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Generation X Mini June Update

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Posted 01 June 2010 - 03:58 PM

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Greetings Revora CnC community, Zeke here bringing you the latest news from my mod Generation X.

For more info, you can visit us at our forums or head on to our Moddb page.

This fairly large mini update is all about our concept artist Anubis.

Anubis has designed some of the most memorable units in GenX. The Phalanx Tank Destroyer, The Lightning Spike, and The God Emperor are just some of those units.

In celebration of his birthday this June 1st we will be showcasing some of his latest work for future GenX units, starting with The Athena Platform for General Alexander

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A level 5 special power. It can be deployed anywhere on the map just like the sneak attack.

It is armed with 3 Phalanx Turrets that can only target small and ballistic missiles ( no air units ), 2 EMP Missile Pods that only targets ground targets, and a Heavy HE cannon turret that fires HE shells. It can be garrisoned by up to 5 soldiers and it can even detect stealth.

However it also has some downsides. The platform requires 10 power to function and is vulnerable to attack while being deployed.

Next we have China's Tier 3 Tech Center

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Like the USA Battlelab, this building will unlock China's tier 3 units and upgrades, including Nuclear Tanks and DPU Shells.

Finally we have the China Khan Support Vehicle

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One of China's new T3 units, the Khan is cheaper than the overlord but less armored. It comes with 2 single barrel gattling cannons and a module slot that can take 3 possible upgrades:

A. Propaganda Tower - Self explanatory.

B. AP Gattling Canon - Murders ground units, can't shoot air.

C. THOR missile system - Murders air units and detects stealth.

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the update, and Happy Birthday Anubis :)


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