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Faction Heroes Explained

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 07:27 PM

I know its been a long time since i did a new update here, mainly because i forget to. But Dont worry im going to try and start doing news on both MODDB and here from now on.
Basically the last few news have been explaining the factions heroes. Since they are the last thing that ive looked at so heres a driect dump for each faction from moddb. Starting with starship troopers moving on to the other 4 main faction finally ending with our current news. So if your new scroll down to the bottom as the most recent news wont make much sence if you havn't read the older stuff.
I know this is a lot to take in but from now on ill just edit this and post the most recent stuff at the top, making this inital post very long, evenually, but itll be easier to archive stuff once its been up for a few months. But when i do archive it ill leave a link to the MODDB location so you can sill read it if you want.



"Star Wars Faction Update" - 4/4/2010

You got stinky when I got rid of Vader so hes back. But the other SSD (non-hero) ship has been removed. And to decide on the 12th ship for the SW faction I decided to hold a general vote. Thats right you all get to choose who is the new ship for the SW faction. There is 10 candidates, all have there own tier that i will add them as, adjusting the other ships up accordingly. Remember i only need 1.

<a href="http://www.moddb.com...hip-candidates" target="_blank" title="SW Ship Candidates - Mod DB">

<img src="http://media.moddb.c...candidates.jpg" alt="SW Ship Candidates" width="540" />

Heres what they're called (in the map editor, it probably isn't there name but use the image in the gallery to work out what what and place your vote here or there)

1 - Munificent Frigate - <strong>Separatist Confederacy</strong> ship
2 - Invisible Hand - Not sure if this is a hero unit or not, but it is the <strong>Separatist Confederacies </strong>capital ship, seen in the third movie over coruscant
3 - Unknown - In the map editor its called an acclimator, but i know thats not right
4 - Jedi Star Destroyer - Capital ship for the Republic, its like a super uber version of the Venator
5 - Hardcell - I think this things a transport but I'm not sure
6 - Diamond Cruiser - Another ship i have no idea about
7 - Carrack Cruiser - Again i got nothing
8 - Recusant Frigate - <strong>Separatist Confederacy</strong> ship, thats all I've got
9 - Lancer Frigate - no idea
10 - Federation Battleship - Seen in Movie 1 -> 3 it is a very large orbital station.

Personally I'm leaning towards 2, 4, 8 or 10. But what ever gets the most votes gets in. I'm going to be working on BSG, SG and STs abilities and hero balancing for the next week or two, so once I'm finished with those ill add in the most voted ship.

Thanks again to the Return of the Clones ( http://www.moddb.com...-of-the-clones1 ) mod for there ships.

I also want to talk about hero abilities. Since im working on them as well i figured id kill two birds with one stone. Basically im going through and giving differnet ships different abilities specifically for them. Example i have a variance on the bribe ability allowing control to be taken of other ships.
SG - Replicators - Infest
SW - Constorium - Bribe
ST - Borg Cube - Assimilate
B5 - Thirdspace Warship - Telepathy
BSG - Cylon Basestar - Hack
SST - Bug Comamnd Ship (hero) - Infultrate

Another custom ability is one im working on now for the Aurora class hero, its a variance of full salvo where it fires a shit storm of drones for 10 seconds but it looses its shields in the process. ST also has a custom ability for all its ships called "Emergency Warp" it boosts your speed allowing you to escape to another section of the map, but in doing so it removes your sheilds, preventing you from using it as an offensive ability. THese are just two examples of custom abilities im working on. Once i finish the work on the heroes and abilites ill start work on B5.

