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List of Map Projects

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 09:37 PM

List of Map Projects:
Note: These are the Maps made by both current and former members, not all maps may be present on the list.

Tainted Lands
Climb the Mountain Tournament

The Coming of Darkness
The SOI: Addon version
The Sanctum Of Insanity
The Coming Of Darkness (SP)

Vaults of Erebus
Manor of Earl
Lake of the Westfold
The Misty Mountains Fortress
The One Gladiator V1

Arnor Strikes Back
The Last Stand of Arnor
Dead Mans Dike
The Forest
Helm Hammerhand

Assault on Carn Dum
Battle for Lorien v.2
Battle for Lorien
Fall Of The Iron Crown

{IP}The Best Guest
The Plains of Esgaroth

Pasidon's Chaotic Tower Wars

{IP}The Splat
The dragon
Dwarfen Chess
Splats heroic defense Map version 5
Splats heroic defense Map version 3

{IP}The Notorius
Mirkwoods Kingdom
RPG Advencture SinglePlayer Version
New RPG Advencture Multiplayer Version
Ultimate Soccer Match Version5
TheNotorius' Extreme Wagon Race Version2
Notorius' Extreme Wagon Race
RPG Adventure byTheNotorius
The Great Race byTheNotorius
Football Match
Ultimate Soccer Match Version2
Save the Hobbits
Woodland Of Mystery
New Mirkwood's Realm

Minas Tirith City of Kings
The Great Balrog Duel V2
Helms Deep Deeping Wall
The Great Balrog Duel
Construction of the Argonath
The Carven Fortress
The moon
The lonely mountain
Gladiator Moria - Trapped

Dol Amroth
Battle Royale
Tuolomne Meadows
Lake helevorn

Gerono Hold

War of the Four Seas
The Prison Of Middle-Earth
War Of The 4 Lands

The Rise of the Gladiators
The Return Of The Gladiators (v1)

Grassland of Favnor
The Great Desert Of Harad
War of the Realms
Gladiator UnderWorld Return Of Morgoth
Version 2! Gladiator UnderWorld Return Of Morgoth

Sea of Rhun
Gladden Fields

Recipe Battlefield v2
King of the Hill Fortress

Dragon Plains V. 3
Pelennor Fields -The 3rd Age
The Eastern Ithilien
The Great Battle of Lycia
The Battle of Five Armies

Lanthir Lamath
HARAD - Adventure in the Sand

Minas Morgul Map Mod

New Moria by Adro
Badlands by Adro
Forest Bash (by Adro)
Helms Deep Evening (by Adro)
Helms Deep NightFall by Adro
The Shade Wolfs' Lair by Adro
New Moria by Adro

Haldir's Map Pack
Maps included:
•Iron Hills
•Tower Hills
•Desolation of Smaug
•Eryn Vorn
•Lond Daer Enedh
•Withered Heath
•Havens of Umbar
•Dol Guldur

Team Maps
{IP}Lascar and {IP}Ark
Gladiators Of The Woodland Realm

PM a Leader if you are an IP Member and your Map is not shown on the list.
Please report all broken links to a Leader.

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