyans, Duty and Honor. (he should sound like he is reminding his men of their ideals)
Selection1: It is an Honor to fight by your side sir.
Selection2: Ossbohk-vyar, art of war that leads to victory. [pronounced "Os-boh v-jar"]
Selection3: In the darkest of hours, we never forget our duty.
Selection4: Let me once again hear "The eyes of Katya". ( old and fond reminiscence in voice)
Selection5: My men are ready sir.
Selection6: It's too quiet sir, don't like that…that's never good.
Selection7: I give you my word Lord, your will be done.
Move1: C'mon you lazy groxes, move! [pronounced "gro-kes"]
Move2: Squad, move out on the double.
Move3: Understood HQ, we are on our way.
Move4: Ready your weapons men, we're heading out.
Move5: Converging on the Grid Point Psy-233.
Attack1: Vostroyans, here and now, we finish them!
Attack2: Victory is there, you just need to grasp it!
Attack3: While they live, there can be no victory!!!
Attack4: Spill their blood or die with Honor Vostroyans!!!
Attack5: In the Emperors name shall we do our holy duty!!!
Attack6: Wrath of God-Emperor will shine from the muzzles of our guns!
Battle_Cry1: Warriors of this regiment, my brothers, our goal was always clear…DEATH OR GLORY!!!
Battle_Cry2: Men of Vostroya, today we write our names in the bloody pages of history!!!
Ability1: Get them flying men!
Ability2: Frag's away!!!
Ability3: Light them up!!! (Frag grenades ability)
Ability4: Time to show them we mean business men.
Ability5: Once again, time for spectacle. ( amused and cocky voice)
Load_Transport1: Transportation! Excellent... Firstborn, get in!
Unload_Transport1: Firstborn, "thunder and hammer" formation! GO GO GO!
Deepstirke1: I always thought that Elysians do this kind of stuff.
Deepstrike2: If you wanted Stormtroopers, you should have trained us for Stormtroopers.
Deepstrike3: ...keep guessing...Harakoni Warhawks? No,Elysia Droptroopers? No,Vostroyan Firstborn? Bingo...you jackass. [pronounced "Ha-ra-ko-ni Vor-hoks"]
Deepstrike4: Right, who pissed off sarge this time?
Morale_Break1: Stand fast, Emperor damn your worthless hides!
Morale_Break2: Fall back! They will overwhelm us!
Morale_Restored1: Form up, warp take you all, form up!
Morale_Restored2: Can you feel His blessing…Rally brothers, rally to me!
Under_Fire1: Enemy position located!
Under_Fire2: Incomiiiiiiing!!!
Capture1: In the name of the Gray Lady, it will be yours.
Capture2: Strategic asset recognized. Securing position.
Capture3: Inserting and taking control.
Capped1: We are in control sir. Awaiting further orders.
Capped2: It's truly a splendid sight, banner of Imperium, high and proud.
Capped3: Perimeter point secured and ready for fortification.
Jump_Teleport1: Yes.. we have this capability..
Damage1: Keep your heads down!This khekers are serious. [pronounced "kek-ers"]
Damage2: Back, back, get to cover…!!!
Damage3: Incoming fire, scramble to cover!!!
Death1: This is point 23 Alpha, we're overrun…(imagine last vox transmission to HQ by a doomed position)
Death2: Agh…
Death3: It…was…an…honor…men…

Veteran Squad
Notes: Cool and professional, a bit aggressive and provocative but devoted and dedicated. Unfazed by combat situations, always battle ready and a bit battle hungry. They should sound tough but smart and insightful.
Unit_Complete1: Veterans have arrived to see the job done.
Unit_Complete2: Our status of the elite, sir, was earned with blood and sacrifice.
Unit_Complete3: Veteran Squad, the edge you so desperately need.
Unit_Complete4: We are your blades Lord, gold and silver in the hearts of Emperors enemies.
Unit_Complete5: Things we have seen and killed would chill your soul.
Unit_Complete6: Where do you need our expertise Lord?
Unit_Complete7: We fear naught save the Emperor Himself so it’s either death or Victory.
Selection1: This is Veteran squad, always itching for action.
Selection2: Once rage of battle turns to music and blood becomes like rain, then you are truly a Veteran.
Selection3: Hundreds have died by my hand, and hundredfold more shall I add to the tally in name of the Emperor.
Selection4: Every war, every battle, we fight for Humanity and the Emperor.
Selection5: It is fear that grips them when they face Veterans of Vostroya.
Selection6: With our blades their deaths shall be signed.
Selection7: By our blades, we will judge them.
Move1: Veterans, quickly closing the distance.
Move2: Moving through specified grid-sectors…resistance nullified.
Move3: Understood sir, we are as good as there.
Move4: Tell the troopers to endure a bit more, Veterans are almost there.
Move5: Veterans moving out...sincerely hoping there will be resistance.
Attack1: Veterans, we are moving in, stay sharp.
Attack2: Their deaths are guaranteed Lord.
Attack3: Lay them low Veterans for they have sinned against the Immortal Emperor.
Attack4: Mark your targets and engage with extreme prejudice.
Attack5: These rabid dogs call out for Emperors Mercy; shall we not give it.
Attack6: Vanquish them here and now and let their bones turn to dust.
Attack7: Storm in, leave none alive Firstborn!!!
Charge1: Smile back Veterans, Death smiles upon us!!!
Charge2: Wrack havoc wolves of War, your chains are no more!!!
Ability1: Release your blades Veterans, Ossbohk-vyar calls us forth. [pronounced "Os-boh v-jar"]
Ability2: This is our path, this is our destiny.
Ability3: Forms of Ossbohk-vyar shall leave the enemy at our mercy...and there will be no mercy.
Ability4: Know your blade well and it will be your life. ( Forms of Ossbohk-vyar ability )
Ability5: Use the Forms of Ossbohk-vyar wisely and no foe will be beyond your wrath.
Ability6: Ossbohk-vyar...it shall be wine that you drink and meat that you dine.
Load_Transport1: Veterans, mount up, we don't want to keep the enemy waiting. (sarcasm and humour)
Unload_Transport1: Disembarking and assuming attack pattern "Wolfclaw".
Morale_Break1: Where in the Eye are our support squads, damn their souls!!! (rage and panic)
Morale_Break2: This position can not be held, it will fall!!! ( panic )
Morale_Restored1: Stand your ground Veterans, this is our land and it will stay ours!!!
Morale_Restored2: There will be no retreat from this position, there will be no surrender!!!
Under_Fire1: Enemy gun positions are opening upon us!
Under_Fire2: Enemy contacts, 3 o'clock.
Capture1: This day shall see our battle standards triumphant!
Capture2: Before this day is over, our banners shall fly from the highest of enemy keeps!
Capped1: It is done...the target is ours.
Capped2: Splendid colors of Vostroya shine in Light of the Emperor.
Jump_Teleport1: To the front!
Deepstrike1: Veterans, going in the fast way.
Deepstrike2: The skies are ours.
Ability1: Small tokens of hatred from Emperor of Mankind.
Ability2: Right boys, we know what to do with these babies.
Ability3: Up and away! ( Frag Grenades ability )
Ability4: Let's heat things up.
Ability5: Let's get these things rolling.
Ability6: Good night and don't forget to collect your asses on the way out. ( comic and goading )
Damage1: We are pinned down, some assistance would be nice.
Damage2: Veterans under enemy fire, grid sector 54-66
Damage3: Incoming enemy fire, they are trying to pin us down.
Death1: It's is good to die in the name of the Emperor.
Death2: Bloody 'ell medic, we don't need you now.
Death3: No finer way to go but in blaze of glory!!!
Death4: Our name will be remembered……

Veteran Sergeant
Notes: Strong male voice, sharpened and a bit distorted because he is talking through the rebreather grill. Should, from moment to moment sound a bit old and tired, but always strong and dignified. Veteran voice of man who has seen his share of death dealing. He yells rarely and is always composed and sharp and wise. Something like Boromir from LOTR.
Unit_Complete1: The things I have seen, and lived to tell them.
Unit_Complete2: My boys are ready sir.
Unit_Complete3: Veteran Sergeant reporting in.
Unit_Complete4: My scars are testament of my service to the Golden Throne.
Unit_Complete5: Once we were soldiers, and then War tempered our souls. Now we are Veterans.
Unit_Complete6: Assuming command as of this moment.
Unit_Complete7: Let me lead my men and bring you victory.
Selection1: Ah, nothing better then a bit of ohx, to warm your bones. [pronounced "oks"]
Selection2: Anteus Cleansing, fast, grim, hard…just the way we like it. [pronounced "An-te-us"]
Selection3: Remember the Storming of Sardar sir? On that day we knew glory. [pronounced "Sar-dar"]
Selection4: Glory boys, veterans, stormtroopers…call us what you like, but know that WE ARE the finest of Vostroya.
Selection5: Scream of the virgin skies as you descend upon the enemy…priceless.
Selection6: Veterans, your armoured fist that annihilates the foe.
Selection7: Vostroyan Veterans, seen hell and were not impressed.
Move1: Suit up men, we have new orders.
Move2: Vasilije, take the lead, pattern omega, tight and firm boys. [pronounced "Va-si-li-je"]
Move3: In pairs of two, covering fire, spread out.
Move4: Ok lads, you know the drill, fast, hard, deadly.
Move5: Veterans, assume pattern gamma and advance.
Attack1: Iron Wolves of Vostroya... give them no mercy, give them no quarter! ( sentence begins slow and then builds up to an exclamation at the end)
Attack2: Soldiers! Heroes! Your lives are no more, so with courage advance, to death and glory! [Š sounds like sh but fast and unified, and Ž sounds like the first letter of the pronunciation form of the name Jacque…Žak.]
Attack3: Let it be known, that on these death fields, we were His sword that destroyed the darkness.
Attack4: Firstborn of Vostroya, no man lives forever!!!Charge for the glory of Terra!!!
Attack5: Fear not, for in His memory we live forever!!!
Ability1: Forms of Ossbokh-vyar, deadly and precise art of War. [pronounced "Os-boh v-jar"]
Ability2: Walk them one by one and your enemies will lie at your feet.
Ability3: They will fear you like death itself, for your form is perfect and your strike merciless. (Forms of Ossbokh-vyar ability)
Ability4: Your teachings and your skill shall be their undoing.
Ability5: Your blade is your soul and the Ossbokh-vyar is your bloody path of salvation.
Ability6: It's all about taking them by surprise.
Ability7: This will keep em occupied for a while.
Ability8: Let's heat things up. (amused voice) ( Frag grenades ability )
Ability9: This will make nice wall decorations from those bastards.
Ability10: Deploying frags.
Morale_Break1: This can not be. We can not fail.
Morale_Break2: Retreat, they'll wipe us out. (angry voice full of despair)
Morale_Restored1: Veterans…you are Veterans, so act like it!
Morale_Restored2: Get yourselves together damn it!!!You have seen worse and lived through it!
Under_Fire1: Hostiles inbound!
Under_Fire2: Like freaking sitting groxes! [pronounced "gro-kes"]
Charge1: For the Tsar and the Fatherland! [letter đ sounds like, well, example J(đ)ack, it's like your English J just a bit harder, and without "ey" in J, and letter C sounds like ts but fast and unified.]
Charge2: Unfold the banner, unleash the blade and lay their heads at pedestal of the Throne!!!
Charge3: Unfold the banner, unleash the blade and lay their souls for the Emperors Judgment!!!
Charge4: Under banners of Vostroya, we shall bring annihilation to the foes of Man! (loud, hard, grim voice)
Capture1: Finally, a mission behind enemy lines.
Capture2: Understood sir. It's good as done.
Capped1: This point is under Imperial control.
Capped2: Raise it high for all to see banner of the Imperium.
Jump_Teleport1: To the front!
Load_Transport1: Mount up men. War calls and we shall answer.
Unload_Transport1: This is where we hold them.
Deepstrike1: Men, time to feel the breeze in your hair.
Deepstrike2: Go and take care, wouldn’t like to mess up your hairdo girls.
Damage1: Where the khek did that came from? (surprised and careful voice) [pronounced "kek"]
Damage2: Fools don't know with whom they are messing with.
Damage3: These khekers certainly have a death wish. [pronounced "kek-ers"]
Death1: Veterans, if we die here, we die with Honor!!!
Death2: Arghhhh!!!
Death3: Goodbye my first unborn soon!

Notes: Youthful voice, a bit inexperienced but eager and joyful, in that cocky style of young men. They should sound a bit nerdy, they are builders after all but nothing to much, just a little bit and their voice should sound excited and ready for another adventure, these guys still need to learn that war has its darker sides.
Unit_Complete1: Sappers, ready to execute your orders.
Unit_Complete2: Engineer corps awaiting orders.
Unit_Complete3: Vostroyan Sappers, first in the field of battle.
Unit_Complete4: No obstacle can stop us.
Unit_Complete5: Sir, where do you need our abilities?
Unit_Complete6: We are eager to get going sir. What are your orders?
Unit_Complete7: You wanted to see us sir.
Selection1: Please sir, this is very sensitive equipment ( imagine he's rigging up explosive )
Selection2: We have everything we need sir…when do we move out?
Selection3: Engineers are ready to execute your orders sir.
Selection4: Another job for engineers’ corps.
Selection5: Looking forward serving under your command sir.
Selection6: Vostroyan Sappers always there where they are needed.
Selection7: Alright lads, looks like one more mission for our sorry arses.
Move1: Sappers are on the move.
Move2: Are you sure sir this is the right way?
Move3: Right sir, we're on it.
Move4: Understood sir. We will be there ASAP.
Move5: Sir, you know that we are not a front line unit?
Attack1: What!?HQ repeat your last order!
Attack2: C'mon Vostroyans, there is duty to be done.
Attack3: This IS a joke sir, right...?
Attack4: It will be done sir as you command.
Attack5: Sappers in action, this should be interesting.
Charge1: Know your place brothers; do your duty!!!
Charge2: Valor of Hero is not in his position but his deeds brothers!!!
Capture1: Aye sir, we understand.
Capture2: Moving now to take the position
Capped1: We have proved our value.
Capped2: Command, the position is in Vostroyan hands.
Load_Transport1: Great, we won't be walking today
Unload_Transport1: What, we're already there?
Jump_Teleport1: We go..
Deepstriking1: When I said "to get there faster" this was not what I had in mind, sir.
Deepstriking2: Now I know why they call it Rapid Deployment!
Morale_Break1: We are not meant to be in this khek!!! (panic) [pronounced "kek-er"]
Morale_Break2: Oh God-Emperor, we will all die here!!! (panic and dejection)
Morale_Restored1: Get your selves together Emperor damn you, WE are Vostroyan Firstborn.
Morale_Restored2: Don't you dare to disgrace the Homeworld!
Build1: Starting field operations.
Build2: Let's get this thing up and running.
Build3: Erecting field structures on marked position.
Build4: Advance position engineering commencing.
Build5: Snap to it girls, this needs to be fast and excellent.
Build6: Right sir, we'll get right to it.
Laying Mines1: I do love this part. (joy and humor)
Laying Mines2: Stash them nice and fast boys.
Laying Mines3: It's gonna rain soon. (Sarcasm and humor)
Under_Fire1: Sappers encountering enemy resistance!
Under_Fire2: Engineers under enemy fire!
Damage1: Get us out of here, NOW!
Damage2: Enemy presence detected.
Damage3: They are shooting at us, khekkers are shooting at us! [pronounced "kek-ers"]
Death1: Gahhhhh!!!
Death2: Khek it, it's to late for medic now.
Death3: My judgment awaits me.
Death4: For…the…Emperor… (words said with last breath, full of defiance and courage)