Anyway heres a list of hero ships and there abilites i plan on giving them.
For Stargate
SG1 Alkesh - Cloak + sheild
Mitchel X305 - lucky shot + turbo
Prometheus - Barrage (blue shield piercing shells) + turbo
Apohpis - Power To Weapons + Shield
Anubis - Power to Weapons (1.5 times the power of Apophis's) + Shield
Daedalus - Beam Nuke + Boost Speed
Thor - Sheilds + Power to weapons (1.5 times Anubis's)

Starbuck - turbo + Cloak
Scar - turbo - lucky shot + turbo
Apollo Firestar - turbo + power to weapons
Valkyrie - Barrage missiles
Galactica - Barrage back shot
Pegasus - Barrage bow shot
Ones Basestar - Barrage nukes

For ST
BOP - Cloak + Warp
Spock fighter - Warp + Lucky shot
NX01 - Warp + Power to Shields
Kirk Ent - Warp + Power to Weapons
Voyger - Warp + Power to Weapons
Defiant - Warp + Cloak
Pic Ent - Warp + Power to Shields

For SW
Milenium Falcon - Invincible
Luke - Lucky shot + spoiler lock
Sundered Heard - turbo + OTHER
Yoda (in jedi acclimator) - Power to weapons + Power to Sheilds
Home One - Power to shield + other
Accuser - Power to Weapons + Other
Vader - Power to Weapons + other

Assassin Bug - Cloak + turbo
Zander Barcalow - Lucky Shot + turbo
Valley Forge - Power to Weapons + Turbo
Rodger Young - Power to Weapons + Turbo
Command Bug - Heal + Power to Weapons
Ryuho - Power to Weapons + Turbo
Shiloh - Power to Weapons + Turbo

All the listed hero abilities are open to change except the Stargate ones (because ive coded them in already). Anything with an "other" is an open slot for suggestions

"Starship Troopers Explained Part 3 - Tech Tree" - 30/03/2010

Im just now implementing the Starship Troopers Tech Tree.
Its not overly complex and is based on the BSG tech tree.

Human Tech
Upgrade - Tereshkova Base -> Luna Base, Section 1 ->Luna Base, Section 2 -> Luna Base, Section 3
unlocks - Interceptor Fighter / Neptune Corvette / Zander Baralow Fighter / Valley Forge -> Methuselah Cruiser / Rodger Young -> Alaska Heavy Cruiser -> Geneva Battlecruiser / Ryuho
Upgrade - Sanctuary Shipyard -> Expanded Sanctuary Shipyard
unlocks - Saratoga Carrier -> Star Battlestip / Shiloh

Weapons - Denser Mac Shells
All other upgrades will have generic names like "increase engine speed" Im taking suggestion on more accurate upgrade names.

Arachnids Tech
Behemecoatyl Aliance - Unlocks all Bug upgrades
Upgrade -> Colonise Hotel Delta -> Colonise Planet P -> Colonise OM-1 -> Colonise Klendathu
Unlocks -> Darkling Destroyer -> Scoprion Cruiser -> Bliskwing Cruiser -> Blac kCorsair Battlecruiser / Deathshead_Battleship / Command Bug

Armor - Evolve denser Chitinous Armor
other standard upgrades will have generic type names, please suggest something for the speed, heal and wepaons upgrades.

So thats the tech tree as it stands now. Any suggestions comment away. Also looking for a SST fact check type person, all ive got is wikipedia and some other random wiki thats more anoying than helpful. If u apply and get in then ull have full access to the internal version of the mod and the internal forums

"Starship Troopers Explained Part 2 - Normal Units" 29/01/2010

Part 2...
Standard Ships...
Starship Troopers Ships....
Starship Troopers

Research Ship - Midway Destroyer Refit (front row right)
I decided on this as the research vessel because its the only human ship that Im not using. So it by default becomes the research vessel.
To explain it and make it ok with all the hard core SST guys out there heres an explination you can swallow... After the Midway was discontinued some were bought and refitted into long range research ships. All weapons were removed in favour of better armor. This stronger armor cuts its speed drematically. Inside is a large number of research labs designed for use in studying everything from planet composition to bug movement....

