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F-22 Raptor

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Posted 11 May 2010 - 12:42 AM

The most advanced, steathliest, most dangerous, fighter bomber in the world... before the American democratic party closed the program. It would have replaced all Fighters and Bombers and anything in between. The Raptor vs anything els the Raptor would win hands down. The theory is that an enemy fighter would have to be 5 feet away from it to get a lock. With new fire and forget technology the raptor wouldnt evan have to see the target to take it out. Faster then anything els in the world, it is wondered what could take it down...

The downfall was the Raptor cost more to build then a B-2 Spirit. It is the most technologically advanced Aircraft in the world. With the engines concealed it is hard to find it, The way to afford the F-22 Raptor would be to cancel all production of every type of fighter. It could replace Bombers and the F-22 b Concept wouldve taken care of the quantity of bombs it would take to carpet bomb. Since the Concept had the payload and speed but suffered manuverbility, but still more agil then any Bomber, slightly less agil then the Raptor.

The amount of bombs it would take to carpet bomb an are with a B-52 could be cut down to a smaller area by the concept with smaller missiles/bombs that still packed a punch to rival it. why send in formations of B-52s to bomb an area when you could send formations of concepts to bomb the area. You would hit strategic targets and not hope for the best once you drop ur payload, be able to target single vehicles, instead of dropping all that payload to blow up a couple tank you could fire a few missiles and destroy twice as many.

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Apparently... more people die every year by donkeys, then in plane crashes. To avoid death by a donkey, avoid donkeys, to avoid death by plane crash, avoid plan crashes! simple.

M4 is a single/3 round burst gun, it did not serve its role as a compact assault rifle for close quarters, so they made much greatness that is now known as the m4a1 which is so great it has automatic fire, and with that greatness came spray n pray.

M16A4 single/burst very accurate, moderate power, in close quarters, fix a bayonet, cuz you aint gonna hit crap with it.

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