Sniper Team
Notes: As you can deduce, these men are specialist and professionals, they are soldiers but they have seen a lot of action and they are veterans of many campaigns. Due to their long service record and position of snipers they have developed something of cocky behavior and daredevil reputation. Number of the enemy they have dispatched from afar is legion and as you can imagine, that gives them a certain attitude and problems with authority, but do not be fooled, these man are amongst true warriors of the Imperium, for they have seen all the horrors that are ranged against realm of Man. They have seen Chaos filth, xeno scum and much more, and are fiercely dedicated to the Imperium, their comrades and to the Immortal Emperor. Their voice should be a little hushed, like that of vanilla IG vindicare and should carry certain degree of threat within; cold voice, sarcastic from time to time, with a certain degree of eagerness to spill someones brain with a nicely located sniper shot. Well trained and disciplined in the field and they see themselves as small brotherhood of warriors, sworn to fight and die in the name of the Emperor and for the Honor of their homeworld. If I would look for comparison, it would be Sniper from UT 3, if you have played you know who I'm speaking of...I'll try to find you a clip with his voice and to put it here.
Unit_Complete1: Sniper team, ready for new mission.
Unit_Complete2: Emperor's Justice has many forms, but only one purpose.
Unit_Complete3: You have a problem? I am sure we can fix it. ( cocky voice filled with small amount of amusement)
Unit_Complete4: Silent shadows of Vostroya, weapon in the right hand of the Emperor.
Unit_Complete5: Leave it to us from now on sir.
Unit_Complete6: Well, they did say I was to short for a storm trooper. ( sniper is talking to his squad mates, joking but with serious tone of voice
Unit_Complete7: Time to snipe some khekers out of existence. [pronounced "kek-ers"]
Selection1: Sniper and his lass, those are not merely man and a gun, they are so much more. (wise deep voice)
Selection2: "Clockwork" Izogord wouldn't done it better. [pronounced "I-zo-gord "]
Selection3: Be good to your lass and she will keep you safe.
Selection4: Hmmm…I wonder where is that sweet Katya?
Selection5: May our bolts bring quick death to friend and foe.
Selection6: Recoil…sense of purpose and achievement in a simple movement.
Selection7: The things that you don't know can still kill you, you know. (cheerful and cocky)
Selection8: Out of sight, trough the brain, I always said. ( cocky)
Move1: Now, that looks like a perfect position.
Move2: These will earn us Honorifica for sure...posthumously probably. (morbid and sarcastic voice)
Move3: Quickly, there's our spot.
Move4: Engage and neutralize…the sweetest words.
Move5: Sniper team, closing in on the objective.
Attack1: All right, silent and deadly.
Attack2: Marking the target…taking it out.
Attack3: Straight between the eyes.
Attack4: Saint Nadalya, guide my aim and let it be true. [pronounced "Na-dal-ja"]
Attack5: As my faith penetrates the darkness, let this bolt silence His enemies
Under_Fire1: Position compromised. Fall back and redeploy. ( serious, coldblooded, calm voice)
Under_Fire2: They're on us. Gear up and let’s go!
Morale_Break1: We can't stop them, by the Emperor, all is lost!
Morale_Break2: Abandon position, we can not hold them! (panic)
Morale_Restored1: Our Honor can not be broken Vostroyans.
Morale_Restored2: Let my redemption come trough the deadly whisper of my gun.
Capture1: Coordinates received, advancing to position.
Capture2: They won't even know they lost it.
Capped1: Right…now…can we find some cover, in the Emperors name.
Capped2: Point taken sir.
Charge1: Let your reach be without end and your touch without mercy!!!
Charge2: Unsung heroes of Imperium!Unseen shadows of Vostroya! Riiiise, for the glory of this hour is yours and yours alone!!!
Jump_Teleport1: Right back into it.. men!
Deepstrike1: Right boys, courage and honor and spare undiees, Emperor bless them. (joking and humor)
Deepstrike2: We look like four small droppings, just falling from the sky. (joking and humor)
Load_Transport1: Driver, this will be a bit different.
Load_Transport2: You are to deliver us to these coordinates driver, like yesterday.
Load_Transport3: Ah, Chimera APC…looks like we ride today.
Unload_Transport1: This will do. Right men, lets go.
Unload_Transport2: It was about bloody time.
Unload_Transport3: Primaris position…this is it. [pronounced "Prime-r-is"]
Ability1: We'll end them.. silently..
Ability2: Without a trace..
Ability3: One shot.. satisfying kills..
Damage1: Khekkers are shooting at us.
Damage2: Hostiles inbound on our position.
Damage3: Enemy units opening fire.
Death1: Aghhhhh!!!!
Death2: Sweet Irina, where are you now…..?
Death3: Me and my lass, we go together.

Rough Riders
Notes: These guys should sound noble, aristocratic and dignified. Strong male voice that has depth and strength to carry words over the clamor of battle. Voice should be something like that of Eomir from LOTR, young, yet deep and that kind of voice that echoes with seriousness that surpasses years of the one whose voice it is. First thing that comes to mind is a knight, medieval knight, an symbol of chivalry and justice with a voice that fits.
Unit_Complete1: Armoured cavalry, yours to command.
Unit_Complete2: Rough Riders ready to engage.
Unit_Complete3: Heavy cavalry, pride of Vostroya.
Unit_Complete4: Ready to shatter their lines.
Unit_Complete5: Cavalry, thunder on the plains.
Unit_Complete6: Brake them we will upon the fields of their doom.
Unit_Complete7: We ride for Honor of Vostroya.
Selection1: Horses are a bit tired sir.
Selection2: Our lances are always ready.
Selection3: Like a hurricane we crashed trough their ranks.
Selection4: In the thunder of the hooves was their death written.
Selection5: Charge of armoured cavalry, it is a breathtaking sight.
Selection6: Mount up, enemy is on the move.
Selection7: We were born in the saddle, we will die in it.
Selection8: The horse and the rider, unbroken and iron-bound.
Move1: Ride Vostroyans, ride.
Move2: Grid-sector 55-4, got it. We will be there.
Move3: Once again, the wind of battle screams by our hooves.
Move4: Vostroyan cavalry, riding for the Glory of Terra.
Move5: Understood sir, we are on the move.
Move6: Heavy cavalry, moving to engage.
Attack1: Chaaaaaarge!!!
Attack2: Vostroyans, let your blades once again spill blood of the enemy.
Attack3: Trample them under the hooves of our steeds!!!
Attack4: In the howl of our charge are the poems of War sung.
Attack5: Let them tremble at our wrath!
Ability1: Form the ranks, ready your spears, GIVE THEM RETRIBUTION!!!
Ability2: We ride, to doom and death, we ride, for the future of Mankind!
Ability3: Land will shake and sky will tremble and you will ride to Glory!!!
Ability4: Ride now, like legends of old, painting the land red with blood of the enemy. (Glorious Charge ability)
Ability5: You are the lance held in the right hand of the Emperor!!! Let non stay your fury!!!
Morale_Break1: Sir, we need to disengage NOW! (hard angry voice)
Morale_Break2: This will be the death of us. (panicked voice of a man who is fighting a losing battle)
Morale_Restored1: Let the horns of Vostroya sound our return.
Morale_Restored2: Shatter the silence, sound the Horn, let them know we are unbent and unbroken!!!
Under_Fire1: Sir, we're sitting groxes out here. [pronounced "gro-kes"]
Under_Fire2: Cavalry, disengage, cowards fear to face us.
Charge1: Sons of Vostroya, glory awaits for those that are worthy!!!
Charge2: Riders of Vostroya, once again battle calls our name!!!
Load_Transport1: Riders.. dismount and load up.
Unload_Transport1: Riders... to saddle... ride out into it.
Capture1: Raise our banner high!
Capture2: For Vostroyan glory!
Capped1: Flag Ascended!
Capped2: Territory expanded!
Jump_Teleport1: Lightning attack move..
Deepstrike1: Blitz em!
Damage1: Cavalry under attack
Damage2: It would be wise to get us out of here sir.
Damage3: Incoming fire sir!!!
Death1: Arghhhhh!!!
Death2: One last glorious charge.
Death3: Plains of Vostroya, I return to you now.

Rough Rider Sergeant
Notes: Hard, commanding voice, a bit older and sharper, with a roughness to it. Something like King Théoden from LOTR movies, the Rohan leader.
Unit_Complete1: Rider Sergeant reporting for duty sir.
Unit_Complete2: I'm ready sir, what are your orders?
Unit_Complete3: Once again men, we are on the Warpath.
Unit_Complete4: Sharpen your sabers Vostroyans, blood of fallen brothers calls for vengeance!
Unit_Complete5: Follow me and you will know glory one way or the other.
Unit_Complete6: Like lightning across the sky, our battlecry will echo across the fields of Battle.
Unit_Complete7: Knights of Vostroya, saints of War armed with blazing blades of Emperor's Justice.
Unit_Complete8: To be a Knight of Vostroya is to be protector, destroyer and avenger. It is to be a warrior supreme and no less.
Unit_Completed9: To ride with me is to battle in the name of the Emperor in this life and eternity that waits beyond.
Selection1: My life is one long ride in service of the Emperor.
Selection2: Knights of Vostroya always were amongst finest of Emperors horsemen.
Selection3: To ride in His Glory is our greatest bestowal.
Selection4: Vostroyans, our sabers will shine in this red sunset.
Selection5: In rage of Battle, only consideration is where your next saber strike shall fall.
Selection6: Our steel shall taste their blood and herald their demise.
Selection7: Our banner is our Honor, to let it fall is to lose our soul.
Selection8: Many foes tried to lay low banners of Vostroya and death was their only reward.
Move1: Ride!!!Ride!!!
Move2: Spirit of ancient Terran plains burns in hearts of Vostroyan steeds.
Move3: Ready your weapons, this could turn ugly.
Move4: Cavalry, move out!!!
Move5: Prepare your sabers Vostroyans, this path leads to battle.
Attack1: Ride them down, they will find no mercy on the end of our blades!!!
Attack2: Let their screams echo as you crash through their ranks!!!
Attack3: Sabers of Vostroya will sing on this day.
Attack4: Knights of Vostroya, make them bow to your blades!!!
Attack5: There is Glory to be earned and Duty to be done Firstborn!!!
Charge1: Ride with me and bask in the red glory of their destruction!!!
Charge2: Knights of Vostroya, this moment will be forged by our blood and our steel!!!
Ability1: Knights, form your lines!!!
Ability2: Form up riders!!!
Ability3: Riders to me!!! ( Riders to me ability )
Ability4: Vostroyans, close your ranks!!!
Ability5: Let this banner guide you!!!
Morale_Break1: Knights, fall back!!!
Morale_Break2: Riders, this struggle is futile!!!
Morale_Restored1: You WILL act like Knights you are!!!
Morale_Restored2: Our Honor shall not be tarnished by our deeds this day.
Under_Fire1: This is not good Vostroyans!
Under_Fire2: Halfwits are trying to gun us down!
Load_Transport1: Riders.. dismount and load up.
Unload_Transport1: Riders... to saddle... ride out into it.
Capture1: Raise our banner high!
Capture2: For Vostroyan glory!
Capped1: Flag Ascended!
Capped2: Territory expanded!
Jump_Teleport1: Lightning attack move..
Deepstrike1: Blitz em!
Damage1: Advance to melee!!!
Damage2: We are sustaining casualties’ sir!
Damage3: Hostile fire!!!
Death1: Darkness falls upon the horse and the rider...
Death2: I will ride again at the Emperors side...
Death3: And it ends here...
Death4: No surrender!!!

Heavy Weapons Team
Notes: It would be interesting if you could get 2 guys to do this as HWT come in pair, so both of them jokesters and daredevils, but with strong voices maybe muffled with rebrithers, voice of couple heavy built and masculine men. Strong voice, easy to hear over the sound of HW.
Unit_Complete1: The boys with the big guns are here.
Unit_Complete2: Heavy weapons team, ready for the front line.
Unit_Complete3: Let's get this baby set up.
Unit_Complete4: You just say where you need us sir.
Unit_Complete5: Weapons team at your command.
Unit_Complete6: Sir, we are ready to serve.
Unit_Complete7: We can make something happen, or something disappear, its your call sir.
Selection1: We are just what you need sir.
Selection2: We will cover our boys advance.
Selection3: This "baby" will make short work of them.
Selection4: Our field of fire is a graveyard for enemies of Mankind.
Selection5: Heavy gunners, fiery fist of Hector smiting the wicked.
Selection6: Heavy weapon team, your own thunder makers. ( cocky and prideful )
Selection7: Our heavy firepower is a curse of the Omnissiah for foes of Imperium. [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Selection8: We will grind them to dust at your feet Lord
Move1: Where do you need our firepower.
Move2: Moving out to rearm and reengage.
Move3: Move, move...new killing grounds await.
Move4: Get this thing to forward grid-sector 2-33.
Move5: Moving to engage new targets.
Attack1: These mud-grubbers will have our undivided attention.
Attack2: Engaging target sir.
Attack3: Not even their mother will recognize them after this.
Attack4: Target in range, locking on, engaging…
Attack5: They will fall to our weapons.
Charge1: For Vostroya!!
Charge2: In the Name of the Grey Lady!
Ability1: Warm up the Spikey, there is shit-storm coming down on us.
Ability2: This is a good place; we deploy here.
Ability3: From here shall we deliver our vengeance. ( Field Deployment ability )
Ability4: You really couldn't have found a better place, could you? (reproach and disappointment)
Ability5: Transfer the machine into combat mode, we hold here.
Load_Transport1: Now, this is nice...
Unload_Transport1: Right, lets get Spikey out and runnin...(Spikey is soldier given name to HW carrier modul)
Morale_Break1: Oh Sweet Emperor, this is the end.
Morale_Break2: No sandbag will save us now…
Morale_Restored1: Get back to it, hold them back.
Morale_Restored2: Focus on your duty damn it!
Under_Fire1: We have boogies on our arses.
Under_Fire2: Where did that come from! (panic)
Capture1: Plant it.
Capture2: It shall be claimed..
Capped1: Its in our possession, command.
Capped2: Yes.. yes we have it!
Jump_Teleport1: Rapid insertion.
Damage1: We are facing heavily fortified positions!!!
Damage2: Enemy has us pinned down!
Damage3: They're all over us!!!
Death1: It ends here…
Death2: Barggggghhhh
Death3: Get out…followed by explosion.
Deepstriking1: Lets hope the equipment will survive this.
Deepstriking2: We should do this more often. (joy and cheerfulness)