Tier 1 - Neptune Corvette (front row middle)
The Neptune class is the Federations smallest ship. It is very maneuverable and is often used with Special Forces units in hopping from one hotspot to the next.

Tier 2 - Reaper Destroyer (front row left)
The Reaper Destroyer was one of two designs developed as a new escort ship. The other being the Midway Class. Like the Midway, the Reaper has many improvements to armor, weapons, and engines that allows a fast response to any situation.

Tier 3 - Darkling Destroyer (second row far right)


Tier 4 - Scorpion Cruiser (second row middle right)


Tier 4 - Supergate - Horned Devil (second row middle left)


Tier 5 - Methuselah Cruiser (second row far left)

The Methuselah class was designed as a cruiser meant to take on the battleship role if necessary. Its main weapons are its 20 missile batteries that, when combined in one salvo can easily maim or cripple its target.

Tier 6 - Alaska Heavy Cruiser (third row far right)

Famed Ship Designer Hiroshi Morioka had a hand in the Alaska Heavy Cruisers development. The unique forked design is theorized to cause hesitation in an Arachnid's offensive nature. Fast and deadly, this heavy cruiser is feared by the bugs.

Tier 7 - Blistwing Cruiser (third row middle right)


Tier 8 - Geneva Battlecruiser (third row middle left)

A battlecruiser that can fight as well as a battleship, yet still cost less and is faster. The Geneva has an impressive array of weapons. From rail guns, to missile batteries and lives up to its nickname as "The Peacemaker".

Tier 8 - Supergate - Athena Carrier (third row far left)

One of two capital ship classes that can carry large compliments of fighters/bombers into battle. The Saratoga and Athena are designed to deliver the bulk of the combat fighter force to any hot zones.

Tier 9 - Black Corsiar (back row far right)


Tier 10 - Saratoga Carrier (back row middle right)

One of two capital ship classes that can carry large compliments of fighters/bombers into battle. The Saratoga and Athena are designed to deliver the bulk of the combat fighter force to any hot zones.

Tier 11 - Star Battleship (back row middle left)

The new Star Class Battleship is based on the older design of the original but with all the improvements of the latest technology in armor, weapons, and engines. This solid warship is the main heavy found in most fleets.

Tier 12 - Deathshead Battleship (back row far left)
The Deathshead is a Species of Bug used as a Captial Ship. It its very powerful capable of destroying most high level ships on it own.

Well theres all the Large ships details. Now I dont have details on the bugs, so im throwing the floor open to anyone who wants to make something up, like i did for the tier 12 ship. All bug ships need details so go for them....
Anyone who adds to there details gets internal access....

Other than that ill add another update this time next week

"Starship Troopers Explained PArt 1 - Heroes" - 23/01/2010

Ive had an injured ankle for the past few weeks so ive been able to make some considerable headway on the SST faction. My ankles healed now, so im back to work, and work on this will be back to a slower pace so news will probably be few and far between from now on. Ill still keep an eye on this page and keep u guys in the loop as to what im doing.

but anyway the point of this... Starship Troopers...
Ive added in all the units and balanced them to a point. Ive also added in all the heroes. I started with the standard heroes from "Starship Troopers 1st Intersteller War" - ( Moddb.com ) but i had to add a few to cover bug heroes. So i thought about it a bit. And Decided on the following list.

Starship Troopers Heroes

Tier 0 - Faction Leader
Sky Marshall - Essentially Mon Mothma but with details on the sky marshall.

Tier 1 - Stealth Assassin Bug (front right
An Assassin Corvette shrunk down to be about the size of an alkesh. It is essentially SG1 or Han Solo but a bug.

Tier 2 - Zander Barcalow - Heavy fighter squad
(In Canon) Zander Barcalow was a pilot onboard the Rodger Young until its destruction. He crashed onto the planet with Carmen. A brain bug turns up and he gets his brain sucked out...

