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New intel from our covert ops divisions!

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 10:31 PM

Straight from my website:


I've been doing some fun stuff lately with the upcoming modding patch Ares, and I have something to show.

This is one of the smaller features, but one of the more important ones that I implemented in the way of balance. Now, when you spy enemy factories, instead of veterancy, you get to see what they are up to at all times:

Posted Image

As you can see here, I spied the enemy's construction yard, and as a result, I get to see what they are building any time I want to. This also works on all other production structures, so you can truly prove that knowledge is power when you magically produce the counter to your enemy's force before he even finishes making it!


I just recently got myself involved with RA2/YR mapmaking again, except this time I'm striving to create regular playing style maps where classic matches of RA2/YR will go down, with a focus on detail and balance, rather than my old style of mapmaking which was focused on triggers and fun "special" gameplay types. In any case I suppose I can release a (beta, I guess) version of the little tiny 1v1 map I've been working on, named One Night Stand.

Get it here!

The map is a small, intense, resource packed urban bloodbath with lots of valuable tech buildings in the middle, and gem deposits on the sides, with resources tucked away in the more remote recesses of the map. While access to the main base of your enemy is rather difficult, the initial ore field won't hold their forces for very long, and they will soon have to expand their resources to the center oil derricks, or the ore and gem deposits on either side of the map, meaning if you can control those critical strategic points, you can win yourself the game.

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