Dark Ops Byzantines
Notes: silent but strong voice, something “grey eminence” like, with a bit malevolence, nothing evil but just an indication that these men have tread where no man should have and that experience changed them, not in a evil way, but they are more realistic, pragmatic and utterly deadly. All sentences should be hushed and almost silent, except battle cry ones where at least Byzantines cast away their cloaks and fight like the elite they are.
Unit_Complete1: Byzantines, your blade in the darkness.
Unit_Complete2: To prevail against shadows, sometimes you must blend into them.
Unit_Complete3: Vostroyan Byzantines, ready for another mission.
Unit_Complete4: Dark Ops Troopers, precise tool for delicate operations.
Unit_Complete5: Ready to deploy wherever you require.
Unit_Complete6: Many have seen our blades, but none lived to speak about it.
Unit_Complete7: One mission after another, we slowly complete the Silent Book of Shadows.
Selection1: No Glory, no Trumpets, no Medals…and yet, our deeds echo with Courage.
Selection2: Mission and the Brotherhood are all that matters.
Selection3: Alright men, you heard the order, we take no prisoners.
Selection4: Only by seeing Horrors can you temper your mind...only by fighting them can you serve the Emperor.
Selection5: Byzantines, achieving what others can not.
Selection6: Dark Ops Byzantines, specialists for the jobs done in a hard way.
Selection7: Dark places remember our deeds...and those deeds shine in the eyes of the Emperor.
Move1: Move Byzantines, our objectives lies this way.
Move2: Road that we thread lies deep in the darkness, but we use it in the Emperors name.
Move3: From this point on, there is no return, so make your peace with the Emperor.
Move4: Advance carefully and in silence, enemy awaits.
Move5: Not a word, not a sound, like we were never here.
Attack1: Eternal Glory is in the hands of the Emperor, not in the hands of men!!!
Attack2: Byzantines, show them no mercy.
Attack3: Prioritize and engage, let this be their downfall.
Attack4: In the darkness our guns will sang praises in His name.
Attack5: At the end of this day they will woe our name.
Attack6: Advance brothers and let sword of the Emperor be your guide!!!
Attack7: Discard your cloaks brothers, it's time for killing.
Charge1: Byzantines, shatter the darkness and let this shine as our finest moment!!!
Charge2: No more shadows Byzantines, now we fight under Emperors blazing sight!!!
Charge3: Descendants of Heroes, now rises the hour to make your Ancestors proud!!!
Charge4: For the Venerable Emperor and Golden Freedom Byzantines!!!!
Ability1: Ready Byzantines... NOW!
Ability2: Steady.. steady... ATTACK!
Ability3: The Emperor guides this battlefield success!
Ability4: Be vigilant, men!
Ability5: Stand strong against such odds..
Load_Transport1: We requisition this vehicle by the authority given to us.
Unload_Transport1: Driver, this event never occurred. I hope that is understood.
Deepstrike1: I love this cloak and dagger stuff. ( joy and humour)
Deepstrike2: Byzantines, time is against us so we must move with speed and faith.
Morale_Break1: Darkness will devour our souls!!!
Morale_Break2: There will be no new dawn for us.
Morale_Restored1: Stand your ground, hold your faith!!!
Morale_Restored2: They will know not our fear!!!
Under_Fire1: Enemy troops advancing upon our position!
Under_Fire2: Bastards are making target practice out of us.
Capture1: Byzantines approaching designated target.
Capture2: Mission data received, executing operation "Jackal".
Capped1: Battlefield asset firmly under Vostroyan control.
Capped2: Sir, we have secured another mission objective.
Jump_Teleport1: Fast attack!
Damage1: Byzantines, hit the ground, enemies 12 o'clock!!!
Damage2: Enemy forces are trying to pin us down.
Damage3: Enemy is on to us...disciplined retaliation fire.
Death1: Ave Imperator...
Death2: We fear not death for our work is done...
Death3: Our names belong to the Silent Book of Shadows now...
Death4: We die in His Holy Name...

Dark Ops Byzantines Sergeant
Notes: Silent cold voice but again manly and commanding, a bit malevolent, not evil, simply filled with that cold feeling that messing with this guy is guaranteed death. He could sound a bit older, maybe a small rasp in the voice and let it be deep but silent. As this is sergeant, give more edge to his voice and a bit more dignity or something similar.
Unit_Complete1: You know better than to ask can my men do this, sir?
Unit_Complete2: All set sir, I will lead my men now.
Unit_Complete3: You know you can rely on us sir.
Unit_Complete4: Men, you know what is expected of us...our lives matter not, only the mission.
Unit_Complete5: Another mission no one else could handle, I suppose.
Unit_Complete6: Yes, I'm a Byzantine, rewarded with hardest tasks in the darkest places.
Unit_Complete7: Byzantines, you will slave as dogs to my command, but the enemy will fear you as wolves for it.
Selection1: Although I walk trough the valley of shadows I fear no evil for I walk at the Emperors side.
Selection2: We go in, we get out, we leave no survivors...that always was the way of the Byzantines.
Selection3: Always remember, shadows may cover your body, but never your soul.
Selection4: Ossbohk-vyar teaches that Path of Honor shines brightest in the deepest of Shadows. [pronounced "Os-boh v-jar"]
Selection5: Let not darkness corrupt your soul, for in the blackest of hours, Emperor will know you by the Valor of your heart.
Selection6: Byzantines, your dark blade with a bright purpose.
Selection7: They call us Death's Apprentices…that is a name that suits us well.
Selection8: Only by seeing Horrors can you temper your mind...only by fighting them can you serve the Emperor.
Move1: When silence descends upon them, then they know it's the Byzantines coming for their souls.
Move2: Objective in sight, TIA 4 minutes, enemy resistance nullified.
Move3: Dark Ops Squad executing Shadow Wolf maneuver.
Move4: From now on, strict comms silence Byzantines.
Move5: Incursion pattern Lambda...form up and execute.
Move6: Mission's proceeding inside estimated parameters.
Attack1: Byzantines, encircle and exterminate! No one escapes! ( cold-hearted voice)
Attack2: Filth, we bring your only absolution!!!
Attack3: Byzantines, there are executions that await your hand.
Attack4: Execute Hunter maneuver...no survivors, no prisoners.
Attack5: Byzantines, we hunt again the lost and the damned.
Attack6: To arms Byzantines, Emperor's holly work awaits.
Attack7: Only sound that breaks the silence will be their bodies hitting the ground.
Charge1: Who can stand before our Wrath!!!
Charge2: Byzantines, apostles of Death, souls of the enemy are screaming for salvation!!!
Ability1: Something of a going away present. ( cocky and mock voice)
Ability2: We'll set it up there.
Ability3: Bless our devices Omnissiah and lend your wrath to their spirits. (Melta Charge ability) [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Ability4: We will leave our mark on this place.
Ability5: This will leave a scar...yes, most definitely.
Ability6: They won’t be pleased when they find this. (humor and sarcasm)
Load_Transport1: Driver, you will forget this ever happened. Now drive.
Unload_Transport1: Insertion point reached. We continue on foot.
Deepstrike1: I love this cloak and dagger stuff. ( joy and humour)
Deepstrike2: Byzantines, time is against us so we must move with speed and faith.
Morale_Break1: Mission failed, mission failed… (panic)
Morale_Break2: Our position is compromised!!!
Morale_Restored1: Form up, identify your targets, hold your ground!!!
Morale_Restored2: They have tried, but failed to brake our resolve!!!
Under_Fire1: Incoming enemy fire!
Under_Fire2: Pockets of resistance up ahead.
Capture1: Byzantines, secure that position!
Capture2: It's good as taken.
Capped1: By our efforts it has returned to the light of the Emperor.
Capped2: Let fly double headed eagle of the Emperor.
Jump_Teleport1: Hawks to the target!
Jump_Teleport2: As the Grey Lady demands..
Deepstriking1: Byzantines are descending upon the target.
Deepstriking2: Like eagles of the Gray Lady we plunge to our duty.
Damage1: Find cover, incoming fire!!!
Damage2: These filthy bastards are onto us!
Damage3: Our cover is blown! Retaliation fire Byzantines!
Death1: The last mission…..
Death2: I give my name to Book of Shadows, my soul to the Emperor…
Death3: Time to rest my weary hands…
Death4: I die as I lived, in silence…

Visoka Garda (High Guard)
Notes: Voice of a hero, a noble and high, dignified voice, something like kings guards or some similar super elite unit. Also deep, thunderous voice when it comes to fighting, commanding and a bit arrogant, nothing too much, but few “drops” of arrogance will look good on these guys. In one word, something like a praetorian guard with class and style. The Elite of the Elite, Vostroyan apex of military training.
Unit_Complete1: Honor can never be given...it is always earned.
Unit_Complete2: Visoka Garda once again marches under the banners of Vostroya. [pronounced "Vi-so-ka" "Gar-da"]
Unit_Complete3: Once you call yourself a High Guardsmen, there can be nothing else.
Unit_Complete4: Let us gaze upon wretches cursed by fate to face us.
Unit_Complete5: God-Emperor gifts you with a tool of their absolute annihilation.
Unit_Complete6: Once again our weapons will make them face His judgment.
Unit_Complete7: The best sons of Vostroya given to the cause of the Emperor.
Selection1: For the Visoka Garda there is no surrender, there is no retreat.
Selection2: By choosing us sir, you have chosen well.
Selection3: To be in Visoka Garda is to be honored above all else.
Selection4: Once you are in Visoka Garda, your life becomes just one more tool in service of the Emperor.
Selection5: We will watch with care that we do not spoil honor you have laid upon us on this day.
Selection6: It was always so that only blood of heroes could preserve Honor of the regiment.
Selection7: Thousands have fallen to our scythes; thousands more will fall by the end of this black day.
Move1: Our every step is yet another verse in the grim book written by Deaths hand.
Move2: Many have tried to stop us...those who try still know not it is a futile endeavor.
Move3: Guardsmen, we march again for War calls once more.
Move4: Where banners of Imperium lead, there we will follow.
Move5: To march under banners of Vostroya is to honour the Emperor.
Move6: Every step we take brings them closer to damnation.
Attack1: Gardisti strike with a fury of a young God!!!
Attack2: In the name of the Emperor, we will shed their blood!!!
Attack3: Visoka Garda, they are here to die by our hand!!!
Attack4: Today we avenge brothers that have fallen!!!
Attack5: We will die if we must, but let it be Glorious Death that accompanies our blades!!!
Attack6: Let Ossbohk-vyar guide your scythes to victory! [pronounced "Os-boh v-jar"]
Attack7: Let your blades sing the deadly aria written by Ossbohk-vyar!
Charge1: VISOKA GARDAAAA let your blades shine in Light of His Holly War!!!
Charge2: This is where we stand brothers, all as one in the Emperors Holly Name!!!
Load_Transport1: N/A
Unload_Transport1: N/A
Jump_Teleport1: N/A
Jump_Teleport2: N/A
Deepstrike1: N/A
Deepstrike2: N/A
Morale_Break1: They are unstoppable...they are legion... (panic)
Morale_Break2: The position is lost Lord!!! (panic)
Morale_Restored1: Stand Garda!!! Our deeds will shine with Courage!!!
Morale_Restored2: They want our lives!?!They will have to come and take them!!!
Ability1: This is where we die, if so Emperor desires, but this is where we take them with us!!!
Ability2: Close your ranks, let them come to us!!!
Ability3: Let them find death on our shields!!! (Shield of the Faithful ability)
Ability4: Secure the Primary Command Squad!
Ability5: Guardsmen, hold them back!!!
Ability6: Visoka Garda, our shields will be a bulwark against their heresy!!!
Under_Fire1: Enemy emerges from the dark.
Under_Fire2: Locate and nullify that resistance.
Capture1: As you command Lord.
Capture2: We will take it for the glory of the Emperor!
Capped1: Raise our bold colors for they speak clearly than any words!
Capped2: May the Emperor preserve what we have taken.
Damage1: Enemy is coming brothers!!!
Damage2: They descend to their own damnation.
Damage3: Their fire is useless against the Faithful elite.
Death1: This is the only way that duty ends...
Death2: My duty...my destiny...
Death3: I have served Emperor and I would do it again...
Death4: Our death in vain is not!!!

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Posted 27 March 2020 - 01:00 AM


Command Squad - Imperial Commissar
Notes: Hard, barking commanding voice but only during attack and battlecry scripts, in the meantime he should sound grim and cold, unattached and a bit bastard, coldblooded and coldhearted. His voice should carry enormous authority and weight, but also should carry knowledge and intelligence. Important thing is to make him sound foreign to the Vostroyans as he certainly wasn’t born on Vostroya, so some other accent would be good, something like a german or British fellow.
Unit_Complete1: Do not let me down Firstborn.
Unit_Complete2: There will be no mercy for those that shrink from their duty to the Emperor.
Unit_Complete3: My word has condemned hundreds before, you are no different.
Unit_Complete4: They have praised your name Firstborn, but that means nothing to me.
Unit_Complete5: I am personification of Emperors Justice and afore me all men are equal.
Unit_Complete6: Hmm, Honor and Courage...we shall see.
Unit_Complete7: Imperial Commissar, whip of traitors and oath breakers.
Selection1: These soldiers have done a good job sir...so far.
Selection2: You know that my judgment is swift and just.
Selection3: There can be no rest for those that toil for future of Man.
Selection4: Vostroyans, dare not to tempt my hand...mercy is a flaw I do not posses.
Selection5: Be true to your duty Firstborn and I will follow you to Hell itself.
Selection6: To try to obtain my sympathy is a fruitless endeavor; I have sympathy for no one.
Selection7: I will assure that your deeds do not spoil the Honor of your homeworld.
Move1: What's the rush...no one can outrun a speeding bullet.
Move2: I go where I am most needed.
Move3: I will be there Lord.
Move4: I go where Justice of the Emperor will be best served.
Move5: No one can escape Judgment of the Emperor.
Attack1: Firstborn sons of Vostroya, make me proud to stand in your shadow!!!
Attack2: Emperor has given you gifts of Honor and Courage...now is the time to use them.
Attack3: Follow where I tread and let your deeds mirror your Courage!!!
Attack4: You are Firstborn sons of Hestor and Nadalya, yours is not the luxury of failure. [pronounced "Hez-tor" "Na-dal-ja"]
Attack5: Warriors of the Emperor, Sons of Vostroya, glory is at hand!!!
Charge1: Vostroyans, show me the Fire that burns in your hearts!!!
Charge2: In Fires of War, Valor and Honor await those that are worthy!!!
Charge3: Warriors of the Imperium, now is our time!!!
Ability1: There will be no retreat today Firstborn, Death or Victory!!!
Ability2: Let my words awake your Courage!!! [Modus Ibram ability]
Ability3: Warriors of Vostroya, on this day you forge your own destiny!!!
Join1: I am here to assure that moral of this unit survives, even if the unit doesn’t.
Detach1: I am going now, but will keep an eye on you.
Detach2: Firstborn, I must leave, but be assured that you will always be on my mind. ( cold voiced SARCASM )
Load_Transport1: Driver, start the engines, we must move with haste.
Unload_Transport1: Most exquisite stunt driving I have seen in a long time.
Morale_Break1: Defeat is not an option!!! (panic yelling)
Morale_Break2: This can not be, we can not fail.
Morale_Restored1: Hold your positions, deserters will be shoot!!!
Morale_Restored2: There will be no retreat from this position!
Under_Fire1: HQ, incoming enemy fire, grid sector 4-12.
Under_Fire2: Find cover!!!
Capture1: Claim it in his name!
Capture2: It shall be ours!
Capped1: The Imperium has expanded its territorial control once again!
Capped2: Position taken.. Hrrmmpphh... now these grunts must hold it!
Jump_Teleport1: Teleporting there.
Deepstriking1: The things I do in the name of the Emperor.
Deepstriking2: No trooper, I am not to fond of air transportation and its means. [Imagine he is in Valkyrie and is talking with a regular trooper whose units is about to be drooped somewhere on the battlefield]
Damage1: Right, enemy has a pin on our position.
Damage2: Enemies of the Emperor bark from the darkness.
Damage3: Enemy fire! I want those dogs taken out.
Death1: Arghhhhh!!!
Death2: Avenge me...
Death3: Just another soldier down...
Death4: Fight Firstborn,Fight...