(In SFAW) Ok i know this isn't how it played out but he is the only other pilot i can find that is named and played a relativly decent roll in any of the movies. So in SFAW he is a fighter pilot (since he was technically a pilot to begin with). He is essentially Luke Skywalker, but for SST...

Tier 3 - Valley Forge (front left)
(in canon) The ship that Juan Rico was assigned to during the Invasion of Klendathu. It is destroyed during a collision with the Y Pres in orbit over Klendathu whilst half its Mobile Infantry Troopers were still in its launch tubes.

(In SFAW) Well its the corvette level hero. Essentially its Prometheus but for SST

Tier 4 - Rodger Young (second row right)
(In cannn) The Rodger Young (176) was a ship in the Federation Fleet. Unlike many Corvette Transports, which were named after famous generals, the Rodger Young was named after a private who posthumously earned the Medal of Honor in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

(In SFAW) It is has the same power level as Apophis, not the strongest ship around but its still fairly powerful. Good enough to take on most ships below tier 4-5

Tier 5 - Command Bug (Second row back)
(in canon).... its not....

(In SFAW) THe general concept for this was a barin bug, but for space. So what i did was i looked at the unused bug ships, this one being the carrier, and decided that it looked like it could pass as a 'space brain bug'', But to help tell them apart i called it the Command Bug (icon will be a brain bug).
Its the same power as Anubis its good against most ships tier 6-7 and lower

Tier 6 - Ryuho (back row right)
(in canon)... not sure....

(in SFAW) It essentially Daedalus same power as someone tier 9 and lower

Tier 7 - Shiloh (back row left)
(In canon) The Shiloh is first seen stationed at Sanctuary when Johnny Rico first arrives. Rico then transfers to the Shiloh along with General Hauser, where on a hanger deck he sees for the first time Marauders. A team of Troopers is chosen for a mission and transfered to the Shiloh; apon which it leaves Sanctuary in search of the missing Sky Marshal.
For those going to say it had the Q-bomb, it didn't that ship was called York.... or at least thats what the wiki tells me...

(In SFAW) This is the top hero, capable of taking on a tier 12 1v1 and still have enough strength left to kick some of the other units asses. Think Thor or Vader....

So what do u think about this list...
Im starting work on the tech tree now, once i know more ill make a vid and show u...


"Star Trek Heroes Explained" - 07/03/2010

Tier 0 - faction leader - Federate Council, represented by the Federation Flag, itll boost local fleets strenth and reduce costs

Tier 1 - Kruge - BOP
In Canon - Commander Kruge (tlhIngan Hol: Qugh) was the commanding officer of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey during the late 23rd century. He was also the lover of the Klingon spy Valkris and had a pet monster dog.

In SFAW - He is in a Bird of Prey, and is the only non-federation star trek hero. He has the ability to cloak. He is equal to SG1.

Tier 2 - Spock
In Canon - Spock – full name generally considered unpronounceable to Humans – was a Human/Vulcan hybrid who became one of the most distinguished and respected figures in the United Federation of Planets in his lifetime.

In SFAW - Spock controls a Type 11. He has the ability to fire a photon torpedo that cuts through shields. He is essentially Luke Skywalker

Tier 3 - NX-01
In Canon - One of the most important starships in interstellar history, Enterprise (NX-01) was the peak point of the NX Project. The NX-01 was the first NX-class starship, launched by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. Enterprise established United Earth as a legitimate interstellar power and caused a wholesale revolution in Alpha and Beta Quadrant politics, paving the way for the creation of the United Federation of Planets ten years later.

In SFAW - He is a corvette level ship, capable of taking on fighters and bombers an most corvettes.
He is equal to Prometheus

Tier 4 - Kirk - USS Enterprise
In Canon - The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) was the second Federation starship to carry that name. She was constructed at the San Francisco Fleet Yards and commissioned at the Earth Spacedock facility in 2286.

In SFAW - Kirks enterrpise is more powerful than the other constitution class ships. refit a few times and finally destroyed above the genesis planet.
It is equal to Apohpis

Tier 5 - Captian Janeway - USS Voyger
In Canon - The USS Voyager (NCC-74656) was an Intrepid-class Federation starship launched in 2371 under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. The vessel was noted for independently, and successfully, completing an unscheduled seven-year journey across the previously unexplored Delta Quadrant between 2371 and 2378.

In SFAW - Voyger is a relatively powerful ship for its size. She is equal to Anubis

Tire 6 - USS Defiant
In Canon - The USS Defiant (NX-74205) was one of at least three Federation starships to bear the name, and the prototype of the Defiant-class vessel.

In SFAW - A very agile ship capable of cloaking, and moves just like the milenium falcon.
He's equal to Daedalus

Tier 7 - Picard - USS Enterprise
In Canon -The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) was a Sovereign-class Federation starship operating in the late 24th century, and the sixth Federation starship to bear the name.

In SFAW - Enterprise is the most powerful hero for this faction. It is equal to Thor.

Also, ive stopped work on the ships, because im just toally over them, and ive started work on some of the other bonus stuff like, orbital satelites (BSG have gained the tauri sats from SGEAW and Stargate has gained the Ori and AG3 sats).
Im also going to be doing otherm inor things, just to try and get my interest back in this.
Thats y im asking for help. Someone to come on board and help me with the crap that i dont really feel like doing atm.
if u can help please comment on this new article or PM me, ull need a basic understnading of XML code since what u need to do will essentailly by very simple, just repetitive...
If someone helps me i MIGHT be able to get the next version up and runnign by april or if i get more than one, sooner, if not then probably mid-year or later...


"Battlestar Heroes Explained" - 02/03/2010

Tier 0 - President Roslin - Faction leader

Tier 1 - Starbuck
In Canon - Kara "Starbuck" Thrace is a gifted Viper pilot, with an attitude that has hindered her career in the Colonial Fleet. However, William Adama has confidence in Thrace's military skills, and she greatly aids the Fleet inside and out of the cockpit. She is the last Commander, Air Group (CAG) of Galactica, and mysteriously vanishes in a region that will later be known as Tanzania on the second Earth shortly after the Fleet's arrival on the planet (Daybreak, Part II).

In SFAW - She is the pilot of the blackbird. A stealth fighter. She has the stealth ability.
She is equal to SG1

Tier 2 - Scar
In Canon - Scar is the nickname for a particularly vicious and cunning Cylon Raider, feared and revered by Galactica's pilots. The nickname is derived from battle damage and grime on the Raider's forward cowling that resembles a scar.

In SFAW - Scar is a newe raider. He has the capacity to fire shield pieceing missiles.
It is equal to Luke and Mitchel

Tier 3 - Lee Adama
In Canon - Leland Joseph Adama, commonly known as Lee Adama or by his callsign, "Apollo", is a former Colonial Fleet Reserve officer who becomes the Caprican delegate to the Quorum of Twelve, then later the interim President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. He is the sole surviving son of William Adama.

In SFAW - Lee is on command of a Cygnus Class Firestar. Cygnus is designed to be an anti fighter/bomber ship. Capable of taking on Corvettes as well as fighters, it is suited to helping defend other units agianst swarming attacks.
He is equal to Prometheus

Tier 4 - Kendra Shaw
In Canon - Kendra Shaw is an officer from the Ministry of Defense who is assigned to Pegasus as Helena Cain's aide when the battlestar puts in for an overhaul at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards. She sees the assignment as a stepping stone to her real goal, which is Fleet Command.

In SFAW - She got her wish for command and was given her own Valkyrie Class ship. The Valkyrie, while smaller then both Galactica and Pegasus is still more than capable of holding its own against swarms of cylon raiders. But larger ships are to powerful for it to handle.
She is equal to Apohpis

Tier 5 - Commander Adama
In Canon - Admiral William Adama, a veteran of the Cylon War, is the commanding officer of the battlestar Galactica, and the highest ranking officer left in the Colonial Fleet.