Command Squad - Imperial Priest
Notes: Zealot and fanatic, his words are dogmatic and filled with blind fury of one true religion. His voice should be one of wisdom and preaching but it also should contain a note of a warrior, a note of explosive temperament that erupts when matters of Faith call to Holly war. In battle he should sound completely dedicated to matters at hand and not to his personal safety. Your ordinary priest in WH 40K should suffice.
Unit_Complete1: His is to teach, ours is to obey.
Unit_Complete2: Remember the double-headed eagle of the Gray Lady! It sees all and it's eyes are the Emperors own!
Unit_Complete3: With Honor Vostroyans! Let your zeal guide you ever forward!
Unit_Complete4: Faith alone can conquer the universe.
Unit_Complete5: Trust in Him and He will provide
Unit_Complete6: Adeptus Ministorum, in their wisdom, sent me to you.
Unit_Complete7: Each man is merely a spark in the darkness. Believe in Him and you shall shine foreveeer!!!
Unit_Complete8: Blessed are those that fight and vanquish in His name.
Selection1: The Heretic, the mutant, the alien, all of them can take my life, BUT NONE CAN TAKE MY FAITH!
Selection2: There can be no other faith but the faith in the Emperor; understand this and remember, lest you become one of the fallen.
Selection3: When everything else fails you, you must not fail your faith.
Selection4: Belieeeve!Belieeeve! For only trough faith in Him, can we destroy the Horrors!
Selection5: Let your soul be armoured with faith and armed with hate.
Selection6: Go forth and with prayer upon your lips spread His will.
Selection7: Men of Vostroya, your Honor is your duty, and your duty is your faith!
Move1: I go where ever He needs my presence.
Move2: You lost souls, flock to light of Faith and you will be lost NO MORE!
Move3: Warrior must be a believer, for War is a matter of Faith.
Move4: Ah, you need me there. So be it.
Move5: Treatis Elatii of Saint Nadalya, glorius work to live...and die by. [pronounced "Tri-tiiz Ela-ti" and "Na-dal-ja"]
Attack1: Riiise!!!Riiise oh faithful to once again do His bidding!!!
Attack2: Let your faith be your shield as you fight in His name!!!
Attack3: Storm their positions Firstborn and earn yourselves glorious death!!!
Attack4: In the howling of my blade, will they know their doom approaching!!!
Attack5: Men of the Imperium, trough their demise will be your devotion be shown!!!
Charge1: Your lives are His gift, sell them dearly!
Charge2: Your lives are nothing, so FIGHT Vostroyans and be His wrath upon this battlefield!
Charge3: Rejoice, you that are righteous, for His Paradise lies in the shadow of our blades!!!
Ability1: They have nothing to defeat your fate Firstborn!!!
Ability2: Faith and only Faith is your greatest weapon in the Emperors War!!! ( Deeds of Faith ability)
Ability3: Fear not brothers, for those who die will feast at the Emperors Table!!!
Join1: Let my faith be your guiding light.
Detach1: Although I leave you, faith in Him is with you forever.
Load_Transport1: To ride or walk, it matters not; just deliver me to His enemies.
Unload_Transport1: Although my path may be covered with thorns, I shall walk it barefoot, for my faith will lead me true.
Morale_Break1: By my own selfish deeds, I have fallen from His grace! ( lamentation )
Morale_Break2: I have failed you, my Lord. ( sadness and despair)
Morale_Restored1: My Emperor, I beseech thee, let me prove my devotion!!!
Morale_Restored2: The warmth of His look is upon us once again!
Under_Fire1: Who dares to strike at His servant? ( not scared but merely annoyed by attack on himself)
Under_Fire2: Faithless fooools, they know not what they do.
Under_Fire3: Your fire can not stop my faith.
Capture1: It shall serve his faithful witnesses.
Capture2: Make it a beacon for the Emperor's light!
Capped1: A venerable place of worship.
Capped2: Made into a guiding light for his devote followers..
Jump_Teleport1: On wings fashioned by his glory, I ride quickly into battle!
Jump_Teleport2: I go quickly as your vessel.
Deepstrike1: To be an angel of retribution carried on wings of Vengeance.
Deepstrike2: Bless our weapons that from on high vanquish your enemies.
Damage1: Foul enemy advances.
Damage2: My Faith is my armor against the wicked.
Damage3: The sinners that approach must be redeemed.
Death1: My time has finally come.
Death2: I leave this world so I could join Him for the Final battle.
Death3: I leave one service so I could begin another.
Death4: My life was yours Lord, now let me serve you once again.
Death5: Arrgghhhh...

Command Squad - Banner Bearer
Notes: Strong, proud voice that rises over clank of battle, noble and dignified. Once the battle is joined he is in the thick of it, confident and larger than life itself. He’s something of a hero of the regiment.
Unit_Complete1: My life for the colors of my regiment.
Unit_Complete2: This is heart of the Regiment, this shiny cloth in my hands.
Unit_Complete3: It is an Honor sir to carry colors of the Homeworld forth in battle.
Unit_Complete4: Be assured sir, I will lay my life for the standard.
Unit_Complete5: I shall raise it high for all men to see sacred colors of Vostroya.
Unit_Complete6: Every enemy that reaches for this standard will perish by my hand.
Unit_Complete7: Thousand years of service, blood and honor are woven in this piece of cloth that means so much.
Selection1: Under this banner thousands worlds have seen liberation and damnation.
Selection2: Souls of the fallen flock to this banner for its glory shines only to the dead.
Selection3: Inspiration and awe are gifts of this standard to those that march in it shadow.
Selection4: Regimental banner bearer answering your call Lord.
Selection5: The banner sees them all, for cowards and heroes are made under its colors.
Selection6: Blazing in the Sun of War, this banner is terror and hope; it is death and rebirth for one and all.
Selection7: To the last man you will, willingly and with courage, die for this banner, if needs be. ( teacher like accent)
Move1: All warriors, at all times, shall follow the colors of the Regiment.
Move2: With pride and honor brothers, we press forward.
Move3: This standard must not fall, not now, not ever.
Move4: For better or for worse, the path of the banner is your path also.
Move5: Together shall we share destiny that lies ahead
Attack1: Brothers, lay them low so our blazon may be raised high!!!
Attack2: Vostroyans, now is time to show your courage, to show your mettle!!!
Attack3: Once more your bravery will save those that are not forgotten in the eyes of the Emperor.
Attack4: Brothers!!!Victory sings our names and saints guide our blades, let non stop you save Death itself!!!
Attack5: Forward to Death and Glory!!!
Attack6: Glory and Honor are prizes of this battle, ours for the taking!!!
Attack7: Vostroyans, one life we have to spend in Emperors name so we shall do it with pride and courage.
Charge1: Vostroyans!!!With blood and sweat carve your name in this streamer and you shall LIVE FOREVER!!!
Charge2: Sons of Hector and Nadalya, time is nigh for Legends to be forged!!! [pronounced "Na-dal-ja"]
Ability1: No disgrace shall befall our proud colours!!!
Ability2: Here and now, there are only Battle and Duty!!!
Ability3: Heroes have fought and died under this banner, will you be anything less!?! (Last Stand ability)
Ability4: While this banner stands so does our regiment Firstborn.
Ability5: This ground shall be hollowed by our blood spilled here.
Ability6: This is our Stand Firstborn, chance for Immortality that comes only once!!!
Load_Transport1: You have honor to carry this sacred banner to battle, do it well.
Unload_Transport1: Time for men to see what they die for.
Morale_Break1: Position is lost, the banner has fallen, it is over!!!
Morale_Break2: Enemy has the sacred standard…everything is lost.
Morale_Restored1: No man, alien or beast shall fell this blazon while Firstborn stand!
Morale_Restored2: Let your fears melt away under proud colors of this most sacred streamer.
Under_Fire1: They think they can just take the banner from me…fools.
Under_Fire2: Fire, enemy fire, g-sec 45-45.
Capture1: We ascend our flag high!
Capture2: Expand our territories!
Capped1: It is done..
Capped2: Success!
Jump_Teleport1: There.. quickly!
Deepstrike1: They may wonder now, but unfurled, blazon will show them whose shape their death has taken.
Deepstrike2: The banner comes first, my own safety is secondary.
Damage1: Oh those sons of bitches, they made a hole in my banner…
Damage2: Command Squad under fire, where is the rest of the bloody regiment?!!
Damage3: Enemy has a lock on us…some support would be nice.
Death1: Don't let it fall, into mud and darkness…
Death2: The banner, the bloody banner you fool…
Death3: It will not be laid low…
Death4: Men live and die…ideals, they tend to live longer.
Death5: Arrgghhhh...

Command Squad - Commissar Lord
Notes: High, noble voice of a living legend and a hero of Imperium. Completely dedicated to the cause of the Emperor, strong and full of vigor and fire.
Unit_Complete1: Your death, if it is deserved, means nothing to me.
Unit_Complete2: You will live if you obey will of the Emperor, no other way.
Unit_Complete3: Heads will role, traitor heads, incompetent heads…just so you know gentlemen, it's up to you.
Unit_Complete4: If you are too stupid to command than you are to stupid to see judgment that is coming.
Unit_Complete5: I can judge and kill and it is my right, mine and mine alone…please don't force my hand.
Unit_Complete6: You shall either rise to your duty or I shall lay you to your grave.
Unit_Complete7: I know my duty, you better know yours.
Unit_Complete8: There is but one duty to the One Emperor, all else matters not.
Selection1: Executing a coward, it is like eradicating disease.
Selection2: Yes, how may I be of service.
Selection3: Beware, fellow warriors, all our victories will turn to dust if there is but one traitor.
Selection4: Men of the Emperor, there is only His Path and no other; beyond His Path, there is only death.
Selection5: God Emperor demands that we serve, and serve we shall.
Selection6: Do not trade your Valor and Honor for trinkets of a Cowards life.
Selection7: You will live your lives as servants to the Emperor…may He have mercy upon you if I found it is any other way.
Selection8: You serve every moment of your life to the Immortal Emperor; that is the only way.
Move1: Commissar Lord coming through.
Move2: Look smart man, head leash is coming. ( Firstborn sergeant voice )
Move3: My intentions are my business and my business alone.
Move4: I serve the Golden Throne upon which sits a God that is all-seeing and all-knowing.
Move5: Imperial Creed is the only Truth, forged by death of uncounted heroes.
Attack1: Die scum and perish at my feet.
Attack2: Let your blood be sign of devotion to the God of Mankind!!!
Attack3: You are offense in the eyes of the Emperor, and therefor, you die!!!
Attack4: Turn your fear into hatred and strike with me!!!
Attack5: Hell awaits Firstborn and we SHALL dance with the devil.
Attack6: Follow meee, no hero was ever forged in the rear lines!!!
Attack8: To deserve Immortality lie your victories in front the Throne of the Emperor!
Charge1: Forward in Hell and Death, FORWARD GUARDSMEN of the Emperor!!!
Charge2: No doubt, no regret, no sorrow...Courage and Blood men of Vostroya!!!
Charge3: Firstborn sons of Hector do not falter in work of the Emperor!!!
Ability1: Glory is to the Emperor that watches over us as we battle in His name!!!
Ability2: Rise to the occasion men of Vostroya!!!
Ability3: Warriors of Imperium, your destiny is written in blood of the enemy!!! (Death and Glory ability)
Ability4: There will be no retreat; there will be no surrender, only death, Death and Glory Firstborn!!!
Ability5: I give you Death you could only wish for and Glory that is only yours!!!
Ability6: Heroes of Imperial Guard, on this place you become Legends!!!
Load_Transport1: This vehicle, a fine transportation indeed.
Unload_Transport1: Time to go gentlemen, work of the Emperor never waits.
Morale_Break1: I have failed and am lost to the Light of the Emperor! ( loud lamentation )
Morale_Break2: Emperor, Lord, why have you forsaken us!?
Morale_Restored1: Don’t you dare to gave another inch of this ground to the enemy!!!
Morale_Restored2: You die either way, from their guns, of from mine.
Under_Fire1: Command squad under attack!
Under_Fire2: Hostiles have spotted us...
Capture1: By the Gray Lady it shall be claimed!
Capture2: Assume defensive posture and take the point at once!
Capped1: For the might of Vostroya!!
Capped2: Yes! Our territory has expanded.
Jump_Teleport1: Quickly.. to battle!
Deepstrike1: I see now why drop troops enjoy this kind of things.
Deepstrike2: Come, come, quickly, before we are no more than sitting targets.
Damage1: Under heavy fire and exposed!
Damage2: Command squad pinned down in g-sec 34-13
Damage3: Get your heads down!!!
Death1: Remember well lessons I thought you.
Death2: Die in His name and you have served well.
Death3: My Emperor, it was an rare Honor...
Death4: Let my death serve you well Lord.
Death5: Arrgghhhh...