In SFAW - Adama is in command of Galactica. She is the last of her kind, a remnant of the first Cylon war. She is more than capable of holder her own against basestars but cannot easily destroy them. Her bow canons are powerful against shielded foes while her back canons can devistate enemy hulls. Used correctly she can take on almost anything.
He is equal to Anubis

Tire 6 - Admiral Helena Cain - Leader of "The Pegasus" aka "The Beast"
In Canon - Admiral Helena Cain hails from the colony Tauron, and is the commanding officer of the Mercury class battlestar Pegasus at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. She is a hard woman, unafraid of making difficult decisions and unflinching in her will to do what she sees as right. These traits sometimes compel her to feel that she has been left no choice but to take controversial, unpopular and morally questionable choices.

In SFAW - She is in command on The Pegasus. One of the most advnaced colonial ships, Pegasus has greater firepower than anything that came before it. It cna stand toe to toe with a basestar and still come off in one piece.
She equal to Daedalus

Tier 7 - One in a Basestar
In Canon - "Number One" is the first of eight humanoid Cylon models created by the Final Five for the Centurions following the first Cylon war. The Final Five referred to him as John, and he was created in the image of Ellen Tigh's biological father, John. One of the Number Ones, prior to being discovered among the Fleet, posed as Brother Cavil, a member of the Colonial clergy. However, contrary to his assumed role, he did not share the other Cylons' religious beliefs and frequently mocked them.

In SFAW - Hes in a custom, oversized, New Basestar. He is capable of obliterating armies on is own, but in a fleet hes almost unstopable.
Hes ship is equal to Thor

Sorry for the absense of an image, im in the porcess of working on the BSG models
if u can help plese comment on this new article since i odnt keep an eye on the older new comments, thanks


"Star Wars Heroes Explained" - 22/02/2010

Hey, this is the Star Wars heroes expalined.
Also check the news on whats done and what needs doing here

Tier 0: Emperor: one of the most powerful sith ever and hes the leader of the Empire

Tier 1: Han Solo - Millennium Falcon :
(In Canon) Han Solo is an ex imperial officer that deserted when he freed a certain wookiee... he won his ship in a bet, the Millennium Falcon has two quadruple lasers that hes the energy of about 10 gigatons

in SFAW: an anti fighter anti corvette equal to SG1

Tier 2: Luke - X-Wing squad
(In Canon) Luke Skywalker was a farm boy until he mets Obi-wan Kenobi, hes the choosen one to free the galaxy form the galaxy and the most powerful jedi ever, hi pilots a X-wing with
4 lasers of about 3 gigatons each

in SFAW: hes in the Red squadron an elite squadron sames as Mitchel

Tier 3: Sundered Heart
(In Canon) The Sundered Heart is Raymus Antilles's ship a heavy modified corvette, died when vader boarded the Tantive IV

in SFAW: its a light corvette good anti fighter same as Prometheus

Tier 4:Yoda - Venator
(In Canon) He trained jedi for over 800 years and is one of the most wise and powerful jedi in the old republic. died of natural causes with over 900 years

in SFAW: He owes an old Venator cruiser and its a force to be recon with

Tier 5:Tyber Zann - Merciless (Aggressor-class destroyer) (maybe)
(in almost cannon) hes the leader of the biggest underworld criminal web an amazing strategist almost like vader himself
in SFAW: powerful ship, has a cloak device and charge weapons same as Anubis

Tier 6: Admiral Ackabar - Home One
(In Canon) Ackabar is the leader of the new Republics navy his ship is an heavy mon cal cruiser
with dozen of guns that has over 10000 gigatons of power per shot and shot on unbelievable rates on its main guns.

in SFAW: Hes owes a heavy cruisers equal to Daedalus

Tier 7: Captain Piett-Accuser
(In Canon) Firmus Piettis is an imperial officer under the command of Vader and controls an Imperial II with hundreds of weapons the main guns posses the power of over 800,000,000,000 megatons per second
the shields can withstand a full half hour of constant bombardment from a ship with identical standard firepower.