Command Squad - Imperial General
Notes: Rich voice of a hero, noble voice that suits great leader of men, tactician and servant of the Emperor. Older and more experienced voice, strong and filled with authority.
Unit_Complete1: Trough Horrors and Death fields I will lead you to victory.
Unit_Complete2: As my will acts trough you, so does His act trough me.
Unit_Complete3: Firstborn of Vostroya, this will be our day of Glooory!
Unit_Complete4: Our orders are clear gentlemen. Only complete annihilation of the enemy is acceptable.
Unit_Complete5: You will obey and I will command. Together we will triumph.
Unit_Complete6: This theater of War is your new home and you will fight for it as if it was the soil you were raised upon.
Unit_Complete7: I am the supreme commander of this theater of war and my word is the law.
Unit_Complete8: I expect from each man here to perform above and beyond call of duty, for that is how we repay our debt to the Emperor.
Unit_Complete9: Before one can lead, he must first learn to follow.
Unit_Complete10: For one to be great leader of men, one must have great men to lead, and you are no less Firstborn of Vostroya.
Unit_Complete11: I do not need your lives Firstborn, I can take them myself, I need your souls, only you can give me your souls.
Unit_Complete12: Only by standing united in the sight of the Emperor can we bring enemies of Mankind to their knees.
Unit_Complete13: Firstborn, you were forged on ideals of Pride and Honor, to fail them is to fail in eternal sight of the Emperor.
Unit_Complete14: Sons of Vostroya, in your hands you hold power to conquer worlds, do not let fear robe you of that might!
Unit_Complete15: Imperium resists and triumphs by virtue of Imperial Guard, and there is no finer regiment of Guardsmen than you, Firstborn of Vostroya.
Selection1: We are the Hammer in the right hand of the Emperor.
Selection2: Emperor have mercy upon the fool who defies me, for I shall not.
Selection3: Authority given to me by Him on Terra no one can dispute.
Selection4: Other can want more, but they do not understand, we are Vostroyans, and triumph is enough.
Selection5: There is nothing for us to fear, except failure.
Selection6: There is a Future of Humanity too bright for our barbarian eyes, but our blood will be its foundation.
Selection7: The only way to lead the men is by letting your courage shines from the frontline.
Selection8: There is a debt that we shall pay, with our lives if needs be.
Selection9: Fear not Guardsmen of Vostroya, for Emperor protects, now and always.
Selection10: With courage and blood this world will be denied to the enemy of Man.
Selection11: I pity the enemy that stands against you, for you are the finest men of Vostroya.
Selection12: I shall not shrink from my Duty and when Death comes for me, it will not find me wanting.
Selection13: I have spent my life in service of Emperor and Vostroya; let my death continue that tradition.
Selection14: I have risen high but do not forget that we all are same in the eyes of the Emperor.
Selection15: My father and his father before were proud to serve the Emperor, I am proud to continue down their path.
Selection16: There is but one god and he sits upon a Throne of Gold and there is but one species that is blessed in his sight, Man.
Selection17: My last command will be "Until death, for Glory, in the name of the Emperor, men of Vostroya"!!!
Move1: I will lead from the front, as the Emperor did it, so long ago.
Move2: Advance and let me lead you to glory.
Move3: Duty is always first and foremost thing in Guard of the Imperium.
Move4: Respect can only be earned if you suffer as those you command.
Move5: Warriors of the Regiment, this is the road we have to thread in name of Humanity.
Move6: Hero forges his own path across the hardest rock and sharpest glass.
Move7: Emperor has laid a path in front of us, and we SHALL walk it.
Move8: Command Squad advancing to inspect men and equipment.
Move9: There are only two roads that we can travel, that of a Martyr and that of a Traitor.
Move10: This world has always belonged to the Emperor and always will, may he forgive those fools that think otherwise.
Move11: Understand this, soldiers of Vostroya, you must be paragons of valor and courage, for you are beacons of hope for those less fortunate!
Move12: To relish your victories, you have to rip them from the dead hands of your enemies!
Move13: Assemble the troops and armor; it's time to move out.
Move14: The Glory Road, interesting name for so much death and carnage.
Move15: For a brighter future of Mankind, we are those who carry light into the darkness.
Move16: Vostroya expects that every man performs his duty.
Move17: The darkest of paths we have to follow, for enemies of the Emperor never wait in the light.
Move18: Your duty is your objective, which you have to follow, where ever it may lead.
Attack1: This is where we stand, this is where they fall!!!
Attack2: Men, angels of the Emperor are calling, who are we to turn away!!!
Attack3: There will be no turning back!!!Forward Men of Imperium!!!
Attack4: Firstborn, when the Hammer falls and dust settles down, we will stand victorious!!!
Attack5: Your lives are in hands of the Emperor, so fear not, stand and repel, warriors of Vostroya!!!
Attack6: Emperor, let me serve you by spilling blood of your enemies.
Attack7: Blood of Vostroya, blood of martyrs!!!
Attack8: Forward Firstborn for the Glory of Him on Terra!!!
Attack9: By your courage and courage alone, will the enemy lie at your feet!!!
Attack10: Here I stand, heroes of the Imperium! Will you stand with me!!!
Attack11: Glory to those that die in His name and for those who live to fight again!!!
Attack12: Fear not Firstborn, for there is eternal Glory in dying for the Emperor!
Attack13: Vostroyans, raise the song, unsheathe the blades and engage the enemy!!!
Attack14: Emperor asks you do die in His name, but He would rather if you kill in His and His name alone!!!
Attack15: Lives that you give for the Emperor are your most worthy gifts to the Golden Throne.
Attack16: Vostroyans, stand and engage this scum that barks from the darkness!
Attack17: Finest of all the regiments, it is time to battle and triumph in the name of the Emperor!!!
Attack18: We are called to War Vostroyans, and we shall answer with Fire and Honor!!!
Charge1: They can hammer us on the anvil of war, but they will only forge their destruction!!!
Charge2: War, Duty and Death are but reflections of the Emperor, for only He has the power to release our souls!!!
Charge3: Death and Glory Firstborn for those worthy of them!!!
Ability1: Target locked…Lance batteries ready to fire. (voice of the Naval operating officer)
Ability2: Transmit coordinates to orbit where their purgation awaits.
Ability3: Lock on these coordinates and engage at will.
Ability4: Naval Command, on these coordinates. (Naval Lances ability)
Ability5: Stand by Command, Naval Fire Control engaging targets as requested. (voice of the Naval operating officer)
Ability6: Coordinates confirmed Naval Control, fire at will.
Ability7: Execute protocol "Emperors Blessing" on these coordinates!
Ability8: Operation "Angelic Providence" on these coordinates.
Ability9: Admiral, would you be so kind to provide some assistance on these marks.
Ability10: How can a fool realize that the storm is coming before it’s too late.
Ability11: Whenever you are ready Naval Control...sometime this millennia would be nice.
Ability12: This is Vostroyan CO, requesting Lance battery firing solution on these coordinates.
Ability13: Judgment of the Emperor waits beyond their reach.
Load_Transport1: Battlefront awaits driver, move out.
Unload_Transport1: Time of battle is upon us...time to do our duty.
Morale_Break1: This was not supposed to happen... ( voice of a defeated man)
Morale_Break2: All my work, it has been laid to waste...
Morale_Restored1: Men of Imperial Guard, Warriors of Vostroya, drive them back to their graves!!!
Morale_Restored2: There will be no mercy for those who oppose will of the Emperor!!!
Capture1: It will be ours!
Capture2: Raise our glorious flag there!!
Capped1: It was expected to be so.
Capped2: We have it! Now.. expand our influence beyond these lands..
Jump_Teleport1: To the battle.. I wish to survey the front!
Deepstrike1: Lord General seems to have some strange notions about warfare and Vostroyans place in it.
Deepstrike2: After some time, I may grow fond of this...just not now.
Deepstrike3: As officers, we must lead by example!
Deepstrike4: Have faith, men of the Emperor, for Emperor protects!
Deepstrike5: I hope this will not become standard practice.
Under_Fire1: Protect the General!!! ( Commissar-Lord voice)
Under_Fire2: Hostile contact in proximity of Command Squad!
Damage1: Enemies of the Throne are here!
Damage2: Enemy contact, grid sector 23-54
Damage3: Hostiles inbound to our location!
Death1: Vostroyan blood is made of Honor and Duty.
Death2: Just another soldier fallen!!!
Death3: Make me proud, men of Vostroya!!!
Death4: You shall be my revenge visited upon their souls!
Death5: Arrgghhhh...

Vox Caster
Notes: voice of a junior officer, youthful but strong and determent. Clear voice, technical and by the book. His voice should also seem a little burdened, as he is carrying 20kilos of comms equipment on his back, but eager and willing.
Unit_Complete1: I will keep you updated on everything sir.
Unit_Complete2: Link open to HQ sir.
Unit_Complete3: Vox officer ready to transmit your orders.
Unit_Complete4: This may take some time sir.
Unit_Complete5: Reporting for duty sir.
Unit_Complete6: Yes sir, I do know how to use my equipment.
Unit_Complete7: I’ll be right with you sir.
Selection1: New orders people, gear up, we are moving out.
Selection2: Sir, I think you will want to hear this.
Selection3: Sergeant, I have HQ online, they require your presence.
Selection4: We have a mission sir, one of those special missions.
Selection5: By the Emperors hair, why didn’t Byzantines get this job?!
Selection6: Another set of orders sir, and you will not like this.
Selection7: We have to move now, this just came in.
Move1: Yes sir, I am sure this is the rout HQ told us to take.
Move2: Just a minute sir, so I can consult the holomap.
Move3: Sergeant, I think this is the wrong way.
Move4: This map doesn’t make any sense…yep, we’re lost sir.
Move5: Sir, we just lost contact with headquarters.
Move6: We are being jammed sir, source probably of xeno origin.
Move7: Sir, we are almost on target.
Attack1: Brothers, there is nothing else but this place and this fight.
Attack2: Emperor, let my aim be true.
Attack3: Nothing as close firefight to get your blood running.
Attack4: Hestor, bless me as I enter battle in name of the Emperor.
Attack5: I’m the biggest kheking target on the battlefield. [pronounced "kek'ing"]
Attack6: Enemies of Imperium, your end is upon you!!!
Attack7: Vostroyans, this is your destiny!!!
Capture1: Loud and clear HQ, it will be in Vostroyan hands before days end.
Capture2: This position is deep in enemy territory HQ.
Capture3: Sir, you will want to see position of this thing.
Capped1: HQ, we have it secured…like bloody stormtroopers.
Capped2: This was exciting…can we not get back to our lines.
Capped3: We’re in the open and I’m the biggest kheking target.
Join1: Vox officer as you requested sir.
Join2: Vox caster, here to keep you updated on battle situation.
Join3: No sir, my equipment can’t be any smaller.
Detach1: Where to now, Emperor curse my sorry ass.
Detach2: This is going to hurt, isn’t it.
Load_Transport1: To get us faster to our target, with complements of the Graf.
Load_Transport2: This is our ride gentlemen, strap in and hold on.
Unload_Transport1: Latest orders specify this coordinates as our destination.
Unload_Transport2: New orders boys, we get out here.
Morale_Break1: HQ, we need reinforcements, for the love of the Emperor!!! (panic)
Morale_Break2: By the Throneworld, we will all die here!!! (panic)
Morale_Break3: They are all over us, damn you send reinforcements!!!(panic)
Morale_Restored1: HQ, HQ, this is Radulov squad…enemy repelled.
Morale_Restored2: Enemy is no longer with us…Emperor has looked upon us.
Morale_Restored3: Sweet God on Terra, this was to close to be comforting.
Charge1: Charge Vostroyans, charge!!!
Charge2: Vostroya honors those who die in Emperor’s name!!!
Charge3: Emperor bless us as we make war in your eternal name.
Jump_Teleport1: God-Emperor, do look down on me in this uncertain moment.
Jump_Teleport2: I just want to get there in one piece, one normal piece…
Deepstrike1: I do hope we are over friendly soil…guess not.
Deepstrike2: God-Emperor, are those flak cannons down there!?
Ability1: Radio'ing in.. we need support, HQ!
Ability2: Comm systems fully active...
Ability3: Coordinates transmitted.
Ability4: Vostroyans.. your finest hour is here!
Ability5: In the name of the Gray Lady!
Combat1: Stand your ground Vostroyans!!!
Combat2: Vostroyans, this is where they die!!!
Combat3: For the Throneworld!!!
Under_Fire1: HQ, enemy patrol intercepted at g-sec 79-44
Under_Fire2: Sergeant, why aren’t we shooting back!!!
Under_Fire3: Enemy has us surrounded!
Damage1: They hit my vox equipment, for the love of Throne!!!
Damage2: Sir, they could hit my equipment and then it’s all over.
Damage3: It’s raining bolts here…and I’m a bloody bolt magnet here!!!
Death1: I can’t feel my legs…
Death2: Never thought it would end like this…
Death3: God-Emperor, pain is too much…
Death4: I grow tired in this grey dusk…

Notes: A bit morbid and somber voice of a man who has seen more than his share of dead and dying. Hard, relentless and balanced voice like razor edge, used to giving commands and having them obeyed at once. In few occasions he could sound distant and in thought, but even then, there should be edge to his voice.
Unit_Complete1: Squad medic reporting for duty.
Unit_Complete2: Make two rows, those who can be saved, and those who can't.
Unit_Complete3: You will learn to despise the "dog tag collector" nickname.
Unit_Complete4: Another day in the grinder.
Unit_Complete5: Medic here to help those who can be helped.
Unit_Complete6: I will save your life or bestow the Emperors Mercy upon your tired soul.
Unit_Complete7: All who fall in His service live in His memory, and mine.
Selection1: Medic here, who needs my help.
Selection2: It is easy to take life of an enemy; hard job is saving life of a comrade.
Selection3: The horrors I have seen would chill your soul.
Selection4: Miracles are rare on fields of Battle.
Selection5: Death has forever been my faithful companion.
Selection6: When you get used to the dead and the dying, one part of your soul has died.
Selection7: I have sacrificed my soul for the Emperor and Mankind.
Move1: Make way, medic coming through!
Move2: Where are the injured?
Move3: Understood sir, I shall be there at once.
Move4: Advancing to aid the injured.
Move5: Give me some space...what, never seen a dying man before!?
Attack1: Damn you all!!!
Attack2: I shall release the Death-dealer!!!
Attack3: I value life…but not yours filth.
Attack4: As life itself, death serves a purpose of its own.
Attack5: Ask not why death calls your name filth. ( hatred and contempt)
Attack6: By their own deeds have they killed themselves in the eyes of the Emperor.
Attack7: Quick and precise, like death itself, we kill them now. ( not a charge, but a slow and almost whispered sentence )
Charge1: Men of Vostroya, together shall we sell our lives for Glory of the Emperor!!!
Charge2: Reach out brothers and write our Legend in their deaths!
Ability1: Feel pain!
Ability2: The enemy demands no accordance to the sacred oath.
Ability3: There will be no coming back for you!
Ability4: Wounds will be mended..
Ability5: Conducting battlefield surgery..
Join1: You require my expertise.
Join2: It is my honor to serve.
Join3: Carry my skills to battle.
Detach1: I am unbound from you.
Detach2: There are more wounded elsewhere.
Load_Transport1: I'm in, let's go, there is no time to waste.
Unload_Transport1: What's the situation, where are the wounded.
Morale_Break1: Sweet Emperor, this is a massacre...( deep, low and voice full of sorrow )
Morale_Break2: More notches for the butchers bill...( despair and resignation )
Morale_Restored1: Emperor provides for those who fight in His name.
Morale_Restored2: There is nothing I can not do for Nadalya walks at my side. [pronounced "Na-dal-ja"]
Under_Fire1: Oh, great, enemy fire. Just great.
Under_Fire2: What a hell? The zone is still "hot"!!!
Capture1: Firstborn, raise it high and with it our defiance.
Capture2: Let's do this quick and in silence, and better none of you bastards get shot.
Capped1: Right, we did it, now get to cover, I don't want to piece you back together.
Capped2: Like a beacon of Hope in darkest of nights.
Jump_Teleport1: Move quickly..
Damage1: Oh crap, I didn’t count on this khekstorm. [pronounced "kek-storm"]
Damage2: A little retaliation fire would be nice boys.
Damage3: Guys, make it easy for me and don’t get shot.
Death1: Medic, I am Medic, you foo…arghhhhh…
Death2: Mediiiiiiic!!!...Hahaha, the irony…
Death3: Who will save your lives now brothers…( sorrow )
Death4: There is a never medic when you need one…( sarcastic )
Deepstriking1: Oh brother, what do I do for benefit of others.
Deepstriking2: It's worth risking your own to saves another's life.

Primaris Psyker
Notes: his voice is always deep and grim( grim reaper like grim), and a bit tired) Imagine a man that has suffered for his gift for his enitre life, and during that ordeal, his will was reforged into something hard as stone on the mountain side. He sees himself as a force of destruction on the battlefield and is not like your typical scared and almost crazy psyker, his thoughts alone have left nothing but bones from his foes and he is capable enough to understand what his powers represent, to control them and channel them, and by the Emperor, he will be treated as equal or there will be hell to pay. He is intelligent and well educated, his voice and posture is that of an aristocrat. In one word, first thing that comes to mind is a vampire.
Unit_Complete1: Battle psyker, your weapon of total destruction.
Unit_Complete2: You know what I can do, the question is, WHEEERE can I do it?
Unit_Complete3: Where do you wan't my powers lord?
Unit_Complete4: I have seen the future, and you were there, my lord.
Unit_Complete5: Like a silken scarf, I have seen future unfold before me.
Unit_Complete6: To throw a glance upon the Warp is to risk eternal damnation.
Unit_Complete7: Primaris psyker, a conduit for the Emperors eternal will. [pronounced "pri-mar-is"]
Selection1: It's a blessing to see His light, and a curse to see all the horrors around it. ( normal tonality, but a bit tired and tortured voice)
Selection2: What blank, you wanted some…oh, sir it's you.
Selection3: Do not interrupt me now, you fooool.
Selection4: What do you know of my suffering.
Selection5: Whatever I do, I do it for the Emperor.
Selection6: In the image of the Emperor are we created, His reflections upon the universe.
Selection7: They are clawing at my mind, these filthy beasts of empyrian. [pronounced "em-pi-ri-an"]
Move1: I can sense it now…yes, this is the way.
Move2: We really shouldn't go there my lord.
Move3: Indeed, this is the path He has chosen for us.
Move4: This will not end well…but what does?
Move5: There is something there lord…something bad.
Attack1: Witness His glory through my deeds!
Attack2: Nothing can save you from the force that I am!
Attack3: Your death unfolds in front of your eyes!
Attack4: I will rip the flesh from your bones!!!
Attack5: You will screeeeeam as I shreed your soul to oblivion!!!
Charge2: Warriors of Vostroya, here we will forge our victory!!!Here we will forge their extermination!!!
Charge3: Their path ends here, our path continues to Glory!
Join1: I care not about your superstition, you will obey me. ( hard commanding voice)
Detach1: You are on your own now.
Load_Transport1: Confined spaces, charming. (dead, grim and sarcastic voice)
Unload_Transport1: This place…I was here before. (intrigued and mysterious voice)
Deepstrike1: By the look on your face, I see that this amuses you trooper. ( cold voice, imagine on the other side vossie trooper that is hardly restraining himself from bursting into laughter)
Deepstrike2: God-Emperor, you do love to test your servants.
Deepstrike3: I know the joke sergeant...I do not SPARKLE in the dark.
Deepstrike4: I'm a psyker, not an airplane.
Deepstrike5: Dear Emperor, once you awake, we will have to talk about this.
Morale_Break1: I can't hold them, I can't hold them…they are ripinggg my braiiiiin!
Morale_Break2: Sky of our future is heavy with blood and death!
Morale_Break3: This is wrong…how can this be…we we're not supposed to die.
Morale_Restored1: I am one of the Blessed with His touch, I will not fail.
Morale_Restored2: This is not my end, for my purpose is not fulfilled yet.
Morale_Restored3: Emperor protects, the body and the mind, in Him I am balanced, in Him I am strong, in Him I am complete. (battle mantra of sorts)
Ability1: Your soul is yours no more, fool! ( voice full of scorn and loathing)
Ability2: Scream you degenerate, for nothing can save you now. Psychic Lash ability (against heroes)
Ability3: Soul of the enemy, reward that has to be ripped from his chest.
Ability4: Let me shield us from the sinister eyes of the foe.
Ability5: Unseen and undisturbed we will take their lives. [Nightshroud ability - gives invisibility]
Ability6: Fear not malevolent gaze of the enemy.
Ability7: Only agony can be reward for your treachery.
Ability8: With one move of my hand, you will perish. [Lightning Arc ability - against squads]
Ability9: I am your end and damnation!!!
Damage1: Enemies…so this was hidden in the currents of the Warp.
Damage2: Shoot back idiots, I can't kill them all.
Damage3: They really think they can kill me. Fools.
Death1: Emperor, receive the soul of your faithful.
Death2: Protect my soul from denizens of the Warp.
Death3: I have seen my death written in the sea of stars.
Death4: By the Emperor, this is the end. (sad and nostalgic voice)
Death5: Arrgghhhh...

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Salamander Scout Light Tank
Notes: Due to their job description, that tend to see them dead or see them becoming masters of reckless life saving driving, these men tend to be cocky, ill tempered, stubborn and kind of mavericks and daredevils. They are, with all mentioned above, experts in scouting, precise and eager to do their duty. They tend to have an attitude but if you wanted some men for fast and dangerous mission from which they'll get out with their lives and much needed information, these men are your choice. Simply said, if there is elite scouting unit, these men would be it. Disciplined, agile, quick thinking with a bit of stubbornness, these are the scouts of Vostroyan Salamander units.
Unit_Complete1: Reading you loud and clear Command. Salamander ready to move out.
Unit_Complete2: Reconnaissance unit ready.
Unit_Complete3: We light them up, you wipe them out.
Unit_Complete4: Salamander, the one true scouting vehicle. (confident and cocky voice)
Unit_Complete5: You requested Salamander, sir?
Unit_Complete6: Now, you know the drill, no messing with the engine.
Unit_Complete7: Once again, we lead into battle.
Selection1: It's to silent sir, I don't like it.
Selection2: Sir, incoming transmission from HQ
Selection3: Ah, a bit rahzvod lads, before we go. [pronounced "raz-vod"]
Selection4: Khek it all! I said I'll do it now. (annoyed and angry) [pronounced "kek"]
Selection5: Don't get any fancy ideas, this is a scout vehicle.
Selection6: HA!They call it no man's land. Better to call it dead man's land.
Selection7: Ohhhh, it's another one of THOSE missions.
Move1: That looks like a good position.
Move2: The faster the better.
Move3: Salamander, changing position.
Move4: New destination, step on it.
Move5: Little dragon, heading out.
Attack1: Sir, we have contact.
Attack2: Open fire, take them down! ( a bit panicking voice, but strong)
Attack3: Easy now boys, we have only one chance for this.
Attack4: Feel the bite of the Salamander.
Ability1: Sensor drone deployed.
Ability2: Drones are on the move sir.
Ability3: No more hiding for these filthy dogs.
Ability4: No one can hide from the gaze of our little buzzers.
Ability5: Recon drones, on the move and transmitting.
Death1: Throne of Terra save us…
Death2: Incomiiiiiing…
Death3: HQ, they are all over us…aaaaaghhhhh
Death4: If we are to die, we will take you khekers with us!!! [pronounced "kek-ers"]
Death5: *vehicle explosion*

Chimera APC
Notes: Youthful like voice filled with cockiness and a bit of arrogance. Confident and eager to get going, voice of the APC driver should echo with experience and readiness. Death part should be either yelling fulfilled with fear or complete serenity of a man who knows everything is over. Give them a bit commanding voice, after all, they are the masters in their vehicle.
Unit_Complete1: Fast and hard, that's us.
Unit_Complete2: APC ready.
Unit_Complete3: Chimera, always on the forefront of action.
Unit_Complete4: Chimera, your trusty steed of war.
Unit_Complete5: Trough the flames of hell, we will deliver you safely.
Unit_Complete6: Time to do our duty.
Unit_Complete7: Gift from the forges of Vostroya.
Selection1: Chimera APC, ready to make one hell of a delivery.
Selection2: How can we serve sir?
Selection3: New mission I suppose sir?
Selection4: APC ready to storm the battlefield.
Selection5: Armoured Personnel Carrier, delivering the killing blow.
Selection6: To grind the enemy under your tracks, it is to serve the Emperor.
Selection7: Don't worry sir, the men will get there.
Move1: Buckle up boys, we're taking a shortcut. (mischief in the voice)
Move2: We'll take you to hell and back, all in one piece…I think. ( smile and giggling)
Move3: We'll hit the front lines in 30 seconds.
Move4: Get ready, we are approaching our objective.
Move5: APC changing position.
Attack1: Gunner, stage is yours.
Attack2: APC engaging enemy...with extreme prejudice. ( cocky and amused voice)
Attack3: Get at it boys, these khekers won't die by themselves. [pronounced "kek-ers"]
Attack4: Providing covering fire...with pleasure. (eager and amused)
Attack5: Ah, just the thing I was waiting for.
Death1: Get out!!! (explosion)
Death2: By the Throne...
Death3: Have mercy on our souls...
Death4: *vehicle explosion*

Hellhound Assault Tank
Notes: Eager and yelling(something of a cowboy-John Crichton manner) voice, completely consumed by his ability to burn through masses and masses of infantry and heavy infantry. Intoxicated by awesome amount of fire power and it’s quality to completely and thoroughly destroy all those who oppose him, crewmen of Hellhound are shaped by their vehicle and have certain edge in their voice and their temper is one to match their own vehicle.
Unit_Complete1: Hellhound, ready to burn. ( cocky voice with a small amount of mockery)
Unit_Complete2: Assault tank at your command.
Unit_Complete3: Where do you need us sir?
Unit_Complete4: We are ready sir,( pause here for about 2-3 seconds) to make things hot as hell. ( cocky voice)
Unit_Complete5: All is in working order sir. We are ready to move out.
Unit_Complete6: 5000 degrees of pure hell, at your disposal, sir. ( number of degrees is adaptable to your will's desire)
Unit_Complete7: Hound of hell( or hades as alternative), ready to bite.
Unit_Complete8: Burning inferno will consume their bodies as darkness takes their souls.
Selection1: Can't I burn them just a little bit, sir?
Selection2: Sir, I think Machine spirit is urging us to burn them NOW. (eager, devious voice of a man addicted on killing with super- duper flamer)
Selection3: Yes, yes, I know, no gun-ho actions with the flamer...not yet, that is. ( deviously cheerful)
Selection4: You know, it's almost as sweet music, to crush their blackened bones under our tracks.
Selection5: Ah, the song of the firestorm, there's nothing quite like it.
Selection6: When the burning starts, the devil himself dances on the end of our flames.
Selection7: You know, when you think of it, everything began with the flame. (imagine "philosophical" conversation between two crewman of a Hellhound)
Move1: I use to know this Valhallan las, cold as ice in battle, hot as hell in...well, now…
Move2: Promethium tanks are full sir…we're moving out.
Move3: Stay sharp people, enemy is out here somewhere
Move4: Entering combat area now sir.
Move5: Maximum speed sir. We're closing in.
Attack1: Abominations! Burn them all in His name!
Attack2: Burn, you dogs, burn!
Attack3: Flame is a thing of beauty. Let's not keep it only to ourselves. (a bit morbid, philosophical and at the same time wicked voice.
Attack4: In the blazing flame of our gunns shall they know the glory of Vostroya.
Attack5: Burn their bones and ground them to ash!
Ability1: Burn through them!!!
Ability2: Pain and misery are only rewards for those that defy will of the Emperor. (Firescythe ability)
Ability3: In the holy fires, we will purge your heresies.
Ability4: Commence "Firescythe" maneuver. [pronounced "fi-jer-ska-jt"]
Ability5: Your world will end in fires of War!!!
Death1: Get out!!!
Death2: Tanks are compromised...(explosion)
Death3: It's gonna bloooow!!!(explosion)
Death4: *vehicle explosion*

Hydra Flak Tank
Notes: Mixture of serious and focused and excited and youthful voice of one who is learnt to chase fighters all over the sky and scythe down wave after wave of infantry. Serious when pronouncing ability, but it’s the same voice as the one that yells and curses as tracer fire dots the skies above. Strong voice, filled with anxiety and eagerness, itching for a fight, with hands on triggers, but disciplined and orderly.
Unit_Complete1: Warden of the skies, at your command.
Unit_Complete2: Hydra flak tank, death from below.
Unit_Complete3: Four guns of pure destruction await your command.
Unit_Complete4: Ancient beast of Terra rises again to do His will.
Unit_Complete5: HQ, "Hailstorm" Hydra flak tank ready for action.
Unit_Complete6: This firestorm none can survive.
Unit_Complete7: We will keep the sky clear for you sir.
Unit_Complete8: Hydra is engaging…be weary of enemy debris coming down.
Selection1: God-Emperor, this is beautiful...target rich skies.
Selection2: Hydra flak tank, your weapon that rules the skies.
Selection3: Hydra, guarding the skies above.
Selection4: Nothing will pass by our watchful eye.
Selection5: New mission objectives just came in boys and girls.
Selection6: You know, I really do love this job. (imagine this is the gunner speaking)
Selection7: Serving the Emperor is itself reward, four big guns are just bonus.
Selection8: Our duty is to serve Emperor, the flak gun, is just small pleasure that tags along.
Move1: Four claws of Hydra, they never rest.
Move2: Moving to firing position.
Move3: Hydra, advancing to grid sector 67-22.
Move4: Hydra, obeying your command lord.
Move5: Great...open space, and we're in the middle of it. (sarcasm)
Move6: Flak tank, executing orders.
Move7: Moving to intercept enemy vanguard.
Attack1: Target locked!Guns primed! Fireee!!!
Attack2: Unleash the Fury upon this sad rabble of scum and treachery.
Attack3: They will not survive this deathstorm.
Attack4: Men, let's give them our warmest welcoming.
Attack5: Target in range. Now they pay for their foolishness.
Attack6: Like scythe of the Immortal Emperor, we shall cut them down.
Ability1: Gun them down like the dogs they are!!!
Ability2: "Deathstorm" protocol initiated, identifying targets.
Ability3: They will die under fiery gaze of the Hydra. (Deathstorm ability)
Ability4: Scything them down, just like on the fields of Sardar Prime.
Ability5: Release the Deathstorm, release their apocalypse.
Death1: Bail…bail!!!
Death2: Oh khek… (followed by explosion) [pronounced "kek"]
Death3: This certainly wasn't part of the plan…(again followed by explosion)
Death4: *vehicle explosion*

Griffon Heavy Mortar Artillery Tank
Notes: Voices of these guys should sound distant and disciplined. They are out of the major firefights and therefore are kind of detached from the battle, they are artillery after all. Strong manly voice, a bit harsh and rough. They are disconnected from the main body of the battle and they see their enemies as bunch of coordinates so they should sound, not mechanical, but surgical, like surgeons removing a disease. During the attack moves their voice should be stronger, more pronounced and marked, and on few occasions even yelling is accepted. Coldblooded and calculated, delivering wrath from afar, true to their army branch.
Unit_Complete1: Artillery support, ready to heat things up.
Unit_Complete2: Griffon, beast of ancient times, reforged in steel and fire.
Unit_Complete3: Howl of the Griffon, death sentence for those that defy will of the Emperor.
Unit_Complete4: Another day of service in the Glorious Emperors Imperial Guard.
Unit_Complete5: It is an honor to serve sir.
Unit_Complete6: We are here, to serve and protect.
Unit_Complete7: Techies said we are ready to move out.
Selection1: Nothing can stop retaliation of the Griffon.
Selection2: Yes HQ, there's some static, but we hear you.
Selection3: Oh...charming, our next destination...grid-sector 13-13
Selection4: Calculating the entry trajectory now.
Selection5: Sir, HQ needs to talk to you.
Selection6: Right, now, who had the maps for this freaking battlefield?
Selection7: Ahhh, by the Hestor's eyebrows, how no one saw that kheking hole?! [pronounced "Hez-tors" "kek'ing"]
Selection8: Imperial Griffon, bound by Honor, forged by War.
Move1: Approaching designated coordinates, sir.
Move2: Griffon, moving to engage.
Move3: Understood HQ, we're moving in to support our troops.
Move4: Moving to optimum position sir.
Move5: Griffon artillery tank entering battlefield area.
Attack1: Time to send our warmest regards to the enemy.
Attack2: Exit and entry trajectory plotted. Flight trajectory confirmed. FIRE!!!
Attack3: Receiving data now HQ. Opening fire upon grid-sector 14-89.
Attack4: On my mark. FIRE!!!
Attack5: Just a small token of our appreciation.
Ability1: Fragmentation shell ready for deployment.
Ability2: This will frak up their morning.
Ability3: These things are so good, they should be forbidden. (Fragmentation shell ability)
Ability4: Anti-infantry ordinance ready.
Ability5: Like rain of iron and fire, it will descend upon them to wreak havoc.
Death1: Engine's gonna blow…!!!
Death2: Oh crap…(followed by explosion)
Death3: Ordinance is compromised, GET OUT!!!
Death4: Move us out of here in the nam…. (panic stricken voice cut by large and resonant explosion)
Death5: *vehicle explosion*

Ragnarok Light Tank
Notes: Voice should be somewhat younger, but that of a maverick and daredevil, eager but somewhat mature and composed. Warrior with some experience and a lot of will to serve the Emperor.
Unit_Complete1: Ragnarok, end of days for foes of the Imperium.
Unit_Complete2: Ragnarok, finest light tank at your disposal.
Unit_Complete3: Light tank, ready to bring them down.
Unit_Complete4: Battle cannon of the Ragnarok, weapon of their demise.
Unit_Complete5: Imperiums light tank, storming the battlefield.
Unit_Complete6: By the Throne of Terra, they will know our fury.
Unit_Complete7: Blessed and sanctified, Ragnarok will be bane of the enemy.
Selection1: Light tank you say…heavier machines have fallen as our prey.
Selection2: Ragnarok is not Leman Russ, its Ragnarok dammit...you idiot.
Selection3: Learn to use advantages of Ragnarok and it will serve you well.
Selection4: You are a wolf amongst lions, learn to strike and disappear lest tides of War tear at your blackened wreck.
Selection5: My tank is my life, my duty and my courage and in the end it shall be my coffin.
Selection6: We serve Immortal Emperor of Mankind, machine and man both.
Selection7: We shall serve with Success if you command with Wisdom, sir.
Move1: Alright gents, let's get this crate moving.
Move2: Ragnarok on the move, establishing patrol route.
Move3: We're of to the front line, gear up and let's roll.
Move4: With speed and guile, we are of to kill or be killed.
Move5: Ragnarok moving out… it's time for the hunt.
Move6: Moving to tertiary firing position, ETA 30 seconds.
Attack1: Target locked, main cannon FIRE!!!
Attack2: I want them turned to smoking ruin, sooner the better trooper.
Attack3: They will burn in blaze of our guns.
Attack4: Ragnarok will see to their timely demise.
Attack5: Their cursed machine will be their grave.
Attack6: One more burning wreck, one more kill for Ragnarok.
Death1: End of the line…who would have thought… (explosion)
Death2: My life for the Emperors cause!!!
Death3: Honor in death!!!
Death4: My duty shall be done…