In SFAW: Hes ship is a heavy destroyer equal to Thor

(No longer in the game) Darth Vader- Executor
(In Canon) Vader is a fallen jedi and a great strategist, hes the ultimate commander of the imperial army and navy, his ship is a 19 kilometer ship thatis over 100 times more powerful than any other imperial ship in the time it was beaten because of the Emperor overconfidence.

In SFAW: hes the strongest SW ship equal to Thor and has amazing fight capabilities


"Stargate Heroes Expalined" - 06/02/2010

Im going to try and do one of these each week. I missed the one of friday, mainly because i couldn't decide what to do it on... Originally it was going to be the Starship Troopers Tech Tree, but i havn't gotthat far yet, and no one is helping me do one, so i figure ill just leave it be for now. In the end i figured a run down of all the old heroes will do..
Staring with Stargate

Stargate Heroes
Tier 0a - General Hammond - Leader of the SGC, hes the faction leader...

Tier 0b - John Shepard / Rodney Mckay - Essentially R2D2. Shepard is the transport, hes in a hyperspace capable jumper. Rodney has the hack ability so hes the one that gets the new tech.

Tier 1 - SG1 - Front Middle - Alkesh, essentially Milenium Falcon.

Tier 2 - Mitchel - Not in image - F302 Mk2, an F302 with an experimental portable asgard beam special ability. He was originally going to be a nornal 302, unitl i ran a contest and this idea won, so here he is lol.

Tier 3 - Prometheus - From Right - X303,
(In Canon) First space ship built by the Tauri. Refitted several times by both the humans and the Asgard. It was the best we had when Anubis made a play for Earth and we held of an assault squad protecting SG1 long enough to activate the ancient weapons, destroying his fleet. She eventually met her demise against an Ori satelite...

(In SFAW) A corvette class, good at countering tier 1s, all fighters and all bombers.

Tier 4 - Apophis - Back Right - Anubis Mothership
(In Canon) Apophis custom mothership. Capable of wiping the floor against most old hataks. Normally protected by a half dozen cloaked Apohpis Cloakable Hataks.

(In SFAW) It has the same power level as Yoda, not the strongest ship around but its still fairly powerful. Good enough to take on most ships below tier 4-5

Tier 5 - Anubis - Back Left - Anubis Mothership
(In Canon) Anubis's custom mothership has the firepower to destroy a fleet of Hataks. It was unstopable wiping out while fleet, scared of nothing, it eventually destroyed above Earth by SG1 and the ancient weapons platform.

(In SFAW) Its the same power as Home One its good against most ships tier 6-7 and lower

Tier 6 - Daedalus - Front Left -
(In Canon) Daedalus was the first BC304 of the production line. It was designed with asgard tech already incorperated instead of it being tacked on after the fact. IT successfuly fought of two Wraith hives and there escorts above atlantis. But was out gunned when facing off against several hives later on. Several years later it was refitted with asgard beam wepaons. It it now one of the flag ships of Earths fleet.

(IN SFAW) Custom BC304 Mk2, has asgard beam as well as 304 mk1 weapons. It can take on anytihng tier 9 and lower without missing beat...

Tier 7 - Thor - Left middle -
(In Canon) Thor uses a Danial Jackson class ship.

(In SFAW) Hes meant to be a great leader, and the Commander of the Asgard Fleet. And a commander doesn't use a research vessel as his flag Ship, so he has a custom Oniell Mk2. It has asgard beam and Oniell mk1 weapons, more than capable of holding his own against any other ship.

Hope that clears up the stargate heroes...
any questions just ask

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