Leman Russ Demolisher
Notes: Voice of a veteran tank commander, one that is used to charge and rush and from, relatively, close range take his enemies apart. Something of a tank ace as demolisher are considered tank cavalry, confident, able, battle hungry, ladies man. He all calm and cool out of the tank, but inside, he is a small god of his machine and his will must be done.
Unit_Complete1: Demolisher, ready to do your bidding.
Unit_Complete2: Leman Russ Demolisher, here to remove the filth.
Unit_Complete3: Beast of War, yours to unleash.
Unit_Complete4: Leman Russ Demolisher, it's a name to be feared.
Unit_Complete5: Steel cavalry ready for another War in Emperors name.
Unit_Complete6: We will be your hammer on the battlefield.
Unit_Complete7: The Hammer is ready to fall sir.
Selection1: Demolishing in the name of the Emperor since 34th millennia.
Selection2: Demolisher, ready to justify its name.
Selection3: We are at your disposal sir, just mark our targets.
Selection4: Ready to bring you victory on our tracks of steel.
Selection5: Humanity will rule the stars with strength of its Faith and might of its tanks.
Selection6: Demolisher ready to serve the Gray Lady.
Selection7: This tank has been killing enemies of Imperium for more than 600 years now...show some respect.
Move1: Let's go, let's go…get this box moving.
Move2: What obstacle, drive us through demit!
Move3: Man your positions, we're rolling out.
Move4: Just roll over Igor, you’ll get used to the screams.
Move5: No road was created for us except those we pave ourselves
Move6: Make way footsloggers, tanks of the Emperor are coming.
Attack1: Demolisher engaging hostile targets in His Hallowed name!
Attack2: Target in sights, shell loaded, FIRE!!!
Attack3: Two o'clock, target locked…one more smoldering ruin.
Attack4: Death bound to shape of 60 tone beast comes for you.
Attack5: Nadalya guides our aim and signs their demise. [pronounced "Na-dal-ja"]
Attack6: With our last breath and last shell, we shall spit defiance at foes of the Imperium.
Attack7: I want that target deceased, now!!!
Attack8: Reload and engage again, if you would be so kind. (sarcasm)
Attack9: They will perish by His will and our skill.
Death1: Bloody Emperor, it's gonna blo….
Death2: Angels are calling, it's time…
Death3: Open the hatches, GET OUT!!!
Death4: Commander dies with his tank…

Leman Russ Eradicator
Notes: Voice should show experience and maturity, discipline and order and, just a bit heightened, but not yelling. Should sound pragmatic and a bit upstart but not to much, and certain amount of cockiness would complete the “picture”
Unit_Complete1: Eradicator, here to deliver His justice.
Unit_Complete2: They can not run, they can not hide…they simply will be eradicated.
Unit_Complete3: Ready to storm the streets.
Unit_Complete4: You guide my aim, and I shall deliver His wrath.
Unit_Complete5: Sir, as always, we are ready.
Unit_Complete6: Urban assault tank, ready to deploy.
Unit_Complete7: Eradicator, steel manifestation of His might.
Unit_Complete8: Let us solve your problems for you sir.
Selection1: What do you mean "bodies"…sir, there are no bodies left.
Selection2: Just fixing up the cannon sir, almost done.
Selection3: Any word on next action sir?
Selection4: Where can we serve the Gray Lady?
Selection5: Gunner! What is that pic… oh, nothing like a vostroyan lass to keep your eye sharp, ey? (naughty voice)
Selection6: Eradicator "Grey shewolf" ready to show you how it's done.
Selection7: It's simple, no man and no obstacle can stop the Eradicator.
Move1: Moving to engage.
Move2: Converging upon your position.
Move3: Grid-sector 23-44, we'll be there ASAP.
Move4: All over galaxy, there is no world that hasn't seen our colors.
Move5: This is it men. Once again we will be His hammer thar shatters the wicked.
Attack1: Filthy dogs, nothing can save you from the fury of the Eradicator!
Attack2: Ten o'clock, second floor! Fire!
Attack3: In the fiery blast of a Nova cannon, they will see their judgment.
Attack4: Like Saint Hestor himself, with sword and flame we will cleanse this world. [pronounced "Hez-tor"]
Attack5: By blazing pyres of their death do we show our Devotion to Him on Earth.
Death1: Drive us in, make it count… (spiteful last stand, taking as many enemies as possible by exploding Leman Russ)
Death2: Go go go…*explosion* (panicking while trying to avoid anti-armour projectile)
Death3: For the Emperor… (whisper coming from tank commander who's watching his death in the eyes and with serenity accepts his fate, knowing he died doing his duty)
Death4: *vehicle explosion*

Super Heavy Close Support Tank Fireblade
Notes: Superior, strong, manly and above all, a bit arrogant voice, after all this is relic unit. Veteran voice, that is a bit older and rough around the edges, but still able to yell when need arises. Voice needs to be secure and completely confident, secure and sure that ultimate outcome will be victory. Voice of the seasoned veteran.
Unit_Complete1: Fireblade, fury of the unbound justice at your command.
Unit_Complete2: By our mere presence, we condemn them to annihilation.
Unit_Complete3: Fireblade, dragon of old Terra risen from the ashes.
Unit_Complete4: Let us banish the dark night that has descended.
Unit_Complete5: When the tides of Darkness advance on all sides, let us be your beacon of Faith.
Unit_Complete6: Our path will be cut through their burning corpses.
Unit_Complete7: Like Flaming Sword of Heavenly angels of old, we smite the wicked.
Unit_Complete8: We are the Defenders of the Imperium, we are Martyrs of the Emperor, we are Fire in the Darkness.
Unit_Complete9: Horseman of the Apocalypse we are, Armageddon forged by Hands of Man.
Unit_Complete10: Mark this day, for on this day Wrath of the Immortal Emperor was your hope on the Fields of their Annihilation.
Unit_Complete11: Soul of a Dragon, tamed by the Emperor and reforged by His Hand.
Unit_Complete12: Heart of Fire and Fire of Faith, His weapons against Nameless horrors.
Unit_Complete13: This world will burn if must, but enemies of Imperium will smolder at our tracks.
Unit_Complete14: Machine is awoken and the Spirit hungers for the flame of Victory.
Unit_Complete15: Fireblade Super Heavy Support unit, fully functioning and ready for fires of War.
Unit_Complete16: There can be no survival for enemies of the Emperor where Fireblade treads.
Unit_Complete17: Let us lead, let us burn and follow in our shining example.
Unit_Complete18: Make no mistake, this place will be their charnel house.
Unit_Complete19: We honor those who have fallen, for in flames of our guns their deaths shine evermore.
Selection1: Upon the Field of Battle, let us be your Final Solution.
Selection2: We live by the code of Fire...either we win or we don't. It's simple as that.
Selection3: Omnissiah, bless our guns, protect our engines, give us strength. [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Selection4: Show me the enemy and stand back.
Selection5: If we are to fall upon this Field of Battle, we will fall with our faces towards the fire.
Selection6: Aliens, mutants, heretics, traitors, they all burn the same, there are no heroes afore the Fireblade.
Selection7: Our reach is short, but it is all consuming.
Selection8: Pity the fool that underestimates our power, for battlefields are covered with bones and ashes of the arrogant.
Selection9: Our Homeworld is place of Toil and War, and it has taught it's children well.
Selection10: Saint Nadalya watches over us and takes pride in our deeds that shine in the eyes of Men. [pronounced "Na-dal-ja"]
Selection11: Sacred Hestor himself was wielder of fire and it's might...we just continue down the path he laid before us. [pronounced "Hez-tor"]
Selection12: Let them charge and howl and bark, and approach with fury, nothing will save them once they awake the Dragon.
Selection13: Their teeth will be broken on our steel hide as their bodies burn under our righteous gaze.
Selection14: Believe and Omnissiah will deliver you to your road of greatness.
Selection15: Might of Stars themselves lies at our command and they believe they can stand before us.
Selection16: To die in raging inferno of battle…it is to die true warriors death.
Selection17: Our coat of arms is Vengeance, our steel is sanctified with blood of martyrs and our souls were long ago given to the Emperor...meet my gaze traitor and die by my hand.
Selection18: Can you not hear the Machine Spirit awakening, can you not hear the roar of the Dragons soul.
Move1: Fireblade, advancing to victory.
Move2: Driven by Faith and Duty, we know no obstacle that can stop us.
Move3: Let’s not keep boys on the frontline waiting.
Move4: This is Fireblade "Sol Invictus", proceeding towards destination as ordered.
Move5: To feel ground trembling and cracking at your passing...it is to taste the might of gods.
Move6: Risen by glorious hand of the Emperor upon this holly machine, we fulfill our sacred duty.
Move7: They will know it is us approaching by the quake of world.
Move8: Fires of battle have roared our name but never have found us wanting.
Move9: We will be the spear tip that blazes through the enemy lines.
Move10: As we advance, in the screams of their burning comrades will they know their own destiny.
Move11: To be victorious, one must first toil in the Fires of Battle.
Move12: Full power to engines!!!We ride to crucible of Battle.
Move13: Like Lightbringers of old, we cut a Path through the Darkness.
Attack1: Roll over them, they can not stop us!
Attack2: Attack and show these degenerates face of their personal Apocalypse.
Attack3: Devil may cry, but not for these sold souls.
Attack4: Let them feel the Wrath of a dragon's soul.
Attack5: Their lives will end in maelstrom of Fire!!!
Attack6: All guns open up!!!Let's show them just how futile their struggle is.
Attack7: Fireblade support, baptizing the lost souls in Flames of Absolution.
Attack8: Full spread people, let's make them remember us well.
Attack9: Once again they will burn for their defiance to the Emperor.
Attack10: Enemies of the Emperor are known as many, but today many will know only Death.
Attack11: Break them in mind and body, and let your way to victory be paved with their burning bones.
Attack12: By death of the Emperors enemies shall we will forge our own Legend.
Attack13: Their ranks will splinter under fiery wrath of our guns.
Attack14: In the roar of our Cannons, they will hear Death singing their names!!!
Death1: So it ends here…
Death2: Freedom or Death!!!!!!
Death3: AVE IMPERATOR!!!!!
Death4: *vehicle explosion*

Warhound Titan
Notes: Regal, ultimately superior, arrogant voice of a Titan principles. There were some other voice scripts with this kind of description but this one needs to be really out there, to really believe that he is a manifestation of a god of War, with a voice that suits. Voice could be a bit mechanic and sounding like its coming from a cockpit but nothing that would interfere with royal and rich sound of the voice.
Unit_Complete1: God of War, once again ready to stride the fields of Battle.
Unit_Complete2: Omnissiah has heard your call and He delivers your salvation.
Unit_Complete3: I am one with the Machine, Machine is one with me. I am Titan.
Unit_Complete4: The Link between man and engine is like touch of God upon your mind.
Unit_Complete5: I shall walk once more amongst brothers and enemy will weep in despair.
Unit_Complete6: Systems operational, energy levels optimal, weapons online...and even now, I can feel that beast hungers.
Unit_Complete7: Warhound Titan at your command Lord...enough said.
Selection1: I have turned worlds to ash, and they think they can defy me.
Selection2: I have killed and destroyed in name of the Emperor before you were born, mortal.
Selection3: My thought brings death and holocaust, tearing asunder their weakly illusions of victory.
Selection4: To be a Titan is to be a God incarnate.
Selection5: Worlds have burned under judgment of my weapons
Selection6: Forged I have been in the flame of immortal Ideal that stars themselves shall bow to the Rule of Man.
Selection7: To step away from the Path of The Emperor is to condemn yourself to pitiless gaze of the Warhound.
Selection8: Fear not, for shepherds of the Emperors flock are many and vigilant.
Selection9: For millennia Warhounds have stalked fields of battle bringing Flame of His Retribution to the darkest corners of the galaxy.
Selection10: Warhound, creature of Thunder and Steel, Imperium's most faithful dog of War.
Selection11: Lives that I took, cities that I've purged, worlds that I've burned…I would do it all again in Emperor's name.
Selection12: Speak with haste; there are yet those who curse His most venerable name.
Selection13: Orders received HQ, their strongest fortress shall become their darkest grave.
Selection14: Let ground shake with thunder of our guns that echo ancient howl of wolves of Terra.
Selection15: In the last few moments of their lives, terror that reflects in their eyes is the greatest reward a warrior could ask.
Selection16: What do you mean "just two weapons"…do you realize how many graveyards I have left in my wake?
Selection17: Do not waste my time. Speak up and do it quick.
Selection18: I care not if they tremble in fear, the world itself shakes at my passing.
Selection19: Across the Sea of Stars I have travelled to distant worlds as a messenger of His final Will.
Selection20: Yes HQ, I will be mindful of the infantry units. ( a bit annoyed voice )
Selection21: Moderatii, engage target...cycle my auxiliary weapon ammo…more energy to leg pistons…battle, true home of the Warhound.
Selection22: I shall topple their keeps and towers and visit agony upon their flesh and Emperor shall smile upon his Throne on Terra.
Selection23: My duty was always clear…always for the Emperor, always for the Imperium.
Selection24: Walk in my wake and be lucky to call yourselves my brothers in arms.
Selection25: Wail and scream traitors to the Emperor, I am coming for you.
Selection26: Be true to your vows brothers and I shall always stand at your side for Death or Glory.
Selection27: My heart beats with force of a newborn star…fear me for my name carries vengeance.
Selection28: Guardian of the weak, Punisher of the wicked, I am His eternal servant and I serve ever so faithfully.
Selection29: Bane of the traitors, heretics and xeno, I avenge those that have suffered at hands of the Enemy.
Move1: I have walked through fields of death and flame wrought by my own hand...this will be no different.
Move2: I can see them running and hiding in the shadows, fear like black ink that fills their feeble hearts.
Move3: I walk like a God of War...few are others that can make the same claim.
Move4: Advancing through g-sec 43-77, no activity...as expected. (last part of the sentence assured and arrogant voice )
Move5: There is still something of a boy in me, for every time I see them trying to outrun my engine, joyful smile creeps on my face.
Move6: I stride like Titan I am, and my every step brings them closer to pitiful end they deserve.
Move7: I am like a beast of War, Cerberus untamed, their own personal escort to Hell.
Move8: No soul has ever been able to escape my reach, no soul ever shall.
Move9: Warhound, spearheading the assault.
Move10: Grid sector 49-60, cold and silent like a grave.
Move11: Scanner grid operational, Warhound moving to intercept.
Move12: First time you feel ground quaking at your passing...intoxicating experience.
Move13: Like a lone wolf, I stalk fields of battle eager to serve Him on the Golden Throne.
Move14: To hear a beating heart of a Titan, it is to hear a beating heart of War.
Move15: Walk in my shadow and praise the Emperor for His loyal dogs of War.
Move16: Warhound securing the area.
Move17: The beast snarls in the dark reaches of my mind, it knows blood will be spilled.
Move18: I hunt again for the enemies of the Emperor.
Attack1: As my guns thunder across this world, Beast howls in delight.
Attack2: Target locked, unleash the beast that hungers.
Attack3: I shall lay blood of the enemy at the feet of the Emperor.
Attack4: Know me as His greatest servant; know me as thy final absolution.
Attack5: I shall pass over your mangled bodies, scattered in the dust.
Attack6: You will die with pain and misery, more than a scum like you could ask.
Attack7: Die you shall traitor, like so many of your kin before, for under gaze of the Warhound all scum is rendered equal.
Attack8: Make sure you pray long and hard, not that any god can save you from me.
Attack9: Enemies of the Emperor will burn in His name!
Attack10: My guns shall celebrate His name as I put you out of your misery, scum.
Death1: This is how a god ends...
Death2: ...massive explosion...
Death3: It is an end worth of a Legend...
Death4: I shall rise again...

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Posted 27 March 2020 - 01:04 AM


Can you not smell the foul odor, the smell of tainted flesh and souls.
Foul worshipers of Warp think their gods can save them from our guns.
Traitors twisted hands reach for that which is Emperors so it is only normal we cut them off.
No faith, no loyalty, no humanity…it is only right then there will be no mercy Firstborn.
Yes, yes, your gods protect you and give you power, heard it before; now shut up and die scum!!! (cold and uninterested voice)

Dark Eldar
Slavers and torturers. Filth, your day of reckoning is here!
Dark Eldar, disease that has plagued us for to long. We end them here.
Wretched creatures, let me give you absolution.

Eldar, their witchcraft and trickery won't help them today. (firm confident voice)
Alien witches, they will find only death here.
Raise the pyers, there are witches to be redeemed [pronounced "paj-ers"]
Eldar, let them find absolution on the end of our blades.

Imperial Guard
Look upon these wretched souls, and know them for what they really are, traitors to the Imperium.
Filth, you will pay for your treachery.
Traitor is the most wretched thing in the universe. There can be no mercy, no redemption, for the Traitor. Only vengeance.

Foul heresies (disgusted). Prime your weapons Firstborn and make every shot count. By His will, we shall prevail!
Unholy abominations walk again( also disgusted). Let us end their wretched existence.
They are offense in eyes of the Omnissiah, and therefore they must be purged. [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Clankers, you just can't keep those bastards down.

The Old enemy once again comes to shatter upon our ranks.
Orks, wretched beasts; what do they know of Honor?
Orks, filthy animals, let their blood water the soil of this world.
Greenskins come to their own damnation. ( enormous hatred )

Sisters of Battle
Ah, site for the sour eyes, but what word do they bring, of salvation or damnation?
How can this be...Sisters of Battle, traitors to the Emperor.
Sisters of Battle, and they advance in combat order.

Space Marines
By the Golden Throne( deep worried voice), Marines are here.
Astartes! Take heart men, remember that you are the soldiers of Vostroya. [pronounced "As-tar-tehs"]
Space Marines. Vostroyans, this will be bloody, this will be hard, but it can be done!

Accursed xenos, you will know thy death in the song of Vostroyan blades.
Tau!…Men of Vostroya, remember Nimbosa and deliver vengeance!
Under shadow of Graf Toschenko our Victory and Vengeance shall be forged. [pronounced "graf tosh-chen-ko"]
We remember Heroes fallen at Polia…who will remember you tau, on this world that is not yours.
Black banners shall be raised on the worlds of Tau lamenting your passing, xenos.
When your worlds burn, know it will be by our hands, tau.
By the end of this day, human blade will separate your head from your shoulders, tau.
Foolish little tau xenos, surrender and you will be granted quick death for the Greater Good…of Imperium. (sarcasm and mockery)
Vostroya excels at forging heroes tau, may your live just enough to know the truth of my words.

Black Templars
The night clad crusaders come for our souls.
Nothing in the briefing said that Black Templars where here? - Crusaders are on the move Lord.

Blood Angels
Emperor, what is this heresy that sons of Baal turn to the darker path.
Warriors of Sanqunius march and death walks at their side. [pronounced "Sang-win-ee-us "]
Bloodsuckers are here, can you not feel the scent of blood in the air.

Blood Ravens
Banners of the Blood Ravens...seems that the rumors were true.
Blood Ravens, the Butchers of Kronus, will reap what they sown
Indeed, they have left Light of the Emperor, once finest of his sons.

Crimson Fists
Crimson Fists, they will neither ask for mercy nor shall they receive any.
Pedro Kantor has raised his warriors well; how well we shall see.
Blood of Dorn runs in their veins, do not underestimate them.

Dark Angels
Dark Angels, there is always shadow reasons for their struggle.
By the Emperors bones, Lions cubs are here.
Lions of Caliban are deploying Lord, and are not answering our hails.

Fallen Angels
Traitors of old show themselves again.
Sir, these marines, there is something wrong here.
Lord, unknown Astartes are converging upon our position.

Imperial Fists
It is a dark day for Imperium when sons of Dorn turn their back to Throne of Terra.
By Hestors blood, where Imperial Fists strike, nothing survives. [pronounced "Hez-tors"]
The golden armors of our destruction shine on the horizon; the Fists are here.

Iron Hands
On this day we shall see who Omnissiah favors.
Iron Hands, full strength, grid sector 23-46
Massive auspex contacts Lord, the Iron Hands are here.

Legion of the Damned
From the depths of Hell they have surfaced to judge us for crimes yet uncommitted.
Here, on this forsaken world, the Damned legion comes for us.
The Legion is here...and that's never good?

Raven Guard
Sons of Corax move through the night.
Lord, we are experiencing multiple equipment failure across the grid and there is Raven Guard captain demanding our surrender.
Tread carefully, Shrikes dogs are lurking in the shadows.

Red Scorpions
The zealots arrive with this bloody dawn.
Never did like these arrogant dogs that call themselves Red Scorpions.
Bloody Emperor, where did these bastards come from?!

You know your duty gentlemen, no lizard leaves alive, no matter the cost.
Slithering traitors, accursed be your name for all eternity.
Salamanders…our steel shall extinguish fire that blazes in their eyes.

Space Wolves/13th Company
Lost wolves of Fenris emerge from the Warp.
Space Wolves…but this can not be.
Strange are the ways of the Emperor…lost wolves return to realm of Man.

Wardens of Ultramar march under the banners of Guilliman! [pronounced "Gill - i - man"]
Sons of Guilliman descend upon wings of fire!
The noblest of all Adeptus Astartes…even death at their hands seems honorable.

White Scars
They come for Vostroyan skulls, but to take our lives, they will have to sell their own!
Wind warriors and storm lords, their storm will shatter on our ranks.
White Scars, warmongering sons of Khan believe they have already won. Let's teach them otherwise.

Alpha Legion
Alpha Legion, saboteurs par excellence, but their tricks won't help them today.
Alpharius cursed progeny descend to test our mettle. [pronounced "Al-far-i-us"]
Traitor will receive a traitors due…death and only death.

Black Legion
Lapdogs of Abbadon come to bark at our gates; time is nigh to teach them a lesson. [pronounced "Abb-a-don"]
Tormentors of Cadia believe themselves invincible; gentlemen, shall we shatter their illusions. [pronounced "Kay-di-a"]
Black Legion is here, and if there is victory to be won here, price shall be high Firstborn.

Death Guard
Like a disease they spread over the land, but for every disease, there is a cure.
Filthy rabid beasts, in the fires of our flamers your end awaits.
Plague torments and diseased corpses, these are gifts for those that walk away from the Light of the Emperor.
Vostroyans, time is nigh when we will be called to cleanse cancer that plagues this world.
Death Guard, how have the mighty fallen.
They use to be paragons of virtue, but that was in the days of yore.
Putrid traitor dogs, no god can save you from the Wrath of the Emperor.

Emperors Children
They will lure you with pleasures, these filthy beasts of the Warp, let's show them we mean differ.
God of bitches and whores, I spit on your accursed name!
Too sweet is the fruit they offer us, too sweet so you can't feel the poison.
There is nothing they can give that we already don't have, for Emperor provides to His faithful.
Lucius, I name you traitor and the rest of whores you call your brothers!!!
Time has come Vostroyans for us to redeem lost Children of the Emperor.
Fulgrim's spawns mock our name; fools understand not that that name is their death sentence.

Iron Warriors
Enemy contacts Lord, Iron Warriors are crossing no mans land.
Forward recon has spotted traitor marines Lord, Iron Warriors Legion.
For ten thousand years of betrayal and heresy, they are already condemned, we are here just to deliver the judgment.

Night Lords
Lords of Darkness, twisted dogs of Kurtz, will find our resolve unbreakable.
This has all elements of Night Lords raid attack sir.
Stand firm Firstborn, Night Lords will discover there is a heavy toll on vostroyan souls!!!

Red Corsairs
Traitors of Badab will know mistake of their ways on this day. [pronounced "Bad-ab"]
To reject service to the Emperor is what these dogs have done; it is our honor to punish their arrogance.
Lord, we have incoming Red Corsairs vanguard.

Thousand Sons
Listen not to the whispers that evil winds bring.
Oh sweet Emperor, the idiots with A PLAN, again. ( sarcasm and contempt )
Do these bastards know that NO PLAN survives first contact with the enemy?
Time to silence the murmurs of the Great Whisperer!
Can you not feel it in the air, the reek of sorcery and warp.
Old magnificence of Prospero is forever lost for these are the twisted remnants of that glory.
Thousand Sons emerge from the warp, may it take back their foul bones.

Word Bearers
Emperor and the Grey Lady guard the faithful against heresy!
Traitor Marines, God-Emperor, say a prayer and carry on

World Eaters
Madmen charge…bloody, crazy and savage, madmen charge and fail to see their own doom.
Halfwits and butcherers, Traitors and mutants, filth and scum, and they dare challenge Him.
Their blood is gift to the Emperor and we do feel like giving, Firstborn!!! ( heroic and arrogantly-battle hungry )
Upon their blood and bones banners of the Imperium shall be risen in Emperors Glory.
Man the positions, bloody World Eaters are charging the lines.
Get the heavy weapons here, those blood crazed bastards are chanting in the darkness.
World Eaters, Emperor give us strength and courage.

Filthy dogs of Catachan, die and rot in this place.
I never did like these dirty animals.
Catachan, taking coin of the enemy…what a sad sight. ( disgust and pity towards those who sell ideals for money )

Death Korps of Kreig
Men of Krieg, a worthy opponent to test our battle prowess.
Krieg Siege regiments...alert all stations, possible traitors inbound on our position.
Siege regiments of Krieg?Why weren't we informed by HQ?

Elysians, those treacherous bird droppings come to defy His will.
My, my, these Elysians do know how to make an entry.
Drop troopers of Elysia…or that's what they use to be.

Last Chancers/13th Penal Legion
Oh brother, the conscripts are here.
Lord, recon drones are reporting advance units of the Last Chancers.
13th Penal Legion is attacking, they have finally shown their true colors.

Iron Guard, what in Hestor's name are THEY doing here.
Mordians, spineless sons of treacherous dogs.
I have never heard of Mordians betraying the Emperor, but there is a first time for everything.

Sweet Emperor, did this khekers ever heard of armor. [pronounced "kek-ers"]
And what are these idiots supposed to be, parade mannequins or, Emperor saves us, something worse.
Right men, a bottle of amasec on me for man who first collects 20 of those piss buckets they wear as helmets. [pronounced "ama-sek"]

Steel Legions
Soldiers of Armageddon they use to be, this traitorous scum.
Steel Legion marches under the banners of Arch-enemy, but not for long.
I know sons of Armageddon, proud and loyal…these things here are certainly not warriors of Steel Legion.

Sly desert rats, they come to die.
Tallaran snakes, rip out their rotten hearts.
Yet another traitor regiment that will fall to our blades.

Tanith First and Only ( Gaunt's Ghosts )
Can this be Gaunt's lot…there has to be some mistake.
Poor wretches, too sad destiny for one of the greatest regiments.
Men of Tanith are gone...these wretches are just one more heresy that needs extermination.

Ice Warriors of Valhalla are not responding to our battle signs.
Lord, there are IG units attacking our outposts...it's the Valhallans!
For the Glory of Vostroya let none of these Valhallan dogs live.

Our own brothers, turning back on the Emperor…not while we live.
Lord, these men are our own…and yet again, they are not Firstborn of Vostroya.
Treachery knows no boundary and neither will our vengeance.

Shoot them down...before they are amongst us.
Oh great, the clowns have arrived.
The Eldar have once more started their dance of death and despair.

Inquisition Daemonhunt
Inquisitor? What bloody inquisitor dares to cut in on my primary vox wave.
Whole new game we are playing now since Inquisition has arrived.
Daemonhunters are here...but what for?

Did he just addressed us as heretics, soldier?
There are no heretics here, only our regiment...oh sweet Emperor.
Ordo Hereticus storm troopers are deploying sir, and the Inquisitor in Command requests our surrender. [pronounced "Or-do He-re-ti-kus"]

The Great Devourer hungers once more.
Lord, the mycetic spores have been detected in the upper atmosphere...Tyranids are coming. [pronounced "maj-se-tik"]
Bugs are lurking in the dark, flamers and auspex to the front.
This world is ours and ours alone, and no beast will take it from our grasp.

Stand to Vostroyans, this is where your faith shall be tested.
Firstborn, this slave of the Warp will not discourage us from our Duty!!!
Deamon detected in grid-sector 47-33, get something big here...and do it fast.

God-Emperor, this khekker is big. [pronounced "kek-er"]
Heavy support up the line, this thing has took sudden interest in us.
Saint Hector, that thing could feed the regiment for a month.
Firstborn, make your shots count, we're bringing this thing down, here and now.

Enemy units all over the screen sir.
Another enemy, another test for the Vostroyan Firstborn.
Enemy advance units are clashing with our vanguard Lord.
Sir, there is a parameter breach in grid sector 76-55, enemy contacts.
Looks like it's gonna be another glorious day in the Imperial Guard.
Sir, all forward outposts are reporting enemy contacts.
Emperor has smiled on us brothers, enemy comes to test our mettle.
Vostroyans, enemy is advancing so rejoice, for once more you will prove your devotion to the Emperor.

Hostile armor, grid sector 05-34, some freaking support would be nice.
Armor… not one of our own.
Hit the cover, enemy armor is right on top of us.
Grid sector 64-43, requesting armor support…enemy has some, so it's only fair we have some too. ( a bit sarcastic tone )

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Posted 27 March 2020 - 01:04 AM


Command Fortress(HQ)
Selection1: imagine a strategy room, you know, bunch of computer sounds, paper hushing, serious voices debating course of action and bunch of noises in the background...something like that

Listening Posts
Selection1: sound of automated sentry post, silent whir of cogs and mechanisms, maybe ammunition cycling and such.

Power Generators
Selection1: standard sound of plasma generator, that power crackling sound

Firstborn Barracks
Selection1: sounds of drills, exercises and such, and some singing but from a squad of men, not just one, and all of these sounds partially overlapping.

Defense Sabre Weapons Platform
Selection1: sound of men searching for coordinates and looking on auspex and sounds of platform rotating and weapon cycling.

Weapons Arsenal (Armory)
Selection1: sound of guns clanking and researches being done mixed with those sounds of comms array working.

Armour Installation
Selection1: sounds of tanks rumbling, techpriests chanting and repairs and construction being done.

Armour Sub-Command
Selection1: a lot of techno-info sounds mixed with sounds of machines being awoken and starting to be fully operational.

Dark Ops
Selection1: silence?

Advanced Skirmish AI Team Lead for the coolest Warhammer40k PC RTS out there:

Dawn of War Advanced AI Headquarters

Latest DoW Advanced AI Download!

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